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Database Administration : From Zero to Hero [Step by step Approach to become a Master DBA]

Shaan Bansal, IAM Architect

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52 Lessons (11h 54m)
    • 1. Course RoadMap

    • 2. [Introduction]1.Basic Terminology

    • 3. [Introduction]2.History of Oracle Database

    • 4. [Introduction]3.Role of DBA

    • 5. [Database 18c Installation]1.Installation of Oracle Linux 7

    • 6. [Database 18c Installation]2.Updating the Server

    • 7. [Database 18c Installation]3.Installing Guest Edition

    • 8. [Database 18c Installation]4.Creating shared folder

    • 9. [Database 18c Installation]5.Editing the hosts file

    • 10. [Database 18c Installation]6.Creation Of Oracle User

    • 11. [Database 18c Installation]7.activity before db installation

    • 12. [Database 18c Installation]8.Database Installation

    • 13. [Physical Structure of Database]1.Introduction to Physical Storage Structure of Database

    • 14. [Physical Structure of Database]2.Continue ..Introduction to Physical Storage...

    • 15. [Physical Structure of Database]3.Control Files part 1

    • 16. [Physical Structure of Database]4.Control Files Part 2

    • 17. [Physical Structure of Database]5.Data files Part 1

    • 18. [Physical Structure of Database]6.Data Files Part 2

    • 19. [Physical Structure of Database]7.Redo Log files Part 1

    • 20. [Physical Structure of Database]8.RedoLog files part 2

    • 21. [Physical Structure of Database]9.RedoLog files part3

    • 22. [Physical Structure of Database]10.RedoLog files part 4

    • 23. [Physical Structure of Database]11.Parameter File Part 1

    • 24. [Physical Structure of Database]12.Parameter File Part 2

    • 25. [Physical Structure of Database]13.Parameter File Part 3

    • 26. [Physical Structure of Database]14.Privilege vs Role

    • 27. [Physical Structure of Database]15.Password File

    • 28. [Physical Structure of Database]16.Archived Redo Logs

    • 29. [Physical Structure of Database]17.Datbase Backup Files, Alert log files,Trace Files

    • 30. [Oracle Logical Storage Structure]1.Introduction to Logical Storage Structure

    • 31. [Oracle Logical Storage Structure]2.DataBlocks

    • 32. [Oracle Logical Storage Structure]3.Extents,Segments,TableSpace

    • 33. [Database Instance]Database Instance

    • 34. [Oracle Database Architecture I]1.Oracle Architecture Part 1

    • 35. [Oracle Database Architecture I]2.Oracle Architecture Part 2

    • 36. [Oracle Database Architecture I]3.Oracle Architecture Part 3

    • 37. [Oracle Database Architecture I]4.Oracle Architecture Part 4

    • 38. [Oracle Database Architecture I]5.Hard Parsing vs Soft Parsing

    • 39. [Oracle Database Architecture I]6.DML Statement Processing

    • 40. [Oracle Database Architecture II]Oracle Architecture II Part 1

    • 41. [Oracle Database Architecture II]Oracle Architecture II Part 1

    • 42. [Tablespace Administration]1.TableSpace AdministratioTheory

    • 43. [Tablespace Administration]2.Creation of TableSpace

    • 44. [Tablespace Administration]3.Tablespace Utlilization

    • 45. [User Administration]User Administration part 1

    • 46. [User Administration]User Administration part 2

    • 47. [User Administration]User Administration part 3

    • 48. [Oracle Multi-tanent Architecture]1.Concept of CDB and PDB

    • 49. [Oracle Multi-tanent Architecture]2.Playing with CDB and PDB

    • 50. [Oracle Multi-tanent Architecture]3.Creating pluggable database in CDB

    • 51. [RMAN Backup and Recovery]1.RMAN Backup Theory

    • 52. [RMAN Backup and Recovery]RMAN BACKUP LAB


About This Class

DBAs are the ones responsible for that data and must ensure its availability and easy access in this Era of Knowledge. Today, ideas and information are a main source of economic growth, often more important than land or other tangible resources.Anyone interested in the information technology field should consider becoming a database administrator (DBA). Database administrators are highly trained tech gurus who utilize cutting-edge software to store and organize their company's critical data.

Who this course is for:

  • Database administrator
  • DBA
  • Oracle DBA


1. Course RoadMap: everyone Welcome back and good morning. So now, now we are here in the court session. So what? This course will cover for you The scores name is Oracle Database 18 C or higher. But guys, I will tell you the scores is also applicable for 12 c database and higher wasn't let's say 18 c in 19 C and everything. So the thing is thing is what I am covering air I divided the courses in several models. The very first model is you can see is the introduction model where I will explain you some basic terminology History and role as a database administrator mince step by step. I'm making you ready and motivated so that he will go towards the course because you should have a motivation. Why? I'm going to learn this water db will do water some basic terminology between frequently use in the database world. These things I will cover here now, apart from that, I will come to the installation part, which is the second model, as you can see. So I will show you how to install database 18 C, which is a latticed one in your Lennox machine where most of the organization nowadays Air working right When the inspiration will be done, you can see we are moving towards the next model where physical structure of the database means see database. We can divide in two ways. First is logical structure. Second is physical structure. So I'm just talking about physical structure physically some data files representing your machine. So those physical structure we will discuss here there are lots of things we will discuss. Control File Datafile redo. Look wild. You can see parameter file and all those gloves. We will discuss password file and so on. Now we will come towards the logical data structure means database, Oracle database, Logical structure. So in the logical structure, I will explain logically how we see the database because there are several things, right? There's things like you can see here we have something called extend stable, like these database instance. So those things we will briefly discuss and get the good thing is I discuss about one hour on database instance here like that's the biggest thing nobody discuss about Dudovitz Instant and there core of the logical structure. So this I had discussed. Now I will go towards and give you a very long, very long journey on database architecture because if you understand each and every section , each and every corner of the Orica later be that's architecture. Nothing is left, guys, because you can see Oracle database unpredicted. I discuss in the two parts part one here I discuss so many things, the one way to see the rate of its architecture. And again, I eventually the second way to show the database architecture. Also, I explain in architecture one hard passings off parsing how demon statement proceeded. DDOS statements are proceeding each and every Dagenham full eight with your diagrams that there it usually labs Hansen's Are there okay? No. After that, I moved toward the Table Space Administration How you manage your table space again. User administration. Day to day work as in database administration to manage the users. OK, do you are not a DB you're using or regulated is that you have to know this area. Oracle Database User Administration. Now the main thing, which separates eleventy with the higher versions, which is SES like 12 sees 18 c 19 see their school Oracle multi tenant architecture. That's briefly we heard discuss okay, after that last topic, which I covered, which is not the least on this is Armand. Backup and recovery. I will show you haven't through the use cases where I deleted my date. I was completely okay. I deleted my database. Let's that you look file a before ah file. And after that, I will show you how to recover back the same status. Okay. And the worst case scenarios are also discuss hair and this strategy. So, guys, this is all about the course agenda. I hope this course you will find better compared to other courses available in any platform . Because the same set of course I'm promising. Even you were You go the same set off course you will find around maybe $300 or something. But here you will get the scores and like in scale share. So just go ahead and just ah, and rolled to the courts. And any doubt 24 7 you can reach ordered me and my team is there. Okay, so let's meet in the classroom. 2. [Introduction]1.Basic Terminology: the course off Oracle Database administration. So before starting the administration, let's talk about a record because we're going to learn the Oracle products. So article is right. No number one vendor in the database in the market right now, which was founded by Larry Ellison and Bob Minor. Lydia, listen, we also call the father of Oracle. If you don't know, let me remind you. So he is the guy because of him. We are learning this particular product. So thanks for him. No, there are various vendor available in the market, as I already told. As you can see, I arrange all those vendor Asper the ranking where you could see Oracle is at the top. There are various vendor other than the record like my squares equals over an IBM DB two on Microsoft excess. But among that article is the number one when the right now. So you should be proud off. You're going to learn something, which is ah, number one product right now in this era which were living right now in the case of database. So you definitely you are going to have a very good career and article because it's the number one product right now. Okay, So before starting this, let's understand few things, some basic terminology, like data, information and databases. Then we will able to understand all the stuff. So before understanding all those database and other database administration stuff, let's talk about the data. So what is data details? Nothing but a simple fact. Simple fact in the sense. It's like raw material, all raw object, which is unprocessed part on organised. Let's say I told you something. Let's say hello. This doesn't mean any sense. Right means this. Hello And let's say I told how dissident make any sense. Our doesn't make any sense. You doesn't make any sense. But when they combine all those stuffs together, it creates some sense like, Hello, How are you? OK means it's information, So information is also our data. But when we organize a set off data one after other in such a V, it creates some meaning is called information and in databases, something where we store the information means it's organized collection. Off information means we organized the collection one by when what is meant by organizer organized in the sense heavy arrays data in the form Sapporo and columns wrote also call this topples columns also call it a tribute. So here we store the data in the form of tables. So organizing the data in the sense in the database which is nothing but a physical thing. Okay, like hard disk, where we put the data in the form off tables and tables are nothing but a combination of throw and columns. Okay, so that's called organization after data. Also, as I already mentioned, it's a physical stories. You can touch it, right? It's store somewhere in the form of files in your hard disk. Okay, so databases nothing but something. Ah, you are talking about something. Virtually. It's something really, which is in your heart this You can delete it, right? Okay. You can modify it, right? So somewhere physically present Taking some space like Alexeyev 10 GB 20 with five GB. So it's something physically stored in your database, in your hard disk or in your machine. Also, all the data which are stored here are interlinked with each other. What is mean by in telling with each other? Let's say there are three data's just for example, purpose. They govern data 200 to 3. If if I'm saying my date of on data to data three are stored in the database, Miss. 101 push inshore. Data one is related with data. Data Toe is having some short off relation with data three and data one is related with data. Three men, some short off relation. Must be there means there must be a relation between one data and another later. That's why that's why we call a collection off interlinked data as database. Okay, so that point is very, very important. So what is database? Definitely. It's a collection off information. Okay, that's off. One way to define that. What? Is there another way to define the data based another way. Could be It's interlinked connection off. The collection of the data means collection off the interlinked data is called it a bit. Okay, so this is all about database. Okay, I hope deliberately, a data base is something where we store data in the form of tables. There someone definition second, definitive organize collection of information. Third definition, Earth's up. Nothing but collection off interlinked data or internal data. But the very common definition as a DB which you will use is nothing but database is a collection off tables. Okay, which is nothing but organized data. Next is DBM is in our d payments. So literally these air some Softwares are db Miss is relational Database management system is a software guys, the software Oracle database, which your is strolling installing in your system rate. It's it's our demon Softer IBM to your installing in your system. Okay, you are installing You are our debut, Mrs Something you can install in your machine. Okay? And these rgb amiss software's if you want to use. Okay, Why did what are the purpose of this rdp, Miss? After using this, hardly be Miss software. You can interact with your database database. I already tools is something which is in your hard disk. Okay, you are storing the data in the form or files, which is definitely We will discuss all those stuffs while later this administration is called data files. OK, so you put the data there, and those data you manipulate like you access via some product is called rd bemis. Okay, but using that are de Beaumont's product you context is suitable is directly. It's like a Chinese guy try to understand, Englishman. There should be a common language that both the party will understand each other database only understand structured query language. So if Oracle database product this rgb mrs going to interact with those data files which you call database Okay, that time this article database or IBM to database or MySQL database or mongo DB Whatever it is, they need a language to track. Visit your data files with those data files. OK, that language is structured query language. So if you want to interact with their database, want meaning off interaction with their database. Grace, be very much clear as a DVD interaction with a deep database, me interaction with some files, some physical files, OK, which is as a part off installation. Okay, When installed their database software, the database software. When you install in your machines on fighter install, Okay, various kind of files. Those files collectively called database. No, those files are not human intractable. Okay, you can interact as a human from this files. OK, but there is 1/3 party software which can talk with those files. Those Softwares could be from the same vendor lets you installing the database off the oracle. Okay. Wender, Oracle Database. You are installing the software. The I D be miss offer could be off the Oregon. Okay, so let's say you are using SQL Developer, which is the Oracle SQL obliterate this a school developers forward. There's already Bemis off, which is going to interact with the Oracle database files, which is part of the inspiration. So I think I made some sense to you. Okay, so you should be very much clear. Many people have the confusing in there, so that's why I just go in so much left in the very first lecture. Even so, what are the examples off our DBM is our Debrett's example as in front off you as you can see. But one more thing to highlight that is something that's obviously not important. But as of db usually listener as a basic part deep, you miss an RGB miss or not? Same thing. Okay, Definitely during the course or in the even in organization, we use each other in pertinently. Sometimes we call dbm some technical arguments. But if you go into that, both are not same thing. But both are pointing to the same kind of scenario. D b m iss Is that something which came before our debate? Mazar Libya misses the Erdogan's form of deviant. Miss Indium is actually you Store the data in files. OK? Rather in RGB mrs to Order Data means unit of the data is in the form of tables. Whatever you store in the DBM is, they're not related with each other. If data one is there to is there indeed be amiss. Okay. Database management system. Okay, kind of software. Then that moment of time. There is no relation between the two data, but if we talk about our database which follows RGB miss those database. If we store the data, their data should have some interlink. Their data should have some connection. So Oracle is RGB miss kind of database where each data is stored there having some interlinked or connection with each other. Okay, so that's the point. I wanted to explain. So rgb amiss is something were restored it in the form of table which are related with each other. Ok, on there are various operation. Actually, you can perform in the database, right? Read operation like reading the radar, or you can read the data from this particular database. Okay, which is already there. You can write the date. Means you can insert the data in the database. New data. If some data is there already inserted and you want to modify it lets it modification is also possible. That's called update. The data are very much important in the organization. In real time, we use the word called Monopoly, so manipulate the determines update the data. 3rd 1 is deleted. The data, Let's hear some data is there, and we don't need their data anymore. And that data is not required. So that moment of time you can delete the daytime is existing data can be delivered. We can also perform various activity already. Type is. Actually, you can perform like other activity. Like joining off the two data's together. Scharping off the data means area ending data either in ascending or in descending order based on some particular attributes. Okay, so this is one thing you need to understand. And again let me talk about the structured query language. Okay? This is also pregnancy it sequel. Okay, so SQL structured query language, but pregnancy it we actually in case the pronunciation generally be pregnancy it like sequin organization. It is also unknown President, a language that you have to understand sequel with you. I told No, that's the language those all softness are using to interact with the database. So if you want to handle your database manager database, you have toe good in Sequel sequel. The good thing is, is non president. What is the meaning off non procedural language? We don't need to rate any program or proceed you ahead. OK, so that's why this language is very much easy, though you are not having a good programming law knowledge. That's why people follows database administration. Why it's so much popular because those people having fear off according or development activity with a lot of coding is involved. That's why those people find this article database as administration rule is a very comfortable rule because they'll know according is required. Everything is pre me okay. And the language also you are using a secret is non prosecutor. You don't need toe, right? Any kind of according here. Okay, All those traps are people you know, just know how to use that. Okay. To write this secret language, we have a various product. As I told you, have sequel plus. Okay, Sequel. The blooper. Okay, Peel, sequel, developer and so on. Okay, so the command line kind of thing, which we will definitely see after a few lectures, is called sequel plus. Okay, the Syntex will be sequel star. Plus. Okay, on there is something g y kind off interface, which is called sequel Developer, which is also we are using definitely in the part of the course. Okay, so this is all about guys. Ah, the complete database administrations basics. Okay, what is the doubles? What is that? And all those stops, Okay. And since we're learning to Elsie on higher 18 C, since in this course I'm using 18 C database, this is definitely valid for all 12. C 18 c 19. Seen all those courses. Okay, All those stops. Okay, So this database you can use on on premises and cloud only means the software's 12 c and hires are comfortable, not only with on premises. It's also comfortable with the cloud. Means you can install your database not only in the cloud. Okay. Also, you can use the same database as an installation in your local machines. OK, ok. O R. Which is called your own premises. Ok, so the software can be installed in your own environment. Okay. In your own so and in cloud, your article means actually the host of the database in cloud. Okay, so that's also supportable from the 12 onwards. So this is all about gays? Ah, the basics off database data, DBM s and all those stops. I hope it scared. Okay, So if again I will summarize. I will. Somebody's date eyes roll. Fact meaningless thing if you combined the data in such a former, which creates the meaning, it's called information. And those information we arranged in the form off table s card database. Okay. And in order to read the database, right, DeRita but some manage the database. We need some software, school arguments, example is or a credit of his IBM db two. Okay. And not only that, you can perform various kind of operations and data with read, write and write in the sense insert Delete update also called Monopoly Joining shorting. Okay. And the language was database. Understand? It's called sequel structured query language, which is non presidental. Okay, we don't need to write any quarter program over here. Okay. And two, Right? Does a school or sequel. We have various softness of a level in the market like sequel of Lipa's Will plus pls grill obliterans on. So this is all about the things we heard learn in this class. This is a complete basic things we hurdler in the next class Since we're learning from zero , I will talk about some history of the database how this database came into the picture, How in 90 77 Leiria, listen and all these mates come across and develop the database, What are the various versions available right now? And what is the current working? So we are learning the latticed heart cake in the market right now, which is 18 c Okay, that in 1913 or 19 sees always there because it's 2020 started. Okay, so 19 sees always also there. But the thing is, ah, nineties is not yet popular Now, okay, as 12 sees having the popularity, few people also having a good market in 18 c. Few organization and clients are taking a teensy okay, so very few people and claims you will find entity but there is no much difference in 12 c 18 80 19 C because I have gone through all this products. Almost the things they're saying. Okay, so there is no such what is ahead? We're using a 20 that's completely valid for the 12 C s. Well, okay. And 19 C as well. So, guys, thank you so much. Let's meet in the next class. 3. [Introduction]2.History of Oracle Database: Hey, everyone, welcome back. So today, what is the agenda today? We're going to discuss about history off Oracle database. How? Article Database came into the picture. What was the history? What are the different voices available up the Oracle database. So two days station is going to give you a small base. That's very important, actually. So we all know these three people, right? That's lady Allusion. Okay, Bob Minor and 80 Arts. So what happens? In 90 77 this three person started one small software company that no Nas r c and later on the renamed as Oracle Corporation. So what happens in 90 77? As this started, they released different version and the first version off the oracle not came with the 1.0 , rather, it came with a 2.0, it was very first Virgin off the Oracle software or database came with 2.0, and the date was June 90 79 is after two years off establishment off their Relations Software Corporation. So first version 2.0, came in 1979. After that, 3.0 came into the market in 83 than 4.0, in October 1984 5.0 in 85 6.0 in 88 7 point in 92 7.1. Again 94. They made a small changes in one and they made 7.2 in 1995. And after that, they came with Oracle 8.0. OK, that's called Oracle It from here. The name was Ah, the name renaming or like, the terminology or nomenclature got chain and they put the name as Oracle eight. So again they found like they missed something. And after that, they made their product comfortable with the Internet. And they really something called Article eight. I are one in 1999 OK, from their oracle made a lot of popularity. So I for Internet. So article it I again came with the various version our to our three. Again it came with a nine I e r. One r two and r three like that. Okay, then finally came something called Kenji. Okay, so 10 g stand for grid computing in came in 2004 and again it have a various flavors. Okay, 10 g r. One R two and a very popular eleventy Armand Lord off industry still using eleventy r one r two still do it. 2020 But still, the people are using this. Okay, again. They had a made a variety off different pass it at one arto. And finally, in 2013 they came off with something called Cloud, where C stands for clothes. So in 2013 actual, a lot of changes happen in Oracle eleventy and it premiered them comfortable with the clothes. After a lot of research in 2016 they came of with Oracle 12 c R. Two. In 2016 that product was comfortable with cloud and 17 they made it comfortable with on premises after again. One year, they article right now came up with 2018. It came with 18 C, which is an on Prem unclothed on in this course, we're going to use 18 c database and just few months back in February 2019 they came a bit 19. See? Okay, so that's the latest version, right? No available in the market. Okay. Ask for 2020 when I'm creating the scores. Okay, So Oracle database actually come with a very extradition, but actually, in real life scenario in organization, you use Enterprise Edition off Oracle database. Okay, so most of the time you will find yourself. There are various varieties and flowers off article database. Okay, you have 18 c. Let's the express tradition 12. The express tradition, you also have enterprisers. Listen, that's the biggest tradition. So in organization, you were going toe work on Interprets edition. So this is this is all about ah ha article database history. You should understand few important point out of those list in 2000 in first awful 1999 When I eat, I came in the market. That's was the inventory year again. 10 g came in 2000. For that, at least you have to remember and Cloud Cloud came from 2013. Okay, so there's important years you should remember for your purpose and 18 c, which is a latticed one. If the most of the company still working on eleventy few were in 12 c and few projects migrated towards 18 c. Okay, so agency came as the name suggests 2018. So, guys, this is all about the history off database. Okay, and the next class onwards, we will see. Ah, fewer that things. Okay, What are the rules of DB and other stuff? So let's meet in the next class. 4. [Introduction]3.Role of DBA: Hello everyone, welcome back. So as a DB, it of an important question is what are the rules and responsibility you have to perform when you join an organisation? So the very first and common responsibility a definitely one time responsibility you will get in your career where you have to install the database. Let's say you join any company on they ask you, Let's say they are setting up their database project and they ask you to install Let's a 12 C database or 18 C database Asper the requirement definitely up to configure it after installation. The next phase is called configuration and maybe tomorrow Let's say you you joined the company, which is running on the eleventy database and definitely time all peoples are moving to the 12 C and the higher versions. So that moment off time they will ask you to upgrade the date of its OK from eleventy. So let's say 12 year from 12 C to hire a teensy like that and very much important ISS migration, like from one server to another server, how to migrate this kind of responsibility are DB has to perform next set of responsibility and the very much important responsibility is back up and recovery. That's not a one time. Ah, step. That's not a one time activity, backup and recovery, something you have to perform many times. As per the requirements. Sometimes your databases crast up. Or sometimes, let's say, Ah, you want to perform some other activity. You need backup for them. So this is a regular activity. The other DB has to perform. That's the backup and recovery thirties data bits, security. Another activities are like stories and capacity, planning on very much importance performance, monitoring and tuning that I d be a has to do, especially these things are expected from the experience. DPS They're troubleshooting if some database craft has been happened. So that moment off time you have, you must be in a position toe. Troubleshoot it. Let's say some control files are missing. Data fights are missing, so you should know how to fix that and debunk that using alert, lock files and all, and high availability means your database must be available 24 7 for the client. Okay, means it should be in a position like whenever I query the database. Query The database. Sorry. That moment of time respond So this kind of activity of the very common and there are many more OK, it should be performed by database administration. 5. [Database 18c Installation]1.Installation of Oracle Linux 7: Hey, everyone, welcome back. So let's start with the installation off Lenox machine first before installing the databases. So in order to do so, just you have toe go to new on here. Ah, you have to simply type But the name off your virtual box. So I'm just giving article, uh, db 18 and little. You just or a DNC? Okay, So this is the name of my virtual machine, and really? And let's go next, you sort of sign a memory. At least four to wear G B. Whatever you can do at Max for me, I have a good amount of ram, so I'm just giving. Pleased. Well, GPO frame OK, but you can give 3 to 4 whatever as your preference. Hair creative at your risk. Now go for video Dynamical located and here hit wondering DGB of space hit create. Okay, no. Go to the settings. Goto at once. Make sure it's here. Bi directional, Uncheck the optical Make the hard discuss. Ah, checked up because uncheck the floppy make hard disk atop Okay. Oh network who network? Let me enable that after to make sure one is neck and here host only adapter and you have to create this host only adapter. Okay, so? So these things are done in order to create host wrongly, That adapter is very easy. You simply go to the preferences, go to network who strongly a leper and hit this place button when you hit this place better after will be created with any name. Either one or two. OK, so this in one or two will be indicating the name Just you have to check this enables over and you have to make sure whatever I be addresses here Same kind of configuration is there or either you can use my i p address for the But I'm using here is also going to We will hit okay after that and just go to your virtual box. Come over here storage network adapter and attach that eternity A prayer. That's it is very easy. No, all the stuffs are done. You have to go to the storage hair and empty. You have to select the year So far so indexed up. I already have I s o file. So you have to select that I use a file wherever you have hit. Okay, let's start in order to start in installation and also guys are still here. If you are finding an issue, I will also share the Veum with discourse. So you will find like it's easy to download and luda stuff from here hit up in no net and in Logan installed logically make seven So they ah, all those stuffs were Whatever the article lean x Leanna's version Whatever this after I'm using this all the software we will get the part of the score So don't worry about that. How you will get He will get a download link to download this off Chris So I had already uploaded a softer It's for you. Okay, so English is my language. I will simply go and head Continue here. Here you need to choose your time You're in for me It's India. So let me big that Okay, it's here had done and, uh, go to softer selection Don't forget to select off grid Zewe Other option if you want, you can give flake comfortable libraries Lippmann tools Let me see what I can give. Okay. So these few things you can give if you don't want It's ok, it's OK with that. Go here, I will configure the partition had done Okay, click here or dramatically Perfect start during the partitioning. So for home, I just want for debate for my home. 40 update settings? No, for route. I want 62 GB for him, 62 appeared sittings and rest of the things I just want 13 plus six. It's 19. So just give 19 de before him. Subdued sittings. Okay, So done. Hit them except the genius click on network and host name. Make sure networks are on. Networks are on. Okay, just give a horse name for me. It's example dot com. Okay, is the name of Forced. I'm just giving like this. Okay. And just heard begin installation said the root password. For me, it's Article 123 Oracle 123 Do. It's weak. It will ask you to click twice. Just click twice. Let me create when you use it. It's but I believe you is the user. A created and password is recalled. 123 Article 123 That's it. Click on Done Click London, and it will take some time to start the installation, so you should read for a moment. So let me oppose that. We do over here for a moment, Basil. It has been completed. Let's reward the machine. - Okay , So in this step, we have to accept the license. Click on latents except delayed since he had done and finish the configuration. I don't want to enable Kingdom forward. Yes, I will register later. So these are some stuffs which you have to quickly by bus. I was gonna glater and forward. That's it. We re boot. Let it rebuild quickly. Just log in grace here. Give the password or record 123 So you will be prompted here in this page. Just choose Inglis. If it is the order for language hit next hit next. No need to add account. We already did Start the Kleenex over. So what you have to do here After doing this step, you simply need to open a terminal and quickly check. Is your Internet connection working properly or not? So just here you have to type of conflict first. Let's check. It's ah showing the proper return. It No, it's not showing the property. 10 administer is disabled. Okay. Yeah, It's disabled soul. You need to again hit. I can fix. I have conflict. So make sure all the Internet ports are up, so you can see we get on I p address. That is the mean i p address which need. And this is they were just to use the Google and all those stuff. So let's being that being google dot com, make sure you were able to ping the Google after installation. If you're not able to Ping, what is the remedy you need to perform? Okay, If you are not able to ping google dot com, you have to go here, go to the network settings. Okay, little open. And here you have to put your ah machine in airplane more wants. So make sure you put your machine in airplane mode on and again airplane. More off that you have to perform if still not working. Make it turn it on and off. Just you need to refresh the eternity cables. Okay, so you will do this for both the cables. Okay? And just come back after that and you will be in google dot com. You will able to pink, but make sure you will, ableto being the google dot com. Okay, so guys, This is all about for two. Decision. Okay. You have successfully installed the Lennox inner machine. Next class, I will show you how to install Guess tradition so that you will have a full screen over here so that you can start the work and upcoming classes. I will also show you how to use the same VM from your Windows machine. So there are a lot of stuffs that additional stuff it is required to do to make your life easier. But make sure after installation, you will able to pinky google dot com otherwise, ah, a lot off things Ah is going to be like you will face a lot of problem. Okay, so this is the one stuff we have to perform. So, guys, let me conclude decision over here. Let's meet in the next class. 6. [Database 18c Installation]2.Updating the Server: so I hope till now you got your Lennox machine. Okay, In order to start stop limits machine here, it's a way you can start and stop. If you want to power off, let me show you how to power off. OK, But you should not power off here, Lena. That's my personal recommendation. Never poor of otherwise, I appeared. This will keep on changing. Okay, But for this moment, I'm showing the power. But next. Plus, you should just keep safe the machine state rather than the power off. Let me power off for this moment for you, but never power off. This is my solution for you. Okay, then how to start it, even in the same order. Also, you need to start here. You just need to hit start button and it will start your limits machine. Okay. Okay. So we're here. This log in here. Article 123 is the last word. Okay. No, you need to go here and hit open terminals and also check both the network ports are up or not. Every name you should make sure ports are up and running. Yogendra. Naive conflict. Okay. Okay. So this is the I p address, as you can see. Fine. And you were able to ping Google Lord home being Google dodgeball. Okay, perfect. Let's see, I'm able to ping or not. So see, I'm not I The behavior is showing me I'm not able to ping. Okay, so that's why multiple restart when you do, it's only a burden for you. Okay, So if you're not able to Ping as I told, the solution is very easy. Just come back to this place, okay? Just make airplane more on. Okay? Make all later. Nate, port off, make airplane on means airplane off. Make sure all the eternity boats set up after that make a little net up, just like your mobile phone. Okay, Now, try to ping back. So, guys, as you can see, we are able to ping the Google Lord. Come right now. That's that's the thing which we require in this state. No, what? We have to perform next before going to install the guest tradition festival, you have to update your machine. Okay, so, um, update is a command, which you have to run before doing all those stuffs. Okay, So you have to log in as root at its se su minus. Is that common article 12 trees. The password. Okay, clear this screen. I am update so it will update your machine. Okay, It's saying some process ideas already on running. So what is the process? I d number as it's going toe to six to let me kill that. If showing somebody just use killed minus nine, followed by the I d. Number and to run back the commodity. Okay. No, again dairy, someone. Other processes also there kill it. Killed minus plane. And it's the word. Favor. One welfare again, then. Okay. There are multiple processes off gay, but don't worry it it could be fill one day. Okay, so it started, as you can see. Okay, So it will take some time, days toe, update your machine, but you have update before doing articulating the Oracle user and all that stuff. This is a very much important step. So let it do its work. So the question is, one question could be what happens if you trade uranium update like and it's not running. It will. Someday I'm throw you some error. Let me tell you so how to resolve such issues That's very important to know. So if you are getting such error, just please keep in mind. You are not able to run him up there. There's a minimum command. You have to run after the installation before doing anything. Okay? You have uranium clean. All this is the thing when you run it. After that, I am a bit is going toe. 100 passion for sure. So this just please keep in mind if you're out. I am a Brit is not running. You have to learn this. Come on as a backup command. - Okay , Gates. As you can see, a few packages have difficulty to install, but okay, it's fine. That much of hope date is more than enough for our work. Ok, so we had successfully installed ah updates for our much in If you really want, you can try it keen all and again you can run. The same commander is going to do. But for our cases actually doesn't required. OK, but if you want, you can kindly go ahead and do that. One next thing is required to before going to install the guest tradition. What do you have to do? You have to check your Carnell was. And so that's my gunner Carnivores. And then you have to install it. So Yemen Stroll is a command cardinal. You will develop and followed by this number so it will install this from the repository just hit enter. Okay, so it's only install, so we no need to worry about this. So and next class onward, I will show you how toe install guest tradition. Okay, Before that, this operation is required. Kindly go ahead in the root mort and update your virtual machine. Okay? So that we will able to perform the rest of the activities. Okay, Because while creating the Oracle user, you need the internet. And to update your machine, you need the Internet. That's why the Google Lord comping is very much required. So, guys, thank you so much. Let's meet in the next class 7. [Database 18c Installation]3.Installing Guest Edition: welcome back. So today I will show you how to enable Guess tradition in your machine in order to do so what you have to do, You have to go to the virtual box in this corner There you have to say go to their devices and there is an option insert. Guess Tradition City. When you do that, heroin CD will be inserted. Okay. Now, when the CD will be inserted, you have to click on run. It will ask. The past would provide the password. Whatever you given, where installation I given a record 123 and authenticate. It will take some time. And make sure before closing this window you You must Sure it installed. Okay? Because sometimes you feel it installed correctly the guest tradition. But it didn't actually. So make sure it installed all the model correctly. Okay, before restarting your system. Because the process is actually when you have to install this off translation it will ask you to restart your machine. So that moment off time, okay? I mean, you re started, but you didn't read the locks properly. Okay? And you found your screen is not really existing. What is the purpose off using this. Guess tradition. When you install this guest tradition, what happens? This is screen you can see is limited with right This is screened. Whatever we can see from here has a limited with so that that thing you will find like it will be a full screen. You will easily able to work here. This way. The guest tradition is very much important. Okay, While walking in the leaners in Iran, If you want to work from the window using party, it's fine. But if you want to work from here and that moment of time, this is very much involved. Okay, so here it is. You can see you may need to restart it. Okay? There is no error and warnings there. This means is it started and it installs successfully hit Enter No open air terminals reboot so it will reboot your machine. So let the machine reboot. So this time, when after the reboot will be done, you will see the full skin away. It's so that's how it is. Very much important toe play with those stuffs on while playing. You need a destination in stroll there. Okay. You can see it's in full screen. Just click here or record 123 That's it. Perfect. So we're able to log in here? As you can see, all those groups has been done. No right Click over here. And it did this disk. You don't need disc anymore. Just go ahead under dominance and check the youth config again. Okay, you can see it's leg zero it something will come. Means network is off. They have to come. Some numbers here, sold in conflict. Okay, 19 to do one's exterior basics. Also, Ping the Google being google dot home. It's pinging. So from this time onward what you have to do, You should not. You should not power off the machine. Rather, you have to save the machine. Okay. So because how many times he would have bubbled off is going to make your virtual machine stepped us each and every time. Whenever you power off, okay, it going to change on affect your network. So that's why you should not power off. Rather, you have to save the machine. So let me show you how to say we just click on the safe and hit, OK? So as you can see it has been saved. Head status will throw you shape. Okay, so if you have to start, you have to click on the start. But so you will be able to start from the same place where you have been left. As you can see, we had hit. Okay, guys. So now there are few searches up. Operation is also there where we need to share some files from your Windows machine. Okay, so this Lennox Okay, so these these stuffs are also need to be configured. Means they're folder. Need to be created over here. Okay, So how to create the shared folder? Okay, these stuffs I will show you from the next class, so let's meet in the next class. 8. [Database 18c Installation]4.Creating shared folder: So I left you in the previous lecture till here. Okay, Now I will show you how to create the shared folder. So create the shared fuller. What is the meaning off the shared folders like me? Explain you. So the meaning is, Let's say this is your window machine. Okay? This is there were no machine. And let's say this is your Lennox machine. Okay, though it's on same machine, but actually really? Ah, virtually. These are two different machines. So in your window machine, you may have a fuller Let's see, let's say in the Diedre, if you have some folder, the folder name it, let's say blowzy on a teensy whatever it is that Fuller have the real software you downloaded. Let's say you don't loaded other database 18 See from the article website that real software is here in this in this folder and there were no machine. You have to transfer this within this lean ex machine, which is well within the virtual box. So you have to connect. Okay, there should know what is. The logic is there should be one folder hair which should be mapped. Okay, sorry. Let me destroy it. So that should be map. So let's see in Lenox Machine, let's say in the root folder. Okay, we have amount for that. Where I created one shared for that. So these 24 years has been mapped. Okay. It means after doing the mapping, what will happen? All those stuffs within this four letter you will able to see here. Okay. It means whatever the full arena where no machine will be visible to the early next machine if that for lead is shared with a particular share with a particular folder in your Lennox machine. And from there you will copy the folder in a particular location in the leaners and do the operation like installation and all the stuff, like unzipping and all the stuffs. So let's performed. See, not introducing. Select the virtual machine, which is required not other. The one which you need Click on the settings, go to the state folders, click here and you have to choose the full. It over here, as you can see, is showing a lot of options. So I have the folder in, um, I d great. Really great. As you can see in the drive, I have a 12 c folder. Okay, so what I will do? I will simply select the folder read only or to moan, to make permanent Click on. OK, it has been done. What do you have to do? You have to come here. Opened a terminal. Okay, When all those steps has been done, you have to mount that folder. So, in order to mount, so you have to log in as a rule. So s U minus article 123 No, you have to create one folder in your lean excite, which is going to take participation in this sharing. So I'm just going to create M k d. A. R is a command to create a forger minus B in the route. I'm going to create a folder amount within that. I'm just going to create something called Self shared. Okay, So seedy means change the directory, Miss, you can goto this locations shared. You can hit a little. You will see nothing is there right now because this four lettuce created. Okay, this folder has been created by me, but this folder is still not mapped. How to map in order to man, there is a command called Mount Command. You have to run Mount Dynasty V walks, Asseff and the folder name, which is going to be mounted from your window machine. Okay, so that folder name. So the folder name is software to Elsie. Just you have to provide the folding them nor the part because part is already provided in the virtual box. I hope you remember here. We already mapped the partner here. We already mapped the part. You just need to provide the food of them. That's it. So just come back. And here this is the source. And what is the name of the target folders? So MNT shared is the name of the target for the Datsun? No, we are already in their target folder Shared folder. If you feed a bloody, it will show You were already here. If you hit a little now this moment off time. Okay? It's not showing. Let me exit out from the root. Okay? Sometime it needs to be refreshed. Open a new dominant CD CD. I am in the CD room in the route we have ever Andy in MND. We have shared you tell you can see we're able to see all those foreigners here. I already have. Ah, this, uh, which is called Oracle. Okay, eight. So this I will definitely use this when the classes will come. Or like, that moment off name. But right now, we don't require this, but sharing is required this moment off name, at least. Okay, so you have a knowledge how to share the stuffs from there. Okay, So this is the one thing which I wanted to share with you guys today. In the next class, I will show you how to create article user. Okay for the DNC. Guys, Thank you so much. Let's meet in the next class. 9. [Database 18c Installation]5.Editing the hosts file: So before going towards the creation of the Oracle user, make sure your host file is ready. So how to make your host pile ready whenever open a terminal, guys. Always a naive conflict first, Okay. And that I p address, which is in your Ian busy Rizzi Ethernet. Okay, so just open a new terminal back. Just go to the root longing. Article 123 and hit. There is a file which is in UTC hosts. So that file Oops. Give a call on cue. Not it should be a slash that file you have to edit. So that's a fight. Okay, there is a host file edit. So what do you have to put here? You just simply need to copy this one, okay? With this I, p address over here and just pays Desai Pietrus over here and give the name s example dot com for the server. That's it. Escaped. Poland of Luke. You head under? No. Just come aware and paying it. You are able to ping the example dot com in order, so see, we are able to ping the example dot com from the windows machine. RV, able to ping example. Wrote home for that is also possible for that You up to again host Modify the Windows host fight. OK, so if it is required Definitely. We were doing upcoming classes right now I don't want to introduce that point. Is this moment off time? Uh, one thing you can do it cmd And just being this I p address you were able to ping from every new machine or not. That's an important thing. So just what you have to do just being it. Are you able to ping or not? So if you are able to Ping, they're not an issue, okay? Because if you want to use the body and Andy third party software okay, like Venice ipi And also that moment of time this ibe you should ever doping that only that moment of time it's going to work. Okay, also, if it's not working, there is something called uto disabled the firewall. So their school service flat where the stop So you can disable now itself in this class. So this fireable dissembling will help you to use this machine feature from there were no machine. Okay, so these stuffs You should do guys okay and as I recommend, not power of the machines until the things are learning in the learning fade. You should not bought off on leap you the same more. Okay, so this is all about to discuss. In the next class we will see our installation of P install utility on condition of the Oracle users. So let's meet in the next class. 10. [Database 18c Installation]6.Creation Of Oracle User: back. So we will start the installation off 18 c database over. Recall. So before that, what are the things we have to from the very first thing we have to do is installation off Prince all utility. It's called installation off pre installed utility. Okay, but just keep in mind, pre installed ut But keep in mind the thing is, before installing the prince relativity were able to ping the google dot com and all whatever the Internet is working fine because it's going to use the Internet. Okay, then if you have to log in as root user Okay, So you you have to do this all the stuff as root user. I'm just noting it down for the big night users who are ignorant to the lean. It's okay. So you have tow run a command Yemen stall. Okay, on and Oracle, it's minus way. Means went with option will come. It will accept or record database preinstalled 18. See if you're maybe, I hope you remember of when we were doing the stuffs in eleventy it was here eleventy right ? If we are doing well, see, it was like 12 See okay and 18 seats 18 So that's how it works. So just copy this command, Go to your virtual machine and here me clear this screen me. Who has a root user article 123 Before that, I am pretty mature. My Google and all are working okay. Otherwise you will not able to perform this step. So we hit enter. So as you can see some other processes running. Okay, so you have to again kill that process with the process. 82 566 So kill minus 9 to 566 Sorry to 5 to 6 to 5 to 6. Okay, I had killed. Let me again run the same command. Oops. Let me under this Yemen stroll. Come on. Okay, so you can see it's going to install the package for us. So it will take some time. But yes, for this days at least till the States I'm supposing your internet is working point OK, but don't worry. You will also get Vivian. Okay though your internet and connectivity and network issues there. But still I will provide you the VM there. I think you don't need Internet. You will work as offline from that vm itself and one more, uh, interesting cushion. Is there many people asked like, is there some likely Next seven. Lennox 16 x five. So, guys, any Lenexa? Kan is okay? Don't worry for that. In the early next you can you can use because it end of the day. Ah, Llinas is are some platform. That's it. No more than that. Okay, so it's done. No, it's created article user in the back. And let me try to make the point. What? I make one to understand it created some Oracle user in backing. But the challenges I don't know. What is the password it given to him? I really don't know. But you already know if you are a root user, you can reset a password off Amy user. Okay, So how to reset a password for a news that you have to be rude. Okay. And as a route, you have to run a command called password and the name of the user. If you type this, it will ask you provide the new password so you can give a new password so that you can reset the password, but was I'm resetting the passport because I really don't know What is The password is assigned toe this particular article. Use that over here. So what I will do here? I have a simply typed password. Let me first clear this screen. Let me a password. And here you have paved the name of the users. Oracle is the name of the user. Okay, so I'm giving the new passport. Article 123 Okay. Article 123 Let them tell us a bad password. It's OK. It's completely fine. So it's operated. So what are the steps you have to perform when these steps has been done? Okay, You have toe create the user. You have to change. The user's password means that the school change the article use this bus would password. You have to change this article, user password and how to change the article. You this password. In order to change, you have to write. Definitely. You should be in the root more so password and article and you have to provide the new set off Password lake, Article 123 as a new bus word as a new buzzword. Okay, so this is the bus with which I am using in this course you can use any bus were. And what is an acceptable operation? You have to perform the next set of operation which you have to perform its You have tow log out. Okay, So Lago okay from the current user. So for me, the current user is Oracle db Okay for you. It could be your name, whatever it could be. And logging back and logging logging back as article user. Okay, so you have to perform this step blogging us Oracle user. Okay? And the thing is required just looking as Oracle User. So just go over here. How to lago just here. You can see in the corner there is a button called logo. Just click on the log out and hit long over there, so I'm successfully log out from here. As you can see now you will see two options off the user. When is your oracle DB which was the first user? And when these articles will click on the American, give the password Oracle 123 So here you can see we're locking it again. It will. It's a new user. So again it will ask some prompts. Um ah. Messages like started So were and all those stuffs which we were just for Ah, article eBay user like this Disick Next. Next. Next start this over the next. So till this you have to perform the operation. Okay? Just opened a terminal and check your Internet connectivity. Okay, Close this. Come over here. Type of config. Okay. Welcome in dinner. I be fine. Okay. Again being all those sports like for spring sample dot com, you were able to ping or not, I'm able to ping example dot home. I'm able to ping Google. Definitely, I will. That's why I'm here. Move, Lord, call me as I'm able to think so these two stuffs already there also. Ah, one thing you should check you're MNT shared is still shared or not. So just go here and hit LLC. Still, I'm able to see my window machine folder and that folder where the where the files are there because this fights are required to be copied in the on the required to be copied in the next session so that we will start doing this stuff. Okay, so let me conclude decision over here, that installation part and completely different of Oracle so I will do these things from the next class on. So, guys, thank you so much. Let's meet in the next class. 11. [Database 18c Installation]7.activity before db installation: So what are the steps we did till? Let me revise it back for you in the Lenox machine. What we did, we created one folder, one folder structure we had created. Okay. Means in the route. This is a Lennox machine in the Lenox machine. We have something called route. Rate root is like seed rape. Within that, there are multiple folders there. I created one folder, Carl, You 01 Okay, there. I had created one folder called you 01 That's the name of the Ford within this u 014 order . Okay. I had committed multiple self pulled within the U 01 again. I have a child folder lexical. Okay. With his application. Border like this? Yeah. Then again, within the app, I have created something called Oracle here inside that I had created something called Oracle. Okay, article on Vidin Oracle. I had created something called Product within product. I had created something called Version at 18.3 point zero. Okay, let me make it in New Lane. 18.3 point zero. And hair. I had created something called DB Underscore one. Okay. Do we underscore one? So this is how this hierarchy I had created. Okay, after this, what you have to do? You have to copy your Windows machine. Whatever the window machine is there and the window machine, you have the software. I have the defile in my window machine. Let me show you. So this is my window machine here. You can see I have this 18. Cdy file 4.25 gp. So, this zip file you have to copy from here to somewhere Any places in this location? Okay, so I just got in which place I'm copying somewhere called in the route. I have Home folder in Oracle. Okay. In the root like you 01 is a folder. Home is also folder and within that the child for the rhetorical that I'm copping this if I Okay, does your file when I will Until and after that, I will run the installer. It is going to install my database in this particular location. That is the process. So how I will get this your file in this machine, I have MNT shared from the 70 shared Okay, location. I will simply grab this there said it right. I just simply went toe MNT shared as you can see for state created the folder. Okay, so let me just highlight this steps over here. Okay? The fourth step, the four step is Ah, you have to check. You have. Okay, So what do you have to check? We can see it. Take the Are soft bed sharp pair from Lennox windows and lean X. Our shared or not. Okay. Shared or not. So that the thing you have to check how you will you have no simply goto them anti certain location MNT shared location and you have to hit a little. Okay, Okay. So if output welcome means list off all software's all this ocracy will get but issues okay , if output is if no output is displayed, no output is displayed And how to fix that if nor put it display, then what is the solution? So the solution is very easy. Okay, You have to re mounted back. So how to remove? You have to simply tape moment. You have to first log in as root. So after that you have to type mt minus t moaned minus t V box Youssif and the name like software will see whatever okay. Software, Chelsea, Whatever the gnome name you're using in the window machine and head in the leaners means target and source so that you have to run as root log in as root. So logging as the rules before running. So that's where you can fix this particular solution A problem. OK, so when you are able to see the list destroying what you have to do and have to fetch it us off to a great somewhere. So how does fit the software? Means fetch the software within the Lennox within the Lennox host Alina server from the seared folder. Close your drapes. So kowtow phys that. Just see P. Come on, you have to move. So you are already in the 70 shared location. I'm assuming. Okay. No, you are simply new to run. CP commands OCP on name off the Chief I the name of the file. And after that you have tow place. Very want to paste. So in the home article, I want to paste. Okay, so you're full of this place in this location. Okay? Now you have to create one folder. Okay? Creating folder to install the article. Little bits. Oracle. It database. 18 z. Okay, so there is a folder you need to be created, required to be created to install the Recoleta with that folder. How you will create. Okay, first log in as root. Okay, then, after that log in as root, let's a given the article 123 as a password, which is called Log in as Root, which is log in as root. Then let me make it at the top. Actually would understand log in as root. And when you log in as root, what you have to do, you have to create the folder. Can you afford it? Hit, Archy. Okay. We have to create the four that had our key. How you will create simply You have to run the command. M k d a r minus b and you 01 article There are study 15 0.3 point zero, then db in desperate one. There you will easily able to create the border. No. What next? The folder is created. Okay, the file is copied, but before running any script have to change the ownership. Okay, So you have protein and ownership. So change, but a mission. That's the minimum does. A minimum step is required. We have to do that. Okay, change the permission off the four dead. Change the permission of the folder. Okay. And on the ship ownership. So you have to make this change is so how to change the permission of the Fuller is very is in Leland's. There is a command called chain donor. Okay, CEO John. And we'd recursive Lee recursive limits folder and self Order. Mary Oracle and oh, install group. This is called a user. This is called Group. Okay, so, you know, in strong group for you. Zero when they're sitting, you have to do and for changing the permission. You Halperin ch mode minus are under 6775 Read rate execute for the user. Read. Great. Execute for the group. And the four end user is just street. Right? Okay. Not execute. So you 01 That's the thing you have to do. Okay, So when this thing will be done after that, we can start demonstrations. Let me show you first before proceeding further. Article 123 As you can see, it's already corporate to this location. No, Grace, make sure whenever the things copied not not be in this location called shared means. If you un gyp, anything in this location is going to care only trouble so immediately. Just move on from this location. Know what you have to do As I told you, have to change the ownership. Okay? So because right now who is known that if you want to check, you just need to hit a little command you can see for the U 01 route is donor. So in order to change on their ship, first of all, you have to log in as root. So let's log in as root. I had logged in as root. No, I have to change the ownership. So to change on the ship the commander ch on. So see it on minus okay on Ekland. Oh, install four U zero in Florida. That's a Now you hit a little milking society. Ah, we will hit a little in other terminal looking ahead, Ellen, and had a little You will see you're you 01 Have oracle in or install as group. Now you can see it's ah execute permission. Us is for end user for group. It's execute. Read Not right So these all permission? Also, we need to change. So ch mood is to change the more 775 or 777 Anything you can give for the u 01 That's it. Now, if you hit a little back here, you will see this thing has been changed. OK? Read. Great. Execute, read, write. Execute. Okay. And it's for eggs eagled for him. So we have successfully changed all the permission for these groups. Perfect. No, These things has been done. The next set of status step is to install the oracle. Okay, So, guys, I hope I have toe conclude decision over here. One more thing, very important thing. What you have to perform. You have to remove this folder. Look it which is here. You can either right click and delete it. You can see I you can right click and send to the dress. Or also you can remove from here how you will remove from here. Just go to the home Oracle location and from there hit l l You will see this folder Colleen acc's I just want to remove so our a minus Or if it is the common. So I just remove this folder so it's removed. Now you just go here and check back. So the folder has been demoted. I am doing that because I just want to say of my memory space. Okay, so this zip file, you have toe moved out. Okay, but the suit filed. Okay, You have to move around. But after and dipping. Okay, so I have toe dip it before that. Okay, so I think I didn't engine and I directly remove that right? I have to Copy and independent Move it. Okay, so in Hurry. What aided? I simply removed this. Rather I'm copping it, so let me copy back, okay? Okay. It's had been OK. Nothing can be done. Let me copy. So C d M and T shirt, So don't do this first. Copy this. Hey, tell it. Okay, so this file I need then I need to underpin first. So let me first copy it. Don't remove it now. So Lennox Okay. Gyp is there. I want to copy in the home oracle. Okay, so I want to copy it back here after copying you have to in depite, then remove it. Okay? Because we need only and you find? Not this. If I choose to save the memory condemnations, let me quickly injected. Then we will do the rest. Okay, so it has been copied. Know what I have to do? Since it's already copied, you have to migrate to this location which is see the home oracle. Okay. And when you hear ls you will see the zip file over there. A little whatever you want. So here I have to undergo this. Then we have to remove its. OK, so I thought I already did that. OK, so enjoy this fight. So from next class on what? We will see the installation. Okay, so let's indep it. So when you un dipper, it will create folders. Okay. It's creating for little hair and 12 C till 12 c. As for my experience, the folder whenever you engine is going to create a folder called Database and within the database, it's going toe have all those stuffs. But here it's did hair itself. So what you gonna do before and dipping? You can do one thing. Ah, you just simply create one folder there. You put this your file and everyone gyp. That thing can be done okay before this. Okay, so let's do that. Not an issue, Okay? It's all what you have to do. After this, things have been done. You have toe and depite rate. So you have to 18 z zip file. But the think the precaution is no. Keep the zip file in some fuller before un Jipping. Okay, that's a very important thing you should have in mind before doing there. As you can see, I engine. So it's, um, actually mess up with the place? No. How do? And it is Very simple CD. You have to go to the home record there. The file is there and there you have to write on Deep and the name of the folder. So what is the name of the fuller, Uh, mean? So there's a fight. Let me check. So the name is this one CD slur 70. It's less here. So this is the name palpate many mice. So you have un gypped this. Okay, so whenever you inject this, Okay, what do you have to do? You have to run in stroller. Okay? Not to install the database to install the DB. It didn't see we have to Brenda installer. And under Uninstaller So how to run their uninstaller? You have to migrate to the place and hit darts less run in stolen any i e x e file in window. You run by double clicking here you just put darts less and name off the executed vilify. That's it. We do So let it. And you first. So right now I'm unzipping destroyed to understand. Right now, the folder is in home record. Okay, I'm I'm dipping the folder. I'm doing nothing. I'm simply I'm keeping the folder right now. I'm in the home in the route. We have folder called Home In the home. We have something called Oracle. And in this we have the ridge. If oil, I'm simply on dipping it in the same place and they're running strollers there and I will run. It will install a database in this location. Okay, this really instructor look like something this Let me show you. You can see this. Is there an instructor? So this I have to run when this things would be done. So let it ended quickly. - Okay , guys. So finally it has been in Egypt after 45 minutes. But you can see hit. These many folders has been created. Okay, so what I have to do next? I have to If I will hit l l you will see these many things I lay right. It should be within the folder. I have to remove this if I say so. But it on Ah, our Adam minus Aref. Okay. And the name off Lamy's. Let me check. What is the name? Kleenex? Lee Knox. So in orderto just for the space and memory management that's required. Okay. So that it will not create trouble in the next session. So this is all about Grace. Okay. In the next session, I will show you how to run this air uninstaller. Okay? And install the software. So let's meet in the next rest. 12. [Database 18c Installation]8.Database Installation: back. So what we will do today, we will simply ah copied a zip file first. So seedy mnd shit. Okay, so can see there is no finally showing in this moment. Saudi CD slash s no CD M and D. She D said if we're devil, you can see this is a zip file that you have to copy. Okay, so let us copy this if I in in a place. So what do you have to do? You have to first create a fuller Okay. How to create the folder I already had created. You simply need to run a command mjd a year minus b mgt. Air minus B on U 01 app or I cut product and this folder will be created for me. This folder is already had been created. Okay, so I can I don't need that. No, this CIF file you need to copy in this location. Okay, You have to copy the defile in this location. So how do that CD and just go to this location? Copy this location, so I'm head in this location, okay? If you tell nothing is there. Now you have to copy this. Okay, so how to copy. See Pekerman source. What is the source Sources? MNT shared M and D shared. And they're the name of the finalists. Something called Lean X. Ray Lee looks okay and you have to compete here. But before running this one more thing. I have to tell you what I had. You have to changed the ownership of the folder there, stooping you up to run on more of the folder. Then you have to start performing this copy activity, Okay? And then you have to start performing this copy activity. Okay, so you have to copy. Okay, this file and give this file. Copy this file here. Okay. Whatever. I'm showing. I don't mean this location. Selective copy. So what do you have to do? Let me this modify it. You have to copy the fight, OK? Keep the zip file and not some folder. It's you 01 Apple records. So a copy. The location you're copied is if I lower here. Okay. So you have to copy this file in this location, okay? Before engine ping it. No, you have to go to this location and you have toe under this folder over here. Let's do that if I might get it. No, In this location it was It's starting copping It's coping right now. Still not completed? Of course. Let's wait. So what? We had a pillow. There is a folder in the video machine that we had put hair in DB one. And there I'm simply going toe Unzip it. Okay. Before 18 c whatever. As but my experience I heard work What happens whenever we started installing the agency? We can put this defile any place and depicted anyplace and run the installer from the anyplace and choose this location to be installed. But what I found in this 18 C if you put this defile it any place on Jupiter at any place and run the installer for install in this place. Okay, which is article home. It's not going to pop up the installer properly. Means your installer will not be pop up. You will not get any options. Toe klik. Okay, so maybe it's because off this thing. Okay, so that's why we're trying in this manner. OK, we are just going toe passed here in this location. Okay? It's self in the DB home. I'm just putting those if I Okay, and one more thing. I found the difference. And up to 12. See what happens whenever you inject the things, it will create a database for little within that that things will go now. If unjust, This it will not create any Travis folder. It will create all F sub folders, which was the part of data was folded initially. So better you have to undo pit in a proper place. Okay? With improper folder. So right now we're and opinion, Let's see, still in process. So the under process has been completed Means so this coping process has been completed. Okay, if I clear the screen and hit a little, you will see I have the defy letters under pretty quickly here and the same for that. So if you want to very for you can very faith from here. Also, you just go to the home click on computers. You 01 Ah, articles in order. Okay. Okay. We had created which folded. Let us let me check once it's going in. Which one? 18.3 point zero devi underscore one. I think I had run the query two times. Okay, so it's went here. 18.3 points. Okay, so let me delete this for that. We don't need this folder anymore. Okay? So by mistake, I had good 2 to 4 hours. It may delete this. So he had hair. It didn't burn. 3.0 db one. And here all the files are on Jipping. Okay, So when it will be in Egypt, we have to simply run the installer. Okay, so it has been under properly. No, you have to run the run installer. Let me clear this screen and darts less at an installer hit. Enter. - So it's not fetching the things, not an issue. Let me just control Z. What I will do before running this I have to entertained Iran, Man. Variable. This could be the Vegas. So what do you have to do? CD home record? You have to migrate and let me sir home. Best profile because it's not ableto pick the things I think from there. So I already heard the variables with me simply based. Okay, this thing, every list in a moment. Let me see First, it's working or not. Let me check here. Equal dollar what I call home. Good bash profile. So it was not popping up. Let me open a new terminal. Let me check back Equal dollar article Home. It's not popping. It means you have to fix it. Okay, there is a solution. Source. Ah, name off the finalist. Start Boesch. I will fight. Okay. Let me edit the same stuff in Russia. See as well. Just come over here. We based okay? No. Let me check in the new terminals. Cool daughter. Article home. It's now it's taking the things local dollar political. Sadie, I find it's taking this stuffs No. Now let me move towards the location. Clear this screen here. I should great Let me clear this screen. One of the things I had opened But don't worry about that race. Let me know. Migrate to the article home. This is the same location in the article Home. I have so many things I have toe simply run the installer. Let's see this time So guys finally appeared. But I just want to highlight one point Guys. Ah, I observed it will not appear soon. It's taken 15 to 20 minutes for appearing though I'm using Ah, very high amount of Fram and swept memory, but still So maybe if you are not getting in one go, don't think you are not going to get You have to wait. There is nothing no configuration geniuses required. You have to wait. OK, so let's start the installation. So you have to create and configure a single instance database. And you here next. Here. Okay. You want server class Hit next. It wants installation hit Next. Okay, here. We have to varieties off. Database one is in the preservation on in Standard Edition. So we will install the Enterprise edition hit next. Okay, this is the article base, OK? It's it's taking abd article base. The reason is we just configured our best profiled like that. Okay, It's not You can also big this location manual is also fine. Hit next. So who's next? Over here? Go with General purpose database. Okay. Here. You can see the global date of his name is or seal. Okay. And this is the name of my pleasurable database. So it's create a container database. Ah, as you can see within this database, so just hit next. Okay, let me check. The ram uses its taking this much. It means please, a little bit. So that performance will be better for this. Okay, cut it to six. He'll 32 simple schema. Let me import some schemers as well. Hit next. So here. You can see that's the location off your database files. Where? In the order data. You will find all your database illiterate files. That the place where If I will be stored. Buffett hit next. We don't want him just heard. Next. I don't want it. Recovery to be enabled. I want the same password rather than typing. So I just type Oracle 123 Article 123 Okay, it next. So here are a few groups they're taking by default. Okay, That would be at what they were there giving. Let me go with that. Only it makes. Okay. It started pretty quick checks. So let's wait for a moment. Okay? So let's hit. Install. So it would take some time. Okay. They saw. As you can see, we came into a place where it asks us to open and terminal in windows, open a terminal and just logging and route. And this copy paste this script. So just you have toe press control a control Z on here opened the terminal. Just log in as root issue minus. And here, too. Article 123 Just based it that you have granted that Head tender. It's done again. It seems you already followed my different different classes. Even the Golden Gate. Even the oh, I am. And all those classes these steps is common where I use eleventy database Trail City database. This other common step in all the data is William Head enter again. Hit, enter and hit. No, we don't want any dress fighting later. That's it. Hit. Okay, Onda, let it continue the installation over here. So, guys, as you can see it, has been installed. So this is all about installation of the database agency. So let's meet in an X class and discuss rest of 13. [Physical Structure of Database]1.Introduction to Physical Storage Structure of Database: Hello, everyone. So from here, actually, the main things will start as a DB. So before moving to the database architectures off 12 C 18 c and all higher versions. The first thing is you have to brush up some basics. Okay? You already aware off basic that I had discuss in the provision where I discuss about the data information database rd vehemence. And there are various topics, right? What did SQL and so on, so off start The next thing that you have to understand the physical story structure are we can say physical fights about the physical files of the database. There are a lot of confusion as a beginner and database administrator. Even if you databases something which we are using in day to day, life would go. We are working in different technology. So Oracle database is a very common use, their services. But I observed in my career there are more than off Ah ah, limit where I found many people have a confusing on Oracle database even though they're using our database. I'm not talking about the database administrator. I'm talking about other technology where the people has using database and maybe it could be enough of basics. And the phone formulation. Level of database. Administrator, Junior administrator would just started their career. They phoned their self as a fresher. They have a lot of confusion in the database. What the actually database? They have a very ah, not They are not even having a clear image. What? The databases today in this session, we will discuss about the physical structure or the physical files in the database, so you will have a definitely 100% here. Picture about the database bite today. Okay, So what is mean by physical storage and physical file? So first you have to understand. At waist level, you see any structure, whatever it is kind of database is nothing but a fight. So you have to understand till now you draw the picture. I tell you, as a beginner, can you draw a picture of database? The people draw like this, But no, you should not do like this is not the database. Okay? I will make you understand why this is not a database. Okay? Why? This is not a picture off database. Actually, this is the picture of data, So database is nothing but Feiss you have to understand. So the very first point I want to highlight here is at waist level. You see any structure or any database structure in the sense I'm talking about, database is nothing worked face nothing but files. So that that the thing you have toe understand? So the same way article database, Okay. In the same with article, it'll be at the waist level is nothing but the collection off fight. OK, so so what? I will tell us what is database forties or do w. So the database is nothing but face okay. From now from today, change your definition in your dictionary. Data base on nothing but face that the thing you have to change. Okay, This picture is not valid for you any more If you want to proceed, okay. You want to make a good foundation as a DB, you have to understand later, based on nothing but fight some physical fight. Okay, which is present over your hard disk. Okay, which is installed somewhere, right? That's cool. Database. So databases, something called collection off fights. There's not a one file. It is multiple file, which we will definitely learn in this section. in this model. So what are the fires? Actually, what are the main files? What? The files. What are the files we call a state of it. So, collectively, there are three men face. Okay? There are three main files. Collectively, you can call it. He is Robbie. So feature collectively Corliss database that you have to understand. Okay, So database means three files combined. Lee military first, I'm not talking like there are only three, but mainly that three are called database. So what are those files? So the very first file is called data file. Okay. Where we have the user data. The real data. Then we have the control fire. Okay. And the 3rd 1 we have the reader locally. Okay, So control file will have the location off other two files. Where is the data file? Where's the really look file? And this redo lock file will have the changes happen in their database. Definitely. Release Custer and identify is the actually, what out of three. Which is the file which have the deteriorate off the database. It's called data fight. Okay, so these combined the three files. Okay, Are card database These three main files responsible to create one database. Okay, There are many other files as well, which play? Ah, important rule. But you should remember these are the three piles. Okay, combined leaders are the backbone of the database. So combined, Lee, these three piles are called Ah, the bag one of the database. And these three while play a very much important role while backup and recovery. Okay, so this is a separate More do. OK, As a database administrator, you have to understand. But for now, you have to understand, while performing backup and recovery, these three files are going to play very much important rule. Okay, while backup and recovery. So with these three piles, you can drink your database happy. Okay, But we also have some other supporting file to run our database. So what are the other supporting file? Their a few supporting files are there. Okay, there are few supporting files are there in orderto run the database. So what are the supporting files? Which we need in order to run the database. So the very first file okay, in order to run the database is called parameter fairly well. These all are separate models. We will learn separate chapters. Okay, Sections of videos, one by one, we will learn. So first is a parameter file. Next one is password file. Okay, So all this stuff's we're discussing about 12 C 18 c and higher wasn't so Okay. Password file. It's then we have something called archive log file. Okay. Archive lock failure archive of you to look file. Then we have something. Date of his back. A fight database, back off files. OK, then we have something very important. Call alert log file. It's for fixing purpose. Okay, on it last. We have something going. Okay. I think numbering has been not correct. Is 5867 So mainly we have nine types off place. Okay? And last, we have something called dress filer down free. Okay. Ls file or dump for? So you have to understand we have these many supporting file in order to make your run your database properly. Okay, but the maser file is this file. And among this data file is a main file which have the user data. So guys eat and everything is a separate chapter. If I were to discuss in one go, it's definitely not going to help you. I want to make them accept, but it and we will discuss each and every thing about those files. So at the end of this mortal, what he will learn, you will understand your database, whatever you were using and we're installing, let's say in the schools were installing the 18 c database. So you will see physically how these airplanes they look like. Okay, physically, what are the pinks combined? Lee, make this 18 seems relation. After intense installation water, the physical things president inside that everything will be clear after their and a slowly we will move towards the logical part. Okay, so right now we're discussing about the physical story structure off that we will discuss about the logical stories how the database logically treated. Right now we're discussing how the data is physically treated. Okay, So, guys, this is a very important Morgan. Okay? I'm just giving the motivation to you guys. What are the things we're going to learn? The other models, the separate topics, each each topic is a separate topic. We're going to learn. Okay, So these things we are going to see in decision, okay? And also ah, before that. Make sure your database you already followed the video on you had installed the database. Okay, but was databases in front of you? It's very easy for you in order to cross verify their stuffs. Okay, There's gonna help you practically so each and every thing. I will discuss the concept and I will show you the pact article as well, which is in every fight, each and every topics each and everything is covered in very much the Okay. So, guys, let's meet in the next class and discuss from the 1st 1 called later, Vice. Thank you. 14. [Physical Structure of Database]2.Continue ..Introduction to Physical Storage...: Hello everyone. Welcome back. So before starting on, going towards the main files. Like I told in the previous session Data files controlled by Landry to look files there are fume important things and stuff we have to discuss. Actually, we have to understand few more basics to so that we will understand the complete flow and why we're going through those fights. Why we need that. So before understanding those, we have a base. We required one base before starting those stops. So indecision. I'm going to give you some base before starting those stuffs. As you remember. As I hope so. This is a continuation of the previous session, you remember. I hope there are three important files I discussed. There are data Feist Okay, there are controlled fais. Okay. And there are something called read Voyles three to lock files. OK, so what is the importance off this files? Okay, what are the importance off this fights, OK, these fights, as I told these, are the important file which collectively we're told us a database and there are other supporting fire, like parameter file, password, file, archive, log file, a large violence on we were discussed, but the question is the question. You can ask his wife way parameter file. Okay, because parameter file, maybe, if you want an experience, db Okay, you know, parameter file is very important for you. And if you are not an experience, db a were fresher and the first time listening this db accords. Then let me tell you. But I meant if I use a very important well, so that because without parameter file you can't started, it appears so why this parameter file is not in the list. That's the question, because the parameter file can be created again. So we actually no need to restore or recover the barometric fight for your backup purpose. So there's the reason I had not included the parameter file over here. So what is the parameter file? That's the optional file, right? I told it's the supporting file, not the main file. So what is the rule of this parameter file before differently, we will discuss the parameter file again as a separate more dude. But before that, let me tell you something about the parameter file. How the database actually starts so parameter file. If you don't have, you will not able to start your database. You have to understand that if you don't have the barometer fight means you will not ableto start your database. That's impossible without the perimeter fight. So, actually, how parameter file plays an important rule toe start the connection. Okay, so let me explain the stuffs again for you. So let's understand this before understanding, you must understand that is two different things in the database. Definitely. We will discuss that at this instance is a separate topic, actually. So Ah, I don't think I need toe discuss this and completed in the two minute. Rather, I will x like put my more time, in an instance, as a separate mortal Also so. But this moment, off time, I have to make you aware. Database and database instance are two different thing. The picture you have seen from your childhood. This one is the picture of database instant nor the database, the picture of databases. This one, the picture of database instances, this one. So what is the instant? Actually, actually, for this moment of time, I will give you their hands to start the database to connect the database or in order to use this files. Actually, using this files or accessing this files means accessing the database. So toe orderto in orderto access this file in order to access the database or simply, we can say, in order to access the data files control file and re lock file. You need something, actually. Okay. You need something who can access derecha Human can't interact with this fight. Okay, this files, you can't interact directly. Actually, rather, you need something who can interact on your behalf. Because reading and writing this file okay from this file, it's not possible for a human being. So there there is someone in the Middle East called database instance. So what does database instance will do it will interact with the fight. Okay. And whatever the operation you perform on this database, actually, you perform with the help of this database. Let's say you want to. There is some tables present in data fight. You want to read there? So you write select star from let's say MP so immediately you write this leg star from m B , but you don't write. It actually didn't go directly to the date of his fights. Okay, You first start your database instance. And in the database Instant, You have some editors. You're right. The commands and equity It will at the end of the day send it via date of his instance Select Star from the MP for male. The result will come out by this and you read that So for this moment of time, I know it's very difficult to digest if you were a new And if you're experience, I know you already know the things, but as a beginner I know is very difficult. But you should understand database instance is something OK is required in order to connect to the database files Means you can't read those date of his files directly. Rather, that's why you need some database instance. Okay, database instances, nothing but process is OK. We will discuss that. Okay, so there are a few processes. Let's say there is a name off a process left Essman. Okay, there are few process like piemonte. So this process is actually will go on your behalf. Okay. When you write slick star from MBI and read their table and written back the result to you Okay. So database instance is nothing but a process is when we place the processes in the memory , which is that I am. OK, so this moment of time you should understand database instance is nothing but a process. Or you can understand database instance for this moment of time only for this moment of time. Hold alone on. You should understand database instance is nothing but something you need in order to interact with the state of ice. Okay, that is called a database date of his face are also called the date of its rate. The database is nothing but a file. So you need something in order to interact to the database. It's called database. Instance. So how that things will happen, how the interaction will happen. Your instance. Okay. The user always connect with the instant user. Never connect with the date of his Derrick. Okay, user access database via this files were instance. Okay, So you have to understand. Let let me Let's say you were a user and this is your database. Instance. So, for what happens in the very first stage, how databases started how database instance means you are having the date of his instance. Okay. So database instances connected to the database means you are connected with a little bit. So how database instance is connected to the database. So in the very first days, in the very first days, what happened? Database Instance First reached the barometer fight. Okay, so the number one operation is performed Database instance actually reached up parameter. If I Okay, there are two types off, right? Your flavors of parameter. If I we will discuss that called sp file and be fight. Okay, so by default, we access be fight sp fi hair. Ok, so these things we will discuss in later on. Okay. So nobody Ah, actually, this lecture is covering all those tropic briefly, but these are these topics are covered separately. Okay, so this moment of time, you should understand database Instant tried toe Read the parameter for when you read the perimeter file. What happens? Two things happens. Okay? You tried to understand when the database instance reads the parameter file immediately. Two things happen in the background. So what are the two things happened immediately? Your lamb. Okay. This is your ram within your ram. Few memories are located. Okay? Few memories are located, so when you actually start database. You write the command. Start off. Okay, So that moment of time, few memories are located. One name off, the memory is called s E. Okay, we will discuss that. And another type off small memory. Is there called Petey? Okay, these things just so definitely we will discuss. Okay. Don't worry, guys. I know you should have patient and at the same moment, off time. Some processes. Okay, Some processes are generated. Okay. When you're did of his instance, read the file immediately. Some background processes are generated. Some background processes are gender. So what happens when you're did of his instance Preach the perimeter file. Word will happen immediately. Two things will happen. What are the two things happened? First thing that will happen is located this year. There's a memories are located, and the third thing is start the background process. Okay, It starts the background process within it. Background process within it. Okay. So database instant immediately start some background processes within it. Okay, So what happens after that? When these things will happen? The next set of stays is so whenever that's the important thing, you don't have the perimeter file. Then that moment off name your instance will not start. Okay, so your instant will start. Actually, you have instance. But this instant is not running this instance. Is it started? Okay. Why? You need instance if you not start the instant how you will connect red database. So first of all, you need an instant, then you have to start the instant. Then you have to connect the instance with the database. So you have the instance in order to start your instant so that it will connect with the database First, you need to start your instant. In order to start your instant, you need to read the parameter file. Okay, So better meter file when your instance will read automatically. It happens. You don't need to do it manually automatically. It will happen immediately in your lamb to memories are located and few background processes are created after that. This means this is the faith that we can see your instant is started Means within the ram. These memory creation and Bagram Process creation is called instance has been instructed. Know what your instance will immediately your instance try to connect with the database. Okay, So what? You're instance will do your instance. Try to read those files. Okay, So the very first file your instance will read is called Control Fight. Okay, so you have to Nordea's off out of 35 The first file your instance will read is called Control files, OK, or control Fight. So, the first control, if I, your instance, will read. So what does control file will hold? Actually, So there are three files I told. That is a control file. And there is a data file. There is a real off. I Okay. And this is a parameter fight. When you're instance, read the parameter file immediately, but I'm inter file after reading the parameter for your instant started, then it go to read the control fight. Why? I need the control file in control file. You have the location of border important voice. Okay, data fights where they're actually days there. And you have ah, really lock file. Okay, so that's why this control file is important. Let's say you deleted the data file from your end from your database, so that moment of time entry will be not there and your control file will say Hey, boss, there is no data, no data files, so I will not able to start the database. Okay, I will not able to open the database. So that moment off time this control file in the very beginning stage will tell you data files are available on one minute's locations are stored. Okay, let's say C drive the drape. Whatever you can say the folder full. But this story over here. Okay. So for first, it will read the control file means when the instance start first to treat the control file and after reading the control files, what happens? It connect to the database. Means reading the control file mean your instances now connected radiator with no. After that, connecting to the database, it doesn't mean your data we started. Okay, database. You just connected. You still need to start the database in order to start the database. Okay, You have to read other file. So it opens the database by opening data files. So in the next days, what it do, it opens the database. Okay, It opens the database by opening date of weights. Data face. Okay, So let me change the color offered, so you will have understanding. Okay, so in the fifth state is open the database by opening the data files and also similar time . It opens the redo log files at the same time it opens the redo log file open sta redux. Lock fails. So, guys, this is how you're you You will get connected. Okay, This is how you will get connected from your data. So this is how you got connected to your database? So that's the general flow off instance connecting to the database so I can see this Is the general floor off instance connecting to a database? Okay, that's the general. So you have to remember all the time, OK, there's a minimum flu. Europe. Understand? So here the perimeter file is the only filed by which the database instance actually starts . Okay, It's background process. Okay, so this is the file. After meeting this file, database instance actually starts his background processes and locate the memory. So, for this moment off time, the actually the funder is the rule is database Instance. Okay. The rule is I'm just telling you instance is nothing but combination off your background processes. Baghran processes bless memory. Bless memory means whenever you're some bad grown processes started running in your ram That moment off time. The This is called instance. Okay, okay. Means we can see instantly. Distracted. Okay, so what? What? I mean to say that Say I ever be him. And here I'm just going to write. Let's say ah, they'd reconnect. Sq will plus assists TV. Let me. Oops SQL Bless. Okay, so just straight to understand. OK, my databases already started, I guess. Let me for certain down. So I heard. Sir, don't my date of this. Let me connect it back. So what? Well, what will happen? Lets them when we write. Start up. Okay, lets this start up. So just try to read the message Over here. You will understand littered stock. So head you can see you do before the double for Okay, These many and you can see databases first mounted. It's still not opened, right? Still not opened. Okay. And this is all about the instance. Okay, you are not still connected with the data files. OK, now, databases open what is mean, But it is a straight to read this message. You will understand first, when you write startup, you your instance will start this. This instance will start while letting the start of what this instant will do. Why this moment off time? The database was mounted before that. The instance was actually reading this SPF island P file after writing startup I instances creator. And immediately it was started reading the PIF I or S P file Miss parameters immediately after reading some bag room processes and some memory location has been happened. And this name, it's called Database. Okay, you're you're instances started and immediately Instances reading the control file means instances connected with the database. So that's called date of its mounted. Okay. Still hear your instance is connected with the database? No. After that instance has to open the date of it straight after mounting it helped open the database. Minces have to make this fight's of label to read by all other users. Night. Right now you are assists user. Okay, you are admin user. But what about that that uses for them? You have to open the database. So for that moment of time, it have to read the data fights. OK, so that's why is taking some time, okay. And after that, it opened. So database actually open in various stages. This is again on different topic. Guys this have to discuss one by one. But for this moment off time, I actually I don't want to skip anything this moment of time. I have to give you a brief overview How the instance will start. Okay, so the numbers do the start up, your instant will be created when instance will be created and immediately some memory will be located. Some process will be started. Okay, by leading SP Fi And what happens when it read the first time? The control file. It's got the mounted stays. It's got amounted. And after that before mounted, still open in the middle. It's actually read the data files and in the control failure guard the location of the data files it read. It's greeted there and read that and their name Databases open like this. So this is all this database is open. So this floor you have to understand before going through all those fights. So that's why I say, Ah, this flu is important, as I told, because this is the only flaw which is having all these three files and the parameter file included because it's have the whole cycle. Okay. There swear called the whole instance flow so that this is the important thing. So just I just recommend first, understand each and everything. OK, At least at the higher level as the upper level. Okay, then only just pursuit towards the fight. Okay. Still, if you don't understand the completely guys, these all are a separate topic. Okay? Where I will discuss in incomplete. Okay. And everything will be discussed completely. So don't worry. Just meat me in the next topic called control face. Okay, so let's meet in the next topic. Control face. 15. [Physical Structure of Database]3.Control Files part 1: Hello, everyone. Welcome back. So today I am very much excited to start all those three important files of the very first file which we will discuss today is controlled by Okay, so let's start discussing the control file. It's a very important for you guys. Okay? And there could be, at least okay, the minimum number of control file required is one. Okay, So you must have at least control file in your database to run the database. Okay, I will discuss this number. Ah, where when we proceed towards the discussion. So let's start that. So, what this control for you will have? Okay, so this control file will have a lot of things like name off the database s idea of the database version of the database, file, location and so many things. Okay, so first of all, let me tell you very important thing where this control file actually recite. So what is the locations off this control? So most of the time you will find your control file will be in apple ical lifts The worst deal. Is the name off my database? Okay. S I d and like this control zero much since you are following my video. So I hope in your system, this location will be created. If you already have your own database, then you have too many people Eat. You have to understand. Tell Oracle Air the name of your database and there will be the control file. So that's why if you're not following this video properly, guys, I'm recommending Just invest too little time and just install the database so that you will be with me otherwise that things will be critical if you are in order. Experience. Db. Okay, so this is the location there. You will find your control file. So what? This control file? Well, okay, so first of all, let me show you. Ah, this control file before any discussion, So you will have a better understanding. So let me show you over here. Let me as a sense here that you can see my databases already start. Let me clear this screen and let me do one thing. Let me show you. Where is the control file? So, in order to check the control file, there are various way to check that. Okay. First this select name from Okay, that is Ah, something of you called Fi Dollar Control Free the dollar control fight. So hair you can see in my system I am having to control Vice. Okay, there are other ways to check that. Okay, Like you can check like Super a meter. But I'm eating controlled by control if I Okay, so this way also, you can check. So there are various way to check the control fights. OK, so what are the ways actually to check the control file in order to check the control file ? Is there or not? The very common thing which we you'll generally is select V dollar control file. Okay, so from the video your control file view, we actually find the control for location. So by default right now, you can see I have the to control fight. Okay. You can see I have a to control file in this location is called Control 01 dot city and on control, zero to brexiteers. So the control file is represented with something called CTL. So right now I have to control files. Okay. I have two controls files. This is the one control file, and there is another control file. So what is the Newman Creature. The first control file is this, and the second control file is zero to zero to rootsy deal. As you can see, we have this Great. Okay, so we have this control for let me show you what the contents are. President. Within this control, let me open a terminal and hair in their terminal. What I will do, I will simply call people is the location. And I will show you what other contents there simply copied. Open a terminal and in the terminal. Just type got and based it. So we're going to see that. Okay, so just her gender. As you can see, these are the contents off control failed, as you can see. So the control file is almost binary file on. You can see there are many things you can't read But there are most of the things president here I will show. Okay, So what does the things present in the control violated Open. Okay, so in the meanwhile, I will explain What are the things 24 present in the control fight. So let's say if this is the control filer to see one, they're so this is the first printable files. So what could be whatever the kind of things could be present in this control file? Very first thing, which present in this country for you is the name of the database. So database name equals war seal for my case. My database name is we're still I will show you where it is present. The second thing could be president and I told locations. Okay. Locations, ovary to look for it. Let's say the location of redo log files. You 01 as I know you. 01 app oracle. And there is something called or a writer in the order that we have something. My databases were seal. And there we have, Let's say reason 003 start lock. Okay. Same way. We have other redo lock files. Okay. Leg 00 to so in my system, I have 32 locks, while I will definitely show you ways. Okay. Also, we have some data fight. So in my system, I have few data files. Also also, you 01 Yeah, particle. These things I will show you that's already present in the control file. So right now I'm writing it here. So you will have a better view. So users Syria Wonder Database pile. Okay, so this is the extension. Actually, we use for the database file. Okay, So let me change the color. Okay, Let's see. Let me Jane this color as well. So there is second file. Let's say after user fight, we have something called under table space. Okay, so I knew table space by before. These are something called a number is given 01 for all the files. OK, again, we have let me copy this one. Oh, there is some other files, like system file system. Okay, 01 That's also date of this fight. Okay, actually, whatever the name of the database file, each database file is associated with a table space, so users 01 associated with the user table space. These things we will discuss right now don't focus that system. So the system has happened in their socks 01 as I remember. And there is something called after See socks. We have temporary the M 01 for that. Okay, Like this also, you have some other kind of country like 2019. You will have some date like that. Okay? Like this kind of date will be there like this. Okay, which will Ah, let's talk about the backup and recovery checkpoints. Okay, So all those whenever we create the database, all those stuffs are there. Okay, so these kind of things also you will find So let me show you the control file, so you will have understanding us. So here is the control file. Okay, Let me in Large it for you And let's go one by one. Okay, so let me open it from here. This control file actually started. As you can see, there are so many things here. OK, But you have to distinguish from here only. So let me go. Up. Up? Yes, Heavier. So here you can see Here is the our seal. Is the name off my database? Okay, kiss Gordon. If you were down. Most of the things are hidden. As you can see, there are relocation. Redo the Roman real zero to as I told, control file will have the location off your you do fights. Okay. Sorry. It had the location of your database file Legacy database, system database, temporary database. So all the database fights location. Okay, So all the rate of is different. Different database. File A written few, but there are more did of his face. So these database Feist locations are also present here in this control file. Okay, some back of five locations are there. Okay, if you just come down these a table space names, As you can see, these are some table space names are there good? Own. Okay. Again, the center table space database locations. Okay, So Okay, so the these air few information, right? So these kind of informations guys, you will find okay in your database control fight. So as I told so now it's good time to explain what this control file will do because rather explaining the theory better let me show you the practical. Then start explaining the theory. So the first thing control files are found in a place called Okay, it's called article base. Okay. Which is under Oracle, Apple rectal and in the wreck. Always here in the war seal foolery will find the country will fight. Okay, that's the one thing. So what are the things your control file will give you? The very first thing the control file will give you is the name off your database. Okay, so database name. Now from here, let me explain each and everything. What else? The control file will explain. The control file is going to give you something called locations. Right. So locations off her redo logs if you do logs. Okay. And date of weights did awaits. So these things you're controlled by going to give you so you do locks and data files. Locations will be given to you by the control fight. Okay. Also, you will have some time stamp up database creation. Okay? You may have some our time stamp when the database is created. So you may have something called name, stem name. Stem off database creation. Okay. You may have your time stem. You may have something sometimes checkpoint information, checkpoint information. And there are a number of things case. Okay, this any number of things will be given to you. Okay. Okay. Version of the database and the more of things. So database information will hold by this control volume. But the most important information the controls oil holds the location on 32 look files and your data files. There's the important thing. You should under So I think today off or destroyed eight. This introduction of the control file is fine, but still, control file is not over yet. We have to discuss various thing in the control files. So what? I will, um, planning to take on more recession on the control fails to explain. Like there are various things. Okay, letter and number of question could be asked. Okay. Like why we're referring. Control files, OK, Why? I'm referring Control face sometimes. Okay. Why? We're not referring control fight because there are more than one number control violence possible, OK? And definitely you should have more number off control fighting your system, these kind of things we will discuss on while doing the backup. Okay. Ah, all those time control files are playing a very important also. Like why? Control files are very much important for starting the database. Okay, so these things we will discuss, Okay, We already heard the base on it, but we will discuss it again back in the next class, and we will conclude this control filed topic and moved towards the next. Fine. So they let me in the next class 16. [Physical Structure of Database]4.Control Files Part 2: Hello, everyone. Welcome back. So in previous station, we just gone through some basics. Information off the control file. I hope you remember. What is the location of the control file? Okay, where is the control file? Ah, water. The contents of the control file. So the main to contents off the control Violet is holding the name of the database version of the database aside, Leaf. And the most important thing to file locations the main data file location. Not today. We will discuss the rest of the thing. So the thing is on the point which I want to discuss today is what happens when you take the arm and back up. There is something called arm in, which definitely we will learn. That is called. This is a utility. Okay, So, recovery manager, this is a utility. We will learn it. So what happens when you take the Ottoman backup? The backup information. Ok, where the back of has been taken when the backup has been taken. All those informations are also strolled in the control file so we can see win. You take Ottoman backup. Okay. Arman is a utility using that you can just take the back off her data is the way you have your android point, right? So you take that there are a few utilities and soft tissue around it from the play store and take the back off appear phone before for mating. Okay. And maybe tomorrow something happening restored. Using those backup files the same way there is arm and soft. Where are utility inside? The database is coming. Using that, you can just take the backup. So when you take the arm and back up the back off information, actually okay. The backup information actually stored. Okay, Mince what kind of backup information? My question is what could be the back off information? The backup information in the sense it could be like when? Where the back of husbanding where the back of husband taken has been taken. Were you taken the backup? Which drive? Which files? What kindof backup It is when the backup husband taken. Okay, When the back of has been taken, we copy paste rather than typing this. So when the backup has been taken. So these kind off informations are present in the control fights. OK, so we can say all these informations all these informations informations, uh, also present in control file. So that is you can't lose your control face right? Because if you lose control files means you're never able toe contact your database because until your system your instance will not read the control pile, it will not able to open the date of it. That's why it's very, very important to understand why this control FISA important know very much important thing is why I'm referring control files rather than the control fight. You have to understand it. What I want to say is there could be a possibility where you can have a single control file running on the database. It's also possible you may have a single country file also allow you don't actually have in the production. One control for you have, ah, multiple control file, and that concept is called multiplexing multiplexing. You have to understand multiplexing is a very much important conserved when it's we're talking about their data basis because you can't hold one control file you can trust on your one control fight. What happens in multiplexing means having the same coffee of control file in different drives. Let's say you have let's say disc one in their disc one you restore this control for Let's say the name of this control file. Let's say the name off this control file is controlled 01 dot cd and let's say the name off this control file. Second control file is controlled. CTL zero to control zero to Darcy. Deal. Okay, so what you did you store this in a separate hard disk? Used to do this in a separate hard disk, and it's a copy off there. So what will happen tomorrow? Okay. So means actually the both fold us. Ok, means that this boat files are mounted on two different. That's what happens the first hard discard grasp. Okay, First heart does good class. So when you replace the first hard disk, Okay. In the meanwhile, what you can do after replacement, you can easily copy the second control file toe the first hard disk, okay. And cop after copying it, what you will do, you will simply rename it so your database will easily start. So that's why we do multiplexing in priority environment. You have to understand. Okay. In project environment, we don't have one control file. Whether we try to have same copy of the control file in various locations at one location. God Crest. We will immediately recover it, using other locations we could at the same time. My people location can't class. Generally it not happens. So that's where multiplexing is very important in case off control file. So that's why you should always it's a very good practice. Tohave multiplexing off control files miss having won control file in various locations on various hard disk. The next important question is why control files are very much important while you start the database. So already we have a brief discussion. But let me again discuss it so well, you haven't understanding. Okay, so let's see you have a date of his instance. We already know just I will take you in the previous classes. I explain the floor, right? I hope you remember when I explained the general love instance connecting to the database, the first tape was read. The parameter file second step was located. There's your third staple. Stayed the bag, start the background process, and the four stage waas relieved the control fight. Okay, so if you don't have just go to the previous class android and so that he will have to understand. So from the fourth step, let me start here. Okay, So what happens in the fourth step? What happens your instance? Try to read the control files, right. As you already know in the fourth step, what happens? Your instance? Try to read the control. By okay. Means this stays is called Mount Stage, as I already sown in the practical rate Mount stages. Okay, We will also discuss it briefly in upcoming classes. So this is called Mount ST. So in the mountain stage, your instance. Actually, databases still not open it. Read it. Read the control file and from the control file. Actually, it founds the location. So from here, it actually finds the locations off your data, Faisal. So when they instance, read the control file at the moment stays Mount ST is nothing but just before state of the open state. So using this fight, okay, it actually ensures that other two important date of its fights, which is called data files and really look files are presenting the hard disk and we're its present. At the end of the day, The mean two fights where all the database data recites that. Actually, data files and redo. Look twice. Okay. Where all the datas are there. Okay. And most important, straight away. So the control file has the data about this two files, right? This control file, I already shown the country, right. It has a data about with where this Peiser present. Okay. And this fight okay, this file contained this redo lock file. Or let's say this data file contains the data about the user and the data about this. Really? Look, file is in control file, so we can say we can say means we can say control. Fire destroyed the data about this. Two fires men control for the store data about the data. FIEs okay, means a store. Meta data about the data face means where the data files are present. Okay, this to date of Pfizer present, that's data destroyed in the control file in moderator. Moderator off this to database ways. Okay, so that's why this file is very much important. And one more thing you have to understand. Okay, This is the one diagram You have to understand. What happens is Ah, this is the one diagram the underdog Grammys. There is always a parameter for you. Okay, so the first thing is it always read the barometer file. After reading the barometer filers incentives started. And then only then only it go to the control file. And then after that, you go to the despoil. So if I will ask you to draw the floor diagram of FISA first parameter files are red, then control files a red, then data files and redo lock Faisal rate. Apparently so. That is very important, guys, you have to understand. So this is all about the Param. Ah, uh, general face. Okay, Control file are having an extension called or city and okay, by using that, even understand? On also, we had seen the various stuffs in the control file. Okay, so this basics is clear about dependable, vital for us. So on the next class onward, fever discuss about the first thing is database file, which have this extends and dvf and these other locations. Okay, so there we will discuss because these are the files which have the air here data that real user data. Okay. And these are the fight which have the changes happen to the data as we were discussed. Those don't ready and each and everything. So let me conclude this session over there and let's meet in the next class. 17. [Physical Structure of Database]5.Data files Part 1: Hello, everyone. Welcome back. So today we will discuss about data file. So before starting the data fights, let me tell you what is. Their default location is for your data file. So generally it's again and the article base, it's a U 01 article for a data. What I did and within the order data we have or seal. And there are a number of files. Okay, there. So I'm putting start RTBF. Okay, so these are the data Vice president. So how you will get this data files. So in order to get the data files again, we have some views. So we have to run something called Select Star from or select. Sorry. Name from the dollar again. The control five. We have little control for here. We have the dollar data. Okay, so we dollar. So you have tow run this and you will get the location. Okay, so let me show you the date off location. Quickly. Cool planet. Okay, so now nor Data one go to the database. Okay. Fleer acea. And here just I'm going to run Cilic name from $3. Did you? So you play will hit it. You will see all the data file locations. These are the data file location. As I mentioned, most of the data flies are present in war seal and some of our present directly in war seal and somewhere present under some folders like Ah PDB seed. Okay. And article PDB. Like under that fewer prison, you can also ah, query it using that other method like select star from dbn disco data file. Okay, so there's also one way to query that you will see you will get Ah Datafile location using that doors and out of showing in the proper Everybody up. You can do that. Also, that is one more way. Me Just clear the screen. Tear acea two straight again from the debate off first, I'm just fitting few things. So from the previous output, I'm just going to fetch few things, So I will write, select. I'm just going to fetch first file name. Okay, then I just want table space table space name I want and I won't status as well. Okay. From D B in the score. Dbn discourse, data underscore place. So if I will hit that Okay, it's stable space name. So I have to rectify this. Let me a copy on rectify eight. Let me open a note bed. Not bad. Let me based it and let me make it. Name. Name? Okay, let me close. This based it away A tender. So you will see it will show you a few details to collect me. Clear. Uh, make this screen bigger, so clear ACEA So if I will hit the Kuwaiti back for you, you will see there is output. Okay, so these air some locations. Okay? Again. The same thing, The same kind of hope What we are able to see. Okay, also, you can ah do like various thing. Like I want to check the data file sites. Okay, so what is this current file size I'm using also? That's also possible. Okay, so how we will do that again? Same creditable run Celik. But this time on the table. Space name table space name. Okay, let me I already have the Kuwaiti Let me baster, so you can see right now these are my database files and these are the table space. OK, we told you so. This data, if I used 0.8 CB this data file you zero point to this data file Zero points. I mean, this difference zero point this. Okay? Also, I can show you with another query. There are other queries as well. Yeah. Okay. So you can see. So these are my data fights, okay? And these are the space. Okay, which is used OK, which is the used way. This data files and these air the free spaces in the G B. Okay, as you can see, so you can use and number of queries and command. Okay, So what are the qualities we can use in order to fetch the data base files you can right? Like that are few queries. Okay, so this is the way you can just get the date of my location. Other queries also shone like the radiator face. And if you want to select the size that is acquitted called select, you have to write tables based name better. Let me copy paste. I already have this with me. So this is something which you have to type. Okay. As you can see selectable space name and some in the G b. And this will give you somewhat So what kind of output Actually, it will give. It will give you some output in the form of a table. MENSA let me draw some table. So actually, at the end of the day, we will get some this kind of hope put. Okay, So this output, you have to understand, you will get something called table space name. Okay, you will get some table space. Name. Okay. You will get some filing. Okay. You will get some filing, and after that you will get some size. Okay. You will get some size in G B. Sage of data. Faith. So you really get them. Saves societies off data phase. So before starting Ah, these topics, my concern is I have to show you these things so that you will understand otherwise. The things I found the people find difficult in the very first to go, So they defy his name. Ah, table space name filename. Okay. And so is a very different. So Okay, so these are the fuel things slip me and Elena Manderlay knit man. Delaney. Okay, so this kind of output we will get Okay, just let me show you. Okay? So definitely in this one, you will not get the filing, but for you, I just adding this. So you I actually, my concern is not that quitting. My concern is I just want to show you what kindof output generally we get. Okay, what kind off database db I didn't have to quit. Okay, so you have various table spaces like users for users. You have a user's. Okay, Let me removed under lane users. Okay, then. User have user table space is somewhere, right? So it's let let's say it's somewhere like user one apple ical, which is called based location order later. War seal on Here we have let the user 01 Right. So let's say we have User Sierra $1 database for you. Okay, let's say the size for this is zero point, as I just seen it was 0.4 GB. Okay, so 0.4 GB Similarly, you have other. Another things. Okay, like you have something called under table space on blue table space. Okay? And it also have the same location. But rather than this you have to mention here. Ah, the filing. As I know. Table space 01 dot db f. Okay, on for undue right now. In this moment, I have, say, 0.29 g b. So you will also have the same size because you are following the same set off videos. Okay, after that, I have something called system. The storm also have same same kind off location, Rather hair. Also, you just need to put something called system $01 database for alerts. The location, this kind of output we will get from the query. That's my concern here. A 0.83 TV. So what I want to highlight, But you should understand what I want to highlight from this table to you. The straight to understand. Next, we have six socks. I think Ox Eagle in the DVF and the say's is I don't 0.55 TB. Okay, so? So from this table, I want to highlight. Like you have various data files and East data files is having some space. You can see. This system is the biggest date of highlight. See, Socks is the second again. We have user data. Highlight. Now we have no user in our database schema. That's why very less peso database files. OK, is present in this location. Okay, you can query this and you can see the size. But the thing is, the point is what this database file will have. Actually, that's the important thing. So this state of its files are actual fights with contains the user that that that is the point I wanted to highlight. That's why I shown you these many things. So it's means these are I can see these are the actual face actual files which contains the user data. Which constant, which contains the user data, actually. OK, what they mean by user data? Use a leader in the sense Amy. Data saved by the user is saved under their top plays. And it also still store actually, data busy related data means it also store it also stores database related daytime in space tables based tables are something we're databases related data restroom. So what is based table means these other table, which is stored data about the database. Okay, means number of table president. OK, in your database. Number of table spaces, number off users. Okay, Numbers off data files like these kind of things are having hold by based table. So example of base table is example is DB underscored users db underscore users. So these db underscore users are means this base table. Okay, this dbn disco users their table which is present in the tough I let me show you how this debate underscored use that looked like Let me open my SQL developer. Okay, so I already have Let's a select star from DB in the school user Select star from deep in the school uses If I will run this query if I will hurt this query they're sweet See? So this db understood user actually let me open. So here is their table Let it open completely So as you can see this db underscored table the 1,000,000,000 disco user stable Have see all the tables. Okay, What other tables? How many tables are they're all entries are President over here? You can see these many tables or entries are present in your system so everything is present in the B in the school table. Ok, okay. So let me minimize this one. So this this data file also hold not only the user data means Let's say there is a table. The stable name is Let's say Ah, table one Or let's say my table image E m B table in the MP table. We have the user data and there is a something called DB underscored table. This table holds all the table name. Okay. Like MBI is president Over here. Let's say there is a table called table one. So the stable one build represent as entry over here So that you will understand how many tables are president in your database from this table. So these all the tables, plus their data about the tables, Miss Miss Moderator table is also president as a part off this ah database. Okay. As a part of this state of ice, this data files also hold this both. So there are ah, these things and how you know how to identify this. This is an example off base table, there are various based table. All the base tables start with either V dollar views. Okay, Or it will start with debian. Underscores views. So this way you can actually understand, Like hair dbn, discord, users. So these this way you can understand this is MENSA based table. So all based, they will actually start like this. So let me. Ah, come to the point. There are various ways stables case. There are various based tables, like let me give you some examples as well, so that you will have a better clarity's was a base table. Example. Could be every dollar database B dollar database. An example of the based table. Then we can say we dollar table space is an example of base table again, we have something gold re dollar data file. Okay, re dollar control file. With these things we've seen right control file again. We have We will see in the next class free dollar log file. Okay, then we will see something called $3 session again. We have something called ah re dollar processes every dollar processes. So the thing is, there could be any number off views. Okay? Means thes all our example or base tables because you can see it started with the dollar and have some ah, name. Okay, it's have some view name. So the database is the name of you. Table space is the name of you. So this way you can identify, So Okay, so the point is the point of discussion is the data file having the actual later means. Whatever table you put the data, all the data, everything. Is this presenting data files? Okay. It's all the rate of it. You're insert in a table, OK? You update, delete all lose it. Everything. Actually, that's the real later. Okay. Means all that. It is indeed a friend. So that's actually database files. Okay, I will give you the right. I will give it to the rank. One means there's a data file, which is the actual later miss Miss out of the all later was. Well, this is the file, which really later. Okay, so this is this is all about the date of this file. Okay, there's data files, but still, this is not completed. There are a lot of things we have to discuss in the data fights. Okay. Ah, still, it will take, I think, either to three classes to complete understanding the state of weight. So in decision I just covered What are the topics we covered? Data files are the files where we have the real user data. OK, these it off. I'll have accidents. And r db Fok. This these questions will Ah, helping certification exams. And also, there are multiple types of data. Files each file, have some size. Okay, Okay. In future, you can increase the database files number and their size. Also, that's also possible. First thing we were discussing upcoming classes. Ondas data files. Okay, this data file store all the data of the user. Also, the datable data base tables. Ok, Example off one based table. I've taken deviant the school users. So this is one example off the base table. So these things we had discussed So, guys, let's meet in the next class and discuss race of the things 18. [Physical Structure of Database]6.Data Files Part 2: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the continuation of data fais. So in the previous session, we discuss about water their data files. Okay. Various with types of data. Fights present their size on their locations, right? No, what we will discuss today. Today we're going toe, understand? A very important thing is, you know, actually, logically Orrico, Studer Data and logical units. Oh, okay. Off database called table space and again, table space is nothing but the combination off physically, if we can say is a combination off physical data files and data files again. A combination of tables. If you don't understand, let me make you understand what happens Physically. I can say databases. Nothing but collection off files, right? This thing is clear for everyone. Perfect. No, logically, what is their toes? Physically, that is dear. What is logically, that database? Logically, the database is nothing, but is a collection off some table species? Okay, let's say you have a table space. Let's say you have a table. Space table, Space one. Okay. You created one table Space table space one. You created one second table space left the table space to like this. So it's nothing, but it's a collection off some table spaces. Okay. Means you can see physically. Database means some files, right? Logically did. I was mean some table spaces. Means we can say data fights. Okay, Physically, database means we're seeing some data files logically were saying some table spaces. Okay. Means we can say table space is equivalent to the reader files means whatever the data in table space are physically present in the benefits. So there could be some default table spaces as well. There could be a few default table spaces. Ah, let's say let me put the colors. We will ever understand alerts that this is one default table space. Okay, so this is when the four table space, you could have few default table spaces there. Say, here you have one table space. Here. You have some tables. So these are some table space, which is skater by default. When you install the database and few table space, you will create example of somebody for table spaces. Let their system system table space. OK, there should be some other Laker you have. See socks, sisak, stable space against his socks. You have some other table spaces like them. Okay, you have some other different table spaces, like undo. You have some other table spaces, like users. Okay, so these way you have more people default table space, and also you can create your own table space. So what this stable space will have This is actually this is a separate, more do level. Definitely discuss. The complete thing is a model, but this more do I'm discussing in the brief. Okay, so this table space is nothing but physically we can say what this within the stable space , we have some data, right? We have some tables within this. We have some tables. Okay, Be a few tables. Okay. So within their table space. Okay, logically, we can say we have some tables. Okay. And what? The stables will have this tables will have some date. Right? So we're storing the data in your tables. Okay. At the end of the day, users through the tender tables, table space is nothing but the collection off tables. Okay. A few tables can belong to table spaceman. Few tables. Let's say ah, this is let's say, employee table. It could belong to table space to like this. Okay. And physically, physically we can say the stable one. Okay, this stable too. Okay. Lets it also can hold views. Okay. The stable space also can hold views. So this table one this table toe. Okay, this view, one view toe, everything physically could present in file. Okay, that is called late if I So let's say data file one. We have something called data for you on this data file one holds, Let's say this is called table one. Table one is present in the stable space. Table two is present in this stable space. So we can say this Table one and table toe. Okay, the stable one. Okay, the stable one. This table two, logically there. Present inside table space and physically there present. The stable space is nothing but a data file. These are present in some data files, which is some Z. Some gigabyte of data file, right? You just seem OK, so these are some gigabyte of data files. So there these things are present. OK, so these are present in some data files. Let's say present in debt off everyone okay. Same with we have left the table space. Ah, table space. To which app table three, Table four and the stable three. Table four could be present in some other data files. Okay. Some other data files, right? So the thing is usually and this there What? What? The point I want to highlight Head is logically Oracle store data. Okay, in table spaces. Okay, the units are table spaces and physically. OK, Logically, you can see table one, which is nothing but a data, right. This data is president or table spirit, but physically you can see it is present in a data files. So you can say logically. Oracle stores the data and logical unit of database called Table Space. But physically it store data. Something called in data fais. Okay. And data files means war de devices having the tables right, And against on that same way table space, which is a logical way. It's also having some tables but within their table. What is the possibility? What the table will hold if I will draw the stable. So what? This table will happen again? This table have some data, right? Internally. If I will explain like they will have some data, hair, hair, some rules. OK? Some datas are here, right So here the table. Have some data's. Okay, so every table have some data. Every day. We'll have some data. Okay, let's say this table is having a lot of data inside that stable, having learned of data in each and every row. So here's a concept is coming. That concept is called data block. Okay. Means this lets a few rows combined. Lee can called as data block. Okay, Later, block. So data block is nothing but collection off one our moral. So let's say this is a data block one. Okay, let's say this one let me change the color. So let's say this Is that a block to let's say this is data block to their services. Data block to Okay, so this is Dr Blocked. So you have to understand data block is worth okay. Again. Table have some small units that units are data block. Okay. There's a very common term because the data block is nothing but a collection off. These are a separate chapter, but I'm just giving when an overview beginning also. So collection off one or more? A little. Okay, collection off one or more role. Okay, it's called. So you can see. No, just try to understand. You can see table space ordered a filer. Same thing. Table space is something we call logically data files for something called the same thing as physically. OK, but data files can have more than one table specials. This data table space could be the part off this. Okay, that's also possible. Okay, Means let's a data file one also possible can hold their stable space. So whatever the logical structure, at the end of the day, they presenting some physical filer called later fights. Okay, No data are present in the form of tables. Again. The tables hold of the data in the form off data block. Okay, so let's say this is a one big table. It's a combination of two data block after block one data block to and each data block by default. Oracle as part Oracle policy is eight kilobyte. So each data block is off eight kilobytes, so that that's by default. Sighs. Okay, so, ease. Data block is eight kilobytes, so we will definitely discuss each thing in brother waving will in that logical structure to our model right now. We're not there right now. What is the intention Intentional Discussed this much A big thing. The intention is I just want to explain Logically data are restored in the table space. But physically did are the same data logically from the picture it strewn. It's stored somewhere in the table. Let's say here, your days here in this table is logically the order days and somewhere in the table space. Okay, but physically your data is not in table space is nothing something you can touch? Not something which is stored. Okay, not something you can Ah extraordinaire. See, Dre birdied right like that. Okay, let's have it all stored in data fights. OK, so logically we have ah, table space. Physically you have beautiful. That's the point they want to discuss and tables can again have a further units. Those units are called data block. Okay, now the next question is next question is, can you increase the size off table space? Just tell me, Can you increase the size of tables? Yes. You can increase if you want to increase the size of the table space. Let's see. Ah, you have ah total six table spaces. There is no other way to put new table space because logically, it's called table space. This space, but physical. It's storing some data files. Right? So you just need to add some extra data files. Right now you have let city data files. Just add one more date. If I means you have more space. Means you can again put 34 table spaces in this data file. So what is this is a common baby interview question. Can you increase the size of a table? Space es. We can increase by adding that data fight. Okay. And generally how you add the date of oil. Okay, this is not ah, the topic of discussion by today, but still, let me tell you, there is something all Turk amount. Okay, So ultra table spaces the way. Okay. Using older table space. Okay, lets a table space name. Let's say DBS one. You can add a data file. So in this data file, you can I'd like that if I and you can give the pot. Okay, let's say some, but you have to mention where you want to add this. The devil and some size. Okay, lets it enemy. Okay, so this way, actually, you can create your own table. Space means you can increase. You can add data files. OK, Okay. This way. Also, you can resize the date of filing later. Time lords, if required, you can resize so you can alter the database. Okay, older database. It's a data file. You want to resize rate, so data file. And here you need to mention the location. Okay, off your data file the location off the data file. And also after that, you have tow use something called Recess. And let's I mean, make it tend to be like this. So this way you can resize your data by, ah, data files as well. So these are a few things which is not a piece of cake right now, But you should know At least that is another important question. Can really data files in a start moment. More still, we didn't discuss about the various more, but still in the diagram one. Ah, in the lab I shown you when the database start first is go to the mountain more than it would open more. And there I told in start up, Mount more. You can on Leigh. Read the perimeter file and control. If I not the data fights. Why? Because the database is not yet open. When the data base goes to the open more then only you can read the date of its failed. Okay, So you should understand Start up Mount Mort is a very important more. Why? It's important, actually in this more actually, you recover your data files because let's say you are datable files you can't read in the start of movement. All you can read the control phailin parameter file because these are the part of the real database data files entry to lock points. You can't read the ventilator within. Don't open so perfect. No, right. If you are in Mount more, none of the user Very statute. None of the user will insert. Let's say data. None of the user can modify this datable because these databases no tear it open. So here you can recover the data, miss. Right. You can take the backup. You can replace the thing. So all devi activity you can perform there. Okay, So that's why we can say this more Disuse went Datafile Recoveries required. So we can't read the data fights and start up moment more. Okay, on that is one common question. Ah, an interview. I'm just discussing as we're about to finish their topic when common question is have destroyed wouldn't listen me. How do you control the number of data files in a record database? Okay. How do you control the number of data file in a record database? So there is a parameter rgb underscore files using this parameter. Actually, you can control the number of it away. So these are a few questions, guys. Okay, so right now we're not. Ah, giving were not in a position toe Greg Lynn tribute. But at least I'm just giving some brief things and these things will keep on coming in front off. So don't worry, okay? Don't worry about this. Just worry about the things for today in this session is there is a table space table space is something logical. Physically, you can have a data files where you can put more deeper table space, okay. Or one table space. Okay. In the stable space. Have their table logically for physically the stables and store the physical. This data on a store interdict office that the basic understanding you have an east table having multiple ruse combination off. One or more rules are called later blocks. OK, so a record deal. The least unit. It's called Data Block. Okay, so here data are stored in the data blocks. So this is a part off logical discussion. Okay, Logical model. Not in the physical model. I'm supposed to discuss this, so we will discuss. Definitely. So, guys, this is all about Thank you so much. Let's meet in the next topic Credo place. 19. [Physical Structure of Database]7.Redo Log files Part 1: Hello, everyone. Welcome back. So we're going to start a discussion on redo log files. Still, we had not discussed completely the architecture off your oracle database. Okay? Because some trainer start with the Oracle architecture. Then they goes to file by file. But I started in the reverse manner. I start to discuss each and every component. Then I will go to the architecture. Then you will understand it better, because at the end of the day, if you go for a DB interview, the people will not ask each component. Rather, they ask you to draw the architecture in the architecture. They will understand. What is your understanding on each component? So that's why before that I'm explaining the component. Then I will go to the architecture for short. So still, we had not covered architecture. But let me try to explain the redo lock files based on some architectural knowledge. So it's very easy. Actually, in the previous session, as a told whenever you're instance is created. Okay, instances work whenever instance is created means when you hit the start off, what happens? It immediately create an instance and that instant read the parameter file. And after reading the barometer file. What happens in SD or RAM? A few things happen, I told some memory. Good allocated and some process God created. So let's go in that 80 of discussion. So what happens in the ram that moment off time? There is an area called before cash, and there is an area that's a memory area called redo Log. Before what happens, let's say you hit. Let's say you're instances already started and connected. And let's say in the database you run a query letter inserted. Statement. Let's the insert table. Let's the employees and you inserted some room. Okay, You after that lets you updated some room. There's the operator salary. So what happens? All the data, all the later which you operate on the database means database. Miss work. Okay, this is the data file in the data files. Whatever the changes the user will do, their changes will go and replicate here. Right? These things, it will do with the help off. Something called your instance. Instance. Mill in intense me. Nothing but a memory and processes. Okay, So what happens? What happens? Let's say you run any query lets you rent update, query so this term updated in the this things need to be updated in their data files. Let's you and update query. What happens for the fast performance Oracle don't allow you radically read and write the things in their data files. Rather, the same data for you copy will be available in the RAM in the former before cash. So before Cassie is nothing but that data file replica. OK, so whatever the things, let's say you're on a quick let's say select star from E M. P. MP data is not there. So what will happen at this moment of time? MP table is not there in before Cassie. It will X call buffer mish. OK, it's cool cash, miss. So before Cassie will go there and read the MP table and copy and paste the immutable over here so that users have frenetically user can directly interact with the before Casey. He don't need to go there because if you directly lead and right from the your files directly or files, which is called I O. Okay, I already do right. That's very costly, and it affects a lot of performance. Rather, you will read and write from the buffer caches very faster. So that moment of time you want all the data should be here. Okay, Most of the data. So what happens whenever you stuck? Okay. Whenever you start the database and lets it for the first time you hit select start from E M. P. M. P. Table is definitely not there in the Ram. This ram is completely blank. So the for the first time, what happens this before? Cash. The data is not their user Here. Select star from MP and it's not there. It will go. Article will go and fetch the data from your data files and it will place it for the first time. It's a cache, miss. Okay, fine. Cash. Mrs. There to User will directly read from here when the second user will come. And that moment of time user will run select start from MP. This table is here. So this time this is a cast hit on this performance is faster. Means you can think if it is taking to milliseconds. Okay, it's taking Let's go from here to here It's taking for milliseconds for milliseconds. So for the first time in the user, read he needs to run two plus four plus four means 10 Melissa. But for the second user thirties or an end, number of user is only two milliseconds. So that's why I always Oracle try to put the data in before Casey. Okay, There's the one thing which we were discussing. Architecture. So what happens? Whatever the changes you do, Okay. Whatever the changes, let's say you updated. So empty table is here. Let's say you updated the MP table. So what happens? Update area, whatever you update that school dirty before these are the dirty before dirty before. So nothing but that any changes you did. Okay, So any changes happen on the database are called dirty before, so let's that this dirty before any changes happens are also captured. Parallel, Ian, The redo log before. Okay. And let's say lula before is what Lee, you log Buffer will have all the changes that is made on before Cassie. Okay, in this guess, she This is the main cash which is directly connected with the data face. Okay, user, need this cash to read the later barrel early in orderto for recovery purposes. We also have a redo before whatever the changes. Let's say, here is the complete table in this table. These many area these many columns or rows. The user has been operated. So these are called dirty before. So these 30 before means updated. Changes are also captured in redo log before from the leader Log buffer. There are two processes involved. One is called database Writer. Okay, this database writer will write all the changes directly to the data file. So let me remove this threat of oil from here. Okay, So this data off vase Reiter,