Data Analytics with SAP Lumira | Ellie Babadi Koerber | Skillshare

Data Analytics with SAP Lumira

Ellie Babadi Koerber, Sr BI Consultant

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18 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Acquire Data

    • 4. Prepare Data Measures and Dimensions

    • 5. Prepare Data Hierarchies

    • 6. Visualize - Introduction

    • 7. Visualize - Column Chart

    • 8. Visualize - Cross tab table

    • 9. Visualize - Column chart 2-Y-Axes

    • 10. Visualize - Geo Pie chart

    • 11. Visualize - Line chart

    • 12. Visualize - Pie chart

    • 13. Visualize - Scatter plot

    • 14. Visualize - Predictive Analysis

    • 15. Compose your story

    • 16. Sharing your story

    • 17. Final notes

    • 18. Lumira Cloud


About This Class

Struggling with creating a dashboard for your business analysis purposes? Take this new tutorial course based on the latest easy-to-use technology from SAP and learn in a simple way how to create a dashboard without help from IT.

Live step-by-step tutorials take you through the main functionalities of the Lumira tool. The course teaches you not only how to use the tool but also why you use the tool.

This course is for anyone interested in Business Intelligence at difference levels and with different platforms (SAP Hana, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Hadoop etc).

This course also can help consultants and developers who would like to learn about the full functionality of this new tool and bring any source of data and create visualizations to find hidden patterns.

Learn from a Business Intelligence IT professional with 12 years of experience in different industries such as retail, oil and gas, and manufacturing in both the public sector and private sector across North America.

Benefits of this course:

  • Transform data into visual information that your organization can use to make better business intelligence decisions and increase performance.
  • Identify negative trends in key performance indicators.
  • Fix negative trends by localizing them, analyzing them, and correcting them.
  • Improve the efficiency of forecasting.
  • Measure a company’s performance parameters.
  • See pure data more clearly with visualization techniques that find hidden patterns.
  • Eliminate IT for any single reporting requirement.





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Ellie Babadi Koerber

Sr BI Consultant

Hello all,

I am senior SAP business intelligence consultant, lead and supervisor in data analytics with 12 years of experience within public and private sectors and various industries. I have experience in data warehouse and modeling, reporting and analytics. I have seen many challenges in Business Intelligence world and know the importance of easy to use tool for business users or anyone who is interested in visualizing data and turning that into information. Take my course and take ...

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