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Data Visualization In Power BI - Master The Visuals

Ayush Kumar, Data Visualization Consultant

Data Visualization In Power BI - Master The Visuals

Ayush Kumar, Data Visualization Consultant

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20 Lessons (2h 38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Before We Begin

    • 3. Static Visual Elements

    • 4. Bar and Column Charts

    • 5. Line and Area Charts

    • 6. Combination Charts

    • 7. Ribbon Chart

    • 8. Waterfall Chart

    • 9. Funnel Chart

    • 10. Scatter Chart

    • 11. Share of Total Visuals

    • 12. Maps

    • 13. Target Visuals

    • 14. Card Visuals

    • 15. Slicers

    • 16. Table and Matrix Visuals

    • 17. R and Python Visuals

    • 18. Key Influencers Visual

    • 19. Marketplace Visuals

    • 20. Summary

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About This Class

Welcome to my class: Data Visualization in Power BI - Master the Visuals

Microsoft Power BI is the hottest and most powerful business intelligence and data visualization tool in the market right now. It can help you visualize any and every kind of data out there - marketing, operations, medical, financial or whatever. This has been made possible, in part, because of the huge variety of visuals available for creating reports. Power BI provides 30+ default visuals and extends its capabilities by integrating with a third-party visuals store. This ensures that you can always find the right visual to visualize your kind of data.

Understanding and mastering so many visuals can overwhelming and confusing. This course intends to clear that confusion.

In this course, we’ll cover all the default visuals available in Power BI, along with some of the best marketplace visuals. One by one, we’ll understand all these visuals with examples - static elements, bar and column charts, ribbon, waterfall, funnel, scatter, pie and donut, maps, gauges, slicers, tables… and more!

What you’ll learn …

  1. What kind of data is suitable for each visual
  2. When to use a visual
  3. Notable formatting options of a visual
  4. How to create these visuals from scratch

 This class is for you if …

  • You are looking to get better at Power BI, especially the visuals
  • You wish to improve your data visualization skills
  • You’re wondering if Power BI is good enough to visualize your data 

This course assumes basic familiarity with the Power BI desktop app. If you’re new to Power BI, I recommend you start with this course first -

After this course, you'll be able to …

  • Visualize data effectively in Power BI
  • Become better at data visualization in general
  • Decide if Power BI is fit for visualizing your data 

Dataset credits

(Data dictionary is available on the links above)

I’ve attached an empty Power BI file loaded with the datasets used. You can download and use this file to practice and follow along.

Contact me: ayush [at]

If you found this course useful, please don’t forget to rate and review it! I’m looking forward to your class projects. Happy learning!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ayush Kumar

Data Visualization Consultant


Hello, I'm Ayush Kumar, a data visualization consultant and founder of EverydayPlots.

I help businesses and individuals take better decisions via effective data visualization. I also enable other analysts to do the same by training them on various data visualization techniques and tools like Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Python and Microsoft Excel.

Follow me on Skillshare to get notified when I launch new courses on topics like data visualization, business intelligence and data science. See you around!

Contact: ayush [at]


Youtube: EverydayPlots

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1. Introduction: I am Escobar on. Welcome to my course data visualization in power game and scores. I tell you everything about the data visualization capabilities for being. I take you through all the 44% started available in Power Game. You can see the movie, uh, these ones on I take you to reduce, like the filters, maps, bar charts during charts, keeping cards on lying. Judge it. It's a along with some other popular marketplace custom visuals. Right. So, uh, I tell you for each and every visual, I'll tell you what type of data is needed. I went to use that visual on discussed. Some of some of the notable properties are former adoptions that are available to enhance your visual off course. I also give you are walking them one creating all these visuals. So right now I'm working as a off successful public teacher and division concertante. So I understand that if you're just getting started with Bobby, it seems slightly overwhelming and confusing to understand all the different kind of visuals that right there on how or when to use them. So this course is intended to clear that confusion, along with giving your basic data visualize and training. You can download the public template. They're pretty loaded with the reader I've used in the scores on for long. Follow along with me, so let's start with the course now. 2. Before We Begin: Now, before we begin to this course, let me tell you about how the scores the structure. So in this course, I'll take you through each and every type of visual that is available in Game one by one. So for these visuals, I tell you where the visual is located on how to insert an empty template. Then I'll tell you, or when to use this popular visual on the type of returning it for it, then practical examples off there it can be used also. How do fell in the data columns and finally, how to format this visual. So this will give you an overview or off. You know how to create a visual from scratch. It is also understand the leader sources that I've been used in this course. So I mean, you'll be using fights or datasets e commerce eels. HR recruitment. Ice cream sales limited sales on Titanic passengers. So let me introduce you to them one by one. So this is the e commerce E Street doesn't actually be using. So it's basically a delivery for the Saenz on an e commerce site over a particular time. Peter on the it contains fields like invoice number or being with order number, A stock court or the item number description of the product quantity in that order, Order, date or the investigative. The price of one unit idea of the custom party disorder. The country, very for sportiest total sales are the units unit purchased in that order on the continent it belongs to. So eating a Vero in this desert means one order Right now let us understand each other group Mundy Desert In this one we're trying to understand. So the HR department has some positions open on it is hiding for some particle positions, right? So that we've gathered some CDs on the taking candy airplane. So in this year are trying to understand what positions they're hiring for when the position was open for hiring the number of open positions for a particular position. This status off that position, different stages of a portal evolution. So let's say a doctrine of leper has different stages off hiring, deceived, deceived. I want to be able to interview offer drawing. So for each still is telling the number of candidates in each stage No, the next do test, it is die scream seems to desert, it is smart. Visit. It contains, Oh, beat all. You could see the first date of a month on actual sales off ice cream for that month and the target sales of ice cream for that month. Then we have the lemon tree desert over here. Laminate sales. Desert ulcers is a Caesar desert for limited over a particular time. Peter, particularly earlier. This is a date when the lemonade was sold. Oh, it's Monday and the day of the week. Then we also recording a decent factors. Like what? Well, it's no temptation that day. What was the reason for under B? The number of flyers that were disputed for promotion? The price of the ice cream at which price of the eliminate that was sold on that day? The number of sales off lemonade under day on the revenue, which is basically the price into scenes right On the last two days, it is the Titanic passengers to visit. This is basically the desert off. All the passengers on the Titanic ship from the famous start anxious on, uh, it contains a passenger ready. It contains a flag on whether they survived or not. So zero means they did not serve a one means that arrived. Then there are addition off characteristics of these passengers called peatlands for the class they were in the name the six that age a number of siblings. They hard right, like go. They take it They hard the fair or the price of the ticket from verdict embark, They're 100 Asian. All right, so in this analysis in this course will be using these fiery message for different kind of visuals on, uh So let's go. Let's try making some visuals now. So it's almost time to start in Cambridge rules before we begin important to understand the key to creating good visuals, they're very simple rules. The 1st 1 is dark. Whatever visual you create, it must be their living. It must answer a business question for your viewers. Right on the second Rulers. More visuals don't usually mean better dashboard. So very simple to understand. Very simple, remember, but very important one to go. So let's trying making some visuals now 3. Static Visual Elements: let us try to understand the most basic type of visual elements about that is the starting visual elements. So I will give us elements like those shapes, X boxes and images. So on the speech, you can see that I really created a different type of elements. So, for example, this is the X box. Different paper fixed. These are shapes. All of these are shaped even the lines. Then, uh, you have images of you, right, Dr Major? Again, this is their textbooks. So Oh, if you have to create these visual elements, go to the home tab. Over here on you have three options. Text box invasion ships In clicked, you can click on a new and one of them to insert whatever you want. So let's try inserting textbooks. Right? So in order textbooks on you, try writing anything. Number four, straining the properties off these elements. It was tried to understand, Then we to use these elements so the text box of shapes and images are used when we need to provide some kind of text explanations in our dashboard. So it could be a title like you see the one of you or the one of you. It could be a paragraph. Then you could have a live in striding you visual cues like Virgil separator or a horizontal separator. Or it could be some kind of interactive element. So this is a major wheel when clicked in a passport will lead to some kind of urine. So this is the Dallas and ideas when you you need to use or started visual elements. Now let's start. Let's try in straining the nordle properties. These elements. The problems can be accessed by taking on the element on going to the regulation pain. Over here, I could see all the properties that are listed for any particular sector. Our vision. Some of the northern properties are the background border line filled rotation. I'm action, So if you go one by one, there's trying. Stripped in the forced. The next box, you can see even directly modify some of the properties. Often exposure were like the foreign, the foreign size color alignment, and you're great. Then you have some more properties off textbooks, which can be seen under regulation speed. So you have things like fighting in the background on the border with general doing ones So this is an example off textbooks with the border with video background. They. So you used the color over you on gifts in delaying the whole text? No, for the image, you have some other different type of properties, like the scaling I do about going again. Then you have borders over you, either by the border with image, a black colored border. If you can see this, I've also Brighton action. A wheel on action is basically what it does is it makes you something or perform some kind of inaction on the beach. I know the Bible faction that I have applied a wheel is a February. So when we click on the image, every lead with this apply in February. And be sure this Kuldip when I over over the image like this. Lastly, some of the properties off a shape element could be the line. Basically, the colored border that you have a wheel changes Bordeaux. I could include her to please the feet off the board. Rosa. I could have a different kind of a fill color. Let's say you're looking. I could repeat my limit as much as they want to face in any direction. Great, then their other general properties, like a 19 background action border. So this is a way that, you know you can customize and place elements started visual elements in your dashboard. 4. Bar and Column Charts: Let's understand one of the most popular types of visuals the bar and the con jobs. I think everyone has used toe discharge somewhere. Some point in the life to the bar in the column charts are located a well in the first row off the visualization pane. All these six Aunt on If you want to insert a blank template publicly conduct. But no, you on you can insert a blank convict like these for each of those a different type of starts. So on this beach I have all six type off six type of buying Colin jobs. The's of these ones are the filled buns. Right on. These are the important bit of the remaining months. So I have the stock bar chart. Have those clustered bar chart I have 100 wasn't stocked bar chart on all their horizontal and we're developing Titian's no letters, understand? Then we need to use Eastern of charts. So in this chart you're basically displaying the magnitude size comparisons or rankings or different casualties. The violent was can relative like the present, a chair or absolute. I think the absolute that you this visual works best off. You know, when there are not too many categories to compare. Probably a 10 are, you know, getting very visually overloaded. So the type of data that is needed for this visual is you need categorical on the medical data. So these categories of well on this is the new medical data for them. So each each bar represents some kind of a category on the size of the bar represents the magnitude of that country. So on this page we have I've made three types of off visuals. All all of them show sales, all these three short sales. But they have been short sales for differently, so forces, the total sales were continent. Then we have total sales by years, on month on condiment. And then we have, lastly total sales by country, continent and country, but as a person to share. So now let's try making each of these visuals from scratch not to create thes vicious from scratch. Let's try filling up the data into the individuals forced. So we have our detectives over here on the on the right on really using the e commerce sales data set for this. So for the 1st 1 we want to replicate it like this for all states, the continent. So in this field who is on the access? We drag the continent of the category column, then for the values drag a total sales column. Now we're getting values. This kind of looks similar to this one. Just the colors are off. Aren't the former things off? We come to that later distributing the funds we have continent over you again. Legend on the access we conceive. You have some kind of a claim based access so that would be invested since we have only year in Montoya. So we'll remove the other things, like quarter and on. Of course, we'll have total seals in the value again. Right on. You can see that you can see that we have strict the access on your month. You only have your of you, so we'll go down. One level will expand down one level to have your and month now for the last one. We again hard country into the Carnegie, access for you, for the legend exploited by the country. Finally, for the values we what little scenes of the values. Now this kind of looks All these three charts look kind off like the chart on the left. Now it's time to start from acting so that they look more same. Not for Mark. The charts we have just created. We need to go to the format. Kabul via on. You can see that we have a lot of options off formatting a charge. So tell us about some of the notable ones. It is the X axis. The Y access three tacklers do the livers. I still under Arctic. Stop telling about these, so let's go over them. One weapon. So on their taxes options, you can change the color of the text, text size, phone, family, the virginal. Similarly, for the y axis options, we can change the positions. The skill on again for Mattingly. Color, text size, foreign family, you know. So these are the options for X and Y axis. Then we can use the data colors that is a doctor's appearing in our charts, So ask for the charred under left. Let's try coloring. All are the same colors. So if you control over you Andi, I choose Europe as off almost knock washing as Greg on leave Asia as it is. So now what of them have the same color. So there is one more option called little labels. Click on on patrol the total value on top of the chart. So it's looking more and more like the one on the left. Now I guess the title is not matching up. So let's go to the title property I took on the title. I want the same text A well, but I want to change. The color will be black on the size. So now these seem to matching. Okay, just one more thing is the border. So I anybody the border. Now you can see that one of them almost match each other in terms of for my thing just that vanished. The horizontal orientation on one is the vertical orientation. Similarly, you can apply formatting toe put these charts also like they have similar properties. On last fun thing that I want to show you is the antique stuff. So under stab of is something that appears for very few of the charts. It is appearing for the calling charts and bar charts so we can go down. Example you and you can order line in the short on the basis off some parameters so you can have some kind of constant line. That's their target line of the gold line. You can have a mainline Max Lane average median, and it wasn't so. Let's say I want to see the average off the values in my chart. So I lowered the average line like this on the I have ah, average lane beige under total Say it's measure. You can see that lying that has appeared over. You can change that a little bit. Let's say black on you can, you know? Oh, habit of France lane innovators in this way. 5. Line and Area Charts: no notice. Understand? Another very popular visual. The line chart, along with the idea charts spreading Lee the line chart of visual doctors that a lot of people managed to make wrong. So learning from their mistakes, the line chart are located over you in the regulation pain. Well, line chart idea chart on the Started it. If you want to insert them again, simply click on the button. A well, any of the buttons off on you can get an imprudent, empty template cleared like this on on this page. I've created all these three type of charts. He had another failed ones, though, buying chart he did short on the stock either. George. So let us understand when to use thes type of tarts. So since we're using condensers lying to the presenter Tito like this, uh, so the X axis is also continues in nature. Right? So, um, views line out idea charts to show some change of my usual over time, Peter. So on the x axis, you need to have some kind of time period or variable? Right on. Uh, so you could have something like, you know, you want to hell 18 inclines like short term trains or long term dreams. Some examples could be the Murph orders over time or go to live in your pain. However, there are subtle differences between the line and the charts. Line charge. Sargodha chewing multiple. You know, multiple defensive use. Come on, comparing them against each other. You get charter north as Gardez not as good are comparing between different many charts because they overlap. You can see they're overlapping over here, so you know the man it is. It's not very visible. It is better to start the area charts like this Onda and show them as idiot jobs as, Ah, vertical start, either Jobs on the height of the vertical start area chart shows a total value or some of the valley on the individual strips. The magnitude or the height of the in little strips shores the parts so well, you can see the sparks off each country on the total hydro plants for prisons that they pipe up great like new. For this is a time series data, along with a new medical times to use data, comes on the X axis on the medical on Dubai oxes. So let me quickly explained examples on the speech. So I've seen people slaughtered the sales over time pictured. So you have totally record against totally instructed for the three continents over time. So people say is by year month and confident for each of them. But using a different chart toe a line chart idiot art and start really? Now they're destroying Creating these gruesome scratch Well, do is I'll quickly our data toe these empty templates on. Then I'll format these templates to look like the charge on the right on the left. So for this, uh, plain sharp, what we do is using the e commerce sales data set on. So let's ard the X axis first, which is so invested on the axis. Remove the quarter from you, then the yard, the continent in the legend, because you want to speak plain for country on, then we are total sees in the value because you don't show magnitude. Oh, for the values. No one things that we need toe drill down or explained on one living hierarchy because is spreading it by month. And you right now it's only for you. So I click on this button on our you know, expand stone. One got to be so you can see that we're getting the same line chart as shown on the left. Some differences that it's not funded properly. We come to that to 90 for this country and religion. I will say its values access as in west in the quarter. Expand on What's that? Yeah, I'm confident. A well for this. Also the continent in the region. Total sales in the values investors in boxes on expand on one living. So all of these charges looked. I looked like the ones on the left on intrusion some properties which we can modify it to make them look like exactly like the ones on the left. Now let's try to find the properties and four months so the farmers for this visual can be accessed using the former top of you. Some of the Nord it's or the property options are medical illustrator labels shapes, and we can see them over you for the three tacklers. So is your Europe and Oceania. So let's try changing Europe degree, often there to read. So we're matching the retailers on the left. We can also enable the data labels if you like. It will show values on top of the charts, but right now we don't want that cannot modify the part properties of these data labels. Then for the sheeps congenial stroke with these are the views of it off line style of the joint type, then, uh, in the title. Let's try changing the foreign color making more darker and agrees the font size They last the iron aboard Rubio. So we've covered all the notable properties. Ondo, you can see that our chart looks exactly like the one on the left. You can do this for all the charts below. Also, same properties Onda create. Recreate them Visitors. No, it's also quickly have a look at the one off. One other option for the line chart that is the Arctic Star. So you think that it is time you kenard constant line or some kind of line with true some values on your line jobs so you can have a drink line a constant line men max average or a medium facility. You want to see the average values off total sales, right, so you can add an average lane you click on aren't over you on you get another slain isn't the measure total scenes on colored the recovered hours or a couple like you can see? Well, that on average, nine has been ordered between the formatting options for this on, uh, that's how it looks. 6. Combination Charts: no other destroyed. Our understand the commission charts. These charges are basically combination off line and Colin Jars on the the combination charts are located here or individuals being the line. START COLUMN chart ON THE LINE IN CLUSTERED COLUMN chart and TREAT Imbert contributed. By clicking any of these buttons over here on the speed you can see we have created fair templates for both of these socks. So when do you use this kind of starts? The combination charts are used to make with a compassionate, so you can do the total orders on the columns and compared to the corresponding Davignon the line, we can even put a date on the second re axis. If the value skills are different, you can see what you have done. We have to access over you. All right, The prime Jax is on the second Jackson's. Then this chart lets us view the correlation between two variables. All the vision always assumed causation so we can see the correlation between cities and orders over you that I will read it that is, it used for the start, since since we have a continuous line as one part of the chart We need some kind of times these data on their X axis, along with categorical or numerical data in the lines and columns, like so in the speech, I tell you for few cluttered so reported the total sales on orders. Seals are under bars of the columns on orders are on the lane lines on the X axis. We have some kind of time. So that's a months over you or quarters over you on be comparing the sales and orders. So let us try making this visual from Scotch. No to clear combination chart from scratch. What we'll do is we are try filling up the empty template with data and after that for murder. Like so for this tempter to destroy putting in the data. So we used to be calmer seas visit. So the shared access we need to have time. So let's put in my state According to the floor start. That's what Montolio so remove the quarter on expand on one level. We'll do that later. Apart from this, we need to have a column CDs away ashore sales. So I showed total scenes of you Sorry, that would be called values column. Cities will be, on the contrary, right on the line. Values. Where is the total orders? This could be a proxy for the invoice number on the count of invoice number. It's renamed Are two poeple orders. Right. So we have shown our chart of you straight down one level. Right now we're getting the chart looking like the one above reform under. Later then, uh, what? Begin to us began. Let's try making the second charge. Second chart shows it is not a compassionate off sales and orders. It's just compassion. All the orders. So you're respecting the orders by continents on the way officials Little cloggers. So unlike the first start, there's no second track story. Everything is on the same scale, So let's try doing that again. Invoice date in the shared access. This time we have quarters. So let's move the month on bay from your column. CDs is again. A continent could be invoice numbers as a proxy for the orders like it doesn't matter. You don't name this online values again. Could be the same invoice number, but this time its screaming you name it took old Rogers. Okay, so, um, let's try drilling are known one level to the quarters. Now you can see that innovative. You received the charge looking like the one above. Just like the lines, the level the lines not matching. But we jeans out in the former thing. So let's try from acting thes two charts now to meet this charge looked like the ones above . Let's try modifying some of the properties. Some of the notable properties or formatting options off these charts are the Y Axis do tacklers, meter labels and shapes, so formatting options can be found in the former top of you. So let's try modifying this. Oh, chart first. So let's go to the by axis. In the by axis, you can find an option for the shore secondary Maxus option. We want us that second taxes away. Also doctors by this zone, but you can lick it off or on. As you wish. Then another property finding property are there is the data colors. So let's try it in your colors to the ones above. America's is dread. Asia is Oceana is Doctor. Okay, so now the chart below is looking like the one uh, let me start with both. No, let's try Harding abortive are increasing and cheesy, entitled for Mark Right now, this one thes two are looking exactly the same. So we have matched the properties of these two. It's train mortifying this one. So this wasn't the son is a little different, and this we don't need the second relaxes right? So it's ensured that the secondary option is off on what it's. So we do need data labels, but we don't need it for everything. So customize the CDs to forget delivers only four total orders. So we wanted to show what are your orders, but not for me, because not what issue or my therefore Oceania. So it's trying on default for Gloria's. No. One more thing is that you want to share genes the shape of the slain, um, to shore market. Also, appoint counting point on going ashore, bash plane on. You want a Democra color to be the same as this one. It just the light. So, uh, this one Sooner V uh, we can also change the traitor colors again. Andi contains the color of the line to look like the one above, so that very well do finally, for Mart or this chart to look like the one in both 7. Ribbon Chart: it's understand the revenge art. Now. It's not a very popular type of charge, but it's definitely a very useful one for certain types of cases. So there have been charges. Look at it Over here on toe, insert a ribbon. Sure didn't click on Spartan on you can get an empty template like this. So on this page, I've already created one sample live in charge for you right on will be filling up this attempted again. Not even charts are used to show the changing drinking's off data categories. Over time, the biggest category size for that time period will be shown on the top and the smallest on the bottom. You can see that over you, the biggest on the top. And this morning on the bottom on the vertical order off the categories will keep changing business their magnitude over time. So they're type of leader that we need is we need a categorical data portrait. Overtime seized your down for this visual, you can seek our times on the X axis on Gotta gotta later on the Y axis over time. So on this beach you can see that in the visual part of Florida at running total scenes by month for three continents. So for every month, the Serb uncharted show the highest, the highest. It's continent. The sales with the content of the highest sales on that will keep changing. Montel Mint, right? So some Sometimes Oceania is the biggest country in Basile's. Some other times, Asia is the richest country in, but he's right on, uh, one more interesting thing is the tool dibs. Well, disc about a lot of information about the people in charge. You can see, you know, in the Coral Sea its values. The change values the genius tracking values for every month, so x 70 informative start. We have a view in order to try making a ribbon charge from Scotch now to create a visual. Some Scotch. What we'll do is we'll first input data into the temperate in December. Template on. Then we'll do the formatting after that. So to put the data first, we've using the ego MERS sales data set over you that Gordon Gordon Let's try putting the fields into the chart of options. So in the access, we need to have some kind of time Times access. So in one state will do well so we don't need the quarters. Alexis, keep your month and be in the legend. We'll keep the continent because as for the starting to split, the determined by the content so content goes into a legend on the value for B the magnitude of this part over you on that we want the weather, local scenes. So we put notices in the value. So now you combined. They're getting somebody kind for combined charge. You expected by the months, like in the start. So let's expand down one hierarchy into the months, right? So we have come down to the month level hierarchy will on. We can see that the chart over here is kind of resembling the chart. On the above right, let's try and assigning some former adoptions to make this chart looks like the one above. So to make this newly created visual like the one above, let's try Oh, you're tinkering with some of the formatting options. So we go to the former top over you Onda. We can see a couple of options. Some of the notable formatting properties are the leisure in their classes. The Devil Illustrator levels, ribbons and that will do so let's try understanding them one by one. So first you have the letter. In the legend, you can define very want to see the legend, you know, enable or disable the vital the name you can modify the text. How it looks like the exact access option continues the color of the axis. You can get a form size foreign text on a practically original, so these are options that are living. Uh, then you have data colors so right? No, our data colors are not matching. Let's try making the same. So America's is colored in red is your is colored in yellow. Oceania's colored in degree. Now the colors for the boat are sharks. Imagine so. That's how you can use derogative $13 on the for video. Do doing the value of really down the child completely in the Wilders? Aren't, you know, modifies on the other properties like the inundation, abolition on the text values, text opinions. Then on the ribbon. There's another option called ribbons. Using this, you can modify how that happens look like the kind of weapons, so I'll increase the spacing a bit, right? Social docked, The spacing between the ribbons as is consistent in both the Starks you can master cities color, or you can not do that like this connecting Germans. Are you going? Get a clear transparency. Now let's also modify Tried a Liberte, so I won't see the title text. But what I do is our genes off title color on that increase the size of it, right? So that one of them look the scene last year in our the border toe just, you know, make it more visually consistent. So no Budo charts. Oh, look, Aseem, we have to bring the chargeable on this. How would have been charged us meat? 8. Waterfall Chart: Let's have a look at the world. Full charge. Uh, this type of chart. It is also very niche but useful for a surgeon time sauce cases. So the word Werfel chart is located over here on you conclude, an empty water will chart by clicking this partner of yours. So you get an incredibly like this. So let us try understanding what I've grilled over here. I've killed the same type of powerful charge two times to show different types of data on different I was capabilities of the same charge. So the vote awful chart is used to show the part to whole contributions. That is the contribution off a part of something to the overall like this over you have. You're showing the part after the horn, right? It's all basically the part off sales of each country and as compared on, uh, so it could be another example Court, with our contribution off a month sales through the years. Total sales Portable charts show the rain total off a value across time or captivity. So on this visual, all select Lexus understand. However, people like the total sales. It's affected by us to use those positive and negative changes like in this example. So we're definitely type of did that that we need for this is the category later or time series data along but Tony, medical language or depending on your case, you may also need to define some kind of a change variable as a measure or a calorie column . So on this beach to find two examples, one is the total sales by continent on another's safe change by month, right? So in the first example, I'm showing you in the among the total among all the countries. How much part deeply in the total. Like for these, the conclusion to the towards a total scenes. In the second example, I'm showing you a month. What is the change in the total sales? What is gene in the sales by month? So does the sales increase in a particular want from previous month? Or does Aziz degrees so increases? But Richard, by the green color decreases by the red color. On that, we have a column which tells us what will change for the whole year. Now let us try making these visuals from scratch now to treat recreate the wonderful vision from scratch for free do is we lardon. The data fields to this empty visuals. First on after that regard for merging. So that's out in the form his first. So we have four things over category breakdown by access and the tulips leave using the e commerce sales data in the category which appears on the X axis, we aren't in the country and first in the magnitude Wielaard in the total sense on the by actress So you can see that you know, you have your bigoted to start in the brig downfield, you conard another category for which to break down this category. How to pay down the scattered Let's, for example, you can break down a continent by the country's so you can art in the country Free Libya to break down by a country. But we do not do that here. It's really for the second visual. Oh, it's hard the invoice date over here because we have buying petered on the X axis. So invoice date on. Let's Arden. Just a month in the on the Y axis I've created a measure course will change which chances how the sales have increased, please over the previous month on we aren't this measured on the y axis oil on, uh, in the Gordon in this report. I do is our territorial sea. It's also so give the players both these visuals has completed the left ones. Let's try formatting them now, Not for my divorce chart. We have a couple of properties of some notable properties that we can use those of the data labels on different colors. Just the one started already from 11. So let's have a look at them one by one. So I go to the former top of you. I like this. Go to the former travel. Well, I can see the properties forced the We probably We probably don't need this legend over there because we're not showing an increasing degrees. Just throwing some off open. So for this chart, you can probably hide that, um right, So we can hard to know where you also then. Oh, we can are the greater levels, like show on over here any with this between the colors and display your eternal. Then you have sentiment colors. Since we don't have anything, please. Or that is a weird justo part to whole. We don't really need to concern ourselves with these colors. They will come handy. The second chart. Ondo. Let's modify the title. Liberte. Let's increase the phone color to black on taste with No, it's any of the border. That's what this one, it looks like. The one on the left. Let's jeans the properties for the second charge again for my dog. It's any with Dudar labels again on, uh, what is it with the borders? It's anybody. It's improved. Start packing and increase the size so over your sentiment colors will make sense because you have an increase to please the presented by the Green 100. He continues those colors according to your requirements. This color is also for the total on. So this is how you modify. For Martin, water was dark. 9. Funnel Chart: so where we have the final charge with us. The start. Lexus Visualize The process stages on the date of LTZ so the final chart is located over you and insert a blank template, likely clicking on the spot like this on the speech. I've argued off on a chart example, which I'll explain to you soon. So we use final charts when you want to show data for lean, a process that has sequential conflict stages. An example could be something like a sales funnel that tracks customer through different stages. Or it could be an HR recruitment by by plane, as shown a video to and the size of each stage shows the magnitude off data in it or docked went through it. So you have different stages over you. On you have the dutiful eats teach on, you know, like a funnel shape. It starts to get smaller with the Prestige Onda. We can also measure the drop off act eat stage, along with the conversion percentage retention forces present age has shown over here. So let's say Houston 100 CNC mills, right? And I want to know how many people will see only email among them how many will open your mail? How many will flick on immune? And finally, how many will go and buy from you? So this kind for data can easily be visualized using though follow jobs. So on this in this in this visual, the type of data that we need is a particle categorical Richard desperate by each stage on the medical magnitude to define the start size of your stage. So on this exact on the speech the example that I used this for a child recruitment by plane. So you can see an HR department received approximately 272 CVS on this form, 100% of the pool on 100 90 people went into the oh level interview that is 43% off the total. Then 10 people went to the level doing two, which is 3.68% of the total. Finally, you were offered a job that is pointed in 4% off the total. If I need one accepted, it is like 0.37% of the total cities received. So this is how you can visualize, you know, stages in no, find a charge. Now it's train making this visual from scratch. Now, do we create a final charge from scratch? What will always be first input the data fields, like in the reader fields into the start on off that focus on the formatting part of it. Right. So to be creative Thanachart Bank complete on, we'll be using the HR recruitment data for this one over you was This kind of data is more suited for the following chart. So in the group, we need tohave. The different stage of the city's just a group or stays deter our digitalize. So where your stages that agreements to start a candidate isn't Porterville. The values is the number off candidates or the magnitude for that particular stage. So for that, we use the value or field over here. So, no, you can see that other detox of a chart looks like the one on both. We just need to for matter, you formatting options. One thing toe. One thing to keep in mind start. Ah, fun. A charge requires a very specific kind of for data for march or deer table from her. All right. So just be careful when are instructive in the table for this Mitchell, a vision looks for marked off the charts, so some of the notable formatting options are the three tacklers and the conversion. So if I click on this, I'm good for my job. You can see several formatting options of level for us. Let's go to them. One weapon force of gravity practically is basically the stage name on the left, so we don't we need this on. Let's just try to agree the phone size. Then you have data colors. Binoculars are colored indicators for each stage. Right now, every industry is being shown by the same color, the stretching emitter joining the colors like the one like the one in the chargeable. If you control, I'll get each individual states color. I change it to one woman. Soc received us red. Then it becomes more and more towards green, but then offered I finally drawing the screen So the colors no matching the ones on the boat in the chart above Then you have data labels greater levels right now strong. Just the value off my Children need stage. I can also you can just drop down to show the do tell you aren't some more off somewhat information. So let's say wasn't better first. So it is showing like the one above. No, I also increase the size of this, accepting that it's morning. Then you have another often called conversion conversions. Basically, it shows toe starting starting magnitude starting conversion bees wasn't age on. Finally, the on the last extras the conversion percentage. So you can know how many off her initial customers are data converted into or you know, customers or achieve the final goal. Anyone on finally really jeans a color reformed off the title, please to size the book. So now this chart looks like the one above on this whole be clear from the start from scratch. 10. Scatter Chart: they're just understand the starters are This chart lets us visualize relations between quantitative variables for easily, so the scandal chart is located a. Well, you can insert a bank by getting on Spartan like this. So on this page, really creative on samples card A chart for you on We'll be replicating this chart in Britain. Break below. So when do you use a scatter chart? Are scattered is used when you wish to show the relationship between two countries variables. So access on the chart extended by contained the quantitative variables on you can easily see how boots but he was after. So it's a good with temperature or revenue on example. Could be that let's say you want you want to know test the weight off a person and agrees with the heart Skarda chart continued. Our implored the width and the height on both access. What you could ask doesn't eat themselves more acid and critical. You implored the revenue and temperature on axis and so on. So each data point on this chart corresponds to one total. Every point. You see oil. It's basically a doodle, so this chart is made up of points off rose on these points makeup to shore trained so differently. This chart, though, is a very useful chart to understand coalitions on patterns in the data. So the type of leader that is needed for this is a 1,000,000,000 boot. We need new medical later on board axes. We can add more dimensions to this chart, so one day I mentioned could be the colored of engine. So let's say on this chart you can see that I've different shared by the colors off categories. One is the local area, and one is the pink color. Another dimension could the size of the other diamond produced size dimension. So you could very the sight of this or dot over you, right? So let's say you are the category. Our yard on the medical magnitude on you can carry this chart the size of the bubbles. So then a scar to charge becomes above the garden darkies onda. Generally, you can also aren't time access to show. You know how the bubbles are scatters very over time, so it's a very useful chart to show a lot of dimensions together on this beach, I have already made a scratch start to start for you in this. Your understanding how the temperatures under by access on the venue on the X axis or later . So you can see that in a very tempting As the temperature increases, the vision of a new also increases. But there are two or different groups off points. One is this group. There is this group on. We can see the insert a price category so you can see that the two groups are being formed by the difference in the price cutting the Venice for the $20.3 price and when it's for the point over the place. So let's try making this visual from scratch not only create this visual from scratch before starting the data fields, I'm played a basic charge. And after that we modify the formatting properties to make it look like the one Oh above. All right. So for this for this chart, using the lemonade data set between tells us of the seals off tells us about the results of lemonade on a particular day. So we'll start making a scatter chart drug the country feels into the X axis. And if I was first so on the X axis. We've warned the venue for drug revenue on the faxes on the Y axis. We want them vigil. So drug temperatures on the workers. So you got Toby Sicko a single point on the chart right now. It represents the total we need to. So right now the summing, the points if you have to click on doing summarize toe show in total points doing somebody for this again, don't somebody thought temperature also. So I know you can see we've represented each into your point by Eastern Little Data Point with the single point and it looks like the chart above now there are other fields took me to fill in. So legend is used to split the teeter by using categories. So we want to spread the street are using different price points. So basically not just temperature and Praveen you You also want to see how the price effects the world picture, so I'll drive the price into legend. You can see that you're just getting colored our spirit by different places. Really? You have the slice accessible. You sighs can use another country to feel on. It will then alter the size of the dots printable jarred. So there's another dimension that you can use. I finally have a play axel. You play. Access can be used toe our dinner time dimension, and it can show you how the orders counterparts valuable time. How the dots move around the chart over time, right? So this is how you can create your started. So let's try for Martinez Carter charge to make it look like the one off. So some of the notable properties for scatter charts are the size play access. The irregular shapes category will point on deck stop. So we have already discussed the size and the plea axes. It's discussed in a meeting once. No, So go for months. Karcher. Click on it on Go to the former taboo so we can see a lot of for principle you. It's called from one by one, so the legend is used to show the category leisure. You can enable or disable this Asperger need. We keep this of you could modify the properties of the legend, you know, for like, properties. Then you have the X axis options, and the taxes opens out. Next on the values Look over here on the X and the Y axis. We don't need routines at the wheel. Then we have the duty colors. So right now I have two categories. The $20.3 price on the $0.5 place on the basis of how ESP rito. So I mean the color magazines. The covers off this color 0.3 el cielo on a low point favors trade so you can have more cattle. Reason McCullers, depending upon didn't have a shape option. The ship option can be used to degrees or increase the size of the ship over you or the points I make it to grow again. Then you can also teens the the point looks you can have a square diamond triangle. W we'll keep it as it is. You can even teens to individual category markers. So are different shape for this yellow on the difference here for you. Right. Then you can have a doctor that he labels coming in your data, but you don't need that over you. Under option is the full point. So how do you want her point open as failed colors or empty points like this? We keep it just for then you have the other family properties like the title. So jeans, the color of the title and you are the border will also increase the size of 2012 on the other one are the usual ones that are there in every for muttering about those scatter chart is the presence of the ex terrible for you, so we'll discuss that index type is no different individuals. Only special visuals aren't just there. Over here, what's catch To start the charge just explored. Options are so you can undertrained line of well or X axis Constant lane on the Y axis counseling on most of the shooting. So try adding drink line, for example. So click on the train line and click on Art. You can see what Green Lane is showing off the general direction of movement of the veto. So our temperatures either venues going up as between particles off. So the trend is early and increasing. One to know you. Conard Oh, you know XX in the lifeless concert lane. So this is how we cleared or scatter chart from scratch 11. Share of Total Visuals: Now let's try understanding the share of Corker charts, which are the by doing on the dream up charge. So these are very popular category officials on, I think are used by almost everyone in some form of the work. So these charts can be found over you. So this is the by chart. Then you have the door in charge from you on. Then you have the dream apple wheel. So on em treatment can be applied, but looking on these bottles with, respectively. So, on this page, I have demonstrated the pie chart. The one chart on the dream up. We'll be duplicating these charts into these in Britain. Minutes number one to the bite donor. Down the tree maps are used to show the part to whole relationships. This means that they show, uh, the big, uh, there used to show big the magnitude there used to show help it. The magnitude is as compared toa the whole order 100%. So, for example, what is the percentage off seals off ice cream on a Tuesday as compared toa the week or other days? An example would be that which country has the highest share of revenue for company so by charts aren't donut chart are very similar during charge. Haven't empty space in the middle loyal Onda and we used to show additionally, tree maps on the other hand. Shoulder share personally respect off the street, rectangles over. You're like this. The advantage with maps is that it can expand down, were easy to capture these and sub categories. So it's so these new majorities, when working with the higher I'll kill guitar. So these charts Arjun used to show the top categories. The shoulder larger categories in and talk about it is very well, but they don't show the, you know that is with your shirt off while you more percentage very well, you can see you're not able to see them properly. Well, and I do you so the work best. These visuals work best when they have not too many categories in your area. Answered becomes visually water down, you know, difficult to interpret. So the type of data you need over here is that a little later on, need something on my tube to show its share as compared to the whole. So on this beach I've shown three examples which feels theme thing iPhone, total sales, the continent using by charge or the one after. So it's exactly the same later for all the street Andi replicating this race. So let's try making these visual from scratch now. Soto create thes visuals from scratch. What we do is for speed out in the data fields on after that focused on the formatting. So all these three visuals have a very seen structure off feels right, so they have a login details, values and tulips, all three of them. So let's try putting them. We'll be using the e commerce Eagles doesn't and so intelligent legend is basically the category of your splitting the tree Tobi. So let's track the continental U The Let's also dragged the country well because you want to drill down by a country, right? Saying Ondo in the values let's onto total seeds. So now you can see that you know, the pie chart is showing spreading the detail by different continents and chewing the values for that, right? So one thing to notice that we've lifted details field over your empty, we can probably drag the country into details. Doing so will basically structure this by by different countries. So it will basically factor the Europe continent by different countries in it its ability for the or don't charge on the tree map. But we don't want that. We just want to be alone. So tawdry long. We have to keep them in the legend. Only right now I can drill down into in two different countries like this or go upon level . Similarly, for I picked the same for during Tang Crema. So continent, country total scenes, then on doing country on total seats. So you know, maybe have replicated the visuals. Now let's focus on the formatting options. It's now some of the notable properties for the share of totally charts our religion that did a killer's under detail labels. So to access the far right's off with Conda visual on good for my tab over you on. You can see a lot of options for marking of you, so let's go through them one by one. Forced to religion, listen can show you what what each color means in the pie chart of the usual. So we keep we'll keep it as off over you. Legend is available for all of these Finally, we have the data colors over here. Each and every category can customize with their own personal read ocular. So you know, like Europe has a known green color. Oceania has black color of Asia and so on. We don't need to customize this jealousy. Then there is something called Don't detail label oil, which is basically what details displayed as a label over you. So you can see in this dispute the continent as well as a percentage share off the continent so we'll do the same over you. Eso good everyday livings. It is basically on right now. So instead of just two category in the labor style, whistling the retail value in the category on the person to your foot, it's not really sure boat to metrics in one. It also customize the colors on how it is displayed. Basically, then we have the usual things, like the tighty jeans font color to black size 12. Now you can see well, it's out of order. You can see that would, by sharks are living the same. Exactly seem now, certainly we can replicate these, so from our tingly Deion's for the other two visuals. Also, they contain ASEAN formatting options on, uh, similarly you know, this how we create toe the Baidu learned on the treatment charge. 12. Maps: Let's understand the map visuals now both people provides to map visuals for all our parting location based plotting needs. So there are two types of maps that can be inserted toe into Bobby. One is the normal map vision. On the other is the film official. They can be inserted using these two buttons on getting pretended clearly like this. Right? So there is under map cord, uh, the archaeologists mapped visually, which is located over you just maps for Bobby. They can also, you know, they can also be used to plot all your location based theater like the other two other visuals. But the visual also contains a lot of other advanced options to customer your team eternal . So the basics off this map are almost the same as that of other, other to visual naps. Onda. Right now, we won't go into the advanced options that this are just map rights. So because that would be going out of the scope for the schools, you can know more about this act of visual by visiting the official public or conditions. So let's focus on the oh before boggy doctors is only on speech. I've already shown two examples off filled maps on uh, you know how they appears. When do days fell into them on, we'll be replicating them in this video. So when do you use when you use amount Used map style visuals. When you want to understand geographical patterns on variations in detail, for example, you want to quickly see the areas with high population density in a country or perhaps the countries or regions with high sales. The normal map is also called the bubble map. This fund shows locations as points on the map, whereas a filled map that this one shoes there is a field map shows locations as eight years on the mouth. You see the bubbles on this one on ideas colored on the film. Both may have their own or use cases, depending on the problem at hand. So I provided some tips on working with maps. So Forster's You should create clear columns for location levels. So, for example, create a separate column for country or state area address been called Lottery Longer do and all just spread the column. You respect the comma separated location columns into different columns. If you have a location in a column like ABC Common Express their location. You should split that into two columns for more clarity. Second type is that he should also categorise these columns. So I go to the fields over here. Let's say you have a continent location column Very so you can go to the more telling tab. Uh, the streets are really should be sorted according to what we have in the column. It is necessary for Bobby to recognize for kind of retail location. Details there in the column on it helps Lord some are better. I just minimize this on. Then, Uh, another tip is dart. You should place your location columns in the hierarchy. So because it becomes easier to real down, up, drill down and up levels Uh, however, hierarchies may still give some problems spending on which location you reporting for. So Oh, just be careful. The doctor, then, uh, to summarize, the better the data on your locations, that part of the map gets me. But, you know, it's very likely that at some point that the other you mean these problems with my vision, so just be very careful. So the type of leader that we need for maps is the first, obviously the job. Geographical later location, names or not longer. Plus, because I need someone of 100 a very well ordered a medical magnitude. So on this page I've created visuals mapping the Friedman on on these visuals I have from the same or my trick that is a total sales by location. So I've created levels off locations so you could see total sales. The continent I'm if you drill down Govan level in the hierarchy into total sales for this armed similarly for this so you can see that in this seals up started as bubbles on the size of the bubble to present so side of the sales of the language of scenes. However, in this of ST supported, go ask filled regions on green color prints, higher sales on the red represents Lucy's. Similarly, for the country's so that is trying to create these matters. You some scotch, you'd map visuals and scotch. Let's try first adding their data columns in the maps and then focus on the world for Marty . So using the e Commerce Street over here on, uh, well, our defeats over here over you two are the locations we pull in the content. How are care of creator and see the hierarchy. Contains continent and country on a bullet into the location. Uh, field legend is used to split or sure categories of data into the maps. The latitude and long judicial used to show the large that long fields like they used to plot the data. If you have the lack lung fields on size that use the size of the magnitude so we put into the according sense of You. I didn't see the brother bubbles have jeans Desai's due to the magnitude of scenes. This can be used similarly for the field map. What we do is we put in the continent location had our key well, the location on pulling the total sales and told IPs, There's no feel for magnitude of well, but you can see that if somehow alert the continents of location based on their data. So doctors, actually, a feature of the former writing on this is what we'll do in the way we don't discuss for marching for this. So it's trying formatting these with No, there are a lot of options for formatting the map, so Let's go to them. Wonderful. So some of them could be. Particulars. Condition from acting category Bubbles mark controls, map styles and heat. Let's afford this map. We go to the for my job and you can see doctrines. So force of their detectors secular by the foreign, the three tacklers speakers green over you. But let's see you want to customize the color of each country. Truly flick on troll. We can customize the color of each bubble like the one above, so let's see Europe as yellow Oceania as the same below. Easier as on to. We can remove the blank over here. We don't really Vonta on America's hours poeple, right? So the particulars of matching what you see on there. Similarly, there's often called category. If you switch it on, you can see the category labels, but we don't one doctor. I can even customize the card tables. Is there some option Corner bubbles can increase these size of the bubbles? Let's keep it as well. That makes it easier to see. Then you have mapped controls can change how the map is interacted with so you can enable autism. Then you don't you're focusing on any of you also been something changes you can enable or disable the zoom buttons in, sort off manually scrolling in you can aren't buttons on the map. Woman click. Then you have matched tiles. So right now the team off the map is gold. You can change it so that, say, a more realistic aerial team or a dog team like this, probably a grayscale. It depends on you know what VOCs based for you, so it's deformed. Then there's an often for heat map. In this normal sort of bubbles, you can show a greedy int heat maps on right, Not great isn't too much to show. It's enabled a heat map. So right now in the continent's details in too much. But if we try going one level down into countries, you can see much more clearly how the heat man works for you. You can see a green concentration over you, indicating higher singles on some things. The wheel literacy is in North America. Let's go back on its disabled to heat up again, then their other normal options. Similar tied to jeans a color again, he's a former size right on. We are the border it's not. This one is looking like the one above. Uh, so Well, we are having a loan on continents and countries. Similarly, for your continents on countries, both worsen still does seem to us Let's try the film a lmao tacular so there by the four, destroying everything as green. But we can option do conditionally color the reader, so oh, I think we can color it like this on the base of the country. What we can carry on the business values off the scenes so higher value off saints in the country keeps green color like in Europe. Orlova, Luke. It's a collaborate like in Asia. So that's strike on his phone by clicking on this three dots just for my Now we're going to former Bacolor skill on. Do you want a former 400 based on the magnitude of scenes? So total sales South Korean scenes the lowest value should get a red color on the vaccine value should get a green color. Okay, now you can see you know, color. According are conditional formatting the countries of the eight years by the murder of sales. You can see if you drill on one level I'll go to the country living. Even then it holds up. So, you know, has a lot of scenes. So it is getting a lot of green color. Other countries are getting red color. No other options remain the same. Like the map controlled the maps, trails, title, border and so on. So this is how you create a map. Raju's from scratch, Bobby. 13. Target Visuals: No. Let's have a look at the gauge on the Keep your visuals. These vicious easily track our progress against a goal or target. The gauge visual is located over you. This 10 sorry. This one on you can insert and in pre template by clicking on this party. Nevio. Similarly, the GP a visual is located over here on, uh, you can insult to complete like this by clicking the spartan on. So these are how the visual looks, the gauge visual look, spending peaceful on. This is the KP look, usually when tasteful. Right. So let us understand more on Brenda. Used the's visuals. Gate charge has a semi circular shape like this on the measures, the progress of a single value R k p A. Towards this goal or target. So the line or the needle over your this one interprets the goal or the target value right are into shooting the presents that progressed worst. A goal. So this is the cool on the green bar. Is the progress tactical? So in a very have exceeded the goal away, the value inside the shape or two presents the progress. Buy new on one exit would be that the progress of a salesman's salesman works towards their monthly or yearly sales, Right? Absolutely. We have to keep your key performance indicator visual. It's a visual that it is a visual cue that communicates the amount of progress made towards some kind from measurable goal. So keep your eyes have a great choice toe first to measure progress, to answer questions like water my head behind on aren't second e to measure the distance to the goal. So, um, it answers the question. How far ahead or behind am I towards from the bowl? So the game official you've really shows the latest value on how close you are to the wall was definitive, so you can see the latest value over your this one on. We have a gold value. Well, let's say the actual values one terrible world values 85 on one person teach, uh, as the distance. You know how far behind we are from the goal? Their training, in the background of these, lying to the bathroom, the, um, the show, the vision and values throughout the time period. So exam, for example, we have applied a filter on Let's obviously time veered off the 1 19 so the values will show the actual sales on target 4% 9 easily, literally latest value in the time bird, the train line in the background, which would train for the past all the months. So it's for the whole of the 19. But this one literally like this value on the way to school. Okay, I know it's a little confusing to understand, but you know this how this really works. And Bobby, So the type of leader that we need for he's bored. These visuals are the medical do top, right? So we in the medical leader to show of attitudes the men, the max under targets. So on this beach, I wanted to say that your phone, you know, sales along with their targets. So for this, we using the ice cream returns it ice cream See in ST Desert. On the over here, you're simply showing how many sales have made of the insert target. One during five on is a maximum achievable off leader we can have. This really shows the current value off the scenes, really, for this for the latest month off December, we having wanted to as a value. The gold was 85. We're over 20% from our target. On the background we have the monthly sales stream. So let us Friday making this visual from scratch. No, not to make these officials from scratch. What will always feel fill in the empty templates with data? Andan focus on improving the properties off the so for this reusing the ice cream scenes as discussed before. So it was trifling their fields. So I go over you Onda for this one I are the value value showing the actual sales when you of this, uh, ice concedes to be getting the same number of 12. 32 But the charges a bit off in the minimum value beacon are something. If you have a measure, order a condom for this, we can do it. As bank wanted to start from zero in the maximum value. Apology created a measure for this called Mac sales. I decided you Mac sales is basically from life created. It seems that the maximum would be or third of the target. Then I can add a target value. Well, I already have a target field from licensee in ST I just want to do so you can see that you are gay charges looking like the one above. Similarly, Father KP a visual in the indicator I didn't the value called the actual field in the trend axis. I want some kind of time or time. TV's column called The Date Right. So now you can see you're getting this values as the one of us, but also after Target's goes from the target feed, right so you can see that this visual is also looking like the one number. So we have the train Aksoy. Oh, the actual value of the last month on the world. I lived the last month, blasted distance from the cold, so let us transform writing this these two fields Now. Now, let's have a look at some of the notable properties off these visuals, so some of the notable ones are the gate access, the target colored value indicator Turn Axis goals on Cal according Let's have a look at them one by one. So for the gate visual, I click on this on Goto, the former taboo. So let's have a look at the properties. No formatting options force the gauge access this letter said the minimum axes in our gauge by default zero actual over you. What begins in our under a minute minimum of 100 on the charge shifts accordingly. Let's keep it up. We also have data colors. We can decide what to fill over here. Which color film for this progress part on target line. Let's say I fell head over your right and give the doctor Tacitus another Austin could be. I can also add conditions formatting for both the Phil on. Uh, the target on this gives us a lot off flexibility in terms of what color you are. You also have little able. So you on auction for greater levels, you can see the values for the men and the max you can enable or disable them are you know he's the colors like this on how it displease it makes. Then you have the target value over you. This value Oh, you can change how it looks again on, uh So, yeah, last one is the color value, which is the biggest. All the actual progress value that we have. You can also modify the formatting properties for this over you wait So these are the mean ones for the engage access. Let us simply the title on the size from you on the border now. Similarly, for the KPFA Israel, we also have some properties in the Formica forces. Is the indicated property indicators. Basically this value, the main value or the actual value? You can increase the size from you or the freezer, guaranteeing the display units. Then you have the trend. Access the lines shown in the background. You can enable or disable it. Then you have the value for the cools. You can enable or disable the gold value on the distance value on finally, the color boarding. So how do you want to define a TV? Wonderful. So is the value of gold. A good thing or a bad thing so high is good. Means you can have angular stood out accordingly. Or you can also have Low is good the last thing. So we can also are the border on. Let's modify the title on. They have a visual that looks like exactly that run above. So that's how you make your engaged and keep your visuals 14. Card Visuals: it's understand the guard visuals? No. These are some of the simplest visuals to make but are used to show some of the most importantly tender report. There are two types of card wishes. One is the normal card visual. On the other is the Madero Kardashian. They can be found over you on a blank template, can be inserted by clicking on the respectable ins. So on this page have created both these type off cards. These are the normal card visuals on this is the multi Rocard visual. So when do you use a guard vision? Individuals? Sure, a lot of information over different Nazis are nine engines, right. However, the car visuals are used to show only one data value, and that is usually the most important. Or the KPK value in the report. For example, the total sales figures or the customer complaints per day, or the total complete company strained or something. The difference between the normal oh guard on the material card is that you can split a metric on the medical value by a category variable. So over here you can see that gives shown photos heels for all of them. But in this multi Rocard dispirited by the conference or the category so you can spare other examples Good without, you know, you're spreading the total implant strength by department. You can aren't as many categories as you want in this visual, although I would recommend not more than three or four. It starts to get better that I would really that we can have in the cards our categorical on the medical detail if we should just one figure. So if you're using numerical data, it will be agreed, like ritual somewhat average something like that. If you're showing a category, carry categorical value, it will show generally the count. So the examples that we've made on this beach, I've shown the total scenes I've shown the value per orders or the average value put orders on the multi row have shown total sales again but splintered by the continent's. So we tried replicating thes visuals. Oh, from scratch to replicate the card visuals on crutch, what we'll do with real or first other data fields into the central templates and then for custom for marking. So for this, using the e commerce Ian's does it again on, uh, let's try putting in the fields. We have your phone. The total feels similarly will pick the total sales on drag it into the fields is just one field. Often it's a to show one kph. There's no other options. It's pretty simple to make jack abilities. We're ensuring the son of subtleties. It's about matching the value, really for this one. We showing the valuable order, have already created a measure for this, which basically is covering the total sales divided by total orders. So I simply doubt drag this measure into the Phillies option. We share the same value as the one on the left. Now we're picking multi Rocard. What I'll do is oh first crack the continent Over here, you can see we have four empty got degrees over here on. Then I dragged her total sales below this in the same field. Now you can see your splitting the conference by the total sales. Now let's focus on the formatting options for these cards. We have pretty simple formatting options for these cards, so let's go to them. Some of the notable options are available, the category and the card. So for this, click under vision on go too far marked out. You can see retail level first. Click on this. Continue the color of the retail level. This is the little just the value on this is the captivity. We have two options. Radiator level and the category. So this is available on This is the captain. Let's go to the Taliban forced jeans, the color to Red Lassiter's. But I can also probably conditionally for mark things. So we have a condition formatting option over you on on the business from feel or its own value. We can assign a color scale or ah, you know, some particular value off a color. So this little evil, and also for my other options on how it displease. Then for the category or this text value we can enable or disable it on. We can change the color. So let's say I make it to black and increases to 15 right, so it's looking more like the one on the left. Then there's often forward rap, which I don't think is that given over you. You can also add a title on the top, but we don't need that are the background or maybe uncovered other options are not over over you. He started back a border of you, and I never duplicated the Mitchell as it is. Similarly, for this same options for this on, we can just increase the size of the category level to make it as it is. It's because in the multi Locarno formatting, options for the material card are almost a scene. Do tell levels you're gonna gain color over you enable or disable activities on her title for the card. Then there's another traditional option called card. So displays how you modify displays card within this Maduro card so you can are, you know, clean. So if in this case let's say I are the bottom, only our claim or Bottomley border can also define what color this border should be. It's a black. I just make it does deformed. You can change the way out of line. You can decide to show the bars on the left, these ones. I'll disable it, you know, and I lose anybody the border. So now I work. All the visuals are looking like the ones on the left counterparts. This is how you clear the card vision 15. Slicers: it's understand slices? No. So they aren't of visual in a convention since, but they are very useful in supporting what gets displayed in other visuals on the page. So the slicer chart is looking eyes located over you. Oh, I see Over you, you can insert a blank bill by clicking on Spartan on getting up Temple like this. So when you have a field slicer, it looks like this Either list of things or a simple God Don't list of things like this are a button list of things like this. It can take many forms. Uh, so when do you use a slice of So OK, let me. Just as a list. So slices. I used to substrate a filter, the data that is shown in the visuals on the reports. So let's say you want to filter subsidiary that every phone in the bar chart over you on the carbon tax. Julia. Right, so you can use the slicers to filter the data. Doctor Shona Well, so let's say you want to see the signals only from specified countries or perhaps the performance off in little seals. Men one by one, telling them whatever you want to see from the slicer on the visuals were dynamically update to the little selections on This is what makes apologies so dynamic and powerful. So there's no need to create separate report for different subsets of greater the street again, simply filtered easily by a slicer. The table deter tactic, and having a slicer could be practicable on a medical. This laser displays a list of a distinct values off available on respectful trucks, will etc. I have Country column so it will give me all the unique names of the countries that are there. In my column are the continent. I confirmed the values by lifting any one of them, any of them, how much of it of them to get them. So on the speech I've created these two slicers one for the country, 100 I truly, how the work. So right now no selection is or picked so exploring every lead over you so I could probably get some body look countries and it reflected a subsidiary over there, etc. I said Australia, right? So it has failed utterly. Don't just for Australia to the I art in Belgium are trying to country there together and see Australian Belgium if I keep adding countries which you know jeans, so keep changing the visual below. Similarly, I considered all also go back to the original form. I can also to leave the continent right? So it's I said, only Euro. Now it's showing me do it only for Europe. Let's see, I said, Just Americans trying to get only for Brazil, Canada and USA were you This filter actually filtered this like so actually filtered that are losing this like so So this is how a slice of books No, we're just trying making a slice of from scratch now to be the slice of from scratch. We'll use this and attempted on, well, ardent later from this e commerce sales, he does it again. So you just have to add one feeling a slicer. Well, let's say we tried to our country. We replicate this country slice all over you, so I just simply drive country will get a list of countries like this. So by default getting a list of all the countries I can change how would displease by clicking on the drop down Britain, Mr of all the countries will display a drop down. But for all the countries Wait, you can also have a slice like this. But this is more of a formatting option, right? So we understand that when you signed the four marking the slicers, it sort of country, I could probably also hard. One billion. So for drug content over this, it will turn into a country enslaved, so showing all the distant continents in my list. So it's all the greatest like so look at the for many options. Now let's go through some of the formatting options for the slicer. So you like the slicer on Go to the four mark tab over you. So the notable properties and formatting options are the solution controls slicer header items was drop down option that you already seen on the injured in directions. Let's go through them one by one. So over force, we have general options. It'll open color and regional. One interesting thing is the augmentation. Right now you're seeing the world goal orientation off things. You can make it horizontal so that you don't you get these buttons like section controls are seeing on the left. It's can also make a responsive so that when you resize them, they re signed accordingly. It's not. Make them horizontal right now. Let's keep them as well. Oh, I'm sorry. Let's make them working on these. Yeah, so, uh, then the restoration controls so you can enable single, select or not. But right now, we can select multiple, uh oh, multiple continents by clicking control. But if you want people to insert one thing every day so you can enables Inglis alert on people, be able to select only one quandary entered time. One off one thing. Everything right. So what? It's December. If you want to show us little option, insure it like this by enabling this. Then there's an often force like the header. It's received the heading off your slicer. You can enable or disable it on began. Former Howard looks like, you know, just so you can actually also show what a surgeon in the slicer by enabling the show somebody option. So that's a Europe a selector. Well, it will show Europe on the heading on then last e items options you conform and how the items in your list look like right? This one more interesting thing about slices, which is called the edges interactions on the the new click on a slicer. I didn't go to the for Marta. You'll see edit contractions over you so they change how you know other visuals on the page interact with the slicers. So if you don't want a visual toe, change its values, then it's like the values changed. You can go to the great direction at the move, the interaction. So right now, what do you mean? You start this visual is genius values. Based on this later, if you don't want the slice of to change this value, we're going to with this laser quoted for my job and your interactions and then disabled the attraction. So you're seeing how this laser select interacted everything. Disabled this for this vision. Oh, I'm sorry. So you know. So here is the option for the ceiling. The interaction with the slicer with selected slicer, life threatening values. This is not changing. You can see that are just like the multi ending and other which is on the page with change , but not this one. Right? So how you make a slicer and body 16. Table and Matrix Visuals: Now let us understand. Table on the matrix visions. These visuals provide an very easy way to study the reader as somebody. Or you could go deep into the nationalities. So the table visual is located over here. This one on the meter visual is located over here. You can insert them, re tempted by clicking on any of these bottoms. So, um, this is how it's how the visuals look when filled with data so you can have a lot off different bodies that you can show the veto. I'll be demonstrating all these options soon, right? So when you use a table or matrix, they will learn metrics that will provide a very easy way to study later in the pharmacological cities, off rows and columns, you can also add any type off data in portable. You can see that you have categorical data. We have no medical guitar and so on, right in the form off columns on draws for both of these. So it is generally used to look to have a look on and compared return in the raw form. So not in a visual form like a elements. You just showing the raw data Okay, So examples could be that you're showing the names region Jose's age and then you're off. All the salesmen in department already control the information about all the orders received, and they all the characteristic sound not use. So the different difference between a normal table on the metrics visual is that you can't expand the collapse of data table by using data hierarchies. So what, you can't see any drill down or experience on button? Well, you know, you can see that you know, you're getting option structural down or go down the hierarchy. So this one time leave difference between table and a major socials. So matrix literally is to dimension in nature. That is where you can go down the level, all the column level. So that's not available in the table on. We've always said you can't do anything great available in the table on the metro. So on this beach or next one is doctor absolutely calmer seas. And I've shown the writer for that some of this liquid column so that from that table eso I've shown the continent the country on total sales for the combination and also the value per order So for let's say, for Europe Austria, The total scenes Waas 10,000 on the value per orders was $25. Similarly, the same thing over you But we have summarized by the continent's for different years. Onda, we can you know, drill down if you want. So let's say I expand down one living in the country and true value. So this is what we have done over you. We discussed this soon. Andi also don't have to make this. So let us try making these from scratch, not talk to you the table and a meatless visual. Some scratch or will always well fill in the implicating plates with the data first on then or from other properties. Right? So you just rifling in the columns. So if I click on this, uh, we get the values just fun. Header For the values of you we'll be using the e commerce sales status on its latest draggers column simply into this, So forces a column continent, country to rule skills and valid paroled in that order so confident country consents on the valuable order for which I've created a measure. Tell you so you can see that It's very easy to clear table visual. You can already see the data coming in over here, right? Just try making this a big small. So, yeah, we have a little Cablevision. Simply you can see it looks a bit different on this. We'll check that in the front, finding properties. It's also creating make decision. So it has three headers, those columns and values. So those contains the true headers? Well, here are those are being the or continent in the country in the call in sick, getting the time, these things. So you're on the quarter on the values will be showing the total scenes. So for the rule, I lard confident hierarchy in the columns lard, the invoice date hierarchy. I keep only though here in the quarter, in the week in the values I lied the brutal scenes so you can see that our matrix, which is also representing or looking like the one showing off right side differences, which I'll come to later in the former options. Now let us try to form under a table and the metrics visuals. So some of the northern properties are things like style row column, headers, values totals feel formatting condition from acting Sakamoto's grand totals and expand our boundary. So first, let's have a look at the table. Let's go to the former top for the table wheel. You can t several options for you so general properties of the position on the table. Then you have the style options, so that's a apply style of minimal, so it looks like something on the one on the left. Then we have the great properties. You can try to apply grid the work together great or the horizontal grid we just have for you Integrate over here, you can also included a please a great thickness like this or about Lincoln. So then next you have column header property. So how this column header this place. So let's say I want to increase the size you know some. Or do also modify other properties like the foreign size, the alignment the world drop from, please, then how the values in the table look. These values, the colors, the outlines, the likens, the Wardrop. It's increasing size again, then for the daughters how the total looks. So in the stable. We have disabled troubles, so they also do the same for this table, but in the Daughters, you can show that Little Off column. So let's see. The total of this column is one million point 112 William, or the coverage for this column could be that $34. So this is a total can do for your column total for categorical values by showing the count's. But, uh, it's disable it for this one, right? So you don't so far matter. Fields are different fields differently. You have options for all the columns over you between the phone color, the background color alignments on the other. Options conditioning for mark. One column based on the values was where you've seen that if conditioning for mattered, though foreign color of the valuable order. So how higher value is shown in green color and globally showing the red color so they're struggling the same for value proto wheel. So I choose Bandipora on a choose the option for formatting the form color. You can see that it is applying condition formatting to my valuable, so green green to red. You can also have advanced controls to control fine tune. How you want condition formatting to appear not all of you. Then you have the usual things, Like the title on the borders. And so this is how you make They will look like the one on the left. All right. Oh, no wonder the Matrix. Really. Options for them are almost in fort as as with the table, apply minimum Styler. Well, then in the grid, we don't need to do anything further Column headers like just increase the size of the headers. Unity for the Reuters. Let's just increase the size because schools more You do a lot of things. A lot of things are possible. You know how we want. I construct life or the colors and all, uh, similarly for the volumes Excise, you don't have a I can over you, depending on your point of view you have now. One thing is the sub totals. So in the tables we just have the voters on the bottom. But in the Matrix, we have subtitles for each. We have separate bills and then we have the Overgaard. Google's subtitles can be there for each cavity off the column Marshall on the stock photos are for the whole off the in a way, the whole somebody off the wall column so I can disable this. Her phone. So voter sub programs have these call them supporters. Are these ones on the on the right? Right now, I don wonder, but you can enable them ask for your needs. I go. They have the property to drill down along with the kind of detail. So if drilling down by into country and continent, some progress appear at each level over to you. Right? So this is a very handy feature. Disable it is right now. I don't want that they have a grand total. Oh, so we don't need this right now. Feel for marching again off. Begin for each one differently Because of the color on you know how it appears down again. We have condition for my thing. Over here again, a plaque and its former each individual feel well, you can apply. It seems the background color are the foreign color or short data bars in the country from acting only the Lycans. Then let's apply a border again. Now you can see that matrix visual. It's looking like the one on the left. So I just to show you how a real down. You choose how to down tools to the long rows or columns. So if it usually Lindros, so you have content severe on. You can rely on toe or the continent on the country level. If it's useful. Turned down by the columns the Jews were down on the year are the year on the cortical level. So here on the bottom here, Right, So this is how you for mark on Make me Jackson Cablevision? 17. R and Python Visuals: let's understand another very powerful feature of probably that is, how to create visuals using our and fightin scripts. So the R script is located away. You on the I think Skip visual is located over you. You can create NTM broken brick by clicking on this button to create something like this. Like so, uh, so when you use these visuals so Bobby has made available, the whole visually positive off are fighting languages to us. So that means if you're not able to find a visual in power, bi or you're not happy with the visual looks like you can write the order Python script in this visual on a load of visual from their own libraries, you can even customize your data. Onda applied return consumption techniques before displaying division so you can write a customer are inviting cold on you. No, use Belinda libraries for additional information and find this player vision in Foggy. The final or put off these script visuals should also be a visual, So to get started, you need to have our vitamins and pretty and stored in the system. I know it's probably just works with installation. Doctors only system it doesn't install anything on your soul For Python, you need to have ponders on my little black beans already installed. So first, create an empty are fighting visual like this Give created over you for this course I don't show you how to create our school provision. Reading a beytin individual is very similar to creating our our strip ritual. Exactly the same or lose. You can try that on your own. So when you create an empty vision to embrace you get in a red A window like this one. This window right on This is very article. We'll get you needed and get written Next you need to point bar Gato the location off the local installation off are fighting. So do that you click on this partner of your script options dialogue box will open for you Onda Goto the our scripting option. Or you could go to the fighting skipping off independent one water creating So were detected our home battery going to the location off the local installation of far on Boston Legal Jews which are I d don't use you know it it are. Then click on OK. No, you can't. You are so Let's look at some data fields and try creating a visual. So we conard any type of data to the fields. So you're under the values. There's just one values head over here on, uh, depending on the visually apparent to use, uh, for the for the sake of the scores. I love it. Simple scatter plot from the limited visit a wheel. Right. So in this from the lemon detested Well, our sales first. All right, then the flyers, you can see that s Tunas added feels under the values some cord has bean or paginated away . All right, so let's in this time that so first it sees our door. You don't We're just getting some kind of default, Guetta said, using the freeze that we've added. So basically your data frame using the cities in the Flyers column on this is a unique respect. The rules don't prepared in the roads were very moved. Find anything that you can harden our own script below this over here. That is very large, Jakub. So that they want to plot a scatter plot. Right? So simply will time the court You Not a lot on defense. What is the name of the desert by default. So Lord does it on. What we'll do next is simply run. Run the script using this button. So it loading, it's loading. You can see that Just learning a well, you know, you can see that something the tide has beens or new data. Well, the only problem is that it's just one one single point on the screen. Right? So this is perhaps are cutting because we haven't for this kind apart. We need to use. Don't summarize. So don't somebody's for seals on. Don't summarize for flyers. Now, the court will auto generate the outputs. Well, you can see that our charges abridging extreme each single data point as he single draw Africa as a point on the chart. So what does this chart mean? It means our dog has been please the number five flyers. As we increase the number of flyers, promotional flyers, distributed energy, the number of sales is proportional increasing. So the move flyers that I hand out off my shop lemonade trump more increase in seas. I see in a day, right? This is what we depicting giving this counterpart. So there's somebody off how you use the script visuals. We can add more compute cord on at the vision from libraries like G. Plaut, etcetera. It's up to you how far you want. Toe stressed the capabilities of these visuals, So the limit is endless, right? So there's now basically you create these script revisions. 18. Key Influencers Visual: Let's understand the key in France serves visual law. It is a very new are type of visual, having bean only into recently introduced into party. But it's also a very powerful type of vision. So the key in Prince of Visual is located over you. You can insert a blank and put back clicking on this button on. This is how those who looks when fade. So when you use a key influence of Israel, the team printers visually head. Just understand the factors that drive a metric doctor interested in. For example, let's say you're setting ice cream on you. Want to know what all factors driver Basile's right. So is it Rick Temperature, the humidity, the price, the flavor, etcetera. The King Francis visual can help you understand this. Another example could be that you want to figure out what influences employee turnover in your company, right? So what factors like employment contract lint employees Age department at Spectra inference the address in your company. So the key inference visual can help do that. It intended the factors on which other prominent factors on you know how things change going. Different factors give. Users can analyze the Ritter trying the most important factors on display them asking it can help contrast related importance off these factors. So the type of digital adding you for this you need medical data. You know, you move in the medical variable whose behavior he won't be allies on. Then you need the medical or categorical of the rebels analyze these behaviors like another destroying, destroying the example on the speech. So over you, I have used Toki in transit visual to show to explain the behavior off laminate sales. Right, So we're using the Limited sees your dessert on the key inferences vision. So what have been over years I've tracked to identify what influences that have a new to increase? Right, So this is how you into five audio analyzing, Uh, for this you have to fill in the variables over here, or the defenders on lies explained by an experience by in the analyze section you put the variable that you Waldo allies the beer off, right? So it's I want to understand the behavior of revenue. How what influences might have been two degrees. So I put up a new wheel from you that I want to explain the favorite of revenue by different variables like flyers price, the rainfall. I'm temperature. So I put in these columns. Are these variables another Spain by header? And finally, if I wanted to, you know, reloading talk category spread by a category. I could have put that variable over here, but right now, I don't want grew that I just want to work for these variables. Editors. Uh, so don't summarize. Thes very Bruce down less variable. But you can summarize the other. Explain by valuables. When you put these very well soil, what does he use? Something like this, Right. So of. So you'll see the entrance of Israel showing you how different factors everything of the price that have any Ingres forced. The first factor that isn't influencing there's the price. Second is a temperature. On Thursday, Flyers flight number of flyers that using. So you're saying that price is the highest active When places point 05 governors, it saves the average of the revenue increases by $9.45. Right? So that means we have to keep up prices 0.5 to make the most of the revenue. Second factor. Distin preacher. It says if the temperature goes up by 16 points 17 the average off revenue increases 2.0 for $200. That makes things because, you know, as it gets hotter, more people tend to buy limited in general, towards the Flyer. If we distributable flyers or exactly what? Harding? 116 We'll see anything either point for North Avenue averaging grease off 0.0.1 in our revenue. Oh, like it's not much, but a so something, right. 1st 4 was in the place forced. So this is the level off revenue when we're selling our 0.3 price. This is a level of revenue money selling at $0.5 place so you can lose your difference in revenues. So really full temperature, shoulder relation between the average of revenue picture so you can see that as the temperature goes up, the video goes up on you consider coalition line this daughter line similarly for the flyers, just so you can see a correlation in the point. Another thing that we have a video. So this is the game transit stop of you. We have a more taboo were called the top segment stuff. So, uh, what top segments does is, it shows me then is might have a new, more likely to be high or low right, so it will give me factors or a combination of factors that causes Marivan to be high. So first it is a combination off things. At 18% for dollars, it's four segment. It says that in 2nd 1 the prices not 10.3. That means prices 0.5. I have a temperature greater than it did on me. So this segment has a very high revenue off it in front $74. Oh, which is 10 point military unit Thailand. Now, overall average on Segment one contains 28 points, or five portion of the data. So this one segment that is causing the riveting to be very high on the segment is the segment with some other characteristics. Syria. The third segment on the fourth segment, some sometimes he segments but close to each other. But in general they give a good idea off what arm initial factors is causing the river to be higher, right? Notice also quickly look at some of the formatting options for the key insurance of visual . So I click on this go to the former like so it only has a couple off former did options. The rest of the modest seem deformed for developments like the title Border sector toe Let's school dances stab well, let's hear toe. Under this, we have options to enable or disable, though Qingshan, Zotob or the segment top segment stop Great. Everything is doctor assists. Pipe could be continuous or categorical depends on the variable that paralyzing. So basically to whether to treat the figure analyzing as a categorical or continous fear. Even great that old anyone comes and even comes, shows the oh do Doc. So it indicates that month straight out that we have in a particular level, so it will try enabling this. You can see that there's some kind of ring coming around this. These are inventing very ones, right, completing a parceling, completing again. So this tells is how much What is the count of this detail? Great. What? What what is the impact? That sort of confidence, but so it can help identify things that are very low and count but are having a very high impact. So consider the prices $0.5 has account off only that say off less than 1/4 right, but it is having a very high impact on the revenue. So this, also, you can also sort by impact or sort by the count of, so it's deceiving this right now. Then you have options for changing the colors off visuals, primary color, private text color, second regulars and all. So we can choose whatever you want and change it from you right like this. Let's keep dusty vault. And finally, you can also mean the drill visual colors, the default color or the drill color blue jeans According So yeah, this is how you create a clean friends key influences vision. 19. Marketplace Visuals: No. Let's have summarized Look at some of the useful marketplace visuals. Sophia, in this video, we're starting four visuals though his two grand vision, which is this one. Then the bullet chart looking it over you. This one. Then we have the box in this courtyard. This fund I don't find me that Bernardo chart, which is this one. Before being able to use these visuals, you need to import them from the marketplace. Forced because they're not include by default and the visual Asians being late. So here's how you import a visual from marketplace. You click on this three dots. They say it's important custom vision and then click import from market, please. You must be logged into party over here. USB Logan over here. Only then you will be able to import from my place. Then you could conduct Oh, you have to wait for a bit 100 dialog box will open up for you like this. So this is the marketplace. But you can see different third party or visuals on. You know, you have a lot off the righties over here. You see the letter chart that we were talking about, right? Do you have the charts such as Guard guards, and you also have a lot of category of charts, right? So you have a lot of map category charts. Other market. Any charts from or let's say you want some filters. Yes, and filters additional filter. Mitchell's right Onda some educators, speaks OK, nothing so innovate. You can know you don't choose any vision from you on. Then you click on hard. You can click this out burden from Let's see, I tryto fighter, which rely on the chart again. So I click on hard earned. Oh, so okay, it stays for me. That visual already exists, but for you it will say it will probably ask you to confirm and then for two newest you'll get so I can for that charter. Well, so for the top part of the chart, you know, I confront this like any other visual over you. Andi conflict on this or button to create an ember remembered for this vision, right? So once you've imported your marketplace, visual, you can sort of bang complete like any division that start filling in the greater condoms. Now let's let's go through each chart one by one so force lists tried to understand the history grammars will over your right. So, uh, many used instagram vision or history. Graham is used to visualize the distribution of data over a continuous interval or some kind of a time. Peter. So it's an estimate of the Quadrant distribution off conservative. But even so, basically what history am does is it groups the detained Tobin's right, So the entire range of values falls into a series of intervals. So these orbits different events we have on all the details. Basement frequency is falling into the filaments. We didn't count how many values fall into each and double, so the depends on frequency count off the values. So an example could be the distribution of marks off students on a test, right? Oh, history, Graham Off order or a history Graham off order values on the example so you could pocket the marks of students into different kind of Ben's. But the order ranges into difficulty bins. So over here, what we've done is we have plotted the lemonade using the limited sales. Your dessert deported the distribution off revenue ranges, so so on the X axis, we have revenue, so if they have any faults between two and five, we can't be how many times that have any force between two and five. So eight times it is falling between two and $5. Frequency is you, too, generally for five and between $500 the revenues falling, buying times integrate dessert and so on. Right? So we brought in the revenue on its frequency and Rubens. So let's quickly go through the formatting options for the history ambition. You go to the far right above you off on a general, you can see that you know it's in Corbyn's contains a number of pens. Docked appears, uh, in your vision right now, using seven minutes on that suits perfectly for us. Amount of data. You can change that right in all the genes of enable or disable the frequency. Then you can change the data colors. How what colors fell into these bars, then you have the usual options. Like, you know, styling options with the exacts is the by axis. How many? What does it start? An end range of the axis and stuff like that? Then you can just to show or hide the data labels over you these ones on. Then you have the usual properly like that, Nigel. Background, etcetera. No, let's have a look at the bullet chart. Bullet charters, Basically a bar chart, but with extra visual elements to show progress towards the goal. Wait, so we can see that it's a bargain. But you know, things like target and on the start, the souls as an alternative for gauges and meters type of visuals, you can even compare progressing money to build categories are ones in the start, right? So you have multiple categories you spread by month to month is a category well on. But you can also call local different levels of progress like this great dragon in charge. So if some examples could be that you want to track the sales off each salesman in a team versus the target, we could have saved every Hillsman as a category on the sales, and the professor would put to work the seals. So to create this or what we do is so over here, what we've done is we have created and actually was the Stargate off the ice cream scenes, right? So we have used by Simpson Street as it were. And we project off month by month are still Stargate and the actual value achieved. So this line, this little line, represents the target on the length of the bar, absent actual value. Sometimes the bar crosses the target. Sometimes it doesn't. So we're it's crossing. We are. It's still a crossing the bar so short of the target and so on. Andi, make this chart. What you do is you pretender Data field over here. So category over here is the time could put another captivity for the value we put in the actual measurable value on in the target value we put the target column. You can also add a minimum needs improvement satisfactory. Basically thes different levels, off data and different headers. Right? And that's how you create decision front for my this visual. We go to the full at w on. Let's take some of the formatting options. So under data values, you can argue in different options. Sort of target find you get what you do. I've added minimum percentage as 20% needs improvement as 40 60 and 80 right on. Very good as 100% off the value, then you can under in two steps. You can enable or disable the categories names of the categories from you, our customers, how they look. You can also change the orientation off the chart. Right? Hard 100 right? It wasn't left and so on. You can change how the access looks, it appears, and then you have the rest of the usual formerly options knowledge. Quickly have a look at the box and the viscous chart. So this is the one. So when do you use a box in the sketch art? It is used. It is used toe as another very toe. See the destruction of data on perhaps the best way initial multiple inside that wants just by looking at the chart. So in in the first glance, it seems about printing with multiple door turned these beard boxes. But you'll quickly realize that you know, it's one of the most informative jobs out there. We could also compares quickly, compared different of decisions of the top different, even between different sets of data. It showed the mean median. The first and the third quarter is the maximum and minimum values and our players, along with starting division and quarter or division. You can easily divide the data back at degree and compare multiple boxing. Discuss sharks at once. Some example would be you want to show the distribution marks Australians on test or the You want to show destitution off the order values in e commerce store. So over you, What we have done is we've shown the laminate seals are basically we've used eliminates illustrated to show the distribution of revenue. So it's the same thing as though his diagram chart shown over here. But, uh, this chart gives us more information about the destruction of right. So Okay, so what we see over here explaining what is happening in the dark? This this line over you on this line is the interpretive range are the range of digital, right? So it shows the minimum over here on the maximum value for you so digitalized between this , these are divided eyes Between this, then you have each investigate upon interpreted as dots over here. Then this'd is the data between. This is the first weapon the second quarter on the third quarter, right? So the shows that her quarrel value it shows the second quarter value first quarter value then, despite got over here, shows the mean off the value on, uh, this is a printed off the meeting. The weirdo color, different shoots. Right. So now if though, if this Bacchus more towards the left of the data, then that means the charters or skewed towards you know he right? And similarly, the opposite off. So in one go, you're able to see how the details this router very mean median lies with the minimum and maximum is on. Do you know how far apart are? How close are the data points? Loners? Try understanding how this is made. So if you see a way out, we have options for putting taxes over you. I put the deat as access right on. You can put access categories Also Category one, Category two You spread the charred by different categories of Britain. Right? Right now, I haven't spent by any category. But even let's say have categories of rito also ability Want compared institution of revenue across different days. These could be one category. You can split this chart by unity for value. You can have I found the revenue values you have. Other are the columns for dot size one legend on rooftops. Also different fields over here. No strange training, the formatting options that are available for this chart so you can decide the orientation . Right now we have a whole is. Our horizontal organization can also pick a vertical condition. You can flip the viaducts labels or flipped up in tax levels like this, right? You can put him in with this begin strike to sort the variables. If that is available to you in the box options, you can check what you want to show. So we have options. A median. What kind of misko you want? Sometimes tavisca chart shows the men Max values like this one. Or you could show the I Q Are inter quartile range. Andi represent out out less in that or other types of jobs on, you know. So jeans that box and discovered and the colors Then there you want to show the mean value or not like this on then the gender. How you under for the dots, not data point separately earned. Finally, you have other, uh, common options like the ones we've discussed before. So this is how you make a boxing. This couple Uh, no. Let us holds quick here in this time or not. A chart. So Bernard started this one on, uh, what color chart is used to compare the directive Importance of the rebels between two groups. You can see we have two groups over here, but one battered one by dream. Andi comparing some kind of busy comparing them or the values in different groups. Right. Turner charters, a common tool used to depict the sensitivity sensitivity off result Putin is instead, valuables opposed to effect off for the are put off, varying each and put variable at a time, keeping all the other improve Abel's at the initial or normal values. Right? So one thing to note is that the legend variable should have only two distinct values. So you can see that we have to values. So the example is one example is docked off the one over you. So what we showing over here is off Soviet using the tight an injury does hurt in the title Under tested were showing the people who survived but age group. So so did our. So that means radio zero means so you know, So leave a green or one means survived, right? So this is the legend that they're using as shown over you. Then we have the group off levels. So this is the group. So what I've shown is the is group, right? So we have definitive group for people who do not have the ages quartered 0 to 55 10 up to 15 15 Grundy and so on. So I'm feeling for different age groups how many people survived and how many people died. What percentage of people survived. This is what person does. People died. So, for example, for the undercard age groups, 14% of them died or her 6% of them survived Rates almost more than double of them died as compared to survived. If you see the is goes for Children and infants, until are the survived and who died. Percentages are almost a seem so you can see that you can see a doctor. A lot of Children drew as many people as many Children died as many survived. Right? So the creatures are delivered particular as compassion to the one to write. But you can see that as the age increases, the percentage off dying are the property of dying increases a lot up to age 25 30 where people are dying in this age as compared to surviving right. And finally, as you get older, you're person. Teach. Are the proportion of survival against equal again quotes, the one off the arrival right of dying because the one off survival. So this is how you make an interpret or Thanachart. So in the group you have put traveled age in the legend of probably survived. Flag or not on the values have put the count off the person majorities or the percentage of grand total right for Let's have a look at those for writing options for this one. So you have things like the three tacklers for you control different colors for different legend. So for zero or dying of funded for surviving or one iPhone green, so then you have options for eggs Axis 41 to show a zero and one. Then you can enable or disable their debt levels like this. Then I'll keep them. Then you can enable or disable religion, but when we destroy difference, you know the format how it looks. Then you can keep or disable the group. But we need a defense again, so we'll keep the group. Then you have the normal form. An emotional title background, etcetera. This is how you make it or not a chart. Oh, and Bobby. 20. Summary: So you've reached the end of the course. Are quickly somebody is for if you learned discourse, right? So we have learned all type of visuals available for use. And Bobby, we've learned when to use which visual on, we've also learned helping enhance and customize all individuals. So with the knowledge that have gained, you can now visualize the data more effectively and create fully interactive Barbie reports and dashboards. If you're looking to understand Power Bi is other functionalities on creative force Dashboard either conducted how we look at my other course, which is titled or foggy Creative force Dashboard on. I've learned out for you in the description. If you like the course, please leave a review. You know, telling about the experience. If you get stuck somewhere, please feel free to email me out. I use are every report Starcom on Lastly, do get toe get notified off most of hunting the follow button over you on. Subscribe to me on your do, so I'll see you again soon. Good bye.