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Deploying Facebook and Google Remarketing Pixel Code on WordPress Website

Paul Sebastian

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15 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Deploying Facebook Pixel

    • 3. Creating Audience in Facebook Ads

    • 4. Setting up a Remarketing Campaign on Facebook

    • 5. Creating Audience for Remarketing in Google Ads

    • 6. Setting up a Remarketing Campaign on Google Ads

    • 7. Google Analytics Tracking Code

    • 8. GTM Account Set up

    • 9. Deploying GTM Code

    • 10. Google Analytics universal tag with GTM

    • 11. Facebook Pixel with GTM

    • 12. Facebook event tracking

    • 13. Facebook Conversion Tracking

    • 14. Google Ads with GTM

    • 15. Google Ads Conversion Traking


About This Class

This class is all about deploying and managing the different types of remarketing and tracking code from Google and Facebook. You will learn how to deploy the code, create audience using different parameters and finally learn to create a remarketing ad campaign on both Facebook and Google Ad networks.


1. Introduction: in this cause. I'm going to show you how to deploy the remarking Excel on remarketing quotes from different Adam looks like Facebook. We would acts and go athletics on your workers up site. So after deploying all these tracking and remembering courts on your weapons outside and show you how to create the audience for remarketing on Facebook rule ads on also. So after finishing the steps like differing, including audience finally I can show you how to create the actual re marketing ad campaign on Facebook. We will ads for you will depend on unusual on finally hold create audience based on that the area on a website using Google analytics. So after creating the audience on Gold Analytics, I'll show you how to import it on Google ads on Make himself that tow target audience on different advocates off like people with General on the videos on YouTube 2. Deploying Facebook Pixel: so carry me and my wordpress dashboard. Now I'm gonna show you how to deploy the Facebook pics out on your WordPress upside for that, Just go to the ads Manager and Facebook. Click on all tools. You can see a lot off options ship farther and choose excels. That is obviously I wanted to buy. It's a lot of upside, right, So we need to get the example copied and department worked us upside. So, as you can see here, my paper itself installed on Brexit s got our own 42 heads in the total lemon days on, you could see the dead wise. Here, you cannot change the And then she lost 30 days. We just got our own 1 97 hits on top. He wants it's Badri's. This was the confirmation have did while departing the former upset. So as you wish on no business objectives, you can change it toe different options available on Facebook. So don't even is nothing by the total number off he wants fired on your website, including organic traffic. He wants out of the jewel Facebook ads traffic during from other platforms, including devotedly ones. So with this, you can understand that Facebook will count, you know, I mean, collected off all users who come from different sources stays, for instance, maybe from Facebook. It maybe from your human marketing campaigns are readers that also, for that matter on this number may be different from at Manager 21 constantly wants Adam do that right. So copy, Once after mentioned earlier, this is the conflagration you will do when deploying the Facebook pixel on a website. So next year's custom conditions, you can set up no different custom conditions like the one you're seeing now. Here I set up a constant cannot for my course, set up the aspects of it the sale. So you can just keep on great custom solutions on make yourself being, um you know, options you. So before doing that, I will show you how to copy the Facebook pixel on deployed on your motor subject just on the pixel name. Here. Pick on edits. It's already set up, right? So click on insert vixen so you can still deploy the Facebook pixel on our except with different options like you can add court using and border integration. So let's go into the and see, what are the options? High level. So like you're seeing now we can deploy with excellent defend the practice like really cord a triple sport on even were tested. Also being available option here. But I recommend you to deploy the code in usually using separate clicking for, you know, departing the courts on your website on your head to be a specific That isn't a much, you know, commanding these memories. Adding a lot off begins on your looks at me. No stored on the loading speed and eventually lead a bad in person on your point of view. So the corn family add support to upside on grass or deploy the pixel court. I mean, we made the deploy cardio doll apart so that they can do the job for you. But this where people were running a block off molecule, cannot have and develop. All right, just click on manually at pixel, so it's all cold, leaving award for a long time. Just click toe copy here. Now go to your WordPress upside on so you can deploy the books along with better played with a lot off options. So I'm going to show all the options, but I command you to lose. Anyone wanted? No. Deployed in the Facebook except multiple times on a weapon type can show different data which eventually bean create confusion. All right, so as you can see, you here have already, you know, insulin plaguing cold inside headaches and four days. So before that, I can show you how to, you know, entire new blocking. All right, so that's a told here. You can do the deployment off phrase with the inside. Had Doesn't food does plug in. This will be awesome for you, even if you're going to do the department off. Well, lads and cool and extracting called on our website. I said hold a little. Installing a lot off begins on your fate can throw down your loading feed of a website and they want you bad on you Lose a point off you, right? So instead, foot turn on. So this had a run for their So this is blogging and being a large. So you can just install this plug in and you know the core using that. So let me show you like so since I already in child is planning on my website I'm going to sitting Go inside and headdress so you can see I already based on the ah different tracking courts and pixels on our website. So Facebook recommend you to base this court between your head tax. Right? So make sure you copy the code correctly and placed it in the type of music is leading again. Probably court in hedgerows and I'll join the foot off the website. So Facebook recommend you to this These on on your right, taken just uncontrollably. And basically, this is one matter. We can follow our can. Just He was an official looking from Facebook for WordPress toe the party code Facebook exalt so you can see right official facebook pics So you can just click on, install these blogging on our website and do the work. Let's see how it works. Active it. So I've been voting going to the settings, confessed pixel. So unlike, you know, basing all the whole jaw strip, you can just copy the pixel Korea, that is this number on placing the I d hear pixel i d. But I didn't I may not recommend these mattered since instead, a lot of evidence will interest the catchy on the website on float on the loading split, so just make sure you was one the one with third like swing. If you're using a good hosting provider, we can number off plug ins based on your needs, so it's a few titters with metal you are going to follow on your website. 3. Creating Audience in Facebook Ads: after the bring the Facebook on no less up tight, it's time to create audience for the demon. Couldn't ad campaign so And when the Facebook ads manager going before the show. So before correcting the audience, make sure your pixel has seen the platinum upset correctly, and it's working fine. Just go to detains the bottom. You can see active right. So if you're doing I mean, if you're deploying the Facebook itself on the website for the first time, it will take some time for Facebook toe. Read that on what? Sure, So just leave some fire team needs to for the system to track the court. After that, you can come back and create the audience for your campaign. So to create audience for campaign, you can use different combinations on a possible it's available on Facebook like the pages which dead on other stuff. So just one ad. I mean, sorry. So you condemn so says it's good. So cred audience so you can create two different audience, and Facebook are somewhat insists what we can you know based on the pages and other stuff our user performed on your website on X rays look alike audience so we can just get one audience you have already created on ask years. We could create a similar orders for that. But this is beyond this for roughly video. So I'm just going to collect how to get oh, according audience based on pixel would be and its function on your upset. So now we can see include people who made any are all so you can just choose these combination jets or any is nothing but catching people who competed anyone off these actions example people while searching for an item, are on your website. People aren on item toward the basket. All people were added on item to their wish list. Example. Two ways people just on our website are people who are just on your mobile. Are people are you know your customer list the next option. So it is nothing but the captain of people who must complete all of these actions. Example in these people who searched for an item on your website the last 14 days and matter perches on, you're upsetting the laws. When it it is, people will. I watched your video on people who are in your customers so these are the different combinations are living here. So you're gonna have Facebook toe, no matter. Get the date up in the last 30 days on the maxim time it's wanted, it is that is, people to six months. Right? So enter the number off this, that you want people to remain in your audience or after meeting the two years. Was this right? People removed from the audience after this time, unless they meet the criteria. So I'm going to click on people who are we See, that's basically pages. So with this option, we can target people based on the pages they visited on our website. And this is by wasting my time spent using these top 25. Then, you know, I was just basically with bridges here, at least one off these values investment countryman using options. So I'm going to show you how to create audience by using the pages there. But so you father, just time to enter my charity. So gorgeous. Open it So these my website. So if you want your daughter people who are sitting this bitch What? I can do it. I can just copy the you want told Goto my Facebook pixel on just basic. So no Facebook will great an audience based on the bitch I have in future. There is one type on. You can also check out different combinations here. Not so with this option again. Also include people who are visiting another page like that seconds in these combinations. You can no kidding audience on the name the audience. Not so when this as me. So chances for demonstration purposes, creating audience. So this is one day, but audience. So the Knicks another day, please. Like you can execute people from, you know, from leaving and particle pidge life. All of this just just so I'm gonna extreme people more with some page. So if I want to talk to people who are good at this stage but not this pitch, so no, I'm going to share. Copy this. You are basic show, so no, I don't want to, you know, show my ads to people. We see that this bitch. So what? I can do these. Just copy this bitch. This teacher on doesn't end the audience like for them me toe. So this isn't demonstration purposes. Eso I'm going to use that create audience. The corn done so no, we can just go to your audience on the audience created. Let's wait for the system to load the data, so usually face gas managers will walk slowly on your website. So now we can see I created to audience for the most locals on the audience is showing, So the system will take some time to, you know, show the data year. You can just use these audience century thief Facebook marketing campaign that I'll be showing you so that next. 4. Setting up a Remarketing Campaign on Facebook: So now that you have finished deploying the face of picks along with breath upside and also have shown you how to create audience for re marketing. So it's time for us to go to the fifth acts manager on We show how to create the three nobody ad campaign on Facebook and true 11 adds to your website visitors based on the register, the action they are performed on your website like I know adding and the big part too upset and other stuff. So in the last step, I have shown you how to create dot is placed on the based you'd right on die Also shown the audience in the audience manager. So now I'm gonna show you how to create the cutting at just go toe prison guards. Concrete ad. I mean, you could see that a lot off moderate are abjectly structure like cavernous reach traffic and all the stuff, so you could just read out these help document toe had do to choose the market abduct you. So in this case, under the schooling you consumed and alertness is nothing but using this type of ad campaigns, you can just awareness off your brand by reaching people, one much likely to be interested in it. And you can use this. Learn more webpage toe learning more about this subject to the next this reach, which is not much. So you're add to the maximum number of people by using your budget you set up while creating a Knox's consideration and commotion. So let's look into can more consideration object you here. So traffic is nothing but sending more people to your upstate, such as, I mean, sending people Georgis to your destination, such as website at our conversation. Next engagement ritual never uses you know so more than government. Your ads, by by giving base likes are commenting on your had properties can actually happen, says so. Sure, having on put it on the Google play store or in the Apple absolute, you can use this option toe, make people and send your AB more so next video rooms. So this is an important actuary can most your video, your relevant audience and get video is so using this really, really sick. Also create on recording, uh, audience. Like I've been showing this on next step for just I want to understand you the camping object. You see it for next Tuesday. More ligers. In using these, you can drive more sales leads, such as email addresses from people interested on your brand. Our business on the last one is continuation abductees messages so you can make people message directly through your Facebook page on Get Mobile. Do you are messenger, right? Next, These conditions this amusing for you if you're running an right so commotions, you can see your right. Dre. Valuable actions on your website in your are in messenger. So next let's get lock sits. Just alternate all that's dynamic ads. Okay, that's the document to show items from your catalog based on your good audience on the products they are visited or added to the coach. Texas for traffic, which is some once No, I've campaigned like, um, using this. You can drive me six to your physical starts by showing ads to people who are nearby in your locality. Right? So far, no, I'm just going to choose a vigorous not the camping abject you. I hope you wonders to the how to choose the campaign object you on Facebook at, if not just called this particle, and it's a beauty. Just if you're being the next he's naming your ad campaigns ongoing naming this as the mean demo. Yes, I'm using these for demonstration purposes. Take also create ads for politics like which add can better for you. But I guess it's it's it's being a cup of this video. I'm showing in this in a separate post. So excess campaign budget optimization is nothing best. It will distribute your budget across accents accents to get more results, depending on your daily with the opposition charges and with strategy, and you can control depending on which accent. All right, so it's up to you to choose these options if you want toe no strain your budget. I mean, I'm going toe. Just click on, continue and show you how to choose the audience you have created earlier for your body on doing all the stops. So next is choosing your ads. That name, so actually, is nothing but kind off branches off your campaign. You can use different combinations here. So for a company car multiple acted on for athletic and help people with this, we can test it out, which adds, but for your best are rich combinations, right? So next I'm going to name as me. So way should choose the page badge you want to show you add. So I got my number off. But Funnel and Raju's amazing on land was this. That's just down on the gradual I did. Some complex future will be covering this in a separate class. The Nexus catalog. This really is full of your running muscle upside. I think we're just setting up a simple, remote government for my black s. So I just wanted to the audience So you can create audience bills on this Like the location , age and other stops. I think this is in regard campaign. I just want to lead these empty on just the audience we have created. I mean, it takes time for the audience to be shown up in this list, since the Facebook system is still calculating the audience size. So it's not That's not showing up here, but you can choose the audience in the same village. So just I was often out toe produces some to manage. I mean, collect data and short audience. So, for instance, just asking that this is the audience I have created for him opening. You can just select that. So this is automatic placements. So this option Facebook automatically shore acts on on its admiral Using this treatment option, you can just control which places are which places you want to show your heads. So if you want Oh, show your arts one game away, devices you can just until the big stop show I'm waiting for for disturbance, Right by Since this is a real opening ad campaign, I want show my ads on all races. The respect you off the audiences that the next platforms like Facebook Instagram Messenger Audience Network. So you cannot show ads on our instant work. I mean, you talk any arts on audience, network and messenger. So Facebook's not allowing you to choose that you can choose a the Facebook bought instagram. They don't want to show acts on instagram. I can just select the option show on. If you want to show why it's wanting on serum, you can just like instagram on the right. You do have some advantage stuff you just like, you know, show you ads on Facebook newsfeed and said, I'm feed stories on other stuff, right? So this is that you can choose your ad placements. So after you know, spending time on these the next he's busy with his own operating systems. It's weekend, you know, mattered on your targeting biz on the this is your audience are using. And it is only I was his only future points one one leave uncountable wife. So this is another option for you. All right. Till next. Cheese Why didn't studio um so you can just enter your cost of lead so physical trade toe, you know, thin. The advocates within this will be ready to get most leads for the average cost to be not more than 30 using the cost cap bidding strategy next. It's daily by that Just entered the budget. Do you want to spend daily on the next placement is fine. So inversions and also alive in some very soon job fix. Yeah, I'm going to the dumps. First up is operating the terms Military wanted to make sure you are. They're dumping qualities definition these just click on Continue. So I'm just going to amend the ad as dumb Me sharp. So this debate second failure so far in Seidemann can either select and, uh, separate bridge are the ad submission from the default Facebook page selected. So I recommend you to create a separate page on instagram. So what did you be? You could have already have some following, so it will be very effectually, right? So next be able to choose on descending. Nothing better. Cities are few majors shown horizontally. So you could have seen when he was putting down on your Facebook initially. So I mean, it's it's your choice to choose the option. So since I have collected Instagram only at the advancements in showing the diagram preview , But you can change that by going to placements on June 5th. Newcastle. So, yeah. Come back. All right, The accusation module. Choose yours. The yard. No, I'm for Mitt. Come back. Click on create. Right. So this is, like, really shown on. Nobody needs food. This is on this job, and he's an instant articles. You can just take it up all these No options yet marketplace feed my doing. All those are the options. So after these sitting, just juice your image so you can just upload your custom designed images, like using your, um, are you can make yourself d Facebook stock with us so you can see that these are the millions have already used in my ad account. You can just use the stroke image as from Facebook or instagram for stalking. You just You just need to until your subject obadiah bad. So, for example, if I just, I think that if I am going to every race about artificial intelligence training, I can just go and typing artificial intelligence as the key one show. So on our Facebook been shows I'm stocking made us on its den abyss Facebook. I was partnered with defend, um, for voters, like should stop on later. But sites can show you that. Powered by a set of star, right, it's slowing now. Just wait for the system to Lord. It takes some time on the 20 minutes we'll have the watermark off shut Assad. But once the idea supper but Facebook team and it's up and running on your Facebook page, it won't be shown to your uses, so take some managing timing. So this just the made you want to show up in your ad. So that's how it works. Actually, I don't know why it's taking some time. Sure. Actually, this is how we can just, you know, like the adamant for your I'm not gonna gambling. So after selecting all these, it's time for you. Toe right. The ad description the Planalytics, the headline, the description off your ad on select the call to action. Like a plane. Oh, look, no download. Get up, off or get coat. Learn more on substrate. So that's what we call direction options on Facebook. So after these, you can read and even in this instant form are deadly. No, Ask your user to land on your website. So actually, this is that we can create an inaccurate ad campaign on phrasebook. So hope you're about an idea. Wouldn't deploying the Facebook pixel on your website, creating the nobody audience. And actually, uh, we learned how to create a democratic ad campaign on Facebook and in Syria. All right, 5. Creating Audience for Remarketing in Google Ads: So we have seen how to deploy the Goulet Sing Marketing sold in your workplace upside No. I'm going to show you how to create audience for the marketing. So going Continue. So that's all you deployed The whole adds demographics on your website. So you're prepared audience. You should follow the same steps like just goto the tools and settings Contract library audience manager So kick on the last somebody here again. It's just right. So we should create audience based on the previously visited here. So I'm gonna name this guy asked me since it is a demo video on so sorry the tape off from which you would like to crude an audience. So we set up a page visit a prepared you will go to the page We sent it off visitors off a page for not visiting. Another page receded off a pair doing special Dead's visited off a page with its fixed tax so you could use with your parameters You feel you allow, you know, affect you. So I'm just choose stuff appears now. So again, if the same procedure taking on my upside your head acknowledges so So if we want to know truth. Just spit on your ads to people who are visited. This page can just copy. You are go to the axe manager corn this so we can just use these conditions with Country inns People's portrait's and does not contain That's not equal. And all the starts, the corn, another beach. All right, you can also change this obstinate into, and I said so This is different types off combinations we can use to store the data with the data and show them 11. That's as much as we can narrow down the possibilities. So pitiful options is nothing. But just doing truthfulness are starting with an empty one so you can fill this list with people who are match. These criteria were used in the last decade. It's hard. We can just start with the empty list. So that coolant system George one of these days we're going toe meet this criteria. Once we have created this audience, all right, so next year's members tribulations, which is very similar to what the else in in the Facebook ads like this is the maximum time you want users to stain your emoting list. So I have money to use short duration. Since you know thieve use, I mean, forgot your business after some time. So maybe we caught two weeks. Is the maximum dates you can here. So this is fine. So even be saying in your family for just 15 days and you can show ads to them on the cool arts Last may look like they will display network or the YouTube. Another little works. The nexus add on Adam's description. It's You can just have the description with your one words like whatever you want on. No, I'm just going to click on, create audience some of her. Maybe so I always I'm just looking to remove that on a scroll down, clicking on create audience. All right, so the system will take some time toe populate, encountered these data. Only then you can use these audience and create ads. But let's use assume that we have created on our higher interest already. I'm gonna show you how to and I use this audience and create a remarkably fired on good acts 6. Setting up a Remarketing Campaign on Google Ads: so in the previous two steps have shown you how to deploy the gold at the Olympics on your website. How to create audience for marketing. So, no, I'm going to show you how to create an actually marketing campaign on Google. That's so let's get started. So this click on the plus in, But you Can you campaign just choose the camping object you. So when you say let a golden seas at this camp and said things on you The following steps aimed at helping dropping cool so you can use 21. But keep in mind that gold jewels should be the main thing you want to achieve for your business. So for the mother thing, you may want to collect lives right ourselves. So in a juice chance you will have the camping type of search displays. Shopping video are much so you can choose. Video are displayed. Remarkable. I don't really agree. Or on the Google Display network or in the YouTube, you can show better ads. Are you on video? That's on YouTube and banner ads on Mr AG. So both these campaigns intimate how some similarities between the campaigns addicts. I'm going to go with this lineup, so standard dislike campaign, you will have more settings. Smartly clad ambitions will be more monitored by the Google light system itself. And you can also read about your wizard on the email from algae mike. But the most familiar Democratic campaign are are done on the Google dependent work. So I'm gonna choose the started a click and click on well, the end of your rope. So I'm really under my website that is ahead in the nonstop comic con. Continue. So next year just name your come friend. So dumb you. So next again. All countries and cultures should be the location if you're going to do the targeting, since many off many people moved out visited there except in different locations. So Metro right there they're coming from. So it's it's wise to choose all understanding this year like so next. Just languages grain. Your your audience may speak all languages, so select all languages here. So as a as a defensive things, you can see that these parties infraction. So next day these conditions. So I mean, you want to make sure that your audience your relocating, add on, come and do the conversion setting shell down on your website. It may be a sale. It may be intended for your book on something other than the steps. You want to do that, So go with family, said Biggs. You pay for clicks here, gender, these options, using the view impressions, commotion, value and some other stuff. Mammal's habits ultimately next, miss commissions everywhere. You can go with that. But I strongly are going to use manually submits and ended the budget You want to spend each day, so I'm going to use 1000 backs. This is and you can also choose how use is your body? Trying to explain here is candid accidentally started means spend your body it evenly Over time. Accelerator means spending more quickly. This may cost your budget toe. Actually, you can just you take on more about to learn more about it. Um, so I mean, you can see these discretion here, like for months. You won't be more than your daily by the times, the number of days in a month, someplace you might spend more or less than your day. But but again, your monthly. But it won't actually or spin on day. All right the next. These additional sittings, So we decide things you can restrict, like what you want to do. Optimists best preferring ads on one Optimus. What? It's asking too pretty. So it depends on your campaign goals on budget. So I asked, I want you to leave it. Accidents for acts killing countries on which timing to add can be shown to your audience on each day like you can just Monday two Fridays. If you want to just show you ads on only and weekends, you can just choose Saturdays on right and you can never really don't father by choosing the times. So, for example, if you under choose the audience on weekends officially on these, so people will be more on the Internet like the watching videos on all stops. So if I wanted to use that, you can just call them all rolled leave a on. You can see these three times. So if I want juice on dog people from six PM toe some eight PM in the evening. What I do is I can just go toe goto aiding these in the every time. Former, I guess, uh, sorry. 18. This is 60 clock in the feeling that it's 6 p.m. um, the next trees until a team I want to show my adds to my users. So what I can do is just crawl down on must just be indeed everything from it, right? Um, yeah, that's for all that. Max will be shown only in this timings. If you want. I told you already sitting is getting changed. Your right, your estimate of a woman's 40 insistent legs. Next he started in dates. You can set up sort of India's to your ad campaign debate says You can district your audience based on the direction they use, but I think it is a marketing campaign. You should leave the settings asked it because you don't know you can't expect your users toe use won more races. Extracts depends on their race on, but we can't restrict them to, you know, do that now. So next he's frequency happened. So there is one important step. So limit home in time to act short with the same user. So if a set limit, we can limit the whole campaign or teach at our it's our campaign level. So whichever you can choose to say If I want to show the ad 10 times a day, you can go that are even on month are, say, the Jews under times a month. Oh, and should be doing with that most of these settings. All right, so it's up to two. Juice the frequency. Gambian on the one or just leave WTO rules, Right? So next year's campaign you interruptions don't go that data freed toe this kind of human teacher for ads and not going to stop now. Commotions used the point level conventions and publishing settings. No, just leave it. It's a so kind of exclusions and other stuffs. Oh, so just name the aggro past dummies. As I'm doing that, this is a demo video. So next, please audiences. So we need to choose the remarketing audience that CBO created in the lost jobs. So just goto how they are similar audience upset with me upgraded. Sure. So I told Delia it will take some time for good Will do you no populate and show the audience member here, So don't worry about that. The system in the Gulf that so just to on on the what Inslee's. So these are just like four did little more athletes? What other interesting habits? What is that? Actually such not planning and stuff. But this is Andrew McCutchen camping there already chosen, and I don't know the audience by the previously unvisited credited the audience list. And so just leave these all options scrawled on next demographics. You can choose people based on their gender age, marital status on also income. Selecting on one means you don't want to. Three people forced, barest and started since March. So that's one interesting auction ship, Alexis Contin Targeting You can't other people based on the keywords they used on Google, the topics they are rosy about. So although some very gas beauty and fitness, health and all of the stops second, it's a remote camping. I don't want to restrict users activity, they everything they wanted. And I want to show my abs on the previously watch on the exit doors on all of the stops. So if you're planning to understand at campaign, you can you know, father alone on me. I don't want your audience his father, by using these options like place, mind topics and what they use on Google. So after selecting these types of targeting expansion increase for this based on the foster dog sitting selected Hubble. So I don't want to use this since we have being. I know talking about marketing enter You and Nancy busy for this group? He started showing us. What do you say that? And they tend your sister. So we are. We have to choose life and some 10 bucks, so it really depends on your one. If you want more budget, you can against ended more. Right, so that's how it works. So next is you are so good. Do lacks a Canadian appeared in response to display ads are upload your banner acts, so if you show out of it, you know we send your Benedict. You can just click upload on board the derives from your easy Oh, you can just use before going on to that. You can also see that would add some custom different templates for creating outs like supposed supporters sizes and for marksmen. Sure, you add makes all these documents so you can also create acts on a single a patient option . It's uses the S just be in jeopardy on or about standing on Maxis. Always one. We want to take a B. So make sure you meet all these requirements and creative ad. So one of the Liapis, um, responsively. So you can You can use some stock images from Google toe the last time in these responsive Glad you can't support videos, so yeah, it's simple for you. So you can just ended up staying so that google been scan. You sit and show the 70 minutes on your side, and you can make use of that, or we can just click on upload a bloody war. One finds out contest use. The documents are so if I want to, you know, cryptic ad for peace, but is in. What I can do is just in the, um do you want and click on Enter. Now we will show you some stalking majors. You can make use off. So as against seizure, the system is showing a lot off a few minutes later to my business, and you can see that the water make water markets had a really major I don't know, even you go and get at. And once it is approved by the gulags, I mean, are people are walking Google ads these watermark Midwood, and so do your users some real worry about that. If I want to just this image you can choose either this an image or logo you can continue. You can see I know that you can just go ahead on Dwight all the steps, like the headlines long line description businessman Paulo stuffs and you can see the late digging here in the bottom like this. Cut off mobile phone to you. This is on on the if someone like So what? These website perhaps many choose good properties. He's on beautiful just Europe, even just that the idea is showing Jews that stop here. Beautiful. So these are your admission, so you can also choose videos from from You do are your asserts steps. So usually that's how it works, you know? So that's it again during the day. I don't thank you Conferred campaign after the set. Good to go camping with very well by the pool at supporting and once it meets there. But come on, I start to get your second campaign so that you can go and set up a marketing campaign who were pads 7. Google Analytics Tracking Code: so in the previous two sections are shown how to deploy the phrase pixel on Google demotic upside and also shown you toe create audience. Onda set up a marketing campaigns on board. It's like Facebook and Google ask, respectively. Now I'm gonna show you how to deploy the cool and he's attacking court on a website and also show you, uh, how to create beauty parameters, all those stuffs. So let's get started with the plane off the diving board from Google Analytics on your just go to Google Analytics, Admit it. Contract in full back. Include. So you've shown on just that you should copy this on based it on your work site. So this close toe ads the reason I am asking you toe copy this court is life you can create . You're remembering ads for your Google ads. Much, much more options in gold, an index which are not present in Google hats. So we can do that by, you know, getting data from Bullard speaks up by stood at this school won't harm your website shall when to use different ideas for gold ads and cool and thinks we should all of the steps it's already using us. Semicon Copy. These are based on you. So this is what people while using two different I mean, you made up ones for our little acts and predicts if you're using Semicon, don't worry about that. So I'm going to copy these. So they had a simple stir. You should use the header and footer plugging are we can just go on for Google analytics for all of us. So again, I'm repeating that you should use Listen, Liggins as much as you can. So let's have a look. You should also keep in mind that adding the pixels off the rack in court time. Someone thanks in your website will cost some unnecessary confusion. So make sure you use anyone looking for the plane. So this plug in can show you all this Google Analytics stats and subject itself. Adding a lot off the menstrual type may increase the catchy in your hosting so worth and it will eventually slow down. The I will take loading speed on leaving it, then bad impression on the users. Find a few. So I command you to use one lead is plugging toe, deprive all the tracking courts and excellent upset. So just utopias to these holy texts could be a copy. Failure on check on. All right, so that's how it works, actually. Um, so So that's how you deploy on save the Google Analytics. Tracking four on a workers upset. 8. GTM Account Set up: Hello there In this section I'm going to show you how to get a brand new for that. So just goto dag manager no google dot com. I'm just signing with your Okay, So just saying with your humanity to take you to Are you saying you need to copy invested cantonal? All right, so just give one here, so just enter. Your uncle named my this gave my business effect it's had on Starcom. I remember sitting in so we can just take this more if you want to know Shad, gator, ghoul on others. But I don't want to do that. So we continue. It's all the step is to, you know, name the container. So we'll arrest you. Yes. Different forms can deploy tracking reports here. So, sexual boundaries, This is us up on this. And it is nothing but accident. A mobile, Just which is the mobile friendly bodies off of sites that index the sense. All right. So, you know, I guess I'm going to use a website. You just keep on, so just go through these Always agreement here on one circuit. Satisfied? Go on. There wasn't forces on people Just wait for the lawyer on now in the container. You need to know Based in the Gulf, you have saved offer website. So I'm going to use my show You how to place in the score in a weapon site next, in a 31 lead in the best in Europe said you can really remaining from Google and Facebook can be for the city of this tool off. So just this court safe I'm great. Go to my focus of states here so loud in so just goto that we need to you know, we can pass this court two against one is usually incident header on full display in very hoppy court and place it here for you to do when you come back the next mother which is using a plug in called bagman for work for us. So just go toe on just for so this evening I waas speaking of really just people that these jurors and Thomas would back my four friends. Unfortunately, there s no plug ins for What's the problem? Yes. No, you're right. So let Thomas breaker too easy for you know, instead of just study here, I want something just gonna activity now That is what I want to go to the settings I didn't get. So you need to, you know, copy the manager. I d get a copy itself. Do we get to his deeds? Just copy it carefully. You need to urinate. Will do anything like basing Hear? Clicking will take off the other suggest so, Matt in Virginia or anything. So just click on 1/3 Genesis. So know that you can see the dragon boat. I'm in the continent from from the one in your face, your second Facebook pixel on. I don't need to come to upside mentioning that this is I want it off using Cool. Right. So, you know, the one used the one year from this Very simple for you to use. So this is this is what we're breast. The next lecture. I'm going to show you hold, you know, best the idea. So see you there. Nobody 9. Deploying GTM Code: get the idea, you know, facing getting the reference upside. So in this, like I'm going to show you How does candor in your PSP or extra minute so engaged, you know, backing for accidentally? Always. Just keep on the man of the year under, do you and all the tracking your business court in the head section of the upside And this court under the all right, so and with copies. So I'm going to sound ph a friend here. So this kind of pitiful sight this in your file manager. He's in the So we need to get the fighters from your room, basically go to here. So the best way just opening with Firefox I'm going to use. So some exited their toe for you to use Sublime actually turned BC So you know you don't know this salt from deline. Just go on. Such for sub. Thanks three. So just reconvening. Go on that it's off. So once you're normally software through, you know, like that. So just open the file at best. Pitch fine. So you can see the steam headed is the government. So next we need to copy the next scored on basic in the so if you find it in difficulties with this stuff, don't display with the sore spot of your uptight if we don't want you don't think made some arrests. So if you find it, if you just doubleheader to get the your next step is to go ahead and find the time. So if you find that morning yeah, so no again seizure the headed back closed on. Right. So after the body dies, you need basic called second floor. So the second week will be speaking about for process, which are not animal, that most of the noses. We have an interval option off the report, but it is for people who are gross. They're gonna be too, Uh, according city that's in after saving this, fighting it up with the find years, Our using software like a phrase Gloria. So I can be sure. Such for the solution with your flower. Right. So I had a feeling If you find it difficult to do this, tell us off the container regularly with outside, especially just a single thurman door apart. And we This is the only difficult step for you If you're not. No way we can get the remaining coach off. Let's go. Let's go back a little bit really easy for you with a dominating All right, so that I can see the next one. 10. Google Analytics universal tag with GTM: hello there for model. You want tracking with gold technology so we can track. I know he wants, like, find downloads or bowling clicks form submissions, button plates and so on with cool Exley ones they are. So let's get started. So I'm just going to tag manager out of the so from the beginning, extract the website using Google. So go to the middle. You can see I already instead of the 100 examples of doctor, but anyhow enjoying the process. And how do you sell the are deployed type in Europe's cities in the world? Right. Find that. Thank you. Just go toe tags here and click on new So you can see here confirmation examples here. Right? So I'm just me, Gus G a sheer since I already created the bad people want that confirmation. So as I mentioned in one off me Uranus lecture, you can see the tower some pretty find, you know, damn place in the back lines of already. So it's up to 1 50 takes off 10 clicks. But for this year. So this is the fact that you can use you end our transaction social timing, the good form or anything You know, I'm going to use producing. Want to drag on the page views and other carmakers Goal antics. So now I'm going to select the six year I My cool exciting. So I can just working this guy contracting in folks. So began a copies and restricting here. So here I already contrary But here so I'm discs sending it But I would show you hold it very much happened Just steps So next season forgetting they won t play this court on So we know that they loathe fragmented 55 the Google Analytics type on the delegates transport Oh , all right. So this is the poster feeling attacked, set up. The bag will be deployed. You can drag the you said so we talked looking to suddenly but they will not go outside and talk anything. So if I go, I'm sure you're gonna extract Instead you can see keep do the global Accepting something to go right City here. But photo said the just go toe So you really find complaints are variable between variables from tag manager since way creating with me. So this is dragging I d on you continuing Same idea, right but I just copied and visit here so we can just create the new wasn't sure to become through some distant him. The video really want Please do with thanks so that we can identify the correct variable I'm choosing the tags means getting us anyone's right. So here we can just cool. Do you call content idea. Jealous to painting, field matchup, Custom distance. This is the speaking. Just pick on anyone. So here's the dragon idea that we can just copy it on basic uncured everyone here. All right, so that's how it works. So just assume that I already in Selby diving the I mean deployed using. Right. So I'm repeating kicking Somebody could be pulling track anything My king do what? Over here. Three go diamond make it can operate from the operation of the court. Could see no meaning most face. All right, So I'm just going to check whether the call is having fire on the cool Another Dixie knows that. So you can see here, right? So But a little gold stagnated fighting, so they start you one second. You can see the bag manager. Thanks for these kids. You can actually use these were assistant to see whether it's looks fine. Field idea, right way talk, clicking some. But the court will not go like they can track. But now where we are seeing the, you know, tag, you're right. Because the process is by putting especially one by the stool itself. Right? So just goto headaches and see I can't see anything. There is the stats that we are using toe striking me on the call it in character. All right. So far, I'm just not going to keep this home button since the way Nieto. Phone number off course and even tracking. Right? So I would do it in the lost off selling Facebook and scanners. All right, so, doctors for the next one. But I 11. Facebook Pixel with GTM: Hello there, Introduction. Going to show you how to deploy the faithful and your website You single with Dagmar is for their good started for that Just go to your phrasebook at marriage. Er on, click on he wants manages you. So if you take a baby grand cropping patrol on basic using the GM to set a pixel. Madam, you can also use the interest in here. But the problem this is we do not have control over the triggers If you was this model. So I'm just going to copy the code manually and pasted there. So just go to the bridge. The court copy here. So I'm just going to go with tag manager and contacts. I just didn't want you here on name, just yes, be universal tracking. So I didn't drag contribution years so you could see there a lot off templates for you. Toe explored by for Facebook. There's more than template the gym, so I'm just going to use the customization option here on district show. So you're concealing bedroom? What's the u. N? You could remove it if you want toe crack. It doesn't separate you want, but I don't want to so? So I'm just living it. So this is his court where presentable face moves far roast rabbit. I remember the general strike the bosses, but jegiambi not working both jobs. Scripts, It's not necessary. If you want, you can have the new immigrant. Except I don't want to present here, since most of those is no what is our Joe Skip enemy? Right? So I'm just going to figure here. So this court, maybe forget in orbit a site you want to drag. Corbyn isn't thes Facebook, except for just click on pages and you can save Let's go on a trigger. Doesn't see whether yes, they always This is a very different template, right? So more right away and click on the three buttons. Take on Put the ghost especially more that we can go and be back the walking off the pixel so you can see no during your place on just going and on the So So I'm just going to homepage on residency, whether the court or friend just clicking. So no good CD f millions of that that's confront the g A. U s attack. I submitted from your letters from only away about that, but in this case, means of tracking smoking, right, and also the other decks. So you would think that using the meeting was attacked? Oh, the injury was the exit on its dot com. And did you ask the Yeah, right. So? So they said you sell your facebook pixel in your website using good fragments. So until the best, the something but only court will not go away. And it can't like anything so that I will be doing in the last step of this phrase book money. All right, for the for the next one. 12. Facebook event tracking: Hello there. In this light I'm gonna show you how to set up. He won tracking website Facebook and go attack my job. But also to be seen how toe deploy the phrase mobile marketing upside. So just go to a phrasebook Pixels on. Click on next. This is the Kobe uncertain The last lecture, right? So just kind of a hero. And you could see different after everyone's this trading Facebook that some really find templates. If you want to set up custom the ones you can just click on this link Really time to know how it works. All right? So far, no, I'm just going to use you can't. And that's one off the UN's here for demonstration purposes. He could do anything. There's on the template here, but since I don't have any outside and just went off the front of the completely just a windows these since I don't know any, but I don't want Oh, I think the most men on the commotion currency. All right, so just click the copy on go toe tag marriages, and I just Kotal bugs, click on new just name it does. You have to be confirmation just close the custom. Your ginger customers shown this busy courtship. Find next race the you're going to set up. So I want to die when you're using. It's my websites Piece everything, bitch. I'm just going to use the species page share on when you're with the president. This page, if you make all of us that you went on be content here. I'm just going to use the new trigger here. Have be you want. So just there's you and just want some prejudice Class linens. Did your contents this That is this leg after the BCBG send calls on just called a good signature on a plastic chair Seven. Is that right? So let's get the very bottom Iran. It s a real order on. You have to be the ones I can ask. I can't hear. You could see that in the So you can't, Ernestine. Even as you would also see that in your fed already husband. So if you go forward, just wait for analytics door. Sure, you can click the politics and take whether even a second. But since we don't have a big salary, I don't want to show that even now, All right. So that's the pressure off the tracking the ones in your using the gym and Facebook. You can also set up different. That's everyone's based on your need. Based on that toe, this click button click or limited for like we're having the golden section. Right? So pure Anderson, you carried out just going to ask a question credit section and I'm happy to help you. Looks like I'm gonna show you how to said the dragon in. But all right, selected for no. 13. Facebook Conversion Tracking: Hello there in this election going to show you how to track conditions. Jim, I'm facebook website. Say foreign equals upside. Good. Do that, Jim, for that you just need to copy the corn show from federal like as you want after come Purchase. So the currency value in that few in the given year, like for example, I owned sample page there. I could get us Porteous confirmation so you could see just child doing some wonders. 50 was the last since it's a study Did you could give me does 50 here. So in the next coming stuff, I'm sure that all the poor damn you. So I'm just considering 50 U. S. Dollars. Right? So just who says done you? And since already? For them Closing the door, sir. Confirmation I didn't gorgeous $50. Dirigible hurry. You asked me. Click on copy. So just goingto Did you die News? Yes. Be gun warship. So that conflicts with diarrhea property on there. That's called a structure for the trigger. Really? Like another user with that? But your page the attraction before, right? So you have to be conversion con trigger. Just view on some pages page. You'll contents for just confirmation. At this sex click on sale, I can say toe 70 Daniel created Just keep computer. No, and go to the watches confirmation periods and reload it. So you see, if the commotion as the time that has been frayed here, they will see that in the for just the f B. I trust. So the salary of athletes 50. And he was the last the currency, right? But the problem with this madam ease say, for running the most upside he would have list of dozens of person would say on a user can add different products. And the I want dr will differ based on the budget side. So it is difficult if you are using a static value here. So you put a dynamic value based on the deck of variable. You are the he comes back to me or using, for example, uh, debatable. Like total transaction. Bandit is the variable, but you need to believe data from here. So you're durable. Good, Allison, that variable on, you need to copy that from the upset Basic in your excel here, I will show you how to do that. But if you or any any comments outside Just asking for their help from, well, e commerce platform. Like you didn't Dorie comments are social shopping or anything for that matter. Who says? Trying a good platform. So just call it the tree. Guess on in tax here. Before that, you need to create a variable based on the they only available dollars without saying so. I'm just saying that on just constant grass, you so f b convolution. I mean, you can name it us. I think almost they don't really double so just nothing that us on total transaction is digitally variable. Told a transaction, I think you need to get that only from using based on the you need to just fully dynamic value here. Complete concept. No, you can just go ahead and used it in your Thank you. All right. So just quote, it attacks unedited accordingly. So we have become ocean here. So you we have 50 right? So just quantity with the debilitating. For that, you need to open the cool bresil back. It's here. So here you can see the e commerce site. Just click on open it now, so it could be used here. Concept so it would ban with the commotion values said the a few minutes. So I don't know what is the process you should do. It's a simple as that. Just copy the data available and basic. So next is President Pixel on the way that we could do that. Click on from Washington. Disgusting promotions create custom conditions You so name would be like most probably produce as cell already. So name just soldier so like category. So cattle will be like a bunch of us were set up, so that would be like all snow. So upset. Annuals. Three. Your contents, porches. Confirmation. Like anything thing like to your video. Meaningless but its confirmation here. So that's a radio conditions and take concrete con time. All right, so that's our emotions in our website. Using good Dag major on Facebook. I hope you understand if you have any doubts that's going as question decorated section, and I may be toe help you. I've seen the necklace 14. Google Ads with GTM: in the like I'm going to show you how toe deploy the goal. I'm in goal. AdWords Re marketing picture on your website using good tag manager. So let's get started. So I mean the Google ads that its previously known at school AdWords recently go will change the local and Brandon to go ads from Google Address. Right? So and Google address I'm in the Accordance Manager. You could come there by just keeping the tools options here and click on audience manager. Right? So after coming to that just conflicting Gloria and click on who have said visitors so you could defend it off understands? Yeah, I can create a different list, but before that, you should create in garden source. I'm in the corner, right? So since there are predicated on pace at the ordinary outside these jets, sure, but for two months and show you how toe decoder basting upset, just click on advert structure details. The three dot symbol over here at its source on just goto saving continue no changes here, so it will giving the tag. So if you're already in the Google Analytics tax and you upside noting cellulitis tag because you got the and you could transfer the data between them. But I'm sure we anyway, so don't tell the address, I guess fell. So just click your unq opiate, You know, Let's say so. Just click on tax. You take So what? Really, like Edwards? Also testing death Joe, That consecration You could see adverts re marketing. I'm glad someone getting right. So just click on that, Andi needto like the commotion idea. Joe, I just called you on Corporate did out best we wouldn't kill You can also clearly, very well do that. So much contrada on hard pitches sing All right for Let's go toe all the presidency whether it's working Fine. I'm not before one of that meeting you can preview here. So just on the people, But I'm going to The bitch is confirming nothing but just cooking. Andi the So now we could see the advert. Seamus, the dog has been fired. One items, right, So the adwords style could record all this data. All right, so this is Are we good? The address the market back from your upset and invested in if you're bagman deployed. The according to the website off what continued based on your right So that districts, Are you sure you want to do commercial tracking with Google? At that time, we will tank, but 15. Google Ads Conversion Traking: Hi there. Indeed. Lecture. I'm going to show you how to set up a notion. Tracking in AdWords Google Tag merger. Let's get started for that minute departed gold commotion time website. So just go to go with Albert's. Andi chose the tools option click on conditions. So click on the commotion here. Looks like to be all category. Just no need us just on Captain Black Porteous of Phil. You seem that if you're standing with him But most of the upset with the island uh, most of the city. Well, I went to the front dynamic transaction value, so I'm just going to use saying the different values on the reconversion should comment right? So just no need to change everything here. And also Geno long shoulder are you sustain your commission video so just could grit and continue feel on your second. It's an intervention, but if you do that, you do not when he went down, except control off the triggers. All right, so just click on install, bag yourself. You the global site that withholding stroller. Right? So just copy on goto with tag nature The conch you tag so tight Consolation would be good conversion tracking. So, Logan, just corporate e gonna wash in kobane it on. So ground Connecticut Motion Labor. Last roar. Since you just made your corpulent place all these data here something. So 82 of someone six men a double to 769 a three tools. Someone 69 number zero. Mystical. Right. It's really tough to copy it from there. So the next race Confucian values constantly. If you're running a strategy type on the value of static, you need to be one number like 1500. But most since most I mean the economic, you know, below the damage value, as he did in the fifth conditions. Right. So you should definitely variable nothing for the total commotion value, but you need to map it here. Retreated in the face locomotion lecture. We just need toe create a very well on map each year. So you're almost dead. Available is constantly create in on. You can use the currency court. As for last one. Ask your currency on. We need toe trigger only on the participate, right. So just goto the blessing below here. Naomi does adverts just paid you on it should contain the Carter confirmation pitch. So big yellow. I'm just using examples here as the hold A confirmation bitch. So, you know, using the thank you page or order confirmation Anything similar to that, right? So contents this and you can save now, so adverse side would be like AdWords Congo. Click on sin Now gone to you here on Just go to the outer confirmation pit and pressed the fresh bottom so you could see the address commotions flared. But the problem is, it should not fire the commotion value. Like the accident, dummy. Right. If your own very blessing, it should out. I know. Transit the dinner from there and present it in your address condition that that you could see it in the commotion step. But since I don't have a negative effect, I can show you the example Ship. But this is the process on how to toe commercial tracking on GTL on Google AdWords. Right. So we didn't go to the end of this course and obeah Anderson. Howdy. Jim works. It's not if you're adults in the course, is just going to ask a question in security section malice there to answer your queries. Right? So by