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Delicate Winter Landscapes with Watercolor


Delicate Winter Landscapes with Watercolor


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8 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Welcome to my class

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Painting 1 - Let it Snow!

    • 4. Painting 2 - The Autumn Snow

    • 5. Painting 3 - The Snowy Woods

    • 6. Painting 4 - Winter Violets

    • 7. Painting 5 - Village in the Snow

    • 8. Thank you for Watching

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About This Class

Watercolour is one of the most unique mediums for creating art. It's unpredictability and unique characteristics makes it the dearest medium of most of the artists.

In this class we are going to learn some techniques in painting quick and easy delicate winter landscapes. I have carefully chosen 5 delicate winters to celebrate the season. 

Come join me to paint your own winter :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zaneena Nabeel



Hey there! Myself Zaneena Nabeel, an architect by profession and an artist by everything. I'm originally from India, currently based in Dubai. I experiments and enjoys all sorts of medium. For me art is a therapy and I find immense happiness playing with colours.

Since early childhood I loved to draw and paint. when I joined for my architecture studies I totally gave up on art as I got so busy with my studies, but the love for art was growing deep inside me. Once I graduated and moved to Dubai I started investing little of time on art. I started visiting art events and talks and realized the endless world of colours waiting for me. Within no time I took my tools and came back in action and started an Instagram page and here I'm :) 

Now I conduct local/... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my class: There's something magical about window the light on a freezing cold morning that sleeping through the window on that hard cup of coffee, and there are so many more little moments to enjoy in winter on. It's that time of the year when you have to take off all your wool includes and embrace the cold Better. Hello, everyone, my Simpson in an abuse. I'm an artist originally from India, currently reciting into by. Although we don't get to experience snow and both the places I still can't get over my first experience playing but snow today I'm gonna take you through a window into Class Bear . We will be painting five unique, delicate winter landscapes. Each of these five paintings are done using a limited palette on All of them are explained in real time. With all this three steps. Each of the five paintings that we will be doing today as well chosen to celebrate the season on there just so perfect to go as a holiday team card so quickly, go grab a cup of hot coffee, light up some candles, go to that cosy corner in your house on Let's enjoy the magical window 2. Materials : Let's now have a look at the materials that you'll need to follow. My class will start with the paper. I'll be working on small piece of paper on the Sarhan tone from an a four sized carding people. I took the a four size paper on divided that into two on. I just store the paper into two pieces. Okay, now I'm gonna tear this again and toe another to pieces so I could say my papers roughly in a six eyes. You can go with any paper off your child's go with the paper off minimum 1 40 l B, which is 100% Carter. That will work perfect for this class on now. Talking about the brush, I will be using three round brushes for this class, a size number 12 round brush for my bigger washes and a medium size pressure. But the size number six on a smaller brush for the little detail, which is size number two. So these are the three bridges that I will be using. This tree are from Princeton. Hurrydate Syria's. You can go with any birth study have got. It doesn't necessarily need to be from Princeton. Are any specific brand. Now let's talk about the watercolor. I will be using couple of shades from the brand's art philosophy. The colors required will be mentioned at the beginning, off each painting again, the brand doesn't matter. You can try and get similar shades from the plan that you have got. Now, to mix your clothes, you will need a palette. I will be using this level shaped palate from the brand art philosophy. It has got multiple wells that is really helpful when you're working with multiple colors, I can separate each color into all these different divisions. You can go with any palate that you normally use on toe. Adam. The white little details I will be using a Why chip in on also to splatters and white onto our paintings. I will be using a white water color. This is from the brand artist, so you can either use by gua. Sure, why? Toward a color, you will leave two jars of water. One has to stay clean and the other one extra prints off the pain from your brush on last but not the least, you will need a pencil. Then you will need an eraser on also some paper towel. I won't be using a masking tape. I will be leaving the sides Asset Er's. I want my paintings to be a little loose and drops, so if you want clean edges, you cannot base you some asking team that's strictly up to you. So grab all the materials and join me in my next video. Let's get started. 3. Painting 1 - Let it Snow!: Let's begin the double repentance catch. I'm gonna add a bigger house on the left side. I'm not adding masking tape on the four sides. If you want clean edges, you could do that. I wanted to be a little rough on lose toe. I'm just leaving it. Tacitus. Now I'm gonna add the second house right here. The pencil sketches. Very simple. You just need to add the outline of the house Onda window inside. And that's it on that So sketch. Now I'm gonna take my size Number six strong brush. Go with any medium sized brush on using this brush, I'm gonna apply a one million dread onto the house. I'm gonna fill up the entire house and this color, leaving those windows So you could either go with Scarlett, right or were 1,000,000. Or if you want to go with a more muted on articular, you could also use born Sina or any color off your child's. I'm gonna go with a bright, orangish red color for this houses. If you prefer a lighter tone, you could do that. Ask Oh, I'm going with the very brighter tune because these two houses are the identity off the painting on I won't our subject to stand out on. That's why I'm going with a brighter tone. So the college eyes on the tonal value off the color is totally up to you. Just leave those windows. Acid is on Philip, the remaining off the house. Now when you reach the bottom of the house, you shouldn't be applying the pain in a straight line. Just go with an irregular, bumpy kind of a shape at this bottom line. They're trying to create little amounts of snow, so make sure you don't apply your pain in a straight line. Thing is how I have applied it. He could see I created little pumps off snow there. The same goes with the other house asked, Will. I will be painting the entire house in this call range. Andi At the bottom, I will create a similar kind off shape, and also when you start with your second house, leave a little wide space like this in between. We don't want the two houses toe touch each other. Just leave a light white line like this. If you missed early that gap or if your paint smudged into each other That's okay. You could come back and add in a white line using your why Children or a detailing brush. So don't worry about that, but be careful not to our any pain onto that goingto. If you want to switch to a D dealing brush, please go ahead. We want a clean border around the window. So we applied the base coat. Now I'm switching to Bond. Sina Andi, I'm gonna add a line under the rules right here on Also at this inclined line, this is to replicate the shadows. Now you need to do the same for the window sas for ah Bonsignore. Line on the left and also at the bottom. And now I'm switching to a bigger size brush on and I'm gonna apply paint onto the sky. The size number 12 brush by Princeton. I'm going into go for the sky. This is to create that moody effect. I'm not going but brighter blue. I want a dull blue for the sky. So I'm going with indigo. When you reach the roof line, don't apply your pain in a straight line. Go with the bumpy shape so that it looks like there's a lot of snow on the rooftop. Now apply the paint on the remaining off the sky. I'm going with a bit of Dhaka tone at the top on. As I come down, I'm making the tuned lighter. - As I'm hitting the horizon line, I'm again going with a brighter tone off blue, not to pride the same blue, which I goes from the top off the sky. Make sure you're adding the horizon line at almost 34 the height of the house. It's always better to keep it this way rather than drawing at the center or a two parter so that to several first wash of the sky will be coming back with more taco tombs. This is how it is looking at the moment before the sky dries. I'm going with the Jackal tune so that it will smart aunt bleed into the sky, just dropping some darko tones off indigo. At this horizon line, exist agreed that dens, trees and forest sort of effect go with a very loose style, let it blend and bleed into the sky and create a pattern off its own. You just need to drop in some paint into the wet background on, let it do its thing. I'm gonna add a little of Dhaka tunes to this line as well, so that the roof line will stand out because we won't be adding any color onto that snow roof will believing that Lassiter's. So to make that stand out, we need to add a little of taco tones of the slide. I think this is It looks fine. The white is clearly visible from that blue background. Maybe I could drop in some Otaka tunes at this line. You could see I didn't go with any particular shape or pattern. I just dropped the paint into the red background on that created a moody kind off a forest there. Now I'm switching to a smaller breast is a sites number two aunt. I'm taking a little of black, leaving an outline around. Had three horizontal divisions at this pinto leaving uncap in between. Each of the three sections should have a white gap in between, so that is our first win toe on for the 2nd 1 I'm going with political divisions again, living an outline, adding a tiny rectangle than again living on cap, adding an adore rectangle. And there we have our two windows, you could see how those two windows at a lot of character to our painting. Now I'm going with a lighter tone off black on adding a line here just to show the thickness of that snow, which is there on the rooftop, are bending is looking so snowy already to add more snowing characteristics. I'm gonna take white water cooler than I will be, adding some dry strokes on top of the orange color right here and also over here, instead of Whitewater color, you can also use bite, quash. Take some paint on your brush with very less water content. If there is excess water, just grab your brush. One of people trouble and remove the excess water. Otherwise, you won't get that dry brush strokes. I'm going with a smaller brush because I don't want to meaning bite patterns on the wall. I took very little paint on my brush. On. It is the same way how you applied those dry brush strokes on a blank paper. I'm adding those whites drugs on an orange background. That is the only difference here. If you're not too confident with this step, you can avoid it. It's absolutely fine. But then I would say you could try it on. If it's not working, you can always apply a coat off orange paint on top off it, so go ahead and give it a try before you apply. Always dab your brush on a people, travel and remove all the water from that. Then it's quite easy to get this kind of breast stroke, and there's no water on your brush. Now I'm gonna do the same thing for this smaller house as well. Just a few patches here and there, and that's done. Now I'm gonna go with the ground. We need to add a lighter washes off Interco here and there just to replicate the snow. Go the mix of dry strokes and light washes. It should be like this. This was a most Ecologist doing a down using water when you're painting snow. The best way to get that so we feel as to leave your paper white. You just need to add fuel lines here and there with a light version off either indigo or paint scree. The major portion should be your paper white. Now I'm switching to paint scree and I'm using my detailing brush on. I'm gonna add all those darko tunes right under the roof on also for the windows. Um, adding the DACA Don's inside and outside the same goes with the other house asked for I'm loving it So far I really like the orange walls and that moody background Everything has a very snowy feel to it. We're almost done with our painting. I have little leftover paint screen on my dealing brush on, but that I'm adding little trees over here way have trees. Now I'm switching to intercourse again, a lighter tone off into Go on, I'm gonna at shadows off All these priests just had a line on the floor, either towards the right side or the left side, but then be consistent. And finally, it's time to add the white details and give it more snowy characterised its I'm switching to abide Chip in on. I'm going to add some lines on the orange walls for the smaller one. I'm going with horse underlines and for the bigger one, I'm going with vertical divisions on. That's a little snowy landscape. As a final step, I'm gonna splatter some whitewater color onto this painting to create a more snowy field 4. Painting 2 - The Autumn Snow: I hope you all enjoyed our first delicate window landscape. Now we're into the 2nd 1 and I'm starting with a quick and easy sketch Adaline at almost one foot off the people. Now I'm gonna add a small drivel at the bottom. Now I'm going to act two houses on the right side, a tiny house, Onda, but bigger one behind that. Now I'm adding a door for both the houses on. That's always catch that start painting. I'm using my size number 12 brush and I'm adding a light. Go the water onto the entire sky. Make sure you're not adding any paint into the house. That Linus, your limit had the water on little that line for the sky. I'm going with a light on off into go, and I'm just having some paint only on the top, The remaining off the area. I leave it. Asset is I'm not adding any paint onto the bottom part. Just add some light waters off integral only on the top on that's a sky. Before the Bagram drives, I'm switching to permanent yellow orange. You can mix a little off any kind of orange to gamble Jell O and get a similar color ongoing quickly. Apply that over this line before the background dries. We just need to drop in some paint on. Let that blend into the background. There was no particular shape or pattern that you need to follow. You can apply the sculler until you hit that tiny house. You could see how nicely the outer air just reading into the background. Just leave it acid. Er's let it do its thing. Now I'm switching to Bond, Xena, and I'm gonna add some dark kowtowing to the bottom line. To get that far. Gif it, you need toe. Add in your clothes while the background does bet on. That's why I'm adding, Was born Xena or two though red orange background. Now I'm going to repeat the same thing, using a little off pains. Great on dropping some pain scree at the very bottom line. I'm really happy with the way the orange color blended into the background. Now I'm gonna do the same thing on the right side. I will be using into court this time so at a court of water, then drop in some indigo very want to create that foggy forest effect you might have noticed. I didn't add a wet go to the entire background. I just added the red coat only to a small area, which is right about that roof. Andi, I dropped in some indigo on that is nicely blending into the background. In a few seconds time, this will nicely blend into the background, create a funky effect on that's the result. Allow how the orange and indigo motion to each other. All right now, let's go ahead with the water. I will be adding a dark Odin off into go over these lines, which we added. You just need to follow the lines that you had drawn. Add a darker tone off integral right at those lines, one to have out of the darker tone off into go over those lines. You'll just need to take your brush from left to right on. Just pull it off towards the right side. We will be leaving the right side. Asset is we won't be adding any paint over the Arteta, so only over the left side we will be adding some lines like this. You can take a lighter tone off in dico and just add some lines from left to right, and that's it on. That's a river. Now I'm going ahead with these houses. We will leave the roof and white, the people white. I mean that itself. Then create a snowy roof effect. We'll go ahead and paint the walls. I'm using a brick red sofa color. For that. I'm mixing crimson. Dread on a little of bond. Xena. When you apply the pain, you can leave a little white gap at this inclined line, which is a roof to create a snowy effect on also the door. We will be adding pains great onto that later similarly, leaving a little white gap at the roof line at paint onto the second house asphalt. Now I'm adding the same color onto the other remaining walls, leaving a little white gap. All right now I'm switching to a detailing brush on using Bon Seana. I'm creating some grassy patterns on the ground. Just had some tiny little details, a drowned in places to replicate grass, maybe allowed someone to talk basketball, and now I'm switching to Payne's Gray. Now you think pains create. I will add some dried plants here and there, along with these plans. I'm thinking off adding a tree right here, just a single tree that might add a lot more, character told painting. Looks like my orange background hasn't tried completely. Maybe I'll have to wait for a while before I add remaining of the branches. Some areas faster, wet, so it's better I wait. Meanwhile, I'll add some dry plans over the bottom line. Right you. I'm adding some dark color lines and scruples on a few plans here and there. It was just this portion which is here to dry. Maybe I could add the remaining branches on the top. Andi, I could come back to that middle portion later. If you want, you can also add a pine tree. I'm going with the tree, which has new leaves at all. So the choice is yours. If you want to add a different kind of a train that's totally up to you know, while the orange background rise, we could add into many's for these two houses just at a long, tiny rectangle. Now, for the second house as well, I'm gonna add a tiny rectangle or Jiminy. Now we need to add shadow off the chimneys on the roof using the same pains. Great. I'm adding a line on Inclined Line, which replicates the shadow now, going again with the dark, atone off pain screen and adding paint onto these two doors. We're almost done with those windows seen. I'm taking a lighter tone off pains, great on adding some lines on the ground. Just feel random lines with a very light on off pains. Great. You can also use indigo. I had little off Payne's gray left on my brush, so I don't use that now. I'm using a wide gel pin on adding a white outline for that Germany just from the left side and on the topside, the same goes for the doors. If you were not able to get a white outline around that, you can add it now. So this is how our paintings looking so far. The last step is to clean up that little tree and then to split or some snow onto the entire painting. I'll just fixed us just this line off our three. I would make it a little ticker on their on to the final step. I'm gonna take a little white watercolor on. I'm gonna splatter some snow on gonna remain victory. You can add some snow patter selectors on. There you go. That's our second window painting. I'm really loving that orange and integral competition Give this easy winter landscape a try on Do share it with me 5. Painting 3 - The Snowy Woods: Let's talk with the one X painting and this painting. We're going to create a scene off birch trees and winter for the sketch. All I'm doing is siding some double lines like thes, which will represent the tree trunk. I'll be randomly adding couple of them. Some of them will be thicker, and some of them will be taller, shorter a competition off all of the's. And that's a sketch. I just randomly added double lines here and there, which is going to be the tree. Eventually, as the first step, I'm gonna apply a wet coat of water to the back room area, leaving those double lines. So that means you shouldn't be adding any water onto your tree. The remaining background area. You could apply your water, just picked those spaces between the trees and apply a white coat of water so you should be applying your water on little the height of the tree. You shouldn't be taking it down to the ground now. I was switching to my smaller sized fresh. This is size number six and using that brush and dropping in some integral color onto over to background, there is nothing to worry here, you can just go mindlessly and drop in your color onto that background. We're gonna create a motive forest behind those trees. So however you apply, you paint onto that wet background. It will blend and create a nice forest effect. The only thing you need to worry about at the bottom line. Don't take your pain beyond the tree this year. Limit on to the bottom. Just drop in some paint and that will blend into the background on. When you proceed with the top, you can add drove sheep off pine trees. It doesn't need to be detailed shapes. You can have some 30 year off week ships off pine trees. This will anyway march into the background. So even if you're putting a lot off afford and drawing the shape, it doesn't really stay. It was just played into the background, so just had some rough shapes. Now I'm going to be the same exercise onto the other between spaces Aspar Now over to the bottom. I'm gonna drop in some docker integral. You don't need to be worried about the shape or pattern that's created. However you drop in the paint as you're putting the paint on a white background. It will try beautifully. Now, using the same light off into go, I'm gonna add a few lines onto the ground. Go with a lighter tone on only add fuel lines. Next, we will be going with the trees button. Before that, you will need to wait for all that to dry for the trees. I'm going with born Sina. Load your medium sized brush with a little of bone. Cigna Then you could start by adding outline to your tree just on one side. So I'm going with the left side now. I added a line right there. Now I'm gonna take out a paper travel and I'm going to remove the excess water from my brush. Now I'm going with some dry strokes. We have already removed all the water from our brush and just apply some dry strokes right next to that line. We added. It's a very simple technique. You should be removing all the excess water from your brush. Then you will get beautiful drive strokes. The same technique will be fooling for all of these trees. Now I'm going with the next tree. You could either start with the line or directly at in your dry strokes and come back with , though back road on the left side later. So I'm doing all the excess amount of water from my brush on getting beautiful. Dry strokes after you have applied, your drive washes the next. A pistol had more taco tones. I'm switching to paint scree, and I'm adding mood taco tunes. You could say I'm adding little lines on either side. This will add more character to your tree, so all he did was the added Oh Dr Breastroke. Using Bon Sina, you will have to remove the excess water from your brush using a people travel on. Then Ardan your dry washes on. After that, we went in with pains, great and added mood taco tunes. The final task is to add something branches amusing pains, great gain on adding some branches for the tree. This will complete the look of the tree. To add the branches, you can go with the detailing brush to get very thin, crisp lines. This is a very rough taken painting. The birth crease. You can see I went in with very minimal steps on. It's a kind of abstract tree it is not very well detailed. If you want to go with a more detailed washing off bush tree, you can play with multiple tones off burn sina and pains. Great. That will give a very good result again. It depends on the scale of the tree that you want to paint. I think for the scale, those data is fine. Now I'm gonna paint all these trees using the same technique. Your dry strokes will never go wrong. If you dab your pressure on a people trouble two or three times that will for sure remove the excess water from your brush and will give you beautiful drive cautious. And I think by the time you finish this pain take you all will be in exporting Dr Waters because there are almost 10 trees that were painting in this particular landscape. All right, so let me quickly go and finish all of these trees. The technique is the same. Go with your drive oceans than art in your darko tones. Let me quickly show you the same technique on a bigger scale. So I took paint on my brush and I remove the excess water from my brush. Andi I'm gonna go with the line first, as I don't have any guidelines or pencil sketch. Then apply your dry strokes. I always go from left to right. You don't need to take all of these lines from left to right. Some of the lines you can leave halfway there. And this is how you dry strokes look on a bigger scale. I always prefer adding my darko tunes on the left side because that is where I start my dry strokes from on diaper for making that side darker. Now you can add in Europe ranchers and all those little details onto a tree than later come back and add in your dark cartoons where I'm trying here is a very quick and rough ocean. Next I'm going with Payne's gray and I'm gonna add the Darko tunes. Next thing you need to keep in mind this whenever you're painting these branches, you can make the beginning of that branch little DACA to give it more life. This is one thing you can do when you're painting your trees on because scale. So that is all the steps that you need to follow to paint your breast raise now Let's go back to a painting using the same technique. I have painted all these trees. Now I'm adding more taco tunes on the left side. You could say how the streets elevated the look off our landscape. I want to have added in a far darker tones using the same brush. You can draw some dried plans at the background, but when he talked to money off them, just three or four a drowned in places will be fine. You could also add some plants and bushes on the ground as well. As a background is quite blank. Once you add in these little details, it will elevate the character off your painting, just going around the mortar and add some plants and grasses here and there. Just a few will be enough. Now let's add a light shadow for these plants, which we added. Now I'm using Indigo here, and I'm just heading a line towards the right side. Same I'm going to do for the other plants asphalt, and there we have our almost finished painting. Now we're into the last step. This actually optional. I felt like adding some more branches onto the mysteries. If you have added enough earlier itself. You can't stop your painting at this point. And also I'm going with the layer off into go again right at this bottom line. And I'm adding some plants at this bottom line to make other background little more dense and intense again. The strip is also optional on Lee. If you want to add more than to look to your background, you can Cohen, Beto, Darko, tune and at some plants, right to the bottom line. Otherwise, you could leave Lassiter's on, but that have finished our paintings. No Abel's. I hope you all enjoyed this painting. Where be explored dry brush technique. 6. Painting 4 - Winter Violets: Let's try our next PC delicate landscape. I have my people here. I'm going to start with a simple pencil sketch. Adaline Almost. It made a lofty paper. Now go with an irregular shape. You can create two or three division as the paper is too small. I think it's better to go with they do or three maximum. So I have my right side ready. Now. I'm gonna do the same thing on the left side on that. So sketch Adaline at the center of the people, then added a lake, and that's it. It's a very simple sketch. Now. Let's quickly paint this delicate landscape. I'm adding a quart of water over the sky. I'm using my size number 12 round brush. Go with American, even called the water. Make sure there's no pools of water trapped in between, so I have made my background wet. Now let's apply paint onto the sky. I'm going with Prussian Blue will be using a very light on a blow, so feel free to go with any blue that have got. It is just that each blue will create different moods to your painting. If you're using Prussian blue, cobalt blue or any bright blue that will give a daylight and pleasant look to your painting . And if you're going with blues like Indigo on some docker sort of blues, that will create a very moody look like a gloomy look to your painting. So I just had a few lines on the top area onto the background. I denied any paint onto the bottom part. Now I'm going to switch to a medium sized brush. This a sizable sex round brush on. I'm gonna load my brush with twilight. That's a very bright, pretty wild like This is the color that I will be going with. You'll get a similar shade by mixing ultra marine, blue and crimson, so we'll try out your options. Or if you want to go with a different poeple or while it that you have got, you can use that as well. We'll be applying this color onto a bet background. So if your background has dried, just apply a coat of water only at the bottom. We'll be applying or violet onto this bottom line, so load your brush with enough for Violet. I'm going with a medium tune now, gently dropping that color into this wet background as we're dropping the paint onto a wet background, visible nicely plead and create a very nice pattern. As we apply the wet coat on Lee to that bottom area, the spreading will be limited. It won't go beyond that. It's a gorgeous violet. On you could see how beautifully the color is spreading and creating a funky effect. Now let's drop in some tackle violet at the bottom line because one the background rise, the color will be little faded. That is the thing with watercolor. Every time when you feel like your color's perfect ones, everything dries. It will go a toned down, so always watch out your colors. Now, using this brighter to know Violet, I'm adding lines like this as the bathroom distill, but these lines will nicely blend into the background. They won't look sharp, so you should have an idea very applied your called a water. You shouldn't be taking European to beyond that line, otherwise it will end up looking sharp. You could see each drop off pain that I'm adding as blending into the background because those areas are still wet. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out, maybe I'll add some Darko tones right at the bottom. Andi, that's it. I need to fix this bit. That was an accident. Okay, I'll just fix it. But little paint. Now we'll wait for this to dry. Meanwhile, we'll go ahead with the lake. I will be using Payne's gray for the lake. We will, before starting Darko Tones to these course underlines these lines, which were added when we drew the ground. All of these and there is one more here and another one there. So we'll be adding Darko Don's along these lines. I'm going with pain scree, um, adding a darker tone along this line. So here is my first line. I added a doctor line there. Now I'm going to repeat the same thing for all these horizontal lines. Here I'll go with this one, and also we have two more on the left side. Now I'm gonna wash off the darko tones from my brush on. I'm going with a lighter tone off being straight, and I'll fill up the remaining area using that light turn off paints. Great. You could also do the reverse off this Maybe you can apply and even go the water and then add in your darko tune so that it will blend into the background and create a similar pattern. Or you can go with a lighter wash of pains. Great. Just like how you apply your base coat of water and then add in your darko tones along those horizontal lines. No matter which method you go would make sure you make all those whose on the line stalker I mean the bottom of the source Underline Stocker. This is what shows the tapped and shadows off your leg. So don't forget to make those lines darker. Now I'm just fixing the edges and shapes a little bit. So I have fixed all those little flaws and shapes. Now I'm going with pains. Great again. And I'm adding a landscape line over here just at a bushy kind of pushy right and friend of that, While it background and doesn't need to be too tall, you can go with a similar height. Now I'm gonna take it across to the other side. As I progress toward the center, I will reduce the height off those grasses on again. I'm gonna continue smaller on as I reached the opposite side. I'll make a little more taller on that's done. Remember, we had applied a darker tone over these horse on the lines. Now, right on top of that over these lines, I'm gonna add a lighter tone off pains. Great. Just to show the thickness of the snow. So we add the doctor tuned right at the bottom line now leaving a little white gap between that dock a line you can add in your lighter tone off pains. Great. Just a rough line like this. These lines will add more realistic. Look to your snow. Now you can go ahead and add some light. Oh, tunes here and there. Just some random lines Don't make it too much. We just need few lines here and there. Now, on to the final details using my detailing brush, I'm gonna add to our three trees. I'll show you how I'm gonna add the tree. We'll start with the tree trunk with the stinger at the top on ticker at the bottom. Have a similar line, then all what you need to do is just add branches on either side just freehand to lose branches, adding as many Brandis as he want. You might have seen these kind of trees either in real life or in photographs and all the leaves shed off. Now I'm gonna add two or three similar trees on our painting. The streets look better when you have thin branches. So go with the giggling brush that would be perfect for our little landscape. I'm gonna add one over here, then maybe have allowed to more here and there. Once you add in this time, you can also add a shadow using the same color. Now, just like how we did another practice, these take the lines outward on drew as many branches as he honed on battle forestry. Now I'm gonna add some melo trees. Maybe I'll go with a smaller one this time. Start with your tree trunk than other shadow. Then add in all those whose branches that's all you need to do. I'm adding one more small tree over here, starting with the tree trunk, adding the shadow than adding all those loose branches use appointed burst so that to get all those branches very thing on Chris, I wouldn't be adding more trees. I think three looks fine for this little landscape. If you want to add more, you could add one on the left side as well. Maybe Ayatollah one on a shorter one. Now I'm gonna make this tree little more ticker. I'll just make some of these branches also tickle on. That's it. Now, onto the interesting part, I'm gonna take White or Diggler this mystery artist, Andi. I'm gonna splatter some snow onto this painting. If you're happy with how it is looking at the moment, you could leave it as it is. If you want to spray some snow, you could go ahead and splatter some white particular onto your painting to get a more snow . You feel to your painting Ah, house bladder, Enough off snow. Now I'm switching to my detail. English. Andi, I'm adding some white details onto the tree. I'm adding a white line, a broken white line onto the right side off the tree and some little snow onto these branches. Aspar, I'm going to do the same thing onto those Moloch trees. It won't be that possible because those stories are very light and thin compared to our mean victory. You could also add some plans using your white water color. It will look really nice because you have a violent background on the white trees will start out. I'm really happy with this delicate winter landscape. As a final step, I'm gonna add some flying boat onto the sky. One more over here and maybe three are full off them. Just toe. Get a cluster of boards. This is how it was looking so far. Let me quickly add few more boards and finish the painting on. Here is the finished painting. I really loud that violet on the pains. Great competition. You could also try the same thing with all wrench in sort of violet that also they look great. 7. Painting 5 - Village in the Snow: on, guys. We are on our last delicate winter landscape. Let's start with the war pencil sketch. I'm going to draw a snowy hell here. Start with the straight line than make it inclined towards the other end. Then I'm gonna add two houses on the right side wond right there on the one behind that I'm making the Serie A little flat on day. I'm gonna add another house over here on that so pencil sketch the remaining of the detail we will add while we paint. We don't need to schedule those mountains and little idiots without further delay. Let's start to paint. I'm going with Integral for the sky. I'm using my size number 12 round brush. I'm adding a lighter tone on to the top. Then I'll take plain water and then bring it down to even more light or tune. We'll be adding fuel, snowy mountains, so you'll have to wait for your background to dry. We are again going with Integral. This time. It is a little brighter tone than the sky, although need to do us atom lines like this, leaving little off paper white in the background. Make sure all off your little lines form a mountain shape at the end. Just add in some broken lines like this. And then you can take a lighter tone off in tico on blended into the background using clean water so you have a mountain shape on the top and the rest will be merging into your background. Onda moment has beautifully dried and blended into the background and just gives off these hard lines on next, I'm gonna add paint onto these balls. I will be using all brick red. I have mixed crimson on Little Bon Xena and created a brick red kind for color. And I'm gonna apply that onto these walls just like Harvey did for the previous paintings. Leave a wide cap at that inclined line. Also leave the doors. Asset is will come back to that later. Also remember to leave a little white gap between these two worlds, the same has to be done toe the other two. How successful? If you forget to add that little wide gap, it is absolutely fine. You can have a white line losing your gel pin later. Now let me quickly pain these two houses astral. Don't forget to leave a wide gap along the roof line. This is what replicate this new later than we finished the painting. I'm adding the brick red onto this wall now for the other two walls. Now for the remaining two walls, I'm going with the darko sheet. I mixed a little off paint. Great. Into this Procrit on. I have got a dark, brownish red. They're now using the same color. I will be adding DACA tunes under this roof line over here on day we're here. Aspar. Now the same needs to be done on toe over other house. On the left side, you could see how those dark tones added a lot off life toe painting. Now let's go with those trees and plants behind the house. Just like how we did in this painting. I will be using an orange shade over here on as a progress towards the right. I will go Buteau Forest green. I'm using permanent orange here, as I mentioned earlier. If you don't have permanent orange, she can use a tin tough Scarlett. Trade into your Campbell Jello. Andi, you will get a similar kind of a shade this time. I haven't made my background, but I'm directly applying this permanent orange over this area while you reach the house. Make sure not to add any paint onto that roof line. I left a nice white cap at the roof line on you could see how easily I got a snow felt roof . So this is those grass and plants, which is in the foreground. We will be adding a different layer in the background. You can go with any kind of shape you want. You could go, but even more taller once, maybe you and more shorter ones. That's all up to you now. We'll need to wait for this to dry before we go in with the background layer. Meanwhile, that drives, we can pain the snuffle ground. I'm going with the light on off integral on time, adding few lines here and there. When you paint snow, you have to be very minimal. You don't need to add a lot off color on a lot of lines onto your paper. The best way how you can do is to leave your paper white asset, er's and at a few lines here and there with a light own off either intercooled or pains. Great. Once all these lines drive, you will be adding part which the Rex towards. This house on the hilltop on my orange layer has dried, so it's time to go with the background layer of trees. I'm going with the forest green, and for that I'm mixing integral and buried in green. We want a moody, bluish green. It shouldn't be too green in short to bluish. When you make spirit in green and integrate together, you get the perfect moody forest green will be going with that color. Now I'm switching to my bigger size from fresh on dime, taking clean water on this brush, and I'm applying a court of water right about that orange layer. So when you apply the court of water, you shouldn't be touching your orange layer. You need to leave a cap in between on. Apply a coat of water Right about that. We don't want the orange color to spread. We want it to stay. Asked us. So I applied. Even go the water right behind the orange Leo without touching it. We just need the top portion to blend into the background. The bottom portion can stay. Asset is now into the wet background. I'm dropping that forest. Green color we made could see the colors munching on Lee over the top line when I applied on that orange background. It is not smudging are striding. That is what we want. And that is why I left a gap in between. Then I added that go the water. This way you will get a moody, foggy effect in the background on some crisp details in the foreground, you can play the different tools off this for a screen some media's You could drop in some darker color and some media you can drop in some lighter value off the same sheet. I'm adding a little more water on the top so that it will spread into the sky, leaving a funky effect on. This is why I always say you have to have two jars of water. One has to stay clean. You never know when you are in need off clean water. So always work but two jars of water for the bottom when my forest greenness meeting that orange layer, I'm going the grassy plateau. You could just add in some little bushy pattern over that line bear your forest green is touching the orange color on the remaining. You could leave little moody and folky. So whenever you feel like your pain does not spreading, you can always come back with a clean called the water. Just drop in some water like this on your paint will start spreading. You have to be very careful. Very You want our doc drop water because you shouldn't be hiding those two mountains in the background. I'm dropping some water on the right side asphalt, and I'm going to repeat the process off, adding for a screen onto that along the roof. I've Aladdin Taco tune so that my snowy roof will stand out. So the way the pain spread is totally new hands. You have to be very careful when you apply the court of water. It shouldn't be taken up until the sky. You need to know where you have to stop to control the way the pain spread. Now I'm gonna fix all those edges. Some places I'm going. But clean and Chris Pattern on some places, I'm leaving it foggy. I'm just adding some lines on the top to represent those pine trees and all that using a very light toe on four screen, you could do the same over here. Rascal. You could see how those colors and those blends created a very funky, moody forest on. Now it's time to add the final details. I'm switching to a day dealing brush on time, loading my brush with paint scree and using paint. Great. I'm adding little grass and plants over this line. Just nobody feel was enough. Maybe you can add some dried plans, and that's it. Now I'm gonna fill up all these doors and pain scree living a wide space around. Now let's add in the chimney for all the three houses, just a tiny long rectangle now using the same share. You could also add taco tunes along the roof line. Repeated the same for the other two. How successful addio darko tones along the roof line. Now we'll switch into a little lighter tone off paints cree on having the shadow off all these chimneys on. That's how are painting us looking so far you could see those different layers. We have, ah, orange layer on the foreground. Then you have to us for a screen on behind that you have those snowy mountains on, we're almost there were on to the final details. I'm gonna add a road which directs towards the house on the hilltop. I'm going with the medium tone off into go on, adding a broken line and then connecting it towards the top Kobe line to create apart using the same tone off Interco am adding few lines at the border because this area is looking very plain. So I thought, I'll add some lines over this area, so our base layer dried. Now I'm going with a Darko tone off into go and again adding some broken lines to add the final detail. I'm switching to my detail in Brush Andan using Paynes Creek. Here, you can add fuel sticks here and there, one to have added enough. We'll be adding shadows off all these on now. It's time to add the shadows at an inclined line. I went in with a lighter tone off pains, great aunt at an inclined line towards the right, also adding some lines or with a heel line on finally, to create more snow, Um, splattering some Whitewater Glor onto this painting, the step is optional. Only if you like at in this plateaus you can go ahead. Otherwise you can leave it. Asset us without those snows. Platters on Darrelle brothers details missing. You can use a by Children. I'm adding a line on the chimney on around the doors to make it look more of a symbol on, but that we're done with the war final painting relate in the snow. 8. Thank you for Watching : they made it to the end. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you all had a great time painting this delicate winter landscapes. Each of the five paintings we tried into these classes using a very limited palette which you can try using different competitions. Aspar, do give a try and share. Your class predicts with me I would love to see them. And if you're posting them on to Instagram, don't forget to tack me. My instagram handles Aurora busy. If you like this window team class, do share it with your friends and also leave a review for me that will help me reach two more students. Okay, thanks again for joining me and wishing you all a happy winter enjoyed this magical season .