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Deliver engaging content face-to-face

Rika Cossey, Environmental Educator & Simplifier

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6 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction and class overview

    • Tangible topic and time management

    • Mixed methods

    • Manage participants, state intentions and admit to gaps

    • Non-verbal communication

    • Farewell


About This Class

In this 20 min class, you will learn how to deliver an engaging presentation, workshop or lesson in a face-to-face environment. I give you new ideas and proven strategies. The class is suitable for high school students, university students and business professionals alike.

I have been working as an environmental educator for over ten years and I’m sharing my golden rules with you in this class. This class will give you an overview of the most important aspects to think about when you are preparing and running a session in a face-to-face environment.

I have kept this class short and to the point without getting lost in detail. This way, all of my rules can be applied to (almost) any setting. Please feel free to adapt my ideas to your specific setting.

You will leave this class with a good set of strategies for approaching your next presentation. I give you some thought-provoking impulses which will turn your next face-to-face content delivery into an engaging event for everyone.

Although I mention some aspects of public speaking, it is not the main aim of this class. Prior knowledge of public speaking techniques are an advantage but not essential.





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Rika Cossey

Environmental Educator & Simplifier

My name is Rika. I'm a simplifier, tiny house dweller, DIY enthusiast, and passionate teacher (and learner) of all things sustainability.  In this context, I run the blog 'Live Small - Be more' where I share ideas around simple, sustainable, and DIY living. 

My classes are about inspiring YOU to farewell a well-designed lifestyle and to discover what you know, what you can make yourself, and what matters to YOU.

The classes I share on Skillshare are based on content fr...

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