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Davinci Resolve 16 for Beginners in Hindi

Manoj Sinha

Davinci Resolve 16 for Beginners in Hindi

Manoj Sinha

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2 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Davinci Resolve 16

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About This Class

In this class I am going to teach you about Davinci Resolve 16 which is free software for video editing.

You can download for free from the website which I have mentioned in my lessons.


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Manoj Sinha


Hello, I'm Mang.

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1. Introduction: One rock or have made a sad decline, let me live. Gel to George could be new head the windshield 16 Cooper, humbling labor could roll. Carnelian told us is Q or we could have pushed on bull opposite palindrome integrals or the materials what worke to opic public me towards any hazard download Cortina Pooja, neither Mitchell, the black magic design.com to swipe theory and happy opcode. Centuries-old can object, cutting it and happy up our Ramses escaped who suck bent to them is called curtain or downside myalgia hat or the Happy Apple door into the soil. 1616 anti-military Joel is to view history or what is an authority Studios and do a Walmart appeared here, resolved kudzu 16 hay or preventing hetero homo slippery words and quasi-logical annually to RPMs and download curse acting or conquer sector too many ALU download Charaka atomic advertorials him in Moscow. They told me, I'll say directly hmm, they all go open cooling. 2. Davinci Resolve 16: Okay, Jim off them introduce 16 wards and could launch getting into R, which IQ subsequently to William layer, which EEG ESA window, window Mick Jagger to subsequently either as 9a pooled database million Euler databasing, Jackie, who that guy and you're happy or metastatic data is stored on your mileage will be on my projects pile Tongji, Wahhabist autonomy has in their, they'd always be create cursor there. And then I just need the current op C and R sin and they are the University of gossip. They ato, human data waste create Charaka, would they think up here open pillowcase and gotten worthwhile? Umea, Yeah, my deciding pilots unhappy say boring or mandate of ischemic nummi our public can I then create Meghalaya Heartbreaker Taoist canon there they all look a Sunday. Or you only want simply Apple create my clicker, too many already, there was cleared Carrara, dipolar BMI gave Amelia going up for naming rappers time lunch currently has cleared costs, OK. Then second, Hamada. Yeah, the project window job recruiting come correctly and happier projects I misspoke or sector too many doors checking many Iraqi attached to a happy, majestic idea, right? You can title Milton and double-click Kirkegaard, but yeah, hearts have become currently start goseq there. Or are you happy? I got Quizlet Karimi, histologic post scope, an open concept. The licking her McCarthy home in their project create Connecticut secret, carrying it simply are pretty happy and I haven't gotten a whole new project, nuclear monopoly. It can numb this at page and I'm Dana shadow, myalgia, basic IOM co-worker named Molly. Ignore all of you with a king. It may happen. This Can-Am, which I soccer, they don't discard cake numb. They gave him discarding all the disk archaic named Amy, I'll clear, cyclical VGA. Okay. Many publicly admit clique DAC are cleaved McLean occurring in the kidney, happy, happy. Ramses II Camara project pilot create who we are for the pile create hogan Or you're happy overview which are air sac, which happen in the winter adults or reticule they'd find good or possible. Though interval actually com, Jessica player types and they can start Dave up on a Dirac who gets, get tempo tourists or what have you? They can get unlucky posture. Three, how might I am media type, immediate habitually com Kaguya, Happy Apple II pilot who does COM port currently, although they silica, thank its mechanical. Matt got debt contempt. Your webpage, de-noising magnetometer, tutorial, banana tiger up near the Holger 16 May LTI inordinate licking. I got basically beginning level, which are Luca cocktail. I'm told us how Edgar income directly tilling it, edit tech, but I'm actually a happy hump wherever you nucleate garden company important or to sludge weightings on Lundbeck. Same up. Dave way, say middle giga needed time Laney happy Bureau properties as a bootlegger, Pugin Dim Next time I Darfurian David, future Devin journeyed. Come get rid of that. Yeah, what a composting we saw very huge and Alexis, all verbiage, blessing, happy Hammett, Dave, Dave Diego jokey though, which is also aware coupons the powerful when other times or a 100 Ham Cam curse actin-myosin crappy simulated come carrying a yet to up text Cooper, come course Octavia, happy, visually fiercer Comcast activity and happy your next task by Amara color they're colored with the important though intelligible for wheelchair that are going up, decaying into believably movies, new DIE, GOP, Calgary Dinka, calm water dissolved for working under posts or removes calm water to E-step could withhold or somebody who's coming in. Parallel steps, Guy pillar BEPS can then hmm, all use IDO settings and you are, you get your dinner, we're happy birthday or piling fully complete curveball, Hamada, who data Harper delivered temporarily would have me upwards, up Nick already you do deliberately when array has written recursively beam human, Linda and I, yeah, I led a ligature Harper, Bianca much higher has rendered calculate catastrophe to HQ, which all of you are BMI start coding up now project cuz it can now walk the semi out on media BoolMin to Hami has upset by media coin port comeback TO Joe Murray Project pilot job via my report register hanging a bureau strangled, re-import Carnevale or you're happy, I'm Amir. Media stories, can you ops and they update by the cranium domain Jew happening DQ. And there are many good job O'Hara bunny piles where a customer directly courageous, endemically curtain up. We have for the here, I'll take a look. Porters and Azure to Jim immortal, Egypt holder saying, would you manner deal, do draped, can look your folder so same homily D drive me up in the upper. Choose can my applica happy up, new video score, Rakai TO pile pulled or co-op warehouse silica Lena to medic, little metacarpal occur to meet a year older. Your folder or skin Lydia, JSON, you scan that reactor to risk and that is job EEGs ahead, you're happy article the Grameen Bank yesterday. I'll be a happy tree S into their army, their Muji and happy thickness simply muj, unhappy and onclick karma or a hosp liquor Kimiko, the exact time. I'll be macaca thoughtful us or someone who offer their Tokyo capitalist pinpointing while in media while your song held only mix, would I get copies IT problem which I get the new media price for the exact PSA. Joby up kicked carrying air surface, the exact pair, savage. Yeah, so the exact same lesson. To me, how many media query will be important to incorporate the technical IQ 4R YWCA up ISA Ethel, I say the exact there directly silica school, yet the RPI, happy ops and Amber, your multimeter publicly calmodulin could be DALYs, the exact details cafes may make, but I put the cardiomyocyte got Assam, the CME DEA pile say you stay in prim, getting their claims can sorta, will decry happy or being happy. Army appears, MATLAB kidney appears, mistook where 30-meter 20 for me. Well, Joby appears Mysore to where were the exact pair or who skip either Poka, Yoke, elegant like Syria or the formula. Again. Though already many schools suit gear. The 30-year plasmic EOQ manage AECOM key. I will make a workout with extra translator with Parthia. Though obviously projects shooting Hamid 20-40, holding Kearney here, whose Khorasan guarantee pork recording Guernica movie but undertone Mount Doom wizard here almost guarantee poor UDP as means to put the leakage of DVC does within 38 prisoners weren't open. Craig Alexa logical to apoptotic, sitting near 20 port a PSK, according to our book, occur not just in many high big hierarchy is graduated, speak, appears at quality poor guy, I gotta make this pile gray harbor drag-and-drop card counter directly. Happy, happy. All you might've project sitting here quantity, poor kids are subtle way, yeah, there are already 24 case obsolete by default it becomes minus theta. I've got a two circle to hepatocyte, which course, OK, but yes, it our bucket, good. Your media pile say ARPU in heavy silicon ISR sided post-war big salicylic acid or inquiry of near heartbeat, drag-and-drop curtail. The remaining could drag and drop or there. I've you offer me a happy I'm not going to work. Octavia IMIA select oligonucleotide can overcome costs at this article, what can reconstruct their dominant datum? It is unlucky, but are you happy ops and multimedia polka, video, BoolMin pick gamma. We get gardening about upper Saudi media policy, happiness. Okay. To just semiannually carved on your hub, they hit your pilot Maria happy mydata? Yes. Ok, which Sadi poets were seen and I'll be achieved Orca Miami, you're happier. Milton's BIC protocol, plenty happy flickering and Jesse flickering as Bush EEG when Luna Draghi or inhabit booby logged on to be happy with gnomic. And we're told we're behaving bourgeois, even normally source Pilot with the taiga or doing him in w l you will know how Medicare anyone yet your timeline PJ0 and how propeller you were happy to kind of you to macaca, Miami Heat that he could get? Yeah. Has the AP IB up who decide cornea or spook post-political in silicon, even when we don't pay me long plus put it in my year at New along. It really happened bigger gap, they click AMI gag and notice that in point O, point, in point or point gap, how many people did you get a copy of lumber out on Jay-Z? Welcome aboard a book excuse. And he currently my long dormant schedule here almost in point out brexit barrier has it outward disk or decide can almost may know a lot about IBM deg minute warning about our pulled directly a hassle Likud, you have Brock got stuck there. Your hybrid rockets out there. There's so many Hubbard Rob, Yeah. Are they Pangaea hub? It looks him your gut curriculum look particular, uptaking. Yeah, happy. I got to the element that you starting green. So the kinda bikini Habakkuk, Alec, new ally. It hasn't techno Elijah has a yardstick, rather. Do it yay, who we are, what I really get a mayor drag-and-drop got round TWAP, which in the economy, hannah, Yeah. I mean, I pick if all your pilot military ego female usually Alex, him any music or cameo UV which can know a lot. And he was going to do a lot of multi-organ AJ your ultimate BEC is viscous or auditability gamma or preclude coded or yeah, happy anger dwarfs and we'll tell you post op some guy. Yeah, hazard drag-and-drop coding into Oreo when you don't know me. Only audiotape utopia has a raven drop. Got it. Could be due to here to here goto, PR settling o'clock. They are the only image of your yada. Yada stole my knee and I say drag and drop. Galileo had only beauty or maybe allergy to increase because I've Talmudic Nikki. So give me an a whole getClass footage of up illusory puppy dismissed him silicon, I've been moved next Jupiter chain, which of course are potentially and I will mimic them. Okay. You put an image, a copy of telegraph or do you connected with your grill? Deca is moving relative to you, do sort of signals reset connected it. Though almost Mei, You schools continue along. Where's autonomy, a hussy mesa. They sort of are muted. Last step actually Likud on taller, somebody asked me, we got a little or simply a hierarchy drag-and-drop kind of thought. I've got to be a hub. It bleak. Yeah, be only source pile Joe selector Warner dragging Ligonier happy and laid claim, lengthen their antibodies to invent GSA. They can. Yeah, I mean, they can pull us apply whenever. You think of warp or similarly next footage consider you would eclipsing archive Sadie prodigious and Millikan siding for business school using the he got me my lock UP. Humira copies direct time is MATLAB January law though, Massimo trauma year for discrete skull to sky in point kind of setup dharma are positive much at their sacred capacity except that the mask almost in point recto or is Kourion resume all point towards include drag-and-drop content. I'm Barbara has replicated database or peggy goes up output Niger RI, this quote, timeline, quadriplegic or Kibera, pay or EEG, full-page unhappy or huge Colombia. To pick which constitute a stooge got subdomain. You put a C library school, Lille it has Kuo Zhang were in Corita who score or your other drag-and-drop for eventual hip highly Medicare Qia Jiu Jue De produce huge committed, many already inputted a screen happy Lilia. Okay, people get a homogeneous making music. B8 gotten domestically. The here has a pilot minute, already glycated Cambridge Nikita RPS reliquary, or simply a happy take and drop content to music is at California while a Jackie, would they clingy, Julia, happy they pay me a has the start codon, or how many has a music quickly offering this book early on, on gardening about me has applicant for the public and Nick Bailey, I'll be other source pilot could do US TO Katanga, Ethiopia or below me I am a single window changes to S at which haven't been Bemidji at the RPI, happy media, full moon click Create, UI window up where sick, which will danny earlier. Marissa Flickr, they think or some music or music is outgas on morale. Good luck there. Okay. Or gene discovery Nikki, LP, Julian made up qubit it. Delete guts. Too simplistically, caliphs. And now we select this connection pool bit control bridges, see, but it's got a pin. Yeah, Jose cut hokey and let's see, I got this one similarly, the leaker sector or go organic or cosec, they'll control your coupon that you APA saga up. We have emit their blood tune. A little blip would make flickering or is culture has a opcode can match up there. Why silica recurred gossip pain? I would delete gardening border, you can buy silica kicker, bicuspid risks that don't to asset mosquito data licking behavior. You're hoping I'm not a space where we have the skinny Abby up Kakar sector is could I believed me flickering at home another timeline, I automatically see pro-gay happy a_dagger. Do HIPK2 mice. The opcode of the Tommy could copy the distilled water to Lassa modulus Gioia, who did me has an HIE. Simply decorate them. You select Galois, Briscoe, dorm control, be auditable. Beckett schools go on. Fiscal Nineveh, alert timeline call MOOC, governmental gangland, Juan Gris decoding assembly, which is silica or the square symbol point. Blend works on MOOC on either side in my pocket, I guess it, which we'll put up all the above will be I'll be home totally CG or they glean yam timeline bu, bu, they can get you happy up getting him a bit. Do you have a timeline view ops and hay up get bus boycott. I'm Adikia, happy, happy, happy audio bumbling dagger to my timeline up Cuba literary data. I've got the other layers gets outcome, coronary proper eye sockets. I've been I think up something. Yeah. Or your polynomial diatonic here. The ESA, which makes up the other boomers, I'm equally is like catatonia hussy as you've gotta get the extra stock payload links that you can see up ASL. So joker put up King in may or be it up they follow. Ok to asset, which uptime lead Quizlet gossip, then the ybar per week and month timeline, key, doo-wop replica of the image, go on credit. They authorities, ECG or map or the cartel. Okay. I'll be muj year. Here we got people to elaborate on my silicon over control V plus gotten work, the squad dilute got secondary housing on the door of an immune therapy, you know, tell the music. Playing in. A, B would get paid in period o depict JVM a blip. You schedule the star Pluto to Holocaust, walk-through to deme, startled. Told us about like God, let me ask you, have increased copulatory. Fisa courts UP there are pulled the academically Asanga who was obviously a cyclotron. Jesse was only happy up or say co-ops and Mulligan lab is as I increase cut of it that he gave pigment that do you see as I push OB cityscape or not for a dot nick ordering up you babysit curves. Ok, then there's a minute Paden, Yes. Same Haumea could be another ECOSOC they'd have evening or maybe unhappy, bitter Yibo, mess up which got there. But what must Flickr Linda here SA 15 year Holger, discriminate. Video without gears seem he picked up audio was happy, last appeared in pure dough to pick preceded by s. And we're doing it because I didn't see aren't all you wouldn't slow down, got older, they can latch marathon. I'll be whole guests that are here. Do you really get the bono guy he picks him or her? Your takeaway? It miscible mixtures took toward us wildcard people, GG hemlock in mutual digital piece Judaica, what going on? Whether post name mom, who do you need to master booted up coma joy, beauty only when R0 is good, threw up our arm CSMA com concept, then our beaming, happy up of GAAP, sorry, options or multi-hop him into inspector, the expected co-ops and exactly tag. I've heard me. That's easy enough. We are happy they came warts, multi-level immortal RB, Exactly. I'm equilibria Whitney, Young or more schools got Nicki are peut immediacy, deep million, tinkering it than Java. But again, Ob-la-Di, often CBGB absorptive of on, off course has been already come or trust that pay is on Arcosanti happy up anyway because of the millennium Moody obstacle, a 100% journey, yeah, hijacking muj. I say to you, love decrying academia. We asked him any Ob-la-Di come over here, do ligand wouldn't eat, ate OP simply how piglet griddle Jew is Scott, really any Messenia CPU speed ahead anyhow, pretty poor eyesight that seem happy, happy or be Pixel aspect. We picked ARC out because you video could Yonkers at the hurricane. A Sichuan goes up their oldest keep Would you some cool reciprocal sector is cool deal because happening, happening already. A little bit Gagarin was, or would they clip that we are 1a, resettlement Medicean button, we click Go. I would talk to Dong Zhongshu nuclea pool of 9 million most couscous Qualcomm public-key lend you a tallest and would have Dalian and there are a total mechanical and work toward us up statistical. Robot Katanga objects him and his political wrote in iambic manga, yeah, pick which black edges subbing in Country One Nickel legally. But what is happening footage go Django to ask which minnesota CALEA to UTZ hit all of the Jong conquer thick icy coughs up there. Okay. These Victory You say you're happy all be Ops and up per milliliter diamond is stimulated and took roping go Haumea, military co-opting cotton, Hagar cropping exactly Hagar, the usual ops and say unhappy either they say crop Gulhane, multidimensional, three ops and how we are happy we ops and milling out there. So yeah, Piazza, Jesse men transform cursor Tang crop got sucked down to in Guam. They can go to delegate magma KVL Tong up. We also crop cops and the carpal Jesse, you crop cops on it. Mickey's similarly, your cover crop can match our Tomasa. You meant it or did go to the Eisley ES6, which would i at o clock progress allele nato, MCAT cardinal, whose repetitious are tough for the cotton crop quirky year they came happy when the ski way look when riskier CLIA, normal curve, the atomic Negro causality. I'm gonna crop concise way out there be Arpanet, they call them both sorry, movies with the Indian Mickey up or subgraph. So our basic which crop at Coursera. One of us anyway, click lookup on. Okay. Took up word curse, Arctic clop, clop, any midway up Nick holding cursor pairs at which they heavy crop co-op animate niggers that the Millennium Virginia happy make either they've done what ISMIR happy or stack mycorrhizal. The crop custdata, helot does seem Gothic there. I'll be there came up later on, dignity crop off where any met with the wind to UTZ Hegel peop garb, clean cuts out Milligan crop or honky Lear, big jack, Leila, plane eager to cohabit or they all my button, but that don't work. Basically calculate the hump up Negro worker, they attain research. Odyssey gotta get ARC off. Will be of net monocrop, PKC crop courts, I think whiskey bottle repo, two-year odyssey, which ops and update your thinking about him a toilet holistically, they key up somebody manage Ada. Yup, it flipped gobs and believe me, I saw depicted but he does Yara, you hire workers at Ben. Upside down goes after him. Or guppies attitudes, yup, gotta suck PEDOT, Samy, pendulum, Nisqually him. Early silica is faint. Speak better. Audio clip Garlinghouse, the audio William Kirby, increase curse actor here, decrease cursor, bear, bad clip, go plant goes epipolar. So the SID cheesy up, we're hustling with opinions. The unions picked because your opsin, RPI, happy giant told us some time to dig up, get a good they can get what what she says so much now, I've been nixes, took me out on job voltage will be here or here. Yeah, happy ops. And yet they had to have a meal that you fix. Library is crypto locker that then you picks library, coffee important, they are happy pixel. I really mean by that formula toolbox was combined with WTO drains or your drive to generate depicts open-air pigs, the good Baja, sorry, ops and little jewel ME exactly as they can while Luca, they can either go home, aren't they buy liberty to Atlantic's? And may we do tragic son Calvin cachaca, this activity, eugenics and Hagar. A doorbell you could reach me. I'm trying to extend our job will be to just say I'm he get directly. As an entrepreneur in Bordeaux, IQ is motor to enhance the alcoholic type B times X and little Medicare GFDL. Where post-war La Liga hybrid Rothko theta2 up they can, yeah, how big walks on a diagram? You do you reduce the victim? I let say IRR is because I've been told us some camcorder like there is increased because they are decreased because every half a millisecond. I'll be particularly your jaw B2C. Hey, your husband speak that language will be silicon. It was 30 Lydia how POC properties and either IV, the improper object getting into EPIX gets out here to be sucked dedicated. Ghazi start going. Macaca, AIESEC, which Africa has it? Edgar's OK, they have redo tragic SET. Your hobby or eye level type. Good. Di San Diego, arpa here, don't you gossip, they just enter your silicon thorndike. E again, you burn brutal. I've been AIG but a j or Chickering ERB who Jessica psych pain. Okay. Do you want to be do transcend all your dynamics and Oticon little seam we picked up ordered radix impeded their cross period, cross period, old VBR, jacket Chickering are the most important thing about the dipoles. I am it takes state company, I'm going to be new mythical sciatica sector. People that dictate gossip predicts swapped gap. And I may say, Yeah, so normally it takes, let's say, yet though act APR predicts there will be Megara catacomb We're gonna make difficult at all? Or do you drag and drop Bhutan for texture carpet and recording? Now BY this ACT, they may score. They don't. Lakeside S at which they get. Or dismiss any missing VR political sector takes to Medicare. It takes cost size increase cursor, handy, Greece curse, I pay a happy trekking with Jackie. They pull up Alaska, squat cheerleader for the same ECOSOC there. Or are going to excuse or the hypovolemia, heartbeat, humid out automate excuse. I school gaggabda home. Yeah. How much I got a phone call, a cropping ops and admire clicker upon or post-print better bone. They came up with a PKI pigment. I simplify that to hear to electronic santa, sorry. The school milliwatt per delete colectomy, happy or message m. Yeah, pick which are two type gap with training some Django, which we let them build decks, repo they kinda, hey, guys, I just sound like Pangaea hazard takes leadership as the IRA or rehab because there isn't the only attitude that he get a hands-on archaea. They can get them with a childhood nickname. I lay on asymptotics to add carts at Penn. Me What plus the square of it don't be linked to your, hasn't been fed generate, generate directly Karnataka. You give what you did the bilinear map for the Commonwealth we are best for. They came up with simple colorbar. They counted Guy, they kill you colorbar. I got up and listener D, we are going to push all of their hunger. Which color bar? Color bars, laser may all be illegal. Betting, clicking, which was carved out there that are put in a video mu, which can measure exactly a black color guard who is vulgar, click into place at which because the clinical sector bleed. But in a curriculum to look both at the house of the except the most important two party, I'll be IPIP smelly at that. It's a megawatt, but it can take I thought I'd just give you both the important Head Lake or the health domain school it downward just mentally quadrupedal. They Tom yeah, happy. Or Misko size, increase. Our big Cafe degli. I just magically giga hockey, I gotta make this clip gender, we become two-sided Clippy and the Julia Hissarlik lip scaling. It picks on A1. And this again is pulpits with Paul as a human got atop. The assignment will be to somebody. Obviously, they can Essen and eagerly are being measured without other images. Crop, what labor is school it easily or Colombia will put on my crops not like an envelope. They were mixed crop my clicker along with the crop millenia or apneic ordering your RCR. Crop give a Lukoil hasn't gotten hasn't me off guard at all. I'd be out. Big mangers UK crop would have forbidden me a play hockey or lessen the EEG. The opposite of put achy publish object. We've brought the Abu pipe which pinup girl gardening about propagator, huge cornetto I just laid out. Okay. Do you have that bottle we can draw Pashto mother who's got it, least easy, huge cutting a copy, a chump or mid-90s, happy or sorry, opsin in co-op Quirky, the giga copy goods adjustment layer quark was selected at nanoscale bottleneck or colored tab mu schema Jehoiakim. I'll pick up particular geometric or just mainly Leah, you'll make Galleria CCG, which can very happy apply when you are like me. I just mean Liam and he loved all the particular AK puppies, pizza play card only, UCSC, EPA, mere just Malaya, Uber, GFDL, happy I dangled Julia, women automated data have domain is kinda recommend and he couldn't move capcom career, right-click gray, you're happy outcome into iron knows then had serial. Rbg will become cutting him school. Put continue alia to your hobbies. Color wheel up, either hanging up the algal of obstinate Aesop's and we'll call it a woman. Too much footage question which got a beaker sector recording as a cushioning oil, it could be disconsolate Karasek then the kid who is called the hump in the crowd, daga, daga Mikado, subsequently on Comic-Con, which I'll again go again. Kendrick went very humble. Pick alga, peak, white point, the mutual clip rootedness substitute waypoint egos and came a select CARTO or Joe Boyd Where loom which a maximum middleware Yogi, almost unhappy away to illuminate a meal. Together those basilica little jelly siliceous cookery, picomolar or Yasi upon military lift me ops and will die. They had big, big black point for some it black point because John Sibley, Camara, Joby Reagan, there will be current on almost Moody Blake ERP or checklists and will help if you would like me to many black rarely happen. Typically, auger may say, oh girl. I said which on a diagram you have simply a has heavy on off are going to get the exact death. Okay. Be maker, don't eat come already has a Cartoon. Iq or black or white when MiniSAT antimony has curtains to IBM macaca here, black and white point, we have to sit CALEA ARC and that IQ or norepinephrine. And I'd get backed up. Axial load is can there be a policy conquer sector? Jessica, happy or regular color relay up contrast level could be increased costs or Paige, I had to come cursor. Yeah, happy. Saturation saturation controller down here. Up cursor regarding yeah, bumper car Emilia, the economy which kills I think garp here dP or getting up is angled whiskey, board language or like ammonia or other yardstick which were nasa, though, is that they can get to us at which it picks last FARC, allelic seizure or being a boasted its easy up Kazakstan, plopping macaca tone. But she's already got them ERP or we often with their Jessica alien music. Tell you there's MAR basilica Tom was a green, a green goo, Oberlin can matter silica, Tony Abbott, Saudi. Yeah. How big when they they are big when they're onclick gherkins school. We'll put that up. Kingship. Though, your green conducted your green key-value, Barea come oriental IS a good she picked up or we'll ask them to UTZ Haeckel do ofcourse activities ESA, which increase or PRVI IQ already has a excuse me, Lord, let on the mandrel has gotten I apply aka May I like elliptically kick in Luxembourg and they can't. Now beloved scopes on it. Do just amazed what Blake and Eastland cohort on what's hard already tummy. When normalcy alert their own name. Dissimilar to yell at me and happy up like I mean, for JC, Well, I'm made up on optokinetic heartened by helicopter or beaker putting wicked witnesses. I sample chocolate, or you select graduate size home computers like PRP upon military again, co-ops and we incorporated down cutting it. Ionia Blakey whiskey really become the other would be what the Semitic depth given the rotten joke Omnicom QA humps data come from Nikki, I bill you. We do do male beluga adjustment layer. I'm going to be political. I'd suddenly it whether or not we are not going to be unhappy escape picks the buying a gamble where simply a heap may I say Lassa. What do you notice up companies got connects to your pineal Galileo thick but cats out of the homologue millipedes, Cookie Clicker thing out of the Omnicom ikea or exceed orbitals, UDL manuscript policemen, Qian Gua Gou control risk and pulleys can invoke him in the eye. Okay. I make a taut air Prisca multi-year and WACC would erect compute woman has been charged Eclipse, tourists attainment, IQ, metastatic, colored, go honey colored episodically, ARP, Trojan Deb come in in the hidden layer. Porter, he didn't guy got a leap Mahidol articles to arithmetic. We didn't deprecate Jackie and the condemn along a happy hour progresses kinda come from and what the Congo or do pair late David per laptop can argc about him being able to hook your PRC up, increase gotta people digs up Milligan slim workup, yeah, Habib be in spectrum and basic com cars. Obtain Audio. Seven, I am in the Hebraica, beat us up. The main might actually weren't there. Do your homework, know pro-business cool, pinwheel output 20 by believers, Jessica, twill is corroding at two opposite will genuinely happy or unhappy customer apps. And you do co-ops and gets made just mouth guard not to have to cut sector. Let me just say you too quickly, curtain up, whisking. It bought dinner domain. Dx dot B. He may score endocytic glucagon, pile garb, non-digital magnetic sticker, color-coded score would take sticker with Amy, happy Archilochus, and they stopped a little too. Happy about that. Oh, yeah, happy. Omitted out their desktop or rehabs. They've got the answer. We have predicted. Obviously it warn you I lay up will simply push me and happy and just eager to hear good up custom mutagens, gossip, they are neglected domain, attitude when they're walking up, we start drinking, can all be this again, big Barea hub in many ways that you can see a complete CALEA AARP lobbies cells. They are major NBA wolves for the example manner desktop. It ended here. They came for me January WB occurring your risk of liquid. Okay, I urge people to do many. Kdka, Huffman output the guy because he, I'm basically drinkers, octane them into dissolves or where candor or download can make I say read Cabinet basic level to such easy enough to ask is medium it named milling evidence plasmid optically with ICU, Kepler, Kepler.