Demystifying Oil Painting - Up Your Portrait Game in 1 Hour!

Jia Sung, Painter and Illustrator

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7 Videos (18m)
    • Overview

    • Materials

    • Surface Prep

    • Setting Up

    • Getting Inspired

    • Making Your Painting

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Be a more effective and confident oil painter and portrait artist! I will cover basics of oil paint, from materials and methods to a brief discussion of how painting from life will help you paint from photo reference and use color more effectively, as well as give tips and tricks on portraiture and likenesses.

I will walk you through the class project, a 1 hour self-portrait assignment from life, by demonstrating my own process and what goals I try to keep in mind with each painting.

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great to watch your process, thankyou.
Really simple and clear. Loved the shortness of this. really gets to the point, no wishy washy talking. all was relevant. wish the sound was better though!
I wouldn't recommend this course for total beginners, but rather, as she herself admitted, for artists that haven't practiced a self portrait in some time. I haven't painted with oils in years, let alone a self portrait. She also anticipated my main question about not using turpentine which has discouraged me from painting in my apartment as I don't have access to a proper art studio. It's been three months since I painted with acrylics and roughly ten years since I last touched oil paints. Wish me luck. Also, Ms Sung has a soothing yet deliberate voice to follow along.





Jia Sung

Painter and Illustrator

Jia Sung is a painter and illustrator, born in Minnesota, bred in Singapore, now based in Brooklyn. In her spare time, she is a monkey.