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Debunking Retro: A Beginner's Guide to Overprinting

teacher avatar Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overprinting: Basics

    • 3. Why Photoshop?

    • 4. Type it out

    • 5. Filter It

    • 6. Just Redo It

    • 7. About to be Done

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About This Class

Jump in and learn how to create this ultra-cool and retro effect of Overprinting. Beginning with a brief introduction to the history of Overprint, the class dives into details and execution of this effect. 


We will work completely within Adobe Photoshop, with no external material required. During the class you will learn how to create customized filters that you can edit, not to mention reuse as many times as you want. Bonus: There's also a few quick tips about Letterpress effects. 

This class is for all levels of Photoshop users, all you need is the software and you're good to go. Enroll now and begin with the learning!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



Hey everyone! I'm a graphic designer based out of New Delhi, India. I started my education in architecture & realized mid-way that making art made me more happy than making buildings. I started learning Illustrator and Photoshop in my free time (thanks to Skillshare) and moved into the line full time post graduation.

 I currently work as a graphic designer and social media manager with a start-up. I love all things colorful and pattern-isc (the INDIAN ROOTS). I realized that my journey has only been possible because of the wonderful teachers I had and motivates me to give back my teaching.

PS. I would love for you to join me on Instagram. I often share tit-bits about upcoming classes, current art projects, my do... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Uh, hey, guys, I'm quit the car on Welcome from my class. Debunking electro A Beginner's guide to over printing not only very learned, the ins and outs off or printings were also has created the stress tech show within foot shop on how we can apply this to our text on a bag ramblings. Along with this, they were also known some basics of letter press on as a Boehner's over a good guide on us . How do you overcome defect in Adobe Illustrator? In this class, you will learn how to build the over prince effect from scratch, using no external references and only smart for dozen adult before the shop the's My credos are credited reusable, not mention known destructive. This class was made for a level of 40 shop users. So even if you have a big nose, don't worry. I will be guiding you through the process. Step by step. For the class project, you will die a little truth, a weapon style typographer coastal off anyone off your creative ghosts so guys hit and roll and let's begin 2. Overprinting: Basics: I do believe that some background knowledge always has so hair a few quick basics about all pending. This isn't a fan that was primarily used by printers in the 19 fifties and sixties, when one layer was printed on the dog off another. So what was did work that there was some point where two colors are overlap to form a toad color, which is what is the basics off over printing the biggest and Wantage off? Using over printing is live when you walking with the very limited color palette safe for two colors, it is just perfecto. Add another color to your color palette, and you could see in the example below now another reason why people like to use over Quintus because it creates certain emphasis. Like you could see in this image, where all the maroon is being emphasized on it emphasizes where the festival is. What's the dates, etcetera. So over Hill, I have included an art book by one of my favorite after Simon Sea bass, just to show you how over printing is on what goes you achieve by over trending different colors. So, for example, when you over print yellow and the blue you get a green, but the same thing when you over printer yellow and a pink you get a red. So this is my useful charge just to show you the kind of colors you get my over printing, where you can see that when two colors are overlapped, you coulda told color. When all three colors to see the M and the wire overlapped, you get a black. When open they were started. It was mostly done using the scene like, because that was what printers had to offer. Although if you look at the margin conditions, they do not restrict themselves to that same like we are. It is the very fun Gallup Alito work with usually high contrast colors I used in case off openly, such as the yellow and gray, all Erdogan and green or a blue and orange tetra. So while you're doing your own class project, go ahead with any color palette the to like just try and restrict yourself to two colors, maybe as big me and yet you good to go 3. Why Photoshop?: so before we go ahead and actually start or printing and other before the show, I wanted to give a quick overview off both under before the shop on the Last traitor and why we have chosen to work with 40 show in this class. Illustrator does have a major advantage over food to show on. That is that it offers true over prince settings. So basically you could work with all blending modes off text. There are some creatures while printing in Adobe last Rita, but it's kind of result with, but the disadvantages are under B. Illustrator office is that there are no smart objects and smart filters that are available . So for every text layer that you type out, actions will have to be applied manually all the time. So in that case, a know before the sharp does work better because, first of all, you have smart filters. I do not mean any outside resource is toe build any thought of affected and will be for the shop. The only slight disadvantage is that adobe for the shop offers is that there is no open settings in this, and you basically have to play with the blending modes to achieve what you call the over print, but this is easily resolved on this. The big bird want age night for shop offers over illustrator. But as a bonus at the end of this video, I have included a quick overview off how you can use over printing in Adobe Illustrator. This is clarified all your doubts and moreover, in case you are more comfortable with Adobe Illustrator, you can do that too. So performing Go head to working in Adobe Illustrator, I quickly wanted to show you how or printing looks and adobe for the shop. So we have two layers off live free return over here. And as you could see, the top layer has a multiply mood on instead of normal. This creates the open setting that you can see on this cream. Now, in case of a lovey illustrator, this is again over Prince setting on. As you can see, they look exactly the same. So let's go over creating this. I'm going to simply go to file and create a new file on. The only thing you have to be really careful about at this point is to remember to always have the same, like Kemo turned on. If the same, like Iman is no turned on the over print preview settings a lot work I could die about my next, which in this case is going to be a hello, and I'm gonna change the colors. The easiest way to change the color of my text is the double click on the color I can on simply going type my color settings. In this case, since I want my sand Carlo, I'm gonna simply put 100 person in the sea on a 0% in the other. Similarly in get, I want a yellow. I'm just gonna select my text and make my via 100% on all the others are zero. Once this is done since I want the yellow letter B over printed, I'm gonna go and change its attributes to opened. You do this simply by clicking on window attributes on chosing or burn. But, hey, the effect is invisible. Now it's in order to do that, simply go to view hand select over print, preview The moment you do that. As you could see, your text has now over printed 4. Type it out: let's begin by opening a new filing for the shop. The damn winches for the same with 1600 by 900 fixes. Since that is what skilled show usually works with on the modus rgb in for the shop. Our job you're seeing, like a does not effect over printing at all. It depends on whether you want to print it uses for the Internet. So I'm gonna begin. So for this class, we're gonna make a simple typography poster off on offer favorite codes. In this case, I'm gonna illustrated the whole process to using one of my favorite goats called Dream Big . Now, whenever you starting, the first step is for you to type out. But all your text in different layers. So, for example, your favorite goat has three moods than usual type about three separate text less for this . Now the short good for the type to list E. So I'm just gonna simply go to the type two on Dry Dream now one second, I'll select the type two and type of big Ah, Now I would make the changes that have warned in the size of the text, etcetera. Once I have my tax position. I'll now change their properties now. In order to do that, you can always use the character panel underdone on the character panel. Simply go to Windows on character from how you can change the color, the foreign or the size of your text. So in order to select any one of your tax layers, just go to the space in the sheet by. Your text is on just right click, and you will see these options that are available off the layers that are existing. In case our own dream, I will just right click over there and choose dreams. Now my character panel displays all the properties off tree over Hill. I want to change the color of dreams to, say a sand. Now, in order to do that. Like I mentioned before, I'm going to change the properties of C 2 100 on the M by in the K 20 not to add the over print properties, I'm going to simply go to obey and change its blending more from normal to multiply. Now the would I do that. As you can see, my over print has occurred. You can always play around on other blending woods such as thes. But as a rule multiplies the one that works best. While this is just one type of radiation that you can do to achieve over printing, I will just quickly show you some of the types that are possible. So in order to do that, I'm just going to duplicate my leg using control place change, and I will just move them around to show you the various possibilities. So this is another way, common possibility off or printing where you have to less to pay, impose on the top off each other with slight shift in position to achieve the over printing . Not for 1/3 variation. I'm just going to show you. But I'm gonna die about big and small. And I'm now gonna really the foreign off the small and its size to show you the toe type often over print effect. I'm just gonna quickly decrees if one side James a foreign type and just over impose it on the top of big with the multiply more turned on. As you can see, over printing offers a lot of opportunities for you to play around with text. It is amazing because you can could emphasis on any particular word or style off on that you want. So I'm really, really looking forward to your flash projects and think what you guys shown out. 5. Filter It: So, guys, let's move on to the next stage. Now I'm gonna divide this lesson into two parts. In the first month, you're going to see how we can carry out the letter. Perfect. And then the second part will start building up a smart filter toe under the stress effect to our text. Now, before we start, I want to add a quick note. Occasionally, these filters might seem a little confusing, especially with the numbers. But then I know what the numbers are because of constant hit on trial. So the first time you do it, it might be a good idea to use the same text size on the same numbers that I have. But in as you've done it once and you understand how the effect looks, then you can always keep experimenting and finding what is perfect for you. So I am not gonna open my base find and let's talk now. The first step to do is tow quickly. Convert both your Texan do smart objects to do that Just right. Click and press gun war too. Smart object. So right now I'm gonna start walking with dream on auto, apply the filters. I'm going to simply die. Take on it again. On click on blending options a window called less style opens up in front of me on how to apply the letter press We will be completely working on last time. Now the first layer style I have to apply is called the drop shadow. In this case, I have won The blend moved to be a normal on. I want the distance undersize to build two Now the drop shadow shouldn't be very big. The color should be a wide To create a nice letter press. I want capacity to be 50%. As soon as I'm done with this, I'm now gonna go an ardent, you know, shadow. And the more for this is overly so that it's always the same color else the text now again , this distance and this I should be oh, to each and then I'm gonna add a trading totally. In this case, I want to reverse ingredient overlay on I wonder capacity to with really low like 20 as soon of the breast. Ok, My letter first effect has now Walker on my text in orderto copy listo. My ability all I need to do is to right click on the FX. Just a copy. Lest I'll go to my other smart object on breast based at the moment I do that. You can see that my alleged its effect has Now, come on, both my smart objects. You can almost such a owner off by president. I see. Now that my letter press effect has done, we're gonna start adding the distress of back which is the park toe. To do that, I'm simply gonna goto photo on the first filter. I will appliance triple by going to distort and pressing on reboot. Now, this might be a bit annoying that you can't find your text in it, but yeah, you don't just call it on the nuclear. I want small amount in this. So probably 25%. I just pressed. Okay. I just I know everybody clearly visible what I've done, So I'm gonna zoom in pressing control and plus welcome Entous. Plus And I didn't see the Texas now got this light. The religions like triples in case I want to edit my filter. All I have to do is double click on it on as an example every just increased amount off the ripple. Intial Salamis is under this by going toe edit on a new and I'm gonna allowed by pressing control purpose I I'll come on to say And now let's begin reporting the second filter. Now for this, I'm gonna go to filter noise on add noise. Now, if I find treat with a good ratio and I want to uniformed noise. So there you go. Now, before we apply the told photo, you should always check that your colors are said to black and white in case they are in just present a small icon on the top, and it will inward the colors to the additional ones after dinner. Are we gonna go and apply the talk filter by going toe filter? And Victor Calgary, ever gonna build up to filters, says he could see over here. I have one filter state Now the school damages on this is gonna be 1/4 filter. Right now, there are 30 number said to our image, violent smoothness and contrast. But we would play around with this to get the ideal balance. In this case, I wonder in use violence to be a safe 29 on the moment I do that, you could see that my decks has become black with a slight white dots, all specs on it, which is what I owned. I'm gonna now believe the contrast on mean that say a 19. And I'm gonna add my second filter, which is the ocean ripple to add a second filter. I'm simply gonna click on the ID filter button at the bottom of the morning. I I did my ocean bill. As you could see, this is distinct. Triple it actually has. Come on the top off my text. Now, in this case, I'm one magical size amendable magnitude both to be off one. On the moment I'm done with this. I'm just gonna press, okay? And I'm good to go. But as you can see, my Texas now become black. Now, in order to change the blending mood off my filter, Valerie, I'm gonna double sleep on this, too. Small arrows on the right. The woman I know that I'm not gonna change the mood on the blending from normal to screen. So, for example, if I make it overly, you can see this dark blue color with blue speckles. So this case. Remember that whenever attacks turns black, simply change your mood off. This mark will toe to screen. Now leave them alone. How we can apply this Filters from the dream led the Bigler. So I wanted to do that. I'm gonna go to the smart photos, just talking them also. But there And while holding oiled, I'm gonna simply drag them toe the lad I want them toe. So I so never do that. You would say this more dots that appear be beside left on my smart filters have bean ended . So as you can see, the effect does not look the same on board the dream and the big. But if I just quickly closed the filter gallery on both of these and show you see what's even noise on the replace Still there. It's only there's something wrong with the filter gallery, and that probably has to do with image balance. I'm gonna go to the big, and I'm gonna edit the image palance from that. So once again, I'm gonna double click on fertile gallery. So I'm gonna change my image batons to say, 0 27 I'm gonna even go to the ocean nipple on change the size to a four and change the magnitude to a night and simply best. Okay, so the more dough that, as you could see my filters, my distress effect has been applied to both the dream and the baby. Now, when you re using this filters that will occasionally be some problems. I will appeal. But you have to go to your filter calorie and make some edit. So when I turned my effects on, you could see have led oppressive act looks. But usually I don't like it. So I do use it. Letter, press, Auriol distress instead of using them together Now I learning drop shadows We have actually changed the blending mold off big to normal. So once again, we're just gonna go but there and press on multiply that the woman went We do that our print effects on and it's complete 6. Just Redo It: sighs, mentioning Beginning off this class, these filters are reusable on my reasonable. I mean, you can use it whenever you want to do this effect any time on any text left. So how do we do that now, In this case, you can either type out your text once again and apply filters to it. Or you could even edit your original smart object a walk in it like I will show you in this example. So in this case, I'm simply gonna edit the dream. I'm gonna write something that's to do so I simply have to go. And I was like, on my smart object to be able to re edited the one Would I do that? My audition text opens on Aiken type or whatever I want to. For example, I want to type out Yellow is the new black on. Maybe in a smaller phoned what I'm going to do with, I'm gonna change the stool, say, or 24 and I'm just gonna type out what I wanted to, but like you could see. So my smart object size does not match the size of the text right now. So how do you do that is that you simply re crop your smart off Jay. And to do that just present crop and then crop according to the sides of the text that they would see the moment you start cropping all it axl appear which will make cropping easier and just click on the dick as soon as you're done. I also want to choose the color off my text. So I'm just going to quickly select all off it by doing T control placed a or command to say to selected and then changes color from the character panel assumes you done with all the changes. Simply press control plus s all command processes to update your smart object on the file. You were editing it in says you can see now my file is updated on my text layer has completely changed, although it's still called the same. But it's OK. Sanofi's say I want to type out another yellow. I'm going to do that on I'm gonna one second change my color toe yellow, and I'm gonna simply drag my smartphone just to it as soon as I can towards this into a smart object. So let me just convert this into a smart object on while holding oil. I'm simply going to drag my smart filters from the above layer to this assume. Doesn't do that. My text disappears. Nothing. Is the Texas still there? This probably means that the image violence is wrong. So I'm gonna quickly go down and I'm gonna edit my image batons. So I'm gonna change my image Balance on I'm gonna edit it to say, 0 34 On the moment I do that. As you could see, all the white has become black. And I can clearly see the whites pickles. Time will simply press OK, and I'm good to go. Now let me just change the blending mode. I will not just go. Please zoom in and show you how the open looks. So as you can see this these windows once you've built these initially they're extremely easy to reuse. So you can just type out as much Texas you warn on Keeper applying this filter Sudha are you can even go into your additional smart objects on reedited asked for your purposes 7. About to be Done: Hey guys, Thank you so much for taking the class on this. Just want to take a moment to congratulate you for finishing this good. Before we say our goodbyes. A last reminder. Don't forget to upload your class project toe. Upload your class project. Simply go to the your project section below your skill share class on As you would scroll down you could see the option where you could upload your class project over there. I have also into little ink on my Pinterest board with this call over pret Pinterest. This board has around 90 things for your reference that you could use 100 an inspiration from through the Internet if you like. But love us. Please do leave a review by clicking on the leave Review on telling other students If you like the Trasvina since this they have guide them to once of you. Thanks, guys. And see you in the next class. Bye.