De-Mystifying the Law of Attraction: Reach the Next Level of Manifesting with Tips You Can Use Now | Ashley Krout | Skillshare

De-Mystifying the Law of Attraction: Reach the Next Level of Manifesting with Tips You Can Use Now

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

De-Mystifying the Law of Attraction: Reach the Next Level of Manifesting with Tips You Can Use Now

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

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11 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. What is the Law of Attraction?

    • 4. Is it All Magic?

    • 5. Is the LoA Good or Bad?

    • 6. Filtering Negative Thoughts

    • 7. Good Vibrations

    • 8. Law of attrACTION

    • 9. Takeaways

    • 10. 90 Second Meditation

    • 11. 12 Minute Meditation

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About This Class

The Law of Attraction can be overwhelming and difficult to utilize. This course will help break down key components so you can begin manifesting like a pro.

Learn What Many Other Law of Attraction Teachings Leave Out

  • Discover if the Law of Attraction is inherently good or bad.

  • Develop tools for dealing with negative thought patterns.

  • Raise your energetic vibration in order to manifest more easily.

  • Learn the missing piece that ties everything together.

  • Relax with three different meditations.

If learning about the Law of Attraction has left you mystified, this course will help clarify why it works.

When I first began consciously using the Law of Attraction, I became frustrated very quickly. I’ve always thought I was a pretty fast learner, but with this, I just couldn’t make the principles work. After many years of only getting mediocre results and just getting by, I started learning about the missing pieces and what I had been doing wrong. I had many misconceptions about what made the Law of Attraction work and I realized that many others have the same misconceptions. I want to share with you what I’ve learned in hopes that it helps you on your journey.

In this course, you’ll learn what the Law of Attraction is, if it’s really magic or if there’s a practical explanation for it, and a few big keys missing in a lot of Law of Attraction teachings.

I tried to keep this course manageable, while still packing it with valuable insights and easy to incorporate activities. This course can be completed in as quickly as one day, or spread out longer to fully comprehend and implement the teachings.

To further help your practice, I’ve included 2 worksheets and 3 mediations. One is a five minute guided meditation, layered with binaural beats and relaxing music. In this meditation, you can take a stroll across a warm beach where you will be guided to release any stress you are holding onto. This meditation continues on for 7 more minutes with the music and binaural beats for a total of 12 minutes.

Then there’s a 30 minute track with just the relaxing music and binaural beats. Listen to it as a stand alone or continue playing it after the guided meditation to prolong the benefits of alpha waves.

Lastly, there is a 90 second focused breathing meditation that will guide you to relax every muscle in your body, from your head to your toes. I recommend putting this one on your phone to listen to any time!

It is my hope and desire that these teachings are the missing link you need to explode your manifesting power and begin living the life you want and deserve.

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Ashley Krout

Making Magic Simple and Powerful


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1. Welcome!: does the law of attraction make you frustrated? Have you made vision boards and practiced affirmations on Lee to see no results? Do you feel like something's missing? When I first began consciously using the law of Attraction, I became frustrated very quickly. I've always thought I was a pretty fast learner, but with this, I just couldn't make the principles work. After many years of Onley getting mediocre results and just getting by, I started learning about the missing pieces and what I have been doing wrong. I had many misconceptions about what made the law of attraction work, and I realized that many others have these same misconceptions. I want to share with you what I've learned in hopes that it will help you on your journey. So in this course, demystifying the law of Attraction, you'll learn what the law of attraction is if it's really magic or if there's a practical explanation for it. If using the law of attraction is good or bad and a few big keys missing in a lot of law of attraction teachings, I tried to keep this course manageable while still packing with valuable insights and easy to incorporate activities this course could be completed and as quickly as one day or spread out longer to fully comprehend and implement the teachings. To further help your practice, I've included three meditations. One is a five minute guided meditation layered with by neuro beats and relaxing music. And this meditation you can take a stroll across a warm beach, where you'll be guided to release any stress you're holding on to. This meditation continues on for seven more minutes with the music and by neuro beats for a total of 12 minutes. Then there's a 30 minute track with just a relaxing music and my neural beats listen to it as a stand alone or continue playing it after the guided meditation to prolong the benefits of Alfa waves. Lastly, there's a 92nd focused breathing meditation that will guide you to relax every muscle in your body from your head to your toe. I recommend putting this one on your phone to listen to any time. It is my hope and desire that these teachings are the missing link. You need to explode. You're manifesting power and began living the life you want and deserve 2. Introduction: welcome to demystifying the law of attraction. In this course, we're going to cover what the law of attraction is, how it's not all magic and how it actually works, whether it's good or bad. How to cultivate a positive mindset, tools to break through blocks, tips for raising your vibration, how to attain your goals and the most important step to manifesting. So let's dive in. 3. What is the Law of Attraction?: What is the law of attraction? The Law of Attraction is a universal law that is based on the premise of, like, attracts, like meaning. Your thoughts create your actions and shape the world around you. Another way of putting this Is that what you put out into the universe? You draw back to yourself. There are many popular law of attraction quotes like If you condone remit, you can achieve it by Walt Disney and see yourself living in abundance and you will attract it by Rhonda Byrne's Is it all magic, though? 4. Is it All Magic?: So is it all magic? I think that to some degree there is a part of it that we can't explain, and maybe we'll never understand that. Being said, there's also a huge component of it that can be explained demystifying. It has helped me overcome blocks more quickly than ever and has led me to where I need to be to create the life I want. After spending more than a decade learning about the law of attraction, spinning my wheels and going nowhere oftentimes backwards, even my realizations about the secrets behind the law of attraction has helped me use it to my advantage. So I want to share this knowledge with, you know, when we focus on something, our awareness of it heightens. Have you ever experienced this scenario? Your friend buys a new to them car. It's when you've never heard of before, even though it's about five years old. But within days of them showing it to you, you notice 10 of them on your way home. This, along with an exercise where you ask the universe to show you a specific color of car, are very popular, manifesting techniques that are popular because they genuinely work. But why do they work? They're an unlimited amount of scenarios going on all around us. At any given time, however, we only notice what fits our current mindset or frequency, using the previous example the cars on your mind because you were just made aware of it. On average, I'm willing to bet that the same amount of those cars passed by your most days, but since you weren't consciously aware of them, your brain took no notice of them. Now that there's a significance, your brain made a note of everyone that it saw. 5. Is the LoA Good or Bad?: is the law of attraction, good or bad? An important piece to utilizing the law of Attraction is understanding that it's neither good nor bad. It's a tool that can just as easily be used for manifesting negative things as it can be for good. One really sad way I see this happen a lot is within relationships. Someone might be stuck in the same cycle, which continues to reinforce their beliefs and keeps the cycle going. It takes recognizing the pattern and deciding to change it, to be able to move forward. As humans, we adopt our memories to fit our perspective. Another word for perspective could be agenda, but this usually carries a negative connotation. And this is another thing that is neither good nor bad, fitting our memories to fit our agendas. Human. Think of a positive person who sees the good in everyone and believes the world is, for the most part a pretty pleasant place. Then think of how some people are always complaining about how bad the world is. They think youngsters Airil trouble and don't respect their elders, and so on. Both of them could provide ample evidence of their beliefs, so neither of them is wrong, but what they choose to believe is what they see in the world. There's also no exact science or proper way to manifest. If you pulled 20 different people about what steps they took to manifest something, you might get 20 different responses. Learning all you can about the law of Attraction and then following your own intuition when it comes to the exact methods you use is the best way to be successful. Success and failures are all part of learning, so don't be afraid to get some messy hands on experience. Jump in and have fun with it. Don't get caught up on making sure it's perfect. 6. Filtering Negative Thoughts: filtering out negative thoughts. Many law of attraction books and movies I've come across make it very clear the positive thoughts equal good and negative thoughts equal bad. This can be a very overwhelming realization. I mean, we have thousands of thoughts every single day. How in the heck are we supposed to successfully filter them? After learning this, I became critical and hyper aware of every single negative thought I was having spoiler alert. This is miserable and counterproductive, not to mention exhausting. So for a couple of years I stayed in this horrible cycle of criticizing all of my thoughts , and this made life even more miserable. I think I've found a pretty good balance of retraining my mind, and it's easy enough that you can start practicing it today with no prep work. So think about a negative story constantly on your mind that brings your energy down for me . I didn't even have to think very long about the prominent negative story running through my mind. I let some events over a couple of years take hold in my brain space, which led to my depression and anxiety getting worse and worse. It's hard to manifest from a low state of being, and depression is one of the lowest functioning states. You could even argue that there is not a whole lot of functioning that goes on there out of survival. I had to figure out how to break through this lower level. Using the emotion code, I was able to start peeling back the layers of damage to get to a place. Or I could begin to rewire my thinking. There's a link in your course handbook that has all the resources you need. Teoh get started with the emotion code for free. It shouldn't cost anything at all to get the book, and a few other resource is. I'm not going to try and explain the emotion code here because Dr Nelson does a wonderful job of explaining the why behind it and how to do it. So for the purposes of this course, I encourage anyone who's having trouble getting results to first go through the emotion code and then come back to these techniques and try them again. We're all complex beings, and due to how we process emotions and events, some of us need more emotional healing than others. Wherever you're out on your journey is perfect for you. In the moment I look at emotional healing like a lifelong journey. At first I thought it was something that I could quickly go through and one day wake up, healed of anything bad or negative. That very well may be ableto happen in the future. But more realistically, I've learned that regularly clearing out, negative or even stagnant energy needs to be a constant practice, like brushing your teeth or showering to cultivate a positive mindset. I took no of what thoughts would bring my energy down and would play on repeat day in and day out. Then I would come up with a positive thought that I would remind myself of when that thought began popping up. For example, if I was down about not getting healthy as quickly as I thought I should be, I would remind myself of how far I had already come or another example. If I was stuck in a downward spiral dwelling on something in my past, I would remind myself about something coming up in the near future that I was excited about , and I turned my thoughts to this one huge word of caution. Without the second part of this exercise, the first part could turn into a really unhealthy habit of suppressing feelings to counter Act that the second part of this exercise is to make sure to take time at least once a week , if not more often to truly feel the feelings that are causing the negative thought patterns . It's vital to our mental health that we take the time to feel emotions, and there's so many things that can be learned or realized during that time. We also have to cultivate a habits that help us then move forward and not become stuck. This exercise can either be done in the moment. Or you can schedule time with yourself to sit down and write out every negative thought pattern You hear often and then something positive to remind yourself of when it comes up. It's easy to get hung up on not moving forward when we feel like healing needs to be done in a sacred, solemn way with rituals and quietness. Every method has its own place and purpose, but transformative moments can take place during the most mundane moments. My favorite time to work on my mind say, is what I'm doing dishes. The reason this is my favorite time is because it was once my least favorite time. Dishes are a semi mindless activity, so my mind would just wander. I think of everything bothering me at the moment. I'd run through horrible scenarios stuck in this awful place of dwelling and defeat. When I was looking for ways to change my mind set, I figured, What better place to start? Go ahead and print the worksheet for changing thought patterns in your course book and print as many times as you need it. 7. Good Vibrations: good vibrations. A big buzz word in the manifesting community is vibration. Everything has a vibration. What is vibration, though simply put, is the frequency at which you're functioning. There are different levels of vibration from super low tune in Layton State of Nirvana. Since I'm human and we're all human, I think it's pretty normal to fall within several ranges over the course of one day. The most important part is that you look at where you're at on an average over a long term basis. The good news is that there are some simple ways to bring up your vibration, ranging from easy actions to ones that are a little bit more involved. So here are some ideas. Put on music and have an impromptu dance party. If you're alone, dance like you don't care if there people around that aren't comfort, that you aren't comfortable dancing in front of put on headphones and have a dance party in your head. If you are comfortable with the people around you and what invite them to join in practice , gratitude for everything. Gratitude puts us in a powerful state of positivity. This can be an intense healing practice, depending on how deep you go with it. It's easy to be grateful for the things we want that come true. But what about the hard times? Can you be grateful for losing your job by holding on to the belief that something better is coming? Can you say a prayer of gratitude when paying your bills? That small shift in mindset can be very powerful practice, saying a prayer of gratitude when paying the electric bill, such as as I pay this electric bill, I am thankful for the electricity it provided my family. It keeps us warm and allows us to watch movies together. I'm happy to pay for the service. What other ways can you think of to show gratitude to raise your vibration? You can also make a list of things that bring you happiness from baking cookies to painting your nails or meeting a friend for coffee. It could be things that cost money or are free. The important part is that there things that make you feel good include activities that can be done on the spot, so in a pinch you have a resource to easily draw from treasure frequency. You can also keep a journal of manifestations that have happened or funny synchronicity is you've noticed or anything that made you smile. Put it somewhere you can easily access it to read when you're feeling down. This last one is what my husband and I are incorporating into our manifesting practice this year. We both have a tendency to get depressed and overwhelmed, and in those moments it's all too easy to forget the great things that have already happened. It will serve as a great reminder of how far we've come. So print out the good vibrations, works she on the next page and begin creating your list of what makes you happy. 8. Law of attrACTION: one big missing piece in a lot of law of attraction teachings is the action portion learning how it all works and hearing stories of people putting pictures of giant houses on a vision board. And then two years later, moving into that specific house is really inspiring. But there's a crucial piece missing there to get the results you want. There has to be some sort of action. I didn't learn this piece of information until a couple of years into my manifesting journey. I still manifested small things during that time, which, fortunately, was enough to keep me going when I learned that action steps needed to be taken. I'll be honest. I had some resistance to this. It was during the time I was struggling with depression and anxiety, so the thought of doing anything outside of my comfort zone was horrifying. To put it mildly, I saw people doing all these big things, like public speaking and really putting themselves out there. The thought of doing anything like that would send me into Ah, horrible die onward spiral And I thought there was no hope. On one brave day, I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for a direct sales company. Most of the reason I signed up was to save money, so I don't know exactly how brave I was being. But don't worry, I'm not gonna mention the name or anything about it, other than to talk about my up line. She was very knowledgeable about the law of Attraction and recommended so many books that helped me, along with hours and hours of discussions together that really help me work through my junk . It fast tracked my personal development, which is something I really needed. The best pieces of advice about personal growth books that I've received are, If a book isn't inspiring you after the first chapter, put it down and move on to another one. You can always come back to it if it seems appealing later. But if you waste time drudging through it and lose motivation and momentum, it's harder to get that back to what might be someone's. Number one book may do nothing for you. This is because we're all a different points. You're missing Piece that makes it all click is probably totally different than the next persons or mine three. If the next book you read isn't that missing piece, but it motivated you and helped you even move forward slightly. Then don't sweat it. It's still provided value. Get in the habit of looking at everything from a perspective of learning, so this wasn't what I expected. But what I learned from it is a great question to ask yourself. The more value you look for it, the more value you'll receive. So, four, when you do find the missing link you needed, don't stop there. Keep reading and learning. Because as humans is so easy to slip back into old habits, reinforcing these new beliefs is a big key to success. Five. Most adults never read another book when they're out of school, so the thought of making it a regular habit can seem daunting. Start with a goal of reading T two pages a day and build up to 10 pages a day. At 10 pages a day. A 300 page book can be read in a month and 10 pages, especially if you're reading from like a Kindle app can go by really fast. Then number six go through and do the questions that in most of the books. They'll help you work through blocks that are keeping you from manifesting your dream life . And it will help cement what you've read. If the book you're reading doesn't have any questions. Google the name of the book along with the words Study guide or discussions for some great ideas. So back to taking actions. I learned that I was being too hard on myself. I was surprised because I had thought the exact opposite. I thought that I had been coddling myself and needed toe have higher expectations. Through many discussions with my mentor, I learned that I wasn't meeting myself where I was at. As a result, I was keeping myself discouraged and down. I learned that baby steps are still steps we don't constantly need to be doing some big grand gesture for it to count as action being on those calls action reading books that were helping me overcome blocks action, realizing that I was worthy enough of self care action, and on some mornings, just getting out of bed was taking action much to my surprise, the easier I was on myself and the more I gave myself Grace, the more I began to flourish. I've found the same to be true for parenting, but that's a whole other talk for a different day. The point is, when we feel better, we do better. If you're being hard on yourself, just stop. Assume the best in yourself and see what happens. Actions don't have to be big giant things like speaking on stage or cold. Calling 50 people before lunch actions can be a simple is finally listing that thing on, etc. That you created six months ago. But you have been too nervous to show anyone. It could be posting a video of you singing or talking on YouTube. It can even be a simple is telling yourself You're worthy of success. Anything that moves you forward is an action. These actions will start calm pounding on each other, and before you know it, the ones that seemed so scary and unnerve ing will be just another stepping stone in your path to creating the life you want. It's great to have big giant goals, and I even recommend taking the time to come up with outrageous goals. The next step, however, would be to break it down into more manageable goals and keep breaking it down until the goals are ones you look at and think. Yep, I can totally do that. If the word goals scares you first, run it through the emotion code process to see if there's any blocks about goals that you can clear or just use the word plan instead of goals. I find that sometimes having a plan and breaking it down into action steps makes things more concrete in my mind as compared to having abstract goals. It all leads to the same results in the end, though, so find what resonates with you the best and use it to your advantage. As you complete the smaller goals, you'll inadvertently be reaching the bigger goals. And before you know it, the goals that seemed outrageous will eventually seem more doable. When you're taking action in showing the universe that you want success, the universe will step in and help you. Opportunities will pop up. People will cross your path of the right time. You'll be inspired with ideas that begin panning out. From a practical standpoint, it will be because you've put yourself in the right frame of mind and healed what needed hell to take care of what was holding you back. Because of this, you'll see those opportunities and you'll make the connections that need to be made. An example of this. My husband was working a dead end job and was offered a position at another company that would be great and had it had a lot of growth potential. Neither of us were in the right place for the new job, though, so we found every reason why it wouldn't work out if he took it. After almost a year of turning down the new job off her, my husband raised his belief level enough to realize that he didn't deserve the treatment he was receiving at the dead end job. He finally took the position with a new company, and the differences are incredible. The employees are treated with respect. The entire atmosphere is one of inclusion and safety and taking pride in one's work. If he had taken this job when he didn't feel he was worthy of it, he very well may have sabotaged it and found ways for it to not work out. This is a good example of why personal development and mindset work is so important to the law of attraction 9. Takeaways: what I hope you take away from this course. I hope that after completing this course, you have a better understanding of the law of attraction that you understand. It isn't just some mystical, universal law that can't be understood. It's neither good nor bad. It's what you make of it. The actions need to be taken, no matter how small goals could be outrageously big, but also need to be broken down into manageable steps. That personal development is a huge key to getting into the right mindset, that your intuition is your guide. Trust it. And finally, that you've got this. Thank you so much for allowing me to be one of your teachers on your journey. Go forward and create the life you want and deserve tohave. 10. 90 Second Meditation: Welcome to your quick, calming moment. If you are able to close your eyes, begin breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Become aware of the muscles in your face. Relax your forehead. Allow your eyes to relax. Notice. If your jaw is clenched, let it relax and slightly open your mouth. Keep breathing deeply. Become aware of your shoulders. If they're hunched, allow them to release and relax. Keep breathing deeply. Shake out your arms. Allow your fingers to stretch. How, then relax them. If there is any tension in your abdomen, breathe deeply and released the attention. Now allow your knees to bend slightly As your muscles relax all the way down to your toes. Stretch out your toes, allowing your circulation toe flow freely. Now relax your toes. Take one last big inhale and on the Exhale, release any tension left in your body. So inhale and exhale. When you're ready, open your eyes. Come batch. This meditation as often as you like for a moment, A relax ation and calm 11. 12 Minute Meditation: welcome. Use these next few moments. Toe. Unwind and recharge. Before we get started, find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. To get the benefits of buying euro beads and brainwave entrainment, Use headphones and close your eyes. Please know this meditation should not be listened. Teoh, while driving or operating any sort of machinery if needed, pauses. Meditation here and set up your space for relaxing experience. Close your eyes and begin breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth . Keep breathing in and our it and out and and out feel the stress of the day. Melt away with every inhale and every exhale way thin your mind. Open your eyes and notice the ocean in front of you. Feel the warm ground under your feet. Squish your toes in the sand as you keep breathing. Begin walking along the shore looking at exquisite shells as you go. Stop and pick one up. We're on your finger along the shells ridges, noticing how they smoothly and uniformly reached the edge. Gently set the show back down. As you stand back up, you become aware of a heavy bag you've been carrying. It are all the stresses of burdens from the day that haven't been released yet. Take the bag off your shoulders. Looking inside, you see that all of your burdens have been written on small stones. Begin picking up the stones and skimming them out across the ocean. Waves watch as their quickly pulled into the water. Keep breathing as you go through all the stones. Watch as the sun dances across the waves as the stones fly across. Keep throwing the stones, letting the ocean wash away. Your stress is allow the ocean toe work. Its magic waves will smooth stones, turning the rough sides at glossy treasures. Visualize someone else coming along later. Picking up the smooth out stone enjoying it, soothing energy as their own Worry stone. When the last stone glides across the water, watch as the ocean consumes. Keep breathing in and out. Now pick up the empty bag. Notice how you easily swing it back on your shoulder. Go ahead and put it back on the ground. It's okay to walk away from it. You no longer own any of these burdens. Continue walking along the shore. Each step feels lighter and lighter. Revel in your newfound freedom. You're light, you are free, you are confident and your confidence helps You glide through life gracefully breathing. You understand deep within your heart that you are loved and you radiate Loved everyone around you. I stopped walking and look around at the warm and chanting beach you're standing on. Know that this is a safe haven for you. Any time you need it, it will be here for you. Return often as you like. Continue walking down the shore, become aware of your feet and your toes. Wiggle them in the soft sand and smile about the sun. You are now faced with two options. You can either open your eyes as this is where my voice will leave you. Or you can continue to listen to the music and find your old beads until the track ends. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.