Deliver a Lead Magnet and Automate a Sequence in the FREE Version of MailChimp | Kara Ferreira | Skillshare

Deliver a Lead Magnet and Automate a Sequence in the FREE Version of MailChimp

Kara Ferreira, Websites for Creatives & Coaches

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8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. MailChimp intro

    • 2. Why You Need A Lead Magnet

    • 3. Designing Your Lead Magnet

    • 4. How to Deliver Your Lead Magnet in MailChimp

    • 5. Creating an Onboarding Sequence

    • 6. Creating Your First Automated Email

    • 7. How to Automate the Rest of Your Sequence

    • 8. Wrapping Up


About This Class

In this class, we'll focus on the FREE version of MailChimp and how to get the most out of it. We'll go over:

  • why you need a lead magnet or "free gift"
  • what your lead magnet should do/be about
  • how to design a professional looking lead magnet PDF
  • how to automate the delivery of your lead magnet in MailChimp
  • a converting formula for your email onboarding series
  • how to automate the delivery of your email series in the FREE version of MailChimp

Email marketing remains one of the most important sales resources for online businesses. Why? Because you own your list, unlike your social media following. Creating a lead magnet that entices people to sign up, and then scheduling a series of emails is a proven formula to help your customers get to know you better so that they will purchase your products or services.


1. MailChimp intro: Hi, I'm Kara From Will and Wonderful. Just an online design shop for women creatives and Silla Preneurs. And today I wanted to drop in with the new school share course, which is all about how to do a welcome on boarding sequence in male Chimp will get into your mail, chimp sort of basic set up how to do a lead magnet. How to deliver that lead, man that using Meltem, then how to do an on boarding sequence using the free version of male chip. Now, if you have the paid version, you can do an automation fairly easily if you have the free version, which is what I recommend for male chimp male chip is great for starting out and starting to build your audience. If you're gonna go for a paid plan, I actually recommend moving to convert kit or active campaign. But if you want to keep your software costs on the lower end while you're starting your business, but you still want to build a list, I'm gonna show you how to create your email list and an on boarding welcome Siri's, which you can use as a basic sales funnel or just as a longer on boarding so that your list members get to know you better, and then we'll hopefully purchase from you later on. So stay tuned and follow him along because we'll get into designing your lead magnet, setting up your final welcome email to deliver that lead magnet and then sending a welcome email sequence of 3 to 5 emails, all using the free version of Meltem. Alright, stay tuned. 2. Why You Need A Lead Magnet: All right, So we're going to start with your lead magnet. I know this is about male chimp. The truth is that the only reason you're gonna get people onto your list is if they want something. So maybe you already have a compelling enough brand compelling enough offerings that people just want to dive onto your list right away, no questions asked. I'm guessing if you're here, and if you're started the free version of mail Chimp, that's probably not the case. So what you actually to do is entice people to join your email list using a lead magnet. So leave magnet can be anything really can be video serious. It could be a free chapter of a book if you have a book. Um, it can be a slow drip of emails. If you have sort of a mini program gonna walk people through the easiest lead magnet, I find typically, the easiest little lift thing to do is create a pdf guide. Now you're lead magnet will build authority. It should solve a common problem and bonus if it leads people to your services. So, for instance, in my health coaching website, I help women transition off hormonal birth control. I have a lead maggot that is the three step transition plan, so that gives people a taste of what they will dive into in a deeper way if they work with me. But it's a comprehensive PdF that gives them actionable steps they can start to do on their own. It just doesn't give them everything that they need because they're just too much information. But people come to upset because they want help coming off of the pill. They see that lead magnet. They opt into my email list. We start to build a relationship. So you're leading ointment. Likewise, should help people to sort of solve the problem that you solve for with your products or services. So it should be something that sort of a teaser, a little bit of a taste. It should help them actually solve something. It shouldn't just, you know, be a, um, something that just gets thrown up there and they get into it. It's not really useful. It should be useful to them. But there's definitely a bonus if it does correspond to your services and if sort of the next step from whatever they do in that pdf guide is to join one of your programs or to get in touch in this keep, um, learning from you. So that's what you're the night. It will dio happen to the next section and I'll show you actually had a design one in Canada. Free software is that you have a professional looking the magnet that will further impress your customers. 3. Designing Your Lead Magnet: all right, so I want to start off by sharing. This is a lead magnet that I have for one of my business is the new Healthcare Club. I also actually promote Animal Wonderful website since the two overlap. But this is something that people who come to my website business there often is starting their first business and a new healthcare club or helping health coaches to launch their wellness businesses. So they come and they have all these questions on how to get started. So that is sort of the problem I am solving with this lead magnet you'll see here, it's gonna walk you through it. So you see what what, um is in here and then I'll show you how we design something like this. So this is all in Canada and when it's downloaded as a PdF. But you'll see here just a step by step guide that tells people where they should focus their energy when they're launching their first business. And I also offer these spaces here for them to go ahead and write out to their answers. If they choose to print this out and go ahead and do it so you'll see, it's pretty nicely style that's using our brand colors. Um, I have some images in here, but it just all useful information that they can go. They can go and take and start acting on right away again. This is another one that has little worksheets in the middle stylized page. Um, but this is just to show you what is possible using, um, Kimba and what we can create, that we'll look professional and offer value to your clients that they will want to give you their email address, the ones that you have it and they receive this gift. They're gonna think that you're pretty awesome and want to stay, um, involved with you. So I said that pdf is designed in Canada. So when you're in Canada, this is what it looks like. Um, so you can see here. These are all edible sections, and you'll want to create yours. So that's styled to look like you are brand. So I'm gonna go ahead and create a new one just to show you what it looks like when you're starting from scratch, Um, Creek design. And then here These will look different, depending on what you typically spend your time doing. I'm gonna do flyer. So let's give it a second to load. But you'll see here, it gives you a bunch of templates. And these are for fliers. They might not make the most sense for your brand right away, but especially for the title, you can scroll through here and find one that makes sense. So, for instance, this might work. Um, so now we have some demo content in here so you can go ahead if you delete this image. If you come up here in it, delete it will go away. But you saw how it was in there. So then you can go ahead and go toe photos, even grab one. Um, some will be pro, which is yet to pay for them to be part of the paid plan of Can va. Some will be free. So, Frances, this one is free. So to keep sort of the integrity of the design that was in here, I'm gonna center it And then a click here I put up so that it It's sort of how it was before. You can click in here, here, my pdf title, and you can use your own brand funds. So if this doesn't look like your brand fought, you can come in here and pick a different one. I'm gonna use Adobe Castle on pro, which is one that I like a lot. But you basically can just click an edit any of this and here again, um, we can swap out those images here If I'm guessing if we delete will test that. Yes. So if you really an image, it's gonna leave this little block here. Does that happen all the time? But it is helpful when it does happen, because it makes it easier to pop in images. So here you go ahead, and we can pull in more of our free images. Or you can upload images using the upload down here. So these are a bunch of things that I have in here. If you click and drag into a little box up there you go. Make sure it doesn't go to entire background melody. This this would be how you create your cover page. Um, and there are other ways to do it. If you saw mine, basically, all I did was I added text. I uploaded this is a logo. So I uploaded the image to the uploads here, and I added it. Then I added text here, and I just highlighted to select what funds I wanted them to be to differentiate. And this is just a circle. So what I did for that is I went to elements over here need and type in circle. This will come up. You can type in triangle, even even more angular style, and you can grab this and then you can resize it. You can spin it to move it, and you can change the color of it. Um, I have bunch of safe colors to get a new color also. And then if you need to add something and it's on top of your text, you can always get a position and go backward, backward, backward, see notes behind the text. So that's how you could do more of a geographic design. Let's come back here. So if we go back to templates, Sorry, I'm thinking this one would actually be good for the end page. So if you go here at new Page, if you click on this and sort of dragon, it'll add this. Um design here. So here you could Dio. Thanks for being here and again. We're gonna change that text to our supposed brand text Adobe Castle on If you want to change the color, that's all this here. But then again, you would just click an edit any of the text. If you need to be able to see it, you come down here and you could do zoom in. So I mean, test test test and then have your contact information you could put here what sort of next step would be if they completed this work and they need to take it further. Do you have a program listed here So they know where to go. So now we have a sort of end page. Now we need sort of all of our meat in the middle. So for that, typically, I honestly don't use templates for the middle sections. I just go ahead and add a page. So now there's a new page under here and here I usually just do text. So in my case for this one Mrs just text. So I something got mixed up. So here we are. This is just text all I did is I came in here Text at title text. If you want to grab something big like this, you can for your title. So say this is we drag it so we see that lines what centered? So say my first section. And here. If you don't want to use this, you could just delete it. Say the lead element, not group. All right. Now, if you wanted what I had did for this one is the bar to do a bar like that. Good elements. Can you come grab this? This is all I did to create that bar name. Read it all the way across. I don't want to change the color. I would can grab another color or add a custom one. You can also other sections. I have this circle here. So again there. I just grabbed a circle and added it and dragged it behind the text. So now we have your body text. Was that a subheading? And now here you can basically grab copy from a word document from a Google doc outline, and you can. So if you basically set up all of your freebie text another document you can copy and paste it in. So I'm gonna go ahead and pretend this storm copy and pasting from All right, I'm gonna click it and drag it up, not you. Move that back up. Drag it So it's center to come looking for that line, you'll see. It's a bit too much texting the size so I can do there is Grab it all and go 18. 21. That's bigger. 14. There we go. Now we can leave it centered, or we can go ahead and right. All right, so now we have a page. If we need to add another page, we can go ahead and add another page of the plus sign here. If you want to do an image on this page, we'll go to our uploads and add an image. So I have a wine podcast. So that's why you're seeing all these wine images. Um, if you want to make it shorter, kind of like that title page. Just do this in this case. See, now the glasses or crop kind of funny. You can double click on it and then click and reposition so it looks a little better. All right. And then again, you can add your text. So sometimes what I'll do actually is if I like this section. If it works well for me, I'm going to click on it, go to duplicate up here, and then I'm going to click and drag it all the way down here. And then I would copy and paste my new text in. But you can see that can VA then makes it very easy as a free software tool makes it very easy to style. You know, a decent looking, um, pdf guide. And this will then be your lead magnet that will you'll be advertising on your website to encourage people to sign up for your email list. Um, and now we're getting to mail chimp how to set it up so that you actually deliver this free gift and take it further by doing on boarding sequence. All right, so stay tuned 4. How to Deliver Your Lead Magnet in MailChimp: All right. So hopefully you've designed that your lead magnet between the last video in this one. Or perhaps you came to this course already having something prepared. It is a good idea to actually get that done. Because you're not gonna get as much use out of the rest of this tutorial unless you actually have your pdf to upload. So you need to go back and pause. It doesn't take sometimes. Do that. Please do. Otherwise, I'll take you over my shoulder into my mail chimp account. Yes. This is a brand new account I had set up for a podcast that I started. Um, you know, I don't need any big guns for email marketing right now, so I just I'm starting with the free version of mail Chimp to start building a list. When you log into your militant, you'll often see something like this. Um, if you want to go through it, go ahead and do it. I find that it's often a waste of time, so I'm gonna go ahead and exit out. So here you are. This is my like I said, a pretty much brand new account. I'm think I created it. a few days ago. Um, yeah, I created on Wednesday the 25th and you can see that's when the audience changed, because a lot of Times Mail chimp will add your email the email used to create the account as a subscriber. So if you're looking at your dashboard, you have a few different options here. Create. This is where you can start creating your email marketing your emails to go out your campaigns. You can automate sequences, although you can't really do it too much unless you have the paid plan. But I'll show you a way around that. You have your audience, which is actually you are list itself, Um, and then this is place where you can come to design out templates. Um, you can also do that as you go as you create campaigns and reports. Once you start sending things out, this is where you'll see how Cecil they are. How many people are opening them, who's clicking in that sort of thing for us right now. Our main concern is that we have are melted account and we have our lead magnet, which we have on our website saying Sign up here and you'll get the lead magnet now, eat. Actually deliver it. So to do that. Wanna go to two? We'll start with audience, actually, So manage audience, sign up forms We're going to go to Foreign Builder. And here we come to this little guy here and we're gonna go down to final welcome email. We're going to check this to say yes. We want to send a final welcome email. See minds about wines, you see, it added it, and it's a drink with us. So if you have your free gift, this is where you can add it in so that this is automatically automated. It doesn't matter if you don't have the paid plan. This will send once people opt into your email list and they confirm their subscription so you can edit this text here above the fold. We will say, thank you so much for being here as promised. You can download your free gift here. So in a hyperlink, this and we're gonna say file and there's no files, and here's will upload one. I'm gonna don't add this one, but you'll add your pdf guide. But now it was This will be in here so quick on it and hit, insert, insert. And you can as much texas you want here. But for this email. For me, the big thing is you want to get them that thing that they subscribed for. You don't want to make them jump through a bunch of hoops. You don't want to read a bunch of text. You want to get them, You're free. Gift. All right, so that sent that saved. I'm gonna I do that sometimes. The check. I'm gonna go this one, and then I'm going to go back just to make sure that everything saved all right, and we can see that it has. All right, so now you've got in your email in there That sends them the free gift right away, and we'll dive into how to get more emails on the free plan next 5. Creating an Onboarding Sequence: All right. So before you move on to actually adding all of your emails into male chimp, you probably want to work on your copy. So an on boarding sequence with a lot of the way here. You know what a sequence serves a few different purposes depending on what you want it to dio. The first thing is really just increase your no like trust factor. So what is that? That is basically what actually encourages someone to purchase a product or service from you. Most people aren't going to buy something from you the first time they hear of you are here of your product. For the most part, they want to get to know like and trust you. And that's what you're on board and sequence does. You are lead man that will start that process. But in order to have multiple touch points and to keep your customer reminded of who you are, um, and why they might want to buy from you down the line. You want tohave mawr sort of content fed to them over the course of a week, two weeks, three weeks. It's really up to you how much content you feel like you need to serve. Um, I'm going into a basic on boarding sequence that serves as a way to increase your like trust factor and also as a basic sales final for those of you who are ready to pitch a product. So an email one. This is the first email that goes out after you send them your lead magnet. Leave man in the email. That's really just to get them. That thing that they signed up for not to have anything other going on there that might be distraction. They signed up for it. They want to give it to them. Next. Email telling about. Tell them about yourself. Excuse me, but remember, whenever you speak about yourself in an email like this, the point really is to reflect on your customer. So, like, what have your experience has been that have put you in a common situation to where your ideal customer is for me again, with my health coaching business, I had my own issues coming off of hormonal birth control. So in my team, I got to say, Hey, I started this business because I got passionate about this health aspect after having my own struggles and doing a deep dive on the research than getting my accreditation and all of that. For the most part, though, you wanna be able to say, I know what it's like. I understand what it feels like when, and this is what this journey looked like for me. So that's how you are introducing yourself, but also the same time confirming to your customer that you're someone who's knowledgeable about their pain points and potentially has the right solution. So an email to you want to drop some knowledge? This is when you're like, Yes, I was where you are. But hey, actually have the tools gets you out of your current situation. So solve with one of their problems. This actually comes from Jeff Walker is product launch formula PLF. I believe that's what it's stands for. The PLF part of lunch formula. The idea that you want to keep on solving many problems for your potential customers as you interact with them is that they continue to really trust that you have the answers and the solutions. So by the time you ask for them to purchase something, they believe that you can help them so an email to drop some knowledge, solving one of their problems. Think about what was left out of your league magnet. If they did everything in your lead magnet, what else are they missing? So maybe they set up their landing page website, but they need to figure out how to connect their email service provider. Maybe they know how to do a simple detox, but they need to know how to integrate more helpful strategies in their everyday lives. So think about what was left out of their league magnet. Once they complete sort of what was in your PF guide. What do they need to know next? What can you help them with now again? This would be a small, actionable thing that they can actually do right now. But it shouldn't be giving away all of your secrets if you have them. So email three. This is where you're going to share. A consumer experience was another problem. You could help solve again. We're gonna do this sort of thing where we pose a problem, and then we sell that pose a problem. Then we saw that cause it's gonna build your authority and your potential customers trust muscle that you know what you're talking about. So what's another problem? You can helps them solve, but describe the lens of work or testimonial with another customer. So if you've done some client work already, look at your testimonials. What was the problem that you helped someone solve? See you. If you could build it, email around that and actually include a testimonial in it. If you haven't worked the client yet, this one could be trickier. You composited as ways you work with friends. If you've helped friends out, you can share a, um, a solution of blood post. You can point to another resource that will solve a problem for them. Just something that's a little bit of outside information. Again. Another customer reference testimonial is best. But if not, get creative about pointing them to something else. It will build your authority email four. Move on to selling. So this is where if you're gonna remind us selling, you start doing it. Now if you're not ready to start selling, if you're really just doing this, Teoh cultivate mawr. No, like trust factor. If you just want to sort of keep yourself top of mind with your potential customers and ask for a sail down the line. Then you don't need to do this email and stay that you would start. You would put them into your regular newsletter funnel. If you do a weekly newsletter or if you have pre made content, you can drip out an email linking to a block post or another helpful resource. You know, once a week, every other week, um, going forward. But if you're going to sell us where you start to do it and you want to address their objections So this is where you can ask your customer to envision their best life and then to spell their objections. And you can reinforce that by doing it. Um, in a way where you explain Oh, I was there, too. And I am now on the other side. So this is where you can say, Hey, I really know. It was like when I struggled with horrible acne. I know what that was like. Um, and I got myself to their side, and these were some of the tools that I used. And I know, you know, like when he started saying OK, I know that you are thinking that expensive creams haven't worked. I know that you've tried everything already. That difference is I'm gonna be giving you a holistic solution. So basically, you'll position yourself as someone who has the answers by reflecting on were used to be and that you're now in the place where they want to be. Ask them to envision What would it be like if you didn't have the acne? What would it be like if you knew that your website was set up correctly? What would it be like if you get the point? Um, so start moving on to selling here. You're asking for the sale yet you're not giving them their product. But what you are going to say is like, imagine your best life. I know that you have been disappointed in the past, but there are better ways. I don't get those ways in the next email. So this is where you do the position in pitch and you can't actually separate these out. Um, that's partially from Melissa Griff, fifth Griffin, all linked to her. But she has some great resources around this, And so my sales funnel has been a combination of Jeff Walkers approaching Melissa Griffin's . She devise up her position and her pitch email. So she has one where she positions herself as an expert on the one when you pitch. Um, per Jeff Walker, Um, sort of combining some of his teachings. And what I do is I actually do the position and pitch in one email where you position yourself as the expert you've already been telling about yourself. You've already shared some of your training. You've already shared how you found tools and solutions to their problem. Um, you'll remind them of the journey. So basically, you know, this is where you are. Now, this is where you want to be. And hey, this product service works. This is re actually put in your product or service. Put the buy now button and ask them for the sale. Don't make it. Don't make it difficult because they don't make it easy. You definitely want to go easy. Don't make it difficult putting the but and ask him for the sale. Drive them to your sales landing page. Um, if you're ready to do that, um, again, this will always be a high converting email, but this is where you're gonna introduce your product. Hopefully, some of those sales and then as you go on culture in this relationship, you'll continue to bus objections and continue to ask for the sale. After you do this. Once asked for the sale every so often going forward. So that's your basic email sequence. I'll give you some time to write out that copy. Do you recommend doing it and a Microsoft Word or Google duck and then we'll go in and load it all into male jump. All right, we'll see you in the next one. 6. Creating Your First Automated Email: Hi. So you can see that we are back in the mail. Chimp dashboard. I'm going to show you how you're going to automate the sending of all of those emails that you hopefully took some painstaking time to craft. So we're gonna do is come up here to automate email. Welcome to subscribers. This is going to be I'll show you this first. So here, if you have the paid plan, this would be very simple for you. Because all you're gonna do is click on on boarding Siri's, and then you'll be able to do this multiple steps all in one place. But we're gonna be doing it a bit differently with this work around. So we're in a single email. I'm gonna call us on boarding email one. Begin. Yes, we're edit the delay. So they're going to get that first email with their free gift as soon as they sign up. So you want this email to be a little a little bit more delayed by going toe one day? Save. You can edit the email address if you want to a subject. So here you write. Play one more pity about, um, sort of this is the one that really introduces you so you can say like I know. Let me control a Yes, I know how you feel. I mean, take some time crafting these. Believe me, this preview text is what they're going to see next to their subject line and most, um, email inboxes. So it's good to have something there and the content around at the design. So here, if you cook up here, you'll be able to add your own logo. Both upload it if it's not in there already. This is the boozy biddies logos. I'm gonna look for the boozy biddies logo. Are you sorry? Give me a second hairier, and then click on it and then insert. And you can change the size of it if you want. I'm gonna go a little bit smaller. So here they've already inserted the name tags. So what this is saying is high. If there's a first name in there is gonna say, first name if first name, add the first name and if not so, be high and they'll be the name. And this is where you can add in your content that you put together for you our first email . So for me, I have this in this Google doc. This was my educate one's. I'm a little bit behind are ahead. You're doing your, um, introduction Introduction to yourself one so you'll see into the text. So in there it's good and emails that have a lot of spacing between your text. The final thing you want to do is go ahead and make sure that these air updated with your actual, um, user names for all of your social media if you have them. Certainly, Stephen, continue now it's all set. Will say start sending. All right, So now I'm gonna show you how to do a tag feature so that you can add your other emails into the sequence all automated. So I'm gonna get back to you in the next video with that again. If you have the paid version, you don't need to go any further because you'll be able to keep on adding emails to the sequence 7. How to Automate the Rest of Your Sequence: Okay, so now we're back, and we need to figure out how to send all those other e mails that we created out to your customers through automation. Now, this will be entirely automated for one piece because you don't have the paid male chimp version. You need to add a tag to your customers. That will then trigger the rest of the automation is for the other emails. So I take you over my shoulder and I'll show you how to add the tag feature. All right, when you're up here, you know the audience, manage audience, manage contacts and appeared This will drop down. We'll give you tags. It's going to create a tag here, so this will be lead magnets. Sign up, create this table. Serve two purposes. The first is if you title your lead magnet something that will tell you what the topic is. It'll this will basically indicate that these contacts are interested in a certain topic. So if it's the first month playbook that I showed you earlier, and I tag someone that that means that they're interested, they're at the starting a business phase. So it gives me that good information in my list. The other thing it does is it will help us trigger mawr email automation when we added to our contacts. So I set that up by going back up to automate email. And this time we're going to do email subscribers when they're tagged again. Busy bodies. And here what we're gonna do is go to edit here. You can do one day. Since you're doing this automatic, you're debuting this manually out of the tag. You can probably do it one day unless you're someone who's gonna come in here every single time. That someone you gotta paying that someone added to your list. You can decide if you want to do wait one days one day, Um, or if you want to do two or three, I'm gonna say, due to not 12 to and select the tag lead magnet. Sign up. There we go update trigger. And here we're going to go to design email. And here this is the same process that you did before. So you'll do your email subject your preview text. Um, this is I could help you again. Take some time deciding what you're going to say. Adamson Preview text I've been there. Makes your name shows. Well, my podcast company is boozy biddies. So from named Boozy is a little bit interesting, but you can edit your name, um, and then go to next. You'll have a bunch of different templates You can do save templates if you have any, which we don't in here. Um, let's go up here. It really is. Need text. So I'm going to do one column. All right. So again here, we're gonna go and replace the logo. I'm gonna shrink it a little bit like I did in the last one. And then here you can add a title, but you can get in, come to your copy, copy it and paste it in. Last thing is to be sure that to you edit these links to make sure they're live. And then if we're gonna use this going forward, go ahead and make sure you hit Save this template. One column sign saving. Continue. All right. If you have a paid plan, you just add emails here. Since we don't, we're gonna hit, save and exit to dash born. So I finished. Automation. Make sure you started first start sending all right. So now we need toe ad anywhere from one more. All the way up till three more emails are as many as you want to send. So to do that, we'll go back to automate again email customers when they're tagged. So it's the same tag. But you're gonna set up one email sequence for two days after their tagged one for three days, one for six days. So that way, they're gonna keep on coming sequentially. So here, we're going to edit. We're going to stay four days this time, So it'll be two days after they get the last email. Here we go again. Update trigger. And then you would go ahead and design your email of the exact same way test subject next. And then here we could go to save templates. This time, grab this one. Swap out your text copying and pasting into their Once you do that, you get saving. Continue. Here we go. Next. Se up. Start sending. It's a little pause here. Start sending. There you go. All right. So now you have three email scheduled because you have well, first of the final email with E um, lead magnet, then you have the final welcome email that's gonna go out about day after that, Then you have your first sequence and then your 2nd 1 So if you come in here, you'll be able to see them all. So here we have our own boarding email one and then emailing when they're tag, Really? When they're tagged, The only bummer is here. You can't see um, what the delay is and sending. So you might have to go in to hear, see my face up here, going to here and had edit to see Oh, is this the to day one or is this the four day one? But you keep on adding these sequences by continuing to go to automate email and then just doing a start number of days out from the tag. So two days out, four days out, eight days out, however many days apart, you want to space out those emails that's really up to you. A difficult on boarding sequence will usually run 2 to 3 weeks and then we'll get further apart. If you have other emails. After that, they won't be coming. Quite so I'm close together. But that is exactly how you will create this multiple automation. Um, and this way, you don't have to pay for a paid plan in male chimp. 8. Wrapping Up: All right, so there you have it. That is how you will design out a lead magnet that will sort of entice your audience and get them to give you their email addresses and how you will deliver that email magnet using the free version of mail Chimp and set up an automated email sequence again that having to pay for the militants software season. If you have any questions, always feel free to email me at KERA at well, wonderful dot com. That's Karen with a K. And, um, if you do have any issues connecting your mail chimp account to your website, there are lots of tutorials on that, um within skill share and other places so you can go ahead and figure it out. That will this be different depending on your website service provider? If you're using squarespace or WordPress or in a very between themes, that's why did not get into it here. But there definitely is help out there if you search for it. And once you do have your email marketing system, male chimps set up infected to your website. This is how you'll be able tow. Send out all those emails for free without having to pay for the paid plan of militant. All right, banks, and I'll see you in the next time.