Decluttering with Love: 5 Creative Ideas on How to Organize Your Home | Nastasiya Shylova | Skillshare

Decluttering with Love: 5 Creative Ideas on How to Organize Your Home

Nastasiya Shylova

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7 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Hello! Let's get started!

    • 2. Idea 1: Vision Board

    • 3. Idea 2: 10+ Items Game

    • 4. Idea 3: Small Actions + Rewards

    • 5. Idea 4: Creating a List

    • 6. Idea 5: Inspiring TV Show

    • 7. Final Thoughts and Class Project


About This Class

This is a gorgeous 11-minute class for those who need inspiration in decluttering process. You will learn 5 different ideas, that will help You to live much happier life in Your home.  


1. Hello! Let's get started! : Hello, everyone. And welcome to my school Shrek class. My name is Mr CIA. I'm interpreter, Happy House five and highly organized person. The clattering and organization all my biggest talents. I'm so in love with this topic. I have great in this course to share with you my tips and tricks and also to give the inspiration to more towards your dream in life. In this glass will look at five different ideas that will help you to make a process of the clattering more easy, more fun and more goal or end. Let's get started. 2. Idea 1: Vision Board: The first idea is to create a vision board What will go to right now? We will create a vision board of a place where one to live in vision board will help you understand. How exactly do one you house still apply how clean and how much organized you wanted to be . Also vision affordable instantly give you positive emotions and will act as a fuel to start your decluttering process. To create a digital vision board will use Pinterest and some space to save pictures. You can use tools like cannibal or poverty point. Here are some examples of keyboards that you may use. We're simply collecting inspiring pictures and adding them to our blank space. Also, if you don't have interest account, I highly recommend you to Grade one. Or you can use Google images or six obey. Instead, - you can be as much specific as you want and add some notes to the pictures. Vision Board is a very powerful tool. It would be your North Star. You will look at your home than look at your vision board and understand. How can you narrow that gap and leave your life in that gorgeous space 3. Idea 2: 10+ Items Game: idea. Number two is to grab a box or a basket and quickly walk around the house, collecting all the things that no longer bringing joy. Collect 10 of those things that big. 10 more items and that tag board when you will finish, get rid of those things. For example, give them for ordination. This process off fast collecting should be something like a game or a competition for you. And the price is extremely lied and beautiful house that to deserve. 4. Idea 3: Small Actions + Rewards: I did. Number Stree will be a little bit more serious but buried joyful when it to walk around the house and great a list of places to organize. Look at your schedule and check when you will have time to do it. This job second part of this tap is to create for yourself nice and smaller of art. For example, have a bubble vast after decluttering cabinet in the bathroom or enjoy delicious ice cream after the clattering afr. Either they're all areas with little rib arts, and you will definitely double your Quinton satisfaction. 5. Idea 4: Creating a List : okay, Idea number full is to go around your house and create a list of the things you would like to replace with something better. For example, we want to get rid of old dresses and skirts. You can donate them right now because he need you, wants to replace them. Write down all the things you need to replace, and you will have a very nice ready to go shopping list, or it would be a perfect list off gift ideas to yourself. 6. Idea 5: Inspiring TV Show: idea. Number five will be much, much easier. Actually, it's similar to creating a visual board. It would totally work well, if you're looking for the clattering inspiration, I highly highly recommend you to watch obsessive compulsive cleaners. This is a TV show about helping people who have lost control off the closure in their houses. You can find some free episodes only. That TV show was very helpful to me. After watching, I understood that I'm not along with my problems and that there is a very strong links between my inner health and happiness and my clean, organized hope. 7. Final Thoughts and Class Project : it's done for final thoughts by Vannevar Class. I would like to emphasize how happy I was to spend this time with you. Our class project will be to try at least one idea from this course. Ensure your feedback and pictures with us. - I'm looking forward to see your wonderful results in changes because you deserve to leave her life in a place of your dreams. See you in my next class. Uh