Dash for Investing, Anonymous Payments, and Instant Money: An Alternative Cryptocurrency to Bitcoin! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

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Dash for Investing, Anonymous Payments, and Instant Money: An Alternative Cryptocurrency to Bitcoin!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

32 Lessons (3h 15m)
    • 1. Enroll in dash course intro

    • 2. Introduction to dash

    • 3. Dash budget proposals for marketing, development, and research

    • 4. Dash wallet installation on Mac including how to bypass security

    • 5. How to receive dash and create a dash address

    • 6. Encrypting a dash wallet

    • 7. Using an encrypted dash wallet and precautions

    • 8. Buying dash with shapeshift and bitcoin from coinbase

    • 9. Pending dash deposits

    • 10. Enabling coincontrol features

    • 11. Sending dash

    • 12. Dash sends instantly using InstantX

    • 13. Sending dash anonymously with Darksend starting with Darksend mixing

    • 14. Dash masternode for 8 percent interest compounded with dash growth

    • 15. Dash masternode public key creation

    • 16. What are online currencies like Bitcoin and Dash?

    • 17. Is the best investment for 2017 a Dash masternode?

    • 18. Dash wallet 12

    • 19. Dash wallet encryption, passphrases, and security in 12

    • 20. Backing up and restoring a DashCore wallet in 12

    • 21. How to buy Dash with Coinbase and Poloniex

    • 22. Buying Dash in real time using Coinbase and Shapeshift

    • 23. Buy Bitcoin directly with a cash deposit at a bank using Wall of Coins!

    • 24. From masternode public key to launch with Node40

    • 25. 1000 Dash masternode public key creation tutorial

    • 26. Dash masternode setup and hosting with Node40

    • 27. Introduction to Dash budget proposals

    • 28. Dash forums and budget proposals explained

    • 29. Dash budget proposal creation tutorial

    • 30. Dash budget proposal submission and editing on dashcentral

    • 31. Sharing a Dash budget proposal on the Dash forums for more reach

    • 32. Project and dash giveaway instructions

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About This Class

Enroll in this course to learn about Dash!  What is Dash?  Dash is a cryptocurrency online similar to bitcoin and with more advanced features!  If you would like to send money anonymously or instantly anywhere in the world, Dash allows you to do that!  What I like best about Dash is the ability to make a masternode which earns dividens on 1,000 Dash.  I like it so much I sold all my other digital money to buy enough Dash to make my own masternode!  The second best feature is the Dash budget available every month for marketing, research, and development grants!  See how you can apply to do marketing for Dash in exchange for a payment approved by masternodes!  This is a living class that I will be adding videos to on demand!  If you would like me to teach something else in the course, please post in the discussions to help guide me as to which video to make!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in dash course intro: Welcome to my dash course. Would you enroll in this course so that you can learn about Dash? Dash is similar to online cash. It's like an updated version of Bitcoin. You'll see some of the basic features here is listed on dash dot org's. I think Dash is amazing for using for private transactions online, instant transactions online. And what I love best about Dash is that you can set up a master note if you have 1000 dash and get paid dividends from the miners each week. I don't know of any of the other online currencies that have a feature quite like this, so you'll see dashes like Bitcoin. I've shown you a list here now off currencies dashes currently number seven on these online currencies, and I'm really excited about Dash in its future. Would you join me and learning about Dash and what you can do with Dash today? What some of the best opportunities are things like having a master node or some of the features you can use with dash that make it really cool. You could just buy dash and hold on to your dash today, as the value is likely to be much higher. You see, it's $12 for a dash now. Well, there's a similar number of dash to Bitcoin is $900 for Bitcoin dashes, about five years newer than Bitcoin. So I think it's got some of the same potential using these features. These features give Dash some amazing capabilities the instant send immediate send anywhere in the world amazing. And you can truly send anonymous payments like you can't do with Bitcoin. Dash is an amazing way to pay and receive payments online. I'm grateful for it, and I hope you enjoy this course. I hope you enjoy learning with me about Dash. 2. Introduction to dash: thank you very much for enrolling in my dash course. This is a living, breathing course where I'm adding new material as I learn it to the course to help make the very best course for you. Would you please share your feedback and the discussions as you get started? Any topics you'd like me to teach, moron, that I haven't added to the course Because this will motivate me then to make new lectures for you. For example, if you'd like to see more about master nodes, please let me know when I'll share much more about that. I'm planning some more lectures anyway, but I'm figuring to just get this course up there for you so you can use it. And that way you'll be able to go forward and use what I know already. So if your show ask Maurin the course, I'll make more for you in the course, and I'm planning on consistently adding more to the course anyway. So check back here. If you are interested in learning more about dash in the future and getting the newest information, one thing I'll start you with today is the price chart. So I like to check the price charts and US dollars. This gives more to me of a true picture of the value without taking into account. Bitcoins fluctuation so you'll see. Dash goes back here to February 14th 2000 and 14 and then it's almost three years later here. So Dash has had some up spikes as high as about $15 it just recently spiked up over $16. So these are very good things for the future of Dash. And this is why I'm excited. I think Dash could be one of the best investments I've ever made. So if you click on Bitcoin and you go back to some of Bitcoins earlier years, you'll see some similar things. So if you go back to some of the early years of Bitcoin, you'll see same thing you got much lower value down here around $100 if you go back a little bit farther, Bitcoin initially was just worth a few dollars. So if I load all the data at one point, it was just worth You could get a Bitcoin for a ridiculously low price, and then it was up to $100 then it had a huge spike up around 1000 and then it kind of went back down. And now it just recently had a big spike also. So this is, I think, very promising opportunity in the sense that you can see Bitcoin's growth here. And Dar Dash has even better features than Bitcoin. So I think Dash has some of the same growth potential is Bitcoin. I think the price of dash very likely could be over $1000 at for one dash in the future as well. So today it's around its around, like $12 or something today $12. 21 cents here today. So I'm grateful to be sharing this with you. I hope this is useful for you And would you please let me know what else you would like in the course in the discussion so I can make the very best dash course for you? 3. Dash budget proposals for marketing, development, and research: One of the coolest features about Dash is what's called the Dash budget proposals or the Dash budget. So every month there's around 7000 dash right now that is given four dash marketing, development and research, and this is a really cool feature of Dash. This currently is worth 7400 times $12. So you're looking at over $80,000 of money. It's available every month to promote, Dash, to learn and develop and research the opportunities for Dash. So what happens? All the master nodes are allowed to vote on budget proposals. So if you have 1000 dash like I do and set up a master node, as I've done and I show how to do, then you can vote on these budget proposals. And then what I'm going to do is create a proposal. So I'm going to ask to get part of the dash budget in exchange for promoting Dash. Now, how cool is that for a sponsorship opportunity? I'm going to ask, including making this course, putting dash all over in my YouTube videos and on Facebook linking the dash in my existing videos, so I'm going to ask for a part of the dash budget. And the nice thing is, if they say no, I can just ask again next month and next month and next month. It's an opportunity to continually pitch essentially the same community so I can put up a pitch for I can put a very clear title on here. For example, I'm to do something like Share Dash with the 1,000,000 people as my title. So just if you read the title is you'll notice lots of these. You just might read the title before voting. Or you would need to read the title before you actually print in anything. And I've noticed that the sponsorships have tended to get voted in pretty well 133 dash per month for a crypto versed podcast. You can see that as I've been looking at some of these previous proposals, that they've consistently been giving money to the marketing ones. They're actually haven't been very many marketing proposals, so this is wide open if you do social media online. If you make videos, these dash budget proposals are wide open and you combine that with getting a master node and getting paid some dash, and then you're looking at the chance to get paid to promote your own investment. Now, how sweet is that? That's literally what I'm doing. I'm going to create a proposal, and I would guess that I will end up getting paid to promote my own investment. So the more I talk about Dash, the more I promote dashed of more value of Dash will go up and then I'll be getting paid dash to promote it. That is just amazing system. So this is one of the coolest things I've seen online. That's why I'm sharing it right up front with you here in the course, and I'll show you each thing you need to do to be able to get in a position for this. If you want to know more about the creating the proposal process and you want to see more, please leave a comment saying that you would like me in the skill share class to make Mawr lectures about how to do this specifically. So thank you very much for watching this. I hope this is helpful for you in seeing some of the amazing opportunities available with Dash 4. Dash wallet installation on Mac including how to bypass security: Here's how you get started with getting a dash wallet. The dash wall is very easy to download on Mac, and I'll show you how to do it on Mac. Right now, the process is just about the same for Windows. Make sure you plan some time ahead because the dash wallet has to sink, so don't plan on using it right away. So what you do, you just Google dash wall in and then you scroll down past the ads, you go down to wallet Dash official website. So when you click on the dash official website here, and then it will have some downloads, and it will have instructions on how to use your wallet right here, too. So you go. You see, over here you click on downloads. So that and then you've got different versions off Windows. Mac, Linux is that you can all use to put the wallet on. So, for Mac, you go just download the DMG file, and then as soon as the DMG file is opened down here on the left, you click that open and you wait for it to do its thing. Now the window pops up over here, so I have to monitors. It popped up on the other one. So I've got the monitor over here. So what you do, once you've got your dash downloaded on Mac, you go over here and drop it in applications. And once you've got it dropped in applications, you don't need to keep the original file anymore. So once you've got the dash, wallet and applications, you will need to go over to your launchpad, which is on the other window, and I go over the launch pad. I launched the dash wallet over here, and now you're Mackett. Fears is like mine. I will say that you can't open it because of what that air. So I'll show you that error again. It'll click on and you'll see. It says it can't be open because it's from an unidentified developer. So what you need to do to fix that? You need to go to six security preferences over here and in order to let the wallet actually run, then you need to go find yours. Private security and privacy tab in here. Now you just hit dash Q t. You see this dash duty was blocked from opening. You hit open anyway. You don't want to just change your setting over here, But you just hit open anyway on them, and then it will allow you to open it from there. So I hit open anyway on here, and it still doesn't allow it. So I open any way again, and it won't actually work on here, so it only allows for security preferences from there. So I go back over here and I hit the launch pad on it again. And this one just won't open this time. They're so I have to actually hit the lock to make changes. So I'll go over. I hit the lock to make changes, and then I put my password in. Now I hit open anyway, and then I will be allowed to open anyway. So I then I have to hit anywhere, and I have opened from anywhere to get it going. Now I go over here now I hit the dash wallet, and now I can actually open it. So you've seen me go through that entire process there, and I hope that's useful for you to see exactly how that worked for me to get through and allow the wallet to actually open on a Mac. So then you need to go through and customize the wallet. You use the default data directory, or you can use a custom data directory and I'm fine using whatever the default is. So I hit, OK, I pulled the wallet over here so you can see it. And now I will. Now I can go back down here. You'll notice that won't allow me to open it back anyway, so I can hit. Cancel. So I've got the dash wallet open over here, and then it'll be interesting to see if it actually allows me to open and again with me having switched that setting since I already opened it once. So the max security settings make this interesting getting the dash wallet in stone. Now the dash wallet pops out over here. So what has to start with the dash wallet? Once you've got it open, it needs to sink like this. So you want to plan plenty of time for the wallet to go ahead and sink because then once it's sinking, it takes quite a while to sink, and you can't hardly do anything when it's sinking. So what you've got the file here. You've got it installed. You've got opening. You just need to let it sink. And I recommend Don't do anything with it before it finishes sinking. So this is how you install the dash wallet on Mac, this is how you work through the max security errors that it gives you. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is helpful for getting your dash wallet set up on a Mac. 5. How to receive dash and create a dash address: Here's how you receive a payment using your dash wall. Um, So what you need to do is create a request. You go over so you see the overview tab, and you can see it's been 30 minutes, actually, and my wallet is still sinking. So you want to make sure the plan for that same time, I've got a very fast Internet connection to so you want to make sure the wallet sinks and then you get over and click receive, and then you make a label on here to call it whatever you want. So one dash dash test or something like that, Our first dash deposit and you put whatever label you want in here it doesn't matter. And then you can put a specific amount of dash. So let's say I want one dash to get this wallet started, and then you can put a message if you want an optional message to attach and it won't be sent over the payment network, though. So then what you do you request payment and then what? You get up here, you get your address to send to or you get your direct. You are. I hear you can use that as well. So what I do, I copy this address here and now. I've got this address ready to go. So all I need to do then to send from one wallet to another as I just paste this address in here. And then I put the dash in here, and then I hit send. But as you'll see, I don't have any dash in this wallet, so I can't send any dash in here. But once I get this dash deposit, then I'll be able to receive it. So I'll show you what that looks like after I've actually received some dash and sink doubt my wallet. 6. Encrypting a dash wallet: Here's how you encrypt your dash wallet. So you have up in the settings here when you're on your dash wallet, you've got your settings to encrypt your wallet. Now you've got a pass phrase that you can use to encrypt your wallets. You want to make sure you put in a strong pass phrase for this because anyone who has this past phrase can get in and use your wallet. The problem is, you don't want to lose this past phrase, either, because if you lose this past phrase, you can lose access to your entire wallet if you haven't backed it up. And if you don't have your private keys, you can easily lose access to your wallet, messing this past phrase up. So if there's no need, for example, if you live alone in your house, for example, you might not want to even bother with the pass phrase. Because to me, messing your pass phrase up or losing it is one of the easiest ways to lose access to your dash. Therefore, you encrypt your wallet. It can be a good idea, but in terms of protecting your wallet and keeping your dash if you've got a little bit of dash in your wallet. Let's say you've got anywhere from a dollar, you know, 1/10 of a dash or you've got a few dash, maybe 5 10 20 Even if you have maybe 100 dash, I don't know that it's worth the risk to lose it. Or even if you have a lot more dash encrypting your dash wallet, you need to have a good way toe. Have your password available in case you lose it. So you need to have your password probably written down somewhere. And you probably need to have it stored online somewhere as well. Because what if you've got you could have your dash password? Let's say I could put my past phrase in my wallet right here. Well, what happens if I lose my wallet? Then I've lost my past phrase. So then he's all right. We'll put one in my house. Well, what if I have? Ah, what if my house burns down or someone breaks in and then gets on my computer and then just unlock it anyway? So I think you need tohave. It backed up. If you're going to use a pass phrase, you need to have it backed up both on the wall online somewhere in case you lose, whatever your wallet and have it backed up with the hard copy somewhere in case whatever you have online goes down. So just think about that. You wouldn't believe how many people I've seen that have passwords written down. They lose them and they have no good way to then find them and get their password back. So one good way. If you want to store your password online, it's called The Last Pass. Last Passes an awesome way. If you want your If you want to store your password, you use last pass, and that's a great way to securely store your passwords online. It's also a great way to generate a random password that you can use for your wallet. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is helpful and showing you how doing in crypt your wallet and one last tip. If you're going to encrypt your wallet, I recommend doing it right when you've made it. As you see, this wallet has no dash in it right now, So if I encrypt it and mess the wall, it up somehow, and I never I'm able to get my dash back. I completely lose this wallet. So what? There's no dash in it. Now I have another dat wallet that has lots more dashing him. And if I were to encrypt that and lose it, that'd be pretty stupid. Fortunate. So I recommend if you're going to get in encrypted, set it up, encrypt it first, and then make sure your pass code works. Close the wallet signed back in the wallet. Make sure your pass code works to get back into it. Make sure you've got it backed up and then start sending dash over to it that way. 7. Using an encrypted dash wallet and precautions: remember what we just talked about? One more warning on this. If you encrypt your wallet and lose your pass phrase, you will lose all of your dash. So I would think in most situations you don't need to bother encrypting your wallet. Now, if you've got a computer that you use that has other people using it, then yes, you may need to encrypt your wallet. However, if you just have your wallet open, especially learning to use it, that can be good. But make sure you pay attention to this warning if you lose your wallet after encrypting it . If you lose your pass phrase, you will lose all off your dash so you can see I just went through that pass fray. I just put my new pass phrase in, and I just hit yes to encrypt this dash wallet, which has nothing in it right now. So, as you can see, it's got my pass phrase in It Now is going through and doing what it does after whatever it does to encrypt that wallet. So I'm grateful that I read tutorials about this online before teaching it. I'm doing it myself, and now it's nice for me to see this warning. One of the big things I found online was. Make sure you encrypt your wallet when it's empty. So if you've already created your dash wallet if you are, if you've already created it and got dashing it, I recommend use the second computer or use your dash backup file or something. Make a backup or try and make an empty wallet first and then go back through an encrypted so that'll allow you. Then, if you are able, if you do it that way, you'll be able to safely go through and not lose your dash. So I've noticed. If you checked on that security before you have to keep the system preferences, you can't turn it off before you have to leave it. You have tow, allow it toe open Anyway, you have to click the lock. You have to leave it there. You have to put the password in, and then after you've encrypted it, you have to go through and hit, allow you, or you can just hit open anyway right here and you still have to allow from anywhere and then you have that on. You can go back over on the launch pad and open dash up them. After you've encrypted your wallet, you open and then you see after the wall it's encrypted. It has to actually close once you've encrypted it and then reopen itself after encryption and then it loads the block index and then you have a chance to put your pass code in here . So there's a lot of little details with this that I hope you're smart enough to set this all up before you've actually done anything that think these things through ahead of time and to think, you know, based on my situation, what's practical. So I've got my wallet encrypting now so I can see inside of it. But then, if you click over here, I can change pass phrase here or I can unlock the wall in. So then, if I'm going to unlock the wall in, then ah, then in order to use the wallet to send anything, I'm going to have to unlock it. So I've got the wallet set up here, and you can also unlock it. It says you can just unlock it for animate ization on Lee. So you've got the wallet set up here. And then in order to send payments, I'm going to guess you're going to need tohave it unlocked. So thank you very much for watching this. I hope this is useful for you in seeing how to use your dash wallet once you've got it encrypted, which you can then see with the lock symbol down here, it's encrypted. 8. Buying dash with shapeshift and bitcoin from coinbase: Here's how I make purchases and use my Bitcoin wallet and Ethereum wallet on coin base to change my currencies into any other crypto currency. I use the methods I've shown you here on jury banfield dot com slash resource is I have exact links to this. So if you would like to get direct links, would you please use jerry banfield dot com slash resource is sign up for your Bitcoin wallet with coin base. And then I used these three websites shape shift dot io polonia ex dot com and coin market cap. These three give me the ability to change my Bitcoin into anything else, so I'll show you how that works. Now, using shape shift to buy dash. So what shape shift does it allows you? You send your Bitcoin or ethereum or whatever you have. If you're doing this like I am, I'm going to send my Bitcoin over to shape shift and then, from a shape shift, my Bitcoin will be sent to my dash wallet. So I send the Bitcoin out of coin based currently in coin base. You can't It doesn't have a dash wallet. It just has Bitcoin and ethereum. So I'm trying to buy Dash, so I've got the Bitcoin ready on coin base. So what I do, I need my dash address here. So this, actually, I had that selected to eat there. So let's changes over there. So you change it to dash. This is how you change your input or output. So you put your input in here, and then you put your output over there. So I selected Dash as my output. Bitcoin is my input. So this is my dash address to receive my dash to And this is my Bitcoin refund address in case something goes wrong. Now, I use coin market cap dot com to make sure I'm getting the best exchange rates so I can literally click on the dash over here, and I can see the exchange rate it's recommending. Is this for Bitcoin is the current value of it. So then I'm able over here. If I switch the order up, I can switch. I can put dash to Bitcoin, and I can see that it's giving me almost exactly the same exchange rate. A slight bit higher than on there. But if you see that was in, it was in the a small amount of dash. So I'm on Lee getting a little tiny bit. You have to go back several digits, and it's costing me a little bit more. So there's a small minor fee from making the transaction. That means this is a good deal. Now there are other websites. You try and do this on and you check the coin market cap dot com. I've got a direct link to it. Here on the resource is Paige, you do this on some other websites, you might find the exchange rate. I just looked at 1 50% higher than the exchange rate listed on coin market cap. So the first thing, if you're trying to do this outside of the system I'm giving you, make sure you get a good deal. Now in Polonia X, you can always count on the buy and sell orders to be at the market price, so you don't have to worry about it on their shape shift. This is what I use to actually make the purchase. So I hit. Start transaction now on. Once I hit start transaction, it will give me instructions to proceed and where to send my Bitcoin. So the main thing I need, I need an actual address to send my Bitcoin to. So I've got this address that it says I can send Bitcoin up to. Now, I recommend you try and do this with a small amount of whatever it is you're going to send first. Because if you mess this up, you can lose everything you're sending. So what I like to do, I want to buy $1800 in dash and that'll give me enough to have a master node. What I don't want to do is what if I mess it up, so I want to make sure I've got everything done exactly right. So it says, send Bitcoin to this address. I confirm I'm actually receiving Dash so I can send upto one Bitcoin. Now I've got 1.8 Bitcoin I want to transact, So I'm actually going to do this in three different parts. I'll do 30.7 Bitcoin right here to send it over. I'll put a note dash purchase, and then I will send the funds here, so I've got I'm sending it says send up 2.99 so you don't want to send him or than it says the maximum is. So I have to make multiple transactions anyway, so I hit. Send funds now. Coin base then confirms you want to send this much Bitcoin over two for this dash purchase . So I double check the address here. Apparently, there are some clever hacking programs. They don't do anything except switching address when you go to participate. It extremely clever programming. So you've got this address here that I'm sending to. I go back over and double check. I usually check the beginning in the end. So 191 Q That's the same xdd. See, that's the same. So I've got that copied and pasted correctly. And then the deposit addresses here. I've got my receive address there that I already copping, pasted. I look over That's the same as well. So now I hit. Confirm on this. Now the send is initiated on coin based. It'll take a minute to actually receive the deposit, though. So once I've done this, all that asked toe happen is the deposit comes in and then it gets exchanged, which is usually quite rapid. And then it's all done. So depending on the currency. Depending on the exact conditions however many other people are using. Ordering this can take longer, a shorter. If you choose the longer shorter rate you can also that will impact it. So we're doing this in real time right now to show you exactly how this works. So I'll zoom in here, you can see the deposits been received are ready, so it's going to await the exchange. And then as soon as it makes the exchange, it will send quickly over into my dash wallet, and then I will have it done from there. So before I got this set up, I had to get the address from my dash wallet, tohave it to send to. Now, if you're using coin based like me, you're only going to have addresses currently for Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, I would guess in the future coin base will bring out some dash addresses. It'll bring out some other currencies. Well, so what? You you have to get your wallet address. I just downloaded the dash wallet on my computer. I hit, receive and gotten address from it so you can see in real time how long the exchanges waking is taking here and you can even see down here the recent transactions. You can see the other things people are doing in real time. You can see someone just sent ah half Bitcoin for a theory. Um, they sent some Bitcoin to Ethereum Classic. You can see the all transactions Then, where people are turning their alternative currencies back to Bitcoin. You can see where people are changing from one thing or another, like light Cohen the dash and then you can see down here the statistics so you can see in real time what people are changing back and forth here, which is great. So this could give you an early indicator on the market so you can see by value. People are changing all toe Ault dash to ethereum or something. So something besides Bitcoin to or from that only 3% of the value. Most of the change currently is going from Bitcoin toe alternative currencies. So what, you can guess from this point, the alternative currencies might have a good chance of going up and based on, people are cashing their Bitcoin out into other currencies and they're cashing alternative ones into Bitcoin. About 38% of the time. So that's the cool things you can do on here. So now my exchanges actually finished already. I've sent it over here. It's done. So I go check my dash wallet here. I'll look real quick and be right back. Yes. Now my dash wallet has 54 dash coming in, which should be exactly right because one Bitcoin is worth 77 dash. So that's how I do transactions. That's how I use my coin based wallet to. Then I can download a wallet for any other currency and put it on my computer. I can take the Bitcoin out off my wallet very quickly on Coin Basin that I can send it over to buy more. So I've got everything's all complete with this order. Now it's that easy to change it back and forth, and I Onley paid a relatively small fee on it. You can see you can even get a receipt sent, but basically I could just convert how much Bitcoin I sent over to the dash to see exactly what the difference. Waas. So I can just look at my dash sent and compare that to the dollar amount sent on coin base , So I've got $713. I sent a look at the dash, so I've received 54.0 6 five dash. So how much is that? 54.6 5 dash and then times. So I go over to the coin market Hap cap. Here it's $13 for a dash. So there $704. So between all these transactions, you can see the difference was about a $10 fee. So that's you're looking at a $10 fee. There's just maybe that's a relatively small fee, because $7 is 1%. So I paid a little over 1% to change my and that the exchange rate simply could have fluctuated between there as well. But I paid about 1% to change my Bitcoin over almost instantly into dash. I paid another 1.5% on coin base for a total of about 2.5% or so I paid to change my Bitcoin into dash in nearly real time. Now keep that in mind about 2.5% to change it over. That means you don't want to change back and forth that often impossible. You want to buy something and hold it so that I hope is useful for you and what you'll notice with the There are other websites out there that are charging like 50% on the exchange rate, so just make sure you check on the exchange rate. I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is useful if you want more links. I've got links on my website. You can get $10 in Bitcoin when you sign up here with me with coin bases, the same wallet I use. When used my referral link, they'll give you an extra $10. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this tutorial is helpful for you. 9. Pending dash deposits: when you receive a dash transaction. As you see, I'm receiving first dash deposit right here. I received it with the address I showed before, and now I've got a pending balance over here in my dash wallet, along with a new total. So that's how I'm able. That's what it looks like when you're receiving Dash, and after enough confirmations on the network, it will change over toe available balance. Once you've gotten available balance, then you can send it from there and start spending it your dash. So as soon as you see that it's pending, everything should be good to go, and it should transfer soon enough into your available balance. 10. Enabling coincontrol features: Now you can see that Dash that was pending is available. I'm now able to send that dash out anywhere I want to first. Before I send to my dash, I want to turn a feature called Coin Control on. So in the upper left hand of the menu, I'm going to go over to preferences and I go, You can start dash on, log in if you want. If you want to make sure that every time you log in all that sinking starts, you don't have to wait for it. You can start on system, log in if you want to. There's option for that. And then what you want to do is an able coin control features. Now, why do you want to enable this if you're going to have a master node or you've got, say, a savings of dash that you want to keep a not spend. If you're moving your wallet around, then where you want to do is keep that dash altogether. So if you have a master node and you're actually going to be using your dash wallet for other things, this is essential this way, when you've got the coin control features on you can do inputs here and you can choose which dash to spend. So let's say I have ah 1000 dash sent over from my master node. And then I've got this one dash deposit. Well, if I then send one dash and it just takes it from any of my available dash, it could knock my master node off line. Even though I've got 1000 dash in, the master noted, could use none from the one dash and it could send it off in a master node. So if you have a master node, you absolutely want to make sure coin controls on. If you're going to use the wallet with the master note in it, then what you can do is pick where you want the dash to come from. So for sending dash Now, I've got this input in here. I can then choose to pick the exact dash that I received. I can then send straight from that dash. Do you see this one dash I received? I can then intentionally send that dash out. Now, if you aren't going to make a master node, if you don't care if you're not going to have a master note. If you don't care about spending which dash you spend in which you receive, or keeping your dash deposits together, then you might not need coin control features that might just add unnecessary. It might add unnecessary work for you. If you are having a master know, though, you really need this on, so you can easily turn it back off of, say, I don't want to mess with the coin control features on this wallet. I just turn it back off, and then it's just easier. I paid to the specific address and send so for this wallet. I'm not having the master node in this wallet, so I'm just This is kind of a play wallet to just send things back and forth and to teach with. So that way you can see what I'm doing here. So it's it's not necessary for me to have the coin control features on and this wallet, but for my master node, it's essential in case I ever get any more dash in that wallet. I need to have the coin control on so I don't accidentally spend it 11. Sending dash: Here's how you send dash to another address. First you need the receiver address. So I showed you how to make the receiver address before using them. Received tab. If you're going to send ash, you need a place to send the dash. So if you've got a dash wallet, for example on you are sending your dash to trade on PLO Knee X or something. Or if coin based makes a dash wallet, you need your dash address like this that they give you. Or if you're sending from one wallet of yours to another wallet like I'm doing, you need the dash address you've got here. And then what I do is I put in the amount of Dash I'm sending and then I put demo deposit. This is my label on here because that's what I'm doing right? Comport something like dash course deposit. And then what? I do sit. Send. Now, If you haven't encrypted wallet, you have to also put your pass phrase in here in order to send. And now this is a problem. If you've lost your pass phrase, you could have all the dash in a world that's just stuck in there which I guess if you have a master node that's paying you out, might not be the worst thing in the world. But still, you want to be careful with requiring your pass phrase. So once I hit my pass phrase, then I've got it in here. It has the 0.1 dash. You'll get a confirmation like this. It says any available funds, which is not recommended. Now you're doing it shows that because I'm not using coin control like I just showed you. So this is what it looks like when you're not using coin control. Now this down here simply has the different amounts, the ways of displaying Dash. So this is I've sending 1/10 of a dash, which is ah, 100 micro dash, which I forgot it, whatever that symbols called. But that's just another 1000. So I'm sending 100,000 whatever that many dash or whatever it is. So you've got it broken down that way. I've got everything ready to go here, so I hit. Yes. And now what? You'll see. My available dash actually drops 2.89 Even though I sent 0.1 dash, it drops 2.89 because, technically, the amount here there's a small fee every time you do the transaction, I say small like I sent about a dollar and dash. So this you're looking at about two thousands off a dollar fee and incredibly small fee, which adds up over lots of transactions for the people, the dash for processing it. But you've got this a really small transaction fee. So that's what's so cool about Dash. Compare that to the two or 3% that you end up paying transacting on a credit card. You can see how amazing this is to be able to pay such small fees to transfer money. So that's why this is so exciting. So what I've got right here. I've got my dash sent now, and it's out now in the other wallet, it will be listed as pending, but in this wallet it's immediately gone. So that's how you send Dash, and that is not sending anonymously. That is just sending dash straight up. Now you can also send dash anonymously 12. Dash sends instantly using InstantX: instant. Sending with Dash is one of the coolest features that makes a dash amazing. Now, with big coin and other currencies, I'm aware you have to send, and there's always a little bit of a wait. At least it's not that long. But with Dash, if you turn this instant X option on and you do the same process you do to send otherwise you get what's called an instant transaction. So you see this? I sent the dash, return back to my other wallet over here and you'll see on there that that was sent and that was instantly received. I sent that right before this. I walked over to my computer. I looked and the dash was in. There wasn't pending. It was immediately available on the wallet balance. So that is a really cool feature off dash that you can use to instantly send dash from one wallet to another with no wait time. Now, everything in life has its ups and downs. The downside. Using the instant feature, the instant feature is way mawr expensive, so you'll notice on here that on this one I paid a fee of 2000 to 65 over here, So let's just include all the digits there to make it simple. So that was a fee of about 2000. Now that's a really low fee I paid to send it, and just it took then five or 10 minutes ago through. Now, with this instant, send the fee. Look at all the zeros over here that's you. Go over here. That's three zeros, and that's three more zeros. So the fee this fee was 2000 to 65. Let's call it that this fee was a 1,000,000 so that he came out to 10% to send it instantly . So the fetus end instantly is way, way higher than the just send it normally. So in most cases you wouldn't need to send something instantly for that significantly greater fee. Still, it's really cool to know that if you do, I need to send instantly. All you have to do is click on this and you hit Instant X instead off the just default option, and then your dash will go there immediately. So I think that's a really cool feature. That Dash has is the ability to literally I sent it, walked over to the other computer, and it was immediately there and immediately available. So I think that's an amazing feature that dash offers, and I'm grateful to have the chance to share this with you here today. 13. Sending dash anonymously with Darksend starting with Darksend mixing: Here's how you send anonymously using dash with what's called dark. Send mixing. So what you have to do. First, you have to have at least 1.5 dash in your wallet and then what you hit. Start dark, send mixing, and then the cool thing is it. Dash in the dash. Wallet basically goes through and mixes your wallet up so it mixes it up with other dash. So I've got the coin control features on so I can show you what this looks like. So what you're seeing is the inside here of the dark. Send mixing. So what is doing? It's mixing up all the dash. It's throwing my dash back out to the network and letting the network give me the same amount of dash back minus a fee. The fees. About three times as much as sending a normal transaction, but still a fraction of using the instant X. So what it's doing, it's basically making. My dad is kind of laundering my dash. It's throwing it back out there to a bunch of other dash addresses, which are then all throwing it out back to me. It puts it in this a really simple way of putting it. It puts it out to the master node and then sends it all back to me, essentially in anonima ized transactions. And then what I can do from there his send it directly. I can just click on dark send, and you'll notice I have no balance available for dark. Send because once you start dark, send mixing. It needs to go through and completely run through all my dash. And you see, I've got this pending dash in here because it's taken some of my dash out in order to send it out to the master notes. So it's going through. You'll see dark send, create denominations. Now it's day nominating. So is putting all my dash back out to the network and its setting it up to get an unknown and anonymous transaction. Now, with Bitcoin, for example, you don't have any opportunity to send an anonymous transaction. Sure, if you get one wallet and you make another wall and you send it from one wallet toe another Sure, no 1 may know who owns those wallets. But the public record that those transactions were sent from one wallet to another's wide open with dash. This dark send mixing system gives you a chance to truly make your transactions anonymous to send out all your dash and have it shuffled through the network and given back to you by a bunch of different dash addresses, which you can see kind of how that's working on the inputs given back to you in a bunch of different amounts. And then once it's ready, you can select dark. Send on here and then you're able using dark send to send out your dash anonymously. So I think that's a really cool feature that Dash offers. I think that's one of the big selling points. Essentially, that makes Dash really worth using. Is this ability to send out and do dark send now you'll notice while I'm mixing in the dark . Send in my dash that's available in Pending is going up and down. You see, I just dropped, and now there's a dash pending as it shuffling around all my dash anonymously. Now, if you've encrypted your wallet and for me, I think encrypted wall it's really annoying. Lots of times I've been using one unencrypted. When you start your dash dark, send mixing you have to unlock your wallet to start the mix that has to be unlocked. And then when it finishes mixing, it locks your wallet against, you have to re encrypt. You have to unlock it again after that. So you see how important the past with key is for your dash wall. If you mess up and lose that passkey, it's all over your you're done. You're not getting back into that wallet. You're not going to be able to send your dash anywhere, and no one's going to be able to unlock it for you, short of having some amazing technology to do that. So what you've got, you've got your you've got your dark send mixing here, and if at any time I want to stop my darks and mixing So I decided you know what? I don't really need to send this anonymously. I can just hit stop dark, send mixing, and it'll just kind of quit messing around with getting it all ready to send anonymously. So I just hit stop, and now the pending dash will go back into the available dash and then the dark send mixing is over, so I've mixed it up a little bit, but it's not mixed up enough to actually be sent with dark. Send and be anonymous, but I don't have a need to send an anonymous transaction. Now. I'm just showing you how this works so we can learn together. But if you want to finish it, you need to finish the dark. Send mixing, and then when you go to send you select dark send and whatever dash balance you have down there, then that's the available dash that's ready to send anonymously so you can see why some of these coin control features might be helpful, especially if you're mixing up and using dark. Send new, I would guess. You don't want to mess around and do dark send if you've got something like a master node and mix it up and send it so you can see all the different ways here. That dash is useful, and I hope you can see some of the things you might want to avoid doing so that you don't have any problems 14. Dash masternode for 8 percent interest compounded with dash growth: What is a dash master node and why is it awesome? A dash master node is a collection of 1000 dash and a server, a server that then processes dash transactions like you can see when I do a dark send in dark send mixed, for example. The master nodes are involved in those transaction processing. So a master node. The awesome thing about a master note is that you get as a master node owner, you get 45% collectively, all master nodes dio off the dash. That's mind. I'm not aware of any other crypto currency currently that offers these benefits. So it's a great way to both invest in Dash because if you think the price of Dash is going to go up long term, which I think it may be, and it might be 1000 plus dollars for a dash someday them it's only 13 94 for a dash today , and then what you get, you get seven. Approximately 7.4 4 dash is the estimated monthly reward per master node. So let's think about that in terms of interest that's per month. So I put in 1000 dash and I get back approximately seven dash a month. That's 1/7 of a percent per month. So let's break out the calculator over here, take a look and see what that comes out to on this other screen. I'll make this small so I can drag the calculator over here, and then we'll make the calculator a little bigger. So I put in 1000 dash and then I going to multiply that by 1.7 and I'm gonna hit Enter. So that's 1000 and seven dash after a month. So I go 11 more months. 123456789 10 11. So by the end of the year, I'm looking at having 1000 87 dash. Well, that's actually not the correct way to do it. So just seven dash times 12. So there. Well, there I got off 84 Mawr dash or so by the end of the year, so that's approximately 8% interest every single year, and them that amount may go up or down. But here's the amazing thing. So I bought most of the master node at about $10,000 about how much I paid to get 1000 dash . I'm lucky I bought it before it went up 30%. So, no, I am getting seven instead of getting seven dashes was worth about $74 a month while. Now, if I times 7.4 4 dash times 13 94 I'm actually getting about $100 a month in interest right now. With a master node, you would get about $100 a month. I still I'm just getting my master node set up today. I've got the dash. I'm going through What I show you in the course to set the master note up today. So I will be getting based on the estimates here about $100 a month in interest on $10,000 . That's 1% per month on my initial investment. Now, let me tell you my $10,000 I was sitting in the bank, it was earning just about nothing. This is a 1% a month, and that's because I bought the dash at a lower price. Now, sure you could buy dash it. This price, you could pay $13,900 to get your dash master node and then the price might go down. But this is a long term investment idea is I buy and hold this dash master node and then I never sell it. I just hold onto it now Let's look at the dash price over here now. The dash prices dropped mawr since it first went down. But let's look at the total dash. There's seven million dash right now. I have 1000 of them. That means I have won 7000 of all the dash in the world. Now that is really cool. So if Dash expands and I look at Bitcoin now, Bitcoin only has a couple more, but big coin has is worth 900 and some dollars for a Bitcoin. Now, now, imagine being able to get an outcome of something like seven big coin per month. If you want to get in on some of the amazing opportunities in life, you have to take a leap of faith before things are fully fledged out, so to speak. Now imagine getting seven Bitcoin a month that B $7000 a month an interest. Now I think Dash has the potential to provide this in the next year to 35 maybe 10 years because dashes the Onley currency that offers this dividend system which has made it a very attractive investment. And I'll have links where you can get to these exact things I'm showing here on my resource is Paige. So dash it. For example, if you hold Bitcoin, all you're getting is the price. If you hold most of these other currencies, all you're getting is a price. But if you hold on the dash, not on Lee. If the price goes up But you get these dash paid out to you every month, there are 4000 other master nodes already set up in the world because other people see how awesome this is a swell. And this helps dash to be more stable because then these master nodes each control and each vote on dash proposals so it provides more centralized control. Whereas boot coin was touted to be as something that would be decentralized. But most off the big coin and most of the Bitcoin mining is already controlled by a very small amount off individuals and companies. So this dash master node, I thinks an amazing investment the beauty of it is it's liquid. You can withdraw your dash, master node at any time if you decide. You know what? I don't want a master note anymore. You can just take it off line and sell your dash. And if you want one again, you can buy it if you want to. You can buy that now. What I'm showing you is on node 40 dot com Note 40 dot com is really cool because in order to have a master node, you need to have a public key and you need tohave a you need tohave it hosted on a server. So dash this node 40 dot com. This makes having a master node easy because then they just charge a fee to have the master notes. All I need is my public key. And then I've got this master node set up here. So this is what I'm using for my master node. I've got a single owner, remote start master node, and then the cost is 22 dash a year. So, yes, that's about three months of dash payments toe have the master node hosted. But then the other nine months, I get those payouts. And then I don't have to do anything tohave the master node. So I don't have to go through and set up a virtual private server to get the master node hosted. I get the payout. I pay them three months off the dash in exchange. Then I get to get the dash the other nine months of the year. And then if my value of my dash actually goes up, then I have an absolutely incredible investment. So when I like this is what's called an asymmetrical return, if I lose all my dash, it all gets stolen. Or if Dash just goes off and no one uses it and it dies, then sure, I've lost about a $10,000 investment, and that's you win some, you lose some. That thing is on the upside. This could become worth 100,000 plus dollars to a 1,000,000 plus dollars in the future. So the upside on this is gigantic, and then it also has built in recurring income right here. So for me, that is an amazing opportunity. It's got that asymmetrical return. The downside is a fraction of the potential upside. Even if it's 50 50. What I'm standing. The gain is gigantic from having a master node and what I'm standing, the loses significant, but it's a loss I can handle. It won't totally put me out of business if I lose it. Whereas if this investment goes well, it may be one of the best investments I've ever made my life. So that's why I've shared this with you here today. I think it's a great opportunity, and I hope you are. I hope this has been helpful for you to take a look at a dash master node. 15. Dash masternode public key creation: Here's how to set up a master node within your own dash wallet. Now, if you want to have your dash wallet encrypted or anything like that, you want to get that done before you do any of the master node sampling O r. Follow the master node instructions I send here so you can literally you just need to have 1000 dash in your wallet. I'm grateful I have over 1000 dash in my other wallet, so I'm ready to go do the same thing on the other wall, so I'll show you the basic process. So what you need to have your master node, you need to create a key to receive, which will. Then this is your master node public key. So this addresses the public key where your 1000 dashes stored on the block chain. So you need this address, you create one. So I've created a label here called Master Node Sample. And then when I do, I'm actually going to send this to myself. So I'm and I'm not going to send it with dark center, Instant X or any of that. So what I do? I confirmed the send selection here and I'm sending one dash to myself. So I've sent the one dash over to my own wallet here. So the one dashes sent from me to me, and you can see unconfirmed payment to yourself. Here, you can see how there's up down here, how it goes both directions. So I've now got the dash. I now have that one dash I've sent. I now have the actual key for that dash. So now I've got this key. Now, if I'd sent 1000 then I'd have this key. And that key would be all I need to use for my master node. So the you can't send 9 99 or 1000 and one it needs to be exactly ah 1000 dash sent in exactly this method. And then you put the public key up, and then you go forward setting your master node up from there. 16. What are online currencies like Bitcoin and Dash?: What is Dash? What is Bitcoin? What is an online currency? These terms, if you haven't heard of them, may sound like just random things. I'm mentioning it. Don't make any sense. If you've heard of these things already, you might want to skip ahead or you might appreciate a review of them. So I'm on coin market cap dot com, which list the top online currencies. So these air user managed currencies I like the analogy is kind of like Wikipedia for money . There are individuals and companies that are managing and issuing these currencies instead of governments. So, for example, the U. S dollar is a currency issued and backed by the US government. Bitcoin is an online currency that is issued and managed by users online, a community of users online. One Bitcoin right now is currently worth 1000 $47. There are 16 million big coin available right now. Now Dash is a newer version AIM, or of what Bitcoin was meant to be dashes a newer currency that is currently the number six online currency in terms off market capacity. Dash is what the community I'm a part of, that I'm really excited about, however, I've traded and gotten to know a little bit about a lot of these different online currencies. Dash is the one that most excites me because of the specific features it offers, especially this budget proposal. It has a system of governance where you can actually get paid to help contribute to the community. And that's why I think it's so exciting. I'm not aware of anything like this currently for Bitcoin, and as far as the other currencies air go, this doesn't seem to be the normal. But I believe there are some other currencies that have similar systems. So dash right now there is worth $22 and there's seven million dash available. So there's about 1/2 the Bitcoin available and yet dashes at a fraction of the price because it's newer and there's not nearly as many people using it is Bitcoin, and that's why I think there's an outstanding opportunity to get involved with Dash right now. I think it's way undervalued and I bought in I'm Dash. I'll go over and show you where I bought in. I'm very grateful. My friend talked to me and got me all excited about dash in December 2000 and 17. So I've been there 2016 Excuse May. So I bought Dash when it was on Lee $10 or so, and I bought enough to have a master node, which then is able to vote on these budget proposals. So I've got a master. No now, and I'm grateful to be a member off the dash community who's interested in getting this online currency out there and available for use to the world. It's kind of like digital cash, so I think this is an outstanding opportunity to invest in something. Today I think, is an outstanding opportunity to get involved If you want to be able to put your skills, toe work and help a community online, I think this is an outstanding chance so you can see Dash started, at least according to coin market caps tracking around February 14 2014 and over the last three years it's went up significantly in value, similar to if you look back at Bitcoins history. It started earlier, same thing. So this is why I'm so excited about Dash today, and I hope this gives you just a basic understanding off what Dash is in terms of the context. It's in the there with these other online currencies and then what online currencies are generally. 17. Is the best investment for 2017 a Dash masternode?: is the best investment in 2017. A dash master node. What is dash in order for this to even be possible dashes like digital cash created and managed by users similar to Bitcoin. What is a dash master note? A dash master node helps with the mining and processing of transactions. Any dash core wallet, which is the default wallet you download with 1000 dash, can be used to set up a master node. Why is this a great investment? A dash master node earns up mining rewards every week or two. Mining rewards air similar to dividends paid. Currently in about 2/10 of a percent or so every week. Master nodes can also vote on budget proposals. Budget proposals provide DASH in exchange for doing something for the dash community there , like grants that are provided for people who help building developed dash as an online currency, investing in a master node allows for three different ways. Toe win. The dash price goes up. If the price of dash goes up, you win huge with the master node, not only because the master node itself is worth more, but because then the dash mining reward you get are worth mawr also, and then you get access to the budget is the third way to win. As a master note owner myself, I find it much easier to make good budget proposals given. Then I can vote on my own proposal. Why is this the best investment I see for 2000 and 17? Liquidity I can immediately cash out at any time. I could trade my entire master node back into U. S dollars today there's no wait. It's not locked up anywhere I can immediately have access to. It is just like having cash in a savings account, except it's not insured. Another thing that makes it an outstanding investment is the asymmetrical risk. That means 10 to 100 plus time returns are possible, whereas I'm on Lee going to be able to lose the investment itself. Asymmetrical risk After reading, Tony Robbins is money master. The game book is one of the things that stood out to me that great investors do different from the average investor. Great investors look for asymmetrical risk where there's huge upsides possible and then worst case scenario. You just lose your initial investment, so if you consistently make asymmetrical risk investments. The one that wins pays for all the rest of the ones that lose. I have a dash master known myself in too much. My dashed master note investment has doubled in value, which means my dividends now are twice as much as before. This is one of the very best parts of having a dash. Master note is if the price goes up, the dividends are worth more than before immediately. I appreciate you watching. I'm grateful I have the chance to share this with you. I'll show you exactly what I did to buy into the dash, Master node in more tutorials with me. So where did I buy? And while my friend Albert, when Dash was kind of boring and down on the downside here before it went up, my friend Albert told me about how awesome Dash was. He told me about the master knows. He told me about the things I just shared here with you, and I actually bought myself a master node for Christmas. I took the biggest investment I've ever made in my life. I took about $10,000 bought 1000 dash. It was scary. It was a big leap of faith. And yet I believe in the dash community. The dash system itself looks to be one of the best online currencies that I see with the features it has. So I bought into it around here on Christmas in the days after Christmas. And now I'm grateful that the dash price has spiked up to the highest it's ever been since then and may go even higher. It may go lower, but I'm planning on holding my master node indefinitely, and you'll see that the dash price two years ago almost had spiked up here before. And now is the community has consistently increased in value and consistently made improvements. The marketplace is catching up with that, and it may take off similar to Bitcoin. It may go up to 100 plus dollars for Dash by the end of the year, so you might be able to buy something today for $22,000. That's worth $100,000 at the end of the year. So I'm very grateful for the chance to have learned about this myself, and that's why I'm sharing it here with you today. So that you may have the same opportunities as I've had here with you. What? I have got a page on my website. I'm continuing to put everything that's needed to learn about Dash that I find helpful on there. So thank you so much for watching this. I hope this is helpful for you. 18. Dash wallet 12: Here's how to download and install a dash wallet on Windows. You go to jerry banfield dot com slash dash, and you get all of my dash Resource is here, or you can go directly to the dash dot org's slash downloads link here and go grab you click on wallets and you go look for the Windows 64 bit. Or if you're using a different version of Windows 32 bit or for using Mackler Lennox, you can download those straight by clicking on the OS X or Lennix Tam. I'm using Windows 64 bit for this tutorial. So what I'm going to do, I hit download installer over here. I wait for it to download, and then I click on it and it's called a dash core wallet. And this is the wallet you need to have a master node, and this is the basic wallet for having dash. So I hit yes, to allow this app to make changes on my computer, I hit next. I allow it to install wherever I want. Keeping in mind the directory word installs will be important for getting my dash files and I click install down here and Now I let the wall and install. Now, once the wallet is installed, I need to be prepared for the wallet to be able to sync with the network. So the wallet, We're going to run the wallet right now and we're going to use the default directory. Just let it do that. Now it will pop up and say that Oh, my God. Windows is blocked. Some features of this app and what I want this to do is allow access. I don't want anything block so the wallet can work. Welcome to the inside. Now, off the wall in the Wally, as you can see, is out of sync. And it will take quite a while depending on your Internet connection, especially to load the entire wallet up here. So while the wallets loading, I will discuss the features that you need to know about the wallet getting started with the basics of the wall that you have your dash, which is your money available here. Then you have your pending. This is how much dash you have. Incoming. So if I send from one of my dash wallets to this one, if I send something to it it'll say pending before it's actually available. And then you have total dash down here, which would include both available, and it would include the pending in it. Now you've got private send down here. This is where you send dash anonymously. So if you want to send your dash without having anyone be able to know about it, this is how you used the anonymous features off sending dash. So you do that you hit. Start mixing on here. Now what this does This mixes up the dash in your wallet to be able to be sent anonymously , essentially throws all your dash out to the network and then brings it back to you in little discrete anonymous portions, which you can then send directly to another wall it. Now, you don't want to start mixing your dash up If you've got it all in a master node, for example, you don't want to mix that up because it will take your master note off line. So this is how you send dash anonymously in the wallet is to use the private send feature and another really cool feature about dashes. If you send dash, you have both private send and instance and options over here in the send tab. When you use instant send, the transaction will be immediately confirmed across the network. It is the fastest way I know of to send money anywhere in the world. You've got these. When you go into the Seine tab, then you have transaction fees, which are really small. You don't even need to worry about the transaction fees. You. So you've got this overview tab. You've got the scent tab and then you've got the received tab. So you're going to need to receive money more than likely before you do anything else. So this is how you were. Get money into your wallet. So to get the initial funding in your wallet from wherever you are going to get your dash from, what you want to do is fill out a label. Now, you don't have to put anything in here. But for example, if you're going to deposit, let's say you bought big coin with coin base and then you put that on Polonia Axe and then you traded the Bitcoin in the dash and now you want to load the dash and off of Polonia Axe into your dash wallet. What you can do is go over here and create a label that says, for example, Polonia X, If you say are withdrawing ah, 1000 dash for your master node. You can put whatever you want on here, and then you can hit request payment when you hit Request payment down here, you've got your address. This address here is what you need and I'll zoom it in a little bit. See its little bigger. This address is what you need to be able to send money to. So, for example, if you're withdrawing from Europe alone, E X account, this is the address you would need to put in. And then this is how you fund your dash wallet. And the nice thing is, you don't have to send that. You can put in whatever amount you want. Any dash that sent directly to the address will go into your wallet. So even if you send one dash or hardly any dash or you send more dash, it'll all go straight into the wallet. You have the option to request inst descend on there as well, so that it's available immediately so you can ask for it, but that will be up to the sender as well. The instance send does incur a significantly larger fee than sending it at the normal speed , which takes 15 to 30 minutes to confirm. So as you can see, the wallet here is still loading. It's been five minutes since we've installed it, and I have a very fast Internet connection. So one of you install your dash wallet. Be prepared to let it sink up before you do anything else. Don't deposit any dash before you've allowed your wallet to sync up. Make sure the wallet is sinking correctly. Make sure everything lines up on the wall. It in terms off, saying that it's sync up with the network before you do anything else. Now. One other thing you might want to know right away is where the automatic backups are. So the in your dash wallet, the thing that's unique to your specific wallet when you create the wallet that is backed up in a backup file. So if you show automatic backups here and then I'll bring this down into the other window so I can see where my wallet dot dat file is for this exact wallet. Now this wallet has no dash in it right now. This is where my automatic backup is. So in my dash core here, you see, there's a wallet dot dat file, and that's where my actual wall it is for this wallet and then in the backups. There's a copy of the wallet in here as well, So this wallet dot dat file is the essential part of your wallet. And obviously there's more complexity to this. But I'm explaining it as best I can in a simple manner. The wallet dot dad file is where your wallet is, so to speak. So if you have a cash wallet here, this is the inside of your cash wallets. So to speak, this wallet dot dat file is where your dashes really kept. So this wallet dot dat file. If you give me your wallet dot dad file, I can open up your dash wallet on my computer, and this is what you need to be ableto have available. And make sure that you keep access to this back this up Don't lose it. So I encourage you. Make sure you understand about this before even funding your wallet Because if you lose access to your dash wallet, if you mess the wallet dot dat file up, your computer gets corrupted, then you can lose your dash that way. So I'll explain in additional tutorials all about how to keep your wallet secure and everything. This is how you download and install the dash wallet. Now, if you've made it all the way through here and you wished I'd done the Mac installation, the Mac installation is almost exactly the same. The one difference when you goto open the wallet on Mac the wallet on Mac is likely to tell you it's from an unidentified developer and that you can't open it if you hold down control when you click on it and then open it using a control, click on Mac, then that you're able to open the wall it up that way. So I'm grateful you've I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you very much for watching this with me. This is the new 12.1 dash wallet on the inside, just getting one set up and started for the first time. If you want to see an additional resource is I will I've got a dash class, and I will continue to update jury banfield dot com slash dash with the newest information and resource is I have for Dash. 19. Dash wallet encryption, passphrases, and security in 12: How do you keep your dash wallet or any other online currency wallet secure? What I will do is show you how to secure if, how to encrypt your dash wallet in this video. I'll give you suggestions based on what's worked for me, and I'll show you also how to make an ultra secure password that then you're not likely to lose that you will be able to get access to no matter where you are. So all these resource available before you on jury banfield dot com slash dash and I will keep this updated with the newest of what I'm doing with Dash. So let's take a look at a couple of different things you want to know about here in the dash Wallet in the dash wallet. You have the ability to encrypt your wallet. When you go up to settings, you go to encrypt your wallet. Now, why would you want to encrypt your wallet if you don't encrypt your wallet? Anyone with their wallet dot dat file can simply load that wallet onto their computer and use the dash just like it was yours. Now, if you've got your wallet encrypted, it requires a pass phrase in order to open your wallet dot dat file Now, While this sounds really good on the surface, it actually may get you into more trouble than it's worth. So I'm actually going to suggest for many users, encrypting the wallet is not a good idea, because if you lose the password to your wallet, if you can't remember the password to your wallet, you're done. If you can use that password to get back in your wallet, there's no good way to recover your dash wallet. So the easiest way to lose all of your dash would not be toe. Have it stolen out of your wallet dot that fall. The easiest way lose your wallet would be to go encrypt your wallet and just carelessly put a password in that. Then you can't remember in a few months or a few years or that you lost track of encrypting . Your wallet requires an entire additional layer of security and an entire additional layer of opportunity. Lose access to your wallet, so if you lose your wallet dot dat file after you've encrypted your wallet, you still may not be able to get back into your wallet So, for example, if you lose, your computer goes down and you didn't back your wallet dot dat file up anywhere, and you didn't keep the private keys anywhere to it. You may not be able to get back in your dash wallet that way, but on top of that, if you encrypted it and you can't get into the past word, even if you do, you have your wallet dot dat file on your computer crashed. If you can't get the password back, you won't be able to get into it, and no one else will likely be able to help you get into it, either. That's why it's encrypted. It's extra secure, so I recommend Think about rather, it's best for you to even encrypt your wallet at all. If you frequently are losing your passwords, I've got a system I'll show you right here that will allow you to use the passwords in a way where you won't lose track of them. I am liable lose my passwords as well. I have all kinds of accounts, so I have one system I used to keep my password safe. Now the problem with any system is if you crack the system to keep the passwords safe than all the passwords can go down from there. So there are things like two factor authentication. You can set up to keep things like that even more secure, I recommend. If you want to encrypt your wallet, do it before you put any dash into it. Don't even deposit any dash because if you mess up the encryption, which is easier than you'd think if you mess the encryption up on your wallet, if you immediately lose your pass phrase and let's say you put 20 dash in there, which is worth a little over $400 now, it's just like one of these. If you lose this wallet, if I lose this wallet with my cash in it, it's gone. Now I can get the credit card back, but if I lose this wallet with the cash in it, that's it. So the Dash wallet has the similar downsides of a real wallet, and it you can essentially, if you encrypt your wallet, I could essentially lock myself out of this wallet. Now, how stupid would that be? That there'd be cash sitting in here and I couldn't actually get into it, so I encourage you to think hard. Rather, you want to even encrypt your wallet or not, if you just have one computer at home that you and maybe your partner use, and you don't have a lot of people coming in out of your house. If you honestly are not that tech savvy and you just want toe, invest in have a master known I don't think you need to encrypt your wallet, even if you have a master node that has 20,000. I don't think you need to encrypt it because your main worry would be losing access to your own wallet, losing that password. So if you don't have a big need if you're not doing a ton of things online. If your computer and online routines air fairly straightforward if you know what you're doing a little bit, I encourage. Don't encrypt the wallet at all because the odds of beginning stolen are less than the odds of you losing access to it. If something happens now, if you are comfortable in all situations that you won't lose the password to your dash wallet and I'll give you a tool to help out with that, Then I recommend go ahead and encrypt the wallet before you even get started. Another thing. For example, If you die and you're the only one that knew the password to your dash wall and you've got a master node in an encrypted wallet, your spouse and no one else will be able to help you access that. So if you want everything to be set up in a way that anyone else could access your dash wallet who needed to in your life, then don't encrypt it unless you've given the person the ability to also figure out how your passwords are. And I know this may sound on the box, and I'm sure there's one mind out there that says you have to always encrypt your wallet. How could you ever? I'm just saying there. I've seen a lot of people lose passwords to things. You lose a password to this dash wallet and you're done, so if you definitely do want to encrypt it, and I encourage I have my wallet encrypted. I encourage you to encrypt your wallet as well and that use a system to keep track of your passwords. So over on the settings. Here's how you do it. You hit encrypt Waller. Now you need a pass phrase in order to encrypt your wallet. Now, if you need a really good pass phrase I recommend or a good strong password to do this you don't want to do something simple in less because this could be pretty easily cracked by someone making an attempt at it. If you're going to encrypt your wallet, do it right. Do it right so that the password is effective. Don't put something like password or your first name or something. Easy to guess. And if you're going to do it right, you need to keep track of it so that someone else if they needed access to the wallet and an emergency could be able to get into it. And those simple way to do that. I used last pass to do that. So this is listed on my jury banfield dot com slash dash resource is page. Wherever I put that over here. There we go. This is listed on the page. I've got a direct link to go secure your wallet with last pass. So what His last past last passes an app that's available. It's available on mobile devices. It's available online. It's available. Za Chrome browser Extension. It is extremely helpful for keeping track of all your passwords and generating passwords as well, so it solves a bunch of different problems with one specific APS you can get last past totally for free. I used a premium version of last past that allows me to have additional features. If you sign up using the direct link I've got on my page, you will get a month of premium free and I will get a month of Premium Frias Well, which I appreciate so you can get last past for free and then Premium has extended features and the nice thing with last past, and it has unlimited password stored. You can put all your passwords into last pass, and then all you need is one ultra secure master password. Now, if your master password goes down for last pass, it's like you've just given someone the keys to your house. They can come in and take whatever they want. So then all you need to remember is one master password for last pass, and that you might need to write down or put it in a safe spot somewhere. So in case you forget it, at least then if you've got your master password and even if something happens to that last pass could potentially help you get back in your account. Even if you've lost it, however, you want to get you a very good master password for last pass because then you can keep all your passwords everywhere online safe, and then you can make more difficulty passwords. So I've got with last passion of unlimited storage digital records. It's so simple it signed you in automatically. It's really nice in order to have all these different accounts online. So what? I recommend the premiums only a dollar a month to and it as nice features. And what I recommend is to use last past to do what I'm going to show you right here so you'll see on last pass. It has the option to generate a secure password. So for encrypting my wallet, what I want is to use this option in last pass to generate a secure password and then last past produces something. This is just a random password. It produced for me, not one of music or anything. This a password is what I produced for me. And now if you want to encrypt your dash wallet, I recommend having a password like this, something that's not possible for someone to guess. And then, if someone does try and crack your wallet, it's going to take a whole lot of time and effort and skill. So last past takes all the guesswork out of having new try and figure out what password you should use. And it allows using ultra secure passwords all over the Web and then easily changing them as well. When you encrypt your wallet, you have the option to go over here and then change the past phrase. So for some reason, your blast past gets compromise and they don't take your dash wallet right away. You can change your past, braise in here, and you set up a new last pass or something. So on your encrypt wallet, you can then use this ultra secure password as your new pass phrase, and then you've got last past to go remember the password. That way, you've got your master password toe last pass. I know this is a lot of last pass and passwords. You got your master password, that last pass. And then if you have a spouse or a son or daughter a parent, you want to be able to access your account in case of your passing away. Because these dash accounts, this is something I want to have is an inheritance that I want to have for a long time. So I want my wife to be able to. Something happens to me to be able to access all my Dasha come. So then all that needs that my wife has then as my master, last past password, she can get into all of my accounts online, including my encrypted dash wallet. Then so this past phrase, I am able to take a nice long password like that and then encrypt my wallet like that. Now I encourage you. If you've used something like last past to generate a password, I encourage you to take the whole password and paste it in. When it says encrypt wallet to paste that pass phrase in. And then to manually re type it in the second time to make sure that what you copied and pasted is exactly what you've got matched. And I recommend doing this before the wallet has any dash in it. So that one, then it will have the option to lock and unlock the wallet. So once you've got it encrypted, I recommend going through and making sure you can lock and unlock the wallet successfully. And then you've got your encrypted wallet ready to go. It's ready to do transactions securely online. Now you can see, after all that I have explained to you how much easier it is to just not fool around with encrypting the wallet. However, your wallet is vulnerable than to being stolen. So I hope that I've presented here in this tutorial the effective ups and downs of potentially encrypting a wallet or not encrypting a wallet. And I hope I have given you a clear system here to use. If you do decide you want to encrypt that wallet that you can. You do it in a way that you don't have to worry about losing access to the wallet by losing your password that you've then got your password backed up. You can back it up on last pass, and you can actually print out your passwords from last pass and have a physical copy if you prefer as well. So I appreciate you watching this tutorial. I hope it's helpful for you and I'll keep updating. The resource is on my website to give you the very best of what I know about Dash. 20. Backing up and restoring a DashCore wallet in 12: How do I back up my dash wallet and restore it in case there's some kind of computer loss? I think this is absolutely essential to know how to back up and restore your wallet. Because if anything happens to your dash wallet and you can't restore it, you can lose your dash. For example, I created this play wallet for a two Toro. So this is not my main. Well, I've just created this one to demonstrate how these things work. Now, if this wallet were to be lost, for example, if I go up here and show automatic backups So this is how you find your wallet dot dat follow. You go up to tools and you show automatic backups and then you go over to dash core here and then this wallet dot dat file. If something happens to this, I've lost my dash forever because this is where my private wallet data is stored. So if I were to just go delete this right now and permanently deleted, my dash would be gone. I have no way to recover it. Short of having some miracle technician come over and restore the wallet dot dat fall. This means if your computer crashes and that you could potentially lose your wallet, so I'm going to show you how to back it up. What you can do, then is uses something you could use a cloud service if you wanted to have your wallet dot dat file backed up something like Dropbox. You could use Microsoft one drive. You could use Apple's iCloud drive. You could use something to back your wallet dot dat file up on that, Then, if something I'm sure computer the wallet dot dat file is still okay. It's still in the cloud. You can also back your wallet dot dad up on a USB drive. You could even get creative and put it somewhere like on your phone using a folder. You could even take the private keys directly out of the wallet dot dat file and then write those on a piece of paper and put him in your wallet if you wanted to. To me, the easiest thing is to simply copy the wallet dot dad file as a backup and save the backup somewhere I can get to them. For example, USB drive. You save all the backups on that one USB drive, and then it's off line. You can't No one can. Then just come take your wallet unless they actually physically get ahold of the U. S. B drive. And this goes back to encryption also. Now this play wallet is not encrypted because that slows everything down for me doing a to toil. However, if you encrypt your wallet, then someone getting a hold of your wallet dot dat file will not allow them to use your wallet without getting through your pass phrase. However, if you or lose your pass phrase, it doesn't matter if you have the wallet dot dad fall or not, you will not be able to get back into the wallet, so I encourage you to consider rather having a pass phrase that could potentially lose you access to your wallet. If you don't know where you found, put it or, if you can't find it, I encourage you to consider. Rather, encryption is right for you, based on how you feel about your ability to keep a password and absolutely not lose it. So if you do have your wall encrypted or don't, it's the same basic process to back it up So what you do, you do show automatic backups. You learn where your automatic backup files are. You learn where your wallet dot dat file is Now. I encourage you to close the wallet. Why you do this? And I will close it and open it for training purposes here. So I've got my wallet dot dat phone. When I'm going to do, I go up to file and I go to back up wallet. So in order to back up the wallet, I'm going to just stick this in a documents folder. I'll just put it somewhere where it will be all on its own. So I could even actually go put it straight in another folder. But I will go. Just put it in this documents folder right here. I will call this tutorial to tutorial backup. So we're gonna call this tutorial back up on the wallet dot dat file. So now that I've got the wallet dot dat file backed up, I can I've got a fuller open over here where I've got my wallet dot dat file right here and now if I go over the documents, I've got all these different options and my documents folder, but you can see that's not even where it went. So you want to make sure you find wherever you saved your wallet dot dat file. So I have to go all the way over in here, and that's where mines actually located. So I've got the tutorial back up over here, and this could be on a USB drive. It could be in a cloud drive, whatever I want to do with it. So I've got this tutorial backup. Now, when I go exit, I can go exit my wallet and then I'm not actually going to exit, and I'll just show you how to do it when it's closed. So I could go exit my wallet and then let's say there was some crash and something happened to my wallet. Now what I would do to restore the wallet, I would take this s So let's say the entire wallet file got deleted. Let's say the computer crashed and I had this wallet back up on a USB drive somewhere. What I would do is reinstall the wallet, sink it back up, and then when the wallet was actually up, I go in, I take this tutorial backup file, and I put it in here. And then while the wallets closed and then I delete the new wallet dot dat file. I changed the name, toe wallet. I just change it toe wallet. So right here, I'll show you how to do that. I just change it toe, wallet dot dat then, so you could essentially just replace it that way as well. You could just replace the file in here, then next time the wallet opens up, it will open up as your wallet in a with exactly what you backed it up with before. So I'm grateful today to have the chance to share exactly how to back up your wallet file, and I recommend having a backup system you can use. That's fairly straightforward if you're going to be making transactions on a regular basis , for example, it could be simple to just back your wallet up at the end of every day using something like a USB drive, and some have some system so that you have contingency plans. For example, if you just have it on a USB drive and you your computer, let's say you have a really bad day you have a laptop and your USB drive. Let's say someone pushes you in the pool at a party while you're holding your laptop and your laptop and your USB drives ruined your wallet is now gone for dash. So if you've got something like a dropbox account, you could also put a wallet dot dat backup file there. Or you could, even if you have a master known, it might be a good idea. You could get a USB and not used that wallet, a whole bunch, and that way you just take off the rewards. For example, you wouldn't want to do this all the time. But for having a master know, for example, you could get a USB drive back the master node wallet up, and then go put the a copy of the U. S. B drive in a safety deposit box at a bank. And then you could say, Have another one at your house if you wanted. Now way. If your whole house burns down or you're holding your laptops, you get pushed in the pool. You lose your USB drive you Luger laptop, but you then still could go get the USB out of the safety deposit box. Another way to do this. You could just pull the private keys out of your wallet. And then even if you lose the specific wallet dot dat file. If you say, had the private keys written down somewhere you had it saved somewhere like Evernote that it keeps on all your devices, then you would be able to reconstruct your wallet dot dat file with the private keys. So there's lots of different ways to back up your file. I hope that I've effectively shared do you the ups and downs of each and I hope I fully communicated about encrypting your wallet that the stupidest thing that I feel could happen with a dash wallet is to completely lose access to it. At least if someone steals your dash wallet, they can use the dash you had. If you just lose access to it yourself and you're not able to restore your wallet after a backup, that would just be pretty ridiculous. So I'm grateful to share this with you. Did I hope this is useful? Hope you have a wonderful day using this information 21. How to buy Dash with Coinbase and Poloniex: How do I buy Dash online using a currency like dollars, Australian dollars, Euros, pounds, etcetera. The first step I take is I fund my coin base account. Now, this is I'm currently doing it. You can see any updates to the existing process on jury banfield dot com slash dash. This is how I've bought the majority off my dash so far. So I'm showing you what I've done and I hope to improve it. Have a better page available for you at jerry banfield dot com slash dash. I start off by funding my coin based account, which I'm able to do with my bank account. Ah, wire transfer or other payment methods they have available. And then when I do, I have the choice. I can either buy Bitcoin or theory. Um, I've bought both of those, so I changed my US dollars. I use the buy and sell tab toe by either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Either one will work for what I'm showing you, and then I've got the Bitcoin in the theory, um, available here. Then what I do. I am on polonia ex dot com. Now there's direct links to each of these. If you use the coin based link on my website. I will be grateful if you use it and sign up directly with that. Because coined based gives you and me $10 whenever you sign up using my link and then fund your account for your 1st $100 of Bitcoin. I'm grateful. 70 something People have already done that. So I've got this direct ling for coin based here. And then Polonia Axe is an exchange where you can trade all different currencies. So coin bases my wallet where I can hold Bitcoin and Ethereum and coin based allows me to change my wallet of us dollars back and forth into Bitcoin and Ethereum whenever I want to while they charge a 1% or Sophie for doing so. So I start off. I used my bank account to get my coin based while it funded. I buy the big coiner Ethereum on my coin based wallet and then I use Polonia Axe. I go over to what I sign up to signed up for a pony X account, and this allows me to trade all kinds of different currencies. There's tons of them. If I take this little star off over here and show only that you'll see there's tons of online currencies you can trade over here on the right side on Polonia X and Dash is one of those now. Hopefully, they'll be better methods than this available soon. This is one I've used mostly, so I go over to balances deposits and withdrawals. Now Polonia Accel uses all these online currencies, and that's how you trade. You deposit in online currency, you trade in online currency, and then you withdraw in online currency. So Polonia X doesn't do anything with Fiat currency as its US dollars Canadian Australian euros pounds PLO Knicks doesn't do anything with that. So what you do you take on coin based then or wherever your wallet is? Whatever you've done in order to get some Bitcoin or theory, um, or any other currency besides Dash, you get that in your wallet, and then you send that to the deposit address on polonium. So I've got this all these different deposit addresses Polonia X gives me, and this is how I make my deposit. So the deposit Bitcoin. What I do is I hit the deposit and I look at the address and the same thing. If I want to deposit Ethereum and said I hit the deposit and it has a warning on it. So respect whatever warnings they give you. And then I clicked toe, show me the deposit address and then I get an address here, which I already sent toe fund and trade the dash to do this. So you get the deposit address. You put the deposit address right here. You decide how much you want to send. Now you pick either a theory. Umber Bitcoin Currently on coin base. You pick for example, If I wanted to send all this Ethereum over, I would type this in. And then I would copy and paste the exact Ethereum address in there. That Pony X gave me. Now I went did this process beforehand because I needed to have this ready. It takes 15 or 20 minutes between when you send it. And when Polonia X will actually allow you to trade it. So what I did, I sent that before this tutorial and I already completed this process. I hit send funds and it sent the funds there. And now my funds are available. You see, The estimated value of my holdings is $99.17. And I've currently got that in dash because I tried to film an original version of this tutorial. Butchered it so bad. So I already actually bought the Bitcoin back and forth from the dash. So what, you see, I've got the dash. I have 3.9 9 dash now, all I had to do was trade this. I go over to my options to trade here, and you can sort by coin. So, for example, if you deposit Bitcoin, you just go over and find dash you Then click on the dash exchange and then you go over here and put your amount of dash You want to buy, you put your price and the amount. So, for example, if I wanted to sell my dash, I would do the same basic thing. I'd put a sale price in, and then I'll show you doing it in real time here. And I had the last one didn't last tutorial didn't turn out so well, so we'll see if I've learned a couple of things since then. So what I'm going to do is sell all of my dash at below market price. So I want to sell all of my dash here, so I'm going to put a price in that significantly below. And, yes, I will get hit by a small fee for doing this, but, hey, this is a tutorial. I want you to know how to do it. So I'm gonna put my price in below market value here. So you see the buy orders that are listed on here are what people have already agreed to pay for. So if I put a price in below the buy order, that means someone has already agreed to pay the price pay more than I've even put it in a by order. So if I hit cell right now, I hit cell. I've sold my 3.9 9 dash back into Bitcoin. So now I have Bitcoin over here. I don't have any dash left and I've got everything back in Bitcoin Now if I go back over here to deposits and withdrawals, you'll see it didn't cost me any money to switch that back and forth. Even because the fee was so small, it didn't make a difference. So I'll take you through Shoddy. I could take you there. Whoa! I'll take you through the exact process Once you've got your Bitcoin deposited over here. This is what it looks like to go by it. So I'll zoom this sense, you can see a little better, and I'll take my bar off here on the top for a minute. So I've got this. You've got this by dash windows. You've got the point. 08 Bitcoin. And why you want to do is turn that Bitcoin into dash. So you I copy my Bitcoin over here and paste it. Now, when I want to do those look down at the sell orders. How much am I going to have to buy in order to make the sale? So in other words, what price do I need to put it? So I just copied and pasted exactly what I had there. This order book the person is agreed are ready to pay the exact price that I've got up here . So I put in a by order and that was easy. I now have all of my transition, all of my Bitcoin over back into dash. So now you see how I just both did each side of the equation. I bought dash and sold dash back and forth from Bitcoin the Dash. So that's how you can buy and sell into each individual currency. Now, if you if I would have placed the price here and let's say someone bought that entire order out right when I put it in there, what it would have done instead is put a buy order in up here. And then as soon as someone put in a sell order that matched with my buy order, then I would have been able to buy it. So if you don't look at the price down here and you just put in a buy order, you might be annoyed. It'll say, by order placed and you're like, What the heck? And then you won't have any Bitcoin or any dash because it will be available on orders if you do something like that, which I did on the first version of this tutorial, and it was really bad. So I literally just re filmed this to make it better so you can go over to your balances and goto deposits if you have any open orders. If you accidentally placed an order and it's open. You can just go over here and cancel it, and that will make all of your funds available again. So what I've got now, I've got deposits and withdrawals. You can see I lost a future sense, changing it twice. I think that's worth it to film a good tutorial. So now what? I want to dio I want to withdraw this into my dash wallet. So Polonius will give me the option to withdraw this. And now what I need to do is put how much I'm going to withdraw. So I put the entire amount in there, and they're going to take a small fee off of it in order to withdraw it so you can see how much I'm actually going to get out of here. Now what I need is a dash address to fill my wallet up. So this is where I go. I click receive. And now what I want to is use this PLO, Nick. So even though I created this one before in the wallet tutorial, even though I put for 1000 dash on it, whatever I can use this address, I already created. So I'm going to just copy and paste this address already created in orderto make one like this. All you do is type in. For example, Polonia axes where I typed in the label up here and then you can type a message. You can put an amount. You can do whatever you want in there. So this is how I created this address. Now I'm just going to click it and use the address. And then what I'll do is paste this over here and then I'm gonna double check that. Well, I pasted it correctly, so it looks like everything's pasted in. I checked the beginning in the end, so it starts with X I u K. And then it ends with a T l d. So it looks like I copied and pasted it correctly messing this up, I would say we'll be one of the easiest ways to foul up your dash. So I suggest test this out in smaller amounts before you go do it in a big amount. Now what I do is I click on withdraw, and now I have to go check my email to verify my withdraw. Once I verified my withdrawal via email. It will take approximately 30 minutes, or it can take even longer than that Polonia access to go through and manually approve each withdrawal Now. Also, if you withdraw a larger amount, that seems to require a more of a review process. I think when I withdrew smaller amounts that went through pretty faster when I withdrew about five or 6 $7000 in dash at once. It is what took a lot longer. So all I need to do is check my email. Now click the link in the email and Polonia Axe will then send that into my dash wallet. So, yes, I realize that is a somewhat complicated system requiring using several different websites to first fund a wallet, then go trade it, then actually get it into the dash wallet. What I'm hoping for soon on jerry banfield dot com slash dash is to give you a way where you can directly deposit dash with using cash into your wallet. So you go make a deposit at a local bank account, and then, from there you can directly fill up your dash wallet. I realize this system is a little inefficient in terms of all the different parts to it. However, this the best there currently is. I will make a new version off this whenever there's better, so just check on jury banfield dot com slash dash. You can see if there's a new system. I'm signing up. I'm learning more. So I'm working to get in exchange where I can buy dash directly that I'm satisfied with signing up and using their services enough to tell you about it. So I'm testing out things right now and I'll put the things that I've proven to work the best for me on Dash. So this is what's proven to work for me the best so far, and I appreciate you watching this here with me. 22. Buying Dash in real time using Coinbase and Shapeshift: How can I buy Dash quickly without having to use 1/3 party exchange? I have another tutorial where I've shown how to use something like Polonia Axe to change Bitcoin and Ethereum or other currencies into dash. But if you've got something like Bitcoin or another kind of coin and you want changing in the dash, how can you do it at the very fastest speed? I will show you the best way I know to currently do this. So I'm going to do this live with you in real time, which I hope will be fun. And I've got 100 $99.97 on coin based that I'm going to empty out into Dash as we do this live. So I've got this on my website a jury banfield dot com slash dash. This is a two part system. Essentially, you need a wallet with some kind of online currency. I use coin base because that allows me to fund us dollars directly into my bank account. And then, with coin based, I can go over to buy and sell and convert my U. S. Dollars back and forth into Bitcoin and Ethereum currently along with anything else, they add all that I want to. Then on the other side of the website, I've got a way to use shape shift to change Bitcoin and Ethereum into Dachau. Let's go over to shape shift And what I've done on here is I've put resource on this page that are the best of what I'm currently using. However, if the page looks different when you visited it a week because I've updated it, I'm testing new ways to buy Dash even faster and at the cheapest price. So this is one of the best things I've got so far. So what I shape shift allows me to change one type of coin into another. So what I want to do, I want to change. I have Bitcoin, So I want to change Bitcoin into dash. So that's the first thing we're going to do together here. So I'm going to show you how this works. So I've got Bitcoin to dash over here and then on my coin based account, I've got my Bitcoin, so I'm ready to go and I'm going to go all in on this. We're not even going to use a refund address. I recommend using one. But, hey, if I messed this up, it will cost me $100. I can live with that. So you don't even need a refund address to do this, Which is cool. So I'm going to go my dash address my destination address. Now, how do I get that? Well, what I'll do, I'll go over here in the received tab, and I'm going to make a new dash address, so I'm going to call this shape, shift, shape, shift shape, shirt, shape, shift, shapes, shift. There we go. Shape shift from coin based Bitcoin That way from my accounting, I know exactly how this money got in there. And then if I get audited Look, this is all this Dash got in here. I took it from my coin based account through shape shift. Now, the one problem with this is that shape shift takes a exchange rate fee. So the rate that they give you on shape shift is a bit lower than you'd get on the rest of the marketplace. So if you want to change it at the absolute lowest rate Polonia Axe or another exchange may present the best way to do that. That's how I changed most of my Bitcoin in that theory. Um, into dash. However, shape shift if you want the absolute fastest speed shape shift offers very fast beaters will show in real time. So let's get to doing this. So what I need here to start is a dash address. So I have got a dash address on here. I'll hit request payment. Now, this will come in here and I can just hit copy address, and I can paste address in there. Now, I'm going to double check that to make sure it works so I can open it up over here. I see it ends in S XP. It starts in X r k. I check over there to make sure the 1st 3 in the last three lined up going to go all in on this. No Bitcoin refund address will just go ahead and lose it if it doesn't go through. So that's your risk tolerance, baby view. If you can't handle the idea of losing $100 then you might not want to fool around with all this. So I've got the Now what? I've got is a deposit address here that's given to me. So what I need to do is take my Bitcoin from coin base and send it over there. So I've got outpaced the address in here. So I've got the exact address here, and then I paste that straight into my account and make sure it looks good. And now what I'm going to do is send all the rest of the Bitcoin I've got over there and attempt to try and typing in exactly as it is here. So I've got 0.8582591 And then I will put this in here for my accounting. Also, shape, shift change to dash for tutorial. So I show why I made this transaction shape shift to dash. And now what I do, I hit. Send funds over here. I hit. Send funds on there. You can see I'm sending ah, $100 of Bitcoin over into the account. So I hit. Confirm, and then I've hit send complete. Now if I messed it up, that's the last I'll be seeing of that $100. But let's hope I did it correctly. So right now this will say waiting deposit on here and then once it goes through, it will exchange it and it will be all done. And once that exchanges it, I will be able to see it incoming in my dash wallet over here So you can see Look how fast that IHS they charge a bit of a fee for it. But look how fast that is. The deposits received already there, working on the exchange. Go, baby, go, baby! That's what I've been sharing. When my daughter dances Go baby, she's like, You're an apple, go baby! And she kind of like, turns around, Does a little dance like that Go, baby, A little dance like that. I'm watching myself dance on the other monitor so we're having a good time with this. We're getting our money exchanged in real time. There's some computer somewhere that is automatically changing my Bitcoin into Dash. It is awaiting exchange here, and it's cool. This is all in real time, so it'll give. It'll send it straight on over there and then deposited in my dash wallet. So this is one of the fastest ways I found, especially if you combine buying. If you need dash urgently like Oh my God, The price is going to go up. I've got to buy it today. If you needed the very fastest you can use on my website, I've got a thing where you can buy either Bitcoin directly in from cash and then you get that very quickly and then you could get that same day. And then you could use shape shift to make the change in the same day also and have dash within your wallet within just a few hours. I don't know why you would need to turn the cash in your wallet into dash within a few hours, but it's possible. And then I'm hoping knave a widget on my website that will be able to go straight from cash to dash. But while of coins isn't currently there yet. So now we're awaiting exchange. They've received my deposit and what I can do is just keep talking here and see if we can carry you through this about seven minutes. So I like to show this in real time, but I know it's soon as I tab away from the window is going to be as soon as I tab away from the window. It'll immediately wait, exchange and all done. So as soon as it exchanges, it'll be all done right away. So I'm just going to keep talking straight through this. Or maybe I'll just be quiet. I don't know. Isn't this exciting? Know your real time money exchange? This is like giving MasterCard money and they're switching and over to visa. Like that's just ridiculous, isn't it? I don't even know why I said that. I don't know why I say a lot of things. A moment of silence for this outstanding tutorial. Ah, Awaiting exchange. In real time. This is one of the longest it's actually taken before. I think we're upto a minute or two. Go, baby. Go, baby. Go, baby. No. All right, well, I selected the fast processing options, so we'll see what happens here. I'm tempted to get this started in the theory. Um, again. All right, look, I'm gonna tab over, I'm open another window because then I can actually do the theory and a dash, so I'm to go over all this other window real quick, and we're going to hit a theory. Um, over here to dash, we do the same thing again with the theory, Um, in another window. All right, It's still going. Play the game of taboo. Let over here. So I need another dash address so I can pull. I can pull another wallet address over here. I can get receive over here. I even that doesn't make sense. Zoom back out there are pulled. I can actually pull another wallet address over here so I can label this one as shape shift . I could say ether shape shift on this one from coin base, and I guess the dash wallet. There we go. There we go. Nice. So I got either shape shift from coin base, so I'm going to grab this address from over here. So now I haven't ether or this the dash address. So this is where I want my deposit to go. So I put my dash address for this deposit, which is now different from the 1st 1 So I agree to terms and start transaction over here. Meanwhile, were still exchanging on the other window, so I'll show you this exact same process again. And I pay attention to the amount of ether I'm allowed to send it once, and I deposit the ether over here. So I go back and do the exact same thing on coin based. I just did. Except this time I select my Ethereum wallet. I paced the Ethereum address in here. I type in all of my theory. Um, over here. Yes, I see that it started out like that. So then I can go Shape, shift, dash conversion on this one. So I've got everything typed in on here. I double check to make sure it looks good over here. I've got the deposit address. The 1st 3 in the last three look good. Will go send funds on that. And now I need a double factor authentication on here. So we will send SMS on this window and I will then type the code in that I have just received because I've reached the threshold on coin base that I can send in one day. So I will type the threshold. I will type the SMS code here, and it sent me another SMS. So now I have to use the last one. I sent Whoops. So 5687 There we go. Hit. Confirm on that. And there we go sent another $100 over and now we'll see which one finishes first. So I've got the dash over here ready to go. And then this one is preparing me right here. So I am excited to see how fast this one goes through and see what happens. And I'm even a little. I'm not sure what happened on the window here. A little nerve racking. Maybe I should have used a return address. Now I can sweat it a little bit. Now I can see exactly what happens. There's no address I can send it back to, so we'll see how it goes down here. So we got the awaiting deposit over on this side and the deposits received over here. We'll see rather the ethereum or the bid coin wins. This is Ah, longest. I've seen it take before, and you can actually bookmark it if it's taking this long again and come back to it. So I think I'm actually X wedding right now. I try and I try and have a little bit of fun. Now it says send up 20 ether. I guess I've already sent the maximum amount, so I'm not sure what's happening on corn because some life has decided to troll. May I guess, on both of my tutorials, it's trolled me a little bit. The very first time I recorded the Polonia's version of this like nothing worked properly. So this is hilarious to see is see how how this will work out right here. I've got my dash wallet. I guess I'll just go F k. And so, Look, we have 3.9 5 dash coming in. That is from the Polonia. So if I go to receive over here, I can see that. Then I'm getting I got a deposit coming in from the polonium. So when you've got the actual deposit actually comes in, then you get the pending Nice. Now I got another pending over there. Now, this one went so fast that it that's how fast it normally goes. So this one went very fast, and now I can even get a deposit receipt in here via email and nice. This one exchanged. So you that's that is how I handle What is that? That is how I handle discomfort and uncertainty waiting, waiting and look. It seems to have all gone through. So now we've got the transactions over here. It tells me exactly why I got these. So actually, both of these are from the shape shift. Now, this is why you use specific addresses. Because I can see. Actually, the Polonia X deposit has not arrived yet. But both of these from shape shift are currently pending. And if I go over to the transaction log, I can see that both of these just need to be confirmed before they come in. And that I then will have my dash loaded into this nice brand new wallet here for the very first time. So I'm excited that this actually worked correctly. I will never again skip using a return address. What? That's have just before that if you said have a return address and something goes wrong, they can just send it back. But if you just all in it and don't do a return address because that was faster for the do tutorial. So thank you so much for watching this. This is one of the fastest ways I know of to buy Dash, using a different type of coin using shape shift. Now, I did lose a little bit of the value of dash. Let's see how much I have left. After doing this will type in coin market cap dot com and I sent about $100 to each of those. So is 24. 66. Right now, we'll pull the calculator up over here, and we'll calculate how much I actually have in my wallet here. So after these two transactions will check and look and see how much have I actually got now? So I can look and see the details, the exact amount of dash I can copy this amount of dash and then I can go pace that you can see. They're starting to confirm over here as well. So this is really fast. I actually already have the dash available in my wallet. So I multiply this 3 99 times 24 66. Now, this isn't exactly right, because the exchanges don't. So between buying this on coin base and sending and I lost about a dollar or a dollar 50 on it, which is not a big deal, and you can see how fast this is at the beginning of this tutorial. 15 minutes ago, I had this sitting in my account as I had it. Sitting in my account is Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now it is sitting in this dash wallet as dash. So all you need to do to get ready to fund a master notice just managed to get 1000 dash in a wallet like this. And you're ready. Teoh, go ahead and make a master node. So I'm grateful that you went through this whole tutorial with me. I try and just film it in real time. Let it be quirky. Let it be fun and see what you think of it. So thank you. I appreciate you watching this. Hope you have a wonderful day today. 23. Buy Bitcoin directly with a cash deposit at a bank using Wall of Coins!: How can you buy dash and or Bitcoin with your cash? To me, one of the most difficult things about getting started with a master node from If you've never done anything with, say, big coiner dash before one of the biggest challenges is to buy Dash in order to actually get your hands on it. And one of the very easiest ways to do that is to simply use the cash, whatever cash you already have in your wallet or whatever cash you already have available in your bank account, and you can actually buy directly in with cash using the jury banfield dot com slash dash with the widget down on the bottom. My website this is through my friend Robert's website, wall of coins and wall of coins received a budget proposal from Dash to get a dash to cash widget on their website. Now currently is I'm filming this. The Onley way to do it is first by big coin and convert that to dash. So if you've got cash and you want to use that to buy into a master node, you can use that to first by Bitcoin currently, and then you can buy dash. However, if you will check, would you check on my website? It's February 23rd 2017. If it should be, the cash to dash widget should be ready soon, and by the time you watch this, you may boil. Able that directly fund your dash wallet by using cash straight into a local bank accounts . So if you check currently the sum of bottom of the page. So if you scroll down on the bottom of the page, you'll see an eye frame with wall of coins in here where you can currently buy Bitcoin with cash and where soon you can buy Bitcoin with Dash. Now this arc, you can buy dash with cash. So the cool thing about wall of coins is it makes things simple. Currently, if you want to buy Dash using a bank account, doing some other way with cash, it can take time. It can take setting up accounts I can take getting your identity verified with a passport. It can be very involved to buy Bitcoin or to buy Dash. Thankfully, this makes it really easy. If you've got cash lying around, you want to invest, then you can just use this widget. So to use this widget, you go down on the page, I recommend find my location. However, mine is doing some weird error because my internet thinks I'm in Canada. Long story short. I'm going to go. No, thanks. On here However, I recommend when you do it, find your location and then read what this says. If it's for Bitcoin, you'll need a Bitcoin address to send the Bitcoin to that you buy. If I've got the dash widget on here by the time you look at, you'll need your dash wallet address to try this. Now I recommend give this a shot on something you don't care about to begin with. Give this a shot on maybe $20 or $5100 something that is not completely nerve wracking that you're gonna lose your mind if something goes wrong. I've sold over $40,000 on this on wall of coins, so I'm confident in the buying system as both a buyer and a seller. I will just hit supply and address later and show you how this works. So right now this is for Bitcoin. So what I will do to fund my master node wallet. I'd essentially need to do a bunch of individual transactions. So let's say for now I'm gonna put $100 on here and I'm going to hit next. So now I'll show you some of the bank location. So now it tells me exactly how much Bitcoin I can get for exactly what deposit. And it thinks I'm in Canada. So this is showing Canadian banks. However, if you put your zip code in or you found your location, it should show you banks near you. Where then, once you click order, it will give you a bank account to go deposit your cash in. And when you deposit your cash in that bank account, the bank account owner then will confirm that you made a cash deposit in that account. And then that happens with the text message. When the bank account owner confirms that you've made a deposit in their accounts in cash, then wall of coins will send you the big coin or the dash that you've paid for. And that is Aziz fast, as you can usually get anything in terms of digital currency online. So that's why I really like this I've sold. I try and work to make it so There's always some Bitcoin. As soon as the dash switches up, I'm going to try and make sure there's some dash available on here as well. And you can put in larger things. For example, you can put in $1000 here that you could do, and then you'll see exactly how much you can get for putting in $1000 payments. Now that will just depend on what the rate you get will depend on what the sellers set the radar. So I try and mark things up at about 10% over market price for the essentially instant cash convenience. So if you use this, then you're able to get your Bitcoin right now, or you'll be able to get your dash very quickly for cash. And the beauty of that is, it's a pretty much anonymous transaction. All you need to do is provide an email and or a mobile phone number, preferably a mobile phone number. You can put your cash in a bank account and you get your dash or your Bitcoin right away that way, so I'm grateful that this is available that my friend Robert has worked so much to make this website possible. And if you use the widget on my website, I will be grateful. Robert will give me a small commission on whatever you buy. For example, if you buy $1000 or something, I might get a dollar or two commission on whatever you buy here. I am more interested to see if I any how much actually gets bought straight through my website. So I'm very grateful for you learning this with me. I think this is one of the easiest ways. If you just want to get a little bit of dash and fund your wallet or if you want to get five dash for a proposal this it could be one of the fastest ways to do that. To buy Bitcoin and change it in the dash Or if the widgets up to buy dash directly This way . So thank you so much for learning about this with me. I hope this tutorials helpful for you in showing how you can turn your cash through a deposit into a bank account into either big coin or soon dash 24. From masternode public key to launch with Node40: How do I had change my master node public key into a live master node like this? This is what we're looking for here. If you want to use node 40 as I've got a direct link and a one dash discount on my jury Banfield Dash Page. When you use node 40 directly using my sign up link, the founder of Will give you an extra dash credit and give me a little bit, maybe $5 or something for telling you about it. Saw what? Here's how you actually turn this into the public key that you can generate in your wallet . You turn this into an active master note. So what I do Are you on using node 40? You can see I've got my master node and able. It's been getting rewards, and I actually just took all the rewards I've got out into another wallet. So what you do to launch a new one, you launch your master note on here. Now, you get that public key that you just made and you post that in here and find. Now, if you're not able, actually do anything with it, like if you just take my public key. You can monitor my master note if you want to, but it'll give you inside. It will give you private information to be able to run your master notes. So I've got you can paste your public key in there, and then I knowed 40 you pay for their hosting. Now, if you can set up your own host and get all that worked out yourself, you are much more tech savvy than me. I encourage you to go ahead and do that. If you want the hands off, they do everything for you. I chose the yearly plan to get that 20% discount, so I'm grateful that I've already paid for my entire year. I've got 11 more months of rewards that I can collect without essentially having to pay anything. So you put your public key in here, and then the next step will require you to edit a master no dot config file. So and doing this, I will show you how to get a hold of that master no dot config file because this was one of the single most annoying parts to me of the entire process. So you go over here to tools. And then you can directly open the master note Config Volf you want? But it's best practice to shut your wallet down while you're doing this. So if you go hit show automatic backups, you can go over here and you go up one level. So it is shows backups. I go up one level and then I can find my master no dot config file. So when I did, I copied that and made another version of that. So I copied that way, had the original in case I messed it up. So I copied that, made another version of that, and then I opened that up with no pad. Now, the one thing that confused me even after reading Perry on node forties got a great tutorial that explains it, that I'm going to show you here right now. Even after reading what he said, I got confused on exactly how to copy and paste it in there. So when you go through and put your public key in and you do your payment when it says complete sign up, it will give you an exact line to put right here in the master node config. file. Now, if you're on Mac, what you need to do on Mac, you need to download a text editor. More than likely, I use Adam, which there's ah node 40. There's a tutorial on that he has here showing exactly how to go do this. So you can read the written version of this with screenshots here. If you're on Mac, you needed text editor so that you can actually do this. So I use the Adam text editor on Mac. There's a direct link a no on the note 40 tutorial that you'll have access to as you go. Set this up. Then what you need to do is get a whole of that file as the same thing is shown on here, you need to be able to copy the exact server configuration that you will be provided. So when you go through here, you'll get an exact thing to copy and paste down here so you'll paste this on the line down below. Now what? The best way to do this? You close your dash wallet after you found the file. So you go to show automatic backups, you go up to the dash core level you find that file and then close the wallet. Add that line in right at the very end. Don't delete the beginning. You add that line right in up here and then you Ah, Then put the what you created the master node file. You replace the original now I recommended you can do things like change the names on them while the wallets closed, for example, you could call it master note original and just paste your new file in and then rename that to Master Node. That's how I did it. That way. If I mess the original up, I could just start over again. And then once you've got that done, you reload the wallet. And then, as Perry's tutorial does a great job showing here you go in and issue the command from your local wallet to start missing Teoh. In order to get to that, you go up to the debug console here and then all you need to do is do master node start missing, and then you'll issue a remote start on it. So once you ah, have been able to get your master node started and you've got that done, then your master node will be picked up, and it will go if you go over here to monitor your master node soon enough. Will say enabled. Now, if you have any trouble with this. I found Perry offered support himself. So if you have any trouble getting your master node started, if any of these steps you get hung up on them, I got hung up on a couple of them. And that's why I've done this. To help you get through all the steps yourself. You get hung up on something once you've actually got your master node public key and you're trying to get it in there. I have found a live chat with Perry was extremely helpful. So I'm grateful that Perry helped me get my node running. And now I've got my master node running. And if you go through all the steps, you'll have your master node running to. So thank you very much for watching this once. You've got your master node running. It's such an exciting time. Then 25. 1000 Dash masternode public key creation tutorial: How do I create a public key for my master node? That especially if you're going to host with No. 40. All you need is your public key, and you're ready to go with getting your master note online. So how do you make that initial 1000 dash transaction to set this up? I have a wall that I'm using just for this tutorial to show you how to do this. I am not able to show you moving my master note around. Because once you do this, then you have to keep the dash in the exact same place you sent it. If you move it, it takes your master node off line. Now you're welcome to move it from one wall to another. Switch your public, he get your master node back online. But each time you do this, you have to go through restarting your master note. So you want to do this once in the exact wallet that you wanted to stay in? I recommend if you're going to encrypt your wallet, do it before you even send dash to your wallet to start with. And if you're going to encrypt your wallet, make sure your wallet, and you've got that password backed up Because you really want to keep your master node dash in the exact spot where you put it right here. So what I've got to do, I'm going to do this with 7.9 5 dash instead of with 1000 so you can have whatever dash you want in your wallet. But it has to be at least 1000 dash. What I did when I funded my master node wallet, I just got it up to about 1000 50 dash or something like that. And then I went through this process. So the first thing you do you need to create a receive label that you're going to use. And this is where you produce your public key. So you create the label here, you putting whatever you want, I put in master node public key. You can put in a label like mn one. You can put in whatever you want for the label. What you need out of this is your address. And you can put exactly 1000 dash in there as well then. Then you don't need to do instant Sander private. Send on this either. Then, to go, actually send it. You go over here and hit send so you paste that address. So you take the address from that you just made on the label. So you take whatever the addresses here, you copy the address and then you paste that in here, Make sure that address is exactly the same. Because if you mess that up, you could send your dash out somewhere else. I'll be very careful. Do this nice and slow. Make sure you've got your label. Make sure the address exactly the same is right here and then paste it over here and then send it. So you type in. What you need to do on this is just type in the 1000 dash. Now I'm going to pretend that my seven my one dash is 1000. So you just do the same thing I'm doing. Except you had three zeros to actually do this and I'm not going to put any fee in it. I'm not going to mess around with the subtract fear, anything. So all I do now is now I hit send to confirm the action. Now this is I don't need this on here, so I'll delete that and I hit Send. So this is actually this will add a transaction fee to it. So what it will do is it will actually take one point. It will actually take a little bit Mawr dash out of my wallet. So this will create a master node Public key. It won't actually do it. But if you do it with 1000 dash, it will. So you need to have a little bit more than 1000 dash in your wallet because you may have to add the transaction feet to it. So I hit yes, right here to send it. And then when I do, I go over to transactions and then you'll see this is a payment to yourself. Now, it may possibly not charge a fee on setting up the master node one, but as you can see, I sent a payment of exactly one dash to myself, which actually cost me a little bit of dash just to send it. So in order to use your master node, you will have to wait until the payment gets confirmed by the network. Now you might be thinking, Okay, I just sent this to myself in my own wallet. Why does it need to be confirmed by the network? The network needs to confirm that your dash is now at the new address. You sent it and then once you've done that, once it's confirmed before it's confirmed it won't work. But once it's confirmed, then you can use your public key, and you can put that into wherever you're going to host your master node. I use node 40 as I explain on my jury banfield dot com slash dash page that I make sure to showing all my tutorials, so there's a direct link to it there. So this is how you generate the public key. And then once you've got that public key, you are able to launch your master note from there. Once you've also got that public key on, you'll notice the balance in my wallet didn't noticeably change because of doing that either. Once you've got the public key on one thing, you will definitely want to dio, I recommend that you will have wanted to encrypt your wallet. If you're going to do that before you go, do this master node set up so you don't mess it up. But then what you want to do? You want to go in the setting? So you go over here to options where you want to do. Once you've got this master node on, you want to enable control features and a show Master notes tab. Now, I don't need to do that because I don't have a master note in this wallet. But you want to absolutely enable coin control features. Now, why do you want to enable coin control features this way? You don't accidentally send out your master node because when you go to send the dash, it gives you these in put options in here. So by default, it will lock up your master known, allow you send with it. However, you having these coin control features gives you the ability to choose exactly what dash you want to use. For example, I can then eq selected and purposefully. Let's say I want to send a dash to my other wallet on Mac. I then can send my dash specifically out of this master of public key, or I can send my dash out of the shape shift deposits. I've got I can choose what import I use as my output. So you want the coin control features enabled to make sure you don't accidentally send the dash out of your master node. So that is helpful to me for having a master note. I hope this is helpful for you as a tutorial to show you how to set up a master node public key. And then once you've got that public key set up, the public key is just wherever you sent it to. So you just take that address and put that in your system. And if you send 1000 dash instead of one to do this, you're ready to go. 26. Dash masternode setup and hosting with Node40: What is the easiest way to get a dash master node set up and hosted? I've found that with having a dash master know the most challenging part is being able to get it hosted. Now it is possible for you to completely set up in host your own master node. Now, if you're tech savvy, I think you could save a lot of money by setting up your own master node and learning how to do that. What I'm going to show you in here is the easy way to get your master node online. And this is what I used to host my master node. A master node requires a server to process transactions. So it's not as simple is just getting the dash into your wallet and then setting up your own master note you need to be able to know how to set up a server. Ah, virtual private server or something similar and have that available online. Now, Node 40 makes it really easy. All I need to do is get the 1000 dash into my wallet, plug some information into node 40 pay them to host it, and then I have a master node hosted. So if you go to jerry banfield dot com slash dash, you scroll down and find the master node section. I have direct links to Noto 40 dot com. I'm grateful. Note. 40 also gave me a link to track if someone uses my exact sign up link. If you use my exact sign up link, you will get a one dash credit, which is currently worth about 20 $5 or so. You'll get a 25 or so dollar credit off of your hosting with node 40. So if you click on sign up on my website or any of these note 40 links, you'll be taken over here to node 40 where you can create your email and password. And the thankfully node 40 is very easy to use to get your master note online. So what I did, I went over and put in my email and password. I created an account, and I learned all about what Node 40 does. So I'm going to show you all the things that Node 40 does in here. So, first the pricing you might want to know the pricing. How much does it cost? Well, you can monitor master nodes for free. However, if you want a what you want is a master note. Owner is a single owner. Remote start, master node. So a single owner remote start, master node. That's what I have. You see right here you supply and hold your 1000 dash. And then when you've supplied and hold your own dash right here, node 40 manages the remote master note. So all I need to do with my master node is give my dash set up properly in my wallet. No. 40 handles the rest. It's a really sweet system. They prefer payment and dash, but they also accept payment through stripe via credit card. I'm grateful that I got a big discount on using the credit card payment because of a little error. So I'm grateful to have a chance to share this with you today as I use the yearly discount as well. To me, the best way to do a master notice to get this yearly discount 20% off, especially if you think the dash prices going to go up. Use that 20% discount while the dash prices lower, as I've done pay for the whole year and now my mining rewards within a month or month and 1/2 of paid for the rest of my year of hosting in terms of just the mining rewards themselves. So I have about 10 11 months where I essentially get mining rewards paid out completely is profit. And then I will have out of those binding rewards. I can get another year at another discount. So the easy way to do this was setting up a master note. All you need to do is create your account. You could do the transaction in your wallet, and then you put the you enter that information into node 40 and you truly get passive income the majority of the time. Occasionally, there's an update that requires a master node restart. Thankfully, as of February 23rd 2017 we just completed that update, so there's not likely to be an update for the foreseeable future, so you should be able to just get your master node set up at Node 40 and then you shouldn't have to do anything else with it except take your money for quite a while. Now there's courting the note. 40 website has outstanding tutorials, which I went through and used. It gives you the basics of exactly what you need to do before you get your master node. It gives you the exact wallet link like I've got on my website. It encourages you to turn on coin control so you don't accidentally send the dash. You do have out of the master node wallet that you're using. Then you can back up your individual keys. And then what you need to be able to do is to create a master node public key by sending yourself Ah, 1000 dash. So once you've got your 1000 dash in your wallet and you can fund your wallet, Harvey, want, you can get 50 dash here. Ah, 100 dash here. 300. There. All you need to do is get exactly 1000 dash in your wallet, and then you send it the 1000 dash to yourself. So you create an address in your wallet and then you send that to yourself. So there's no risk involved in sending the master node 1000 dash payment. It must be exactly 1000 dash. It cannot be more or less than that. Then what you need to be able to do is use your console and restart that, so I'll show you inside these in later tutorials how to do this. So then you can remove your rewards. Also, once you get paid and I've removed the first month or two of rewards I've got, you can remove the reward you get and send them to a different wallet. Let's say you have a wallet you just want to use for spending. And then it's so easy with Node 40 to be able to host these master notes, and I've found the help button on Node 40. He was very helpful, so I got stuck on one particular step on it, and the founder of the company actually was able to chat with me and help me get my master note online. So the nice thing is, Node 40 makes hosting a master node as easy as you can imagine. If you wanted to get into save Bitcoin mining or something else, it might be challenging and difficult to get in the earning mining rewards. But no. 40 makes this really easy. So I'm grateful that my master note is on node 40 today. I hope in showing you note 40 dot com is telling you that I use it, showing you how easy it is that you have the courage to go forward by the dash, get the wallet funded and go through and get that master node set up on node 40. 27. Introduction to Dash budget proposals: would you like to see the most amazing way I've found to earn money working online? I'm Jerry Banfield. I've made money online more than 100 different ways, which I detail in my book 100 ways I made money online. One of the newest and most amazing ways I've found is through what's called a dash budget proposal. Now, this is if you've never heard of any of these things won't make any sense. I'll explain in very simple terms. I just had an opposable pra proved for $655 I'll explain you exactly how I did that And what opportunity there may be for you to repeat this same process to help out with our dash community Today, the basics of it is I offered to do something for the dash community and then they agree to pay me money in return for doing. In fact, I'm doing it right now. This video series is exactly what they paid me to do. And I'm actually earning the money, showing you how to do what I got paid to do. Now I want you to join us because as a member of the dash community. We would love your help, so I'll explain to you exactly how all of this works. The basic. It's like a grant system provided by an online currency. So dashes an online currency. I'll explain more about what that is, and it's a grant system where you basically apply for a grant to receive money in return for doing something. And then, if you're grant, if your proposal is voted in, then you get paid the dash, which you can then convert to Bitcoin or US dollars, pounds, euros, whatever all she want to use. So I'm very grateful to have been invited to join this community by existing members, and I'm grateful today to be a productive community member if you can make videos. If you can record podcast episodes. If you can write blawg post. If you can do public relations, if you can do programming and development, if you can do anything to help the dash community grow, I think there's an amazing opportunity for you to do the same thing I'm doing to earn money , assisting in educating and developing this new online currency. So thank you so much for getting started with Mr here, I will show you in detail each individual step to go from not even knowing anything about dash your Bitcoin to being able to get one of these proposals accepted. 28. Dash forums and budget proposals explained: How do I participate in the dash community? I think one of the best part about working with online currencies, especially Dash, is the chance to be a part of something to contribute something. Think about being one of the original people toe work on MasterCard or Visa when they were building up and starting to offer credit cards. To me, this is an opportunity to work on something that later we might take for Grant and say, Wow is so cool. You could have been one of the first people work on Dasher Bitcoin to make these things that change the world and are so helpful. So what I'll do, I'll show you exactly how I participate in the community and what I love about having a master notice, a chance to be actively involved in the community. Now you can be actively involved in the community and help out a lot without a master note . So I'm going to show you the best ways that I think are to participate and to get involved , and they even have a chance to get paid by the dash community to contribute to help to make a difference so well, I've got three links on my website under the How to participate in the Dash community. One of them is the dash official forums, So you have the dash dot org's slash forum over here, and I've I'm a form guy. I've been in a lot of forms in my life. I've made probably tens of thousands of foreign posts on all kinds of different posts, So if you like forms, there's lots of dash guides. There's all the dash community. This to me is the hub of it in the forms, and I've spent most of my time in the Prion Budget Proposal Discussions Area. However, if you want to get to know the dash community, just reading through these forms a great place to meet people to start figuring out what you uniquely can add to the dash community. The dash forms, I believe, have enough depth to do outstanding research. I've found some things on the dash form that are helpful for me to learn how to be a more effective member of the community, and I've got some great feedback. If you look at these pre in budget discussions, I've got some great feedback on my previous proposals that have helped me do a better job as a community member. So that is the number one way to participate for anyone who's interested in dashes to get to know the forms. Read, learn and you can contribute right there. Now there's also the budget proposals, and I think this is the most lucrative thing for newcomers to the community is to figure out a way to do something for the dash community and actually get paid for. So I'll show you my budget proposals here. If you go view budget proposals, you'll get over here to dash central dot org's slash budget. Now these are people companies who have submitted applications to get paid dash in exchange for doing something for the network. So one of the really cool things you'll see here is about the budget payments in nine days . The budget is paying out 6917 up to that much dash. So this is like grant money. Essentially, that is made available for helping out all kinds of help is needed with the community. Things from basic marketing and advertising, public relations, infrastructure development, there's all kinds of opportunities to help build the dash community, and I encourage. If you can think of ones that uniquely apply your skills to what the community needs, then there's outstanding opportunity to actually earn some money applying your skills to grow Dash. And this is something that's not available for Bitcoin. I think this is a really cool feature. So when you go into the budget proposals, it's a good idea to read and see what people are currently asking for. And I'll show you the one I've got right here. I have a 10 video tutorials. One Now I've submitted. This is the fourth proposed life submitted. The 1st 2 got the 1st 1 got rejected pretty much unanimously. The 2nd 1 also got rejected thoroughly, and the 3rd 1 got approved. But I messed it up. It a nup date caused it to go. So this one, I'm excited. This maybe after all kinds of effort. And after spending 20 dash, that's 5-4 different times. Oh yeah, the catch. You have to pay a five dash to submit a proposal. This is how they we The system limits spam. So currently it costs ah, 100 plus dollars to submit a proposal. So as of today's current rates, I have spent 20 dash, which is almost $500 submitting proposals, and I'm hoping to get one funded, which would currently pay about $725 back. So this has a steep learning curve to it, especially if you come in and don't do enough research before you submit your proposal. So what I've offered to do is make 10 video tutorials, and I actually have just been going ahead and making them before it even officially gets approved. Now it looks like it has a good shot to get approved. I just need a few more yes votes to get things approved, and then they will send me if it gets approved $700 or so worth of dash, which is currently 29 dash, which will cover those 1st 4 proposals, including this one I put in. So there's outstanding opportunity as a member off the community to be able to participate in these budget proposals. Now the nice thing you can do you If you've got node 40 hosting you, you can then use your master. No, there to vote yes and no on these, so I generally vote yes. On most master node, I generally go forward and vote yes on most of the master nodes because this allows me to I I don't like to vote no very often unless of proposals. Terrible. Especially with having several of mine rejected. I generally vote yes on most of them unless they're terrible. So the budget proposals, especially if you have a master note, it's a fun way to help contribute to the community. And if you see one by Jerry Ban Flynn, you have a master node. Would you please vote? Yes, I would appreciate it. So I go through and generally vote. Yes, I've read through several of these other videos. Now, even though I just went and made a wallet backup restore video today, I actually voted yes for this anyway, so I read through some of these other proposals. I think these look good at first glance. So I'm voting. Yes. Now, the cool thing is, when you've got your own master node and you make a proposal, then you can vote Yes, on your own proposal. So one of my votes yes, is on my own proposal and then the rest are from other people. So this to me makes an outstanding community involvement I've got. And then I've got a form. If you want to submit your own budget proposal, just click on the link and then it'll guide you into the right commands that you can then issue from your dash wallet. Now you do not have to have a dash master node to do a budget proposal. You can. Anyone that is willing to pay the five dash to do the budget proposal can get one that's currently $125. However, look at it this way. If you spend $125 you ask for several 100 return offering to do something valuable for the community, that could be a really good deal. So this means there's not a lot of competition for good dash proposals. In fact, I've been shocked. There seemed like great opportunities to help out to create things, but the five dash costs is so prohibitive that I imagine a lot of people just won't do it. So I encourage you. I've been through I've burned up Ah 20 dash now doing proposals I'm still trying and I'm hoping to be and ongoing productive member of the community. And I'm hoping as I continue to submit proposals, I continue to show what I'm doing for the community, that it will be easier and easier to get my proposals approved. And this way, and I try and participate and encourage other people in their proposals because I want the same. So I'm grateful today to have the chance to share this with you and that it's possible this may end up being paid for by a proposal itself that I may actually get paid to do these tutorials and how awesome of a collaboration is that. So having a master node or just being a member of the community allows you to participate and do some things that are really cool. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is helpful for you. 29. Dash budget proposal creation tutorial: would you like to learn how to create and submit your own dash budget proposal A dash budget proposal allowing you to get paid dash in exchange for doing something to help the dash community. In order to do a dash budget proposal, you need at least five dash and exactly five dash to submit your budget to the network. And then what you need to do is prepare the commands to send it properly. So I've got my wallet prepared right here in order to send the commands. And then I have went over to the proposal creator that's available at proposal dot dash dot orb. And if you need a direct link to it, just go to my website a jury banfield dot com slash dash You will find a direct link to the Submit a budget proposal where it will take you there. So I'm on this page now. The jury banfield dot com slash desh link is effective for taking me over there. Now what I need to do is make a proposal, name, a proposal description, and then I also need to put in a payment, address a payment of Mountain, select my payment terms So in order to do that, I need to go over to the dash dot or dash central forms. So I go over to the dash central over here, I go to the budget proposals. Now they have a budget proposal. Creation here that you can use is well, so I'm actually going to just use this one instead of the proposal generator because it will automatically give me my destination. You are l correctly in here. So what I'm going to do is call this Facebook ads. And that way, I've got the exact proposal name. Just as it comes out right here, it will say this will be my exact proposal. You are El. And then what I want how much money do I want for this? I'm going to put in 39 dash for this to advertise because this dental life, I feel that putting in an amount with a nine on it's kind of nice to get a larger amount of , But without going for example, 40 might seem significantly bigger And 39. I don't know. It might. It might work the opposite. I've successfully got a proposal approved for 29 dash. So I'm going to step it up. Especially since this is an advertising campaign war. I won't beginning any of the money. I'm going to try 39 dash proposal here. I encouraged to do your initial proposals as low as possible. I did one at 29. They gotta prove so I've got proof. Now that I finished the last one, I'm going to ask for 39 Dash on this. Now, what I need is a payment address. So I go over to my dash wallet to get my payment address. So I'm going to do is go over to receive And we're going to call this Facebook or we'll call this something, like, deep here. Facebook Dash proposal four Facebook ads. And then I will put in 39 on here. I will not request instance Send. I will hit request payment, or I can put a message on here for proposal submitted on February. Where? I don't know how to spell February 20 5th 2017 so I can put more notes if I want to in the message or I can then hit request payment. Now what I've got I just copy the address. You see, I need this address right here. So I copy this address and I go over here and paste that address in the payment address. If this is not done correctly, I will not get any payment for my proposals. So I go over here and double check that I put this exactly in from the address that it copied. And they're so now I've got the format to create a proposal. Now, what I need to do is I can hit create a proposal here and what it does. It gives me the code in here. Toe, put this code in and submit a proposal. So I've got this proposal code. All I need to do now is copy and paste this proposal code, I go over and here. Now, when I submit this, it's going to take five dash out of my wallet in order to submit this. So when I need to do I go up here to debug console the debug consul comes up over here. So when I go to submit this, it will not allow me to submit it because my wallet is locked. So if you've got an encrypted wallet, what you need to do at this stage is unlock your wallet and go ahead and submit the proposal. So once you submit the proposal, then you get your transaction. I d in here. In order to move on to the next step, you submit this first and it gives you a transaction, i d. And once the transaction I d. Is confirmed. You put the transaction. I d in here to move on to the next step, and from there you're ready to get your proposal finalized. I will end the tutorial now because I need to unlock my wallet and submit this, and it also takes 15 or 20 minutes. Once you've submitted this and got the transaction idea, it takes 15 30 minutes or so it can take to confirm the transaction before you can go forward and do anything else. So I'm going to unlock my wallet, issued this command, and then I will let the time go by and continue the tutorial with you. 30. Dash budget proposal submission and editing on dashcentral: Now I've got my exact command to submit the proposal into the network. So up until now, all I've done actually is spend my dash. You can see I spent five dash to submit this proposal, and I haven't even got anything back yet. Well, what happens when you go through and use the proposal generator? Then it will give you the exact code to submit the proposal. So what I do, I take this exact code and I go in over here, and then I go over to my debug console again. You can see the commands I issued exactly as shown. Then once I got the transaction, I put that in to the budget generator and it gave me this output once the transaction was confirmed. So you see that this transaction has six confirmations. Now it's confirmed. Which means I can go into the debug consul now. And I just paste what I've been given. I paced exactly what I've been given out of the proposal generator and I hit, OK, and now the proposal is submitted. So now I've got this key over here that it gives me and it gives me the unique proposal. I D as an output. So once this proposal is submitted, then all I need to do is go forward and edit the proposal. And I encourage doing this right away because and having the proposal ready beforehand, in fact, getting it ready either before you submit or I wrote the proposal out while I was doing this. So I've got the unique proposal I d here. And if I go back over here once I go over to the budget now, in about 15 minutes or so, an empty proposal will come up in here. So as soon as this proposal comes up in here, I need to claim the proposal. I need to show that the proposals mine, it will post an option to claim proposal on it. Just a zit has on my previous ones. For example, on this proposal, I'm allowed to edit this proposal because I claimed it, and what I need to do is make sure and is be ready as soon as my new proposal goes all the way through. I need to edit it right away because the first impression, if people are actually going forward and looking at my proposal pretty much The worst case scenario is for them to see a blank. No proposal. So when I've got I've got my proposal format ready to go here and I'll show you about my proposal format. I believe it's best to do a more simple proposal and have this ready to go for as soon as your proposal goes live. Now, in order for me to claim the proposal, what I'm going to need to do is use my dash wallet. I will need to go. It has an option in the dash wallet up here in the top, you can go over and sign message. So when I need to do in order to claim my proposal, a soon as I see the proposal goes live, I will need Teoh. Take the exact signatures that it offers, and I will need to be able to sign the message from there. So what I do is I just paste the address. I paced the message I hit signed message, and then it gives me a signature. And that's how I was able to verify this proposal over here. I verified it by using the sign message function. And now, as soon as my new proposal comes up in here, I will want to do the exact same thing. Meanwhile, I'm ready to go when this proposal goes forward. I've got everything written. I'll explain to you exactly what steps I went through to write the proposal. What I've learned is that a shorter proposal is better. I've done some massively long and complicated proposals, and the more complicated something is, the more opportunity there exists for people that get confused. If people get confused about exactly what the benefit of proposal is, it gets much easier to pick the value of the proposal apart. It gets easy to lose track of why I did the proposal in the first place. For example, I did a really long, complicated proposal. It took a long time to develop, and then I spent an equivalent of 100 plus dollars or so today's dash to submit that proposal, and then it got rejected. That's pretty much a worst case scenario. I encourage and I'm doing now. This is the fifth proposal I've submitted and the 1st 2 got rejected. The 3rd 1 got lost because of an update and the 4th 1 Now it looks like it is past. And what I've learned is to make the proposal is absolutely simple as possible. Don't make anything complicated in it. Don't make anything difficult. Try and boil whatever it is you are suggesting or wanting to do into the very most simple format possible. So I start off asking for people to vote yes on the proposal. Then the appropriate way to do this is to have a line in the proposal where a master note owner can go directly into their dashboard or into their what you saw me do over here with the debug console. If you're going to debug Consul, if you put the code in their master note, owner can just open their dash wallet and vote yes, straight from there. So I'll show you how I did this in this proposal you see now, dash dot org's has the vote. Yes, on it right here directly. And then I put this in the proposal again here, especially when I copy and paste this over to the other dash forum. Then I want to make sure that's in there. So on this you can see this proposal. It looks like it's been funded. This was a bit longer proposal than the one I'm doing now. However, this was much shorter than the 1st 2 proposals. People, The master note owners you can imagine, are people like me who are involved in a lot of things who are doing a lot of things. You better be able to pitch them quickly if it takes you a paragraphs to explain why you need funding. When I go look at someone else's proposal, for example, what I actually do, I don't go spend that long looking. I usually quickly look over a few things, and then I decided, rather to vote yes or no on it from there. I think it's really important to get the proposals into a simple format, especially if you're new. You can see where someone submitted a proposal here, where it says no proposal title entered by owner and you can see the problem with doing this. Then it comes up just like this. You can't tell it all what this proposal is for, and it's got a link back here. So as soon as your proposal comes live, you want to absolutely get that done, so I just keep refreshing the page. Now, normally, I take a little break, but I plan. I submit the proposals in a way that I'm able to right away as soon as it goes live. Find that new proposal, claim it, sign it and get it done. And I think that then having this ready to copy and paste in there makes it very easy to edit. The only thing I haven't done yet is to make a good title on this. So what I will do is called this advertise dash or something. I want to complete simple title advertise or something like Do Facebook Ads ads on Facebook for dash video tutorials or something like that, or advertise complete. The key of the proposal is advertising on Facebook. So Facebook ads for Complete Dash Master Node Investment video or something like that for complete dash. So I've got Facebook ads is the main value, and then what is it for? And then I can just take for Dash Master Node Investment video. Or I could even say dash tutorial videos, Facebook ads for dash tutorial videos or something like that. So make it is ultra simple. Ast's possible, and that way my previous proposals had the words dash to Toro in them so I can call this Facebook ads for dash tutorials. That's the ultra. That is the very most simple way I can put this Facebook ads for dash tutorials. And there I've got a really simple idea this way. If a proposal owner simply seized the title of this, if someone who has a master no, just briefly looks at the title of my proposal, they may vote yes on it without even reading the details. I've learned that to make the proposal simple so that anyone can understand it. So I've got it down to his few words, as I can think of here. Facebook ads for dash tutorials, Ultra simple. And then I've got it clearly explained, As I think in here, I start off with an ask. I don't beat around the bush Look, I'm asking for 34 Dash, which is hundreds of dollars, may be close to $1000 depending on what the value is. I'm asking for thousands of dollars. Let's not beat around the bush. I would like you as whoever's reading this to be able to give me thousands off the My dogs have completely defeated my tutorial. Here it's It's done. I'm reading the What is it? That one? I'm reading a dog's purpose right now. So it helps me as my dogs are in the middle of the tutorial. And remember, I love those dogs. I love those dollars. I love those dogs. I love those docks. I think these are more fun like this. You might think these air terrible. Alright, we press on. So I have asked right up front. Look, would you help me advertise? Dash to 500,000 plus people on Facebook by voting? Yes. And then when you fund this, I will spend 34 dash advertising the 10 video tutorials funded in my last proposal, all of which I made in tow one complete to our dash Master note investment tutorial, video. Then I give a direct link so you can see in just two sentences. I've tried to very clearly explain what I need, why I need it and exactly where they confined reference. Then down here I share the results on a similar project I'm doing. And then I took the time to say, Look, I'm already advertising this I'm already spending my own money on it. Would you help me to just get this out to more people than I can do on myself? So I've got this ready to go here, and I just keep refreshing. I wait until the new proposal comes up. And then as soon as the new proposal comes up, I can show you what it will look like on the old one. I go into the new proposal on here, and then when I do is I click on edit proposal and this gives me the chance to take what I've created in Microsoft Word. I take the title up here and I take the exact cost down here or the exact proposal down here. I paste it in there and save. And then from there, my proposal is ready to go. So as soon as the new proposal comes up, I can simply edit it there. And then it will be a proposal ready to go. So thank you very much for enjoying this to toil with me. This is exactly how I submit a dash budget proposal available to master note owners to vote on. I consistently vote yes on nearly all the other proposals. I see because I figure that's good karma. Unless someone submits an absolutely horrible proposal, I try and put yes on it. So I hope this is helpful for you to see how I do this. I hope this inspires you to maybe give this a try. And thank you so much for dealing with my dogs. Having so much to say to you as a course of watching the video. I value your feedback on this. I love to know what you think, because that helps me make better videos for you. 31. Sharing a Dash budget proposal on the Dash forums for more reach: How do I expand the reach on my budget proposal on dash dot organ the forums under the prion budget proposal discussions. I have the option to a post a new thread there with my exact same funding requests that I've made on dash central dot org's. While it seems to work best to put the proposal directly on dash central dot org's, it seems effective to get additional people Watch it by also posting a new thread on dash dot org's. So what I can do Once I've got this, I've got what you can see is the proposal fully submitted, and I've got it edited and I made some small edits to it. I've got the proposal all done out here on dash dot org's, and instead of trying to put a laundry list of things in the proposal, I've tried to answer some additional questions below. Now the nice thing is, it's really easy to do this, so you need to first make three posts before you can actually link any things. You might want to know that, but once I've signed up for my dash dot orga count, then it's pretty easy for me to go over here and I literally paste the exact same threat in here except on here. I put in the word proposal first, and then I go put the exact same threat in over here. Then what I do Since this is a cross post, I go back and grab the U. R L from Dash Central and I put the exact link in over here, so I put the u R L in at the top. So people, if they prefer to read it over there, I can see they have the ad directly up there, and I can even make it a little more. Ah, official. I can put something like voted, featured or shared or listed, and they're so I've got it linked over there to dash central dot org's. And it's very important on this forum on the dash or conform to put the vote command in there because, let's be honest, if I want a vote on your proposal, it's really easy if I've got my dash wallet to copy and paste this now. While the dash central dot org's has a direct copy and vote command in it, the dash form does not have a direct copy and vote in it, so it's very helpful. Put that direct copy and vote in it. And then over here I can put some tags in and I can put things like Master Node. I can put things like Dash, I can put something like proposal in here and I thinking, only have three tags. So I try and make this quick and easy, and then when I've got is I'm not going to bother with a poll on this one. I just create thread now. I messed up and said, Receive email notifications so I don't actually want to get an email notification every time someone responds to the thread. So we take that off in editing it now. The nice thing is, I've got this thread in two different places. While people might not watch it or see it in one place. As a master note owner voting on these proposals, I tend to check both forums while I check the dash central dot org's mawr. Sometimes I just may end up being on this form as well, so it's important, I think, to get these budget proposals post in both locations, and if you need to use links. Make sure just comment on a couple of other posts before you go comment. Or try and make your own proposal show. Try and get a few other interactions in other places. Now, Once you've got this up, it's a matter of waiting. Now it really helps if you've got your own master node. You see, the very first vote on a proposal is one of the most powerful things. Therefore, I'm grateful that I have my own master note. I can vote yes on all of my proposals right away so that none of what anyone else sees has a 000 They know when every one of my proposals come out that someone is immediately voted yes on it. I think that helps get more positive interaction right away on it. So now that I've got this up there, it's just a about playing the waiting game and what I try and do, especially on either these forms. I try and watch the comments. The comments are a good indication of how I made my proposal. If my proposal effectively communicates the value I'm hoping to offer, then the comments should mostly be positive On my 1st 2 proposal, I got a lot of negative comments, although on the 2nd 1 I got a lot more positive comments. The negative comments on my first proposal on my second proposals and my fourth proposals helped guide me to create this proposal format I have here with you see short and sweet, very straightforward. It's got references, and then I encourage people just ask questions down here, and then I can even go right away and use. I can put the same questions and down here. So I will then copy and paste these over directly on this so that if people want to ask questions, then I go throw in a couple of these down here so I can literally copy and paste the exact comments I made over here so that if someone Onley reads it in one place, then they've got the option to see here. And the nice thing is, in these comments, I can directly link. So I'm going to link my you girls in these comments and hey for SC. Oh, this might even help people end up on my website, and that might help me get a few extra comments. So I've now got on this. I've got my YouTube video in here. I've got a link to my courses page on my website and I double check. It's working and then I have a couple of question answered right away. So I encouraged to just leave this. I try not to check it too much for, like, 24 hours, because the early votes don't necessarily give a good indication of brother is going to pass or not. I think it is a good thing to do to try and be active and comment, but at the same time, I kind of obsessed on some of my other proposals. So I don't think that's a good idea either. I also try and yes, vote my own proposals up. So I voted this one up so it tries to stay on top. Whatever. I do my best with it. So I've got my proposals out there in the world Now. I also want to see how this proposal does before I submit another one. So I've got an idea to use you to bads. However, if the Facebook ads proposal here kind of gets unanimously rejected or people don't want to essentially spend ads on 1/3 party platform, Then I might know better rather than the dump. 125 more dollars in this, getting another proposal rejected at the same time, there's no substitute for actually trying it. So you can if you want to. If you've never done a proposal, you can post a new thread and ask about doing a pre proposal beforehand. You can ask about that and try and avoid something not working. However, there's no substitute for actually just asking for what you need for asking and making the proposal. So I'm grateful I have the courage to keep spending 101 $125 to submit these proposals. I've submitted five proposals now, and I should be getting 29 dash out of one. So basically, after all this effort, I've pretty much broken. Even assuming the payment comes through in eight days, However, what I'm hoping to do is build a relationship with the community. I want to continually submit proposed. I want to make a partnership where we work together where I make proposals. I figure out things I can do that are uniquely helpful for the community. And then there's ongoing relationship. The toughest part is getting any relationship started, And after getting my 1st 3 proposals, two of them rejected one of them not coming through. I'm grateful I still have the courage to do this. I hope that's what you get out of watching this as well. I appreciate your time here and hope you have a wonderful day. 32. Project and dash giveaway instructions: thank you very much for finishing this class. While this may be the last lecture check back later. You may see that I've added some lectures in before this as I'm continuing to build the course. But for now, this is the last lecture in this class. Would you please post in the skill share class posting your class project what you've done as a result off watching this class. And guess what I will send you if you go through and request a payment using your dash wallet and you request dash from me. I will send you $20 of dash. So right now, that's a little less than two dash. Request a payment for whatever is about to $20 in dash and I will send you a dash payment the 1st 5 projects of 1st 5 class projects. And if the five class projects get done, I may edit this and open it up to even more. But the 1st 5 class projects that get done toe post a dash address in here. I will send you Dash. I will use this wall. You see, I've got 34 dash. That's enough to fund plenty of class projects. I will send you the dash using this wallet here that I have. So I'm honored. You've watched this class. If you've enjoyed it, would you please leave a review? This will help so much with getting other people wash the class lever review. Do the class project. You can come out of this class having actually got paid toe. Learn now. How sweet is that? And you'll have your first couple dash. You can then wash the price grow. Get interested, Do whatever you want with it from there. Thank you so much for watching this class. And I hope to see you again soon.