Data Manipulation in R with DPLYR Package

Anil Ugle, Digital Marketing & Analytics Evangelist

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12 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction to DPLYR R Package

    • Installing and loading DPLYR R Package in R-Studio

    • Loading DPLYR Package and Viewing the AIRQUALITY sample dataset fields

    • SELECT DPLYR R command

    • FILTER DPLYR R command

    • MUTATE DPLYR R command

    • SUMMARISE DPLYR R command

    • GROUP BY DPLYR R command

    • ARRANGE DPLYR R command

    • COUNT DPLYR R command

    • SAMPLE DPLYR R command

    • PIPE DPLYR R Programming Function


About This Class

Learn the basics of DPLYR package in R. Learn how powerful data analysis can be easily done using amazing DPLYR package by Hadley Wicham. It's a perfect beginner course for someone who wants to go beyond excel functions!






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Anil Ugle

Digital Marketing & Analytics Evangelist

I teach online courses in three distinct Business areas on Udemy:Digital Marketing, Analytics & Data Science. I want you to be confident that I can deliver the best training there is, so below is some of my background and expertise level in these fields.

Digital Marketing & Data Science

Professionally, I have many years of experience in finance, marketing and other industries. Today, I would like to help you to leverage my knowledge for learning to drive marketing strategy, analyze complex organization datasets, revamp customer experience and revolutionize existing operational processes by helping our customers adopt Data Driven Decision Making and use cutting edge Digital Marketing tools and techniques to market their products more effectively.

From my courses, you will straight away notice how I combine my real-life experience and academic background in Marketing, Technology and Business Analytics to deliver professional step-by-step coaching in the space of Digital Marketing, Advanced Analytics and Data Science. I am also passionate about tech blogging and regularly write how-to articles on cutting-edge technologies and digital marketing tools.

In my professional life, I enjoy exploring Data Science and Digital Marketing tools - I study numbers to analyze patterns in business processes and human behavior... Sounds familiar? Yep! Coincidentally, I am a big fan of every aspect of Digital Marketing from Social Media Marketing, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, CRM, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation to Data Science techniques like spatial analysis, machine learning, data wrangling, data mining, database management :)

Digital Marketing & Analytics Tools and Techniques

I enjoy exploring various tools and programming languages in Digital Marketing and Analytics field like R, SQL, Tableau 9, SEMRush, Marketo, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Moz, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, ClickDimensions, Adobe Suite like PhotoShop CC, Adobe After Effects, HootSuite, Canva, WordPress, Kentico, Facebook Power Editor, SocialBRO, EventBrite, Twilio, BuzzSumo, Camtasia, CyberLink PowerDirector, HTML, CSS, GoTo Meeting, BaseCamp, Trello, Asana, Slack, MS Project, MS Visio, ETL, Scribe, DUN and Bradstreet, R Packages like GGPPLOT2, DPLYR, Twilio, Power BI Desktop, PowerQuery, PowerView, Mobile Marketing, Competitive Analysis, Azure ML Studio, Import and Kimono, BPMN, Protege 3.5, Selenium, Web Scraping, Data Cleansing, NodeXL, Text Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Text Mining, Plotly, LinkedIn Advertising, Twitter Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Data Visualization, Pivot Tables, PR, Buffer, Leads Management, Search Engine Optimization, Content Optimization, Search Engine Marketing - Love It All!


To sum up, I am absolutely and utterly passionate about both Data Science and Digital Marketing and I am looking forward to sharing our passion and knowledge with you!