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Decluttering Masterclass: How To Declutter Your Bedroom in 5 Days

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21 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Are you ready to declutter your bedroom in 5 days?

    • 2. Declutter Class Introduction

    • 3. Reasons why you should declutter your home

    • 4. Ready, Set, Action!

    • 5. Supplies Needed

    • 6. To-Do MUST in order to benefit from this class

    • 7. Declutter Your Bedroom Introduction

    • 8. Day 1: Declutter Your Bedroom

    • 9. Day 2: Declutter Your Bedroom

    • 10. My Before and After Day 2

    • 11. Day 3: Declutter Your Bedroom

    • 12. My Before and After Day 3

    • 13. Day 4: Declutter Your Bedroom

    • 14. My Before and After day 4

    • 15. Day 5: Declutter Your Bedroom

    • 16. Bonus Tip # 1

    • 17. Bonus Tip #2

    • 18. Bonus Tip #3

    • 19. Bonus Tip #4

    • 20. Bonus Tip #5

    • 21. Class Conclusion

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About This Class

Decluttering your bedroom and your life shouldn't be an overwhelming and dreadful chore. You should get excited and pumped to see what transformation is about to happen to your room.

Inside this course, Tatiana shares fast daily action steps to completely decluttering your bedroom quickly so it doesn't feel like a chore.

Learn how to declutter your bedroom and guest bedrooms by following along with different lectures and downloadable PDF checklists with Tatiana today!


★★★★★ "I found this course to be amazing and in perfect timing for me. We are going to be moving from a 3,000 sq ft house to a 1,100 sq ft house next year. We are currently in the middle of remodeling. So the way she went through the room and her 2 yr rule was great!!! I might actually have to do this a couple of times to a couple of rooms to get to the size I need but at least I have this video to fall back on!!! It was amazing!! If you want a way to organize a room and not be stressed about this is your girl!!!!" -Lori

★★★★★ "tatiana was able to break it down! I have a room that consider my art room... wood block printing to knitting, but it also is my "junk" room. she helped me take the overwhelming task out of I can work." -Holly


I created this course because as a professional Creative Artist who runs her own home-based business with three dogs, my household can look chaotic after completing a big project.

I will show you how easy it is to transform your bedroom into a welcoming and energetic space by the end of this week!


  • Stop tripping over items

  • Gain confidence that you can transform your messy bedroom

  • Be more energized waking up in an organized room

  • Reduce any anxiety, stress and negative thoughts with decluttering

  • Help someone in need with donating the items you don't use

  • Know where everything is located in your bedroom

  • A time saver in not searching for misplaced items


  • Improve your bedroom through simplifying

  • Find any lost items you've completely forgotten about

  • Create more empty space in your bedroom

  • Know where everything is located

  • Follow along on decluttering your room fast


  • You will see the before and after of Tatiana's bedroom after each day

  • An active Instructor that answers your questions in the Q&A section

  • An extra lecture on decluttering and organizing your creative space/craft room



1. Are you ready to declutter your bedroom in 5 days?: welcome to five days to de cluttering and organizing your bedroom. My name's Tatiana Ambrose, and I'm a creative artist and an online instructor that has been running her own business since 2016. Hands as you can guess, my home can get pretty messy. So with this course, you will be able to take actionable steps on decluttering your bedroom in five days. No more procrastination hiding it behind a closed door or stepping over your clutter. Get ready to proudly open your door and thinking, I love my room. A clutter free room energizes and motivates you, which in turn, will certainly put you in a better mood day today. This course will walk you step by step on what you have to tackle with printable pdf checklists to make sure you stay on track even when you're not in front of the screen. The ideal student for this course is anyone who is motivated to declutter and wants to improve their bedroom. Anyone that has put off this task for too long feel free to look through this course description, especially those free preview lectures to see if this course is right for you. And I sincerely hope that you already excited and join me inside this course 2. Declutter Class Introduction: thank you so much for underling in this course. So this course is going to be focused on decluttering and organizing different parts of your home. And I know since I was little, my mom always loved to have an organized home, and in turn I picked that up from her and I de clutter different sections of my home periodically, along with keeping it organized. So as a creative artist, when I am feeling creative, inspired, motivated, I go into my workplace and then by the end of day it is a complete, chaotic mess. But I have different tips and tricks that I use that helped me get it back into that organized room so that it makes me feel inspired when I walk into my room instead of trying to step over this or that or walking by and glancing and go on. Oh, I will tackle that later, and it continues on this procrastination cycle that you just you know, two months later it's still the same mess. So I felt like as one average person to another that we together can tackle de cluttering and organizing different sections over home through simple, actionable steps. Day by day, along with sharing my tips and tricks that have worked for me. So that is the reason why I created this course. And I am so excited that you have decided to join me and other students in this course because we have formed an awesome community that is focused on getting more freedom through more space in every room, no more stepping over clutter, no more, not being able to see the table. That is our goal. So if you're ready, let's continue on. 3. Reasons why you should declutter your home: if you have to hide, cover up, make excuses when it comes to specific rooms having different messes, different clutters that tells me that that room should be de cluttered. That room should have an empty floor that you could walk through without tripping without stepping over anything with heels or barefoot. So right now I want to jump straight into the different reasons on why you should start decluttering the different areas in your home. And if you agree with any of thes reasons, you know this is gonna be the perfect course for you. When it comes to getting a more organized space in your home, that's going to make you feel proud. That's going to get compliments, and that's gonna make you feel better and proud of that space. So my top five reasons on why you should start decluttering your home toe day. Reason Number one is the fact that you are going to have to do less work and save more time . So how many times have you walked past a messy or a room that is filled with a lot of stuff ? If you were to clean that room once a month, would it not take you a lot of time to clean it because you have piles of this or that collecting this or that that has taken up the entire room. So the more clutter you have in a room, the longer it's going to take you to clean. The more work you're going to have to put in on keeping the specific room or rooms clean. Not to mention if you were to misplace something such as your keys, your phone, your paper, your cards in a room that is already filled with a lot of things, you're going to waste time trying to find that specific item. So number one on why you should declutter is that it is a time saver. And in the long run, you're gonna end up doing less work, which, if you're like me, I am all for that. Number two, the I need Teoh starts to decrease. So when you have a room that is filled with a lot of items, you sometimes mental air telling yourself I need to do this. I need to do this. I should do this. I need to do this. I need to complete this. So, with a room that is declutter that is organized. The I need to do this, This this or this goes away because you are able to keep that room clutter free and organized that is now going to give you more mental room to focus on something else. The third reason on why you should declutter is to help others. So, for some of us, re keep things what we never used them for whatever reason, whether it's something from your childhood, something that was given to you as a gift, but we never use it. So if you have those type of items that you know you're not gonna use, you might feel guilty getting rid of them. Remind yourself that these items can help others. You can donate these items, you can sell it online, you can have a garage sale, or you can even give it to your friends or family members. Number four. You are able to find items easily once you go through all of your clutter. You know what you have. You know where everything is located. You don't have piles upon piles of disorganization in your home. So if you're looking for something specific, you will know exactly where it ISS. If you lose something, there's a good chance you're gonna be able to find it like that because you don't have clutter all over your home to go through. And the final reason number five is you are going to save money. How many times have you purchased something and then a week later, you go to find it, and also you don't know where it is. It got lost. You are not going to be going through all the clutter in your room to try to find it. So you go out and you buy it. And then if you're like me, I sometimes find the item Ah, week to a month later. So by de cluttering and organizing the different areas in your home, you're gonna save money because you're not going to go out and buy something that you already have or that you forgot you bought because it's hidden somewhere in your home. You just don't know where and you totally forgot they even purchased it. So those are my top five reasons on why you should start de cluttering and organizing your home, uh, day. So hopefully one or more of those points have hit the home run and you are ready to join me on decluttering your home. 4. Ready, Set, Action!: Have you ever walked past a room or walked into your bedroom? And you have clothes everywhere, piles upon piles of stuff that you should have taken care of months ago. You come from a trip, you have your suitcase, It's still on your floor. It's still next to your bed. If you answered yes to any of those questions than this is gonna be a fantastic course for you in this course, I give you step by step actionable goals that you can complete each day, depending on what section of your home we're gonna be focusing on. And with each section I also provide different resource is in different PDS that you can print out and have on hand when you are not watching this course. Because I know from experience that you can be inspired, motivated, amped up, ready to tackle decluttering, your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen. And then life kind of gets in the way and you forget about this course. So by having those hard copy pdf's in front of you, you'll be able to glance back and see what you need to do day by day, step by step, to achieving a more organized and de cluttered space in your home I personally love when it comes to organizing, changing and adding more space in any room. It has always been fun for me and with this course I don't want to overwhelm you. Instead, I want to be there walking you through step by step, day by day on tackling the different aspects when it comes to de cluttering and organizing your home. So if you're ready, let's continue on to next lecture. 5. Supplies Needed: now, before starting with day one. I do want to give you a list of things that I am going to have on hand that you can have on hand as well just to make sure you are prepared and you're not wasting your first day trying to get all these different things. So let's take a look. So for our supplies, we're going to basically need the necessities which you should have in your home and if not , just go out and grab them at your local grocery store. So items that I am going to have on hand trash bags for the items that we're gonna throw away donation box for the items that are still useful. But I personally will not be using them. It has been over a year to two years since I have used this item, which tells me it clearly is not a necessity in my life, a recycle bin if you want to recycle your papers, or you could simply shred him if you have a shredder and this is optional. But a storage mints of the storage bin is for all the items that you want to keep. But they don't necessarily need to be in your bedroom in your home, out in the open and then moving on to the cleaning supplies. I will be using disinfectant wipes a cloth for dusting, which, if you have a duster, fantastic a vacuum Windex wipes for my windows and mirrors and a mop for cleaning the floors. 6. To-Do MUST in order to benefit from this class: Now I am super excited to get started with you when it comes to de cluttering and organizing the different sections over your home. But the one thing I want to really quickly mention to you before we jump any further in this course is the fact that I want you to be hands on. In this course, there are different resource is different. Pdf files that you should be downloading and having on hand being able to cross off as you go. Because if you just sit there in front of the screen watching the entire course and taking zero action, this course is not gonna be beneficial to you in any way. So be hands on, get excited. Have your pdf files ready to go after each section. So when you start organizing and decluttering a certain section of your house, you have that sheet in front of you ready to break everything down that I have talked to you about so you can start crossing it off, getting inspired and getting more organized. 7. Declutter Your Bedroom Introduction: Hi there. So forth this section we are going to be focusing on decluttering your bedroom within five days. Now, if it takes you a couple days more or a couple days less, that is completely fine. Don't worry about it. But Michael is going to be within seven days. You have a fully de cluttered organized room. Now, in this section, the closet is not gonna be included. The closet is gonna be its own separate section. So without keeping you waiting, let's start. 8. Day 1: Declutter Your Bedroom: So starting with day one now, there's gonna be one main goal for each day, and it shouldn't take you an entire day. I want these to be bite size so they don't overwhelm you, and you're able to accomplish a certain thing each day. All right, so four day one, what I want you to do is to clean off anything that has a horizontal ledge, so that can be night stands, coffee tables, chairs, tables, desks, entertainment stand with shelves. Your dresser, your drawers if you have a storage ledge on either side of your bed or even at the end of your bed. Now have all your supplies ready. So you should have your storage box. You should have a trash can or a trash bag, and you should have a donation box. What you're gonna do is clean everything off, organize everything and group things together. So if you have a bunch of papers all over your room, get those papers together. If you have jewelry on a desk, jewelry next to your bed on your night stand, group those together and find a home for it because once you have de cluttered and organized your room, you should be able to go to a specific place that holds thes specific items. And along with that, if you have any items that do not belong in your bedroom, So for me it would be I have a box of dog treats in my room. I have a dog brush in my room. I have a specific area that I took the treats and brush from that. I need to get out of my bedroom and put back. So this is gonna be day one. Once you have cleaned everything off, disinfect it, wipe it down, dust it and then organize it. It doesn't have to be completely empty, but when you look at it, it should be organized. So go ahead, tackle Day one, and let's start making progress on de cluttering and organizing your bedroom. 9. Day 2: Declutter Your Bedroom: Now we continue on today. Number two. So for day number two, what we're gonna tackle today is picking up anything and everything off the ground. So that's clean clothes, dirty clothes, shoes, flip flops, suitcases, purses, backpacks, socks, anything and everything that is on your floor that should not be there needs to be picked up and either thrown away donated, stored in your storage bin. Or if it is a clothing item, put it into your closet for now and then. Once you have everything off the floor, go ahead and vacuum. And if your bedroom is not fully carpeted, go ahead and mop. Get your floor cleaned up, disinfected hair and dust bunny free before the end of Day two. 10. My Before and After Day 2: welcome back to day too. So I have already at the start of day two wiped off my fam blades wiped off my lights, my fan, and that light over there Now, for day two, I need to get everything off the floor. So I have polit clean clothes, dog toys, waits, backpack, purse, a overnight suitcase, dog leashes, shoes and just random stuff. And even over here on the other side of the bed, I have my laptop cord, one of my blinds that fell down fire extinguisher. So all of this stuff needs to get off the floor. Now, a couple of the things such as my weights I normally keep beside my dresser. But for today, there are no excuses. Floor is going to be clean. We're gonna vacuum and get this floor cleaned up. So if you're ready, let's do this. All right. It took me 40 minutes to clean up my entire floor. So let's take a look. Completely clean. Nothing behind the door. Nothing on either side of the bet. Now, how would you feel walking into this room? I know I am ready to get to work. I am energized. I am refreshed. and I have so much room there is no more stepping over anything tripping over anything dumping something on the floor on my dresser. It is an organized room. Now, even though my room right now is clean, organized, looking good, I am still not done because my backpack, my purse and close went into this closet. So I know that even though the room looks great and I could stop here, I still have a closet with clothes and other things that I could throw away because they're too worn out. Donate them because I never wear them and reorganized to add more space to my closet. So good job on if you have followed along and you have a clean floor in your bedroom. Good job. Fantastic. You should be feeling good. Go ahead, reward yourself and get ready for day three tomorrow. 11. Day 3: Declutter Your Bedroom: So how are you feeling? We are now on to day number three. So let's take a look at what we're going to accomplish today. So it is now time to tackle your drawers. If you have a drawer in your night stand, you have a dresser or more than one dresser. You have a coffee table that has George. You have an ottoman in your room that has yours. Any shelves, ward yours. This is gonna be what we're going to tackle for day three. I want you to go through all of your drawers and organize them. So I know I have a drawer that I tend to just kind of throw everything into and before you know what, it's completely filled up. So one thing that you can do by organizing your doors is to once again group everything that is a like together. If you have smaller items that are not going to take up the entire drawer, use drawer dividers and combine different items in one drawer. So hopefully by the end of today, the items that you haven't used and you know you're not gonna use you can toss or you can donate. So The goal is going to be that by the end of this day, you end up having one or more drawers that are gonna be empty and ready to use for when you need them. 12. My Before and After Day 3: moving on to day three. Now I am going to organize and declutter my dressers toe where I have my fingers crossed, and I am pretty sure about 99% sure that I am going to end up with two full empty drawers. So this is what I have to work with in between my closet and my drawers in my dressers to see what fits where and how I can organize it. I have some storage bins, a wire scarf organizer that I can also use for belts, four drawer dividers and then some trays and extra storage bins that I can rearrange and hopefully get a little bit more of organization. Now, the cutlery trade right there. That can actually be a fantastic use for organizing my pens, my pencils, paperclips and so forth. So I am curious to see if I can put this to good use. So right now, let's take a look at my dressers. Today I am going to be going through all of my dressers here and getting them organized and hopefully freeing up some space. Now, when I say I don't have any space to work with, I am serious. This drawer is electron ICS with some screwdrivers and just different video camera stuff. Canon camera things, stuff like that. So that is filled. This one is my workout clothes, from shorts to Pan's. And then I do have the top. Jur is towels and underwear. The second drawer is filled with socks. I seriously love socks, so I'm gonna have to go through all of my socks and see which ones I have not worn for over a year. Because that tells me clearly, I don't like him that much. If it's been that long, which ones have holes? Those can go and hopefully get down to only half of the socks that I own. The next to our shirts and the bottom is PJ slash shirts that I wear for, like, outdoor work. So I am going to re fold thes and roll them up to use up less space, which is gonna equal more shirts can fit into one drawer. So hopefully when I come back, I will be able to show you some empty drawers. Let's get started and I am back. So cleaning out all of my drawers took about an hour with folding clothes, putting stuff in storage bins. Get my donation box ready. About an hour, which is not bad. So as you can see, I have 12 34 five drawers that are now empty. And this dresser that had my clothes in it are big, Big George. So for tomorrow, I know that I'm gonna have space in these drawers to move some stuff from my closet if I need to. I only wanted at least 1 to 2 drawers that were free, and I ended up with five. So here is what my condensed drawers look like. I ended up rolling all of my workout shorts, pants, long sleeve, long sleeve shirts as well. I cannot believe that all of these clothes that I have fit into thes two drawers were taken up a total of four drawers. I got rid of the stuff that I have not worn in over two years. Donated that the things that are seasonal I put into my storage bins and I am down to Onley using two drawers. I feel like I made a huge breakthrough with having now five empty chores. So how did you do? How maney empty George, do you have let me know what worked. What didn't work for you. Or if you are stumped on anything when it comes to de cluttering and organizing your bedroom. Otherwise go ahead, take your break and I will see you tomorrow. 13. Day 4: Declutter Your Bedroom: All right. We are in the final stretch now onto day number four. Today we're gonna be tackling your closet. So go ahead, open your doors and take a look inside your closet. Is it build and cluttered and you're just trying to fit everything in anything that you can in your closet? Do you want to add more room? If so, today is gonna be the day to de clutter and organize your closet. I have a feeling that this is gonna take you a little bit longer. So take out at least 2 to 3 hours, half this day, maybe fall on your day off or on a weekend that you don't have anything else planned to really tackle and focus and get this done. Now, unlike some people who like to just take everything out of their closet, I personally am not gonna be doing that. I am going to be working section by section because if for some odd reason I do have to stop, I am not taking two steps back and having a cluttered bedroom again. We did not come all this way to take everything out of her closets and clutter our bedroom back up, so work section by section and see how you can transform your closet Now as a helpful hint . If you have a smaller closet, you should be using ceiling to floor of that space. Most people stop when they can no longer reach the very top of their closet. So if you or someone that is not utilising the space from ceiling to floor of your closet, you might need to work section by section and figure out how to best utilize the space that you have. So if you're ready, let's do this. Let's tackle our closet and get it organized. 14. My Before and After day 4: Day four is Closet Day. Now the thing with closets and the trick with closets is that you should be using all of your space from a top to bottom. Most people such as myself, you see where my closer hang up, that is my tallest shelf. I should have at least another shelf on top of that, which I plan on adding. But for now, with this closet, it's filled and very disorganized. You have close stuff on top, more clothes, and then we look over at the bottom. You have my laundry hamper, which I very rarely use, so I'm going to get rid of that. The backpack that was on the floor is now back in the closet. Need to find an appropriate space for that and then looking over on the other side of the closet, I have flip flops and shoes galore with a sweatshirt on the floor and then jackets, jeans, pants, my purple robe and we go to the top and where those decorative pillows are. That is my tallest shelf. So definitely need to use up my closet space a lot better so I can fit more things in it. So looking up there is the top. I could definitely fit another two shelves, but definitely at least one. You have the top there, which I am not utilizing all of my closet space. I'm gathering everything from the top of my closet down to the floor and having a lot of floor clutter versus using it all the way up to the ceiling. You could have a shoe rack organizer sitting in here where you could put your shoes, your towels and then on top. Maybe put some pillows. But the goal four day four is to go through all of my clothes and the clothes that I have not worn in the last two years either should be donated because for whatever reason, whether I don't like them, they don't fit. They have holes in them. They need to be donated or if they're still in good shape and there is nothing wrong with them. I just have not worn this clothing item for two plus years. It needs to go into storage now for storage. As you have probably guessed. My bed was custom built to include storage, so both of the side panels on either side have a bunch of storage, and then this panel underneath can left up, and there are four storage totes. I need to start utilizing these storage totes if I don't plan on donating some of my clothing items for whatever reason. So the top two things I am going to do with my clothes is either put them in storage or donate them if I have not warned them for over two years. So if you're excited, let's tackle or closets and get them back into working order. And I am back with my newly de cluttered and organized closet that now actually has more room, just like my dressers. I ended up getting rid of three bag fulls of clothes that I'm going to donate, and a couple things were just worn out, and I know that I would not have warned them. So I went ahead and just threw those items away. But so here is the first half of the closet. I moved half of my clothes that were hanging all along here down to this area. I brought out my older but smaller laundry hamper. I used up two of my drawers, so now I only have three empty drawers left or additional clothes. And then I wanted to show you all of the hangers that I was using that now need to be moved into my other empty closet, moving over to my other side. My shoes are all organized. I have less pants and jackets that I was not wearing. I'm using my storage bins. So this entire process of de cluttering my closet took a little over 2.5 hours. But I did add an additional shelf. So now I have even more space. So I am tired after going through all of this, but it was definitely worth it. I love where my closet is going, and I can now had even more items when I need to use my extra additional space that I now have in my closet. And I know where everything is. So my donation boxes are in my car, ready to be dropped off. Trash will be taken out and I am back to having and organized room, and I know that I can add even an additional shelf right above. My purse is up here, and I might do that later on. But right now I am happy that I have a lot more space to utilize before I add an additional shelf up here. Now, if you have bulkier items, you can stagger them using a pop tab. So all you would have to do is take your first hanger, take a bigger size pop tab, put it over your first hanger, take your second hanger and put it through the second loop. And there you go. This is a very easy way to stagger your clothes so you can make more fit into your closet. 15. Day 5: Declutter Your Bedroom: and finally, the day has come. It is now day number five. So if you still have a little bit more to accomplish after this day, go ahead at it to your list. But make sure to break it down into small, actionable steps that you can accomplish each day. Don't overwhelm yourself with a list of 20 things additionally, that you want to do to your bedroom. So for day five now you should be completely proud of yourself on reaching Day five of de cluttering and organizing your bedroom, I want you to sit down and take a look at your bedroom. Now some of you may have had areas that were completely cluttered. I want you to think on Why was this area so cluttered? So if your night stand was completely filled up with a pile off your items and you were not able to have a clean night stand, that would be one problem area that you would have to solve, so to prevent your bedroom from getting cluttered again, What can you do? What can you at? Is it a basket underneath your night stand or that can go right under your night stand that can just be pulled out and push back in when not in use. If it was a lot of clutter on top of your dresser, could it be that you need to add a shelving unit? Or now that you maybe have one or two drawers free? Could you dedicate that drawer for whatever ended up being on top of your dresser? So go ahead, take a look around your bedroom, identify the areas and why they became cluttered and figure out a solution that works for you on how to prevent this clutter from gathering back up in six months, seven months or even eight months. So you should have found the problem areas. Now is the time for Day five. You're going to get rid of the trash, donate the box of items, put away your storage box or been in an area that has been dedicated to storage and then go out and, if needed, by the additional organizer's shelves and Adam to your bedroom. So then, from here on forward, you have tackled and fix the problem areas in your bedroom and add those final touches that make your bedroom come together 16. Bonus Tip # 1: now, as you know, in one of my drawers, I did get some drawer dividers that I ended up using. So this is what it looks like so far. Now, if you're someone that does not want to go out and buy different dividers or different drawers, there is such an easy fix for this, and I actually used it in another drawer. So what you can do as a substitute to save money and to not go out and buy drawer dividers because, as you can see, there is a little curve. Were the drawers meat? And that's because they are in a tight space. So by making your own drawer dividers, you can actually have yours that fit more individual items than it. So let me show you an easy up cycle trick that you can do to organize all of your drawers. So most people have a lot of different cardboard boxes or even containers. Containers are the easy way to go, so if you have some square or rectangle containers, whether the lead cracked or you lost lead, feel free to use them in your drawers to hold different items. But then the other do it yourself round is going to be creating your own drawer dividers from different car poor boxes, whether they're shipping boxes or even cereal boxes, cracker boxes and so forth. So what we're gonna do is we're going to take our cardboard box and put it inside the tour . Now for my personal preference. I don't like my cardboard boxes to be flush with the top of the Jor. I like him to be a little bit lower. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna measure how tall the cardboard box is to make it flush. And then I'm gonna use an Exacto knife or scissors to cut a little bit below that line. And don't forget that when it comes to car poor boxes, you can always tape or glue the top of the box that you opened. So you have two different cardboard box containers from one box. So with this box, as you can see, it uses up quite a bit of the box so I can have one so I can cut this in the middle and have to equal size corporal box containers or just have one really tall one and one that's a little bit shorter. It is completely up to you and what you want to store in these boxes as well when it comes to having them turn into your organizer's. 17. Bonus Tip #2: now, Another quick little trick that I like to use for my smaller trinkets, such as earrings and rings, is instead of using my time to create smaller cardboard sections to store my rings and earrings in, I like to use different size ice cube trays so you go out and you buy a couple of ice. Keep trays, and you can use that to store your rings and earrings in in your drawers. And they, of course, are stackable, so you can have 23 or even more sets of ice cube. Trace that store your rings and earrings so you don't forget about them, and you can quickly go through your trace to see what earrings or rings you want. Aware a specific day or night this way, especially when it comes to your earrings. They don't get separated, they don't get mixed up, and you don't forget about them now, also, depending on your size. When it comes to your ice cube tree that you've chosen or even your preference, you can have one ring in each of the ice. Keep squares. You can have multiple rings and one ice. Keep square and same thing for your earrings. Maybe you have really long dangly earrings. You might want to keep them separate in their own ice cube square. Or maybe you want to group them together and put him in one ice. Keep square so any small trinkets can be put into an ice cube tray and stacked in your drawer. 18. Bonus Tip #3: now one tip I like to utilize for my bedroom to get rid and make sure there aren't any odors. If someone's coming into my bedroom, warm hang out in my bedroom is to use dryer sheets, so I just take one dryer sheet and this has multiple uses. So the first thing is that I can put this into my dirty laundry hamper to make sure any clothes that have odors sweat. They stay in the hamper, and they don't travel out and permeate the entire room. Now the second thing I like to use it for is to put it in my vet so that your room smells fresh like so very easy. Very simple. Then an alternative to that is I end up with a used dryer sheet. So the other thing I like to do is to take some odor eliminator spray or even a fabric deodorizing spray. So fabric refreshing our spray. And there's all sorts of different brands that you can choose from, and all I do is I take my odor fabric deodorizer spray and I spray my dryer sheet, let it dry a little bit, and then I can just simply put it into my laundry hamper. And you don't have to use this on a daily basis. This is just a quick tip for if someone's gonna be coming over and you want to make sure that your room smells good. 19. Bonus Tip #4: So one thing I am noticing asked the week is going by is I have different chords in this area, and what's happening is my chords are getting tangled and are disorganized. So I see this as a problem area down the road that's going to clutter up my drawer. So there are two ways that you can go about fixing this. The first way is to wrap the cords and use a hair clip for each one to prevent tangling. Now you can keep the courts in their own area. Or what I am probably going to be doing here shortly is taking a toilet paper roll or even paper towel rolls, cutting them in half and then putting individual chords in each of the toilet rolls or paper towel rolls and you can take him and I'm going to be using superglue to keep them together. - Like so now. The reason I cut my toilet roll in half is because the toilet roll was too tall toe, where I had to really put my fingers in the role to pull out the cord. This way, the cords are sticking out so I can see what cord is in each tube and at the same time being able to use one toilet paper roll for two courts so you can take as many paper towel rolls, toilet paper rules as you want, and line them all up and down any of the doors that you want. So if you're saying a problem area like I was having in my drawer, with all of my chords being bunched up, this is a very easy, very fast hack that you can do today. 20. Bonus Tip #5: So when it comes to vacuuming, I sometimes drop things on the floor. And when I'm vacuuming, I don't want my vacuum to suck up any of my stud earrings, a hair clip or anything small like that. So what I like to do is to use a use dryer sheet at the end of my vacuum nozzle, tied with a rubber band or hair tie, and then just go through the areas that are underneath couches, baseboards by cabinets, any place where I might lose something. I always want to go through that area first with a dryer sheet to pick up any small items that I may have lost so they don't get sucked into the vacuum, and I lose him forever. 21. Class Conclusion: Hi. You have now reached a in this class. So what did you think of this class? If you enjoy the class, I would love to see a thumbs up review from u. I love all my students feedback. It helps me plan for my future classes. So now let me show you a couple things related to my profile. 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