Defeat the Fear of Failure made Simple•Fear Triggers•Reptilian Brain•Neo-Cortex•Famous Case Studies | Youshaa Motan ☯ | Skillshare

Defeat the Fear of Failure made Simple•Fear Triggers•Reptilian Brain•Neo-Cortex•Famous Case Studies

Youshaa Motan ☯, Creative Director - Better Yourself

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14 Videos (37m)
    • Video 1 - Trailer Defeat the Fear of Failure

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    • Video 2 - Class Intro & Course Menu

    • Video 3 - Comprehending FEAR

    • Video 4 - Fear devours confidence

    • Video 5 - Fear Triggers Memory

    • Video 6 - The Emotional brain & Neo Cortex

    • Video 7 - The Reptilian Brain

    • Video 8 - The Limbic System

    • Video 9 The Fear of Rejection = Fear of Failure

    • Video 10 Famous Failures Case Studies

    • Video 11 4 Benefits of Failure

    • Video 12 Closing Thoughts

    • Outro Review


About This Class

About the Class:

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to try something new, start your own business, study towards a degree or diploma, apply for a better position within your company or ask someone out on a date, BUT – you didn’t!

Fear held you back. You were afraid of failing, afraid of succeeding, afraid of rejection, afraid of getting hurt. We’ve all been there at some time in our lives. And yes, fear does hold you back from achieving what you really want in life. But why? What is fear anyway? I always say it’s only a four letter word yet it has such a huge impact on our lives. In this class Defeat the fear of failure we will cover the scientific and psychological origin of fear and we discover that fear is a defense mechanism and how to control it. The methods are practical and anyone can do this. We will cover the steps together and walk through the principles together...point by point.

Who is the Class for? What will you achieve?

This class is for anyone who has battled with fear and its paralyzing and procrastinating effects. At the end of the class you will achieve an understanding of where fear originates from and how to control your fear of failure amongst others  for successful living.

The methods yield immediate results and you should start seeing the effects of your implementation from day 1. So go ahead and enroll and watch the class to defeat the fear of failure in this bite-sized concise class.





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Youshaa Motan ☯

Creative Director - Better Yourself


I am the Creative Director at Better Yourself For Women - An online, micro-learning platform for women empowering you to become the best version of yourself through lifelong learning.

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