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Desarrollo Personal para el Emprendimiento - para Ser Feliz y Exitoso

teacher avatar Inge De Dreu, Playground for Entrepreneurs

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introducci贸n

    • 2. Estilo de Vida - Ser Feliz y Exitoso como Emprendedor

    • 3. Emprendimiento por Oportunidad

    • 4. Viktor Frankl y Logoterapia

    • 5. Cuadrantes

    • 6. Ikigai

    • 7. Ejercicio Sistemico (Constelaci贸n)

    • 8. Business Model You

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About This Class

En este curso trabajamos de una forma practica en tu prop贸sito como emprendedor, por medio de un desarrollo profesional y personal. Por medio de ejercicios pr谩cticos logras mas claridad en cuanto a tu prop贸sito en el emprendimiento, luego, en la segunda parte, aprendes formas para iniciar a manifestarlo en el mercado y en el mundo.

Quiz谩 eres un coach, consejero, asesor, terapeuta y quieres iniciar tu propia practica. De pronto sue帽as con renunciar y dedicarte por completo a lo que te gusta hacer. O quiz谩 necesites un cambio en la direcci贸n de tu vida, pero no tienes aun claridad para donde...

Buenas noticias; este curso te ayuda a descubrir, aclarar y empezar a poner en marcha!

EN ESTA PRIMERA PARTE encuentras todo tipo de herramientas y t茅cnicas de desarrollo personal y profesional que te ayudan a tener claridad en cuanto a tus fortalezas, tus talentos y como darle forma en una versi贸n inicial de tu "modelo de negocios" personal.

En la segunda parte encuentras una introducci贸n del emprendimiento, mercados y como iniciar validaci贸n.聽

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Inge De Dreu

Playground for Entrepreneurs


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1. Introducci贸n: or like human. You'll be of any Isaac also in looking bombs exploded and printing me until they still sir , you're so into the real center case me proposito in Latvia Employed are put in. Sally Satel is personas who could leave so spaniels? The middle part of the school year Super positive in Libya. Alloy wants a No, really, that's as a former radio Dylan into the Isle of Minorities. Sorry, mentor. I'm frenemy in Montreal Masa Kenyan dossier. People's los cuales our values Yachtswoman braces grandes mask. It'll draw Premera fast in locating persona subpoenas school and delay their equal moral Also not in America, meaning chaos said scum bills and sweet There you're the second line units have Fasten your party s so think Camino your personal. So I cancel out a familiar throw hokum, Counselors, units, Familiarities contra ho! Systemic. Oh, how much corn may seen a blank mask. It'll ayahuasca So my your our own missile radio personal e s o s loca Caro compacted Cano Stairs said this are you personally? Look Akira Compact Their condo stairs Iniesta Corso Memo Siona moocher kept boy Most compact year close up has almost potentially, sir, the school. Eight Los suenos in those a potential Barakeh stairs. But a complete was projectors pointedly so for my initial trabajar kids hasn't really that in this the course of a moose a trabajar con various technical evaluators goes a standard. It is afraid your personal crew now come on them bringing in to put a little mamacita hard . I'll go there, kraho Systemic! Oh, eat consular! Souness familiarities! Obama said, Throw hard Morelos and Negocios Cuomo in a coma. Llamosa Trueheart Al Goodall proposito four k Cuomo This school year s a proposito in the upper middle of arias technique. Ascom upon Templar. Leaky guy. Um E s a commie, Nando. Various technique us. Run it in a different interest. Points Very secure lasagna. You are alone for my initial ASU proyecto impasse. Our upon air low in L Monorail in America. But in school guerrillas Opportunity A s k I could lose key entity E. C. Asserts So Sweeney's really that memos Tournament Turkistan, aka Thomas After a hard corn party, those who Swain's our but Anisha less care recommend that ultra Hoda Semen Scenic point Incontrera Goosen Lasses in those records. So sister retail is Sandra Hooker element of ally since por que rica Muna impasse our Colonel pour Que in o Connell k cares my fancy years Local amateur Eolas embraces the las personas communicant chaos in Hebrew bouquet sort of issue as sin embargo El port came, which is this isn Oyston facet SSL proposed kick craze or qualities life since he really meant it to throw away it to, say equal Monica s o a Silva's Ermita Patroness personas que realmente sissy and 10 c identify concordance Apropos Ito Shantakumaran Playhouse Cuomo Ali owls That uniform I eat onion comically in Andhra hemp looking much assesses him insurance as apple Apple is but a los kick. Didn't this a federalist out of school sewn para lows are revealed is in town, says the Narron apple was this algal villa persona just personas Case identification corn eso compound does prove. Does this America Ah, see? But at it on the even the zika to propose it. Otto Porter Okay, MPs a community Carlo Yes. Is local rail minted the Bernita trail Las personas loose, clean escape must necesita skin mask See identify Cancun ism is more proposito. Yes, Oakwell Mendola parietal alexia exito project eso Syria Ueno Boxcar Algunos amigo Saldana's persona Okay Toronto Tsunami Start Oysters Cerojano E R. Coma The personality Galen Center at Variety are always does persona stir then derailment It is the high place concert were to propose iCal equals emphasis on community garden s coalition to necesita to project 2. Estilo de Vida - Ser Feliz y Exitoso como Emprendedor: so wound of almost made at El estilo the V I still of the video nim preneurs e seconds so sweet and poco Pero he cost the contradict Oreo says he controversial for machos and paternalism Farm also foretold of sacrificial ski i natural porcelain pra Ninian pursue project Yes historian simply Cuando que succour toe plus o que no puede trabajar ventura salvia given up Wear it in pizza Coca Cola solo a kun Apoyo said mutual sacrificial for so imprint Gentle sin embargo gettin in Quinta Environmental sm Proyecto A lot of plans assume are told No and soon a screen those export night experience in building you know as exactly fee seals Sin embargo a Largo plus so I can eat a local moan monotone e i k Tomorrow. This is Jonas. Jason Bourne knows for our own people projected their you know. Ah, lot of a plus l s still Olivia An assistant Do well eloping a reflection on Boca por Hempel family discounts they monitor This council s more important to pour que Cuando do wear me l Serero istock Com So the underlying former soon in Muchas vases Sudden upper Anissa his important is in Los Suenos. Oh, in a moment. Okay. Looses cierta e Paris is important A door mere being door Me No solamente Lasorda's case on See note on your colleague your a moocher tambien When you are you are moocher Ah, no door me don't a sort of better started in This comes out and tone says Gurmit Singh loses a cigarette are no media day Marcel spent ideas on visited or mere tempo Call this better e s a good I'm sick Ai you temple in India who feel that's when you Mira tambien we bientot element as soon guest US community See ss Comey a system facility Tando a to Serero by the realmente open there. But I start being present. You said being Carolina case out Comey Island My persona he Gabor sort of unit or cross Comey Vascular An inner here year soon exploded. Soon, though no misma mosquito I move just theaters Kiss Stan the Mora a loyal salmonella More commencing. Lutin commits in lack Dios e c various the escape where circulation amparano placer que no environmental demise The explorer Soon braver or choking serious. I'll see associated the Caribbean or no see no the carrion Pastika Kamiyah E C. T s Indian while circuits are horrendous illustration the house either lying that he Oculus at the next hour, I'll google insulin into skeletal money. So my boy hospital said Sophie sent is their daughters put him flow. Either dude out there, Doris Deal has their formulas sell gas Kamala CSP nakase A communal disc out. So make him you chose mineral sq necesita low Sarandos stole So call me a moribund parents You Ana Montenegro in a more Boehner Not here. Indoor Loki asses e voce Isn't feed being a startled? Beneficial? They said people there their league Mentos So this lesson Vito, I'm corporate resource alimentos in Serero para beneficiary the line here, Get the point right. Our soldiers here killers communism happy has no look one trillion metro No common angina. Serena's, Blanca's e day, Marcel country. They gas us. They must tell country that they're Suker's e particle. Our mental a candy that they are so Curries is important in quantum Allah he enter here que no tne pocket. So cut in momento a specific appoint. Right. Move China Here Sin embargo Costa Morata Damos yells also carries Macia said Blanca's much as this in the house. Tambien particle elemental Asuka Affect allowed toe. This is Lena and does this, you know, kiddin And muscle to discipline a intent. Our hard Grozny Valassis their so called E s C zero Niner Here much mass balance CEO for our costume tomorrow. Mutual dude, until DNs the momento cleric on of us How hard L Asuka Inal! Princey Beauty affected Toe Naval In ahead ical better assumed a marquee. I k persist even BALCO in Lieu Ego, Vasas and de Los Beneficios. But a equitable Caroline that he occupies foreign aid into Iowa Intense is reflects Yunan Pokorny says practica us into the Aita in the country that they're Sukar in LaCantera the community rap AEA's in the country at this when you eaten in Quinta case so so monotone case like I want a know a lot of hope Lasso e i k money hard lo tal cual in oil soon a sprint seaport alguna razon especially if he called me Cizikas. For example, they car Motema scam political movement or the salvia toe Proyecto boy no support And in Quintal, isn't ocelots dismantles? Very soon A decision calls in the kuna Peoria tomorrow Sambre Cuando cassia kansi and story in federal reflects Yona market A lot of Plasil's to place a star in naval The Minister case bueno para ti going to project took it on the NBA starting buenos commercialise 3. Emprendimiento por Oportunidad: our on the circus ego almost as important a committee. Muslim poco Altima imprinting Viento, are you not distinction in a membrane immune toe es el impediment apartness is he that there's a Solyndra Ninian to port a port to me that our imprinting medical necessity Vienna C and the low grandma Yuria them planning in Tokyo existing and Mundell Yes, pork images basis Lying this implemented necesita Susan Grayson sentences See not in a new name playoffs In No Tirin, only massacring racist was Brennan Algal cells and imprint Tory's for case importante former Terrapins Immune toe e asserts. Remember in our political to here four k there are over to me and humus interest Santis the opportunity that experiment America Toronto, Toronto As much humus interest on the mutual passion and immature Massimo Soon and have a hard in environmental for opportunity for que estas Nebo sk I started when I explode as soon so they're lying because you're Nestor Corso etv Almost hard arrested a stick or so in Olympia enemy into proper Tonia as host um, in the s. I explorer soon explode up the Middle King address to calm a quasar uniform, a tow imprinting Viento King s Keko knows is Akin Cano says Ekhomu sk s or so says instructor this point. Unlike Uniform a two more negocios Don Tacoma tambien Ilinka icon in Macau wineries cantinas Claro Go Morris Democrat Joe Stalin toes Congress passed soon is going to propose itto Maria Couple playing intra eso owning Kahane Macau if you soon are common to clear And this potency Alice. 4. Viktor Frankl y Logoterapia: when we made our Ramos. Um you don't have any system and proposed you see a couple him blue in his quarters and ago shows. I moved a Hindi Orlando their backs turned committed in the past. He only sent sin embargo. Propose it for myself. Contrasting s Kamala. Former will propose it, girls. And you killed a total of Stalin. Does it'll just cut? That is because you know Danny E. I love the Internet arrived. They flew in. And those is the non avian is the proposed laws. Most important is he provide limited time in Green Meadows Case can you and Esther sent the little propose? Ito s Victor Frankel from Assoc. Cool ago day, Austria El General Devereaux, my farm. Also Kazama. Gaskell said the okay, definite. You're medical, not recommended. K is a must is only look around and they are expected to us e and coke it in a macho macho salad. Urea por dentro. Kill No. This place where our regardless concept er's way. Incontrera consent. You must perform new in our Victor Frankel Arland proposing toe either one on logo. There a poc assume this artery. Josiah Melaleuca. Rob Porter proposed secret of being in a castle that almost killed media. L mean ourselves who tour here, Propose it accumulates where there isn't this. Propose it. Okay, I could this career No, tanto they are. You know, Stalin does it does the sale soon because you existing. Yeah, I still know Tanika partner Salata asserts a cloud of burning That s isn't view Derailment trabajar local propose Italy does this fallacy in for photo hour in less investigations care eso no change a por ciento The last personas necesita algo in love you for locating need Say I wanna persona por Amar When a monsieur said Thomas so prop your handbook Eliska Leo Leo! Okay. A destroyer wheel into experiences in Los Campos Concentration A pollutant Suppose area there they go through it. I said little s o u l said l trabajo This will be a Does this esoterica sl proposito case in your e a c l propose it'll Hola, boys. Go Hair sin embargo. So yeah, Sister Agnes Talented last characteristic ask, you know. Yeah, ill demise Proponent vve it invokes you. Propose. Does this place airport? I think it s better, I think. Yeah. Mama's boy s airport nominee soon Get Minusca said Daddy and put ourselves s algo que noise instinct docu sp 12 0 dropped on a massage Dracula defense seal Seamus ejaculate or react to U s algo asserted Here are said etcetera jus start a keeper Ahmed, I supersonic Were Kiyosaki porque tengo Naomi soon said, Does this the drafter Helmand IPO near say Issa propose it'll He has a sexist incidents and do a lovey I steal us a mature team but last investigation is the victor frontal for Iran powder in them I lost Milan use a little of 1,000,000 years Necesito our mass It's a proposing toe Carrington heroin actors else and they're propose It'll as in must be able in most important chicken Ruka simpler existed. But simply there. Then you cook it in there. I'm hopeful looking in here I'll go. But for nursing e c. No way. I want our same Just goes a certain mutual sacrificial school. This the whole nature s you know Tina poor for calorie supporter Cassie Quality. Come and don't say so. Significant. Seek your essay. Lucy Coe Exit Also stepping onto our that it is human heart attacks C e S E Money 100 Taxi The ago this passive financiero either that flexi Leah The older ideas Purple head starting Concierto, CEO of the CEO Nous Yasiel Sacrificial Lapetina. Poor kitty in Says the proposed took some mission producer Porky Kerry's Sir Eso musical exitos. Okay, could love him. 5. Cuadrantes: our heart in una technique Acacia, McWilliam, centrales, yesona, Technica This Aurilio Poor Daniel Hoffman It a permit up Romero Even if you can't last quality I centralised two years community and difficult calls asking to play Sopron there is this a Scalia isn't rallies Etem una si even difficult Last quality eyes in otras personas Grenada Gracia lose Ian than their loss E community and they're looking know their worst En does this Premera Obama school locally at Central Do you locally a central to your Cuando six ahead as well, though not Trump e l a puesto s own a Colorado loud rap persona locally at Central Delattre persona equal knows exa Hera Sooner or later, here to you is pro element Algo que the taste as bad in the sutra specialness our Dallas for Yemen Sunarto mayhem Blue Periquitos Sambo comas clad Mia Kalidas and Romania s K a Moost Ultra. So in Memorial to discipline about trabajo, my co sister Pindi Anthem uses several g m Who's that start pendant looking is a seat on mis colegas. So let's personas que bajo musta s Antonio the trabajo you not being soon Sana, England ultra loyal Cuando YOLO X A hero Say us in Trump Sarah Cornu Yo estoy himself in the bend in the operational ministries The most Helton soon so does possess a playoff That , uh, the ultrasound deals in the area. Yes, West Tampa Cuando Demas stress day Maceio throw a hoax? Luego Ella placed a positive. You know, cholera built a persona. Is history low? How estara Oaxacan LaCantera trabajo que I e summer seven heart He settled this fruit are really trabajo see Mr Starts today, monsieur. As soon as you know Tango, pinpoint what made our moocher per kilo boil Where in otras personas? People of Mihdhar icicle Yet out of Quando is a holiday supper Shona six ahead up bodies and ok Isla Larry A peninsula payday. Support him. PLO start FloJo noise start and near the little trabajo noise. Startled dia CIA time difference here called respectable trabajo. Put him through those essence me and let here e s o personas. It's on a c cuesta motel trabajar con a dios. Es algo que realmente purse No mcw Esther Money, heart. Ah, See less quality eyes. And Dallas, they're meeting a star. Bendy Antonella Scalia is though no even difficult. Cuando es calo story x ahead on open Vienna. Do you want a boy? No. Is on a quality Cuando six ahead Geno is who know quality. That's you know not Trump Eat a member Meteo Eden Difficulty unless oh Trosper shown us eso foremothers sir, Tambien pursues Trump Ask Sony sel areas e even difficult Coming in. Kevin and Lou are going Okay. Vienna noona quality Ron allowed proper shown volume internalised through him PLO a member . Who's that? Kayla's personas Istana Host and Osasuna Quality Armenia is starting the enter last personas cases Antonenko Lucas on a siendo most already in the race But locust on a siendo backing song here so soon I'll call you at me Cuando lo x a hero And does this historically Masya openly into the kill being on national trust personas Emily who influence influence yard a muscle pull a soap in unison s otras personas And so soon at Trump hacia la Quaglia iss alot boy no luck. Well, you had escaped the soldiers personas illicit open units Mean Barton sin embargo Cuando Luigs ahead o s una rumba Louis l a puesto the Mataram bias Cuando no affect on Glasper loss opinion is una persona Cuando no importa kill pin andale else Implement this and simplemente Escamillo s c Loustalot. No, no a si years Leprechaun is assumed quality now than the Sierra de la persona gets them with Guinness ASU quality that you bought Meet our mutual esa persona. Cantonese have quality that you're nothing. Okay, you think will request Louisville Guan us a persona Loic Sahara employs a juniper So knock is Grosseto Okay, is indifferent General import Mutoko Penal Estados personas Get those letters Volley Cape way Daniel conscious pilot whose opinion is outre persona Yes or super amber Vienna siendo me a little Here influences eso Macquarie can move from a boy frustrated mutual killed especially as he Anglo Sierra's Oka points And we indifferent this in quantum being a start allowed persona our care okay to the hospice Premera sa squad around this a loyal and p ssed scientific are no coleus in Julia But Aluko Mihdhar Kwan Deloitte's ahead Escape pass Ok go more Comotto born is gonna Luigs ahead Us Etem the improvised lamented piles identification moochers itwas units in Locate eso host um in to help us out Luego tambien identification a low cuesta positive you in the identification This a feel to you? Like Walia Central Puesto ola I look to ways keep Where's that need a una persona even difficult Aja this a field The cape ways happen in their mutual ika plays up in the community identity carrying That's otras personas e operates here in Lesotho. Whisper shortness e about the guy Come in tow. I let house here Conaway's a persona. Loic saw a header Que pasa equal moved off Rooster Yes, I had a soon our s o the cerebral mutual data operation There are in the nebulous otras personas Stanton Insys quality eyes in allow Prasetyo com o tambien in allow negativo Purkiss eyes Kevin A Do not call you that e around middle upper windows of oil. The coma boil operates er is when it's a persona or circuit and so much. Flores got any supper? So now you're a pull up this year 6. Ikigai: Roya and Don't says our mamas have made are more open. Cerebro Coto says his character because it does This is talent or skill. So someone more yellow happiness is a, um a geeky guy looking up in your own own. Cynthia Director analyst Daniel know thine own attraction Director Sin embargo Electrical significa Kamala Razon The Sarah Owens and Deal, sir. Operates still those middle muscle more e Quattro, sir. Close battle. Okay. Has bueno look here? Must look in a sissy Telemundo people look at the brain. Does this best kit does stand and then threw the well known Okay, Almasy Better located way. No, it does istan afforded looking missus, It'll you look, the blame are yes important. You know that mean upper the inducing And don't This is important to England by Lanza Intra toe says those elementos look at the way I recommend Er, do you? Hello in blade grandma alone A parrot Aegina car circle. Nkosi does para Boyer meter care. Look at Boylan Incent Does this spring matter? Yannas compose states, but located bueno y lo que armas looking a little Monta airport. Look at the time. But it will go meet us k I in community. Yeah, I get close as I could. Point where? In Central case a boy Russell a par for the lady eyes Western Sahara CIA elbow kissing Quinn train and sent our The united person is getting Mukasi day as sin embargo no longer. And Cuomo s go ahead and read in Trudeau's porky pies. Okay, listen, contact ALS or brain Gunner Plata kun. Ganadero's Anton says entirely mental. Dallas, Those is projector Eighties and one about Hey, So the new model, they said this is what? Yes. Ah, lo que armas lama. So no, they were not. Yes, you see so much cobbler. Yeah, Tokai, their prettiness get done to put the Haiti any intones escape done via jalape Where you gotta say, it's a place where no one A former days called federal project. Okay, curious has there co two were city in this case. Go ahead and throw values. No important a cigar sent through making Leo Don't Ayoun It really wasn't there. I interview half we're looking locates Looked you're looking is they are Florida 7. Ejercicio Sistemico (Constelaci贸n): when I was a senior economy herself. Systemic. Oh, there's only her six. Okay, Starla suna colas consulates Jonas, familiarize you organization Alex give would only serve ya Poor bear telling her with most formal cemented Elissa Rio de started happy a poor Kato Some Sparta is he Stamos those homes Parker's estamos the most for media and was so trabajo in less organised Sione is the pronto in a group of their meals and risk losing kiss Thomas So most Parker's sistemas eternal cierto propel in case Thomas so most elemental This is sistema Apolo tantos impressed now Carlos Oh truce element saying no source Familiar partisan Hamas central group where meagles same presumes part of the soc Stamos point Where dynamic a sentry associate elementos point out of stock Hulu's when I because I scared you and in no case Trammell's does it look it almost a sadness The moment toe is explored Our Boco s a camp winner here respect I lost was get the those aspire Serkis tells initial noon embrace Oh kestas trabajando in non well in well but a little embracing kissed us Doinel Belka states better by a poor 70 Lasak. Adios, shapewear said the Como estas national los Oteros elementos k i n s the Compal And here, particularly e explode, are come with us Explore our kid areas a circle moated areas real Osuna comma puede ser it There are hard to perform The connection can also through cinnamon toast and assist them out of palace There her seizure of almost goes the lovely alignment in moose possible for meddling instead people The old intense is s important ticket being us when dispassionate on the places Doctor Kilo feel it's important to care You know expats, urinal peace with the boys that are hard economic bias and setting good Bill Bowdre Persona wears this stuff was thank you know drunk in Toronto and her sees your internal hard isn't even got up. Come with us Don't says Bousquet says a normal moment because he lands made us young sick It is, but a pre parties in there a moment ago come with us. Coast took wearable illegal Llamosa A Sargodha near lobby said, 00 Markle or tambien suficiente this populists who isn't that so? Hospital boy trabajar Not unique. Acero has more groundings. Better see your husky toe boy's bulletin will be so valuable. Sparking way. Willian cr Maybe man, Those of us tomorrow and premier properly Union premier propel Vasas s a popular buses And don't Cisco Koslow. Yes, Greer is this stuff form a la palabra Joe? Tell me a place partner to normally you re Anglo Corn lap windows here. Sarkozy for landing spot Don't bonus and popular in a piece of doughnut to see in this kissed us out I still not an amateur career corn rationally that knowest only to normal many stars or don't Ah the PNC Ask a vessel going to Santa or local sea simplemente don't to see and discussed a semester momento equal in at Alice Com will bring Malin Bull So I yes and don't says Ah so Tomy envelope in a cloud Our is to sell a book And no boys are thermal Josiah estate her ccs Cuomo too low in the practice school to Losi And this e noise uniform A correct or incorrect ourselves. Until this point, lower Haehnel in a piece of it wide open is the stuff for my lost those ps and seem Allow eat the bodies and see mother yourself. Simplemente cien Tis a moment. Deco, go most a psycho, Mr Toe Cuerpo coma Secure somewhere. See, CSKA secured more Blondeau to quit Both Ticketus and co star They don't like a moron and bookie Tosi a lot. There's here for us. I see you louse CNN there woman they could do Miss that. My horse Geico moist us a nest Imo mental in Mississippi Up into you Bueno went on this kunai scarce antiviral Propel to you, Mama Support near mass populace it corn carp. Appel is important. A somewhere? Yes, that's a very prison, Dondo. A Sotero element to know is looking to see. And this a c I'll see. No, Louis does represent. Done. No, Dooling. Why, corporal? Those mowing me into smooches basis This in was mutual mass. They Laura Soon Aleka Boil. Spencer, Does this el proximo Patel almost huddled? Your don't day. Don't Miss Teresa. Oh, but out. Ah, we've almost never proximo la misma former open deal in Lao. How city in this, you know pretty well particle after me and the boys is created I a pony system being l three Anglo Konoplyanka's here really wanna are real. Adela dellape allowed Olof Razek. Scary is Philip honest on being into its Paseo in l. P. So in one word on the to see in this case, start toe up a deal, say a Quincy de la misma former Paris Lousteau spears this for Emma. And in seeing that this all had a look for you. It wasa sent that I moment ago Calm voice Cielo potatoes isn't the man uses in the mall says in the connect. Our noses seem to connect. I'll compete Eagle Cardinal pop into your place E R. C deploys our book. Ito musty they are their self Theo the commerce ASEAN tickle Moyes Ghana's opiate You the brown doing going dress mussing for mustard under respect to keep where sinti But I'm naughtiness about Billy the Brown Total Me and el Papel de lo pretty was a kingdom where no Bernando secure outside carsick it really hard security Secure our little Mr Doorways with story in committal Seeing this s step up and keep on you. Nice Cassian discussed us in allure corrector, Cynthia toe look. But in this case, interior I in Francisco hace el proximo propel years. Tobias says toe Monsieur Villa misma former Lewis career sold allow her e ssl three Anglo Ella misma former locals tell us in Ellis Park where Sir? Kato Monsieur. In Islamic. Smoke it open to you. Ah boys, sir Que estar Unless you know that we wanna formato put Eurostar unless you know how to miss you and love you seen anybody can also means more e I meet us gs and nestles PayPal's either protein escape Very moment they caught Ambien Me and risque starts in the south Holomisa of all that moment Deco are ultra popular. Say I'll propel Kerry said your oil purple, purple carrizo patio Para host are suppose this year and so stallion better Solomon, the play's moral also has colonised us But our in cimento this cumbias the Papa e wears more So look a necesito easy to overlook a sentence Get everything Does the CIA understand me in l a This coolness no oil So yes goes noise goes has nowhere else for set us de la monsieur nicotine Inside our calmness The Santis kiss doesn't a Luger case Vasa tomar el proximo propel el proximo pacbell zone loss obstacles Is this a scary years of stack alos eat a 1,000,000 locals tell us the Natuzzi. In this case, Donald obstacles seem Picketwire, you know, put the US in particular. I'd wanna me soon. Doumbia in Vienna prayer blackberry bars He they were dies to Monsieur Oh, see the Toronto Penis cake? Come be our and don't seize Seeing that Emilio's obstacle owes Miracle was in a grant to system Aladdin. Anamika kissed us Consul and I, you know Oh , nice care does up stock loose istan in a Luger case. Lepra and proximal. Properly Lazar to Stalin does to Stalin Towards the school. Yeah, the school year toast points er perrotta Mindo Stalin toes ko No, As the school year, A local stellar for the presto analysts pass you cattiness. Immuno some Ledeen America Go. Morris called to Stalin. Does Carmela spoils? You are not a point. And you are at t into monsieur into so potatoes in a coma s Latina me the Toronto Tambien in It's the moment of their area as well. There tu propio popular moment Deco Paris Antico Moise Yaka Santos Estos populus here can be a while ago. See, satanic a moron! Poquito Tostitos. Hey, while please come here The propeller Eluay over muscled proximo propel case on laws. Are you on this? And those common simply. I start closing. Will come. You know that omission that open the off CNN's Tom being a you know. So you can't assume a special masculine room hold, but they cancelled. Looking is is it OK getting closer? Look, A killer? No, sir. But you are. Anton says I eat a vehicle. Stella's at two. So you antis either. But I don't remember. What is this school year? Because there's nowhere else. I come up with him, bro. You and this can Why, yes. Anyone went that? Okay. No. Yes. Utilities. How so? Sue Stalin toast area. So there are So that is who is telling those day that you are our C two c in this case, look ways constantly. And don't you see CNN? Tsk. Filed, You know, patio in particular alley. Soon I'll see falta only wanting for fantasy fun. Alguna lament. Okay, a tedious a fund goes on, pop l e tambien Lois Kerry was a local Stella's condo. So elemental our ace important ticket of us But a tow rope you pop a pill is saying this a moment. Ekoko mo s condoles esos elementos controlled study Anamika, Khuzestan. Ekhomu escaped to Borias Assert card. They had to Super Tuesday. Cornick Tartikoff So pretty cozy to me. It was a scary assessor co moated areas more. Where a CIA to monsieur as he had to soak videos. Higher up where Logan are bad up. Where? Our answer in? No case to monsieur. Ok, go more more Utility goes us Get the I know you that for this positive has come, you know? So you got this to say Elementos eight A mean Gromada areas money hard to sub stack, Chris. See, It's important. The bottle is a stark loose Kissling. Schoolteacher Kissel is in data Oklahoma, us Keep ways harkened Anamika Untold dollars elementos Then you know going back in Those exists in those is stunned it those who parted the look is to see state we know And don't this only her sister Systemic O r c better meter Centeon moochers goes us in the Toronto there said going down. Oh, the moochers cause us case That person then and she stayed back. You know the problem? No, same beginning Quinn. So this is a communal. A brontosaurus can era, but because that's gotta get a steak. Went out of the coma money hard. Put him close up. Stock Hulu's uh oh. Cuomo drawer. Hard blows, Delenn toes. Although so you panties para Boyd approach our day. So in Dorial Immediate. Our Komorowski support there must connects soon purported Jigar a la mission. I look to you It was Misha. 8. Business Model You: one of our most cannot rare immune jacket. Apulia. You are a definitive local A t rex your toe be a progression of steps and business model. You assume nefarious urinary business model. Come basket where Oregon and mentors help for Alex on the roster. Valdir para for your new car in una Sola. So, Lucas, unless this is serious, that because the nine place those ssl Morillo and ago she stole us they say Souness extra take us killing non place, communicate tomar para una out of business model you off CIA l'm oil and it was just too. I assume nobody assume personal Bassem I looking, said Mindy. So Alexander roaster vaulted comedically when this early Albert Alexander rose rather eat in Clark, Either stuff form a boil meter Cuomo interact According Mondo Provisional the Sea Cohen, director raccoon and Will no professional branding are well or ill getting. It is a former consul. Years will be a professional either. Luna Direction Continental cambio Get on to convene a lasota specialness Go more. No misma and don't says so. When a man is here and don't says, I start a business model, you it comes amid are pretty middle This scarecrow chaos is King Ellis. Get the being arrested cattiness was the blunt haughtiness alguna I got diploma but on the importance of characteristic us for him blow Ah, talent or skill? Not? Yeah Nicholas Personas not on a daily. So no in to be a professional camo. Ah, nine grand personas enacted toe Michel told us What a menace Part of the king s ticket years. Yeah, says esto activity that leader that in those boehlje mentioned and we prop your him PLO Your intro throw swim indoor impediment Does this siendo mentor I'm planning into your argo Mentor Eassey two years Victor Jara So facilitator years e argument aureus so literal meant a loss activity IES your travel for medical taking so I e a get angle But really eyes the temporary me and told the local news me and those eating experience Yes, Poor Cindy Remember why you are instances Eso was this one coming as your new characteristics has learned that case Starger in King it is getting gss elect is locked in Obama's go more us I load And those poor care Andrea one imprinted or I mean but if you lose weight mentor, you barrack Help! Where? Progress? Arkan's Who employed me in tow? Baraquio help Wyoming Tarso, Probably at Exeter in America. You are like, you know, for a Casa e this original more lining. Also this month. Interest on the following a Dallas Killian and four days years or less, Less off risk for Major. They lamento d l activity. Literal mental cake. Yeah Canadian. Let's agree, boys. Masino are soon Maholm Oil and also in Maine is probably at the fracaso in America. It's a school while you, Ian, does this hacking, Are you? I Loss imprint. Uri's Los que Karin's unemployment artist Let's get in And they all know sketchy I stand and trendy Endo Yellowstone haciendo Sarokin Quinn from groups are closing. All coming. Okay, Casey and Thomas must never Theo Masin And does this I, I different is good about loss. Keynesian Orlowski. Any cerebro necesita noon temple Home seat operas. Irma's Noor must be out. Yes, was okay, I'll go corn a GIs. El valor que agrego bueno And don't says you know I escaped any esos elementos claros l arrest Oh Asmus facility in must low he go Complement that does this. You know a new business model come Busey Community and Business model. You know, they're really up in the star, Leonardo lose by Sears. See? No Moose Carter tennis and Ileana in media Don't make you come. You secure a part of him. Blow owning there so must be holding wrestle mask around their security must. Ah So next distress or that in Bolivia have put him PLO. It s I m Passard. Ah, who start l Morello No se trata Exactamente in a toll of a CEO's better compliment, R e said, look, the innocent deal in Soucie to assume with the the cumbia entrances. See your Siegel l Comus I Time of the king. Are you come? Why Europol in Alaska? Some programas algo here No intones is no simple or they see a camp. Or maybe a room program and cohere. No el Programa ago here. No s unclear. And the meal? An assistant deal. And those duels programmers and going here? No, for medical. Last mentor. He s killed tango owning wrestle portal A conservatory year. Al al programa coma interact Awoke on corn A king story where you learned a passport and so on. Some processes the company me in tow Component to conduct ocr were 12 0 c i presidencial I even l broken arm iacoboni Amy in tow. He and contact upper Middle Programa Lost Coastal's boys Circe I coast Oh, my grand in this incendiary emotional Put him through four million stress form A live? Yeah, his middle case looking starts intra Gondo e cape ways there in Costa Anus isn't deal Etem being king wrt points and my answer Literatura Professor DNS Boys, they're lloret giddiness. Get a U lt trabajo estan las personas is on to stallion's US King Just are you under our communism? In sooner I would've all in a pen A media around here don't make us come here being almost no sun solamente Kisenosato, my daughter I'm planning and Josina tambien keys here as your province. What? I only nurse yet separate the needle in England. So frequent. Does he come here? Various courses, Communist TV eyes Yeah, part of the mental they are except, um in the facilitator Communist onion Voya Victor classes Cumbia tambien go moist. Oh, you know. So let me show you Get a munis with King is to you and see no time being are loose is too young this con careless You give way Integon New angels a una actitud and them friend or s O Paulo General in classes Then print in your twin lost university eyes Asthma soon acted to 10 printed or tell him bringing in Tako No toilets personas Not all those history and its own imprint over the school Time in tow The sap Arrendel empreendimentos I don't know Sitter me Nathaniel Does society Gambia go more? I do and Tones is less a You are sir same US Emperor Know this afternoon must character De Sica's competences than Brennan Yandle backing are you? I loses to the young case broke a story Tanu classes a l original tell killed tango Jal espera implore own salary OFI hall Kumba Seamless class See Yoki Theorize Bull idiocy Cumbie Army Moral compass Personal in tone Says they sell for my boy. Don't come Use a locus on missile patios in a direction Kotoko Tomar e l more business model Calmus to and business model commas You I you are at the netting. Quinta toll of elementos case When Blake does the Seok Sierra assert Oso But it any ruining grace almost feel posterity had contacted alone. You're saying that you never see that, Mr You Rondo it Come here with Miss Activity Eyes El Valle or Kagera Go for killing Grupo Hacking story innuendo. But don't along your C at cumulus history. And this Sony friend this eating and algunas necessary has different is I look a yeoman every I ah, who stuff see dangling separate positive.