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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Burrito Recipe Introduction

    • 3. Tortilla Dough Mix

    • 4. Knead Your Tortilla Dough

    • 5. Tortilla Dough Shaping

    • 6. Cooking Your Tortillas

    • 7. Prepare Your Uncooked Filling

    • 8. Prepare Your Cooked Filling

    • 9. Assemble Your Burritos

    • 10. Tortilla Burrito Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class you will learn the methods & techniques to make your very own Sourdough Tortillas from scratch & how to use it to make delicious Burritos.

These lessons are designed to be as easy yet digestible as possible no matter your skill level. Which is why, for further accessibility, a comprehensive PDF guide containing all recipe Ingredients & Instructions is included for quick and easy reference.

Furthermore, all baking temperatures & measurements are also provided in both Metric & Imperial units for complete ease of use.

Simply put, there is no better way to begin cooking your very own Sourdough Tortilla Burritos for you and all of your loved ones to enjoy!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marceau Dauboin

Artisan Baker/Owner at The Yeastie Bois


Hi there, I'm Marceau! I am a half French, half South African 21 year old based in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been baking as a hobby from my teens up until 2019 when I opened my own Artisan Home Bakery called The Yeastie Bois.

Since then I have written 3 Cookbooks and have published over 16 classes on how to bake some of my favourite Breads, Meals & Desserts!

Doing this has allowed me to learn & share more about my passion for food that I could never have imagined possible and I am so incredibly humbled by the amazing support I have received over the years.

I truly cannot wait to embark with you on this amazing culinary journey together so I hope to be seeing you soon!


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1. Welcome!: Hi there, my name is muscle of the war. And in this cooking class, I'll be guiding you through the process of creating your very own sourdough tortillas and how to use them to make the most delicious burritos. This class is structured and designed to be a simple yet informative as possible with short bite-size lessons, as well as a written guy to help make your cooking experience as enjoyable as can be. Using solder in this recipe will make creating the perfectly soft and delicious tortillas such a breeze. But if for whatever reason you do not have your own or simply need a refresher, then do feel free to check out my dedicated sourdough starter class, which you can find on my teacher profile all through the search tab above. With that said, this recipe is the second of a six part series designed to help people of all skill levels discovered the amazing world of sourdough cooking. So do be sure to hit the Follow button above to not miss out on any upcoming recipes, such as these artisan hotdogs or even the Saudis VLT sandwich. With all of that out of the way. However, let's jump straight into the following lesson where we should be taking a look at the ingredients needed to make the perfect tortilla burritos. 2. Burrito Recipe Introduction: Welcome to the first lesson on crafting your very own burritos from scratch with deliciously soft sourdough tortillas, just in case you're not familiar. A tortilla is the name of the outer casing of a burrito that keeps all of the delicious filling wrapped up, which is why you may also know it as a wrap. The measurements for this recipe will allow you to create full medium burritos with an additional photo T is for you to use at a later date. So if Wow, tortilla dose flower, I've decided to go with regular white bread flour as it provides a closer texture. But if that is not available to you, then all purpose flour is an excellent substitute. Then for the sourdough starter. Do remember to prepare it the night before or at least eight hours prior to attempting the recipe. I use my rice daughter as it produces a more interesting flavor. But again, as long as it's active and mature, you can use just about any flower base starter. Moving onto our feelings, we are going to separate our cooked an uncooked ingredients. For the latter, this is what you'll need to prepare. I could unfortunately only fine a green pepper and my grocery store, but I would recommend you use a red pepper instead as it is sweeter and slightly less bitter, then for cooked filling. These other acquired ingredients, there is not much to be discussed here. So let's move on to the spices you will need. You're more than welcome to adjust the amount of jelly depending on how spicy you enjoy foods. With this amount, you'll end up with mild to medium hot burritos. As a final note, you will be needing to use additional vegetable oil as aggressing and frying agent throughout the recipe. So do be sure to have some available both those ingredients out of the way. Let's jump straight into the following lesson where we shall begin making tortillas. 3. Tortilla Dough Mix: So to begin mixing your sourdough tortillas measure out 315 grams of white bread flour into your bowl, making sure to use a scale for accurate measurements from there at in six grams of salt. And then store that in with the spoon so that it is evenly distributed throughout the flower. Now, pour in a 160 grams of water, as well as the 60 grams of sourdough starter that you prepared the night before. Gently mix all of those ingredients by hand for a minute or so until they are roughly incorporated into our dough. Just be sure not to over mix as we still have one more ingredient too, the butter. I will be explaining why this has added lost in a second. But for now, measure out 40 grams of unsalted butter. And just to soften it up slightly, you may heat it in your microwave for ten to 15 seconds before adding it to your mixture. Button is added lost in this case as its fats can prevent gluten formation by coating the proteins which will develop it. We went out for two years to be as soft as possible, but without developed gluten, they will easily. That is why it is important to mix all of your ingredients first, developing that gluten before it is coated by butter. 4. Knead Your Tortilla Dough: When your button has been added, mixture DO once again in your bowl until it is fully incorporated and then begin needing you're doing your work counter using your palms to push and folded over itself like this. You are going to continue to need for approximately six minutes. That technique gets too tiring. You may also use both of your hands to rolled the die out in a v pattern. I generally use a combination of both methods, switching between them every minute. Also, it is important to need your dough in order to develop its gluten, but you're more than welcome to instead perform stretching folds with 15 minute intervals, like in the previous sourdough pizza recipe. I just find that for this button enriched dough in particular, the kneading method works best. Now, when you have finished working the dough for those six minutes, it should begin to be very smooth. If not, simply continue for a few additional minutes until it is from there, placeholder back into its bowl and then covered with a damp cloth to proof at room temperature for half an hour. When that time is done, move your bowl to the fridge to rest overnight. But if you are feeling a bit impatient, you also have the option of preparing your tortillas right away. I generally find it easier to work the dough and get best results when fully rested. But if you are in a hurry, it is possible to start immediately. As a final note, do also remember to refresh your sourdough starter. Surgeon me use it again at a later date. But with that said, I shall see you in the next lesson. 5. Tortilla Dough Shaping: For me, it is now the following morning. So let's get started with shaping our dough into tortillas that will be ready to cook. So first of all, remove your bool from your bowl and then place it on a flowered work surface. From there, take out your bench scraper or spatula and begin cutting the dough into eight equal pieces. I'd also recommend measuring them out on your scale, so they'll even in size at 70 grams per piece. You're now going to shape them into small bools. So first, take one of its corners and stretch it out before folding it back over its centre. Repeating this process around the entire circumference. Then flip your dough piece over unusual palms to gently pull it sides under itself in a rotating motion, essentially creating a smooth ball. From there, repeat this technique with all remaining pieces until you are left with eight bools. When that is done, flout the top of one of them and then flattened it out with your hand. Then use eroding pinned to stretch it out even further. If it starts to resist you too much, you may cover your balls up with a dry cloth and let their gluten rest for 20 minutes. Otherwise, continue flattening your tortillas using a combination of your rolling pin on your hands to stretch it out evenly into a circular shape. If it begins to stick, simply reflow your work surface as well as the top of the DOE. Once a tortilla reaches approximately 20 centimeters wide, put it to the side and covered with a dry cloth so that it does not dry out. Repeat the same stretching method with all of your 13 years, but just be sure to reflow the surface before stacking them on top of one another. Or they may stick together. When they have all been flattened out, place your stack on a flat plate and transferred over next to your stove. 6. Cooking Your Tortillas: You may now take out a large pan and place it on your stove top. In my case, I will be using a cast iron skillet, but you're more than welcome to use just about any pan you have available to you to properly cook your tortillas. You are going to need your pan to be very hot. So set the heat to high. And while you wait a few minutes for that to come up to temperature, plays a large dry cloth near your stove to use as a tortilla warmer? Because I have a gas stove, my pan heated up quite quickly and roughly two minutes. But if yours is electrical, you might have to wait just a little longer for it to come up to temperature. Once it does, however, dropping a tortilla, trying your best to prevent too many creases from forming. Let it cook on one side for 30 seconds. And when that is done, flip it over with a spatula, a letter cook for an additional 30 seconds. If you notice your first tortilla getting slightly burnt than job the cooking time to about 20 seconds per aside from their stack Yo tortilla in the cloth before covering it over. And then continue cooking all of your remaining roar tortillas. When those are all done, make sure they're well covered so that they keep fresh and warm. But with that said, let's jump into the next lesson where we shall begin preparing the filling far burritos. 7. Prepare Your Uncooked Filling: So we are going to split, are falling into two separate parts. Half of which is going to be cooked while the other will remain fresh in order to bring a nice balance of flavor and temperature to our burritos. So for the latter, you're going to need to take out a one small cucumber as well as one paper of which we will only be using half. You will also need to tomatoes. As you see, I initially took out for the two ended up being just enough. From there. Use a sharp knife to dice all those ingredients into a bowl. Just remember to remove the white core of your paper before slicing. Moving on, you're now going to make your Whac-A-Mole. So take out too large and ripe avocados from their, slice them and half to remove the kernel. Then uses spoon to scoop out the inside of the average into your bowl and then continue with all halves that remain. At this point. Take out a fork and begin a pure eying your avocados halfway through at salt-and-pepper to taste. And then finish mashing with your fork until you are left with Whac-A-Mole. 8. Prepare Your Cooked Filling: The first ingredient you're going to need for the second half of your filling is four anions. So quickly cut those in half and began thinly slicing them from their Dice. Three cloves of garlic. Move that to the side, and then d burned 600 grams of chicken breasts before cutting the meat into elongated strips. Finally, the last ingredients are going to need to prepare before cooking or your spices. So in a bowl, add into grams of chili flakes, eight grams of paprika, and two grams of parsley. Give that a quick mix using your spoon and do be sure to have that nearby when picking your fill-in, Speaking of which, take out your pen and once again place it on medium heat. Then foreign 20 grams of vegetable or olive oil, as in your onions, and let that cook for four minutes all until they begin to appear translucent. Just remember to stir intermittently to prevent them from burning. However, when that time is over, make some space in your pan and then add all of your chicken strips. So that while to make sure it gets evenly cooked and poor in an additional ten grams of oil, a moisture and prevent sticking. Let that cook for four minutes before adding your dice garlic, and then let that continue frying for two additional minutes. Once that time is done, 200 grams of tomato paste, a 100 grams of water. You're spice mix. And finally, salt and pepper to taste. Thoroughly stir all of those ingredients and the natural pants summer for one final minutes before removing it from the heat. 9. Assemble Your Burritos: Now that all of your ingredients have finally been prepared, it is time to assemble your burritos. So to start, take out one of your solder tortillas and apply a generous but small layer of Whac-A-Mole near-Earth space. This will be the area in which you place your filling from there at a generous amount of your cooked tomato chicken, as well as your fresh vegetable mix. You may use your hands to Johnny compressed that together as it will be easier to roll. Just be careful not to overfill your burrito or it may not close. Now for the burrito folding method, This might be slightly difficult and messy on your first attempt, but it will get much easier as you go along. So first of all, folder to reassign your tortilla at an angle over your fill-in. Then take the side facing you and Jenny rapid over those folds using your hands to prevent the filling from spilling out. Fall both of the remaining sides at an angle towards the center, and then continue running the burrito from the back until it is fully enclosed. Even though I have done this many times and still be a bit of a struggle, my advice for you would be to start with a small amount of filling for your first burrito so that it is relatively easy to roll. If it fails, simply undo the rap to restart from scratch. Trust me, after your first burritos and will become much easier. 10. Tortilla Burrito Conclusion: Congratulations on making it to the final lesson of this sourdough recipe. I am so excited to try these out. But first know burrito would be complete without a cross-section. And would you, and how delicious that appears. These burritos was so good in fact, that I just had to share them with my mother, who has been quietly staffing off-camera for the past 30 minutes. You are more than welcome to keep your additional tortillas in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer indefinitely. Just remember to thaw them out before using them. With all of that said, I hope that you have enjoyed learning this recipe and I cannot wait for you to join me in the next section of this course, where you shall learn how to make the perfect Saudi hotdogs.