Database Programming with Python I

Tarek Abulnaga, Technical Consultant

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12 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Install Python and Pycharm

    • 3. Install Python library cx_Oracle

    • 4. Connect from Python To Oracle

    • 5. Select

    • 6. Insert

    • 7. Update

    • 8. Delete

    • 9. Bulk Select

    • 10. Bulk Insert

    • 11. Bulk Update

    • 12. Bulk Delete


About This Class

Students that have little knowledge about Oracle SQL/PLSQL and Python, this course will be very useful for them, as using Python with Oracle will make the processing performance much much better as we will see in a lot of examples during the course.

Why Python?

Very fast language
Easy to learn
Cross platform
Unlimited third party libraries
Get your job done with few lines
Ranked as #1 for the most popular programming languages

In case of big data python we will be very useful as it has below features:-

  • Bulk DML Operations, so you can hit Oracle DB only one time to insert Bulk of records
  • Process Forking, which enable to run multi instances from the process.
  • Multi Threading which enable you to do do processing in parallel not one by one.

Also python very Useful in below Scenarios:-

  • In case of rename any table, by few lines you can replace all the forms - procedures - functions with the new table name instead of modifying them one by one.
  • Prevent customer to Modify any procedures - functions with the the help of python hashing.
  • Many Many More!!