Data Visualization with GGPLOT2 R Package (Beginner) | Anil Ugle | Skillshare

Data Visualization with GGPLOT2 R Package (Beginner)

Anil Ugle, Digital Marketing & Analytics Evangelist

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5 Videos (28m)
    • Installing and Loading GGPLOT2 R Package

    • Loading sample datasets for data visualization

    • Adding layers to ggplot function

    • Creating a Base Plot using ggplot function

    • Learning basic QPLOT execution


About This Class

In this course on GGPLOT2 R Package, we will learn how to create mindblowing visualizations from the raw data and derive meaningful insights. 

This course is the basic course on GGPLOT2 Package where you will be introduced to the basic functions of GGPLOT2.

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Anil Ugle

Digital Marketing & Analytics Evangelist

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Digital Marketing & Data Science

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