Deliver Performance Feedback Like a World Class Leader | Lauren Streb | Skillshare

Deliver Performance Feedback Like a World Class Leader

Lauren Streb, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

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9 Videos (46m)
    • Introduction

    • C = Context

    • A = Action

    • R = Result

    • E = Expectations

    • 1st Key to to Self-Aware Performance Conversations

    • 2nd Key to to Self-Aware Performance Conversations

    • 3rd Key to to Self-Aware Performance Conversations

    • Class Project


About This Class

According to a recent Interact poll, 37% of managers report being uncomfortable giving feedback and an incredible 69% report being uncomfortable communicating with their employees in general.  Because we all know the tremendous benefits of effective performance management - higher retention, increased goal achievement, and development of valuable competencies, to name a few - it is imperative that managers receive support to improve their comfort and aptitude with these challenging discussions.

This class will teach you two critical skills that World Class Leaders use when delivering performance feedback.

In Part I, we will explore a formula for filtering stakeholder input and drafting feedback that is specific, clear, and actionable.  This formula is called the C.A.R.E. Model.  As we walk through the steps of the model, I will share best practices and watch outs that I experienced first hand during my tenure as a biotech executive.

In Part II, we will look at the advanced management skills - the emotional intelligence competencies - that enable World Class Leaders to deliver feedback that feels effective, empowering, and aligned with their own values.  I will share three practical keys to having performance feedback conversations with self-awareness.

In Part III, I will share the class project, which will give you a testing ground for these new skills.  You will have an opportunity to analyze feedback you have received and plan feedback you intend to give using the C.A.R.E. Model.  You will also have the opportunity to plan the support you need for your self-awareness and self-care during the conversation itself.

The good news is that the skills to deliver effective feedback and feel more comfortable while doing it can be learned!  Join the class to discover which elements you may be missing in your performance conversations.





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Lauren Streb

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

As an executive coach, I help leaders create careers and lives that fulfill them.  I lead them through a journey of assessments, self-inquiry, and storytelling that connects them to their strengths and desires.  Together, we craft a personal vision for what a successful life looks and feels like, on their terms.  Then we practice the skills and tools that will help turn that vision into reality. 

During my 14 years as a leader in Biotechnology, I often str...

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