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Data Processing in Artificial Intelligence in Python in Hindi

teacher avatar Vinod Gupta, Developer, Data Scientist & Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (2h 34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Artificial Intelligence in Hindi

    • 3. Why to Learn Artificial Intelligence in Hindi

    • 4. Types of Machine Learning

    • 5. Data Processing Cycle in AI

    • 6. Steps in Data Preprocessing in AI

    • 7. Basics of Python Programming Part 1

    • 8. Python Programming Basics Part 2

    • 9. PYTHON Programming Part 3

    • 10. Python Programming Basics Part 4

    • 11. Python Programming Basics Part 5

    • 12. Project: Data Preprocessing and Lable Encoding and decoding

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About This Class

Data Processing for Artificial Intelligence in Python in Hindi.

In our daily life, we deal with lots of data but this data is in raw form. To provide the data as the input of artificial intelligence andĀ  machine learning algorithms, we need to convert it into a meaningful data. That is where data preprocessing comes into picture. In other simple words, we can say that before providing the data to the machine learning algorithms we need to preprocess the data.

Data Pre-Processing is the very first step in data analytics and one of the most important steps in almost all data science projects. You cannot escape it, it is too important. Unfortunately this topic is widely overlooked and information is hard to find.

With this class I will cover this!

Data Processing as taught in this class has the following steps and data processing lifecycle:
Step 1: Collection of Data
Step 2: Data Preparation
Step 3: Data Input into system
Step 4: Data Pre-processing
Step 5: Data Visualization
Step 6: Storage of input data and output info for future use.

How do you best prepare yourself for this class?
You only need a basic knowledge of programming to fully benefit from this class as basics of Python programming is covered in this class. Once you know the basics of Python you are ready to follow along with the class material. Of course you will also get the project filesĀ  which makes it even easier.
The screen-casts are made in Google Colab so you should get this program on top of Python.

Again, if you want to make sure that you have proper data with a tidy format, take a look at this class. It will make your analytics with Python much easier in AI and ML projects.

Who is this class for:
Data pre-processing is a crucial step of data related work - therefore this course is intended for all aspiring students who wants to be data scientists, data analytics, data engineers and machine learning engineers.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vinod Gupta

Developer, Data Scientist & Educator


Hello, I'm Vinod. I have started working as web developer and then moved to Data Science.

For last 4 years I have worked on many data science projects and trained many tech students and professionals.

I am here to share my knowledge and experience with my students.

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1. Introduction: Muskets frog, a tab called data processing in artificial intelligence. In Hindi is classmate your class Hindi me. Only one artist may, um, data processing cache with that if cylinder again. So skip adding a budding metal beneath copter. Capital is classical metric data scientist or developer who wants OK experience and we enter data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning or AI. Development may come, can make our money pay, sorry. Ai, ML, software development kit projects, big companies, Telecom, QA way to subsequently McCullough the artificial intelligence actually presented in the target behavior. Artificial intelligence, could it be that the keyboard I hit, all the raw data don't collect contextual information. Can walk me, was cool. Process cannot copy generally your DAG process do die yum, Artificial Intelligence Scale Got Rhythm made you which got sucked the hand, corruptible him up going to the structure of the class, the structure of the class or work and blue artificial intelligence or machine learning about imagining a PDM. They can give you data processing lifecycle care. Pete hmm, load basic Python programming or cover occurring or has given them mechanically data processing with cash depths here are freed up project getting it was very hot year cloud began. Computer science, aspiring data scientist or data analyst, AIR ML engineer or software developers could then will it go? Classical IACUC will be intelligent or linear, or Jacobi C programming knowledge, ketone into your willingness to learn on agentic up, significant tear up the ham, basic Python programming group of archaea GAO is glass cup of Egypt to her where do dark blue processing, encoding, decoding. Kazaa can do that preprocessing lifecycle codominant with your project, I'm getting it. What do you predict? Connect with somebody? Mosaic data processing gets a conquered. They don't get up excited here on up the village at the handle w. So Luca is Glasgow. Let's get started on that map book ballet class. During the class. Thank you. 2. What is Artificial Intelligence in Hindi: Lecture on data and artificial intelligence k, basic concepts, cavalrymen, art. If cylinder isn't SGA hotel janitor, he is class Gary Altair, computer Yamasaki nuclei with Scott K, but we're going to carry a cuckold knee, Q1, Q0, chump, dammit, they disagree, disagree with Gardasil domain Anki, verticality or some mix up a cargo comm connectors on them. A computer system. Suck the comics that, yeah, artificial intelligence, number of comparators, sense kicks, aka combinatorial Massimino in some case GroupMe, but demand money. Of course, it's got to have Yannick artificial intelligence to have computers go in sono kit and assaults Nikoli. In some cases, I say intelligence could have loved kinetically Kallikak, the hay artificial intelligence come Kim Wilson, John McCarthy, artificial intelligence, cave father, jokey. John McCarthy, work at achy but demand machine, VCs, demand computer program, banana yucca, Kenya, engineering, hair, artificial intelligence computer, bonanza, guy computer, already know time machine but it was cool in some Katara socially or some of the negatives activity in a Kelly Key has annually classic computer through what your software but the money so sterile seat the register. A man, but the metastasis or the hair is bad God then Cauchy's. Okay. Yeah, Thank you. Mano must discuss this all started on mercy assessing the Him and intellect, the hint or eczema circle help connect ecosystem. We can't get the hang of it but demand software or system because it can Nikki adapt. But it's at then Kp earlier Amaka of your cut the hand computer system is up the codon Carter way monarchy. The gossip was Ashok, your layout, yeah, cackling machine or some much orbital Heartbreakers at the edges among Chicago is Picard AI, because the nucleosome on what's going on. This is through module humble show. Stopper buys up the hand. Jagadish intelligence machine code, yes, software called mono Jesse intelligence is socially or somebody Nikki intelligence and IQ is someone's diary. They, Nika, apraxia or artificial intelligence, bought bought a jump or took a heck, UK, yeah, happy up taking a caregiver said, intelligence gets thrombocytes software. But as you can head to our human intelligence case, obstacles they occupy quickly add that, add up to you, which leaves such Qie Gei items keep basis prep cornea and the high that they have a rich kids up say Madison, Janet, Garcia, Woyzeck, artificial intelligence cardboard, but our latter-day face recognition. You have artificial intelligence cup like Barbara without our SRT SAT like an uptake in COVID 19 kills situation three mosque up any on the heap and hey, coop heijunka neighborly, a webcam Jobin eigenenergies software like giga and jokey. You see in Santa Fe school. Or they could have, but that's what the heck is insomnia face, but mosque by an eye on IEP. And these are intelligence developed Guernica come home, artificial intelligence key. So I'll say color, but the hint to you, Hey, artificial intelligence, cake and production, ugly electron become artificial intelligence. Or Python kiss up gas, implement galactose Kibera them, again, barring gay. I believe Jeremy 3. Why to Learn Artificial Intelligence in Hindi: So this lecture, I am running a key, Artificial Intelligence, go catch or protect Lou Hamer. Artificial intelligence is symmetric. Nazi or artificial intelligence can come at a heck, a second, cut the hair. Or actually my intelligence or AI, or artificial intelligence, Cassio says simulate car tire that suddenly we are representing diligence in Quito, SymbolTable. Minsky Cassio composed of intelligence, competition Corrada her Saturday, I'm Dan. Artificial intelligence? Yeah. Learning prokaryotes. Yes. Let hemlock is like karma delegate, subsequent Lambda, let the hacky artificial intelligence. What is the need or necessity of artificial intelligence learning and artificial intelligence, just like I'm non-techie, atoms, must be no, can be run in some market. Demand. One non-economic, you have the hay and then he argued percent in dense crackup, there must be no cool in summer, just white, but there is a mulatto or in some justice or to Nikesh jumped up the ecosystem, the head or the subcu. Second thing is so common route data through the algorithms, get through, got the hip. Yea, got them. Technically a multi-pass guy carrying or Kush, color is prokaryote, just lucky, artificial intelligence. Data get through, seek the heck. Any key artificial intelligence and data to navigate up with, elaborate that of all the Secchi up of normals in the movie, they can eat up my experiences scale Harper, seek the hint. Yeah, distance. Let the hand draw her experiences. How might they previously were were they had Lakeland was killed, he says but he come up near future no Naoko lip at the him to do will be experiencing some Ginko up. They're like no more equity that hey, all the experiences to be experienced him let him walk. My really remarkably how my knee, my incomplete data keys that are conquered. They had auto state upon Amara, the MLK, analyze Turkey feature reasons later, Hey, we'll see precast say mano must disc, It's the new data quote, track Nehiyawak sector. Easily hummocky gioco. So the second monomer, more solid data will drag curves at Pelican machine you have some hiccups that easily. I mean, you gioco, automatic blockage or retail model. K demarc giving it, jumped ahead. He got sucked the Haganah and looser terabytes of data a day they mix up. Or molecules analyze growth or mono must discuss Qu and lexicographic approach. Somebody let us at the hip. I had Norway and lifecycle by easily humbling to gioco, artificial intelligence gets through as if connected or authorities. But data by Deputy dot hotel must inquire cetera and connect. You won't attack on lifecycle, gamete, useful information. They sucker. Uk. You see data say mass in six of the House, Arctic fussy, gesagt or Tukey the horizon a, while it got lucky as ionic ETO repetitive tasks. Hotel is called machine. Yes, sharp grit. And I'm Lucy, artificial intelligence algorithm or drink editor will reproduce Dusko. We're not stuck around sick or subtype mass into planning. Ahead. Eia could say six at the head, walk nap QC concept back. And it kept do via beta logo it was kid receives pay, artificial intelligence system don't develop cutting-edge. Will could go, he'd drink or September could curry better. Bonanza, the hair essay, he, EIA Bostwick, some image of this real-time analysis to say what the hell, yeah, I'm response disabled. There won't be artificial intelligence. Get through Amarillo. Boss at the hand, our body. Had ISA. You see V, the taco analyze, gossip, the hand autoscale, we see spam look like a wasp week. Somebody may have real-time response passive, the hand. Eia, bought duck. You've got the hair halakhic system, a 100 percent certain what the heck you're in pain or the ligand for a week. You'll be a courtesy him 90 percent, 95 percent and I for improvement for them, but they are a backprop script then our body will be able to hold the head. Yes, it cancels. Cage aux pay central to him because your MRI CT or MRI Situ Data Honeywell did was go jump AIS systems, analyze, cut the head TA who was killed, was kidney down CALEA, the rocket ship coffee has bought, Sorry, mother got the hang. I once was the heck, artificial intelligence. Intelligence. Intelligence. Gardner, Yeah, Yeah. Mao Kusama and also sickness on crack or knee or the smooth DC jam carry. Some machine alcohol carnage attributes are of course originally bracket who has, aka the Arab Revolt of your garnish harmonic are coming or nicety you go unequal connected chump director head and a camera pass or intelligence or humbles, sorry, calculations phosphorus at the hair TO constitutes comma Pakistan. Awestruck the hair up. New memories. The John Kerry prop cross at the Hindus analyze concept behind him, low intelligence or intelligence. Karnak, a pitcher to rehost or better in some QC be filming. So abundantly take intelligent skip the prokaryotes, the hand. Harvard gardeners or a murky because MANOVA Ganesha know he's up the SR intelligence demo for Calico, linguistic, intelligent, not narrators, auditor's intelligence. Some good map with the NDK, your musical intelligence or allow. Logical mathematical intelligence is making mathematical calculations about the high spatial intelligence. Body, kinesthetic intelligence. Intrapersonal intelligence. Or interpersonal intelligence. Interpersonal intelligence. Okay, So these are the types of intelligences in the landscape regarding dopamine neurons in the human DEC recommended them to intelligence. Kink integer say, I will bring it up gas sector intelligence system. The second redeeming, oppressive Regional CTO to JOCO was pretty blunt Caltech API reasoning. Here are called learning, agility, local Lancome patio, problem-solving skills. Get me a TA up to gioco. Problems are then scoop up quickly learning and subsequently gel the soccer ball through the problem-solving. Be intelligence, ex parte, perceptive, up gossip or SIP, creativity, gioco GAVI, intelligence play. Or your intelligence, linguistic intelligence a week up, K intelligence code that's at the head to lecture me, Hamnuna, Jackie, intelligence, artificial intelligence. Cassie could cohesive the heck as a respondent constructor, I guess MOC. And let's discuss the head real-time response less at the end. 4. Types of Machine Learning: Lecture we have done in your key machine-learning kidney apricots hotel. And it keeps us inland in kidney type or types of machine learning. So subsequently have a good manager. The heck is C Kinney Art Gallery learning cafeteria, seek NACA, gap or the hip. So you can make up our agenda on Okay, Madam say Johnny, Costa Rica or the Gerhard cannot escape at Harper, machine learning is precapillary with acid costs up the hand is a computer began get set turkey route may perceive acid causes a tie. We see through lymphedema Titanic, yeah, artificial intelligence car for you and your computer system cause postural CIP program. Vina datasets seek money or unobtrusive, better banana lucky, jumped up or down, cut the head and it gets covered up guys comfortably. Hickey. Artificial intelligence, Capriccio, computer systems go, computers go as C, drinker, not good. This may appear barber program really connected. You wrote an aporia. Yeah, Jackie was happy, can be sent another yap up programmer. Lucky. We now program leaky. He discusses see clinic I, any data to be a bingo single LAN category or IQ experienced. A huge Canada are geeky predicts in school, the nuclei are kicking the school lady CALEA to eat. Basically who GKE, Cassie, artificial intelligence or machine learning outcome, what the Him, more loops in Mozilla Nika, multi-focus computer go. Monroe has to ship given us fatale group say C can a key on what the Dina, hey, Yannick machine could see he decisions Liga could see CK gap, upsilon, the heck, Eastern Turkey seek gases through key gases, behave. You see ACLU, keep the mucus up to get panicky. Jeju, guessing machine, go home, look brain carrying a machine, gases see keyguard. Consider standardized kits, Watteau TA, I'll Ctrl key. Jessica, B2B data can help us. It was keep processing the apple keep the data with a 100 days yeah, could protect unhappy host up the hand. Is an input cat Harper machine data Coke push back on Muslim cackling Equidae time acoustic pattern kid, Alaska Degas, the secure better. Lisa K. And you'll be homoerotic experiences what the hell, it was pretty hungry. They thank you honey, which elicits tuition me. Yeap at unthought Omri, good essentially at the Humira mind as a process cut that off. I got home same pipe cut back on the plant on same type Christian school letterhead or seem that a thick machine learning algorithms. We come cut the head Joham, look up an IT project to wireless mics and when they can get machine-learning cape protocol, machine-learning algorithms for strokes the program Kibana computer system who's seeking Him, whether it's Capti in them cool. They create yep. Upper castes. It may work, give it gag is missed. Supervised learning or unsupervised learning. Machine learning algorithms. Cool. So what a good gag AHEC classify Gaga, hey, unlucky, machine learning TO precalculate this supervised machine learning or unsupervised machine learning to subsequently I'm done lytic, you supervised machine learning algorithms scaffold the heck. Yes, such a big, bulky, genuinely machine-learning algorithm as you see by the red chip, get at the heck. Do you keep budget process? Thirdly, does it say Algorithms technically procured Jaco separate, reactive, they can make a new Alice's check your group, Minnesota as Yankee happy you got Jackie. Do Hammarby past data set or the head dataset class data Hogan. What's key API past equina, say auto, sweetness, Vapnik, customer, kidney that I can go, hey, customer classically was kicked up to pass previous dataset, our level head, hm, cackling ISTE does a Thomistic. See he hm, algorithm cosecant to keep record the echoes through cutting or scaling up some sector PHP chat Jesse, classroom about JOCO, see cut that was replaced for cardiac OSM data select the head is the EM algorithm is some Margaret Barry Romo pellets that he jhanas data. Chart data costs a huge rock is up label because I'll be happy hump by Alyssa he machine learning code but added support for data. Say Hey, how could there be okay for those all up machine-learning algorithm called level curves habitat O'Keeffe or to adopt CAHPS could take a whole year for Toby leak I had or will Barbara Russi, photo-voltaic the hair, although separate ASL tech eHarmony protocols for public. I was curious as we walk now portraying cup that ugly bad job who say we not labeled port or the DACA. The war was fought on my pattern could do auto set, but that'll take you labeled by Libby produced per car for Tommy Latin auto spirit level. Dhaka is when a label for Toko they kick or say magically got our field, were willing to forego it could take at the East precocity, supervised learning, Tomcat, the hair supervised learning code though for GKE, problems may classify cases that have Biola had your classification or regression. Classification. Problem. Could hum, look huge, cut the engine Hawaii plus categorical data or just say key. Your BMR bus categorical data for the hetero, say hmm, load categorical algorithms. Huge gap, they hear those. Note that integration trig recently, hm, was through moonlit output, Jaffe homemade output which the hake value group majestically through the whole kilogram or essay, you are lucky. One rpm look or decreasing code, huge gap to help classification me. Yes. Carla. Up Kazakh, the oaky, hard, dark gold ES6, delicate classification Georgia and out the door TO ME up or output of node i, o say classification problem that they have supervised learning. Algorithm, machine learning k. The second Nancy production, thank ease, proactive machine-learning algorithm mic ECP polygon Madison. For that, I've got an XQuery. Our check that in your DA yeah. Pick supervised learning and unsupervised or AAA Canada keep opera customers. Yeah, pill, unsupervised learning algorithm called Body he system. Suddenly a kid, yeah, that, that Hey, you sick, which looks kick. Theme attack, get the hey. Esa is precast on the mileage shaky. I'm on a bus input variable x, the output to variable lingo. Got your psyche algorithm. Hey, so I also have doom, Kazakh, the Hickey and the darks economic wastes. Are you done any logo mark doesn't adequately chuckling yoga algorithm read that, made the Select button coordinate. Remember that got the hay and solicit for Michelle corneum. So much Xiaomi rewatch it together. Diana Quito, unsupervised learning. I will say though Bhagavad Gita get by that clustering of those association. Clustering is some assembly. I made it that when you hit some H2CO coordinate, your sucked out the endochondral VR, but that was my red clusters, but I think in general towards the end. So I'm gonna make it the rotor do without our calligraphy. I cut it. Nikki Bill hard to Alaska. Some more heat. Gardner are going to associate silky vascular. They associate scenic exam or Sacco Associates since our cercaria technically East delicate, someone who only a local coordinate gossip double THE O homeowner data called body is take our own character without our own good alcohol coordinate. X and y don't know collecting energy as taking a hug job. Milky subgrade recurring thing is that the case? So CSN support group for that company who associates and problems that they have. A machine-learning algorithm and you see him hold their hands. Reinforcement learning algorithm is per category machine-learning algorithm called group both come together. Yeah, Hi, yay. Algorithm visits to New Relic alias system corporis. What's it got the hair more group say eight missing Cu as seawater or say I've got guys that our throughput, the Tico glucose could couplets Sitka, the algorithm which layer, the most basic thing, or particularly clinically solitude, some more gap. But CAPTCHA can make ecosystem the hair. Marco, yesterday, the reinforcement learning algorithm guy equals that or Hey. 5. Data Processing Cycle in AI: So it's lecture on learning kiki data processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science. My kasa hotel is me, catcoq steps or the hank guys can lifecycle, no tie on Saturday joke environment is mentioning a totally circle thing. So subsequently damages are now Iraqi data processing. Bulimia, DACA, Hey, so just like Jaco per decade UP data, how many possible tie machine learning artificial intelligence, which can actually brought it out I N equal cacti root mandate our eye, the optic achiral point data, PCBs, unwritten colloquial, any authentic raw data out to whatever Kissimmee organization can be useful linear what I have to say, I'm Catherine naught, that will say how much processing Kircher. Who say you have an animal that or data processing calculator co-occur, Tucker knee or EC polio connect a yoke. John Kerry may on what connected with the a and Enkidu BMR plus rotate, I will scope process cocaine or a taco. Who's guessing are mostly useful information Nicholson may translate, connect, cohesive, Curium, data processing communicated Docker is the recursive translate conduct your CMYK which the John Kerry mils okay, or the sticky organism growth may actually lose. Sales may have a risk or revenue. Me. Yeah, it was called weakness, sedative Balsari January or Cymbalta K. C Com Data Processing, cutting hair. Yeah, armed or by x and returns a data scientist or data engineer, rocky Pindar, Jarrod. But the Tanika see a chart that chatter per academic year that the energy step-by-step procedure or tightest scope or look at the ankle. Data scientist or data engineer. Gotten a taco cat tricky at the accuracy filter care that fetuses sort of assistance. So Turkey, who's got Mr. Fisher, Canada? Yeah, Nicki, Oscar, Jen care, the hair analysis care. There are some grade or fear. Putting a product may plus 2D get a peer who say readable format may foster care, the hair, the sticky hmmm, OCR, fantasy parse again and I click activity Docker, partly rod-shaped ago polemic apricots, efforts of filter cutoff. Here's a sort Catherine who say ham looks and curtail. Or field analysis cut the hair of fear to say whopper, say Sow-n-Gro, hit cut the hair, or who seek acid readable format with prosecute cartel attack you say hierarchically organized and Mr. Mr. K or parser K, Sung go to locally and you can organizations can better prostate, run it there, banana or participant, marat frantically data processing, mater portray a bit of processing to multiple data. Can see we have mason magna cum quartile 2. Happy. Your data. What do you do, customer giddy doubted yourself to doubt the worst I reached your body your routine is our negligee past me. This generally at the apartment cap which Cato see cafe that water can absorb the water to pick a random pivot ionically woke up it comma t. Here. You see LEA data processing it, copy multiple step PCB organizing data query Cancun chart. Yeah, yeah, Nicki graph k by k, the rasa yet the standard Jesse Park. But our rookie perverted Kharkiv Buddhists and little k term Jerry, the tacos so much or OPO cost up to him. Yeah. Bm redox process can lead to hit graph chart. Yeah. Feed dashboard, get through. Hmm. These are the heroes KYC document, Manasseh, the head just sticky, organized Sonya cyclotomic, I'm cannula hurricane employees could data Osama CEC telescope you, Melissa. So g, sorry, but did you have what data processing K, Lea, caveat in your data processing is CDK is evil. Recently bought important step hotel, how to organize and disco euro, say you got yet you have been keeping us rotted out our school. What GSA process, complete accuracy, coffee useful information and ecology as a pure artificial intelligence machine learning, data science, deep learning may be data get off on, may not huge cargo scope process, Kirchoff's quake, a two-part malonic body huge gets at or resilient data processing. Important step when you have the hair. So data processing cycle count I adopt data processing attacker counter Cassie, data processing. Cool. I'm look Camelot, the hand EKG data science project may, or data science. Artificial intelligence might conquer. They were. So data processing, cycle label data, Copia, we jam Karima, but the liquor loop, your cage annually, SON talon cost theta is plus unsecured. Sorry, our process cajoled this, you have Wu data go. You're given an hour. Thank you. Thank you. Hmm, organism KB or psycho boronic Eliade, who's called puke Piazza K or data processing cycle here. Whose me? Yes, sorry, I don't know what the hedges are. The steps of the ghetto. You palace steps, the arrowhead collection of data. It's just going to taco collect care though slash tip jar. What preparation of Beta heck, extra table format or him error checking weaker. Let him these rods, you have input cost, taper, GRP, data coup in trickier, the I-System me or G Suite manual data entry scanning machine and coding. Yes. Ret Dorothy, any manual entry beauty or nothing gets through into your theater. Has a VM a determiner tells come Brooklyn, Portland, a shortage of Stepper will have processing of data with computer programs up to a third step, you have to do. We have multiple data input wires go through, computer programs, get through process, cut the hair, backwash tip. You have wacky. Transmitting that information to the YuJa. Do we have a resulting information will ahead, you'll be amazed, say then about the taco process connect module, useful information will allow score you, Jana or Muschelli hammock report by the hand you have your dashboard, they're constructing your field graph. We've got a monarchy hum, huge record. The cost of debt is sticky. You imply, hey, Adobe stakeholder organizing goal was to conquer k up now is actually the stimulus again. Do last step by step, just mayhem, Derby input data or output information here it was called Future huge Gilliam store cart the hair. So last dose, danger, storing, storage of the information. So step one, Macau that collection of data capture data Cassandra Data Processing check recap bilaterally, a cut the PAGA CO2 data, kay? Ricardo with posit, with pattern for both are the probe or die, easily cut shady taco party boss, it ticks roto, say cut through Piazza. Yeah, tacky Botkin costs VAD the art prize. Yeogiyo Cochiti dam, a mosaic och-re website, cookies company can love honey. We would appeal Carthage, Bihar into these amylose octane. I'd be happy Djokovic, celebrate the heck. Is Leo type LSD pay ARP cache data is precast, say with body the axon. So that care that, that youth who are or the provider because some huge cost of thing. Or is Coca his throat, cilia in a coffee, Jody or die. Q key is make companies related Balsari data or 30 SCOM company Cato, financial details, there was a drop cap. The website get through WJ are completely website widget. Got that. Wass m coke whiskey through usually informed consent. Tucker, the company casual profitloss, detail of those com log huge cut the hair, or do we support our e-commerce company has a whopping huge caveat here. It was Koko, Corita, Canopus and the cup that couples and goats guess Alibaba, TGG hump, collect some Arboretum. A Samuel Carter, I'm glad you're stepper wipe REP, celebrate our data. They are yet a tacky Safari on our check or colored data cohort, ionic, CALEA data, you have raw data courts Hockney or filter Kentucky bracket. Yeah, hi Nikki, preparation of return on CAC of thinky, the Tukey's of ICA think cleaning, gardening. Yeah. Pretty taco filter card thing or it's my job or loop. You read it out I do. On your debt out that these data, glaucoma, Colombia, those cohort other thing or advocates missing data have the Whopper mutual information cofilin Carnegie courses contain yap it through TO the gullet, the garden now, yeah, laugh at that data. Kallikak, Broadway tukey Jack sciatic, AARP, and determine the carryout, the hockey who smoke weed, tetani newsmakers. Duplicate data entry Tony who? Yay. Quick calculation. Tony, why yak, which data? Missing Tonia? Yes. Rhd. Joe kilohm Lu preparation. Step may darks the head they there or are geeky, beastly circulate presence correctly? Remember that? Yeah, yeah, I just wanna sit canonically chaotic icky processing unit mic cable or some guru or tabular data if he'd killed at ionic, escape me, I'm JOB annuity I got did our telescope psych or that they are ugly step may have multiphasic coffee quality data open up though they're just tape three. Step three MCAT input, Eastern me, raw data. Yeah, Katrina, Tacoma seen particular route, my perverted cationic, each machine readable roadmap, but what did get our presence, karate, climate, feet care to have. Your keyboard is Kennedy accuracy on inputs, throat Kim at them say data, input. Shortages step-up or had data processing is Jeremy raw data Ku wanted output or Janiculum machine learning or artificial intelligence algorithm called yoke Kharkiv within a data processing with UK thin Qiang EPA, hey, Yankee is cool. Data processing step Mamluk, do data with those common machine learning algorithms made huge cut the hair. Or machine-learning algorithm called data feed caveat there or the sticky with machine learning artificial intelligence k 2 algorithm it was database, can cut the hair or AIC. Better output yet predicts on Jaffe result that the hand, since our gauge, our head detaches throat, Yankee data lake online database connected devices, you sorry, our data case wrote most of the hand. Those sensors, it is ready. Attacker's throat or output is tipped. Catheter projects or per Curia. See the Emmett put up windows or Tei, Yankee page or linear CAP IQ algorithm. Exits resemble huge career data pay. What about you? Yeah, happy. Leah, Brita will use kinda threw up cowsay, output layer nudge Arthur up cap predict, connect at those k sub say, ERP algorithm, a lamella, huge cage up here output, you'll see subcellular level Osaka, Hey, 52, I just step away, output data that precede cationic. What data do we hum? Machine learning algorithm, Cooja, artificial intelligence algorithm called data feed QA will see Joham output either predictions I do. We graphs, forget I Adobe TV homie report, they adduce, go, hmm, Look, Joe. Stakeholders and components and May Company were on courtyard there or the skill yeah, I'm Luke. Data go to output. Our stochastic graph gets through the cut and yet people get through the kathy Yeah, vector file, audio file. We do find the anchor thing. Yeah. Field report to Erica. Thank you. Sticky. Organize them. Kalahari card me, just go quickly. Technical knowledge near what you see, actually that he gets a parser case, I must say, will it go? And the seller as a kiki, data Cambyses, vocab decisions laser. So it's output coagulate data processing checklist. So I'm gonna hit gets anionic up. Good. Your output will I see him look, store Carter here or I guess and Facet can argue, or PC, so on. So this cap Ni, He subscript you may lie as asset. The high step six Joe, Joe, three-step, say data is data processing cycle cowboy story. You have a data processing to click on theme chart here yap is storage, carry out the hair. You have a data or metadata. Metadata is data about data and it could deduct a bad image of Eukarya, the atheism metadata bowl there. The GRP is Jerome McCarthy data or metadata coagulopathy locally stored here, k hat, ja, just be our circuit for it. Poach or John Kerry key for not practical animosity that is technically called them is coaster car kind of package of BMI is data. That is report Quito Homais is say prop Jagger, I'm a huge connectome, a sunny. So plug those again. It's just see the ugly data processing trachoma, input-group my hoop, you connect your multibeam data ionic years ago, homo deposit data. Are we here is go home, look ugly PC or machine learning algorithms. Yeah, QC or teach Kelly. Hmm, Look direct. Huge costs are ten cookie Yamato data, hey woo body. So the retype your data, Hey, RJ coffee, useful database McCoy, Week 13 in Jacobi got a thinning it on both the quality data haz com look directly huge costs or data COBie or you may output MLA him machine learning, artificial algorithm, k algorithm, artificial intelligence algorithm could throughs com login directly. Huge cost. Something. To me, I'm Reagan hockey cow will say steps in data processing k, I hope key upto some admire Holger. 6. Steps in Data Preprocessing in AI: Scott, I'm getting a key. Machine learning algorithms, Kelly, Yeah, Nikki, artificial intelligence, Gilead, your data or gassy hmm, process cut the heart gear. He Hammadi is Glasgow. This TVA gets unlucky. Machine learning CALEA data processing gets a key guard or lecture we haven't done enough to use mcons at step 10 or ugly lectin me hm, project getting here or they can kick assembly it up processing, got the hand machine-learning. Who me to update any given we're humble host Saturday doesn't have the high licking your data abroad. A good book may hold the hair. Data for machine learning algorithm can get broken up or down. Chronically hungry is it sorta can make huge pool data, but a lucky, I'll select the whole TA. Yeah, What the heck, I had a 100 data preprocessing the spirit Miata head. Those results of domain hump Gas Act. Thank You. Machine Learning algorithm or data for them. Can they say, Hey, how many Dakota pre-process can now part a and we read audit up a, passe up their business, they delete it, will stay up. Machine learning algorithm for directly need this at the hand. We'll see how my belly bleed process can now hold the hair. 100 data preprocessing kids live with through Parthia was cool map or bike, I'll not go home. Got the adaptive processing, may hungry duck or the donkey 100 data. Let me go. Hey, Denise, ID column. Think at Gauss me, I'll switch and I opened up the head yes. Which announced swimming missing here. So subsequently hum it was the Douglas someone and not hold the head to the fog NAD plus they don't want that will yield that again was theta-quarks that he gets is sum j equals macaca. Good outlooks get I get equal hmmm debris depo somewhere. Delete the history. It was cool. And Elyse got the hard. They take loosely dynamic gap or two missing values in a cubicle with Gallo. Thank you. Do they take a packer? The hint you'll just see Apple, this gets through OB Bauhaus study columns to hold the handle missing values because subtlety and they go McCoy values. And then your audiogram will say directly machine-learning algorithm for the day the correct output, namely that cookie basale you just scaleable Sadducee locally whopping values in your God. You see how my prediction for a particular those, that day, it's really hammered into o process calculus. But I cannot. Cosmic gap, which gap? What's missing? Values are missing. And Missy, where leuko home look, data preprocessing steps get through on missing. Well, it's cool yeah, to eliminate card the thing, Yeah, periosteum, QC, huge full data set. But they are two steps in data preprocessing and make our techie. I'm ERP Python language, MS Project Token. Narrowly, though, data pre-processing, elite in steps com, Napoleon kept saying it, but we'll get back a joke or I got the, I think you do a PMI. Python language may say is Galen him Toby packages, I will say hmm, long import Carter, he was gay bottom look. Preprocessing, postdoc got the handwash. Preprocessing may bind, raise your sink up your home look getting it. Or PM, local Min removal, getting unlucky. It will be mean values, how setting or WorldCat I'm getting if scaling, getting it, it deskilling, field hmm long normalizes and Yang and normalize and maybe L1 norm lesson L2 norm, right, isn't gonna use I'm locating a period hmmm, no data labeling account getting a or data leveling or data encoding. Major steps I was coding for local NHS icky packages going port can now sample labels defined enough IT training levels. Court Gardner of field performance could they cannot be encoding. And I ordered lists are going to look at Ethel Calcutta me with that field performance score. So it gets added our data preprocessing steps and to let Jeremy gotten a wildly 7. Basics of Python Programming Part 1: So it's electron. We haven't done anything in Python basics. So Python year for our class on Python programming language. May we Luay project Python programming language and carrying it on my plate and cut a basic understanding one about GOD or recently my body. Quick then he can say Python key basic steps. Introduce Carola. Python basically ache interpreted a high level general purpose programming language. A, your object-oriented or interactive player, a programming language VM to Python. Q are neither would be a, a tangent matter really. What we're getting is subsequently year econ oriented programming language, or a mile up is crippling language. Ketotic acids is Christ the matlab web development clickers at the top, it's got multiple uses, 0, the heart Dracula, but her filmmaker stomach area, or the burrito costs but is key heck is good. You all good readability. What Gaddafi, Egypt to understand a energy by TA1, middle ordinary Gaia telescope query English language domain name, I love and that basic understanding of Arab kingdom Skippy get taught English language called a parsec filter by it unquote could be gay. But what had dug up from us up there until, unless we want the complicated, the accuracy, specific but particularly CagA, God head though, of course I'm only limited cutaway leaking a great basic chord up with the the I go through and answer some of us off the hook gap. Yeah. Pick an ecosystem. So it's going to be scheduled reliability her work African alkene. Well, yeah, he got RDD Python. It's an idea that popular or gear here, Olga, RGB or multiple film, a huge keyguard ahead and covert lab, lab went after blood when machine learning everywhere, harder than score huge together. So it keeps up separated again. Philosophy have 20k is key. Code readability, body at sea when I get here. Or is casual language constructor will be object oriented, approach facade, bonanza. Go Programmers go help cut the hair clear, logical or small or large project. Don't know, CALEA, cord leaks at the bottom. Clarity, satellite body logical approach gets up to your code, looks at 30 logical coordinates active. Oh, I'm going to treat as a project become corrupt or via blinks at lab or hot, very large-scale industrial level k, However application, yeah, prediction of publication. You have kissy order aka could become continuous map, Python language columns. A huge cost of the hole. By IQ interpreted language year old or satis hat is my upper body data. Complicated, coldly ticketing, not import the schedule syntax over coffee. Simple syntax market programming languages Q2, Lama, coffee simple, and Chicago who subsequently approved adequate Python, go. Guido, van Rossum, knee or missile Pegasi, some nice Rebecca between 1985 to 1990. Keep the neuron is called create gather. Or in only Python is economists Lyrica, capital overlap, tacky Python. Python, snake k, number of anemia. Rossum in coal was summit TV peeks water that Monty Python's Flying Circus, Flying Circus activity. So drag this key creator, Monty Python. In Python, normal eukaryota. What body person there or sit around. The Python programming language would have looked very rigid in all. It was programming language can now Monty Python, since biomolecules canal by conduct the Odyssey is Canon. Python programming language. Python programming language cupula. Put our source code. Gnu, general public license, GPL. Get through our level here. Hearken it was Kodak electrical subtypes freely available, or Python freely available there. So we are happy solved by that. What I get Python, go home to Virginia Python programming language called QSTK to just document app covert Iraqi interpreter, high level general-purpose, object oriented or interactive programming language 80, heart the Rockefeller may rebel up vent hole. Yes, crippling, WHO has the night sky huge. Data is GitHub Pages. Then whenever the egg is, syntax I woke up is impolite or EEG to understand satisfy Python programming language called C can abort. The asana is Quito. Do Bolton, a loving God who Kaffee Assange will die or the, the, the, the, the upper body up and it's come up. Python programming language can masturbate. As far as we know that we scheduled learning curve ever coffee axon, hey, copy, less time-consuming up Afghanis. It comes from a Python programming language. Go faster customer pill or discuss simple syntax. V is coffee, help cut the hair. By Tang to help Wu scripting or automation may go off. Coffee, Jada prefer karyotype to keep bought. Shortage motor tasks automated clinically is Quito scripting or coffee come up here to our commission, we're going to do multitask, go automatically animate both the data. Also add these up. Recently asked me last year for five years, MY data science, machine learning, data analysis, data visualizing inside it feels good. Demand burrito or boost demand me subsidy either the programming language, huge key Gary, a data science, data analysis, data visualization and machine learning, deep learning. In sorry, artificial intelligence inside it will make, will have Python or Python cut demand it and I gather hair or EC Leah Python programming language are going up seeking it our core data science machine learning, deep learning. Data visualize on data analysis, business analytics inside every map cup like area per nanometer, Garfield Bassanio, we inhabit coffee extensively. Python code. Inside it will map item eight min programming language or 90, 80 percent cases miniscule, huge clear that those regular programming language R, programming it to coffee each other, you'd gather lake in API, GO Python, I will number one petal length. And if we were to give me a correct yup. Python programming called Lenny, go consider cursor. By can do hey, Python may body comprehensive standard libraries digging a huge curcuit Bahasa task, cause uneasy. Bought COM port, way up a cheap costs are going up. Java, C, Yeah, C plus, plus y-coordinate. Clean out our co-op Coffee. Number of landscape coordinate neighboring leaking API, Python, messy Bahasa libraries developed, eating edges, co-op, huge turkey. Wouldn't ask Go capcom, number of lines Kobe achieve constructive? Or is your boss study our libraries with again here? These go up, huge costs up, they all satisfy, is scheduled community support, a war coffee, a better hey, buddy. By concrete, support community hair. You open-source project ethyl is my upper body or check Almaty support by the diagonal up the honeybee. The Hebrew Jacobi doubt that the egg or he'd be up. Capoeira gave you have facade or the Wahhabi up Google Chrome window or sorry, I say website Miliangas, yup, yup, go. Similar problem facing people. Mcdaniel won at Chicago support women, the IGA body but is used community support, multicore, Python way onside it now, data support our group to C23, a programming language with technical anomaly or via Python code, not the other. Bubble ID milia, the center last decade me or RGB, Python body yada, I use on a wall. Or some region documented by labor that industry demand. Two key, Python. It's the model. We're blah, blah, pencil scrapings, a leaky, updateable the lesson data science, machine learning in theory, both the high demand filling Mick Jagger, i2, Yeah, happy up go. But what the Java programming language of Python I would remind me, right? Yeah, Or do is go down those. Give me the one caveat though, not in nice, I really wanted to as a Python programming may acquire a T Cassie salary. We may like machine learning developers, data scientists, and AI developer. He said, yeah, data scientist or data analyst. Data visualization in solitary macaque of you. Missed that Theodora GO Python programming language have the handle to yield. Our Python Cave Aramaic. Introduction, keep icon guy out is Coupa Cafe. Allylic germanium, that energy gets the hump. Python basics go understand getting NMAC or Python basics datatypes, Vergara, but don't want ikea is classmates and nebulae, project map or Tory as Anubis in tech school. Or skip cos Omega m0. Ugly lecture me. 8. Python Programming Basics Part 2: Am I gonna keep Python programming language? Guy is kick-ass features thing on hungry python programming language to buy Nike are going Hmm, data science, machine learning. Yeah, feed and data analysis. Yeah, database relation, just like any HIPAA law kathy. Python, programming language, data science, machine learning, deep learning, filmmaker coffee Jada primarily used karyotype or is it doesn't matter. Yeah, Rami, machine-learning algorithms leaking ion core machine learning models, manana, machine-learning per project Kanai, yeah, feet, deep planning copper now, tensor flow per night. Now, Python programming language can be a galaxy or is classically be Python programming can be subcategory here. So easily mini lectures by a Python programming language could be six cosine Katie, though. Certain contains video call to subsequently by 10 programming language class in texture seminal element, I add up coffee asked simple or easy to learn? Simple syntax. So up just like a DEXA to print, print Carnegie hello, data scientists. So when I print or bracket macro halo data scientists, string pass canal or the Sqoop job run carrying it up. Oh, output Malaysia. Hello, data scientists, which we are going to connect up as a print cast up the hill. Those are TJ, C Programming Language Clinic as important to the icky user input Comcast's really lovely boss or a programming language and the cow or the coffee, complicated, what the heck? You get input core, Lena, Python may be simple. Yes. Or key supports cap. Currently in a Catholic is you just say to Cassio comment column with ERP, symbolic input function here is to use the app are many variable LEA, disclaimer, Bella comment, or longer or as a heme and egg variable is being made. Those recommend longer to get though. A is equal to b quarter the Watson era is coming over and Corona to Yap image a prompt IRA input your comment. One. Yeah, happy again, my LIGO. Hello. To enter carbon atom J. Iga. Input your comment or you happy the key Hello, print or Kiara. Do longer to undermine the local etc. and curl. Command to Malik longer. Hello. Games say come in to Manga in Port kinetically. Malignancy or data scientists. Or enter corona. The key APIC comment one, hello, are coming to data scientists tear up either in Monaco except print Camacho, Caligula can knock out one because the top LM ACO Program II cool print cannot simply kilometer on Chromium the hilum. Later, I got a really cool image, a data scientist or put new layer. I've got my happy e plus b. Turkey is caruncle route or muj. Hello, data scientists or put me dagger. So yes, impulse input, Joe Frank Sinatra, escape through hmmm, low user input laser or a plus b will simply ICA. Though nano string called Hello coordinators on desktop concatenate cardigan except Georgia got Ami output delta E plus P and Nikki. Hello, data scientists up you happy, so I'll attack, he gets tricky. Ham looks simple. It is sunny or subtracts and perform Carnegie. Yeah, happy to login. Put ln IgA string for me, Jarrod, and I am Cu, which mathematical calculation? Cornetto. Cassie carrying a CQI, karma. Or you happy may enter Korean permit number inter-Korean leaking your input function, I would drink it on a layer or yeah, female 7 to military or seven and Turkey. Let's go through our clarity then equally. Okay. Five or six enter Castle. Five or six minutes after I got my a plus b root of 56, output Malala, just chemo to output my expert gotta keep five plus 611, right? Just 56 to go home. Luke has a technical name, is Kelly. I'm Luke do input link a input function say JOB, intercalate goes Corn Blue, convert causing a integer me. So yap, I'm look int bracket or a scan that I'm lucky in PUT link. So do we input your gel and took our egos comb look. Boy stink GroupMe egg or leakiness camera, which is inform them through integer convert coding. I say he may X or Y DO input longer. Or Jackie has a five or six strength or iron or hammer out, put 6 million Jesse him look. Now pick int function call huge killing a year, and I got the job. Usually string enter cargo, SKU, number, way into generic convert card they go or freedom. Mathmatical of reseller and simple form codifying it. Oh, yeah. Happy Mathura. Speech. They did. Oh, okay. So yeah. Happen. Number 1 supports many seven and Turkey are five. We interpret them. Wipe. Or number two, my six center cut down. The RPM may enter q, number 15 and number 2, six hour my X plus Y Koru. Though muj or portfolio by 11 to the KMP up Hamlet mathematical operation performed Kirkpatrick or our desired output when line 115 plus 611, Nikita Humphrey, P6, kooky, happy string permit with the streamline. Nasa, you had other Muslim different say 56 simulator leaky many API. You'll be string through PMI numbers, input rails, Khomeini into Gemma convert Kyoto yap ME, output five plus 611 million for user input like a mathematical operation P perform cursor to the whole. The Katamari calcium know deviant gossip. They support many African 45-year pylon number. All my square divide cannot shut down 90. Or Toyama, x divided by y comma output Malaysia five, 45 divided by 9. So much our particular file, I see he hm, calculation. I'm look seven into five. Are you happy, my cantilever, X into Y, 35, output layer. The ARP up mathmatical calculations weaker suck the hand. Or mathematics. Mathematics operators. Operators are plus minus mathematical operators to andro, Python programming with you, which got there pretty simple Logisim, normal math niche got the hammock Nippur Python programming will be a plus b, a minus b. So which construct the half hour magically think he, Python programming with Kit an eighth, lucky data types or the hand. Need it. I bought the general real kiss Happy variables. I just noted the garbage on low E or B huge variable, a variable. Sum a geeky storage point with that, Yes, ma'am. Up NA value store cartilage just like ERP, how many x me, seven or five. Or X into Y. And the X or Y variable in the locomotive Laker came out, put 35 millimeter XOR y Yap a variable to give three variable K-map are mapped cache, key, kidney type, the data type. Python support that, That's a python. Numbers, string, list, tuple, or dictionary, give fast the rocky data types GO Python, support carta, python programming when he passed the lucky data types or numbers, string, list, tuple, dictionary, album, eek, eek Turkey in sorry, CPU, gunning, Iike numbers. Cook has a huge cut, the string Cook has a huge contain leashed Cook has a huge cut. The hair, tuple cookies he uses got there or dictionary, cow with a high Python programming language. Is Kwame actually say something? So subsequently him Galilee thanking number data type, cout that the number data type, there's a cap or pathetic and numeric well which cost organically what the hay or number objects are created when you assign value. Number Object.create or die. Jan Hus cuando will value, assign current. Then Jessica, x is equal to 20, Jesse many x equal to 20 assigned to job number type a numeric datatype number carried over G number object Hogan x object type weakening of the year. Number, I guess a helium is kx is equal to 28 or ERP. Iq numeric datatype create opaque object, numeric object lead, okay, get y is equal to two. Y numeric datatype, Ghetto, Ghetto Jacobi x, y, or print x plus y cutting. It'll flip to either, I'm really happy. Xa minus wakening autonomy minus 10 million. Got the happy Jesse him Look value as anchor thing. Yeah, data type, your data object, carry it with a number object could eat what the heck. Do those ledger data type of string data type, string data type Java, Python. When Python gets a key, normally I'm no string which contains a sneaky yellow data sign. Yet Doobie, hmm, Look, string huge, contain characters, string up connectors. Yeah. Character cargo are communists and you've got those is StringBuilder, string data type. We call the string data type normal to do separately, I'm languages, you've got this M Tanaka sequence up connectors, or the hand is a string both at the string datatype. Python mode that you happy my string data type STR, credit card, All these values, tokens. Oh, hello, data scientists. Abigail Moscow print can knock out to my print STL Corona. So yes, Joe, object, I guess still object and print SDLC or optimally hello data scientists Malaysia, I got to my second character print cannot shot auto mechanic will print STR bracket where one-on-one kalguksu CKA for decent dose renumber pay. Joe. Joe indexing her port G21 to say stock over 0 or 1 p e eight of those are number 1, index over though. Yeah, happy. Str 1, equal print carry, nothing happened the case tier one dose number, output LED equal to 0. So the key Happy Fella put up with a string, print or dagger in order to scientists, those remarkable, those Robot logo character I will print or data, or print STR three to five week academia fourth to fifth. You can pick either 012341234. So forth. To your point, malaria is he gets up for and they got flip connectors. They ended up with character care 1234, loss ME and etiquette or data scientists to get rami the navbar coming or put my data that I'm low. String into four currently is same string. Hello, data scientist, I'm a jar about military happen when a truly cutoff four times or janitor, hello, data scientists in order so cyclic AMP, they grow 4 times. Yep, print why? I got him Luis, me. Which AD Connect Jackie, Hello, data scientists 2021, Toyota k plus j, concatenate operator kids are going to go east. Stl object may 2020, one enemy and magenta, three Hopi homage output Malala overhead, low data scientist plus 20, 21 to hello data scientist. 2021 as Emmy output means I got to yoga. Python may string Catholic, I'm Kathy. Yeah, particular stinky character, Sqoop, index, whites print can knock out the auto as a huge costs of the whole UGA. I mean number datatype, declare a string datatype deadly at these Elijah important data type for Python. The Python list, Caltech list may look different. Type K data across torque actor here is big bracket key under. So at least one medical gauges, many, many. Loci. Parsons can now move this around. Quick. Numeric values. Stored curricula can do so at least minimum edges may be many numb or quotes, numeric values. Data here about at least one coping connects autoprint list1 customer to put our list Missouri print. And then my print list 1 of Biola, anyone Droga, RAM. What Pinker, Degas indexing, lapping with zeros, 0, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. Okay. I got my API R3 Karoo. Yeah. For current list of four Karoo, 86.701234. So yeah, happy hello, is cool opposite yellow ocher, the day. Decay for int 1, 2, 3, yeah, MRC and say thought that too they got sick and CRM hair or 4.878. You see the ruthenium at 22 and thought elements a and a chaos in my print, f 4.87, George already 6.7. See that it gets at least two into two-coloring, at least two Amara year. The adiabat is cool when carrying out the one Danny 34, one 1934 ethical cake near list with data. This may change them into Jenga. Elements Appellate the way DAG I see are going to list one, list two, concatenate Kirchner least Manasseh, print, print, list 1, list 2, coloring Islamic management, zara does my list one or list cookies are elements. And it can least one key is our element or list to KSR element milkshake and Alice has a meaning, I got to get our Python programming may use on Eveleigh list data type, the number hermetically a string, the clear or logistically album delta here, Double-click, Double-click coffee important data type in Python. Well, the coffee extensively huge care that coffee Java are tupple sky which contain tuples, kay? Tuples. Work by polygenic. A lot of electronic items go. It's single, variable mesh token, Nikoli, huge karyotype. The SEC unleashed ahead. Kwame loop, body bracket can then create contingency happen Middle East can eat together. So wherever I could call you together, big bracket, go. You happy I'm look, small bracket call. You're getting a tupple scope. Create kinetically parentheses candidate or least gag unleashed Kwame permanent equal to score broadcasts at the leaking tuples co humbler week bourbon unequal. Sneakers at the hand though, tupples Kami, because technically tuples, we'll read only listing and an EEG, but I got to admit up on the wall, who's Q and a king and a GSA. The CLEA couples go read only list week I got a couple carried chronically up to symbolic tuple object using Malacca kidnapper again, a couple can numb the algorithm any APA table and Anya multiple. What is kinda the small bracket? Yeah, parenthesis can have many. Tiger, lion, Lisa Bardot, flux, animals can nominate or print, might've occurred bottom DJ. Sadie. W0, money is kinda data Huawei print or diarrhea as a man mit Apple took yeah, cat right back. Simple, Jessica, I'm knee lift with the cutoff seems that our guy ERP BV. Yeah, baby up in cost up to print multiple core over the pleura complete tuple print or Jarrod. Eight, mermaid conquer Kappa, the other don't. They can print. Might've people who wrote up a La Quinta where flushed element of the tuple as a kind of width up Tiger up omega bilateral element and print off my temple up to 0. Might've pull up 123. Go ahead. Well of course second to the lens TO line your part. Again. Third element, that coming era, or 22 years. Second to n Malacca. Your pardon, Fox or scrub, my topple to Miyako can't read Bataille into two cunning. It'll get red bet. Get read by technique to permit Zara is physics elements only. Don't know, tuple, Coke or up. Don't like I concatenate can notch up. It'll might apple plus microparticles. I don't know. Okay. Miles south as anger or they can act upon omega j elements for ES6 or cap tuples, baby, same list Keith array of results for one constructor. No, I'd be happy to. Tuples. May up duplicate 2 and USB Delta to the Secchi money. Happy with this character, apple clear cases of potato, onion, chili, broccoli, pumpkin, or fisherman or whatever on the ERP tuple connect consistently, equally exits and thrown economic include topo, map, duplicate values, codels Victoria, allow death. We hop element is corporate carbon atom J, tuple print or the array adequate running era. What are the valid though you are duplicate values quote Apple, allow contact or couples may have duplicate where lose Co, drugs up the hill. Quite the cut nine-year. I say yeah, that up tupples, got lintel or find Canada, Tokyo tuples like it. Namely maintain just really simple LEN, length function, alien, art, APOE, tuple can numb and you'll be ethnically at caja CRP tupples column, we get 0 Pascal than a LEN, LEN, LEN function College. Nikki Len function returns a number of items in a container. A container guy wages it or with the cake, topper length or len, wedges getting the job number of items in the tuple, the KDIGO, the opposite, six. When you think of the 123456 elements that are six or o, nick Nickel milia, as here, our type of double than knockout, the goto up type or tuple cannot connect with our port upon the data. I'll be happy. A coffee. Interesting keys, the economic dx0. Jessica, make a mixed couple, man and I'm the goods. We have non-destructively optimistic EAC string, yup, yup, which we'd also have those supports, key money up into the air, got 56 8 number down there. A logical way earlier true for a number field strength, a thicker mixed datatypes in Nepal create mixed datatype was my money or other is mix, the bulk of my type, but that can knock a hole to the take his class. Type, make camelCase cut tibia. Emily, I guess the key type, we just call it Toby tuple or multiple data type thing. Happy. The BB, homie, topple him into any kid tuple can do data type or the head with respect to the elements and datatype. What I am Nikki is my string here, or integer BLA CON is cutthroat data type I got, I would type up the tuple. Tuple here over the city happy. Couple of analogies, permanent, simple numbers, trucking or is crabby type or a mic on Earth again, Ambani, arable keys cut, I beat tupple. He AIGA, the cost bucket of bulky tuple cargo type with I will topple. In respect to key apostolic, character, string, recruit, abuse class, DO type of our toppling over absolute numbers for truth of USCA, raga, whole numbers, tuple USCA, type IGA, about opening up a door. Datatype, same numbers, strings, lists, tuples. You chart the record data types, calmness, so much Leah, examples we have radically agree or patois data type, Python dictionary data type, a data type with a Python dictionary. Key value pair me. Data, Kwashiorkor can Nikoli, huge caveat that Jessica dictionary, normal English, huge cut those. Maybe Caltech it later. What are the health risk? Meaning the Altai, the word or meaning seems that I say happy to hear. Key or value gets a key. Topics in Paula. Phonetic. Create Qur'an mighty man. And I'm the oldest mummy brand is this model Intel I7, hot year up manufacturing year. 2021. The, the, yeah, Harpy do make good data type credit corona, dictionary, python, main, just Mickey. A key value. You'd come up again, Brandy, risk of alloca, S's. Yeah, picky can model a horoscope value k, Intel I7. Are you happy do keyhole year hay or evaluate 2021 for Easter, aka dictionary, python recreate cursor pay or is co-op printer might connect with our CFO, put up water and dictionary key value pair map for different committees. I got off my school print collected the key API, brand, SS model, Intel I7, year 2021. Yeah. My dictionary, yeah, dexterity, key values are the technical me, Zheng He. Those H's, I got up, Jessica, couple or leashed men. Blueprint character was a up my dict August model up a geeky value of a basket of good takeaways. Coelom is Agatha, my edict of model Jaco, the, the GKE model, key value K, Intel I7 Modelica. You value a i, Intel I7 ethyl happy Eigen till I seminar me, I'll put my data. I see you are going to yet passed Grottoes covalent 2021. I'm Emily AIGA. I'm going to put a dictionary print growth omega0 predicts negative printed when Jackie, I've got my keys, chunky dictionary, macaca won't promise, and Muslim domain, my dot-com. The function could use Ganga or emojis Arctic each month. Dang it the API brand model or the area team. Good Yap, a huge gig antics name with a warm and we'll get SAE where luge, my huge corona or emojis, sorry, values. Now pay. They can equal mill Dang it to NADP, caffeine, interesting TDM or yeah, happy dish lays up multiple Jacoby huge costs of HSHP, up of unquote blog develop, career swap and then a blog me convince later or you just k was crushed or karaoke comment Carnevale user can numb k. Right, was cut Command K through up. A huge cost up to your comment, a Pictionary mortgages me up. The name, come into those Nicaea up. Distinct moment when you construct your data, which constructor consolidate post Nicaea on say block title pic, yeah, we'll be up is medial to gossip, total WP, block develop corral to hop app might Dixon, Erica, huge costs of the WHO comment code or comment SRT. Do Command key. I use a new user information or time of NO naught kinetically, historical analytics and edit, copy up its normal course octo coffee, which will hold on for a year. He digs nato homie, Python, Cave, patch, basic datatypes, numbers, string, list, tuple, or dictionary. Cool, yeah, pay, it's just so much of the Autobahn is classmates have been Nikoli. What is the case that the IRA or a male? Python. Python programming key variables cavity here it was McKinsey data types. What the, hey, Jay, sorry Jan cardiomyopathy do. Python basics a or scabies is Mamluk program Coke so much banging equal keys, decision-making to have Python will work as a leakage at the electrode is a gamble because I've declared in the hopper supports Kojiki, Jessica COVID. 1960s centrality here do coffee. A pandemic, corrupt and architectural Yara, Sandy countries coffee is the courses, correct. You happy do vaccines. Janitor continuing with the Giardia, won't 45 plus score the Giardia. So yeah, happy. I got up. Support IQ SRF, table up. Can use a chicken a chat. Thank you. Will all vaccine Kelly eligible hay and he had the example application map. Your code looks at the oaky eat a Copic variable logo Eugen, intercutting. Or I've got a huge age greater than or equal to 45 hetero home It's simple message user called this a panicky. You are eligible for COVID-19 vaccine, right? Or else o print costs octane message key, you are not eligible for COVID 19, vaccine edge off. Now please wait for your time. Thank you for your next simple decision-making guide. Jump Olga, Python ME or the Python way if or else. I see you've got the if or you happen to be apple criteria. The Nike is greater than or equal to 45 feet. I'm calling huge cutting your audiogram looked print statement, the thing Aikido BM, look at the eight criteria for pillow to Ithaca. Hmm, you gioco print can knock authentic. Yeah. Hmm, stippling isotherm, boy, happy. There's a pair whose keep up and look huge. Getting else gave up, resemble a column. Then you can have em look wavy character DNA database level or direct calling, huge turkey print, cutting edge uv, I'm no message then I got then gets a kiss, kiss me. You are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccine as you have not, please wait for your time. Thank you. So ES6 or kiddo message, then it gets simple. Our decision-making can jump Olga. If l sky huge turkey is called the home run cutting it. So Yahoo money, each goal, ERP, hardcore here, 34 is co-op low ERP. And you have too many API but diatomic gas m in portly thing to copy up in put leak NP up. The cost of the hill. Yeah, Pedro, my name portly at the happy you just say up in put leaky stroke or suck the WHO or fill up if or else condition floppy adults at their decay. Though ethical k. Suppose you have a huge age, 78, hey, or a Peace Corps and convert somebody. It could be though you are eligible for COVID-19 vaccine or decay. The ilium is called user input like hey, we can make ecosystem Kalita him to help him, I simply score to copy corona or Nietzsche. Jackie, I'm looking at bay. Each good and happy I'm logging. You would just say in Portland, gain or lose, Kwame love. Please enter your age. The rpm, you go bowling achy, bleach up, not each. Enter key, Jane Doe. Please enter your age. You get agent or categorise calm blue in DMA convert, cutting it off. You. Happy. I'm look if in school, school leakage equity, the RPE is currently supports key user enter gotta, age 29 and marketing. See you, I'm loco output camera. You are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccine as you know, you happy only body. Quick that he can say application developed coeliac job am YuJa apnea eligibility cut your costs at the Howdy, happy. I'm look. You just see in Portland and the OPM hardcore nickel and silicon Logging API criteria, the lucky you just carry it. About 45. Biao Siddhartha had the vaccine, ukulele, violin, the portico do slay huge router War II delta, what P9 to AARP. I'm a mosaic. You are eligible for COVID-19 vaccine for acyclic, a simple GUI which Karski, up, Python McCarthy, yeah, fantasy code looks up the hill. And I'm not 449 Dolly, is Toby, elites building over you. Happy omni for our cannot break out leukemia PM low input, numeric linen throwing up and look, we're going for D for buidling it Toby. One output has a keyguard Mamluk excerpts and handling lowercase squats you say are flawed organic NAV or data defined application data. But ACIP, the hope is that it gets him a Python programming basic. Gave anemia may select and me, Yana. 9. PYTHON Programming Part 3: Now scarred up offices whether they are apathetic, AKI, calcium, Python basics go seeking or IAP, I met tupples wherever they occur. Python datatype. So we're going to take up richly electron away. Or how many? For us, our decision-making, Python Minnesota and what we, they can guess M, If Else code which goes something along the canyon kick, DO, control structure, say woke as a comfort thing Python way. So you have while or while loop or they can kick ass M while or for leuko, huge cause of pain while loop for loop. Caltech is a BM. Cool kids repeatedly cannot take look at the hair. Barber can knock out the hand though. Guess eq sequence for Canada total calcium while loop for local broadcast of the hand. While or for loop up cohort programming language like Java or C, or C plus plus will see Sappho, yeah, fill up our programming really a, a field Python Lily, aquatic programming language. While a for loop, Jesse control structures, technical, maintain, or lead, but just a Java IFC. Yep, Seesaw, me, just say Utah library, whether he icon, maybe while loop or holocaust, which got the hurry about the simple or dive right on your skin. Not totally subsequent am the pinky while loop gets sandwiched. Gossip that the ARP Dickey while loop or a variable in the Sitka, 0 equal to 0. So yeah, happy Monique, I variable, yeah, just coming in is it got wrong? Is scheduling the cell balloon material there, our schema and Mechanical MCI. While I less than 20 happening epic echo may condition their own PQ. Why looked up the ICU value? 20 sitcom a Yankee, 1930. 1930, they've got up Turkey while loop. Just that I got Jesse, IQ ALU, 20, hokey, or while loops. For my capital, I equal to 0, while I less than 20, pin money a column, they are only up cup by Tonga while loop like Nick us in taxa, while I'm logging can be some data I less than 20 while I less than 20 and Nikki, I come back 20, say comma, I mean Kaplan connect print. I, you ALU is IQ and leuko print, autoscaled ICU Theme, say increased kinetic ij equal to I plus 30 January. And you, Kim, I emit three AD Carthage daga, daga 0 heads appellate printer, print 0 plus 3, 30. There are three is less than 20. Really happy. I got 34, print career, 33 plus 36. So daga, daga, daga six, less than 20. So six co-parent career query iris x plus 3, 90 Jagger periods, ERA nine, less than 29 coping occurring up in the App ID 12 agenda I say 12 days then notice a print cuts the liver. Pretty happy, happy, happy. Eighteen, Eighteen plus 3, 2121, less than 29 year to year while loops a bada zygote, print, a message out of while loop. Though, gummy score anchoring it to how many outputs. Treehopper, they kinky belly. I do L-O-G, DOE effort, Tintin think Zara, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, or 18 plus 3 Jehovah. What, 2100 data easily while loops the bottleneck, Okay, 21 is not less than 20. So gay condition satisfy new audio while loop, go. Shortcut, Bahamas, IRA, why look for a good cause I got you allow your white look about omnipresent district when the head is copying karaoke out of while loop. As a while loop conquered they appoint we can listen to this, I hope. All set up. We say checkouts, Dr. hokey Kasey, Why look, conquered the hair. Escaped from decaying k, Cassie, home. Else call huge costs at the end while looking to you. Happy. Same westerly. I am look together. I go a leucine. Is it carrying a high equal to 0? While I less than Article 27 can disallow point reconditioning up at this appeal period where my catalog, same look-up print, corona, hot, molten rock, Egypt duck in Africa, gametic karate, I less than equal to seven. The way message may have a print calendar. I less than or equal to seven and my MSN sprinkled oaky IQ less than or equal to seven. Okay. I alluded inset Chios Kore 1, one thing that I want to, I plus 1, 2 pi over 41 over two, or just say he will eat. It is not less than or equal to 70. Borrow, borrow that out. I evaluate print message Iraqi, it is greater than seven. So same kids were young Africa, same year while loop versa? Yes. Yes. Okay. I'm me, Bianca, huge kilowatt. Are you happy I'm missing public else? Dial the eye to our while loop. Codes of exit Gary goto, L2 or L3. Yet been coded up the opposite. They keep the same teach or Relic and yeah, permit simple print. Yet. Leaking, I got up Yap, which autoprint me huge costs upto the wild or else as a hum, huge gossip-based program run cutting it. So Hamada output or what? If I let you know already operate Europe print or dagger is less than seven. Periodically 0 plus 1, 1, 0, Jagger, Yeah, particularly lucky one is less than equal to seven. So say yeah, drew over year to year while loop may die God, Yeah, paper in Canada one. Then I say he jumped to seven plus one over eight would say when you're happy for him, Carnegie bought it. And there's an equal to 7 gig. Also, data can listen to while loops about a DAG or arithmetic. I know the else statement, we print it or pulling lucky it you have all greater than or equal to seven or greater than 700. So eight is greater than seven. I say. Hmm, else call huge cars at the hair. Wild me, geek up, UPR, Good job, good as it can decency which can notch either as a teacher had to implement, cannot add those up epic condition, they all work on these unfulfilling Earth API core countries. And then just to wrap up while or else it's thermal cars up the whole basket there FOR loop a for loop count. I just said you have any API. It can range 15. Range we print ranging from Canada, job. This may appear in a minute, but previously lake it. 148. Numbers generate career. So rearrange cachaca 0, 2 footprint 0 to 15 me. Yet Pippin elements generate Canada including 0. So J 15, Katha Ganga 14, or Panera element generate career. So 14th of Jag up again to get 0 to 148 numbers in it. Gallagher amaze Coca Cola worklist on funder numbers or fill my cap on working man. Check on work is Joe Homer reposts lift hip on 0 to 14 numbers guy was coming. I iterate can occur total macaca looking for I in list a range of preprint. So my cathode for aye, joe p values is least make scaly kick numbers Kelly print I though parliament cachaca for English script in and they can't get 0 mechanism. So Jidoka print career field one, though they are 1.5, a one-component calligraphic F negative 14, Tukey GI, GU or sorry, element square, say print cousin also Yehudah have four, look choppy up as a for loop. Huge, got the WHO or eclipsed go up. I trade Carthage at the WHO. Okay, element twice. Those are example when a appellee or hijab and Mike Rocky money APA sentence LEA, data science. So yay Mira sentence a data science. Omega cannot escape. Later coma. Print connect at all. Yeah, I tried. Cannot chateaux. Sentence scope or a kit. I iterate Kirk word, later grocery. They get later comeback print can knock out all of the ALEKS. Okay, The happened my d, a few separate encourage our thoughts. Kilometer Carmel, my fall. Look out for my sentence in datasets. So yeah, Payment data science, dose intensity is under ganache. Arthur Holmes killing my variable, my apple hero, my sentence. So for my sentence, I'm not lucky. Mice intense in data science. Data science you have what is called a present Gallagher did mice and enjoyable data science called present per gap it so my sentence in data science print current later my sentence. So, yeah, happy you have mice and then Java current letters could represent categories of Jeremy has a huge career to you. My sentence, good FOR loop is data science. Sentence from zygotic letter, go, print, karaoke, current rate of care here. You have a job. Mom is Couperin carrying it or Homais me liga LND? Yes. Ip core. So the key up a current letter D field, ugly. Ai GF with t Fourier, Fourier space, be a character counter with an app a space AGA signs Sci II and see if I say Apgar cap. Sentence, go be up, I trade costs or third are nonetheless, let us go print gossip. The issues that I see. Those right? Jumper Leah, animals, many animals can map it. Lift good care. Just my tiger dog, elephant line folks as at the IR for animal in animals to my Africa collected lift up animal settle, map, animals go. Print color chart also for animal in animals and lift animal may, animals list may say my animals. Animal print cannot shut out for animal in animals print animal is, or what. It can multinomial, ERP, I've got my essay, run curl. So the key up, go numb the kicker. A animal is tiger, dog, elephant, lion, folks. So asic or k up is list, go, I iterate course apriori element, go. Print cursor. For Lukoil. Huge character for animal in animals is Leishmania or you can milk anomia print cartridge. I want but go Thank you. Casie Health Index get through VM ICT recent costs at The Hague published goto, Yeah, happy animals. I'm Nicolette Quetta, your doc. Same. Okay. Yup. And getting a four index in range of length, length of animals. Yet LEN function, we had Len function. Yet the Iraqi smoke, it's any elements at all. Five elements that you calculate for index in range five. Parts about is quite varied career yay colligative for current fruit. An emulsifier index file 800 career. So tiger print carried up QPS per tiger F11, pay dog food to pay elephant as I go to Toyota, correct? Index 2, numbering here, index is 0, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, Valley APA. Length gets really a product layer is called length GAAC if 50 year range of 50 data, actuarial data range of 50, yada, yada, 0 to five is quite red. Canada index 0 Gatto I giga. As a caretaker, I got to get the upper half is only looking for lamb loaning your Len of animal yet and yet length of At 50, 5025012301234 genera or per year. Tiger tiger dog eloquent line to ES6 or gap I tracing cost of the index. Call huge Kircher. The string, Python mega second quota for you. Happy. String creation, apoptotic as an example, those strings, string or string, STR or HDR. Yup, yup, single quote. Strings, create, constructor, just money, APA, hello, data scientist, catholic, string, Olga, string, Caltech, a collection of characters so that the data scientist a toga up double podcasts at the string. Good cause. A third, just recommend STR 1 q to happen when a machine learning the air up, up, up, Yap a string qx is constructed of a good blanket. Can the colon to but lucky. Starting same. Number k index into print Gallagher. Yeah, arpeggios. And I get reality. Fdr took or the other yay cardia to yet element to print area as the heat 22, 7, you happy my friend, cargo. Element from two to seven to six giga though, to 26 Pikaia, 0, 1, 2, 0, 1 to the 2 Pi St. Pierre was Apple. Seventh recto, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6. The Jagger for print Korea or ERP 2270277, including earlier six staccato is print out estimated that don't print news if China heparin over 22, 60 at every five elements to second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth element, coherent Chordata. So Easter egg, they say Hamlet. In Python, when they take a humbler string, python may operate gossip, gossip that they are happy. Simple. Pie is string. Copy machine learning to her. As 17. Though maize DR1 laid out starting to 17, Yankee put opera machine learning sentence. Little of it was Q1 may have a plus sign you can concatenate kinetically. Yankee is K bad, um, look with Python at carrying three rp, my width, Python, as I said, when I space k, x single, create Caroll to j with Python is case up machine learning with Python, I separate quirky iga. That's the upper string. Concatenation cars up the machine learning with Python as a Ara, yeah, happy either make space, they look to ERP, to Amara. A British ring. I go 30 giga machine learning with Python. So yeah, happy I got FDR won instinct only machine learning to create chaos milligram with Python, I'd kinda chat that. I said cursor, euro, string r1, I'm a poor quality. Column 17 Muslims, key starting say Enter a couple restaurants. Are you asking about NUM with vital add? Correct. Yeah, happy I got my du support. Keep 22, 17 or film or with Python and corrode the Hamad sutra or put Melissa, yeah, but the KD, some Nikki though are to get and keep or one index but your RDA have one ERA, giant machine learning as the Yara to use RET jab course at 13 columns 17 MATLAB starting, say, enter your PIN, machine learning with Python as m, a principal yellow to say hm, for loop or a while loop. We'll use Python me, me, the Cauchy while loop. Mm, else gets a huge curse of thing. Jackie, for loop, I'm Cassie, I iterate, got their follow-up. Call, huge cursor or for loop one, cassie, a string, maybe huge cost of the hair or south magnetic AKI calcium for local huge turkey indexing, cut-through index gets right red cards at the heck list go. This gets at the Hamlet. They got a string, python make a second cut the high string called excess classic obtain all string quo upgrade cuts a container. Python me though I hope your code yes, IVT J someone may. Are you hungry? 10. Python Programming Basics Part 4: The opposite surrogate that GO Python basic scape, Bart, orphan, or a smear. I'm reading ag, function skeleton or especially I'm digging achy. User-defined functions, gobbled damp Python, we'll get them in a huge cost. The hand, which programs be they're getting? Example, monkey guessing. You're defining functions like Git, push, GSK, got bought the hand. So subsequently analytic functions, skeletal functions, California function. I'm going to add them up. I put specific task until then it was Gilliam Lou, a block up or lick their offers broke up or UI functions, they'd be fine cut. Was Fontan done, namely there were some specific Dusko chronically homeless function call was named a daughter. All curves at the yield that function are user-defined function COUNTA, function, you'll hump could define, got the hand is specific duck and dusk got Nikki Leah, who's a user-defined function Gothic. You'll hit me up. A user-defined functions to basketry, Duke eat, how to Programming Language me. It's basically Python me. What system do system defined focus on, say yeah, built-in functions in Python. Jessica, mean, median. Yes, absolutely. Yes. Abdul points and say, Yes, I did. Your fonts and hippo, user-defined function, linear weighting function thing. There's a date and time functions you use IF function you have a built-in function, Angular, Python me, Our Lady, DOM I make will define connected directly to it. Yeah, it wasn't a huge cut now with the head, though, we haven't really didn't function. We've got the hand or dual function. Hmm, Quizlet thing. I'm going to define, God will say Hmm, you'll get defined functions, get the hint. So I'm guessing you've got defined functions that looks at the answer, you got the money through our program one can neglect usually find out that the album is infinite. Sum up double digit laid out although numbers or add canonically way, functionally canal. So you have many, many user-defined function unquote defined clinically for lambda find got debt was getting, I'm no deaf, huge got then BFF. I'll just give an add on this Columbia function can nominate asic gap anyway. No numbers grad can knock out all the money and I'm gonna add them up, which means I'm this act some Yacc which we named this up, Toyama in my knee. And I'm the how to augment EOB and implement sum of two numbers can narrow the ERB to augment its hunger, will skip out on landing MTO def, function name auditing topic. But I'm going to do some bus getting a bracket agenda. But yeah, me, I'm queer function defined Gothic, it'll now be inquiry function undefined cut the handler function that we would think about what should nominate DevOps and got odd closing bracket that the auto scan that I'm diethyl fat, I'm going to write it because like the hand Jessica, you are done. If function later. Yes. I my knee operating if I get scared them columnar, column K bottom, you have M equity what it is, some, some memcached or cutting, get a plus b. Go you ready? We'll think E or B. It was get some go Hmm, something that's out there that a plus b m, We haven't gotten the year function and look at it and going into your function, I mean, yes, Joe somehow map a plus B Medulla walk ridden got into the function. I'm going to sum up E plus b. Audio. Happy for my cat got open numbers. Juror number a or beyond it was coming up and num one num two carcass, 16 or nine. Though numbers may have been defined corrosion damage at number 1 or number 2, cos m and it gets stitched in plus 9. Prompt goodnight is add num fonts and get through to run a function called YuJa defined function coordinate find Qa was really comfortable. Calcutta egg already unhappy, made those numbers laid out 1609 auto-scale on my simply is fun sun go add num, add underscore num Giovanna function defined k up. It was all girl. Or a year ago, no Muslim num one num two is called basket on the animal. Yeah, maze from simple Qualcomm law though parameter basket can num one num books, the year num one, num 1 been dagger a or B. Some function may I guess some of you are going to do 16 plus 9 over all the behemoth, some return data. If I'm synth or the sum or ketogenic 16 plus 9, 25. The squad going home and I'm cutting it. The hamate output per liter. D5. So some missed grantee fight. Yeah, happy. I'm directly say we have course. I played with it for 30, 45. And you're happy home directly be numbers pasco suck. They had 40, 45, 49. So yeah, pick up SAB, it goes up the whole Yaffe are directly up point number vasculature. What we got stuck there with the whole gap. Eq example user-defined function called ERP. I'm glad to all be functions that is a key sum of a and B. Going to jot that though, I'm simply going to have the interweaving op ME some afford into 45 million giga. Yeah, pretty happy how music? Num one and 45 credit of Canada. The case I went to, the num one whole guess each team are 45. Bod those servers. So he hung up, it got such thing after it up, no number. Then I channel where we update the whole they get for yield, user-defined function or the other, it could gamble. I got a call from Sunday. Flip thing happened when a user program because they're weighing function good, explained, got Nikoli. You happy when it are deaf. Huge gap function can define clinically or print something. Yamada function can nominate or just kinda make a string Pascal's law. Or if it was a string called print got longer to get the job E string compare, getting away upon sundry done Garreta. Do you have a simple function, a string print Guernica doing something, the hopper bring something called quantum corral or the happy my print basket on a string. And, or data scientists or is it all coming together? So load data scientist. Okay, My uncle little. So they can mail portfolio. Hello data scientists already see that I've got my slime call, uncommitted garden hot, pretty safe for both Savanna Fund Sanjay. Gone logo is a string gets out of it. Whether what our same function with alcohol and data science in demon string basket. Okay. Tell me, I'll put Malaysia Data Science in demand. Yayoi, string, the yoga, get the string class getting it. I'm declutter. The setup program, user-defined function CALEA, or is it Fontan literal, even art? But that number even higher order. You're going to put that on the agenda. Although skilling program we collect that data won't get sick or some movie Home user-defined function get through, whiten may easily gossip the hand, guessing the extending up or deaf my function that I am the even odd. Or you happen a number basket over x all to get away no matter what, just give Becky you Inaki audit to get. I'd be happy I'm Luke. Even odd function candor, clicking it, come kick, getting a gift. Even air or even cover what those input, output or do I don't. Even number will actually having a permanent condition, x and divided by two, and it's equal to 0, either x. Do, I do, yeah, the country they went and they will, that'll wait. Even number what else? Audra, simple so for net. So yay, same window, even or odd cut definition, most common if-else condition, really odd, even odd function can update the deaf for you each got their weight. Decay, make Alcoa. Yeah, for art or Pandora, even or odd function called qual Carola. Function. Now art was made number basket kx scaly, the Jaap him and eight uplink of Basketball Hall. I mean, I'll put my liver it even who are entrepreneurs when you have an odd number or an API up, we redo certain number. Formatter three are currently $7. Our output either the key essay, you're going to base a tactic or don't do 75 cardamom it even or odd. Output polygon to exit. The program will get, you generally find function. You just gotta get you home. Even or odd. Guess it. Propped GFS up. The hand. Is gesagt the homemaker all program they can get Program for user-defined function, orbital Jamnagar. Happy my neck. Yeah, keep default arguments, give either way. I'll go get your defined function, get through authoring and Hoberman a huge gallery function. You'd get my fun. My Fontan, we're going to start with my iPhone. Claudia happened and ultimately our y argument coming up in number in Sitka. They don't talk DeFi we only give many Bella he Y equals 35. Assign got the skeleton with simply x and y que es blueprint camera home. I'm going to help it. And my fund one can go call Corona. I got 21, sit basketball. He executed opportunity. 35, we degas could give money away. Q and we have a defined getting ready to hop a, my x is equal to 9 girdle. X is equal to nine cardinal or is quad-core Uncle Toby, x is equal to 21 or y is equal to 35. Yeah, happy do we have defined Colgate out Yamato value pascal away. Your job is to really find my local override got data. To get. I've gotta make up a 90 goto guy, got one output and one output. I have a X grantee one or y 90 to 9000. Boss guy is predefined value, yet default argument value, you have y equal to 30, 50. What I got out on me. And why equally well, look emulate in 19, really good. Execute a loop until 12 year-old. That default argument, I've got a default argument, the natatio deficit, they suck, they hope. Our default argument, Adobe hmm function called Qualcomm's. This one I want basket tells Caitlin up, well, what write GSC, the edge of the hair. Just a key opportunity, 50 or nine comma organized got at grantee one or 90 get through and I, my output may lead on to SQL or 21 or y que ellos 90. I'll make important concept that they're passed by reference to Python. We tell it that could be, um, look, TJ function conquered. Yet, the water or reference boss value difference equal to hit the hopper. My function f. By reference or younger make a list. The argument is by difference, fun, sun me up this gradual that our pyramid is faster reference, list argument. They don't want to print Gattaca, job use list key value or tubes command print Cocteau, pretty unhappy. I can make echo donkey lift to gauge on a leash to measure when Todd Well, would you say when tenses up because it only either Flipkart, they don't give up, bring Cortana, lift Galatea, yea, yea. Function data. Hey, so yeah, Happy. God, they can knock out the hands-on lab coat on Connect what the data. So you have for the Q values inside the function before chains, get 11, 13, 15. How many job hopper leash to define getaway level, starting footprint language because our theme, diluting item seismic 11, 13, or 15, create my reference function called wildcard tongue or you list a list your hair, your skin, I lose. This mainly went 11, 13 per printer, school basket, the house. Go to your happy I got oh yeah, happy. Where luge inside the function before ten. Yeah, Happy English. Leukotrienes, Knesset ballet, Gary, giga, 11, 13, or 15. Hey, you have an equation just taking every previous topic fonts and I already have a list of two quotes, 17 card data. So unique about Catalyst cue 11, 13 or linkage and PMS 17 million. English doc to reallocate target element. One to get pre-print Romney 1778 because the app or those get back the value 11, 13, or 17 over or two key Omnia hop a function under alias, go a bit with the reference Tokyo hockey Joham, look at least go from Baja to recall getting a function called Qualcomm naked body. So Pete, DO function key value, how would I make 1113017 a day to keep Omni was good reference value and it gives Kim memory location in the stock glucose 17 separate Calais and keep your pin. Oh, yeah, I'm new office memory locus and paste 17 core dalda. You see Li of aliased key value function Cuba has to be carefully 1130 notes, 17-year-old Inaki, if you printed cooking up, I'm nearby difference. You've got good. Let's go change guards, the 15 coast 1770 cilia list homology. 11, 13 per printer knock 11, 13, 11, 13, 17 hand Knock 11, 13, 15. So you have beta phosphate difference Huge got calumny was to reference cohesion score DIC, English key value function k bar to be homemade 11, 13, 17, image alone, AKI or original 11, 13, 15, I hope gap. So my comment out our important concept. Yet it important. Well, Barlett the hand and you'll get coffee Gambia the hay in the original gamma. So recursive function, the Gaussian function Caltech Campo, repeatedly got knocked out. Anthem will say regards to fonts, I'm Catherine. Yeah, function called bonobo, Qualcomm, Nassim me for example, Bible Kolkata, Yang setup, Nabucco he called who say I'm Gabrielle daddy, custom fonts and fonts and drop now Quaker, though it Garcia from Sonka, you will take effect on real proud legacy. Number k factorial appointing galactose giddy up. The Gaussian function. Up the hand, the deaf factorial function defined corona pale risk may augment already. Going on, but are you happy my cap on lucky factorial of one cow to Hermes, how wanting that to happen, make conditional if x value is 1, x equal to one return one can gather one hand a motto scarp factorial V1, he Hogan. Else elsewhere metallic 10 factorial formula looks else return x into x increment up doping number, I've just words kept three, they are three in two factorial off three minus one factorial up to the factorial up to three year. Yeah. Correct. Yea hammered out. You can usually find from 25 factorial. Yeah, happy alchemy. Archaea humbled it done yaks in 206, same pumps onco EC fun sun can that hump will see from some group called Quran factorial function and that hum, factorial function cohesion. And you call the API factorial function feet up in the Appalachian call Chordata x minus 1 Yanni q2 factorial up to period up a Jaeger or decay GKE, you happy execute ALU to obey. So omega or PDCA into two, into two into factorial of one. So barely have any data. Three in two factor we are to a malaria. Two into factory loved one, your Q1 over authenticate three into two into one. So Hamada vector it up three, get Najera six or juggling and happy my factor number 3 pass growing up in num factorial of number three is factorial of n factorial function called called Berkadia number. Think we have a basketball Tahoma effector, love to the camera later, 6 million or decay factor loved 36. Yeah, happy. Hello. Factorial function. You just gotta read as a recursive function. Africa correctly recursively could recall Calliope factorial function key and then I might else part Valerie RP, factorial function colleague call Quran, x cube Richard when Lucas up to Yahoo factorial up to daga, daga body of your essay to that layer as a here going up is go. Number 5, Galea correctly, up nap, okay, but if it carried out by legato 50 and 25, 30 or 40 daga daga fluid. Yup. I got afford into pectoral up 30 giga. Put a little up three Jagger 3 and 2 factorial up to a second K. Yet could query will carry out the eight recursive function has really care. And Joe Garcia function could go He function or inside the same function. Okay. So yeah, Happy hump vectorial, organic as m factorial EC number convector. But that carves up the recursive function call huge classic got a kegel key to user-defined ones on here. I'm factorial Chiquita advantage or the SRD cause some cake which advantage of the hair and the Carson function don't hold the hand. Auto Baltic, clean or elegant Dakota Yap. They can make it now. Factorial, but that can make cough. Or you get nothing for one line Milliken where a three Baltic clean or good-looking HOTAIR, you'll get Barbara. Same key thing here, but it's a function call or D called the tail. I bought the complex task of dough to have more simple subproblem and divide those data. Hey, take our son gets through, is pick out this sequence and this in both the US analog data head because some kids through or nested icterus and coffee are some disadvantages behind it. It goes into a courtyard with Catholic, which WWL techie. The Carson megaohm logically hardware that the ECU you say bottle, bottle recursive function call huge Carnot, coffee, memory, expensive or data. Hey, yeah, feed the gap gets system pay our memory pay coffee door delta here. How to seek out that gap position up slow without that, yeah, I've got Program CAG UK sometime but it's out there or work out that gap Kip would it would replicate subquery, inefficient matter. There are copy, memory or time we lay there is give me a city Garcia from hunk of recovery, Bowtie expensive or that explanation there since keyboard there, the memory consumed, got them bought dinner, time, they execute autonomy so easily because you've got to call it score a wire to peak or not the YAG a robot that it complex or memory or expensive, expensive or that they had though. It gets Hathi the cursive fonts and your hair will be both the difficultly at the 100 Debug Gallagher, the cosine function but the complexity cargo, body, heart, programming, Qie Gei Wo happy bought, sorry, recursive function. Exactly which kinda nested, I trace Monsanto, Gaga, who smoke, which problems are there? Those could be worked on luck API. And if we cut it out, time-consuming or data high risk case may be because some cool light can lucky though, I hope gap go and user-defined function cackling zip. Someone man who got inside the examples gets out a pesky practice qij. 11. Python Programming Basics Part 5: Lambda by Tn me. Two variables you would draw their valuables are Puppet our Cv, T2 value course tor, chronically hungry or reference huge cut then say m. Variable voltage has a beach equal to 45, which capillary 45 well-researched clinically be huge gap A-B-C. So Dothraki variable basically HK at the Python way HEC a global variable and local variable. Subsequently, McCullough think global variables, scaffolding. So global variables, the Zaki up or non-3GPP, but that's an AKI global variable, khaki global, Bowtie, global talent leptin in global variable to hotel would function just accumulate, which like I said, the functions they can get them kinetic arson, get a factorial function, Degas, yes, some Galea up wavefunction literary sum function to do function k bar or o to Scott scope to double global load that and go home once and keep Baja declared as a global variable. Or do you see him function under B? Which kinds of thing? So it's covered up joker, global variable, global function cape bar, outside the function declared, can't I thought was go outside the function or inside the function donuts and coffee. Hamlet was quote, excess costs up the hip. The global variable. Go home, look outside the function or inside the function, no matter how Pamela, excess costs are. Happy, they click the Amarillo global variable K. Simple example, I hope cookie dough, definition a walk clear away a global variable I miss IF function k bar declutter or you see him look function candor, function to by heart, dielectric 06 is guards that they had. Happy many global variable. String wherever the energy school, many numb yet global assay. You can map from global variable, but currently I per-minute variable, num Yao variable Kansas, your valuables communist global, which can be a valuable, you head to a global variable or SQL, you have globally a string value, okay, at those lemonade global variable that looked at 45. So 45 cake integer variable or DV global here it is coming in. Nice communist key element of global D to E or V, global variable. Global variables cook Kakar set the scope. Yes, I can make function you defined group glow function, blow up global function will sacroiliac glow fonts and many software like I glue the glue, many are predefined Jabberwocky, my Kikutake, E or B key value, Riley, membrane corral, E or B key value function can that the print inside our AQL UK or be QL feelers keyword, my blue function call an API call kernel, Oscar, this function k bar, Harvey Milk was well leuko, print girl a outside or be ACEI or ARB q element is called Yom run, cutting it up, taking Academy, insight, developing global layer or be inside Q value 45 edges, I can make a particular gas evolutionary function candidate Lucy called contractile function called GIP volcanoes. Can there be global or 45 with the current value or outside with global or 45 VA 3 is kilohm Lu function key and that will be equal huge. Excess carrier will be plexus girl pregnant. Okay. Bar between RPA, ERB, global variable. Global variable calf or no to yes, I'm taking a key local variable. Can local variable function under declare getting energy. You happy. A happy man who ALU d is equal to 90 though, to yield a local variable whose keep baton back mechanism. Yeah, we have a global variables keep up current of global variables. They happy or VDD don't know Committee, function canvas that we access care, ARB, homicide where alumina from Kentucky bars that we want to print gather Missy me, well, alumina to glow fonts and I'm really cow skin under VHDL risky Baja, VM name. Our mechanics program, the character happy, may I be q-value to have 45 eight global variable you have particular yay are many same, glow function, cooperative, fine chiara always under your VQ alveoli will print corral or glow function called quantum corral to I'm taking IQ, low key value outside or inside Catalonia, OPM a 45 malaria, up, ERP, HMO, be, be, a global variable, will score low blow function and that access to corporate academy, say manipulate week or something. Yet technically my APIC icon here, okay, may be equal to b minus ten kilowatt. So may be you ALU and it could be 45 minus 10 Caro actually decay. So yeah, happy or they can't hear me say output data, you have been site key-value and achieve 45 minutes and 35, or be outside the hammock camels. That though is simple. You score run current codec there. So I'm Jesse, He's quote, quote unquote me, Aaron, multiaxial local variable b, reference before assignment. Yeah, happy to have you here. Hello, Can we be going up redefined the PRV molecular local variable b, reference before assignments left Germany because i ne Chiara Musa for cardio, say conquering the Happy. B. Is B. Cornelia yapping, Yo Hayek, local variable. No dry edges, columnar sign-in and Jack which are going to be equal to nine CTO or fetus, Corcoran coroutine code Renault Jagger, Hammarby insight, QL minus 1 military. To keep you happy. Yager behavioral local variable we could do Hamlet, define a cathode. You CLEA, AR, VR and AR and nine minus 10 minus 10 main output may Yara, you can just say ham is local, declaration cohort Athena or is called Current card. The hamate, Aaron will take a local variable b reference before assignment. You have to accumulate cookie. You have no global co-exist occurs at telling stories and manipulate and anchors at the Eastern assay is can manipulate clinically how macaca Knauer, homie, but allow working HMD Global be equally happy. Manipulate, cannot Catherine, yeah, PI, op amp, global Vico, huge current notch out the hand is killing a macaca Nagar me. Global. Keyword ERP, which can now go global or global variable. Global variable cannot be then our other sick our QI program called HIPAA, that is function Canada has a year JOB Hamlet idea global variable be described below 40, 50 cuz com login. So Abby's core curriculum run time error, namely Are you happy, BQ ALU 45, 45 minus 10, curcuit 35 and output data. Or is QSR the job Beach called a 45. No global variable declared as a beak equal to 45. Up to King Hamlet was a reference, cohesive reference. Call him manipulate cardia reference. Well, or he, I am rate Keynes called the m minus 10 cornetto 25 over top boost memory Lucas and per week, 45, 35 or Jackie is Celia homie AP BQ value to her? What 35-millimeter Inaki 45. This quote, core unconnected about me. Yeah, output, Melissa Kay be inside with 35. Vocab, be outside with 35, author is 30. Casey, our guard up topical global variable declared cartels called local. Locally, Yeah, function inside me, I went up, manipulate can match up the whole huge cannot chateau kissy fonts and make it seem calculation with our happy but ANOVA, yep, global variable core, huge, cannot chateau are the worst score. Iq local variable called regard with Coppola key apneic local variable we call Define Name Yassin Nick, Yeah, or I say yeah, preference. The right to yield a big global variables. Keep up our McCullough, thank you. Local variable count that local variable. Yes, I can nam say but that'll take you to our Re Mi sub function body care under declared Kathy. Go DOTA will local authentic function under Yoda, the harmonics impulse function, Mikhail lock function, local software, LOC locally Kai, are you happy X1 variable Li, I have money or ski. You value a woman a local the air or female lock function called local function called corral or fluid outside. Japan is function Coulomb law, lock function calling API call carrying a. So X1 key value cow local login, they can jump home is function k Baja, X1 code, print connect ecosystem carrying a tokamak. Iago, Iran, Malaysia, Raga can name X1 is not defined. So you happy yes. When you hey, Y0, X1, Xj, allergic UK. Yeah, I'm Luke. Function. K bar is cold call connect cosas, asi Como hockey is under CTO locally cardo for yada yada. Yada, yada to ya PMI. Local value million Ag agonist. Or clarify can equally value cardo Toyama Hami, X1, key value. We have Emily to Kenya hockey Romney, X1, X2. Yeah, eBay function on the real axis connect UK X1 comma locally declared yet Army say locally access because of the IS com. Look ahead to homie era. The key appear main name X1 is not defined. Joke, jokey. A global variable, a local variable, and it's com Luxor function k under h0 excess cost obtained Aqiba has to get through. We have a local variable X1. I'm cranky carrying it or male port. Local militia. Upon Bakelite, the hanky local or global variable camera achy code may he can make as a huge carrying a Q-function, function weak acid, which can happen many a query, well the x just command a NAMD had global disco value, the global nominee num two variables, except when you have a minuscule value, the assign current global, manic, lock glow cargo function, Leica global, local, global. South women, a logbook cargo function defined care, ERP, mobile-optimized global x, Coleoptera, huge cannot out all the silly money. Apple global, keyword, huge career, Jackie, Hamlet, Mahalia, happy, huge Gotham, an aquifer data to S3 guessing app available lock my global x squared or y equal to local may ache or y-variable laid out do it local variable over how risky value of the local. I'd be happy, make Acker AKI, job global variable X many happy but diagonally, x global CO2, which cannot shut down. Who's coming into the water vacuole though time. Today though borrow there are peer merit print x or y cannula function k, and that are filled megaphones and log glocal called Karnataka McKamey layer. Homemade global, global or local or global, global. The work like Okay, I'm not into two cardiac Eukarya key, global, global, global a-dagger. So morphine, I'm a wide local Min Jagger to keep Vikki value, Joy, local variable edges, key, value, local, hire. A glide sample, the color. Thank you. Heck, global variable and local variable. Cartogram. Same numb the cow Guthrie, happy money. Xy, global variable, yes. 79 was called the filmmaker functionally crowd glow function whose CAN that we make see wherever they now see you call 290. C is equal to 90, or my print current gusty local C OR function k bar called converse command, global civil motto, tower is cozy, have run carrying at the local CQL or 90 or global CQL. 1709 Milligan are going to yank, pay my shaker though. So kidney, interesting over the thing, Giacomo, output will dagger MF Global CIO, CTO or fear is quote, current CTO, cower, discuss October is cout put Kohonen UP happy when a global variable same T9 CQL or the rapid global C max, the z go global variables equal to 9000 ISA output up our carrying or Tokugawa pile in 90 local synchronized to your global circa 1780, our weed and kinetic output over to layer uncharacteristically. Thank Jamil, put into the habit they kick global or local, local or global CDO loci, well-known iTunes at the QSR worker. Okay, yeah, happy I have nebula, key hump, your c variable, you have a huge kind of global sea co-reference, Canada or whose key value calm, low, manipulate, Kirk, 90 card. Reference, card. Yeah, reference for giga, global variable, global variable key value cool, 7900 a bit Clark in 190 dagger or silly, local or global say don't occur leukemia in 190 Jackie too. Yeah, happy I got up. Is quasi global, huge current, the 80 yea see global Hidalgo, that app Global Language Corbato though no sea. Cucumber, Yayoi, juicy, Hey, you happy John Luke, global sea called courageous, global, variable coreference, correct? Value 79 IV or Yayoi from some care and that dominate, see huge KIJ is local variable coreference categorise key-value 90. Ige can just say, Hey, HM, ERP, global, see huge carrying it to your local, big global, local variable. A variable, global variable or Jaguar is key-value 90 or data to 1799 to gyrus lit or not? Well, 99 guessing. So I hope you have go inside. Jumbles, get through accessors. One, Maria wacky global variable cow, or local variables cavity or Cahokia homologue global or local variable, goes up the hammer Cassie him. A global variable co, function on that. Upgrade costs of them manipulate costs of the Han Zhao say huge costs of thick calculus and made global keyword cold turkey. 12. Project: Data Preprocessing and Lable Encoding and decoding: So is selected Mamluk is project coconut, oil or gas, say hmm, load data, preprocessing, cut the hair, Python language, go huge gut key machine learning algorithm. Kelly was given, I mean, I'm Luay project Carnevale him though subsidiary ledger step here, data preprocessing. K are quote colleague Nicholas Mamluk, DACA, Becky Toby, usual packages, edge OPM look packages, huge categorical data preprocessing, Kelly own packages or ham looked Python, me, import, collect. The hymn talks about HIPAA law, Joham, local num by huge cutting it. So import numpy as np, get her mother's paella line or garfield hump cackling it come up preprocessing package for huge Carnevale skill onset or HMO from SKLearn import preprocessing, step, leaking your RPM is cort, cohort and getting a happy home look is step code, I'm cutting it or feed hmmm. No. Yep. Yes. Dip, import or Jagger Tom Lou I've listed here are glass tip your head, simple data Qu, body mass. It's got no what the, hey, Anika, sample it our code to find kernel DAG, two key humble, yeah, happy. Qc up data could use Nika. Hello, yeah, pick up anodic data defined, getting your key. Darpa, Hamlet's, our JOCO category. Yeah, the cab looks at political stabilizing and happy macaca, rocky input retake variable layer, object layer. Now, Are you happy and NumPy? Np dot and you can add equal huge IQ, adequate cryptologists MY data over to that or say hmmm, no big adequate candidate, use my sample data, you Nicky? Yeah, Marek, sample data overdue. Step 2 here is could we unload or uncle Lincoln or skip ulema chromatography, Satyam look, Google Colab mic array, Google Colab. Do pretend Not bad kid that I, he got notepad AGRP up, machine learning gap, python's Integrated coding. Go install a giveaway you which got sucked back up. We can be Bu Lei to take note by day gap, yup, yup air going up, they go with the API up, click on water poorly accept or ERP applicable techniques that you could do via cold liquid L is given a mapping API looks up though Jackie, My name is merely call warhead, the coffee Tao, the hijab app, coppa, that'll take you up for gasoline and liquid arrow, just like many money API. Now, a sample data yet is Cooperman initiative to sample data. Warehouse it back and you're quiet, connect whether you smoke or simple data, Cool. I'll prove acid, carbonic acid, that Jackie humble stayed up our preprocessing technique or whole logo car sucking up, I'm telling it to ERP money, Akan NumPy at equal, but he wasn't guy. And you can buy at equal, define k and NumPy adequately. It is common to input data is torque, Yeah. Step 3 to have web preprocessing technique cool logo is Gell-Mann PCB preprocessing technique. Ooh, la Pena, any huge got to him. So data preprocessing technique, data pre-processing tech company to warrant gear gap, bilateral technical huge kinda yeah, that way, binarization got to bind register and cavitary data preprocessing technique hedges copy of the hijab homie operates on Catholic multiple Boolean militiamen. But the Nicky, Our checked out here just like you. How many good NumPy, adequate gadgets? My 2.11 minus 1.95.5 minus seven when I eat commodity bus numeric data, hey, you have Hm is numeric data or binary data. We are going to have nice it kind of work. Can they had to have a binder adjacent technique? I hope you can now what the heck? I'm linked that it just hit the soil Mancur do you got to kick in input data in built-in with the scalp you're carrying a happy do they sold, well, whales go home, look. 0.5 months. Yeah, Harpy humble, huge. Getting a preprocessing tool. How many happy import data preprocessing package, school processing cluster, huge cutting it or was not have low bind Dr. Jason, bind that binarized yet. Methodical, huge getting a function could use getting it through Yahoo and they keep buying right data is key to offset future railroad 0 to 1 upset because of being up in my new 0.56 yeah, wire or the average threshold manner, the F 0.5 or transform input data, input data, Qualcomm lacrosse bank balance like the easiest for date, I don't know. Medicare is combo. Binary may transform Karasek. Those Guillaume looked preprocessing dot binarized Metallica, huge Garreta. So lambda 0.5 DRY, or a score on Canopy humming. Yeah, how many binary data MSAG, Amara, your data numeric method 2.11. Okay. So Easterly's Casey Amara, update eye to eye with binary data me that the WHO took a half? A glass is a warhead minimum of one equal to pour. Some preprocessing technique is just copy you machine-learning Micaiah, more rootsy is your feature vector Kmart them say, we feature vector, vector ku, mean Kmart them say cut mechanically care the head Jackie has that. So Nippur, Kendall little hump each generator poster without all the, say, pellagra, where we had us up the heat on pneumonia. Yannick is sample data TO that, but mud atonic key preprocessing technique called our cars like they haven't reached the Python code called licks up the hair or data Kim may mean or monarch, which luckily for us it can suck the hand. See you mean monarchy with a standard deviation. So, yeah, happy hmmm locally kingly mean is equal to input, excess equal to 0, our footprint, a standard deviation input data dot std, who's getting into Yammer is the standard deviation. Those for the tika or eschar mean hammy but I Gato, yeah, mean Hooker, 1.75 minus 1.22 standard deviation it not at Omniture the area code input data key module which Glencoe hot Are they got A-bomb cackling good data, scale. It objective. Getting your preprocessing dot is Kilda huge car K is your input data, how Mary pass him. Specific mean or standard deviation, cohort, ionic ecosystem delegate. Those symbols are each step preprocessing dot-dot-dot scale or data, input data to her Mariah, you on making it Kieth IRP is cool. Calculator skill. Can they go it's missing a mean or standard deviation. Cool. Part of the graph is concave up the camera. I mean, you'll have 1.01. Do we Easterner Division 1. So you have a mean or external division. Pull that other that I've lashed to our graduates each a way scaling equal to E scaling big data preprocessing technique. The scope look feature vector scale to really get at that feature vector is killing chaos at the heck UP hubs. Caveman, guy, Janacek, Monica Beach been nose up their head through six of them. Kazakh thing is scaling multiple records. We have omega and thick E coli, so WIDA, walk you get groups it buddy at shortly or numerical Python, potent Kemalist, say Hmm, up new input data, keys, scaling car sat, there are thought preacher vector, cars up the hip, the min-max scaling data's killer min-max guy up, I'm look, I'm no huge killing a minmax scalar function f preprocessing me, though is called a huge calendaring app. If featuring him then get 0 to one cave each way. Or those ROM huge carrying a min-max fit transform Hamline, yeah, but min-max colorful, huge cartridge or homey data. Block occurring geeky min max. Data underscore scalar and rescaled min-max function type Schelling goes candor free transform function, police car camera, data put transform an ecosystem or India or jom is quote, current carrying it. The Hami data-driven Mulago is pre-calc or Malika do min-max scale data has ionic or covalent bought the company UVA. Min-max SCO scale cards. Are glad your technique or data processing or data processing technique, I just cope look feature vector, ku, some source it can make luckier than normalized connecting the care that, yes, our money pay money per feature vector come up. Nikki Lee, is that a cost normalizes some chaos authority air. So L1 normalization Caltech say comes to, come near petulant group may be jhanas that the head is that our costs are one acre. Montelukast and associate got the head Jackie. But take multi may put on a more local homicide ICA, hey, Python, quote, kilowatt, I guess like nothing happened. I'm logged data for normalized killing gay is helium nuclei, which kind of pre-processing normalise, function chi huge carrying or input data, Xiomara data and draw an accurate guess and pull that elbow in Portola or react with normalization, hump, L1 norm Joe have L1 and Occam look choppy but our egg alone, normalization, cool, huge, cannot have the javelin, miss it on carrying autonomy. Yea, I'll put Malaysia. This may have asap schedule, some hookah, one Kibera, body Yoga, do slideshow, L2 norm like this. An L2 norm lesson. Is to come work a rubric yes, at the hay is direct us harmonic current multi-locus also did cut that Jackie workbook or Yokohama ISA. Equal is an input by unquote group methyl. Yeah, happy we have looked preprocessing dot no light or ERP input data or you happen norm L2 listener. Yeah, Well, I am not alone. Huge. Gather you happy I'm loyal to you. Which current year or scheduled Como gappy. Print. A print. Output. Malaysia up to our glass tape. Head leveling data, labeling the data, hump Alice age and taking machine-learning algorithm coag negative product metadata key offset tau theater it under multiple offset by Jackie data for machine learning algorithm k input correct barbarians separately. Pixel level piazza here, and it will be unloaded outside. Then go see leveling Quixote. The other gelato TO that are glia, the embargo liquid water, the color barrier backup data or data per boss or a label and the label substantia the group mythos obtained data key sub dose at ABC, yeah, pin up A0, B0 psychiatrists and kept 001 discipline is scalar me machine-learning. Someone's it. Got it. Yeah. Thank you. Determine number level Halakhah. Yeah. Number labor has 01 to the other weatherman easily. Yet the data and you're looking ahead to system trauma perverted gelato. Yes, Abdullah. Numeric rope me but the Nikki prokaryotic, we'll label encoding Catholic gap and global level and putting a volume is seeking a 12 level uncoating step scout the hair. Is Mamluk ballet. Required packages go import cutting in NumPy you on a scale, unsafe preprocessing, feel hmm, Look, sample, labeled score defined. Getting at the app, I'm looking at it, you find caring is an input levels. Got this Mamluk red, black, green essay, which colors can look but if acid, Quran, Yamada, sample level, say feed them look cackling, label, creating and training of label encoder object is tipped me hump level and Kyoto banana or is a process it can Nikki, Karl Carter, him is Gilliam cackling a preprocessing dot level Encoder. Encoder dot fit or fury. Happy, I'm Logan, put level, it's MCO basket then going to label encoder CreateCars Degas of Jehovah Oedipus. Sorry Pele hammer. You unless the core and Ghanaian is what, a step or a schema. The smallest step. To get the label encoder. Readtopia. Step forward, you have warhead checking the performance of encoding random order list. So random order lithium monomials condo, They can kill him a negative test level and look green, red, black. The idea encoded values yap and quarter dot transform per keg is test level go, I'm looking Abba Pascal or print carrying Academy, Camelot that the upper levels green, red, black, and the milker is Kiva them encoded value list encoded when homolog is cool, numeric values McKenzie convert, cut, path a, Whoo, yeah, but they cannot the app, I mean, new numeric values, Mick Jagger, 12 0 and quoted well, yeah, water levels are green, red, black, or the rpm and coded values will get numerically sunk capital, where you will get 12 0. I'll be happy and they can get checking the performance by encoding random set up numbers is a stiffness and York's AND gate and a model list could be quote, Guard Kippur, the Sankey judge can make that happen quoted values and then get 3, 0, 4, 1 or decoded list toga encoder dot-dot-dot, even worst transfer and coded value. Hmmm look. Inverse transform cause huge Turkey and coordinate value copra connect courses carrying it is quite a second anyway, I'm encoded value, you will get alone cackling again, a happy home. And quoted level Joham AG encoded values, hey, escaped via Amara, labeled have wood or Nikoli hmm, simply adding a gap, list decoded value is encoded value. The court clerk Amika, in 3430411 down negative causes killing it. So yup, yup. The COVID Jaco decoded valid McKamey data. White, black, yellow, green. So yeah, happy I'm Nick, actually occupy only have make desk level career. You see a message term called trachea or field. How many operand values, the encoded value 3401 or excuse me, homie decoded level the outcome. White, black, yellow, green to yellow jacket the hank it the coding or encoding or decoding cards, the hand sample levels key is precocity. Year ago steps a war data preprocessing steps a job. How many Jana, key data preprocessing McKenzie step sequence a genome huge Catania, second band, right, Jessica huge, cut them. When do we value scaling which cut the hand normalization, this memory L1 norm and so on. L2 normalization could huge QA leveling up data, Hominidae, car calcium level data kept the heck at them and quarter call huge cut the calcium level in the heart. Cassie, I'm pretty level could be code because at the head of good project may have Jan Archean look at the preprocessing data pre-processing, and the label encoder. The court costs at the VS Code project cards at the end. Or AP1000 project output com I sat there construct the hand is classical, technically a cup of hotpots. So Priya.