Davinci Resolve 15: Color Correction & Grading | Film VFX | Skillshare

Davinci Resolve 15: Color Correction & Grading

Film VFX

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11 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Picture Lock and prepare timeline

    • 3. Adobe Premiere to Davinci

    • 4. Interface

    • 5. Nodes

    • 6. Grouping

    • 7. Steps

    • 8. Copy Grade

    • 9. Orange and Teal look and protct Skin Tones

    • 10. Protect blacks

    • 11. Reuse grading in other projects

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About This Class

I will get you started fast with color correction in Davinci Resolve and you will avoid beginner's mistakes

And If you work in Adobe Premiere, you will learn how to move your timeline smoothly to Davinci Resolve, and what settings you need to tweak to avoid frustration.
I will show you the interface so you can get comfortable and you will learn when and how to use all types of nodes as well as qualifiers, power windows, matching shots and much more

You will learn how to work fast color correcting several shots at once, by creating groups, and when you can group shots

I will teach you 4 steps that will guarantee you get a color corrected footage, so reliable that you can do it without even looking at the footage

You will learn how to protect skin tone even when you want to go wild with creative color grading, how to protect the blacks, and how to reuse your look for other projects

It's all about fast and proven techniques in the most powerful color grading application.