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About This Class

This class is an in depth look on the popular deep house, future house synth. First we create a three layer Bass from scratch using NI Massive, then continue onto the processing within the DAW. Hopefully this class teaches you a ton about how synth layering works in a practical way and gets you that fat sound you hear in most EDM tunes.

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Pretty awesome guide how to design a Deep House elements for full track with NI Massive (VST) and Ableton stock effects!
I was about to call quits on all the sound engineering efforts on my home recordings and just pay a technician to do it only because I was totally just missing some very simple but fundamental information which no other "how to" video I have searched for actually explain in a language all can understand or even felt the need to. But this class was a lot more to me than how to create a deep house sound!! NOW I might understand all the other "how to" videos much better. It's like trying to cook an egg until someone finally tells you that you need a pan to cook it in... lol The great tips on building sweet EDM sounds was a bonus and all within less than an hour! Many thanks bud!





Aaron Carstensen

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