Day Trading Attention with Digital Platforms

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Digital Skills for Creative Tinkerers

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8 Videos (12m)
    • 1.0 - introduction

    • 1.1 - what is day trading attention

    • 1.2 - seven areas to focus on

    • 1.3 - your digital portfolio

    • 1.4 - outsource to maintain portfolio

    • 1.5 - the future of attention

    • 1.6 - reflect and roundup

    • 1.7 - review, share & do the project please!


About This Class

day trading.
seems intense.
over my head, capital, assets, liquidity, stocks!

something did resonate with me thou one day while watching some Gary Vaynerchuk content if you don't know who Gary is do a search and watch some of his recent videos. I like his approach to the way that he goes about doing business. 

the notion of day trading attention really stuck with me.  I don't have lots of money to buy small stocks and flip them and may a profit but I do have the ability each and everyday to flip someone on to my, like a tv channel and engage and garner their attention onto something I'm doing that might interest them.

doesn't have to be something to sell, some webinar, some marketing. .. just the notion of being able to actively hold digital assets in the cloud that are open and accessible and potentially able to be fallen into are some of the core elements I'm trying to get across in this course.

how can we attract, what tools should we use, what are we saying where and why? - where are people in the journey, do we need to know, should we post more, less, stay on target?

in this course i talk about .. .

  • what is day trading attention?
  • the seven platforms i focus on
  • creating a digital income portfolio as online virtual property
  • getting help to maintain income - outsourcing logistics, not the story
  • the future of attention based data silos - where to be, to win

I put this class together for you to maybe spend some time concentrating on seven areas (like I do) on a daily basis in the hope to build up the attention phase of what I do as a freelancer. my courses, my adventures, my wisdom sharing and the things I find.

it may seem a little 'out' there but I just want you to consider for a moment what the future might hold if money, time, value are all part of the social media storytelling process for a business. after all, those that have the most open and relevant data at the time will be the winners, right?

hoping that this helps you get passed that age old question.

. . .what's the ROI of social media :)

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attention. eyeballs. platforms. scary things for people who are used to a portfolio of bricks and mortar buildings. but if you have seen the explosion of digital in the last few years you'll know you need to be getting some of your business online. i try and break it down in this course.
Philip 'dm' Campbell

Digital Skills for Creative Tinkerers





Philip 'dm' Campbell

Digital Skills for Creative Tinkerers

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