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Demystifying Markdown – Learn GitHub flavored Markdown (GFM)

teacher avatar Clyde D'Souza, Software Developer and Author

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Welcome and introduction

    • 2. Introduction to Markdown

    • 3. A bird's-eye view of this class

    • 4. Prerequisite checklist

    • 5. Adding content to your Markdown file

    • 6. Adding emphasis to your Markdown content

    • 7. Adding headings to your Markdown file

    • 8. Addings lists to your Markdown file

    • 9. Adding links to your Markdown file

    • 10. Adding images to your Markdown file

    • 11. Creating and modifying tables in your Markdown file

    • 12. Adding code to your Markdown file

    • 13. All about the escape character

    • 14. Adding emojis and checklists to your Markdown file

    • 15. The grand recap

    • 16. The conclusion

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About This Class

Markdown is one of the cleanest and easiest forms of writing rich-text content. Believe me. Once you learn the trick, you’ll wonder why you didn’t know about this before. With Markdown, you can go from writing simple readme files (that looks amazing, by the way!) to creating your own website/blog.

In this class, you’ll learn GitHub flavored Markdown (GFM) – a slightly more powerful version of regular Markdown – and by the end, you would have also created a one-pager website. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Anyone who is keen to expand their horizon and is up for a new challenge is welcome to tune in to this class. No previous experience necessary (even if you’re not from the software industry, seriously).

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Clyde D'Souza

Software Developer and Author



I'm Clyde. I'm a full-stack software developer. I've also published a book titled Mama, Tell Me a Story which is available on these platforms. It's a collection of twelve short bedtime stories that parents will love reading to their kids over and over again.

In my spare time, I like to explore other interests like writing, teaching and I've also created many other projects in my spare time.

Check out my Skillshare classes below and let me know what you think. Happy learning!

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1. Welcome and introduction: everyone. My name is slightly Soza. And in this class we will look at get a flavored Munk'd Um, markdown is one of the cleanest and simplest forms off writing rich text content. Believe me, once you learn the trick on how to use marked down, you will wonder why you didn't learn this before. Read mark down. You can go from writing a simple read me file to creating your website or block. In this class, we will learn get a flavored marked down, which is a slightly more powerful version off regular markdown. And by the end of the class, you would have also created a one page of website. Doesn't that sound exciting? No previous experience necessary on seriously, Even if you're not from this often industry, it is totally fine. All right, then let's get started. 2. Introduction to Markdown: All right, folks, welcome to the very first model of this class. Let's start by looking at what is marked down. As I mentioned before, Mondano is one of the cleanest and simplest ways off rich text formatting, right? So then that's basically what day is it? It is just a text file that is used to create rich text, content ready and members text content time in adding bold, adding italics, adding headings, adding horizontal rules so on and so forth to do this. To do this, it uses some known alphabetic characters, so use non alphabetic characters toe ahead. These extra rich text content right, the extra capabilities. And when you save this file rights, use human, he said. 37 Normal text file. It saves has a txt extension, but when you save a Mandel file, it usually ends up with a dot MD or dot mom down extension. The mountain was created in 2000 and four by John Gruber and Adan Sorts, and apart from this being a clean, easy to read text files that can be, they can be transformed into this lovely output. It was also optionally used to convert convert this text while this model file into a valid HTM in Now what is get a flavored Magda orgy it Jeff in was developed and used Birgitta, and it is based on common mark, which is the standard for Monta. What get up then did is it used the same amount down principles and added more extra features more superpowers, right? So that it most after it more extensions to the regular man down and also uses unspecific Parsa or a processor to actually process those extra extensions that it has added. 3. A bird's-eye view of this class: fantastic. In the last module, you learned about the theory of Mont. Um but I'm sure you're really eager to actually practice. Get a flavor mount. Um on. Don't worry, we'll get to the practice in a minute. We'll get to the hands on sessions in a minute, but let me start off this module by giving you an overview. A bird's eye view off what we're getting into. And then in the gentlest module, you will take all the boxes before you get into each and every morning for a hands on session. Let's look at things and to end to start off it, we need an editor to write and practice. Armando. To do that, we will use get up, get up dot com has a markdown editor. In the end result of this entire class will be a one page of website that we will produce only by writing Mandel. So the mom down gets converted into html. Now, this will also be a class project, but you can learn markdown editor in eggs, RMD files and and CB output has a website. Now, let me explain a bit more on how this magic happens. How we meet these joins to start off with, You will cologne. My sample reports stream I sample website to your get up account. Now Don't worry, we will explain or we will dive into this particular step in more detail in the gentlest model. Now what? This sample reports tree sample website contains is in Jekyll ready website now What is Jacob? Jacob Jacob is basically ecstatic. Side generator. This is what can words mark down your mom down files to html right to the final HTML website. Now, of course, this is a blogger ready website and and it might have a lot of a modern files, but border interested is primarily in the index rmd files. You will be writing all your mount down practicing all your markdown in this index dot monk down file. Now, since you're hosting our source scored on get up. We can also leverage get up pages to sell our website so that it is then available to users . We had a browser, right? So Jekyll is the engine that actually can awards mount down, directional on get up pages runs Jacalyn the background to convert all the mom down fights that we have in our getting reports tree to a human right and this is chairman is then used to use human pages. As a matter of fact, is then used to self give upside business. All make sense. I hope I'm not confused You too much, I promise, has begin to the next module and the model. After that, things will start to get a bit more clear. But for now, feel free to poses video at this very moment and reflect on what it's just spoken about. Let it all sink in and I will see you in the next morning. 4. Prerequisite checklist: before you dive into each and every model of this class. Let's take a look at a couple off items that you need to get sorted before you go away to learn and practice. Martin. All right, let's take a quick look at a checklist. First we have created get up account. Cygan. Copy or folk. My sample websites have created one website. You just need to copy it to your get a account. And third is start editing the index dot MD MD stance markdowns index dot markdown fight. In the next couple of minutes, we will take a look at all the three steps, so take your time to complete the check list before you dive into your first module. The first item on a checklist wants to create a get help account. Right? So all you need to do is head to get up dot com And on the landing page itself, you will see a sign up form complete the sign a form just like you would do on any other website. On your good to go once you created to get up account head over to the u. N. Let's highlighted in the picture on your screen and then look on the fork button. What this button does it basically just copies my sample website that I created to your get up account so that you can then edit on that right? So once click on that button, it will probably message asking you which account do you actually want to copy? My sample website too. You should see this one item in your list, which would be your user name that you just created. So you select that and then it will show a screen similar to this. What this message is saying is that it is saying that it is coping the sample website in the background. You hit the difference, but it and what you will see is your own copy off my sample website. So that checks are second item from the checklist. Now, once you're history, inflation is see all the files in your copy off my sample website. You just need to scroll a bit down to find the file in next. Rmd Just click on that. Once you do, you will see a little pencil I can on the right inside of your screen. Let's click on that to actually edit the index RMD files. Once you do, you will see this critical A screen with the edit five tab selected on India did file tab. There will be some content, right? Don't worry about the content. You can if you want. You can just make a couple of changes on Ben. You just hit the preview changes. So then see what it changes actually look like in essence, anything that's highlighted. And red is basically what you just dilated from the file. And anything in green is what you actually added. Now, keep this in mind, because in the models to come will actually be using this a lot. Once you've made that quite changes just cruel. A bit down and hit the comet changes button. This is basically the save button. And once you do that, you will see that your changes and now saved to your get up account, right? You get help repository and he has an extractive that'd be useful for a class project. If you scroll down your sample repository, you should find a really meader markdown file. Now, this contains the extra information that tells you how to make your side publicly accessible. How the conflict in certain variables, how to add images if if you want to, this would be different him from for a class project and and it's it's worth reading. After you have completed and practiced all the models. And just like that, we have completed all the three steps be created to get have account we fought or copy my sample website to your God have account, and then we just seen how toe Edit review and save the changes in the index dot empty file . Congratulations. Now you can start learning marked down and start practicing everything that you learned. 5. Adding content to your Markdown file: All right, let's start with the very basics. I have returned some content over here that I want to feature on my website. But when I review the changes, you notice that the output contains just one huge block of text. Now. This is because we haven't added the right characters that defines a line break. If you want a particular decks to be printed on the next line, what if you do it? Just add to white spaces to the line before. On the other hand, if you want to clearly separate two distinct paragraphs, just add an empty line in between both of them. Looking at the preview of the changes we just made, you'll notice that the effect of adding to white spaces and the line break just put the content on the next line. Where has adding a line between two paragraphs clearly distinguishes one paragraph from the other to add a horizontal ruling. Your mark Downside. You have three options. I do you use three or more districts three or more hyphens or three or more underscores when using three or more hyphens to add a horizontal rule. Remember toe add an empty line in between the three hyphens on the preceding paragraph. If you do not add this extra line, your bad breath might get treated as a heading. We take a look at this in one of the later models. 6. Adding emphasis to your Markdown content: everyone in this class. We're gonna look at the basic formatting options that we have and get a flavored mountain language we're gonna look at creating a bold text It, Alex, strike through and blocked roads. Let's start by looking at how to mark a particular text has bold and get a flavor markdown . We have two options. What is the use off to ass trick symbols? So you enclose your text in two ass tricks symbols. The other alternative to marking your text has bold is to enclose the text within to underscore. So do with the beginning and do at the end. The results are exactly the same. Hasn't losing your text within two abstract symbols? Mark your decks? Is it Alex? All you to do is enclosure text in just a single gastric symbol. The alternative way off marking your decks has a Delic is to enclose the dext within a single underscore symbol. Now, whether you choose to enclose your text within a single Asterix symbol or whether you chose to enclose the text within a single underscore, the result is exactly the same. To add a strike through to a particular text, all I have to do is in clothes that text within two till symbols two had a block Good to your markdown file. All you have to do is just prefix your code with a greater than symbol and a space to other multi line block. Good. You still go to use the greater than symbol and a space. But in this case, you have two options. I don't use degraded and symbol and the space you prefix it at every line, all you just prefix at the first line and just leave it for the rest. 7. Adding headings to your Markdown file: Hey, folks, in this class, we're gonna look at how to add headings. Get a flavor markdown file now. To do this, we have two methods. Let's look at Method number one, which is using the hash symbol to define your headings using the hash symbol all you have to do. It's prefix you're heading next with the hash symbol, followed by a space using this matter. You have the option to define six levels of heading right from heading level one down to heading level six. The only difference when writing heading level one and six is the number of hash symbols you prefix. So for heading level one, you prefix just one hash symbol for heading level two. You prefix to hash symbols, and as you go down, the hash symbols keep increasing. So heading Level six would have six hash symbols now that have defined this in my markdown file. Clinically contribute changes to show you what it looks like. As you can see, heading Level one is the biggest in border list and has you keep going down toe to heading level 345 and six. It keeps getting smaller and slightly less important. The second method off defining headings in your markdown file is using the equal to symbol and the hyphen symbol. The only drawback of using this method is that you can only define two levels of heading. Let's take a quick look at that for heading level one. What you have to do is at a minimum off three equal to symbols right below your heading and for heading level two at a minimum off three hyphens below your heading. Now that it defined these two headings, let's take a great look off. How it actually looks like has again see heading one is what we defined with the equal to symbols and heading to is what we defined using the hyphen. 8. Addings lists to your Markdown file: Hey, folks, in this video, we're going to look at markdown support for lists. So you have ordered list Andan order list. Let's have a look at that right now. So first, let's have a look at another list. Now only a stream. You can see three different groups of list right now, while the contents of the list is exactly the same. And excuse me for that. Um, the way it is generated is a bit different, right? The symbols that is uses a bit different. And, of course, if you have read it, you've already you already know it. Ah, but let's have a look at how to actually generate. How did I generate these? These three lists, right? So the 1st 1 is generated using a ass trick. So you have an ass trick, then you have a space, and then here the list I don't. And you just keep repeating this on. It just becomes a list, right? And I'm an unguarded list. The next group we was created using a hyphen. Right. So you have a hyphen, you have a space, and then the list item. And finally, the 3rd 1 is using the plus symbol. So you have a plus symbol, a space and the list item on. Then, of course, the entire list that for loads the first item, right? So three different ways of creating an ordered list. But of course, the output has just saw is exactly the same. Also, we just saw what a Northern list waas. Now let's take a look at the same on order list, but with nesting rights, we have three different lesson from the few on a couple of items in each list. Happy nested. Now, an important thing to know. Look at before. Um, jumping into how this list has been created is the number off Elevens and items can't The items can be nested, right? So if you see the three unique levels that, uh, understand can be done So this apples, milk and bread the fourth little own words, it just follows the same same symbol. Now, the next logical thing to look at after and another list is an ordered list, right? So we're looking at an order list, a number list and there two of them in front of the screen. Now let's look at how they are being have been created. So one, the 1st 1 has your ever expected. It is just number 1234 Right. So you have a number. You have a period which is a full stop. Then you have a space. And then, of course, the listed the list item itself. Right. So you go 12 green four. Now, the second lives that we just seen Although it was all of the output was 1234 But the input itself is all all the same number, right? So basically, does not matter whether Eun number it yourself or you just put the same number, the output, it would be taken cattles. And unfortunately, it is not possible to nest an order list. However, what you could do is nest and ordered list inside an ordered list. Right? So if I could convert this, I could change this to look something like this, right? We have I an order list inside and on our list. And the output would look something like this 9. Adding links to your Markdown file: Hey, folks, in this video, we will have a look at different ways off adding a link or a hyperlink in your mind down file. Let's take a look at two of the most basic ways off adding a link to your mom. Downside. The first method is to bring the exact urine in your markdown file on get up flavored markdown will automatically detect that that it is a link and we'll make it clickable. And the second matter isn't cases. We don't print the UAL itself, but you won't do encapsulate that has a text. Some make it a clickable text. Now to achieve both of this, let's see, What do we need to do? As you would have thought to bring the exact you other, you just type the U. N. Off the website, right? And it automated automatically into Texas. Now to Brit the text link to moving and make that actually clickable. What we do is we in close the text right there, the one that we want to make it clickable in and opening square brackets and closing square brackets. You didn't close that in and opening and closing square brackets followed by and opening round racket, then the link to the website on. Then you ended to it and all. And a closing round racket. Right, So you fall of this syntax do not print the link to not from the oil itself. But this takes which is the in clickable and take you to Google their come in this case, let's take a look at the reference link method off adding links to a markdown file. And let's take a look at how these links have been generated using this method and the reason this is Collins the referencing matter is because besides the link, a bill text video actually put the you are all of the lake. Instead, we put a reference text. So this is a reference text enclosed with it the same square races. And then maybe in the next line or maybe later on the file, we use the same reference text right to the same reference takes enclosed in its squared races, followed by a colon and a space, and then the you are loved of inside that this is how this link able text gets this urine. It is through the reference text. Now, in this case have used the Reference Texas one, but you could use anything you could use. Let's say ABC, but please do change it at both the places. Otherwise, the reference would not work. So if you change, that is ABC, you will change. This is ABC to for a link to who, in the words linked to you will to actually get this particular link. Now, if you do not want to use the reference text besides Lincoln Bill next, what you could do is use the same link able text has the reference Tex itself. So if this is the Link Able text and this is the reference takes, that means you have to repeat the same thing. Severity bottom of the fight. So if this reference link, you need to repeat this at the bottom here, forward by colon and dealing to your website. And that's how this link able text gets this you are in the link using that reference, which in this case is itself 10. Adding images to your Markdown file: Hey, folks, In this morning, we look at adding images to your downside. Let's take a look at how these two images have been added to amount. Notice that the first image gives you tuned up text while the second image does not. Let's take a look at the core that generates this images. The first image was often opt to get, and this is the court to generate the image. Let me explain this index. It starts off with an exclamation mark, followed by the oil attributes value that is enclosed in a square bracket. Did you mentioned the link to the image right? The the source of the image, followed by the tool, the text and closed in double codes. Now the link to the image on the tulip text. It's separated by a space and the entire thing. Its inclusion. It round record. Now the second image does not have an all attribute and does not have the tulip text, but it does have the source of the image. We already seen what the tools picks looks like. Let's take a look at him. Well, this value appears that is the all attribute where the old attributes value appears. Let's take a look at the output. And if I right click on this image and inspect element, I get the court that has been generated the HTML code. This is an image that with the U. R l of the image and if you notice over here, if you look here, you have the old attribute with the value that you just gave in there so that the optic it 11. Creating and modifying tables in your Markdown file: all right. In this video, we're gonna learn how to create a simple table in mugged. Um, creating a table in markdown is fairly simple. Each column of the table is separated by these pipe off Raiders, and the table heading is separated from the table data with at least three or more hyphens . Now, the reason I've added more than three hyphens and I've added a lot of white spaces in here is just so that each column is just neatly align. The width of each cola is neatly aligned. But even if have to remove this white space, we're and replace it with a single space. It would still just work fine. You know, notice that call him one is all left a line. The contents of column to its center align and the contents of Colin three is right. A line to align the contents off a column in a markdown table. We used the colon symbol as against C in the first column. Very condenser left Aligned People is the golden to the very left. In the second column, where the contents are sent to the line, replace one cold into the very left end off the cooler and one call into the very right and and finally in the circle. Very contents are right. Align. We plays a single cooler to the very right end off the column. Now, if you want all the contents to be left the line, you don't actually require a colon on the very left end off the column. It is a default behavior, often marked down table to put all the contents in a particular column to the very left. 12. Adding code to your Markdown file: Hey, guys in this video, even have a look at Mardin. Support for court highlighting said that were included in line code and adding court blocks to your mom. Downside. Now, if you're not from this often industry, do not worry. You can still use these same tips and tricks to highlight parts off your content. So other text in your modern file. So stay tuned and we'll deem dive into this in just a moment. Let's start by looking at something simple. Let's look at how toe and in line code. Now, as you can see in this particular sentence, the word in line is highlighted. Well, in this case, this is the in line called now to get this to be highlighted. All I needed to do is enclosed the word in line in a single tactic symbol. So one of the start on one at the end. Next, let's take a look at how to add a court block. As you can see, the foregoing good block is multi line, right, so in this case, we don't use the same single back dick symbol Instead, what we do is we had tripled tactics triple back picks at the start, followed by the core block on triple back ticks at the end. And finally, what we're looking at now is model and gold blocks. But we syntax highlighting. Right? So not this specific to the folks in the software industry, right? Uh, the other two methods, you could use it for some other purposes, but this particular method is only four syntax highlighting. So in this example, right in front of you, you have a JavaScript multilane court block. But what is different in this particular scenario is that you can see that the key elements of the van keyword function people is highlighted. Right? So to get this working, all we need to do is, of course, use the same multilane court block style that the triple back picks at the beginning, followed by the multi line core Onda, the triple tactics of the end. But what you need to do, in this case differently, is at the language off this particular code right after the triple back picks at the start . Right? So in this case, it is javascript. That's why everything hit as Js. If, let's say the Swasey shop code, you would write C sharp, right? There's There's, of course, a huge list off in which in which tryingto send it to you somehow. Um, but, um, this is how you get syntax silent in court. Sendek salad in Madam. 13. All about the escape character: everyone in this module will have a look at how to escape characters in her mark downside. Over the last couple of models, you would have noticed that formatting in Mont Down requires the use off very specific characters. For instance, if you want to print too abstract symbols, you might actually end up renting the text in bold. If you want to blame, they have symbol on a space you might actually end up making. That particular text has a heading, and similarly, if you try to use the back deck symbol, you might end up highlighting their particular text. Hasn't in line called? So in order to actually put into that particular character, you need to precede the character with a backslash in order to escape that carried in this case, Since I wanted to print too abstract symbols, I prefixed each district symbol with a backslash. Similarly, in the games off the hash symbol on escaping the back deck symbol and using this matter, you can escape the following characters 14. Adding emojis and checklists to your Markdown file: everyone in this module will look at adding emerges and checklist to your markdown file. Let's start by looking at adding these wonderful emerges to add these emerges. You need to add the emoji cold. So for the Bodi emoji, you're required, Colin the emoji cord, which in this case is a border and another cool. Now, of course, we are going to remember all the different emoji codes. So let's head over to this website to see the whole list of emerges. This website contains a list off all the emergency cords. Only got to do is just click on the court to copy and then go back to your read me and based it. All right, Next up, we're gonna look at creating a checklist. To make this a generalised only need to do is just a couple of extra characters to your regular list. In this case, what we'll do is we'll add an opening square bracket followed by the ex later, and then a closing square bracket and, of course, a space. We repeat this for the second and for the third dusk. Now, the letter X indicates that this particular task item is complete if you want to mark? This has not complete you Just remove the X letter and replace it with the white space. 15. The grand recap: let's use the sample website that I've created to quickly recap on the concepts that we just talked about in this class. If you had awarded this particular you are let's on your screen right now. You should be able to load a one page a website off Nikola Tesla, right? So even if you're watching this video, somebody in the future, the website should still be up and running. I have used all the markdown concepts that we just talked about in this class to create this particular upside. So right from using headings, two tables to emphasise, right, creating bold block or text are do lists, two links and image is everything right? So this is what the final upset looks like. And for a class project, you should be able to create a similar one page of upset. All right, The country, looking at the final version off the index rmd files that is used to produce the website that you just see. Let's talk about the Madam Concepts has be screwed to the fight. It starts off with an H one header off Nikola Tesla, which is which is the title of the site. Then we have some content which uses the principles off paragraphs and line breaks. I've highlighted some words using in line courts, a back kick, symbols and then abandoned a quotation from Nicola Tesla using the block court principle that we talked about. Next. I have used three hyphens for a horse on the rule and then abandon table of contents, provided an edge to header flowed by a nested list. But it's just not a regular list. It is also links links to items in the same file. After that, I have used a court block not the right good, but to write a disclaimer and then and I go said off three hyphens. I followed that with a table and have used the same principles for alignments, left alignment, right alignment and what have done is in the content off the table. I did some metallics and then towards the end, another set off its two headers, history, headers and some boiled text. And of course, a lot of content. And in this content, I've also used the opportunity to add a strike through for the down under the section legacy and honors I have used again invested list and I've used some formatting, write some more bold text, but using different symbols in a nationalist last. I followed it with an image image of the museum, and then at the very end, I have added a credit section with again a list. But it if using a different symbol and then this credit list. I have used links and have taken this opportunity to add three different types of links. One is a very simple way of adding a link, and the other to the 1st 1 and 3rd 1 is using reference slings, and the reference is added at the very end of the markdown file. 16. The conclusion: All right. Thank you, guys, for tuning into this entire class. I hope you have enjoyed the class. I hope you've learned a lot. And I hope you found this useful. Andi. I'm sure you must be having a lot of feedback. Positive. Constructive. Both ways. That's completely fine. Please leave a review. Live review for this class and some comments, let me know how I can improve myself, how I can do better. And why don't that please hit the fall of buttons so that your your up to date when when there's a new class posted on outside off this platform, you can you can follow me on Twitter for me and get up and also check out my website. And to summarize in this class we have learned a lot of mark down. Get a flavor markdown. In fact, on different in a lot of mountain content. Using get up dot com has our as our markdown editor And then we have seen how that transforms into a full fleshed a one page a website and the while drove this class. I have thought all days and I'm showing you all this through my sample website. But I would love to see a You guys are trying it out yourself, you know, right Sums writes a markdown yourself. Create a one page a website either off yourself for yourself like a like a C V or a board full of website or off. Or, you know, one bishops for celebrity, um, or anyone for that matter, uh created and has part of this class project submitted, and we will review it together. All right, also thank you once again for tuning into this glass. Andi, stay tuned for more classes to come, and I will eagerly wait to see your last projects on the best buy.