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Dealing with Creative Gremlins

Angelique Noll, Writer and Illustrator

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9 Videos (17m)
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About This Class

In this class we play with our creative gremlins and get a bit of distance from them, but we also identify our inner creative support/creative spirit. We all have a little voice inside of us that urges us on to create, but we don't often take the time to listen to it. Instead, we give all our attention to the inner critic and allow it to dictate our creative expression. In this class, we take the time to listen to both the critic AND the supporter.

The materials used are simple and were picked especially for their non-threatening nature, so that our inner critic can relax and we can enjoy the process. 

So if your creative expression is held back by a dominating inner critic, then join me here;-) See you inside!

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I like that this class teaches you to be non-judgmental towards yourself. I really enjoyed this :)
I've been wanting to get into Art Journaling for ages but it always seemed so complicated and intimidating. Thanks for this - I'm looking forward to the series. Going to buy an art journal now;-)
Angie, I love your classes! I'm not comfortable with my creative expression, but through the techniques in your classes (this one and the writing ones) I'm getting there! Thank you! I can't wait for the rest of this series.





Angelique Noll

Writer and Illustrator

Hello, I'm Angie!

I'm a writer and illustrator currently living in Auckland, New Zealand. I write daily blog articles on the topic of writing and creativity in general for my website as well as for various other publications as a guest blog writer.

I also paint on a daily basis, and work in my creative journal or just simply write with plain ol' words on lined paper - longhand;-)

When I'm not writing or painting/drawing I'm developing courses, and I teach a weekly yoga c...

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