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7 Videos (53m)
    • Working with Data Files in SPSS

    • Defining Variables

    • Variable Recoding

    • Creating Dummy Variables

    • Filtering (Selecting) Cases

    • Splitting SPSS Files

    • Weighting Cases


About This Class

In this class you are going to learn:

* how to work with the SPSS files

* how to create a SPSS data set

* how to recode variables

* how to create dummy variables

* how to filter and split data sets

* how to weigh cases

These are essential data manipulation skills that you have to possess before doing any statistical analyses with the SPSS software.

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It's a very technical course, the explanations are straight forward, easy to understand and the samples used in the videos are mostly from the SPSS sample folder which is in the IBM directory
this is a very effective class of SPSS and the teacher is very good :)





Bogdan Anastasiei

Learn with an Experienced University Teacher

My name is Bogdan Anastasiei and I am an assistant professor at the University of Iasi, Romania, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. I teach Internet marketing and quantitative methods for business. I am also a business consultant. I have run quantitative risk analyses and feasibility studies for various local businesses and been implied in academic projects on risk analysis and marketing analysis. I have also written courses and articles on Internet marketing and online communi...

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