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Delicious Thai Recipes from Chef Kae

Kae Alexander, Learn to Cook Thai with Chef Kae

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5 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Thai Krapow Gai (Spicy Chicken Stir Fry)

    • 2. Pad Pong Garee (Fried Duck and Yellow Curry)

    • 3. Pad Priow Wan (Sweet & Sour) Squid

    • 4. Larb Moo - Spicy Pork Salad

    • 5. Lime Soda


About This Class

Learn to cook traditional Thai recipes. This is Chef Kae's second course for cooking traditional Thai cuisine. Your instructor, Kae, was formally trained as a chef in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, at two world class Thai resorts. You will learn some simple but popular Thai dishes that you can easily prepare in minutes. We will add notes for ingredients you will need to prepare each dish.

  • This course is for cooks of all levels who enjoy Thai food
  • Learn to cook with authentic Thai ingredients
  • These are dishes that you can cook at home, without high heat and a wok
  • Most dishes only take a few minutes to prepare

Course curriculum

  • You will learn to cook several well known Thai dishes
  • Gain a basic understanding of Thai food preparation
  • Learn how to prepare Thai food as done in Thailand

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1. Thai Krapow Gai (Spicy Chicken Stir Fry): we will come to my cost today. I can teach you how to do a copout guy. She can, entire. Honestly, it is a proper fullest. And I think in the USA to we really enjoy it Over here. It's kind of a spicy chicken. Stir fry on rice, right? Or three venues. Noodles you can you know, you can use path or anything you would like to add to. Okay, so now you're slicing your chicken. Yes. Make sure you get a village. Half tough knife. Yeah, For safety. Make sure use a sharp knife and she's cutting it fairly thin. So that will cook evenly and quickly, right? Yes. Then today we're gonna make a just of one days. Maybe we you like to tie? Yes. Yeah, sure. That's a good idea. And we've got to soundtracks going here. We have a tie soundtrack for case Thai friends, and this one's English for everybody else, right? Yes. Okay, So she's sliced up the chicken and has a nice thin slices. And it's nice, Good white chicken breast. And you're putting it aside for cooking later, right? Yes. Now we're gonna prepare some ingredient, okay? And what are you doing now? I just don't make right. What's this is a sweet couple. You can use this couple, but if you lie it, who you can add Mom, too. And now we can you do a little pepper green happen and you know Paps. Okay. And is that just for decoration or can use just like all the green peppers Or any reason why using all three different colors we can have You can do it any individual but escape. How are we gonna have? Just, uh, pepper and onion doesn't usually viewed in Thailand. Okay, so the colors air just just for decoration, use just one color green. Yes. They usually viewed, uh, Breen Pi wien Soybeans? Yes, beings. But now I Today I not have the time being, but I did prepare for used, uh green pepper. Yes. Trump them all up into What? Little squares? Yes, Chopper is square, but you can if you lie to sin. Moderate h off you can do to nothing. So you could do it in thin slices or little squares. Just depends on how you like it. Yellow pepper. And I noticed in Thailand, sometimes you go somewhere and then they have tiny little squares of peppers and some are bigger square. So it's just how you like it. Prepared? Yes, because in Thailand gives me in Thailand, we have our later per and green Herberts. Somebody's expensive too. Oh, yeah. Now you get your little red chili peppers that you're chopping up, right? Yes. How many of those to use you to reviewed a fire? It gives me today Usually beautify seven to interest. But if defend you lie to how? How hot. So it depends how spicy like Yes. OK, now you're going for garlic. Yeah, garlic close. Just couple will be a couple. But if you lie to be organic is very strong. When you still five, some someone is maybe didn't like to. Okay, so So the garlic and the little red peppers is something that you add based on your taste. If you like it spicier. If you like more garlic, you dad more if you like less than less, right? Yes, But basically, if you don't add anything at all in its Americanized because it's not spicy. Yes. Now when you for everything, finish ladies and then we gonna dude sorry I continued a Swiss onions. Okay. Because of how we need to have Ah, squeeze on and you can thrive for seen u can thrive Far square depend You lie to just like the peppers. Yes. So it's all again Matter of taste. Make sure you change your graph, friend. Every time in the eufa just meet you. Huge is a vegetable, don't you? Together. So now you're heating up your walk on what medium heat? Yeah, you the Heidi foot and then have the make sure the water is we don't have the water in the past. So no water in the pan to start with nature. It's good and dry. I don't want everyone get hurt some summer. If you don't know, you have the water And then you asked I'm, uh, which will eyes and it'll start spattering. Yes. Now we're gonna use couples tablespoon for eyes. Vegetable oil. Yes, this ride. Okay, So she added a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil and I think you turn the heat down to medium now, right? Yes. Because you don't want it to bubble up too much. Yes, and still fire and make sure Now we gonna put chicken. I asked. You can first. Okay. She's adding in those thin slices of chicken. Onion Snuck in there? Yes. Make make sure not Not where When you put that, you can do very high too, because right, so keep the beat the heat on medium. No, because obviously the chicken has take time to cook in a few. Having on to high heat, it's it's gonna burn the outside. The inside will still not be cut. Yes. So you wanna cook it until the insides cooked in the outside world? Brown, right? Yes. Keep still, Fry. All keep stirring, right? Yeah, because you don't want to burn the outside's makes sense. Yeah. This man who is a very easy for you can cook at home and in greedy you can easy for Friday . You don't know how to defy. You can go. Obama, get HTM against any any issue. My good. Maybe they have some. The usual and pay sauce. Anything you need to know for your sausage, you're gonna use oyster sauce and soy sauce. Right? Sauce on the back. How we need to you to Okay, now I see it. You can already still now starting. Get brown. Looks like it's cooking thoroughly. Great guys still on medium heat? No. We gonna add some of God Garlic cloves chopped up? Yes. You can crowd who you write to most meal. But I top because are you destroyed that I'd be caught? You cannot smell tool. So you sliced him rather than minced garlic. Yes. Okay. And you? I see you just out of the red peppers. The cover Now, when you had later that is gonna make make sure color. It's no smell too much. And now I can ask some Arthur's sauce just a couple of tablespoons sauce to start. And now I'm gonna ask some The sauce About 1.5 tablespoons of his sauce. Yes, again. Depends on taste. And then you while brushing girls, he called it. The tip is good morning. Why should you care? But you can do the wise. You got Who? Yeah, I think you're right. Brown sugar. Absolutely. Husband. Now I'm gonna ask I'm a max oyster sauce. Black soy sauce. Yes. Because of how we how you need to use the back. So I saw How much did you put in? Two Tablespoons. Yes. I'm gonna make chicken turned brown Now. you trying to make, like a brown sauce? Yes, Bras sauce. So we get the chicken, red peppers and garlic. And now I can ask and green pepper and you look happen. And I knew picture will keep still. So keep things moving. Yes, keeping moving so that everything cooks evenly. And then now you can low you he because everything is okay. So lower the heat down somewhere between low and medium. Yes. Now I asked a little bit. Okay. And probably like what? 1/4 cup of water? Yes, not much. Just keep things moist. Don't want him to burn. And you want to get that nice little brown sauce that you're stirring up right now? Yes, it's looking really good. Now we get some alias. Yeah. Now it has a nice aroma to it. That's great. After you had anything, everything. Let it. You can just took you meanness. Don't don't wait too long. The car which we're gonna turn to cook, right? It's gonna get on munchie. And that's why we do these videos in real time. We're doing it in real time. So it gives you an idea how long to cook it, not just how to cook it. But how long? And as you can see she's doing in real time. And now I asked me, especially because it's very easy to Smith, the soul cooking, and then we caught We don't need. Now you turn off the heat and then just so the basil doesn't have to cook very long at all . And I see you got on really low heat because you don't wanna overcook it. Correct? Yes. Now I turn off. Yes, and you turn off the heat putting that aside. What are you cooking up next? So you get a new walk there? Yes. Now I gonna make sure we have Corp Arland. And now we make sure we're gonna have eggs. Five x Okay. As some tree tablespoon visualized, you know? So you gotta crank right up on higher right now in the heat just to get things going, right? Yes. Okay. Obviously you don't turn that down a little bit. You can use the two trees eggs, But today usually in a tire and weaken, you just one. Okay, so it depends on what you want. You can use 123 years now. We asked them, uh Saad can make sure. Rick. So you've had it. Salt and vegetable. All right? Yes. Okay. On your goes the egg, and you're right. In Thailand. I see that usually it's just one egg. But being that we're Americans and English people tend to eat bigger portions. You may want to do it with two or three eggs, right? Yes. Okay. Right. Lowering heat down to what? Is that low? Yes. And then the new law. And then after that, you can't turn a medium. Okay. Tight. And what do you doing now? Stirring the oil around like that? Mitchell, Uh, I'm gonna make you I can cook the eggs. Biggest cool on top. Oh, I see. So you're You're almost, like trying to cook it on top of having to flip it over. Yes. And then you can move the planned May toe. You're always good on top of eggs. Well, that's interesting. So rather than flipping the egg around inside the oil, you're leaving it alone. And you just flipping the oil off on, Talked to cook the top of the egg? Yes, because how are we gonna wanna on top is wide but cool. Oh, okay. And then you can If you want to brow, you can do. But you want medium or you want and cook. You can do any for you. Yes. In this case, it's kind of like a medium medium. Looks good. Take that. Put that aside. You got some brown rice there. So you're going the healthy route rather than using jasmine rice. Usually just like just a very good reason How? Okay. So traditionally, you could use jasmine rice, but she's just using brown rice today just for those who were health minded, I guess Back to your meat and vegetable mixture. All right. Showing the rice. Yes, you can use it. Ah, spaghetti. You can use Pata. You you don't like to lice you. You could even use nobody. You can use noodle. Well, that's looking good. I hope you enjoyed your cooking with me. And any correction? You can contact me, chef k dot com or through your facebook site. Yes. Okay. Great. While that that's looking really good and part of the enjoyment is not only the taste of everything, but just how well it looks Now. We had that some eggs and look good. Yes. And you can decorate for ritual. You don't need to use just baseballs. You can you do anything you want to answer? You could you could put like cilantro on their What? Yes. Okay, just a garnish. That looks great. And it smells great. Would you like to tide me? And if you can, you cook and you have every question can act me and talk to me in ticket. Ofcom. Great. Okay, well, that's gonna conclude this course and we look forward to seeing you on chef k dot com. Thank you so much. 2. Pad Pong Garee (Fried Duck and Yellow Curry): Hi, I am K. I want to show you how cool happily agree, Doc. I hope you enjoy. Okay, We're going to start with a pre cooked duck, half a duck that you can get. And I had any supermarket place like Costco's somewhere like that, just in the interest of this video. To save some time, you could use a fresh duck, but the preparation time for the duck would be quite a bit longer than if you used a pre cooked half a duck. Is that correct? Yes. Now we start. When? When you tyto try shop some vegetable. You need to turn. I need to prepare for a fight. Make mom. Okay. I see. So you warmed up your oil before you. You're starting your with your vegetables. So you've got what? Celery, scallions and sweets on you. Okay, you meal. And you know you're Yes. Okay, then. Now I start to chop some surgery. Okay, So what's like You're just one stalk of celery you're chopping up? Yes. You can add more value to okay, all based on preference. What we have here scaring you just a couple of scary chapter don't need to very shot really wrong. Just OK. Looks like you got about three of them there. Yes, yellow pepper. That's Is that more for color? Yeah. Small car and sleaze, sweetie. And course you can You can vary that Make, um, bigger. Smaller, right? Yeah. Like usual and sweet onion. But today we're gonna beautiful to me. X Okay. Yes, case you got to raw eggs. It's a and then gonna ask them. I could, you know, curry. Okay. About how much Curries in that dish Couple tablespoons. Yes. Couple tablespoon and, uh, four teaspoons. Um, yuk, about quarter cup of milk on your beat. Again. Together? Yes. Make make sure everything is combined. Really? Well, yes. Okay. It doesn't take very long. This man. You see you see toe cool. Prepare everything and ritual. Excuse me and our ingredients. You can have everything you lie to. Okay? So you can change it a little bit in that things toe. Okay. There goes the duck. Make sure done, uh, put you don't want. Okay, So the heat looks like it's about medium. And so that oil's pretty hot, so just take your time, putting it in in case of professional chefs. So she's using her fingers a bit more than I would. If it was me, I'd probably use, um, tongues or something. I'd be a little bit nervous. Yes. If you're a town, be good. More for you. Be safer, be saved. But for me, my finger is to Boone now, right? You're used to it. So you know what you're doing. Okay? No. What are we doing now? I had some, uh, Kabul three spoon. They start in about a teaspoon and I just saw and had a two teaspoon brow chuka. And mix that all into your your curry and eggs. Yeah, you prepared. Earlier, I had a three spoon piece of your favorite food following three tablespoons of oil. Yeah, and again, she's lowered the heat down a little bit on the second walk. So right now, both of them are low heat. And that duck is kind of just sitting there, cooking slowly and she's taking her egg mixture. Egging. Hurry, mixture. Putting it into the second walk slowly, right? Yes. Pick there, Tony. Mixing it into the vegetable oil. You just turn the heat up a little bit. Yes. And don't forget to You need to stow could we not get wound? Right? You don't want to burn it. But you wanted to quit cooking fairly quick. Made it big. Go hard pad. And I put some in visual media. Okay, Duck over there is getting pretty brown. That's nice on folding in the vegetables, right? Yes. Well, that looks really good. Just turn the heat up on your duck a little bit. I noticed so that so they end up cooking in about same time, right? Yes. Okay. So you know, you don't want you kind of want to watch the ducks so that it gets nice and golden brown and cooked on the inside. But you don't cook it too fast and have it burned on the outside and have a raw in the middle. Yes, When you start, you should put some coin. That's why you ritual my car. Okay, then you're flipping the doctor around now? Yes. Oh, yeah. Make sure you right for safety. You should use tongs or something. I would not dare to do what she's doing with their fingers. It's a little bit too close for comfort for me, so definitely use some tongues. And you're just whisking the oil on top to kind of cook it evenly everywhere. Yes, it's looking really good. Make make sure the news. Hide me God, Royce. So always stay medium or lower, right? Medium or low heat. Okay, So, no, Heidi, because we don't want burn something on the outside not having cook in the middle. And keep in mind this is a pre cooked half a dark. So this is actually ideal If if you want to make this dish fairly quickly and have it turn out right, So you want to to walk how to do given me? No, you can. You have some questions, right? Yeah. If you have any questions, you can ask it. Chef k dot com. Of course. Here on the you know, me site. Or you can go to her Facebook page or Facebook group. So there's plenty of resource is to ask questions. See, she's flipped it over several times, so it cooks evenly everywhere. And this is probably what the prosthetics longest is cooking the duck, right? Yes. You can't make you, uh you're gonna see you comin. Nice golden color. Right? Okay, look. Solar on the other walk. It looks like that's pretty much done. Just kind of keeping it warm right in the vegetables. Soften up a little. Okay. Again, Naturally. You talk, right? I definitely would. If it was me cooking, I would use tongs. I would not use my injuries. Now you're gonna see the skin group row, go. OK, so you leave. So you leave the skin on the duck so that you get that nice brown color, right? Yes. Okay. But of course, if if you eat it, you can just take the skin off if you don't like the skin and preparing it for the plate. Looking pretty good. Now we lady too ready for your curry mixture? Yes. Well, that all looks really good. You can have some water if it's a little too. Thank you, can you? Right. Right. So you can you can have it is to your own consistency. If you'd like it a little thinner or a little thicker, it's It's all up to just putting a little bit of water in there. I got tired. This This looks pretty good. Just the way it is. Looks just about perfect. Wow. You see if you cook it I think so. Yeah, I think is very easy to cook. I mean, like I said, the longest parts, Probably the duck. But you want to make sure that it's cooked well, which it looks like it is. You can have. Thank you. Combo Dick curry To write, garnish with cucumbers or still control. Now you see you under Thai Wonder T. Okay. It looks very good. It looks like somebody wants to taste it. Every meal I cook, I want to take food right now. That makes sense. Yes. Looks like you're happy with it. Yes, I'm really happy, Teoh. And I am too. Of course I'm the 2nd 1 in mind. Now we're gonna see amused inside. No. Very good. Oh, yeah. If the white meat on the outside in the dark. Meat in the middle, right? Yes, it's really good. And again no MSG. Everything's pretty much natural. So Great meal. And thank you for watching the video with me. Hope you enjoy 3. Pad Priow Wan (Sweet & Sour) Squid: I like to show you how to cook popular ones. I hope you enjoyed me now. Ever passed, creature. So now you're preparing the squid, and it looks like about 1/2 a pound of it. And you're getting ready to slice it up into half inch slices? Yes. Okay. So again, you have to be careful with the knife on. You want to make sure it's a good, sharp knife so you don't cut yourself while you're working. And, uh, you should also review proper knife skills if you're not really sure how to do it. So, um, so for this dish pad, pre awan squid means sweet and sour squid. The first thing you do obviously, is like you doing. You're slicing up the squid into half inch slices. And after that, I think you're gonna prepare the vegetables next before you cook it, right? Yes. Now I'm gonna troll, Uh, how, how Who, Uh, how is ingredient you'd, and you're gonna see what you todo You're going to show us the ingredients. Yeah, engaging her all right. And the squid is this fresh or frozen? Today I uda forcing people cannot fight Fresh writes hard to find fresh squid in season in the United States sometimes. And what do you have here for your vegetables and fruits today, you your your purple and green que combo and pineapples. But you can do it too, Griffin. You light. Okay. I feel slicing up your green peppers into thin slices. You can also dice them up in little pieces if you want. You can Maybe some, uh, you have a kid. They don't like you because I've seen it both ways. I guess it just depends how you want the dish to look when you're done. And it's weird, because in Thailand, I see it sliced up really small. But in the United States, usually the vegetables air sliced bigger. Okay, so getting everything ready? Coupon, Come slicing cucumber. Okay. Okay. Any special way that you're slicing the cucumber? Yes. I gotta peel some skin off and leave some for decoration. Yes. Okay. I guess we'll see you when you're all done. How that works. So Okay. Yeah, What's kind of cool? You could have cut half. Okay, I'm gonna slice some. So you're cutting it in half first, and then you're slicing them? Yes. So they look like little half moons. Yes. Okay. No matter you want to cut how to again, It's all. Yeah, it's Harry. However you prefer today you differences, Whereas pineapple, So fresh pineapple you don't use can, right? Usually I don't use, but if you cannot fight a press a pineapple, you can You can. Okay, what? And obviously, you're going to get more juice and so forth out of fresh pineapple than you went out of the can. Use house. Three onion. Okay. Sweet onion. Yes. About what? 1/3 of an onion, right? Yes. But you can add martyr you like according to your taste and scallions. 34 scallions. Sliced up. Yes. And then you can add a more ritual if you like, But I usually recommend for you. Can you do you? Don't forget to put a pineapple and Q combo. Okay, Now you're getting ready to cook at all. Yes. Today you had a baby or two manhole and limes. Yes. So what you got like, 45 lime slices there? Yes. And heating up your oil. What's that? About how she'd now, how much oil you haven't. I can put it a true T tablespoon. And you don't want it hot because you don't want to splatter all over your just hot at first and then put it down on medium. Just get it going, right? Yes. You don't want Overcook this squid? Obviously. So? So you want the temperature to be be hot, but not too hot. You know, I asked no speeding and you don't have to cook it very long, right? Just till it turns white. Yes, because before it's cooked, it's kind of like a beige color. But once once you're cooking, it turns white. Yeah, you don't have to cook it very long at all before you start adding in your veggies and your fruit. Right now. I asked him to come both on and pineapple for us because they have a some cucumber and I never would have some dude from pineapple and cucumber. Okay, so it kind of takes the juice Alvaro's and makes like a little sauce. What's really good now against meal? Very nice And best thing of all, it doesn't take long to cook. This does it so something that you could make really quick and you have everything done. May be taking a fire to seven minutes to go really fast food faster than McDonald's. So who needs stuff like that when you really good food and fast Right at home now? Yes. I'm a seesaw couples food table star couple tablespoons of your sauce. And then I used a brown, uh, just a one spoon table. And then, uh, you'd either saw the two tablespoons two tablespoons oyster sauce. Yes. You know, you can add more anything. OK, so if you like a little sweeter, you could put more brown sugar. Okay. Hi, Andi, not you. The imagery to because we don't need you, right? Yeah. Obviously it's tasty enough. You don't need that any kind of added. It's like that. Looks like you got a really good sauce going there. Yeah, now made me hungry. Yeah, me too. So you added in the rest of your ingredients? Yes. Now we put a baby cherry tomatoes. Yes, I call baby. Yeah, well, same thing. And what about the lines? So you wait till last G after we turn up the heat. Everything okay? So you don't have the lime juice because you don't want to make it bitter, right? Yes. Okay. No, it's looking really good. Taste good too. Well, so it's just about done. There goes the heat, turning it off. Maybe every time you turn happy, you're OK. So So this is really important. I see she's hearing the heat off, and now she's adding the lime juice, right? Yes. Okay. Don't add the lime juice while the heat is on added after. But if you have Ah, some. When you do, some have questioned, you can you can contact, right? People can go to chef k dot com. They can go to your Facebook group or your Facebook page for Chef K, or they can go right here on you to me and ask questions on you know, me. And you could help people out, right? Yes. Well, this is looking really good, and yeah, very good. And the good thing is, the ingredients you can find just about any supermarket, maybe an Asian supermarket, but, uh wow. Looks like somebody is enjoying our work. So good. Now I know you right to now, And you can have jasmine rice with that too, right? Yes. And making the additional really pretty. And if you really I really want to make a meal out of it. Like I said at a cup of jasmine rice right next to it. That would really be good, right? Yes. But if you're on a diet and one skipped the rice, then this is ideal. Yes, but if you sometimes you don't like to cook a scattering too much, you can add after. Don't. Now you can add under top two. Sure. Garnish. It's like you just about done very cook yet Very cool and very easy to cook with me. Yes, I think so. It looks like somebody's going to sample our own work. Yes, like pineapple. Save some for may. Good. Okay. And thank you so much for watching video and cooking with me. I hope you enjoy. 4. Larb Moo - Spicy Pork Salad: And hey, I like to show you how to cook. I hope you enjoy with me now. No fun when people, you know, I take my travel stuff today. I don't think money need have them talk to Deanna. I was happy subsection 14 but just okay, you call. No, no. Can you know how lucky it is high? I am alone. I don't think again. Okay. Type and couldn't hit just No. Go meet the chi in her trait, Um, ago Can t and, uh now go pick I go make compared at t two. New go to seven. Actually born some. I'm a normal yet? I don't know. Top guns. How broken? Mentally it our lab? No go medium and memory Pick a month. You need to have our liking. How did that taken home something? Thank you for taking home. Go. She you can do. I think it's been packed up. Flotilla team have got He did that. Don. Thank you. No go. She turn. Get tight on Karl. That damn right I would have been acting. I have a cheek. Yeah, You need a No, I just did. You know, So did ride today. Teoh. Yeah, e. No way can you know about. It's fine. You have a Oh, wow. I'm gonna run away. - What ? You gonna you know that Okay. By my crew cut people up. Oh, when your shoe like I'm gonna I didn't have to get them. Why? I hope that Stein Nina hanging That's a got any, you know, sighted time can you can meet her to go. I felt some nice I could get a live by. No life because, like that come to trouble people when he you go. You know, Roy much man coming home yet Because it I love I think that's a sort. 5. Lime Soda: honey bunch How God go. You didn't have any enemies, you know? Have any gave You may know No, my love Me One going get may know number now me from times to exclude me Coming along can get some time So die so that I had to meet you How you look at how we got here My anxiety may say that I was now So Dax 20 a po'boy been mulling Got me with you again Get him along than I do home while my comic with hand you in a monogamous It was a big Katnik apart. You know about that? Oh, yeah, I have a long, long wiki. No, I got I You got the time. And now if I give me my now so they have made coming I they have been claiming that, uh I mean, it got tight. Go ahead, man. From Afghani. You know, grand. If I I don't And I'm on our lawyer number now. Deploying. Let me just say you're hyping planned. It's a trap. It's a chaplain around noon. You know them back? - No way. Get about him. - Okay , here's I probably It was like buying up no good thing. I don't get it now. Someone with a moving Nina Marco Polo chip and pin cannot me look up. She got new hookup there. You know I haven't. Do you know what I mean? You know? God, I'm not, you know. Yeah, I do. I think being can you go to be brought in a Have you You know, the approach to me Finding I not up a home, hang a pencil. Take that. How you got the bounty video? Did I? If I go there, just aren't Vicki. Banky, get got the ham attack would call me, and then I come a heck, It would do the machine. You know, when you don't know how now So let me, uh, see how I get out. Do what is a cruel Rocca? Me? Oh, but you tell you got then Army side shared by If I had because I didn t I And the holiday we tie teen and I'm going by Oh, take a five