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Delivery Enterprise Application Integration on Azure

teacher avatar V S Varma Rudra Raju, TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (2h 56m)
    • 1. 1 Walkthrough of Azure Enterprise Application Integration building blocks

    • 2. 2 Introduction to Azure Logic Apps

    • 3. 3 Lab demo - Create a logic app using Azure portal and go through its capabilities

    • 4. 4 Lab demo - Extend the logic app to create sales order in SQL database

    • 5. 5 Introduction to Azure functions

    • 6. 6 Lab demo - Create an Azure function using Azure portal

    • 7. 7 Lab demo - Call Azure function from logic app to transform data

    • 8. 8 Introduction to Azure service bus

    • 9. 9 Lab demo - Creation of Service Bus namespace, Queue, Topic, subscriptions

    • 10. 10 Lab demo - Sending messages into Queue using logic apps and trigger function

    • 11. 11 Introduction to On-premise data gateway and Integrated service environment

    • 12. 12 Lab demo - Install on-premise data gateway and gateway cloud service

    • 13. 13 Lab demo - Develop Logic app to access files in a Windows server

    • 14. 14 Introduction to Enterprise Integration Pack

    • 15. 15 Lab demo - Create an Integration Account and link to logic app

    • 16. 16 Introduction to Azure Event Grid

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About This Class

The objective of this class is to introduce you to enterprise application integration in order to deliver an end to end EAI solution on Azure. This class includes following lectures and lab demonstrations.

  • Walkthrough of Azure Enterprise Application Integration building blocks
  • Introduction to Azure Logic Apps
  • Lab demo - Create a logic app using Azure portal and go through its capabilities
  • Lab demo - Extend the logic app to create sales order in SQL database
  • Introduction to Azure functions
  • Lab demo - Create an Azure function using Azure portal
  • Lab demo - Call Azure function from logic app to transform data
  • Introduction to Azure service bus
  • Lab demo - Creation of Service Bus namespace, Queue, Topic, subscriptions
  • Lab demo - Sending messages into Queue using logic apps and trigger function
  • Introduction to On-premise data gateway and Integrated service environment
  • Lab demo - Install on-premise data gateway Ā and gateway cloud service
  • Lab demo - Develop Logic app to access files in a Windows server
  • Introduction to Enterprise Integration Pack
  • Lab demo - Create an Integration Account and link to logic app
  • Introduction to Azure Event Grid

By the end of this class, you should be able to deliver simpleĀ EAI solution on Azure platform and start exploring each area in depth.

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V S Varma Rudra Raju

TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect


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1. 1 Walkthrough of Azure Enterprise Application Integration building blocks: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to take you through some of the QR juicer he says that you can use in order to build and the press application integration honored your when it comes to enterprise application integration. One of the most fundamental building block is logic caps. Using logic caps, you can able to design and deploy system work flows on cloud. So, for example, generally every company will have long running business processes such as high to retire, procure to pay order to cash etcetera. As part of this business process process need to interact with the different systems. In terms of fitting, the data are crossing the data and publishing the data up. So what you can do is you can define a system workflow vittel logic up to represent the business process. On also written logic cab, you can start interacting with the different systems. Okay, on, when you start working mythological, the first thing you need to do is to choose a trick up. What exactly triggers your system workflow? There are literally hundreds of triggers that you can select for logic up, but just to give you an example you can clear a logic camp by posting a Jason myself to the hedge to DP endpoint off. Logical. Okay. And once you added the trigger from the point onwards, you'll start adding actions within the system workflow using those actions you can able to interact with. Many argues that recess. How are in the real world scenario most off your company. I deserve the stairs. Are applications are spread across so it generally some of them will get deployed into on your washing machines. Some of them might be located in on premises data center on dass port off your workflow, you need to interact with your renders in terms of procurement and other self. For that purpose, you might need to do beautifully communication. Exeter. Okay, so in terms off, accessing data sources are services that are located in our juvie. Um, from logical. There are two options that you have. One is integration service environment, and the 2nd 1 is on premises data gateway. Using integration service and Grown man, you can able to deploy the logic cap within a watchful network on by the watch you off deploying logic apple it in the watchful network. Your logic cap can be able to interact that the different services deployed in that watch whenever. By the way, this integration service an arraignment is very new. It isn't private preview, man. I'm recording this lecture. But I know many companies are looking for this because they want to deploy the system. Work flows that condoms are visas available with Nigel Williams. Okay, Current option that people have is on premises. Data get fed using that also you can interact with Savvy says within a jovial from logic caps Okay on In terms off interacting with the data source says our services between on premises data center you can use on premises data gateway and in pounds off interacting with your supply. Yours trading partners you can able to use and the President aggression pack in terms of carrying out B two b communication using logic cap and the President Aggression pact consists of several capabilities. It comes with several artifacts that you can maintain with in the cloud. So, for example, XML scheme arse mapping documents, partner information agreement, information on all those stuff and also interpreted integration pact comes with different characters to validate your maximal transform maximal you can able to communicate with industry standard data protocols such as a D fat extra alert except Onda. Apart from all these things, you can have services that are deployed within your platform service are you absolutely says so you can have an absolutist plant onto which you can deploy AP APS and from Logic Cab you haven't out of the box functionality in order to call a PS either directly are to a be a management. A pain management is basically a rapper at on your A. P s that are forced to the nodule. Basically, if you have hundreds of AP abs on, def, you want to put some governments in place and also control the true port that is coming into a particular FBI. Based on the origin of the calls and all the stuff, you can use a pure management and, as part of your system, work floor deployed within logic app. You can able to call a PM's either directly are two AP management okay, On each of these AP APS can be able to access resources Vitina on premises Data center using hybrid connection manager are you can access the resources that are in module. What's your network? By establishing a point to cite VPN between AP AP on dog Your what? Your network. Okay. And finally there is one more key offering in terms off synchronous communication that is on your function are your function is based on a serverless architecture. Basically, you can deploy piece off court on a juror. We told worrying about scaling our underlying infrastructure on. You can call those functions from verity of sources whether it is hedged to deposed are you can even trigger that function from logic cap. So generally what people do is the delivery system workflow within logic cap on interact with the different data sources through A B AB are directly to secret data basis. Located in on premises data center to on premises. Get a get away on all those stuff. How if you have a piece of logic that will complicate if you do it in a little logic app, then you can also that piece of logic intaglio function and call the module function from logica. So generally people do that you will dollar the system workflow with the skeleton. On any complex logic, you load source from the system workflow toe either ap AP, based on the functionality Are your function okay on DSO far? I have explained the boat mostly synchronous communication offerings. You can call it a pf's synchronously also, but mostly these are all AP based communication, but there are different types off integrations is under. You can have workflow based integration, which is logic app. You have a B I based integration, which is a P abs and of your functions and the powerful. You can help my sis based integration on Fort Lee. You can have even based integration for those things, also argued has some offerings in the cloud. So pharmacies basically integration is something called service bus service masses. Basically Macey's based integration platform that is provided by Microsoft Azure. It has three important competence. First, when his cues using which you can ableto decoupled application and stole the messengers. Inter immediately within the service prosecute okay, topics and subscriptions also similar to cues, but with topics and subscription, you can ableto duplicate the messages on send. The same message to multiple subscriptions on the tournament is release abuse in case if you want to expose your entre Mississippi says securely on. You don't want to establish V p. M? Then are you really? Service is the right choice for you. Okay, You can imagine how many offerings are there in azure in order to interact with work lowers that are located in large volumes. Our on premises data center on the next thing is logic cap can be able to interact it service bus by either posting the messages are replacing the messages so it can do both of them. Kind of an ivory Macey's is placed into cure topic. You can configure in such a way and argue function with that automatically triggered. So, for example, if you have a workflow in logic app that will represent procure to pay and you want to process the payment overnight. In that case, you can publish a message from large cap with payment information into service. Bascue on service bascue will clicker function which contains payment processing logic basically so in that we also you can deliver. So there are number of permutations and combinations using which you can deliver enterprise application integration. Within azure, there are two more final offense that I would like to take you through, which is addressing even based integration years that is even hub and even great. Even how provides an injection point to in just millions off events in one go? So basically, it's a high performing injection point to in just millions of my soldiers that are coming from my woody device says Our applications off mobile devices, ex cetera and even greed is basically a mediator between even sources and even handlers. So you can configure even so says we can even get. And also you can configure who would like to subscribe to those events kind of an over that even the car, even source, will send that even to even great and even great. Based on the subscriptions, it can call multiple endpoints and send that even okay. So, for example, and even is inserted into even top that even heart can be even sourced to even greater and even great, based on the source of the event. On the content of the event, you can confidence such aware, even cleared will trigger logic cap with that even content okay and also even great. In addition to triggering a larger cap, it can pose a massage in tow service Basque you're at the same time. So basically even might be only one event. But there can be multiple subscribers to that. Even on based on the configuration, the even greater you can call either logic cap. Also, respects are both off them, okay? And finally, using logic app, you can post even simply even have also. Okay, So this is one way off delivering and the press application integration. Vitina, you're using different components that are available within azure. How it please note there are number off is that you can deliver integration. This is not only the way. If I show all the combination than this diagram will be very complex. And it will be very difficult for you to understand. Now, in the upcoming labs and lectures, I'm going to take you through each one off these things in detail on I'm going to show you step by step. Oh, you can use this service says in order to deliver a meaningful integration in the farm off lab demonstrations. Okay, so it's going to be very interesting lectures and labs. So if you have some time, join me the next lecture 2. 2 Introduction to Azure Logic Apps: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to provide introduction to logic caps and also its capabilities. What do logic abs is a service that helps you automate and orchestrate business process and system. Work flows when you need to integrate ABS gate our systems and services that are spread across enterprises and organizations, so basically are too large caps is a workflow engine using which you can develop complex work flows. So which scenarios you can use logic cats. For example, When you place a purchase order in Amazon, that purchase order needs to go through number off steps. So, for example, it might need to go to 1/3 party to a warehouse check. Would we avail House moment and also payment processing. Andi sending time you notifications to you regarding the status of that order on all those stuff. So there are a number of steps that needs to be carried out in a particular order for that particular purpose. You can use logic cap, toe build that workflow written cloud, okay, and second scenario that you can use logic caps is monitoring us to his location for incoming files on process them for example, how Sftp server Andi into that Sarah. There are a number of incoming files that concert different points. In that case, you condole up logic up in order to monitor the location within this FTP server for the incoming files. As soon as the file come, Project Capital picked up on process. The fight, the contents of the file basically, and your scenario where you can use is one cities off past wild. Reacting to then I would Even so, for example, you have motion sensor Andi. It detected emotion. In that case, you can trigger a logic cap and carry out necessary steps in case of detecting emotion so that also you can do using logic caps. And finally, you can doll of complex B two b integration using logic caps. So these are not only the scenarios. There are number of scenarios where you need to dollop work flows, so very But there is a necessity to develop a complex workflow on a medium complex workflow , then go for large caps. If it is a simple workflow. There are other services like functions AP eyes on all those tough you can use, but using logic caps is the right approach whenever you need to develop a workflow. Okay. Now let me take you through some of the capabilities off logic caps. Firstly, you can dollars work flows as a search. Start your workflow trigger on Dad number off actions into the same on the food dollars. This work flows. There are some easy to use tools that are available. Vitina Sure you can use magic as designer within Azure portal are visible studio in order to build and to end work flows in the next lab, I'm going to show you how to use logic caps designer, not your portal. In order to deliver a simple workflow. And when you're developing this workflow so you don't need toe start from scratch. Okay? There are several templates that are available within azure, which you can use and start modifying it and beat on top of them. So you don't need to start from scratch on the fourth cap ability and very important capabilities. B two b integration. Using enterprise integration pack, you can transform the messages off XML flat files on. Also, you can work with different protocols such as a de facto yes, two and extra protocols there is something called integration account of each unit to create on. Within the authentication account, you can place XML ski. Moore's transformations came on all those stuff on the link that integration account into a larger cap on you. Use those chemo us at one time within the workflow actions. Don't worry. If you don't understand this, we have a specific lab to show you how to use them. Using connectors in logic are you can kind of put different systems in different environments. There are literally hundreds of connectors available in large caps to connect with different systems. So, for example, there is a character for salesforce. There is a collector for our new storage. There is a connector for dynamics 3 65 on DSO on. There are literally lot off them, which you can use inaudible. Get the data are pushed today, time to destination systems and in case if you can't implement a kind of logic within logic caps, then you can call your functions from logic caps. So if you want to do a transformation piece, then put the transmission logic into our your function and call that are you function from logical by doing that. You are actually extending the capability of the workflow in order to process the data. So don't try to put all the complex logic within the logic of workflow. Try to liver is not. Your functions are of your AP eyes. All these things can be called from logic caps in order to perform a particular activity. Okay, Onda, Once you build the workflow and publish the workflow, you need to start monitoring it. There are several monitoring tools that are available in azure, which you can use for example longer. This you can use on top off log analytics. You can implement logic caps management solution when you implement large caps management solution, it comes with out of the box of use using the age. You can monitor your logic caps and finally it's all comes down to cost his in depth Psychologic cafs. You pay only for what you use. So logic camps is based on serverless architecture. So you don't need to worry over the scalability of the solution concurrency and all the stuff. You will take care of that for you. Only thing you need to make sure is business logic is correct within that workflow and in terms of paying it. So I don't number of factions within the workflow that got exuded a reaction that is exuded . We'll have a cost associate riveted. It's basically geoparks 00 something which you can see not your calculator in Internet, but it's very cheap in my view. Okay, so these are all the capabilities and very foodstuff logic caps. Let's go to some of the tools that are available in logic caps in Art of Total of this world. Flows are you know, you might call it as tools. It might call it as concepts or terms, but those are the competence off logic asked that you generally use in development off work close. So let me take you through them. The first fundamental component of logic cap is workflow, so you've designed build automate on deploy business workforce as the city's off steps on each of these steps within, the workflow is called action. Okay, that action will define the processing logic, and also each action might use a collector in order to fester data, not process the data up. These characters are basically rebuild Microsoft managed characters that are designed to Connick access and work with your data stored in different systems. So, for example, you have a character with salesforce toe, create a lead, and you have a collective dynamics testified to do something else. So there are literally hundreds of characters using veg you can ableto transform. The data are fits the data in the next lab. I'm going to show you how to use office 3 65 outlook character in order to monitor and delete an email. Okay, and the next thing is trigger. Many logical connectors provide triggers that fires when evens are new, data mix specified conditions. So, for example, if you are using office 3 65 how blue character, then you can continuously monitor for the incoming mails. And whenever email comes from a particular person or a particularly male idea, you can trigger the logical to do something about it. Okay, so keep that in mind. A very large capture started it trigger so your car and start for the action. Andi, Each time on the trigger fries logic app engine creates a logic up instance, that one's the workflow, okay and finally, enterprise integration pact, which is a very important one that back provides capability to deliver B two b integration using logic caps. So these are all the key components of logic caps. We will go to each one of them in the lab the most, which will help you in understanding these things in big more detail. Finally, I would like to take you through some of the key steps that you need to carry old in development. Off work flows in logic caps. This is from my personal experience. You don't need to follow that. If you have a battery approach, please do follow. Microsoft is not going to do in that the only. But from my experience, when you are developing workforce, you need to carry your second steps. So let me take you through those steps. Firstly, you need to finalize your business process so you need to understand the business process on go to label for business process. Once you go to level for business process, you start identifying the systems that you need to interact during the business process. So if the business processes for processing a sales order, then you know which system that you need to interact with when process sales order When you go to level four process. Once you've identified the systems, then you can build connect us. So basically, you will develop a straw man workflow between large cap on. I didn't offer you all the characters and build those characters and totally identify the AP ice. Reading those systems that you need to access. Sometimes you can use standard MPs. Sometimes they will be need to customize a price. So you need to make sure you identify our village quite a B ice. Don't come back to logic up and consume those AP eyes and find you in the workflow based on the processing logic. Okay, And once you find the workflow, then you can publish that workflow on. Once you published it, you can start monitoring the world floor so key to the sexes off dollop in work. For some logic, cap is your business process. The more you understand about your business process on lesser the ambiguity in terms off steps in the business process, the most access you'll get from developing workflow. Some logic cap not only on logic caps any system workflow that you want a dollar you to finalize your business process fast, identify the systems you want interact during the work floor on identify the AP ice within the system you'll consume. Sometimes it's time. Today piers will deliver the logic. Sometimes you might be to customize the baby ice and finally build the workflow our friends in the work floor and finally start monitoring the world floors. Okay, so this is the process I would recommend when you are developing work flows on logic caps. So that's it for this lecture in this lecture have provided a brief introduction to large caps, and I have taken you through some of the capabilities related to it on. Also, I have introduced you to some of the components that are used riveting logic camps and finally want steps you can fall over and your developing work flows on large caps. Okay, next lecture is a lab where I'm going to show you how to do all the work floor within. Logical. By taking a simple example, I also take that opportunity to take you through some of the capability self logic caps. Okay, so if you have some time, join me the next lecture 3. 3 Lab demo - Create a logic app using Azure portal and go through its capabilities: Hi. Welcome to this lab in this lab. I'm going to show you how to create logic up using our reporter on go through some of the configuration things associated with logic up. And also, we're going to create a simple workflow in order to delete an email whenever that the email comes from a particular account. Okay, so first of all, let's kick started meeting with Creation Off Resource Group. I'm going to call this resource do pass application integration. RG on resource is going to exist in not Europe and click on Create. And now you go to the resource group and start creating Logica. I know I'm going to call this as we withdraw e mail monitor because that's what we're going to do. We're going to monitor for any may coming from a particular account and delete the email. Okay? And resource group, I'm going to sell it Descends application Integration RG Earlier, it used to get defaulted because the creation off resource I started from particular resource group so ideally should get defaulted. But I'm not sure why this is happening on location. I'm going to leave That does not Europe and click on create generally logic app. Creation is very quick, so I'm going to wait for its creation now. Logic cap is successfully created. Let's go to resource and let's close this. Here you can see lots of development tools, so you have a logic of designer where you can design work flows on def. You want to see the court behind, Then you can click on a logical core view. And if you want to see the Voloshin's off the logic app you can see here on whenever you create a connection using a connector that will be created as a separate resource and you can see all the AP connections here and also in that particular this was group. So let me design of workflow too short to you on. Once we completed that workflow, I'll come back and go to some of the other settings because it will be easy for you to see once a dollop of workflow. Okay, so go to logic of designer. One thing you need to keep in mind is you don't need toe dollop the things from scratch because there are lots of templates that are available. You can sell it them and start more, giving them according to your requirement. Okay. And secondly, you should select a trigger when you are developing a logic up. So basically, the first step off logic cap is basically a trigger trigger can be anything. OK, so, for example, of any heads to depict questions received are given an even greater resource event occurs on. If you want to trigger the logic cap on a scheduled basis, then you can use recurrence. Okay, for now, I'm going to select Blank. Logical, because I want to show you from scratch. Click on it. Here you can select the collector and based on the collector, you can have an appropriate triggers and actions. So basically, each character comes with triggers and actions. So if you select office list, if l cook, then you can see a lot of triggers. So Anu Emailer ice in a shared mailbox are when a new email arrives under all those stuff you can select. But only one thing is you can have only one trigger pathological. Okay, and the Secondly, you can sell it appropriate actions also related to that collector. So if you sell it another connector, So, for example, on your block storage. Then the triggers will change because it's a different rigor and also the kind of actions you condemn you on. Blob storage is different. Okay, so based on the connector, you sell it. You'll have different actions and drew us Now select office list. If I o clock now, we're going to select a trigger which is basically of any new email arrives on. Let's sign him whenever I signing. That means I'm basically allowing access to logic up to my account. Hello, Access. Now you can see when a new email address there are lots of parameters that you can pass toe that trigger. So basically conditions. So what I'm specifying here is folded his inbox monitor inbox folder on importance. You can select high importance, but I'm selecting any importance has attachment. I don't care. So I'm going to leave that as it is, include attachments? No, I'm going to leave that as it is and how often we want to check for items so you can space for everyone over every minute on all those stuff. And also you can have further parameters. Okay, These are not only the parameters. So if you can click here. Let's say I want toe identify an email that is coming from a particular email account Whenever I got it. I want to believe that demon. OK, because I hate that guy are good. Okay, so let's select from That's it now from let's say, I'm selecting my personal email it She's a drug war. More at hotmail dot com. Whenever an email comes from that account, my official account I want to believe that email. Okay, now let's add the next step. What is this next step? Basically, we want to believe that email, right? So that is what I'm adding as a next step click on and and then this is the correct that I want to use on action. Action is delayed email. Okay, let's click on it. And Emma says, I d here. You might have noticed, because the earlier action get some information you can able to select appropriate information in the next action. So basically the content coming from the previous action is possible in extraction and is available. So this is very useful feature that you can use in under the past, the parameters to the next action in the scares. Previous action is monitoring an email account for a particular in May, coming from a particular account once I got on the team in that he may well have lots of things. So you have body BCC attachment names and all those stuff. But in this case, we want Mrs I d, isn't it? So if you come down here, see here Mrs Idiots selected and then go back. So in this case for delete email, we want to pass Mrs I. D. But Mrs Idea we are getting from the previous action, and even so, I have selected that. Okay. And now I'm only need to do is to say, that's a simple So with all over a simple workflow in order to monitor an old crook account Pharrell email coming from a particular account, I'm v Added ability, action. Basically, it will delete any emails with a particular emphasis. I d. That Mrs really we are getting from a previous action. Okay, now let's move on this. Now, in order to see whether this logic cap is working properly or not, let's go toe my personal email on I'm going to send an email to my official email idea Okay , so let's send this on then. You should see here. See, I got an email. Now. It should get deleted automatically. See, now that email got deleted automatically. So our large camp is actually working perfectly. Okay, so let me close this. And one more thing. Sorry. Then you actually got a larger cap. A very trigger will create an instance off. Logical. That instance will provide the details off. What happen? So, for example, here, very logical got triggered because I sent an email from my personal account for the professional account. Okay. And if you want to view the details off that run that particular run, then you can go and click on it. And you can see what exactly the details on processing information in. Guess if you want of you separately. Goto, Are you of that larger cap? One minute here. If you come down here now, you can see the run history here. Click on it. And now you can see that run details. So, basically, is all actions within that logic cap has been executed successfully or not. And you can click on particular action and see the details. And in case if one particular action has been failed. And if you want to read leader this logic up this particular instance of the larger cap, then you can click country submit. When you do that, we submit the information will get resubmit er on and logic Appleby be quicker with the same information. Okay, so let's click on close click on close And now if you click on a P a contentious no, you can see a connector under this connector will be a separate resource from logic app. So if you go here into resource group, you can see a be a connection that God created. Although it is created from large cap this logic cap, you don't need toe limit that connection to that logic. Happily, you can use that connection for different logic caps. Okay, so, for example, if you have a sales for system and you have a Canada established for their development system, you can use the same connector again and again in my tipple logic caps, so you don't need to recreate it every time you don't ecological, so let's go into large cap and come down here. Click on workflow settings here. You can specify which I bear desist from there. You want to accept the triggers so it works like a fire won't. Basically And also you can link an integration account toe this particular logical. I'm going to explain about this integration accounting, but further in the upcoming lectures. And you have a runtime options. If you want to enable high to put that means you have a massive number of conference calls . Then you can enable high trooper and run history. How long you want to detain that logic? Apple on history? If you want to retain, for example, for two days, you can con further here. I think maximum is 90 days, I think. Yeah, it's 90 days, Okay. And next thing is access keys. In case if your logic capital girl is hey, http, request on when some application is sending his http request toe this large cap. They need to include access. Keep our Saskia. Basically, I'm going to show that you in the next upcoming lab. But if you want to regional aid access key, whether it is primary or secondary, you can regenerate here. But take care whenever you regionally tax escape. All the sounds case Janitor based on this access key will become in valued on. If you want to create identity for this larger cap in order to connect to other are your resources. Then you can create identity here. In that way, you don't need to conficker any Israeli and passwords within your logic app. You can use our director directly in art, appear sanctuary in shells and also authorization levels to this particular logic app identity. Okay, I'm there are some other things like matrix a lowers and diagnostic sittings, which I will take you through in the appropriate lecture. So this is how you can create a logic up using all your portal and create a simple workflow and also configure some of the key settings are social depict logica. Okay, I hope you find the slab useful in the next lab. I'm going to show you how to process incoming Jason message using a logical So that is going to be an interesting lab. So if you have some time, join me in the next lab 4. 4 Lab demo - Extend the logic app to create sales order in SQL database: Hi. Welcome to the slab. In the previous lamb, I have shown you how to create sample logic. Happy not your in order to monitor or click account and also delete emails based on a particular criteria in this lab, I'm going to show you hotel dollop logic cap to process the Jason masses and create sales order in our new sequel date of this. So, firstly, we are going to create a new secret abyss. And secondly, we are going to create a logic cap with http trigger on we will trigger that logic cap. Using the Jason message on, I'm going to show you how it looks like. And finally I'm going to add in action into that logic up in orderto process the Jason message. I'll also keep sales order in our new sequel. Okay, so, firstly, let me go into your portal and create secret all this. I'm going to call the cells of the dreaded of this subscription of your training's resource group application integration alagi on. I'm going to create blank data vest because I'm going to manually create a table into it. Ironically, concept over and click on select and in terms of pricing tired? I'm going to select basic and click on, apply and click on Create while this database is getting creator. Let's create the logic up also. Okay, sorry. It like it? Yeah. Done. Now Create logic, Cap on, click on Logic Cap, click on Create. And now I'm going to call the size or withdraw Sales, Order processing and resource group. I'm going to select the application integration RG location, not Europe and click on Create generally logic app. Creation is very quick, so I'm going to wait for it now. Logic cam has been created, so let's go to resource. No, we are going to trigger this logic camp based on http post So let's select when it hit to depict cost is received. Basically, when you are adding trigger as http trigger, it will have a post. You are on that you are every that created only when you see of this logic app okay. And also you can provide a cost body Jason scheme are toe define What type of message is really that poster into this logic up How it's not mandatory that you provide this Jason schema, but if you provide it, there is a bigger advantage once you provide the scheme, are the incoming Jason Messages will be passed based on the schemer on the data attributes . Within that Jason will be available for the next action, so it's not mandated to provide. But I would say Tell Eric Minto Pride adjacent schema because it will enable for you to select those data attributes in the next action. I have a sample Jason message. He is the Jason Muscles to create a sales order. It contains the matter beauts like sales order I d. Religion Due date on the date, etcetera. So let me copy this on. I'm going toe you sample paler to generate schema. That's one another good feature that is available in logic caps. So let's paste it here and then done that, Phil Gender the schema based on the sample that we have provider and also you can pass for the parameters also. But in this case, I'm not using anything. Now If you save this a, you are a ligature. Undated An important basically that end point will also consist of Saskin. So if anybody want toe regal this logic app, they should use that sask when they are treating this logic up. Okay, so let me compete That post you are and use postman to post this message. So I'm going to replace the existing You are with this one. This is something that I have done, Elia. So let me copy this and then piece to Tita. Okay. On this is the Jason machines that we want to post it because we already savor this logic cap. It is ready to be quicker. So let's go back to postman on and involved this, by the way, bear in mind if you are using postman, make sure you select posed because it works with post only. Okay, now we helped trigger the logic cap. Now we need to see whether it got trigger properly or not. So refresh the is come to the side. Come down, You can see a success. Well, okay. Click on it and you can see the Runde dales. Click on it. And if you come down here, this is what I want to show you. Because you provided Jason scheme are the incoming Jason message is partially using their schemer on the attributes within that Jason message is now available. See? Okay. No. In the further actions in the Logica, you can use them and pass them as a parameters to that action. No, our secret services still getting created. So let's wait for its creation. And I will come back once it is successfully creator on really to create a table in the secret of s Onda out in action and police logic cap in order to install the roll into the table that we create. Okay, so let me pass this video until the sequel that Douglas is successfully deployed. Now, our secret database has been successfully creator. So let's go to the resource. And then let's copy the server name on Go be a watchful machine copy. Here. Basically, I launched the management studio in my watchful machine because I'm recording this video using a Mac book. Okay, Blogging failed made. He'd like the password. Okay, Now go to date of SS front row database, and now we want to create a table I don't want to create in this Where? Let me close this onda click on you, Corey. Now let's go back toward document on. This is the table I want to create on. We're going to populate a row into the stable using larger cap. Sorry. Okay. Payable course successfully. Creator, it is the table. Now let's go back to our document. And I want to explain one little day. If you look at the table on sales order message, you'll notice to differences, particularly with status and online order. Flag in the message we are getting status has created. But here it's tiny and data type. Okay. And also online or the flag. We're getting a string, but here it is big. Okay, keep those two things in your mind. I'm going to explain how you can transform. Second feels in case if there is a mismatch back in the source, missy and people columns. Okay, so let's go to larger Capital. Let's close this, Chris. Those groups application integration. And this is the one that we created. Go to logic and designer. Now I'm going to add a new step on going toe typing sequel server. Click on it. And there are a lot off actions that you can do for this particular connector. Okay, on you can't select the trigger because you already added one to go, which is hitched tp trigger. But in case if you want to dollar, but larger cap using a trigger from the secrets ever you conduce So so click on actions. The action I want to choose is to insert the road. OK, click on Ed and you need to provide a connection name. Let's say I'm going to call this answered with Brazil's on Select the secrets that were select the database on provide the current shells. And in case if you're sequel, so what is located on on prom Ise? Then you can install on premises data Gateway on Cannot do that sequel database, which is own prom ise Using this on premises Data Gateway. Okay, let's click on Create. Now you need to start the table, which is sales for the table. And then here you can provide values to different columns off the table in order. Teens at a rope. Okay, now let's sell it. Sales order. I d. And here you can see all the data after birds coming from the Jason message. Okay, that's the beauty off this basically, you don't need to write any court. You can just select and configure here. Okay? For sales already. I'm going to sell it that one. And the next thing is revision. I'm going to select that one order date going to select that one due date. He stared us rated status here, if you remember previously I mentioned there are two differences with respect to data types between the source message and destination column. Here in the database, the status is defined as tiny and Howard. When we got from Jason Message, we are getting a strength. Now. We need to convert it in the appropriate thing, isn't it? So, father Purpose, you can use expressions. So if you click on here, I'm going to use if and the expression I'm going to select. Sorry and the value on going to select these status I d. Our state of sorry. It's going to be very difficult, this one. But I tried to do it Status. Go up here. If the status is equal to, let's say, let's say creator, then we're going to pass on one. Otherwise, it's Jiro. Okay, Basically, what I'm doing is I'm converting that string into an appropriate in value. In this case, let's imagine, created equal to one. Okay, let's click on. OK, come back here. That's done. I only know the flag. So we have. Yes and no. Because it's a 1,000,000,000 in this case and the custom value and then come to the side again. I'm going to use the same expression if in this case only in order. Flag. So basically, one is true. Jiro is false. So I'm converting Yes to one. Okay, so let's go back here. Gloves. So we have done too little transformations first, when he stay does Sorry. This is wrong. Good. Okay, so basically what we're doing, we're using if expression in order to convert the incoming value into an appropriate value that matches with the data, type off the column. I know for the rest of the columns because the data types are matching, so we don't need to worry about them. So this is customer I d ship. My third sub tota taxi moaned hand fried. Okay. And one more thing I want to discuss it is if you look into the table, we have a column description, but here, you can't see that. Can you guess why? Because the description is not no is No. That means it's an optional. So in case if you want to add that also you can add. So if you click on here, you can see description here in case if you want to add, you cannot. But in this case, I'm not adding. And I'm going to see if this now we're going toe. Really? That this larger cap using the Jason misses that we got. Okay, So what I have added basically is I created a character to sequel. It appears on Guy added an action which is in the crow. Selected a table into each column of the table. How prided necessary values in out of the creator role. How will we have a mismatch in data types when it comes to status on online order? Flag Further purpose have provided simple if expression in order to transform the incoming message values in being a property value which matches with the data types off these columns. Okay, so now let's trigger this larger cap. So let's go toe postman and then send this. Okay, let's go to launch a cap, goto our view Come down here to see the run history and it failed. Okay, so let's go into the details and see what is happening the Templar function equals is not defined or not valued. So let's corrected. There's a spelling mistake there just to make sure even this one is also right. Yeah, that's it. That saved these. And then let's go back to Postman three. Trigger again. Come back to logic Cap. Close this on. Refresh. It is succeeded so you can go to the run. Details watch each step in the process. So basically, the trigger got created on the Jason. Macey's got passed on. We got the values. And in the third row, the robot inserted with all these values. Okay, I know. If you go to see credit of this, I'm look for the truth. You can see the road that got in sector successfully. Okay, so that's it for this now in the slab. I have shown you how to create a logic appetite to DP Trigger submitted, Jason, message and Crystal, that logic cap past the Jason message values. And finally, how to add in action into that logic cap in order beans at the rule into a secret office, using the values that we got in the Jason message. Okay. I hope you find Islam useful 5. 5 Introduction to Azure functions: Hi. Welcome to the slab in this lab. I'm want to provide your introduction to argue functions and its key capabilities are your functions. Is a service for easily running small pieces Off court are functions in the cloud. So, for example, let's say you have a piece off logic that will accept the incoming message, transform it and producing majors with the different resolutions. And if you want to deploy the piece off logic on club, we thought worrying about infrastructure a scalability than our do functions is the right choice for you. If you are from your abuse. Baghran It is very similar to AWS Lambda. It is based on serverless architecture where you don't need to worry over done darling infrastructure and you'll only pay for the run time off their function. Okay, so let me take you through some of the key features off your functions. Firstly, you can write these functions in different languages, so you are not limited to one long rich. You can write in C sharp Jamus create drama python Exeter. I'm Secondly, you only pay per use pricing model, so you'll only pay for only one time of the function. How are. There are two pricing models that you can use without your functions. One. His consumption plan on the 2nd 1 is upset. His plan. I'm going to take you through them in bit more detail in the father slides on the Tar feature is Bring your own dependencies in case if you are a large number of packages that you want to utilize within your your function than on your functions. Supports Nugget and NPM, which will enable you to use different libraries, are packages within my get and NPR on the 4th 1 is integrated. Security are your functions, is very closely integrated with our your active directory and also, if you want to, you start party provider's like Facebook, Google, etcetera. You can still use them on the 5th 20 simplified integration you can easily integrate with popular argue are thought party services. I'm going to explain about this in bit more detail in the next life on the six twenties flexible development. You have different tools available in our total dollar part your functions in case if you want to directly fight the court, Vitina Airport. Also you can do that are you can use visual studio total of the court. And if you want to use some other tools, you can set up continuous integration on deploy through development tools such as Tab Your Develops, Avi's etcetera and finally on your functions from time is open source and busy available injured top. So these are all the key features off of your functions. However, the most important feature is integration are do functions can be triggered from verity off sources on Also, it is integrated with verity off destination and source systems. Okay, so let me talk you through them in bit more detail. In terms of triggers. You can trigger the exertion of a piece of court by posting and http request. Just like you are able to trigger logic cap using a hedge city people's, you can able to trigger the function, using his to depict cost also and secondly, you can trigger the execution of the court based on a schedule so you can skate you and call this piece of court at a particular time in a day or in a big and thirdly, you can trigger the exertion of the court when a blob pharmacies placed in audio storage by authorities on your blob storage are at your cue stories. You can see that the execution of the court when a blob pharmacies is placed. Okay, you can krigger execution of the court when an even tuckered that even can be from uneven home are it can be from even there on the fifth money's too good execution of the court Animus is our topic and er in the service bus. So are you service bosses, um, assessing platform within cloud. And whenever a topical mrs entered into a service pose, you can clear this execution off the court fits the message and process the message and do something with it. So there are a lot of triggers I mentioned only tip of die spur. There are a lot of triggers using which you can take a piece. Of course on vinyl. What? This piece of code is triggered the source, the source system, the trigger that even whether it is a blob of a sage or event, that content of them is accessible from the piece of court. Okay, I'm going to show that to you in the next lamb. How you can access message or blob data between your function court. And secondly, in terms off integration on your functions, integrate with several or you're in third party services. I'm only showing some of them here. There are literally tens off them toe, which you can integrate. Not only are you services, but also taught party services, so let me take you through some of them in bit more. Date A. Firstly, you can connect to Resource is convenient by creating point aside. Repeat for your function. So from your functions, you will be able to access the resource our applications that are hosted on your on your virtual machines. Okay. And secondly, in terms of cross integration between office 3 65 and larger, you can call our your functions to extend the capabilities of. Perhaps so, there is something or perhaps offering from Microsoft, which will enable business users toe dollop applications with these, and you can call up to functions from even those. Perhaps also, it's not only perhaps, there is something called Microsoft flow also from there. Also, you can call your piece off court reciting in on your function on totally you can come to secret eight of us. For example, cleanup rows in a table. So in case if you want toe archive, some data are part some data from your database. You can write a function on the trigger that function periodically to clean up the data, and, fourthly, you can gain access toe on structure. Daytime cost most data from our your function. That's also you can go. And finally, if you want your at your function to interact with the data that is hosted in your on premises data center, you can do also. Why are using service bus? So these are all the integration capabilities off your functions again, I want to stress one point. These are only tip of the iceberg. You can integrate with lots of tar parties, also from our new functions. Now let me take you through some of the capabilities off argue functions in terms of hosting and scalability. Our new functions runs into Moore's. These are closely associated with building also, so keep that in mind. Firstly, consumption plant. This is a pure silver less plan that skills automatically and you are charged for. Computer sources who believe in your functions are running okay, so go for it. As much as possible unless you can't avoid certain scenarios which I'm going to discuss. Synapse of this plan in consumption plan building is based on number of executions. Exhibition time on memory used on building is aggregated across all functions within a function out. So it's a pure several s plan. You don't need to worry about annulling infrastructure and scalability. You'll only pay for the computer. Sources on your functions are running on. It's based on number of executions, exhibition time and memory used. How were you can deploy functions in tow? Absolutist plan Also in that case, your function absent run on dedicated vehemence on basics time didn't premium find isolated excuse which is same as other absentees haps So basically you will result some capacity on do you can run the function naps on that result capacity Go for this option if you have underutilized mediums. So, for example, you have a pool of capacity on which you have different Absolutely, but it is under your list. In that case, you can deploy functions into those pool off millions. Okay, that's one way. And also there is a limitation. With respect to consumption plan, a function app can only run for 10 minutes maximum. Okay, So if you have a function that runs more than 10 minutes, then go for APS of this plan. And also, if you have a function at that runs continuously so you're triggering a very second, because in consumption plan you're going to get built based on number of executions. It might not be feasible from cost point off you if you're function is running every second are every 20 seconds. In that case, it is better to deploy that function into APP service plan on a pool capacity because you are being for the pool of capacity. You don't need to worry about the cost because it all under the pool of capacity. Okay, so two plans convention planning, APP service plan, go for consumption plan were possible. But in case if you're function, France continuously and takes a long time, and you have underutilized absolutes, plans that deploy their functions into after his plan. And finally, I'm going to take you to triggers and bindings. These are very important when we go to the next lamb. So let me take you through them in bit more detail. 1st 1 is trigger a trigger defines how we function is in walked. Hey, function can have only one trigger. Okay, on eats Trigger will have an associated data which is basically Caldas Payload that trigger that function from Britain. The function you can access the pillar. So, for example, of animus is is inserted into your service Bascue her function really get to good and the missus content will be possible. That function okay and you can process the data returned that Mrs within the Function Court . And the next thing is bindings important over findings provided the clarity of way to connect with the data from within your cord Bindings are optional and a function can help multiple input and output bindings. Bindings are very useful in case if you don't want to hardcore the meeting between your function court. So, for example, you are trying to insert and messaging service bascue from your function and stuff hard cording that service bus name space and a cute name within your function Call. You can cleared out, but binding. So basically you'll create or put binding for their service. Bascue on referred to that from your core. So in that way, at any point of time. If the service prosecute name has been changed. You can change within that burning. We talked changing the function court. Okay. And there are two ways you can define bindings you can define using our your portal. Indeed you can configure it triggers and bindings in a function dodges and fight. Okay, we did not. Your portal there is a you I for this configuration in terms off defining to go stand bindings. But if you want to do it in the court itself, then there is something called wants their 15 of your functions in all your porter. You can use that to it indirectly. But if you're using Result Studio in terms of defining this triggers and bindings and lots for developing logic functions. In that case, you can configure triggers and bindings by decorating metals and parameters with attributes . Okay, so I'm going to show this to you anyway. Not coming laps. So that's it for this lecture in this lecture I have taken you through. What is all your functions is all about? And its key features on what can trigger at your function on different systems to reach onto functions can integrate with and also have taken you through some hosting plants such as consumption plan and have service plan and finally have taken you took triggers and bindings. Next lecture is a lap where I'm going to show you how to create another function using all your portal, and also take you through some of the other capital. It is that you can use Vitor Nigel Porter in orderto doll about your function. Okay, Some of the things it is better to explain in a lab, Dima But rather than as a t lecture, because it is visible to you on you can grasp very easily when I explain in a lab tomorrow . Okay, So if you have some time, join me. The next lab where I'm going to create our very first are your function. 6. 6 Lab demo - Create an Azure function using Azure portal: Hi. Welcome to the slab in this lab. I'm going to show you how to carry or three activities. First activity is creation off your function up using our reporter on go to some of the important settings associated with audio function up. Secondly, I'm going to show you how to create a new function. We'd hate to deep you trigger between their function up. And thirdly, how to trigger this on your function. Using a Jason message. While we are working with this on your function, we're going to modify a piece off court in order to access the data tribute within their Jason message. Okay, so let me kick start everything by developing argued function app using our your porter in order to do that, going toward your portal, click on, create a resource on such for functional Click on it and click on Create. Now we need to give a name to this. So I'm going to call this as Rudra function on subscription. I'm going to leave that as it is on resource group. I'm going to select an existing one and in terms off yes. You have two choices Windows and line X alia only Windows used to be available, but Microsoft recently released Line X. Also, in this case, I'm going to go for Windows and hosting plans. You can have two plants when his consumption plan and the second on his APP service plan. In this case, I'm going to go for consumption plan location. I'm going to change it to not Europe. On the London stock, you can have job are .net etcetera. But in this case, I'm going to leave that as it is. And one thing I forgot to explain you in the teary luxury storage it will function. App should be associate to its storage because it will use that storage for putting the logs for other purposes also, so make sure you create the stories when you are deploying. Function up in event will create, even if you don't do on the next thing. These application insights are application insights isn't at wanted a monitoring tool in order to monitor all APS in audio services because function is also almost like a nap, you can associate dysfunction toe application inside to feed all the diagnostic information into application inside on diagnosed issues. OK, but in this case, I'm going to disable this because I don't want it and take on a play and click on Create. This is going to take some time. So I'm going to pass this video and come back once the function happy successfully created Now our function app has been successfully creator. So let's go to the resource. This is our function up. Let me take you through some of the important sittings associated with function up. Firstly, you can have number of functions under a function up, and each function under the function up will inherit all the settings at a function AP level. So you can see here this is a function up under which you can clear multiple functions. Okay, and also you can create multiple process. This will enable you to define an endpoint for an implementation that happened some barrels . So it's like an umbrella using wage. You can mask your back and your else to your client and thirdly slots. These are diplomats loss, using which you can able to deploy different versions of the function such as development version testing Russian and so on. And once you're testing is successfully completed, you can snap your testing slot with production slot. Also Okay on, let me close this on In terms of plant from features, click on it. You have function up settings, click on it. Here. You can define daily uses. Quote are in terms of GPS. You can define the runtime version. Go for two point X because that's the latest runtime version. You have one point x also, but don't go for it if you are developing a new function and also you can define whether the function app should be in a bit more are viewed only more on if you come down here, you can see host case. Basically, this case can be used as the a p a ki inaudibly Invoke your function but this is not the right way to secure your function in production. Okay, integrate your function with your active directory. Are any third party I didn't really provide us. But in case off testing and development purposes, you can use this host case as an a p a ki in order being work any function under this function up again this host case for all functions, it's not functions Beswick, but it is function app specific. Okay, So let's close this Helen Goto application settings here. You can define PHP version, but I believe he hits. Perversion is not valid because in run time to Point X, PHP is not allowed as a long wish. So I don't think this matters anything. On the next thing, you can select this platform. Whether it is talk to Toby. Eight are 60 Forbid you can sell attached to deep devotion 1.1 or 2.0 on in case if this lot is a testing slot than you can define auto slap and FTP access in case If you are deploying court with FTP based deployment, then you can select here on. Also, you can sell it some remote debugging capabilities. Also here on application sittings and connection strings. These two are very important settings. Application settings is where you can define key value pairs and access them from the court of it in the APP, and also you can define connection strings. But my view is in stuff using application settings use input and output, bindings and access, the resource says dynamically in your function up. Okay, next close this and if you come down here, networking If you go on ahead here, you can configure the cdn for your function. So content delivery, network and point you can configure here and also access restrictions in case if you want to a low connections to your function up from a safe. Then I peered. They're strangers. Then you can configure here and you can configure a Cecil certificate. You can configure custom the mind on. You can integrate the function app without your active directory art on party identity. Providing does and you can create an identity for your function up on provide access to that identity toe. Other producer recess In this way, you don't need to mention the credentials within your function up to connect to other reduce services. You can use that identity okay, and you have push notifications. This is all aboard. Integrating onto notification hub in order to sang Push notification to Mobil's using your function Okay on. There are other settings also like monitoring development tools and all those stuff which you can go through in your time. Now let's create an audio function now. Oh, sorry. Click on here to create a nodule function. Come down. You need to choose a development environment. Whether you are developing this app using visual studio are you can use your portal also. Okay. And there are other tools that you can use, but I'm using Arch of Porto and click on, continue on in terms of the trigger, whether it is a taboo plus a p I. That means basically http request our timer aren't there are a number of other Templars that you can use in auto draft your function. In this case, my function is going to be processing and a hedge to David request. So pick on ahead. Two can feared So now here. You already have sample court that is written Okay on, Let me take you through some of the settings related to this Also here you can see lots. Whenever you triggered this, you can able to monitor all the triggers off your function here. And also, if you want to test this here, you contest it. Okay? Basically sending hedge due to be posed with the name on then tested. Whether this function is working properly or not, so even know you contested. Let me test this. See? Hello, azure. So the function is working properly. because it's a sample up anywhere and then come to the side and you can see the exhibition information in this lock. Now, let's go up on then. Come this side. Sorry, I jumped in a bit because it will be more visible even though your resolution is low. Their stories and I joined in a bit and it is making very difficult in terms of calling anything. Okay, now we have created a sample up. No, we need to modify this in order to make sure when we post the Jason, my says it will access one of the data attributes within that Jason message. Okay, but before that, let me take you through the scored. All this court is doing is it is looking for a quality parameter in the hedge to DP Post with name. If the parameter is not available, then it is also looking for the same day type tribute in the Lacoste body also. Okay, if in case you haven't passed the data tribute as a query parameter are Jason message, then it is requesting. Please pass the name on the query string are in the request body in the form of Jason Message But when we are sending Jason message, we don't have anything calling name. So our Jason Macey's is This one is under. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to change the court in search of a It will read the attributes, start us. Okay, so here it will look for status. And also, I'm going to change the string on passing his same here. It will look for status on this is going to be status. And this is going to be status. This is going to be starters. That's it. Basically, we change the court slightly in order to read the status after bird from the Jason message . Okay, First of all, let's save it. Whenever you save it, it will compel it. So let's save it and we can see the logs compilation succeeded. So we don't have any problems Now. We need to get the endpoint off this. So click on here on Copy this. Now go to Postman Base. This u r l and you might see the a p a key here. This is the host key that I have explained earlier. Okay, but this is not the right way to secure production functions. It is only for testing and development purposes. Okay, in my view, just click on send status is okay on hello created. Okay. That means this function is working properly. And if you go to laws, then you can see the trigger. See, you can see here and in terms off other settings at a function level, not function uplevel but function level. Click on here, Integrate Here. You can view griegos input bindings and output bindings. I know it is coming in a big RV because I doomed in a bid. It is coming in our way. If you create a function, go and click on integrate on. You can see all these things in the proper order. Okay. Here you can have input burnings and output bindings. They're all optional. But by providing input binding on DARPA boning, you are avoiding hard courting off this between your function by providing input and output fining. You can read these values dynamically during the execution of the function. Okay. And in case if you want Oh, they did this manually not to use the you. I click on advanced senator on you can see here. Okay, so there is only one binding here. Input, pining that is trigger. And the direction is in OK and you can manage. Here. You can disable your function. Are you can view the host keys. I already knew the host case. If you renew the horse case, that means any importance that you shared with your dollar post will get invalid. So keep that in mind. When you are renewing this and click on monitor here, you can enable application insights. Onda, feel any logs from this function into application insights. Okay, so that's it for this lab in this lab. I have shown you how to create a function up using module portal. How taken you through some of the important settings? Associate related. And secondly, we just created a sample function up with hedge to DP trigger. And hardly we modified our to function a bit in order to read status attributes within adjacent message on, we posted that Jason masses and check whether the function is properly working all not okay . In the next lab, we're going to extend logic app that we build in the previous lab toe. Got this heart. Your function okay, is going to be an interesting Well, So if you have some time, join me the next lab 7. 7 Lab demo - Call Azure function from logic app to transform data: Hi. Welcome to this lab in this lab. I'm going to show you how to trigger of your function from Logica. Our new function that I'm going to use is the one that the dollar play Lear on the larger camp that I'm going to use. He's the one that we don't have been stuck True. So if you go to Steptoe, you can see we have probably logic app in order to process and incoming Jason message and instructive ruin Does your secret office in this lab I'm going to change that logic cap toe invoke of your function. And also, I will also some piece of logic from logic up in Georgia function. Okay, so in step for now, we're going to trigger at your function from logic Cap. So let me go Indrajit portal on open that logic up and start changing it. So let's go into your hotel on click on withdraw sales order processing. You stop changing this version of the logical I'm going toe clone This Basically cloning will create a new logic cap with the same actions that are in the previous Logica. Okay, so I'm going to mean this has with the sales order processing with function. Okay, logic of statuses. Enabler, actually concrete. Generally it is pretty quick. It gets created immediately. So I'm going to wait for this creation. Now let's go to the resource on. Let's go to the designer Here. You can see to actions that we created it, Leo. One needs to process the history. P request it is received on the 2nd 1 is to insert a row into secret later this. So if you click on it, there are two transformations that we have done. 1st 20 status in the Jason Mrs. We are getting status has string. But the status column is in so we can water the string into end using this piece of logic, okay. And similarly we have done for only not a flag. Also know what I'm going to do is I'm going to shift this piece of logic in toward your function so the function will transform that I can wear their status in string format input an appropriate inform it on pass under the next action. So let me do that. So, firstly, I'm going to create an action to call of your function here, type in function click on it. And this is a function that we have created. So click on it and hit too deeply. Trigger one bear in mind. A function up can have multiple functions. So we have added only one less click on it. And in the request body, I'm going to sense traitors, which is basically a string on. We will transform toe end within the function. So let's select staters. I'm go back here. Okay, so that's it. We're passing status in the request body. Now go beings that role. And now let's say that are you function will return the status in end so we don't need to do this logic. All we need to do he's select this body because I'm going to return the state us Any informer in the body of the response. Okay, that's it. Let's save it. This course sale now, next thing we're going to do is to change that of your function in such a way it will get the state us in the request body. I didn't for the appropriate court for the status in end and send back state doesn't need in the response body. Okay, so let me go indoors, you function now. Please go on ahead. Click on the function that we created under Rudra Function. Now I'm going to change this here. We don't need this because we're not passing state us in the quarry stream, so let's deleted the records. Body itself is status. So I'm going to type in status here. Okay. So we don't need toe DC realize it on which the information all these things are not a client. And here it is going to be state does anywhere. Okay, Now I'm going to define and value and status in end. They call it a zero. Sorry. We need to return. State Ascendant is under. I'm going to change this. Also in terms off response with this is pretty confusing is under. Okay, now we need to convert state us, which comes in string value like created, updated, cancel, dispatched on all those stuff on converted be an appropriate court so that we can pass on to the next action within logic up in order to means that the road into secret all this. Okay, so I'm going to type in the following cord. In this case, let's say the cool and court for the created is one. This is, let's say, dispatched and they call in value. He's Alexei too. I don't like say this one is delivered. So basically we are implementing a piece off logic to get the equivalent value on this is, Let's say deliver. Sorry, the other type on the sea's three. Okay, so basically, when we get creator, we will pass on one. And if it is dispatched to if it is the lower three Okay on this is not going to be stared us. It should be. You think if it is Jubal, it is not equal to Jiro. Then we'll pass on back. If it is equal to zero, That means the state of string is not valid. Basically, it's not Either created are dispatched or deliver. Okay, So let's save it and see whether we get any compilation arose. It got company successfully. So let's come down here Now. It's time to test this. In order to justice, we need to trigger logic app presented. But we clone logical that miss Then point will be different now. So let's close this Go to logic cap, which is this one and go toe and point sorry, designer. And get then point, which is this one? And now Goto Postman, create a new one type in here on the body. Select Wrong. Jason, I'll copy this one. What is this? Yeah, Sorry. So let's copy this. I'm faced it here on this is a posed, not get. Now, let's send it Except her novel to Roger Porter. Let's see the runnings. Tens succeeded. Let's click on it. So what is happening? We got to hedge to depict quest. It passed. I mean past on Then click on http. Trigger And you can see here Bodies Creator. In the response within the body, we passed on the inter value. Basically the cold one on God. Instructor successfully into database. Okay. And if you want to see the log file off, the function itself includes all these things. We can't withdraw. Function pick on history. Petricka ideally should be able to see in the locks. No, it's collecting newly, but, you know, from the log file off logic cap dysfunction got successfully to go. Onder this function return a call to the appropriate text value of status. Okay. In this lab, I have shown you how to trigger at your function from logic. Cap on. Also put some transformation logic between on your function again the result I would pass on the result back to logic app. Okay. I hope you find this lab useful. 8. 8 Introduction to Azure service bus: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to provide you introduction Dodgers off his bus and its key capabilities. Microsoft Producer. This bus is a fully managed Macey's based integration platform. Any kind off Mrs based integration platform, whether it is service bars are any other service is mainly used to decouple applications and suddenly says from each other. If you take synchronous based integration platform, both application participating in integration should be up and running in order to get that integration work on. Also, both applications participating should be performing at a reasonable level in order to get their communication work. But when it comes to Mrs based integration, you'll have one off the service bus competence as a middleman back in sending application and receiving application. So even though the receiving application is down, you are sending application can still post messengers into the service. Paaske you are poppet. Okay. Andan muscle based integration data is transferred in the form of messengers and masses is in binary former, which can contain different types such as Jason Maximal extra okay on before you can create any service bus components such as queues and topics fasting, you need to do is to create a name space, a name spaces, a scoping container for all the missus incompetence so you can have multiple cues and topics that can recite within a single name. Space on the name spaces often service application containers, so name space is basically an umbrella for group off cues and topics. In addition to that, at the name space level, you can also conficker something called shale access policy. In order to provide access toe either sending application are receiving application to your cues and topics on. One important point you don't remember is once you define shared access policy at the name space level, you are essentially giving access toe all cues and topics at an appropriate organization level within that names Press Don't worry. If you don't understand about shell access policies in the next lab, I'm going to show you that using larger porter and also we are going to clear this shade access policy. Now let me take you through key competence off service bus, which is que topic and really so. First, let's Goto service Bus queues in service bus Cuba Mrs can be poster are clear using cues you can able to store messages until the receiving application is available to receive and process them. Generally messages you're posting into queues are our garden times. Time on there always deliver in, pull more. That means the receiving application should continuously pull the cure on fish. The massagers. It's not the service Bascue which will push it. It's the receiving application that should pull the messages and just to explain aboard advantages, off service bus queues Let me take a scenario. Let's say you have an electric supply company on the electricity suppliers generally, how meters installing households and these meters needs to be read on a periodic basis. So generally what happens is there will be a meter management system which will produce meter really close and pass on those requires to their service providers. So, generally an electricity supply. A ER will have 34 service providers who will do meter reads on behalf of this, a player. So in a synchronous based communication, your meter management system, in order to push that meter orders need to interact with three different systems. So basically it need to interact with service provider 123 okay, and these service provider systems might be based on different technology. They might accept the messages in a second format on all those stuff. So in synchronous based communication, if any of the service provider application is down, then your middle management system can't push the date up. Okay, That means you are lying on service provider application availability in order to push the meter all of requests. But if you use on his bus queues, then you re how a lot of advantages firstly, your meter management system. No need to interact directly with service provider applications, and your integration is simplified because middle management system will only push the meter really cross into service. Bus queues on your service provider can fetch those messages from the cube. So even if you are service provider application is down. Then you don't need to care about it because your meter management system will still be able to push the messengers into cures. Okay, on the other hand, born disassociated with Macey's based integration is, let's say, for every five years you change your service provider, and if the new service provider comes in, case off synchronous based communication, you need to establish that integration again. But in case of my sales based integration, you just tell the new service provider to fit the messages from a que Okay. In that way, you are essentially reducing your total cost of ownership. I hope you got better understanding off and won't they just related to service bus cures? Now you might be thinking, You know, I have made a management system that need to interact with three cuse my continent record only one cube father purpose. You can use service post topics. Viol ACU is often used for point to point. Communication topics are useful in publish and subscribe scenarios. Topics can have multiple and independent subscriptions. Is subscriber to be a topic can receive a copy off each Mrs sent to the topic. So let me go to the scenario I have taken Alia, which is basically meter Mannesmann system produced meter order request in stuff sending them to individual cues based on the service provider. You can push them into meat early daughter topic and for this topic, there are different subscriptions. In this case, you have three subscriptions related to eat service provider, and within this subscription you can define rules also so, for example, if the military order is only related to service provided one, you can define a rule in such a way. For example, if the messes is related to particular geography, then send it to service provider one. If the messes that has a post court that is related toe another geography, then send it to some was provided to subscription. Okay from Service provider 123 perspective, they are pulling their respective subscriptions. But within the subscription, we are defining a rule in such a way. The subscription will pick up the messengers based on the geography related to individual service provider. Okay, so this improvise folder from your source system changes perspective. In this case, your metal management system only need to interact with one topic. So it we have only one endpoint to interact with. Okay, now there are some advanced features related to topics and kills that you can use. Let me take you to some of them, but there are quite a few of them. You can go through Microsoft documentation for it, but let me take you to the top fight in terms off advancer features Fasting is Mrs Sessions you sessions toe guarantee First in and first out. Let's say you have 1/4 update skill into which all the work order updates will come on. Do you want to make sure all the other updates on the particular sequence? So, for example, the sequences were quarter accepted work order Clavel What called it arrived work order work in progress were called completed. So those are the status updates and they need to go in that sequence only to the back and system once the user from the field is submitting those updates. Okay, Father purpose, you can use sessions and the second thing is dead lettering. My SAGES, that can't be delivered toe. Any receiver will be held in Degla to cure. So, for example, if you are receiving application is down for, you know, days and days and you don't want to lose the messages that are stolen service Bascue, then you can use this dead lettering. I'm going to explain further about Dad lately in the lab. And the next thing is Candlemas. Sager's schedule messages will not be visible. Toe process inclines until they're defined and cure time. So, for example, you can how your middle management system that is creating a dock meter orders based on the customer request, and you can cue all of them. But you don't want your service provider toe. Pick up those messages until that night. In that case, you can schedule those messages in such a way they will be visible to your service provider application only at a particular time. Okay, and the next thing is filtering inactions. Subscribers can define which messages they want to receive from topic. I think I already explained this. You can define rules in such a way you will fetch only, say, 10 meters of disorders related to service provider in particular subscription and finally, auto forwarding friend out of awarding is enable. Service bars are automatically removes messages that are placed in the first few or subscription on put them in the second cure topic. Okay, so basically, these are that monster features that you can use bitten service bus queue, our topic on one more final, competent off service bus. I would like to take you through that Israel a service. I'm not a great fan of this, but this is very important from exam point off you and in the interviews also. So I just thought of taking you through very quickly using Are you really? So I guess you can able to expose a recess, that one in your corporate network to the public cloud, and it is bit different from European integration. When you do a European integration, it happens at a network level on it is very intrusion. You know, you need to go through a lot of governance stages in orderto establish that European integration. But in case if you don't want a portable integration but still want to expose yourself views to the Internet, then you can use are you really service, which can be school to a single application and point on a single machine. Okay. And there are two features that you can use Vitti nodule Really first, when his hybrid connections, which users open standard Web soccer's enabling multi platform scenario on you, can use WC of release also, which uses Windows Communication Foundation to enable remote procedure calls. I'm not going to provide any lab them on this because it's a topic on its soul. So that's it for this lecture in this lecture have taken you through what this service was all about on. We have gone through some of that moment agents off Messi's based integration on Finally, I have taken you through some of the key components off service. Bus one is cute. Second, when you stop it on, the part of it is real. It's always next lecture is allowed where I'm going to show you how to create a service bus name space using the azure portal. Go to some of the important settings like shared access policies on also create a que and also create a topic with two subscriptions. Okay, so if you have some time, join me the next lab. 9. 9 Lab demo - Creation of Service Bus namespace, Queue, Topic, subscriptions: Hi. Welcome to the slab in this lab. I'm going to show you how to create a service plus name space using Azure portal and take you through some of the important settings. And finally, I'm going to create a Q on topic within the service pa's name space using our your portal. Okay, so let's start with the creation of service bus name space. In order to do that last going toward your porter and click on Create a resource and typing . Said this, plus free concert this past country eight and here I'm going to provide the name as food. Ross Sales Yes. Be okay. Pricing time. There are three pricing Paris start are available when his basic second when he standard and the thought of in his premium. If you are using this sudden, these birds for production go with premium. If you are using for our different test, go with standard on for training purposes, go with basic. That's how I generally do. But in this case, I'm going to go for standard because I want to create a topic also and in terms of subscription, I'm going to leave that as it isn't resource group I'm going to leave that as it is on location, I'm going to change it to not Europe and click on Create. So this is going to take some time. So I'm going to pass this video until the service buses created. Now our service Bosnian Space has been successfully creator in order to view that that's going to Resource Group. And then let's go down and look first of his bus. Click on it. Here at the name space level, there are two important settings that you can configure. One is shared access policies using shared access policies. You will be able to provide access to your service Bosnian space on any service, bus queues and topics within that name space in orderto either. In that messengers are we believe the messages are managed. The service bus name space itself. So if you click on route managed shared access key here, you can see this key has been created with all our tradition levels. That means using this key, I can manage, send and listen. Also, once you created a shared access policy, you'll have a primary key second Ricky, and also you'll have a primary connection string and second recollection strip. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to create a policy five posting the messages only. Okay, This is the policy I tried to use in the next lab when I tried to post messages from large caps into Sonny's bus. Okay, so I'm going to give Clarin shells only for sending the messengers and click on Create. Now, the SAS policy has been created and you can click on it. Fetch the connection strings here on provided pay a program, our application that is trying to post messages into this service bus. Okay, But bear in mind, once you define a policy at a service bus name, space level, it will be applied to all the cues and topics under the name space. It respect off policies define at the Siamese busk. Your topic level. Okay, so please be careful when you are defining shared access policies at the name space level. Let's close days on. The 2nd 1 is scaling. You can scale it from basic to standard are scaled on from standard toe basic here. But you can't scale up at this moment off timeto premium, you know, to select directly premium level at the point of creation. Off service bus names based OK, on the torment is Joe recovery again? This is available only for premium. It will enable you to fail over your names Players to a second region in case of the primary region being done. So it's basically provides geo redundancy. Okay, Andi, if you come down here, let's go. Come que on Now we will create a que within this name spares press on que onda. Let's call this Has Rudra be minuscule and the maximum que size you can select upto five g b on mas's time to live venomous ages Poster into service Bascue You can define how much time that service Pasch. You should hold a message. So once the time is past let's say if you confident 14 days on you poster the masses. Today once the 14 days is passed, you can have that expire Mrs. Deleted from the service bus are if you enable dead lettering on my says expiration Then you can move that message after 14 days in tow Dead little cure. So in that way you can still be able to access the messages that are expired by accident Dead Letter Q on the lock duration is very important. Conflagration Generally receiving applications. We have 34 servers constantly pulling the service pass que onda Venice ever received. The message from the service Bascue are features the message from the service Bascue. Then that message will become invisible for the long duration. During that duration, you knew toe process that message. But for any reason, if the processing is delayed or cancelled within the server, then this Macey's will become visible after the long duration time. Okay, and the next thing is enabled. Duplicate detection. Andi enabled dead lettering on Mrs Expiration. He has a Sedalia. You can able to move any experiments ease into deadly does after the time believe is passed and you can enable sessions in order to guarantee first in and first out delivery of the messengers on you can enable partitioning. Basically, partitioning will improve your service post performance on don't sort redundancy. Okay, so let's create this. Let's refresh here on click on here. No, you can conficker shit access policies at the site is muscular. Will also so in case if you want to provide access, only that particular Q B tendered service bus name space. Then you can configure a policy here and provide to the application and also at any point of time you can able to see. What is that to messages count schedule massagers? Dead letter messages transform messengers on our different kinds of messages. You can see the statistical information off them here. Now let's go and create a topic also going to call this as it'll drop a man's topics. Eyes again. You can select on my says Time, will you? It is exactly similar. Askew's on Click on Feared No. For each topic, you can clear subscribers. So which applications will subscribe for that topic Here, I would say Rudra payments granted than 1000 OK and Mrs Time to leave Long duration maximum delivery count. All these things are same excuse, so let's create it on. Let's create another subscription, which is rude. Dropped the men's less tan 1000 OK on All these settings are same. Only few difference are there, particularly this one. Basically, what you can do is you can configure filters are criteria based on which a particular subscriber should get messages. So, for example, you have a topic calling newsfeed okay on different types. Off news items will get poor stayed and with that newsfeed topic, and you have number of subscribers. Some subscribers will want all the news, but some subscribers will want sport news on. Some subscribers will want political news. In that case, you can define a subscription rule in such a way. Whenever a particular news item is posted in tow. Topic it will automatically based on the rule criteria. We'll copy the message into a proper year subscription. Okay, so in stuff getting on the news into each subscription, you can define subscription rules. So, Philip that some of the news items also Okay, so click on create and even a topic we will also again you can. Ableto confident she ate access policies on you can ableto view different information. So that's it for this lab in this lab. I have shown you hope, create service bus name space using on your portal on take you through shade access policies and your application on. We also created a Q on the topic within that service bus names based in the next lab. I'm going to show you how to put a message into service Pass cube that we created in this lab from logic caps on. Also, I'll show you in the next lab how to trigger a function van. Every Macey's is posted into service. Bascue. Okay, so it's going to be an interesting lab, So if you have some time, join me in the next lab. 10. 10 Lab demo - Sending messages into Queue using logic apps and trigger function: Hi. Welcome to this lab in the slab. I'm going to show you how Boeing's that Mrs into Q using logic, cap and also how to trigger or your function If I never in my citizens, they're tired into service. Bascue. So the flu, I'm going to follow years. First of all, I'm going to change the larger cap in such a way it will insert a message with payment information into service. Bascue. Secondly, I'm goingto dollop our do function that gets triggered whenever repayment Macey's posted into service bascue in order to process payment information. Okay, it started at me. Information on I'm not going to put any logic and order function because the objective is to trigger that are your function whenever a Macey's is inserted and do some things Bascue Okay, so first of all, let me start modifying the logic app using all your portal. In order to do that, that's going toward your poor teller going to resource group. I didn't defied a logic cap that we have dollar blade earlier. So come down here. This is the logic camp that we double play Leo. I'm going to take the clone off it rather than directly modifying this logic app itself. So let me clone this. Andi, I'm going to name this as Rudra Sales suddenly his bus function. So basically, I'm just giving a random name on subscription is on your trainings and resource groupies application integration. RG both of them. You can't change it when you're cloning it on logic upstaters a neighbor. So let's click on Create. Generally, that's pretty quick, so I'm going to wait for its creation. So let's go to the resource. I didn't go to the designer in the previous labs. We basically delivery logical with ahead. Http requests trigger on. We also do all of the nodule function in order put transform the status which comes in text in the Jason masses into a state of score, which is an in value. And finally, the added in action in order billions at the roll into the sequel it office. Okay, now what we're going to do is we're going to fetch the cost information from the sales order on composer Jason Message and finally posted message into service Bascue that we created in the previous lab. Okay, so first up is adding a compose action in order to do that. Type in data operations, Antley, candidate operations. And you can see a lot of factions basically on the data operations in terms of creating CSP table are hitched Gemmell table. All these things are grouped under data operations. For me, important thing is composed. Click on it. This is where we are going to compose the Jason message. So let's start composing here. Foster value. I'm going to include in this Jason Messages sales already. So let's go PC and sort of i d and the next of unease sub total on the third when his tax ammon on the 4th 1 is fried charges. Okay, so let's come back here. So you one minute and the 2nd 1 user sub total on the thought of any stacks and moaned and finally afraid judges. Okay, that's it. Now we need to pass on this composed message toe an interaction that will insert the message into service Bascue. So let's an ad in action come down here typing service bus and then click concert his bus. And then if you come down here, you should be able to see send a message. That's the action we want to do pecan. Sandy Macey's could No. 23 values. It's generally should ask for service bus conductor. I don't know what happening, so let me click on New Step Again. Please conserve these bars. Go down here. No, Let me change the connection here. Looks like this connection is not working. So click on it. Type in the address that Presupposes a connection name on the service bus Could be created in the lab is Rudy Rosales has be click on it and then come down here You can use to policies if you remember a period slam the created sang policy just to send messages. So I'm going to select that one I'll click on Create. Now the Q name cannot be retrieved because we have given the policy only to post messages. This cute name is not automatically populated Anyway, I'm going toe type this in manually. Que That's it And the custom value. Oh, sorry. Throw payments Que And there are different parameters that you can pass when you're posting a message into service prosecute. You can pass on session I d system properties, which I don't want to under our number off other parameters. Actually But the most important parameters for me now is content and canton type. If you want details off other parameters, then you can refer to Microsoft documentation. I have provided an appropriate link in the resource section of this lecture. Click on it and go through them. Okay, now the content of the message is the one that we composed earlier. The alien action is composed on the output of the compose action. We need to pass us import to the content. So let's click on aid. Content type is application, Jason. Okay, so that said, I'm going to save this now. Basically what we're doing we have added an action to compose a Jason message on. We added another action in order to send that message into service. Bascue. OK, now it's time to trigger this logic cap. Let's copy Is good a post man on based it here and then send it. Scott Rigell. Now we need to view the details off the run. So let's refresh this. Come to the side, come down, click on aid and now you can see here all the actions has been successfully executed. Now, if we want of you better this messages posted or not from the seventies Bascue itself. Then close this. Then go to resource groups. Pecanha Resource Group on. Go to that service must be created in the clear lab, which is this one. Click on ahead and then come down quick on cues and click on it. Fingers crossed. You should be able to see one active message. It is displayed here. Okay, Now, the next thing I want to show you is toe how toe trigger on your function. Whenever a Macey's is in the head into this service muscular in order to Buddha, let's develop a function. But for that I'm going to use crummy because safaris giving problems to me. So let's go back to function at that we created in the earlier labs. And as I said, each function up can have different functions also. Now I'm going to add one more function here. Andi, in terms off trigger, it will be same. You suppose que mrs to go? Okay, this is the trigger that you need to select. And then here select new. Yeah, let's do more to bid. He had the name spaces read. Russell says be it is automatically selector on the policy. You can have two policies, but for this case from going to select the top one amply consulate now come to decide, we need to provide a cute name. This is not automatically displayed. I don't know why it would be nice if it displayed automatically. So that's a cute name, less created Now here. If you see the content of the masses that is posted into service, rescue will be passed as a parameter to dysfunction. So the idea is we will get a sales order. Our logic up will process the sales for their We believe the cost information on post that cost information gets on this bus because the payments will get processed differently. For example, Onda, whenever the payment information or cost information is posted into service Bascue we are triggering a not your function in order to process that payment. Okay, even you can name it as a payment processing function. Something like that. I just left it like that, but you can provide meaningful name on. Let's see of these and then run this. Okay, Now you can see one messages already triggered. The reason it is triggered is because there is already a message within that service bus. Okay, now I'm going toe read leader the logic cap and see whether the function in the end will get triggered or not. So let's send this and go back here. See, You can see here the information in the logs off the function up from Schnapp is already triggered. So it's so fast and you can see the content of the masses that we composed in the larger cap and in the dirt into the service. Bascue on dark masses passed as a parameter do dysfunction on. We're displaying the content of the Macey's in the logs. Okay, so that's it for this lab in the slap. I'll show you how to modify Logica in such a way to compose a Jason. My say on also posted Jason Macey's in prayer service Bus queue. And secondly, I have shown you how to trigger not your function if I never misses his post aid into someone's bus queue. Okay, I hope you find the slap useful 11. 11 Introduction to On-premise data gateway and Integrated service environment: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to provide you a brief introduction to on premises data Gateway on integration service Enrollment in short form. It is called a you see so far in the previously Justin Labs. How shown you how toe access are duly sources from logic caps. Those are jury source. Are are your functions Are you service Bascue, etcetera? How are in many real world scenarios? You might need to access the data that is located in on premises data center from Logica. In that scenario, you can use on premises data get with on premises data, get Fay provide secure data transfer, but with on premises, data sources. And you're our new services in the cloud on this on premises, data get very is not only for logic caps, you can use the same for power. Bi I perhaps Microsoft flow and your analysis services. Okay, these are the fights that we says that share the capability off on for myself. Data gateway. Now let me take you through some of the details I inner workings off on premises data. Get there. If you decide to use on premises data get fair. fasting you need to do is to identify Windows Server where you can install this gateway that window servers should be located in on premises data center and should be able to communicate with all the data sources into which you want to integrate with. Okay. And once you selected the Windows server, you'll install on premises data get there, which basically installs, even though service on also piers and instance off this installation in a job. So as a second step, you will be using Otto Porter in order to create a map of Gateway Close service to your installation off on premises data gateway in on premises data center. Okay, why you create both of them and not your service possible created for you. So basically, the way it works is when logic caps tried to access a sequel table that is located in on prom ise. It will send that because to get close service that close of years will encrypt all the data, including the data source cannon shells on, submit a message into service muscular, and this on premises data gateway will continuously pull. That service was cube fits the data on decrypt the data with the database source credentials and everything. Should the quality to secret of s, which is located in on prom Ise get the result. I'm put it back into service bus, and this gave the close service between a jury will continuously pull the service bus for the result on as soon as the result comes. It will present that date are to argue logic caps. Okay, so you might have observed here the on premises data gateway will work out born. So there is no inborn collection from module into your on premises data center. It's only our bone connection that will be mere bound promises. Data gateway to fish the data from our juice on his bus. So in that way, you don't need toe open any inborn port in your firewall. Okay? So you can simply put this on premises. Data get very indium set, but Microsoft says you don't need to put it India MSA because you're only doing or bone connection. But in my experience, we still put that get very within diem's that Onda create an old bonfire will rule you not to be access on your service bus. There are list of pores that you need to open in now. Born fashion in your firewall. Okay. And the next thing I want to take you through is recording high availability off this on premises data gateway Because it is extremely important for all your on premises integrations from logic app, you might have a single point of failure if you have only one on premises data Gateway Server earlier. This used to be a bottleneck in choosing on premises data. Get there. Now Microsoft came up with get the clusters, which will support high availability. So let me take you through that quickly. Use high availability clusters off on premises data Get way too aware. Single point of failure in your integration. And once a data get the cluster consists off two or more get miss all get the management operations such as adding a data source are granting administrative permissions to a data. Get there. So those kind of changes will apply to all data gateways within the cluster. OK, basically, it's a cluster of gateways which supports high availability so that you can award single point of failure with respect integration, but in your logic camps on on premises, data sources Okay, now, finally, let's go to integration service in Roman. Currently even I'm recording this video integration service environment is in private preview. It will be available in public preview very soon. So I just thought off mentioning that also in this lecture, integrations of his involvement enables your logic Arabs to interact with resources that are deployed in on your virtual network. Creating on are you see, deploys it private and isolated Logic caps into your on your watch for Aleppo. So in case if you know about absolute isn't around mint within our you're absolutely says on similarly managed instance within our job date of a sudden, he says, this is exactly similar. Like that. This is an integration service center, Norman, between our your integration service basically okay on when you go for integration service environment, you are essentially using dedicated services such as to raise on, run separately from global public logic cab service, so it will be very costly, but it will be more secure and it will meet your security requirements in terms off your local governments within the company. But at the same time, you did you have a stronger business case in order to go for dedicated you see in your government, okay. And in terms of creation of logic APs there is a simple difference. Basically, when you create a logic up in stuff, location, not Europe, are best Europe. You'll select this in a moment as your abs location Exactly against similar, like absolute isn't adornment. Once you get an app service in adornment any the bop move, I land up, rdp up you create. You can deploy into that air sea. Similarly, hear any logic of you create. You can deploy into a USC and also in terms factions and candidatos. I use the logic. CASS can use the same building actions and connect us off public logic ab service on also you can use. I use a specific characters. So for some of the characters there are two Russians are available. One is global logic app version and another one is a year. See space reversion. So if you are using the character related to Ah yes, a specific portion the character will always running are you see, However, if you are using mobile version of the character on the the logic of is in the U. S. C. It might use global logic app service, so keep that in mind anyway. Integration service in Islam, it is in its early days, so don't look too much into it at the moment. But I know many companies Keeley waiting for this, so it will become very popular very soon. So getting to know if it is very good if you are working in integration area. Okay, so that's it for this lecture. In this lecture I have taken you through on promises data Gateway, how it works, and also get a cluster that it can create in order to have high availability. And finally, I have taken you through integration service enrollment. Next lecture is a lab where I'm going to show you how to install on premises data gateway on a Windows server On also how to create a Gateway Cloud service. Map it to the on premises data get installation on finally dollop illogic cap in order to access a file within the file system off on myself server. Okay. Although I'm mentioning on promise a server for the lab demonstration. I'm going to use one of the windows Williams that is situated in azure, but the process I'm going to show is exactly similar. Even if you do in your on premises data center, except in terms off viral ports opening. Okay, so it's going to be interesting Lap. If you have some time, join me in the next lab. 12. 12 Lab demo - Install on-premise data gateway and gateway cloud service: Hi. Welcome to this lab in this lab. I'm going to show you how to access files in an on from my server from large caps using on from Isis Data Gateway. So, this lab I'm going to divide into two parts in the first part of the lab. I'm going to complete all the prerequisites required. I'm going to install on premises data get way on a Windows server, which can communicate and access file system. And secondly, I'm going to install Get closer with using all your portal. And in the second part of the lab, I'm goingto dollop large caps in order to access file system. Why on from Isis? Dude, I get it. Okay, so let's complete the first part of the lab that is on premises data gateway insulation and get the close of his installation. In order to do that, let me go into Windows Server and download on premises data. Get there. This is the link where you need to go. I have added this link in the resource section of this election. You can access it from there, So let's click on down Lord and run this. No, I'm going to install this so pickle Next, except on One thing you need to make sure is when you're selecting the Windows server to install on premises data get way, Make sure it is always on because all the connections that you are making from logic caps to your data sources in on premises Data center will be routed via on promises. Did I get there? So if that one is, don't all your integrations will not work. So make sure you are installing this on promises that target a on a Windows server but is always on OK and click on install Now. Now, our data give installation has been successfully completed. We need to link this installation to add your account. So, like we provide email address off that account Now you have two options. Either you can resistor a new gateway on this computer are my great restore our take over an existing gateway. So, in case if you're changing your no sir world in counts of get installation, then you can migrate an existing get insulation to a new server. And also, if you want to take ownership of a particular gateway installation, you can also do that so let's click on next because we are registering a new data gateway. Andi, I'm going to name this data, Get fears for Rudra they get and I'm not going to add this into an existing data. Get the cluster because we haven't created one on We need to provide recovery key. This is really important. If you are migrating, are recovering and install data Gateway. So make sure you remember this. And also you can change the region toe, collect the data, get with folklore services. Okay, so currently it is defaulted to not Europe. I'm going to leave that as it is. But you can change the region according to your requirement. Okay, Now let's click on Conficker Order of the day to get these only and only to be used. If you are using this data, get 50. Perhaps Microsoft flow our power bi I Then you don't need to do anything else. But if you are using for logic, caps are your analysis and he says you need to pay the gateway. Not sure that is mapped to this installation. Okay, Before we do that, let me take you through some of the settings here. Click on service sittings here, you can restart a gateway. And also you can change the Gateway Service account because on premises data get there is simply a window service that runs on this machine on that window. Surveys will run under this account in case if the second doesn't have access to communicate. A particular file system are a particular data source. You need to create a system account on make sure you change that count. And also one key thing to remember is make sure for this service account password never expires. Okay, on the next thing is diagnostics. Here you can enable additional locking under. You can export existing logs. And also, if you want to do some tests in terms off your ability to connect over the network, then you can do those tests here on the click on Network. Here, you can check for the gate. They can reach outside your network most of the times it will get field because your firewall will restrict the communication from the gateway to the outside world on once you're networking, I opened all the poors required. Then you can come here and check, and also you can force this network connection or hitch to GPS. Generally these Darrick PCP. But if you want to force the connections or hedge to DPS, then you can do that. How would there is some performance implications you need to balance. But when your security and performance a comments OK on the last one is not related to logic caps, it's related to power, bi I So I'm not going to go through this on Click on close? No, our own promises data get. The installation has been completed. Next thing we need to do is to create a gateway close of his wit imager on map. That one. Tow this installation. Okay, let me show you that. Let's close this and create a resource. I know. Piping phone prices data. Get away on. Click on. Create here. I'm going to call this answer. Withdraw de Target May and suffocation. I'm going to leave that as it is. Resource group. I'm going to Silicon Existing Resource Group, which is application integration. RG location. I'm going to leave that as not Europe and installation name. This is the installation have created a leer. So I'm going to select this on, then click on, create Okay. Generally, it is pretty quick. So I'm going to wait for this installation to be successful. Now, let's go to the resource and make sure it's green. Yeah, the status. His configure. That's it. We have completed two prerequisites. One is on premises data. Get the installation on a Windows server, which can able to communicate with the file system. And secondly, we created Get the cloud service Vitina, Jer, in order to map to that installation. Okay, in the next part of the lab, I'm going to dollop illogic cap that will use this on premises data gateway in order to interact with file system that is located on a Windows server written on premises Data center. Okay, so if you have some time, join me in the next part of the lab 13. 13 Lab demo - Develop Logic app to access files in a Windows server: Hi. Welcome to this part of the lab in this part of the lab. I'm going to show you how toe dollop illogic up in order to monitor a folder that is located. And we know server for incoming files as soon as they file is added into that folder of a logical bigotry. Good. Access the contents of the fine and process it. All of these will happen. Why are on promises? Did I get it? Okay, so first of all, let me clear the larger cap. Click on, create on. I'm going to name this logic Kappas toe draw file system. I want to go. And resource group, I'm going to select an existing one on location. I'm going to leave the capacities on. I'm going to switch off marginal digs. I'll click on create. Generally logical creation is pretty quick, so I'm going to wait for it now. Let's go to resource on. Come down here. We're going to clear the blank logic cap on fasting we need to do is to create a trigger in order to do that piping file system and click on file system. There are two triggers that are available. I'm going to start the first trigger. Basically, we want to trigger logic up whenever a file is the other are modified also. Okay. Click on it on. We need to create a connection to the particular Windows server where the folder is located . Okay on. We're going to create that connection. Why are Gateway No one would in any size file system for sales? All those let's see and who fall it is, Let's say C on authentication papers. Been doors. In case if your surveys don't mind join, then provide the mind slash user name. Otherwise provide machine name slash user name. In this case, my machine is visual Studio slash My user name is Ow and pass for going to pipe in on Gateway. We need to select the gate with a pre created in the idea lab, which is Rudra Aditya. Get where? Antley. Country it. Okay, now we need to select which fold and we want to monitor within that file system. Okay, so let me sell it dark. So you haven't created an appropriate folder in orderto place those piles. So let me go to Windows Server. Close this one off. That is one of the prerequisites that we need to create. Go to see for the and create something like Sales order folder on everything that I'm going to create another folder, which is in box. Okay, now let's move back. Dodger Portal. I think we need to close this down on Let's select again. Let's see that. Really? Get that or not? We haven't got it. So what I'm going today is going to close this one. Dog deleted and we created again. Okay, click on file system selling the trigger. I hope it directly fresh now. Well, still not. Let me do one thing. This is the final system that you are using. Remove setting. Define system selected. Come on. It's not thinking of the folder that he created in this window server. So maybe what I'm going to raise I'm going toe. Believe the connection in total. I have to go back here so close when this don't don't close this one down, let's go back to home. Resource groups pick on the connection, and I'm going to remove this connection. I'm hoping that when you create a new connection, it will get refreshed and we can see that folder. Okay, let's go to the larger camp appear creator. No, I'm going to segue Blank logic cap on five system. Pick on ahead. Pick on the first action draw file system correction and then this will be see dry on up. Indication type is windows on. This will be machine name because my son is not on my enjoying use of name crossword and get these They escaped their Yukon create. This time we should definitely see that Fuller. See, we can see that folder. Now. The reason I'm not editing this video and removing all these problems is these other problems in really well you will face on. You should know how to resolve them, OK, And the next thing is number of files. I believe there is no significance for this number off fire snow because Alia dis trigger used to be one or more files are added. Now, the trigger has been renamed as when a file is handed on modified. So I don't know what's the purpose off passing number of files in this case. Okay. And the next thing is how frequently you want toe monitor that folder for incoming files. I'm going to leave that as it is on now on good ground in action. Next thing we want to do is to get file content. Let's imagine the fines coming into that folder will contain adjacent masses. In order to create a sales order. We need to access the content of the message on parts into Jason on. Do Something with it, isn't it? So let's get the file content. So pick on it. Actions that failed contend here, going to pass the file part. Okay, in this gas, let me see the pop. This is the part that we need to pass. Let's sell it that one on. Go back. We don't need doing first content type, so I'm going to select as no. So that's it. We called the content. That content will continue Jason Message in order to create a sales harder that Jason message meaning toe pass, because whenever we get the file content, it comes in a binary stream. I mean the pastor Jason, so that the attributes within their Jason message will be available for the next action to process it. Okay, so the next thing we need to do is to pass for that by pain data operations because that is the connector that you use. Bass Jason selected on when you're passing the content toe this particular past Jason function. We need to pass on Jason message. Okay. What? The content is coming in a finally stream so converted, we can use an expression called Jason. And we just need to pass on the content of the previous action. So let's sit like this. Sorry, It's getting very tricky. Actually, this is the content of the find opinion to pass on. Click on. OK, okay. On the ski moment. In the past, further purpose, we need to get a sample payload on convert into schema. So, like they go to Windows Server, he is the sample edges and file. Open it, Hoppy this. Go back here, you sample payload noto gender the scheme up and just done. That's it. As the next step, you can call the function that we have returned in one of the previous labs. So, for example, Lexi function I do functions. This is the function that we have returned, you know, one of the previous lambs. In order to convert the string value off status India in the value which is status called staking sometime. Anything? Yeah. Http, trigger one. That's what we need on. What we need to pass on is the status. If you forget about this, please refer to a Lear Labs where we have written our function in order to convert a state a string into strata school. Okay, that's the one I'm going to select on. I'm going to see No, our logic app has been successfully sailed. Just a recap of what We have dollars so far in this larger cap. Firstly, we have added a trigger in order to monitor a folder with any Windows server. Why aren't from Isis data get there? And once the trigger is triggered, when a file is placed into that folder, we're getting the file content. Andi, we're passing the file content because it will enable us to pass the in doodle active yours off the Jason message to further actions like we have passed to this function. Okay, on why we are passing the juice. Um, the content of that past Jason Action. We need to pass Jason only. But when we read this in terms off file content, it will be rented a finally stream. We need to plan wouldn't be a proper Jason message. That's what we have done using this function on de posited using this schema on, then pass of the status to dysfunction. Okay, No, let's run this. Go back here. Copy this and paste it here. Sorry. One minute. I know I created even books folder, but when I dollop of the logica, I selected sales are not fooling only so I'm pasting it here. So let's go back and see whether the logic campus trickled or not It's still checking, so let's give it some time. See, Logical has been triggered on the file has been processed. So let's go to individual action. First thing is, we're monitoring that fall. Okay? Secondly, we got a file, which is sales for the photo dot Jason. And we got the file content now in the pastures and we passive this content in their appropriate Jason message. Basically, this is the content that we passed. This is a schemer that has been applied and we got all put. Now we are passing to hedge to DP trigger, which is a function that we have built a earlier. The body has been passed Vic status in string, former and the return we got, which is state a score. Okay, so our logic camp has worked perfectly. And also in this one, you can be used on premises their docket for connection in orderto canopy of Windows server file. Sister. So that's it for this now, in this lab. How shown you how? Toe dollop illogic app. In order to access a file system on a Windows server within your on premises data center. Although I selected on your virtual machine in order to monitor the file system in this case. But the process exactly similar whether you do it on our your Veum are your on premises data center windows via Okay. I hope you find this lab useful. 14. 14 Introduction to Enterprise Integration Pack: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to provide you introduction to and the present aggression Back Enterprise Integration Pack is a Microsoft lower based solution for B two B communication, which enables organizations to exchange messages to industry protocols such as a de facto years to and extra. So if you are planning to use logic caps for enterprise integration on most off your integration walls, maximally, the fact is, store next Well, then enter present Division back is the right choice for you because it has a lot of standard characters in terms off maximally. The fact is, tour next. Well, you can easily do your integration using enterprise integration back. By the way, it doesn't come with logic caps as a serverless offering, and the President Aggression pack has its own pricing model. Okay, so you can go with free for development purposes. But if you are planning to use it for production, then you need to pay for it, okay? And if you are using under president aggression, pact the foster court element. Actually, PH is integration account. It's basically a clothes Mr Container within which you can create all be Toby artifact there are different types. All be to be our defense. First important one is trading partners. Partners are into these that participate in business to business communication and exchange messages between each other. So within integration account, you can clear the partner, and you can add some meta data into the partner. So basically, for example, which you are, you want to communicate whenever you want to post messages to the particular partner, you can keep that you're less a matter data at the partner level on access that matter. Data from your logic caps. Okay, And when you how poor, more trading partners, you can create agreements. An agreement is a communication arrangement between B to be trading partners. Basically, equipment defines what can be the former it off incoming massagers that you agreed with your partner on. What is the format off outgoing messages that you're sending into your partner all the stuff you can define by using agreements, and the next thing is kim us scheme us you can use to check the incoming massagers for a valid example format beating your logic app. So within your logic up you can't reform. Be a schemer on validate the incoming example message against that schema. And if the schemers not I'd heard, then you can reject that message. Okay, On the next one is maps and map is an example document that describes how to convert data from an XML document to other format. These are basically excess ality funds that you can upload within your integration account and use that maps when you are doing transformation within your logic caps again. You don't need to hardcore any off these things you can define scheme us and uploading to integration account and referred to that scheme or from logic app. Similarly, you can upload mapping document into integration account on before to it whenever you're doing transformation. Okay. And the next thing is, certificates start difficult. Other digital documents. That chick died into this for the participants in our product communications. Okay, so these are the key artifacts that you can create within integration account. There are some other artifacts also, but these are the primary ones. Okay, Now, let me take you through steps that you need to do one by one. If you're planning to use enterprise integration pack firstly, you need to create an integration accounting, not your portal on. Once you created that, you can had partner scheme our certificates, maps and agreements into that integration account. After that, you will create a logic cap and you need to link the logic cap to an integration account. This you can do by going toe workflow settings within the logic cap and selecting the integration account. I'm going to show that to you in the next lab on from that moment onwards. In your logic, up you can use partners, scheme us except up. Okay, this is how you need to do if you are planning to use and the president division pack in your logic caps and in your integration. And finally, as a sedalia, we have lots of connectors that are available as part of from the President Aggression pact . Some of the more external validation, maximal transform, flat file, and according and decoding. So if you have C s refile, also you can include it you can decode it On you can do is to encoding and decoding a de facto encoding and decoding extra encoding and decoding. So these are all that conduct of us that you can take at wanders off and simple for your integration When you are carrying out be Toby Integration with your PSA players are partners. Okay, so that's it for this lecture in this lecture. How? Provided your brief introduction to enter President division Pack. What are the key artifacts that you can create and upload into integration account and also steps you need to follow? If you are planning to use enterprise integration, pack fit in your logic camps. And finally, what connectors that are available that are part off. And the president ignition pack. Okay. Next. Luxuries allowed. Well, I'm going to show you how to create an integration account. How to link that integration account a logic camp. And also I'm going to show you home toe a Plourde maximal scheme up basically and accessed if I into integration account and use that scheme are in the logic camp in order to validate and incoming maximal. Okay, So if you have some time, joined me in the next lab 15. 15 Lab demo - Create an Integration Account and link to logic app: Hi. Welcome to this lab in this lab. I'm going to show you how to validate incoming example using scheme are stored in integration account. So, firstly, I'm going to create integration account, which is the fundamental thing when you are using enterprise integration. Pack on. Secondly, I'm going to upload and access the schema into that integration account. And thirdly, I'm going to lose the integration a contra logic up. And fourthly, I'm going to dollar biologic cap in such a way. It relax of the incoming XML message on Validated the maximal against a schema that is strolling indignation account. Okay, so first of all, let me create integration icon. In order to do that going door your porter click on create a resource and typing integration account click on integration account Honestly can create. Now I'm going to name this as it'll draw integration, gone and subscription. I'm going to leave that as it is, resource group. I'm going to select an existing one, which is application integration, RG pricing diet. In case if you are using this integration of comfort production, then go. It's standard otherwise select free because this is for training purposes. I'm going to select us free and location is not Europe. Andi, I'm going to switch off log analytics and country it while this is getting creator. Let me take you through xsd. So this is like, Dusty that I'm going to applaud into integration account. Basically, what is specifying is the schema will contain four fears sales already shipped to address Bill to address an additional north. Okay, Any incoming XML message to our logic cap should contain these four out of yours. Otherwise that X motivated projected. Okay, go back here on day, click on here and go to resource. I'm not going to take you through all of these settings here because I already discussed about them in the T lecture. I discussed about partners, agreements, maps, key moss, and so on in your free time. Just go to all these seconds. But now I'm going to opera schema. Okay, so let's add a scheme, huh? On type this as off sales. All a schemer in the file is this sales for Drexel's deepness? The find that we want Top floor. Choose Ed and click on. OK, now our access this Kmart has been uploaded successfully. Next thing we want to do so is to link this particular integration country logic up. Okay, So far, the purpose I'm going to create a logic app, and I'm going to call this as validates sales holders, chemo XML, okay, and resource group. I'm going to select the existing one on location and want to leave that as it is, Antti can create. Okay, that's it. Now go to logic cap. And if you come toe workflow sittings close. This one come to work for sittings. And here you can select an integration account. Okay, that's selected. And then see the moment you linker this integration account Oh, this logic up, you can refer to scheme us partner information agreement, information on do all the stuff problematically from your logical Okay, so let's goto watch cap designer, I'm going to start with blank logic cap on the trigger. I'm going to use hedge to depict a girl and the next action is valid. Example. Okay, this is XML selected on select action XML valuation. Now we need to pass on the body of the hits to depict cost. So this action Okay, next get cornered here, select the body on the next thing is against war scheme are we need to value this acceptable. So you should be able to view Eskimo here. See here sales for the scheme are selected and then say of this Very simple. Now we need to take out this logical by posting your http request. Okay? So let's go to Post Ram. Okay, So you before that you need to go to XML. This is like someone I'm going to post Kobe the Ace Select XML format and then paste it here. That said now we need to get the You are in work. Logica. In order to do that here, we need to save. I think it saved already. Let's copy this and the best This her no sin. You can't put your toe except, er Let's go here. Close this one down. Sorry, which would be created? Validates sales are like similar to the one we created. And then if you come down here and check that on history it fig. So let's open it and see why it is fail. Maximal validation is failed. The integration account is still being provisioned. Not sure about it because we just created this integration account. It might be giving problems. So what I will do is I will wait for 10 minutes and a week later, this logic cap and Lexie, whether it will work or not. Okay, so I'm going to pass this video for 10 minutes. I've waited for five minutes on glee. Triggered this logic up on it has been successful. So click on it here. And then you can see here this step is successful. And also the Mississippi received Is this one on? It has been passed on to the next step successfully. No, What I'm going to do is I'm going to go to postman and then remove this attribute. Basically, we're doing something that is not adhering to the scheme. Are that is uploaded into integration. Account on our large cap is validating against the scheme up. So in this run, this valuation should fail. Okay, Let's dusted. Go back to launch a cap. Close this one. The first. Is it failed? Let's go to the details. Let's go to maximal validation and you can see validation failed, and you can come down here and check what is there. So basically they limit sales order has incomplete content. I'm Based on this, you can ask for directions. Toe. Either accept this XML on still process it or reject this XML and send it to your cell player or third party. Whoever send this experiment, you can respond back to them from Logica. Okay, so that's it for this lab in this lab. I have shown you how to create Indication account and applauded Schemer into integration account. Secondly, who showed you how to link the scheme? Are India Logic Cap and Charlie have shown you how to validate example in large cap using that schemer. I know I have shown you a very simple logic, but you can do a lot more complex stuff using integration and comes and logic caps. OK, I hope you find this lab useful. 16. 16 Introduction to Azure Event Grid: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm goingto provide you an introduction, Belongs or even good and it's concepts on your even good can be used to build applications with even based architectures. So, in our do you have service bus for my sales based architecture You have logic caps for a workflow based architecture on you have even for even best architecture okay and even great Not only has building support for events coming from our new services, but also support for your own events using custom topics even great has in built in division with lots off our jewelry sources. All these are your resources listed here in terms off. Even sources can be a source off Evens im posed up even into you and great. Okay ho are in real world scenario. You might have many applications that produce events. Not only Nigel, there might be a scholar telemetry systems. You have those with gender evens and you would like to use even get In that case, you can use custom topics. Whenever you create a custom topic, it will provide an endpoint into the 10 point You can pose the events coming from your scanner and telemetry devices. And in terms off even handlers, it can be again. Many are jury sources, for example, even hubs, hybrid connections, Cousteau RealAge from hooks off your automation logic cap on your functions. But in case if you want to have a custom, even handler not we cannot your then you can use the hooks. Now what is this Top E X? Even subscriptions. Even so, says and handlers, Let me take you through some of the concepts within even give, which will explain about these things firstly and even is the smallest information about something happened in the system. So there is a difference between a message. In any event, messes generally contains larger payload when compared to even even is a very lightweight competent when compared to message. Okay, Seconding his publisher publisher can be a user on organization that publish even Steven Good, totally even sauce and even sources very even occurred. It can be. Our juicer is like blob storage. Are your automation are it can be your legacy application OK on four twenties topics. Topic provides an in point where the source sense evens in case if you have a legacy application that is producing givens. Then you can create a custom topic. That custom topic will have an end point, which you can configure within your legacy. Applications toe forced the events to even get on. The 5th 20 subscription to a subscription tells even Raid, which evens on a topic you are interested in a subscription level. You can define rules also, so generally there might be a lot off even start coming to even read to a topic on. Based on the subscription rules, you can filter down the evens hand only send sensible evens to even handler on the six twenties. Even handler on Even Handler is the place very even sent to for processing off even and finally, security. When subscribing, you must have had a kid permissions on the resource on even good poppy. Okay, so these are all the concepts also city it even good. Let me take you through this security thing in bit more detail When it comes to even greater security. There are three key areas value conficker security settings. 1st 1 is Web hook, even delivery. In case if you're configuring Web hook as uneven delivery with an even greater you need to prove the ownership off that book. Okay, if they even handler is one off the a juicer. He says, for example, of your logic, caps with even good character are your automation hook. Are your functions with even helped trigger? You don't need to do anything, because on your will automatically handle it for you. You've even Handler. Is any off these three key things? One is on your logic caps, even good character. 2nd 1 is on your daughter Mission book on the part where you are your functions with even helped trigger. Okay, for any other book, even delivery. You need to prove ownership off the book and point either programmatically using validation court handshake or manually, which is validation. You are a handshake. Okay, I'm going to provide a link. A tow, these details in the resource section of this lecture. Click on it and you can go through for the okay. And the second security thing that you need to conferees, even subscription to subscribe to. And even you must prove that you have access to even source and even handler, you need to have write access to even handler in case if you'll even Handler. Let's say his logic can. Then you need to have a right access to yet on. Also, if the even source is one of the yourself, he says, then you need to have Microsoft dot even good slash even subscriptions slash write permission on the resource that is the even source. Okay, so, basically, for even handler unit, how right? Access on for even source. You need to have appropriate permission. I'm finally custom topic publishing. Whenever you publish a custom topping, he not a book triggered a 10.2 summit, and even you need to have a proper it's asking. Okay, so these are the three areas off security that you need to keep in mind when you are establishing applications based on even greater. And finally, one more thing I would like to take you through, which is even good door mines. And even the mind is a management tool for large number off even break topics related to the same application. You can think of it as a matter topic that how thousands off individual topics on Twitter don't mind. You get fine grained authorization and authentication control or each topic. Why are your role based access control in order to explain even greater mine. Let me take an example. Let's say your company is a manufacturer company that produces centrifugal palms. Come process ex cetera. And all these pumps and compressors are fitted with sensors in order to get real time performance off those devices. Okay, In that case, you can have all the pumps configured in such a way. All these events will come to even the mine on even the mind will help topics each topic you can create based on the source of the event also. So, for example, you have Topic one, which is for pumps on topic to which is for accomplices on each topic can how Michael Believers. So basically, for pump, I might have temperature reading. I might have number off rotations per minute reeling so there can be number off events coming from a pump. And similarly, there can be number off events coming from compressors. Okay. And for each, even there can be one or more subscribers. These sub scribbles can be your customers. Basically, when you manufacture the pump, you might sell it to a customer. But initially, all the sensors will send evens to your grid. And from that grid, based on the source of the event are you from what assert you are getting the events on based on the subscribers, you can forward those evens to your prospective customers, and even a single customer can have multiple applications who are interested in getting those events. So for a particle, even you can have multiple subscribers from the same customer. Okay, so basically, you can push all the vents to any undermine on that, even though mine can have multiple topics and each topic can have multiple evens and each even can help multiple subscribers. Okay, on, Based on the logic you have conficker, all these events will be sent to even hand lows based on this configuration. Okay, I hope you understand about even though mines So that's it for this lecture in this lecture . How provided you a brief introduction, but even great on this capabilities, it's concepts on. Also, I have taken you through some of the security settings that you need to take care off. And finally I have briefly touched upon even let the mines. Okay. I hope you find this lecture useful