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Daz 3D Crash Course Quick, Easy, and Fun

Michael Watson

Daz 3D Crash Course Quick, Easy, and Fun

Michael Watson

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2 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Daz 3d Intro

    • 2. Daz3d Main Crash Course

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About This Class

In this crash course tutorial you will learn how to use Daz 3d Studio Pro. A free 3D rendering software that will let you use 3D models and create beautiful images. The images can be used for comics, books, illustrations, and even create your own animations. No experience in 3D modeling or animation required.

If you are excited to learn and create some awesome images to share with your friends and show the world. Hope on right into the crash tutorial and let's get started.

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1. Daz 3d Intro: a little money is Michael Watson. And I put together this awesome three D rendering course to, ah to show you how to use Dad's three D studio, which allow you to create these images. As you see here home. It can be used to create comics, illustration, books. Um, anything you can think of that will require a image. Um, also, you can do animation. So if you are excited as I am through, get started and learning how to use Task three D, which is amazing free software, Uh, let's get to it and there's often. 2. Daz3d Main Crash Course: we're going to go to Dad's three d dot com. Once there, you could pause and look at all the things you can do or what others have done by going to gallery. Moving forward, we will click on free download. The free download will take you to the screen to fill out your information to allow you to download the free software. Once you fill out the information, you'll be taken to a page to go check your email to download the data. Install manager When she could go on you confirm your account in the email, you will come to this page. This page will download the dad's installed manager once you have it. Um, just go ahead and follow the steps, installing Dash three D and except to agree to your terms and then find the folder that you want to put it in so you can find it. All right, have it already installed. I'm a skip ahead. Okay, Once you install the manager, you will be taken to ah, log in. You just used the same credentials that you used to install it. Then it will start downloading the content. It will be in the ready to download folder already have have it ready installed. You look else will get this window pop up. Um, and starting stolen. That's three d and all the content already have this all the stall already. I don't have to worry about it. Ah, the thing that you will get is that Photoshopped three d bridge. Uh, if it you get error, don't worry about it. Um, I don't really use it. And then once everything's downloaded, uh, you will go to ready to install of topping, and that will show you all the stuff that's going to be installed. Ah, you'll probably have more than morning that, um after everything's downloaded it, it will be in the ready to install. So once you have everything installed, everything will be showed in the stall tab. I have a lot of stuff installed. So after everything is download installed, it will be installed. So after this, I'm just going to go ahead and skip forward and go into desk three D. So once everything installed, go ahead and open up. Dash three D and let's get started. Very next. Uh, go in low Dad's studio mind. Just 4.11 But if you're from the future, you might have a later version also. Ah, it'll be good to ah, log in as well, but you'll be taken to, uh, this layout. Okay, so when the in the layouts again, it's good to log in to let me log in here. I'll get into my profile. And what that does is anything that you purchase. Ah, you'll be able you can use. But anyways, let's go in. So in this section right here, this is where you will add Ah, your models and it and everything. And also they will show up here is well, so let's go ahead. So, being it started, uh, I'm gonna go ahead and add a Genesis eight, uh, female model. Ah, you will probably have. Ah, minds is ever because I have, like, a lot of other stuff that I purchase, but, um, but the more off the date will be a Genesis eight female model. Um, you had a Genesis eight male, but I'm gonna go ahead ad chilled to add. This is two ways you can add it. You can double click it, and then that will add the D model here and Of course, they will be in their birthday suit. And another way will be too. I made lead this. I'm going to just go ahead and drag the Genesis eight model on and you just dread it on there, just like that. Now, add the Genesis eight model to the scene. Okay? When you are like the Genesis eight model, let's go ahead. Had close to it to her. So basically, you will. Once you and we've highlighted you'll give these options in your files. OK? So if you're here, make sure you click on fouls. You get all these options. All right, you click out of it, you get more, but go back and select the model so you can click it once or you go up here and click here . So let's go ahead and add Ah, and close to it. Once you selected will give you clothes that's already there that you get add very pre pre selected of yours might be different. So I'm just gonna go ahead and select this so we'll go ahead and also select this as well. It will be the bar dot outfit once the bar that outfit selected it will be add added to the model. So let's go ahead. Have here to the model so she won't bald. Uh, So what I like to do is I would like to go to to to loose here. So if you double click to lose here Now, add add, uh, here to the model. Okay, moving forward. Next. What we're gonna do is, um I'm gonna show you how to move around, so of you. If you hold down the, uh, have you go appear view orbit and hold down the left mouse button that will allow you to move around, uh, and over. All right. And then hold down the left mouse button and go up to this one right here that allows you go up and down and left the right while you moving the mouse. This will allow you to ah, zoom and do him out. You know, also do that by, uh, using the middle mouse button. And this allows you to, um, select a Pacific area. So let's see here. If I go to the here, right, and I double click this or it's quick once, it will move up to the here. Did your if I go like the Bardot skirt. It will disco to the skirt, all right. And I was selected female, and then it will go to the female. All right, so next, what we're gonna do is very going to add a a an environment. So when I click out of that to to de select and then you see over here and you false you goto environments, not environment that we're gonna be Look using before this crap cross tutorial will be the shaded haven double click, shady Haven. And then that will add the shaded haven to the scene. All right, so I'm gonna go ahead once that's added. No, select the model, and I'm gonna and just rotated because of you. Have you see this? You have this open space just rotated. Uh, so we just have it so we won't have to see this open space. We're gonna have it. Have it just CC right here. So we see Tito found and and her and everything like that. So let's go ahead and rotate the model. So you go down here. Ah, you see where you if you hover over here, that allows you to rotate around the why access. So you can rotator. Like so. All right. Ah, another way, which you could do is to rotate it. You see where Sit for parameters. This will allow you to rotate here as well rotate. Why, as I'm rotating, allowed me to do it. Do it over here. Also. As you can see, you don't see it. You see, her feet is going through the through the floor. So let's go ahead. Select the Genesis eight female once, then move up on the wide. So you see, where's where you highlight hover over this, allow you to move, move it up. The why and also this will allow you to move it left and right. And this allows you move it from back and forth. All right, so once we have that, uh, have to have that set. Let's go ahead and add a post to it to her. So go through poses and you'll be given different poses. You can select whatever post pose you like. Like said, I have more stuff, but but you should get some some Ah, already you supposes that you can can use. So what I'm gonna do is, uh, so uh, I believe these are the start opposes down here. So what I'm gonna do is we're gonna go and head and look at this pills. All right? All right. This is not bad. So he zoomed, assumed a little bit out or better Zoom, zoom in. And then let's move this up is about a little bit more. I'm just using my mouse wheel to zoom in and out and moving up and down to two here. Oh, and just just go and try. Try different poses out that that you like. She got the deuces sign or Nissan. So, um so once that's selected. And what you can also do is if you want to see it. Ah, and a what they call envy. Ah, I I read or see how? Well, look with render you select this and go to envy irate and you select and very irate. And that will give you a, um, on on a pretty good idea on how it will look and then a dependent on on your GPU or CPU. But it's best to use your your ah, your ah, your RG gpu. All right. And, um and that's coming out nicely. So for the not a thing is a beast. Select the here, let's go add and selector here you see how you get your animations materials, discarded materials and give you different materials that you can can select So you can do do ah do different ones? Um, let's see here, you know an update. So go through the materials and try. Tried entails now. Yeah. Now, if you want it to load up quicker, just go back to texture shaded and so you can It's updated quicker, and I think I believe the strands are something else. Let's a year, so go back and so some guessing the sharing something else. But make sure you select the the other here. Just you can play around with it. Try, try different stuff. So let's go ahead. And, ah, once you find a good, good poser Ah, you can go ahead and render it out. I will go into more detail on how to you can make your own Mallya poses. Ah, and add some some some other features on on here. Um, so let's see here. So the once once we have that up, you can go ahead and render it so to go ahead and render Ah, you go over here and you go to render settings. Now, let's get this set up because you you might not have it set up. So of you go to engine amusing and and video irate. Ah, you can use three d light, but I'll use envy irate because right now, um, also, if you go to let's see here, go to, um select, select render moan make sure Brenda Mode is set up to voter Real. All right, and then, yeah, that's all we did worry about just our random moment for a real and let's go to advanced. Make sure photo real devices set to your your GPU your graphics card, not CPU. Ah, and also make sure that this is checked and also your interactive devices is set to your GP you, not you CPU, because your GP is the one that would do all the work. So So we will go ahead and click on render, and once you are months is done and should take, it will take a couple minutes or to ah, a couple minutes. There are 30 minutes or an hour, depending on the, uh, the GPU and then Ah, right now what is doing it is rendering it everything out right now. So if you click on that, it is start start to render process. And right now it's it is rendering. Okay, so So once. Okay, so so have that. You are done. You can choose Choose a folder to ah, to a save it to and then, um, and after that, you can share too out of people on your social media and what you're done, and you have them saved. Your images should come out looking pretty good. Something like this. So, um and also I went ahead, and also I created this, uh, this as well. So if you like, and you also enjoy this crash course tutorial, Uh, definitely. Ah. Share this with your friends and family. Go ahead and show these pictures that you create or you are tried out. Other stuff inside Dad's three d studio. Ah, try out the male or the Genesis three Genesis two or the basic one. And see you see what you get running some stuff out, uh, and show your friends and family and again of you found Ah, this tutorial. Pretty fun. Definitely. Share this, uh, and let your friends family know that you learned how to do three D rendering like this from Michael Watson. As to crash course, Dad's three D crash course. Send them the A leak and and so they can enjoy in the fund. Other than that, thank you for watching. And there will be more tutorials to come.