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Davinci Resolve 15 - Video Editing For Online Content!

teacher avatar Timothy Cunningham, Online Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Davinci resolve 15

    • 2. How to Use Davinci Resolve

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About This Class

This Class is for those who value there time and want the necessary information with no fluff information.

This Class is for those who don't like watching hours of video only to get information overload and end up more confused after watching the video than before it.

This Class is designed to get you up and running using Davinci Resolve from the moment you finish this video, and give you the confidence to do so.

All the necessary information and necessary skills i run over with you using screen captures. 

I hope you enjoy everything in the class!

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Timothy Cunningham

Online Instructor


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1. Davinci resolve 15: 2. How to Use Davinci Resolve: welcome to the class that I own DaVinci Resolve. So it's gonna be a very quick class, and it's gonna give you a with the information that you need to get up and running as quickly as possible. I find a lot of classes and things that are out there at the moment there for 12 or three hours. I know about you, but I don't have two or three hours in a day to sit down and look at things like all the information that I need as quickly as possible to get me started, sir. That's what this cost is about today to get you started and give you all the information you need, Teoh. As soon as you finish watching this video right now, you'll be able to go and start using DaVinci resolve and get starting straight away. All right, So what, We're going to garb? I used to some of base tabs. I'm gonna import Avery the air file. So obviously something that I've recorded before Andi that off edited and made into a video on, then we're gonna run over how to render the clear and how toe save it to your computer. so that further ado here we are. So first up on this type here is the file types. So this is simply where you import the files that you've recorded previously and bring it into dementia Resolve, which all those files will appear here in your media pool so you can have your video clips in here and your audio clips that matched that video. Cool in. You cannot pictures in here ever everything that you can think of. You completing that if it's a major fall, okay, at it this time here is if you do make a mistake. So if I have decided to end it something off the clip that I'll put down down here to start living, then I could just quickly do an under on. Do you know I don't stuff up whole thing. Another thing that I would do as well is saved the project as you go along. So if you've done a little bit of where can you edit a clip? Right. I would say that if you've been work on it for about 10 minutes and you save it and DaVinci resolve crashes, you're gonna be pretty chased, chased off. It's happened to me a couple of times in the past doesn't happen that frequently, but just be aware that it could happen. Divinci result is afraid, told by the way. So it's a fantastic for a toll that's right up there with some of the better tools that are around so highly suggest that you get this, especially if you're on a budget. It's a great place, this thought. If you need a video editing anyway, sir, every 10 minutes or so are outside the project as. And then I keep saying it over that specific fall just to make sure you don't lose any of your work, you know, issue. And obviously you values home. You don't keep getting videos before and going over the same thing, which I've done plenty of times. And I've learned a lesson. Someone you don't really need. Anything him, sir, Don't really worry about this on our first. When you look at all these buttons and everything down here and all the slides can be a bit overwhelming, you don't need to worry about 90% of what these conduce to get started. I don't use 90% of what's he on. I need only need to anyway. All right. Sorry. Trying to get overwhelmed with all the bonds. Everything that go over with you is just everything you're gonna need. All right? Mercy. 90% time, anyway. Say, as I said, he you don't need anything. Clear. You don't need any of this. You don't need any of this stuff here. A told Mark you don't need any of this stuff. It'll all right? Not joking. So you can see how you can just eliminate all of this. How much simpler things seem to bay this? You don't need any of this in veer playback. You know, I have to use any of this. You can obviously foster vests. You can profess a little bar. He had to go over something backwards. But you can just click these buttons. Do it Anyways, it's my deal. You don't need to go over that little fail. I don't need to worry about it. Workspace don't need to worry about it. So every little light eliminated about 80 to 90% of these times. You know, you just don't need it. It's as simple as that. So what we're gonna do now is important for our I don't. Sure You guys have a head that huh? This is just something that I filmed purely for this demonstration. It isn't class or anything like that. I just want show you how to import a clip on with the audio to match. You've film previously and how to go about doing that within debentures. All fifth thing. OK, so once with selected days within a click Arpin once the falls here, we're just gonna drag them down individually. Don't drive them down together, huh? So it is going to drag the fist clip down here. So this warrior bar he arm is the audio that's come out of the video camera, and we don't want to use that because, quite often, marsh cameras, I'd say all cameras. The audio is quite distorted, sir. It's not gonna be that good T shoes. So the reason that's the raise more. We obviously have a separate audio recorder. Anyone that hasn't done, you know that. So this clip er is from a separate audio recorder, and we're just gonna put that there. All right, So bottom is the good over here. I told one man is the bad old here and this is the video clip and what we're trying to do now before we start be or anything or doing anything like that twist. We're trying to sink everything up. So I wanna make sure that these matches this and you know, it's all sync up is one. Because when I'm talking, you want the were to match. And if I don't know if this that could potentially not match up and look a bit silly when I'm talking, All right, So first off, what I do when I transfer the clips over down here is a resume That's a bit. And I select all three of these clips and I'm ready for tomorrow, but just a little bit. The reason I do that is is because when I'm trying to match these old years together car for just a little bit more, If this was tucked up right against this wall here, when I move, the serve ought to match. The old er wouldn't be able to because it's tucked up against the wall. So that's the reason why we do it. So now, also able to move that over, which is gonna match the would er better and then on the end to bring it in just cause you want it a little match up on society. You don't want any of it to be out of whack. You'll have bits that you know when you've rendered later, which will just be recording nothing. People will just say black. You don't want that. All right, so give you an example. Remain. Pull over weighted side now for wasn't to match it up perfectly. Paper would say just black, which isn't It isn't good. It's not. You want there? Sorry. Before putting it back up against the wall, make sure that they match again like they do this bringing old white back. I want to turn this one away down. So, as I said before, this one's the one that's coming out the video camera. So you find obey the same thing and same thing with year. Turn that right down, and we're just going to use this base level here. All right? Now that is basically this time done. All right, so that's all that you'll really use this for if you're gonna be doing, you know, video editing, talking head or crediting classes or courses or anything like that. And then you're importing the files, dragging them down here and matching up the old er correctly. Now, this little button he on its looks like a blight because it is a blight. So this is your blade admired, sir? This is where you can cut out bits of the video orbits of the order that you don't want in your video. You know, make it a little bit more professional or not. So well, you do. Is you quick on the blade and you just caught anywhere in here that you don't want on the clip. All right, So if you want to focus more on the warrior, you can just move these our up and down. All right, Which is gonna allow you to Ferguson where you need to edit more if you're interested in watching how the video appears. Obviously, after seeing your handiwork, you can just enlarge this, take these back and play just to say hey, gone. So give you a quick example. So let's just say I edited this bid out here. Now when you're going to delay this, because once you've square that up, that's the bit you want to delay. Right. So before you do that, you need to switch from the blood and you need to go back on selection. Murder. Just make sure that the red dot is surrounded by what you want to delay. And then he hit the late. Obviously, if you want a toe, remove what was in the video is the same. It's the audio clip you would select birthdays. Make sure you're a member of the one that obviously this audio panel here as well, because that matches the camera. And it's just gonna keep everything along these panel in sinks, too, because you don't want to add a sink. So what you do is you click on this one, hold down control in UK board, click that and click that so that selected all three of these panels and then you just simply hit the delete button and then it's gone. Now, let's just say I made a mistake there and actually didn't want to delay it. Delayed that out. So just under. And the example was, let's just say, Aw, you know what? I wanted this bit of all your but I shouldn't have awaited. That you do is you get back up the top PR under hunter under and then just go about doing it again, all right? And it's that simple. Now, in the toolbox here. If you wanted to add, say, text you videos or anything like that, these right here is old that you really made not, sir, This is gonna bay, you know, obviously the lower third on the left, the l stands for left, which means which means that you're you know, your text will appear on the lower left here. Middle Loa means he also to be on the low pot. Fraught Lohia and text will just api as what? So if you want to add texting video clip support there now, it hasn't disappeared. You just notice it's above the video clip. Somewhere you do is you make sure that you blades turned off going away the seas Click on your inspector if it isn't already open and many and just change. So let's just say you're doing a cooking video. Live a fair few cooking courses on Scotia because on the chefs are feel free to check those out, huh? You won recently that just went off of quick meals in 30 minutes. So let's just say I was doing that cause where you're talking his quick meals and then it could be an example in that, you know, specifically plea You've got this text total of you making a quick meal. Let's just say you're going our of all right sales for pool building in its specific clip. You can just put it in there and a member of that party at the bottom. You probably don't want that to appear there. Or you could just put something lack a little like a truck. And then you can just change the color to whatever suits your needs are. What color you choose will depend on a loving your background as and you can do obviously just changed from everything, you for it. And as the clippers point, you can adjust How long you want that actual text total to a PRC can make it appear for 1543 seconds. Isn't buying it along and off to the top? All right. And that's pretty much eliminates in Argos. Um, as far as you know, anything that stall, if you want to get into the fancy, some of the fancy bits of it. Let's just say you want to return down in volume, but you don't necessarily want to delayed it like you did with he did with the black cut off we do is on this little one. You hold that bolt on, just click it on your mouse and I'll cry a little separate lines. So if I'm married to the speed, he'll you notice how to adjust the volume between these two points here, but it doesn't turn down the entire volume of that specific panel. But United's former this down, the whole thing will drop so this can change. Your volume levels could unite us like I have a bit of a pay Kia. So if I'm editing something, I'm gonna click on it and turn that down. Just a little matches up to the rest of the audio on here and there's no beating. That sounds sort of at a black, maybe always speaking, but two out. I just want to turn that a little bit. Then you're just all the audio. All right. Once you've done all right, you can get to render at the you can have, like a fact laid in and out. So what that will do is so obviously this fight here, you spit just basically makes it. So when you coming towards the end of the video, the video fade out of short. So the people now it's the end of the video. And then you could just put something on the end. You know, like all thanks for taking the course. Thanks. Taking my Kloesel something like that. That's one. All right, now that's basically done. Sorry. You noticed we didn't use really any of this appear none of it. All right, so that's perfectly fine with this. Don't get too confused. Like if you have something here, pop up when, you know, interested in it. You just click on, Began to go back, makes all that comes up, and you don't want to start messing around with that sort of stuff called Just click on it and old disappear. All right, so now, once you're finished doing it on you ready to render you clip render in Mainz. You know, Michael, this into one video clips so you can upload it. And what you do is you just click on this little rocket man here and then you have the option to choose. You know what? You want to save it. Save it. And also, you can choose to save it as a 7 20 paid and 80 2160. Pay seriously. And you know, you have a fair few options here. Depending on what you're gonna be using this fool, I will go with you. Trip, and we'll call this. She resolved 15. Close Need to save it for a specific folder. Let's just put it in here for now. Save it there. Now you done. You don't need to play with any of this sort of stuff. One here, none of that. That's fun. All you do is click on this interim dick here from any quick stop, Brenda. All right, once that's done an artist. When I click it, it's going to start here and you can you know, you go out of DaVinci resolve and feel around with will be on the fiddle. Ram. Ethan, you in our to stand here and, you know, understanding here. But there's a little bit of grain coming to the side, and it's moving over the entire icon once that goes to the very end. If you're in ourselves from any computer and going over other things. You know that Cliff is rented. That's ready. Feed up, lard. All right, so I heard that gives you a quick run down on DaVinci Resolve. If you have any questions for is feel free to let me in on the discussion area. And I heard you guys are got something out of that. Take care of us by.