Defining digital marketing: learn the meaning of marketing terms and get to grips with the jargon | Sue Keogh | Skillshare

Defining digital marketing: learn the meaning of marketing terms and get to grips with the jargon

Sue Keogh, Director and agency owner, Sookio

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3 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Common social media terms

    • 2. Words for your website

    • 3. Making sales!

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About This Class

Digital marketing is all about driving revenue to your business but to get the most out of the marketing you have to understand all the terms like metrics, calls to action and click-through rates. Social media is ubiquitous but there is so much terminology to know and people can take for granted that you know what it all means! 

“What’s a hashtag?”

“What does SEO stand for?”

“What IS a blog and where does it actually go?”

Not to worry, none of these are silly questions! I'm going to demystify the common terms you come across which relate to digital marketing. 

Often, when I'm running training sessions someone will shyly put up their hand and say, "I'm a bit embarrassed to ask the question, but what IS a hashtag?" and everyone will say, "Oooh, I'm glad you asked that!"

This course is about giving a clear, jargon-free explanation of terms like SEO, to give you more confidence when creating content for the web or managing your social media channels. As a result this makes your digital marketing activities even more effective.

The course is split into three parts:

Common terms on social media. Get handy with hashtagsretweets and reach.

Words on the web. We're talking SEOkeywordsblogging and landing pages.

Making sales! Get to know your calls to action from your click-through rates.

This mini-course is filled with best practice examples to illustrate the explanation of each term.

Who is this course for?

If you're new to digital marketing, or you're an adept marketer, business owner or blogger who is a bit foggy in certain areas, then this course is for you.

It's short and sweet and covers a lot of ground! So it's easy to fit into a break when you quickly want to get up to speed on words relating your website, social media activities or the way you market your business.

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Sound good? Let's go!

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