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Gray Scalable, Leaders in HR & People Operations

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7 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Let's Get Started!

    • 2. Demystifying Culture

    • 3. Fostering Engagement

    • 4. Designing Your Organization

    • 5. Nurturing Great Managers

    • 6. Tracking Analytics & Action

    • 7. Closing

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About This Class

Ready to unlock a stronger culture for your company & team?

Join the team at Gray Scalable as they share their innovative approach for fostering successful teams in the digital age! 

Company culture is often misunderstood as perks, but it's so much bigger. Culture includes the behaviors, norms, and values that guide your company—and it's key to an effective organization and your bottom line. But: how do you put that into action? How do you improve over time?

In this class, you'll join 5 leaders to explore core essentials:

  • President and founder Charlie Gray on the fundamental “what” and “why” of culture
  • Lucia Smith on engagement & the emotional connection your employees feel
  • Aja Deodato on designing your organization for long-term success
  • Meg Hughes on nurturing great managers
  • Sam Feldman on using analytics to measure, inform, and guide your strategy

Every lesson includes frameworks, best practices, and checklists so you can take action and make a real impact at your organization.

This class is perfect for managers, leaders, founders, and everyone curious how great businesses run. By the end of the lessons, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the actions you can take to foster a vibrant, successful and meaningful work culture that sets your business up for success.


Gray Scalable is a team of recruiting and HR professionals that helps companies grow and evolve their people practices to match the standards of the world’s leading tech companies.






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