Demystifying watercolour mixing charts | Nicole Sijnja | Skillshare

Demystifying watercolour mixing charts

Nicole Sijnja, Graphic designer & Illustrator

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10 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Materials

    • 3. Types of Watercolour Mixing Charts

    • 4. Closer look at the Matrix Chart

    • 5. Closer Look at the Spectrum Chart

    • 6. Matrix Grids: Planning Considerations

    • 7. Matrix Grids: Painting Considerations

    • 8. Spectrum Charts: Planning Considerations

    • 9. Spectrum Charts: Painting Considerations

    • 10. Class project


About This Class

Have you ever seen pictures of peoples beautiful grid-like colour mixing charts and wondered how people do them or even tried to create one in the past and got completely lost or confused as to which type chart is right for you.

Trust me, I have been there before.

With this class, I hope I can help to demystify different mixing charts while providing tips and tricks I have picked up along the way.

In this class, we will explore;

  • Different forms of colour mixing charts
  • How and why you would use a matrix grid
  • How and why you would use a spectrum chart
  • Creating matrix grids
  • Creating spectrum charts

This course is aimed at both beginners and more advanced watercolour artists how are wanting to learn more about their paints and creating colour mixing charts for their own paints.


1. Intro: mixing chest are a great way to enjoy and explore the colors. New pipe collection that could be beautiful works of that and give you a lot of information . However, some of these wincing chance can be confusing or intimidating at first toe. Addis Hi, my name's Mike O, a New Zealand based graphic designer, a little straighter in or ground color addict. In this class, I'll discuss the three main mixing chance that I use and take a deep dive into the two main chats that Addis team to feel intimidated by. I'll walk you through my process of creating these chats while providing tips and tricks I've picked up along the way. Finally, for the class project, you would take all the you've learned and apply them to your own mixing chance. You will stop by creating a matrix girl and then take one or more of the color mixes and use them as a basis for spectrum chance. I can't wait to see all the beautiful mixing chance Say you create least jump into exploring mixing chats 2. Class Materials: things you're gonna need. And if you're gonna be creating these chats to start with, you're gonna need a mixing pellets, I reckon, meet a ceramic mixing play. Even just a Syrian play works perfectly fun. If you don't have one of those around a plastic old Mitchell work fine, particularly if you roughen it up. We'll just help making mixing your paints easier. Of course, you also get any points. I'll be using my half penn sit that I've created, but the colors I will be using a lemon yellow here, kidney and yellow hue, kidney and Rich Hughes review rate coach, Marine blue to toys Rozina burnt Sienna, then dyed brown mingo in digger and purely in grain. There's also a few other things that you're gonna need. Jkos is paper. I recommend using whatever paper you will be most likely to paint on. I recommend February Ana Academia 200 well £94 paper At the minimum. The paper I will be using throughout this class is my booking for 200 Gs E. And but I five and I full. You also need to water jazz, one for clean water and one from four rinsing off your brush. You're also going to need some water. Obviously. Now, a few things specifically for this class that you want is I Roll up Paintbrush pizza. I use an HP like find markets. I recommend favor cast output Pete's and perfect multi liners using pencil. You also gonna want a baby Say free arises? Well, Chris Keller need herbal razor. You also gonna want masking tape or washi tape to take down your piece and also right reconvened masking type for creation, You currid. This here is the valet hard to millimeter, but I recommend anything between 2 to 4 millimeters some additional items. You will need some close all paper tales to clean up your mixing felt after a cello. Let's trump into learning more about the particular chats will be using in this class. 3. Types of Watercolour Mixing Charts: their meaning, forms of Cal mixing chance. But there are three that, uh, my favorite to use the tribe tell wheel chat. The Matrix Court and the Spectrum Chap each have their own purpose, which I used them and in this class will be focusing on. The last two is these are the ones that the Ashes team to have the most trouble with. Tri Kala we'll Chat is really grateful learning about limited cattle pallets and the way that private tellers work and mixed together. It's useful when you're testing out. Tell us to use in a limited pellet or it as a three count primary matrix grids can help you state particular Kellum exits for each combination of paint in the chat. This is really useful for saying the wide variety of variations of shines you can get from just the cozy already head. You can also help you say if there any gifts in the Kelsey Head, do you find that you don't have enough colors to mix good purples that you would like or good. Thiel's putting for the coward choice is this chap can help you pinpoint that purple speak from traps. A grateful looking at how to particular Keller's mexx and different proportions. I use this one. I want to learn more about the range of colors that to particular paints can make. It's also great for when I'm tasing out. What colors I want to include in a limited color palette is I can taste. What are the primaries work really well with my Ruby worried, for example. So that's a bit of a quick overview off the different chance that I years in the next few license will be taking a deeper look at both the metrics. Great in the spectrum, chap. 4. Closer look at the Matrix Chart: e e take a little look. It l first Chuck, which is the metrics? Great thing. A shot that is a great with a wrong and called for H particular paint and the chance each cell shows the Callum eggs off each corresponding row and column metrics. Chats are a great way for learning how the pain see audio mixed together to create different shapes and colors. This can save you money from going out and getting a wide range of colors, but it also gives here more experience with color mixing. I personally like to keep it up on the wall or need by for reference while I'm painting. It's grateful when I want to mix up a station type of people. I could find one that's close on the chat, and you figure out what colors I need to mix to Creative Way know what it is. But how do you figure out what to Chelsea used to create a surgeon color say, For example, we want to find out what to use to make this particular shade here. Well, you are right across to find the road killer, which is in Rhode Grain, and go down to find ultra marine blue those two colors together like this particular green . Now there is a little caveat with these chats. How my drinks look can depend on how what the Addis is using it for some will only doing mix on the lift inside Allis. Well, next we one side has more of the wrong color. This is the colon. Keller. Well, some will do as I do. Murray create mixed in the mess. Turn on one side and I lose it on the other. How you paint the job is up to you and how you think you'll need it to make best use of it . You may even find that you want to do several in different ways. But don't worry. I will talk more about this later when we discuss how you paint one in more Daito. 5. Closer Look at the Spectrum Chart: wait the matrix grid. We're gonna look at how sickened, which is the speech from chat. This chart is a city. Squares like the matrix cred, however, insead us usually five squares long by 123 squares wide, while the metrics looks at the mexes off old colors within a chap, a spectrum chap. Focus on the mixes between two particular colors in different proportions. Spectral chats a useful when you're wanting to learn about held to particular tells mix and different proportions are saying is particularly years for win tasting, neutralizing piers. So you a complimentary Kelis. Well, funding on more about how to particular couples. Mex I personally use this chat least Lena Metric script. However, it is still useful for the times where I do want to use These are much more straight forward than a matrix. Great. The closer the squid we're looking at is to one of the pure Keller's either the top or the bottom, the more of that color there is and the Mex, and if it's in the middle, well, it's likely to be a 50 50 Maxell near bouts. The further right you go the multi luge in the mix you're looking at is it's a simple is that we've now looked at both of the chats and much more dicks. Let's look at how we can create base shots for ourselves. 6. Matrix Grids: Planning Considerations: wait a little bit more about both those chat types. Let's start looking at how we can create those ourselves. Now, the first shot we're gonna look it is the matrix grade. And now, with this one in particular, there's a few things we need to think about before we even put paint to paper. How many colors are you thinking of, including annual chat? Because this of things, how big it is, Well, how you're gonna have to change the signs of you. Cred. What size of off paper using have you got like May sheets of Hannah Muello paper, which you can make your chat any size you want. Were you restricted toe a four a three, even because this is gonna in fate the size of you grid and it swells the size of your labels. If you have a big shade, for example, you can make your labels as big as you like. But if you let mission for space, maybe you might label them on the Beth your chat or just put a number and have a lessening nearby. The final thing that I think you need to think about is are you gonna use I rolled pin line . Where you gonna use masking type to create you grid? This can very much a fake the way that you'll color chart looks Take my big watercolor chap . This here was he made using a mussing type grid. You can see the water teller paper behind H grid. Let's give you an idea off what it looks like in relation to the watercolor paper. But take this one. He of which I used a black rolled line. The black affects the color that you're saying, and it would be hard to tell what it looks like. Compete to the watercolor paper. I would love to know what cause you're planning to use a new class project post a list of the colors up in your class project that I and other students in this class could see what you use it in a mike of people. A few ideas off colors that they hadn't thought off 7. Matrix Grids: Painting Considerations: I think we'll get a few things you need to think about before you put the paint to the paper. Obviously, the label are you gonna put any paint on it? Unilever is just a ticks like a with no color. And then do a flat wash of the color over your label. Well, I'm gonna use a grated wash. I find that I personally like to use either flat wash or grated wash off the pio color on my label so that I can quickly say the color use in the mix. How are you gonna paint each cell? Well, you could do a 50 50 mix or a proportional mix with a 50 50 mix. You have the option off doing just the live side and leaving a blank. Or you can do a dilution version off the color from the league, which is what I tend to do so your other option was a proportional mix. So this means that on one side you use more of one color in the mix, and on the other side, you here's more. If you're sticking to tell you mixing with So, for example, on first comb I might do more lemon yellow than any then any of the second calls I'm mixing with so that on the right hand side will being mawr off the color I'm mixing with in the lemon yellow. Which one you choose is up to you. Think about how you gonna use your child in order to decide which one is based, you have to be careful off the tinting strength, all your colors. If you have a wheat cattle like limb and yellow mixing with sailor turquoise or they'll blow, which is very strong, that's just gonna obliterate the yellow and essentially bay. You'll say What color? So what I tend to do instead is a visual mix between the two colors. On mixing the final thing you need to think about. I'm gonna paint the pure here. Well, no, we're each row and column off the same paint. Mitch, are you gonna paint it? You don't have to. I like to, because it helps me when I'm painting. You have the option off doing a full flight wash or grated wash and next square. The water used depends on the child I'm doing 8. Spectrum Charts: Planning Considerations: Now we've looked at creating a metric script. What we need to consider. We were making a spectrum chat. Well, to start with this, a few less things we need to consider speaker and shots and generally smaller. And you don't not so worried about your size of your paper. Sorry, The main things you need to think about with a spectrum child is how big do you want each individual square? Of course, the bigger the paper, the biggest squares. You can make all the more off the charts. He can fit on a page. Another one that ties in with us is how many dilutions do you want us to do? You want to see just the mess time, in which case you can do just a row or five or however many steps you want to do. Were you wanting to say it at mess Time Wash and at its lightest, which guys who need a three by five grid, how many do you want to fit on a page? Do you want to use a five and fit to to a page? Were you wanting to do a full and fit six? So this is going to tie in to help you make the squares and how maney your dilutions you're going to use again. You can use either masking tape or pencil to mark out your squares. For this one here unleased worried about using marcas or Penis to create the outlines because you're still going to see the paper white. 9. Spectrum Charts: Painting Considerations: way need to consider when painting this is really, really only one thing you need to consider, and that is the order that you going to paint your colors in this generally turquoise. That paper will do this. I'll start with the lightest color and then slowly add the second color to it to create the different shades. Or he can do the two pure. Here is first create a the median color between the Turks and then create the proportional Mexes. And of course, if you're doing dilutions as you're doing each color, you're going to want to do the devolution at the same time. That's pretty much all you need to consider. 10. Class project: this costs. We've learned about metric scripts and the spectrum tele mixing Chad's We looked at what they are, how you would use theme and finally, how to create them. Now we get to the hot. We take what we've learned in a plant. The Cost Project Final Project. You do get a mix, Ingrid of your own choice of colors. I pick me between six and 12 is this is a bit more manageable for your first time because the mortality ed, the longer it's gonna take. Trust me, this. That bigger chat took me almost all day. Admittedly, I was watching. Style was at the time as well. It's also easier to miss. Make mistakes when you have more colors. Post a photo off your matrix, chat up into your class project so that we can all see your beautiful chap. I would like to see The Kelsey Years is, well, what you learned about your Kayla's. Did you find any interest in color mixes? Did you find that there when you used to paint more relish? You actually didn't like the way it mixes all the way it handles, Then take one or more off those Callum exists, created and the metrics grid and use the colors that combine that color and create some spectrum charts. And then don't forget to post pictures of those. They're also have into a class project. I hope you have enjoyed this class and loot some great tips and tricks when it comes to creating mixing chats. Have you a little bit more fearless when it comes to them and have become excited about exploring the different color options he have within your existing paints? I can't like to say you're Chad's at the new class projects. Thanks for joining me.