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Dart Object Oriented Programming Language

Nader Hantash, Web & Mobile App Developer

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30 Lessons (4h 43m)
    • 1. introduction to Dart OOP

    • 2. Syntax inDart

    • 3. DataTypes inDart

    • 4. Variables in Dart Part1

    • 5. Variables in Dart Part2

    • 6. Numbers In Dart

    • 7. Strings inDart Part1

    • 8. Strings inDart Part2

    • 9. Boolean inDart

    • 10. Operators Part1

    • 11. Operators Part2

    • 12. Operators Part3 Type test operators

    • 13. Operators Part4

    • 14. Operators Part5 Bitwise operators

    • 15. Operators Part6 Assignment operators

    • 16. Operators Part7 Logical operators

    • 17. Loops part1 for loop

    • 18. Loops part2 for in loop

    • 19. Loops part3 while loop

    • 20. Loops part4 do while loop

    • 21. Conditional:Decision making part1 if

    • 22. Conditional:Decision making part2 if else

    • 23. Conditional:Decision making part3 if elseif else

    • 24. Conditional Decision Making-Switch-Case- part 4

    • 25. Functions in Dart Part1

    • 26. Functions in Dart Part 2

    • 27. Functions in Dart Part3 calling function

    • 28. Functions in Dart Part 4

    • 29. Functions in Dart Part 5

    • 30. Functions in Dart Part 6

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About This Class

Dart is an open-source general-purpose programming language.It is originally developed by Google and later approved as a standard by ECMA.

Dart is an object-oriented, class defined, garbage-collected language using a C-style syntax that transcompiles optionally into JavaScript. It supports interfaces, mixins, abstract classes, reified generics, static typing, and a sound type system.

Why Dart: Developers at Google and elsewhere use Dart to create high-quality, mission-critical apps for iOS, Android, and the web. With features aimed at client-side development, Dart is a great fit for both mobile and web apps.

Dart is free and open source, developed.

Some Features of Dart: Productive, Fast, Portable, Approachable, Reactive.

in this Course you will take a look about Dart OOP , , the main concept ,the concept of code , how can you type that code , then i will walk you through every aspects of Dart Programming Language as the following:

Dart Syntax, Data Types, Variables, Numbers,  Strings, Boolean, Operators, Loops, Decision Making, Lists, Lists Operations, Maps, Enumeration, Functions, Dart OOP, Classes, Dart OOP Properties, Dart OOP Methods,

Dart OOP Constructors, Dart OOP Setter & Getter, Dart OOP Class Inheritance, Dart OOP Class Inheritance Method Overriding, Dart OOP Class Constructor Inheritance By Super Class, Dart OOP Abstract Class, Dart OOP Packages & Libraries .

Do not Forget That Dart is Required To Learn Flutter , Which is The Next Course to You After Finish this current Course.


1. introduction to Dart OOP: Hi. Welcome to the new course Off Dart object oriented programming language. My name is not Santosh Armwood on mobile app development with Express more than 14 years ago for for Web development, Aunt five years ago for mobile apps in this cars, I will walk you throw to learn on to know how to use every aspects off dart programming. I will start with you to learn the dark environment, dart syntax, start the tides. Virus operators loops, decision making on numbers strength bullion functions strengths less basically betters maps , symbols in your mission interfaces, classes, objects, polymorphism packages and libraries on so on. That's all about the sections on lectures. So let's begin define the Darth on, which is start that was created and produced by the company off Google on it. Waas used as gladly for the developers off Google to make on toe to produce some specific tasks on programs like Google, AdWords, Google AdSense and also that develop our team and Google. They're produced around 12 services on programs biting this language off of that on the other that where the couple of years ago Dart seems to be on open source so that it was a lost to any person or to any deeper brown off the world To use this language to build mobile application to build one application to build our service side to build client side . So what do with you? What do you get in this course? You can build a move application and also you can build websites, several size or client sides. So why I'm going to teach you this This course I'm going to walk You throw throw this course to learn everything in dart to be able to build amazing movement abs basic flutter because off Latin is the newest mobile AB technology to make amazing on smarter and faster applications. To make these applications work in two platforms like android on also IOS and iPhones without bridge without ironic, not ironic not not a necker not react native on I'm going to show you the biggest difference between Ionic reactor native on dried swift on, even though the flutter so too too late to learn to start letting the further you have to go through to learn the dark step by step. I would hope that I will see you in the entire lectures under sections 2. Syntax inDart: hi will come into the picture in this course visitor. I'm going to show you the syntax. Syntax in dart Syntax defines a set off rules for writing programs. Every anguish the specification defines its own Centex Adat program is composed off valuables on vibrators, classes, functions, expressions on brand constructs this year, making on looping constructs, comments, libraries on packages, type DF data structures represented as a collection on generic. So let's begin with with the very first dark court, as example, because a year by default, it will be showing as as void men on inside this main, we can start by typing us more easy program as a friend to make a brands single or double, It doesn't matter. Welcome, Welcome. Too dark or be example on each expression are syntax in dart It must be ended with semi colon as Joe me And when we start when we try toe run, we can go through it Run! Okay, let me show what's gonna happen here Brand Welcome. Why is that error error Compile to javascript void man. Ok, that's cool Branch Welcome. And once again, run. Okay, that's cool. Yeah, okay, that's cool. Brent will come to the dart or be so that's done on the dart pad, the dart language work. You can use your I D favor, like intelligent idea or visual start you, Carter or on drugs toward you or other I D, which compatible with dark. So why I'm using the dart pad because off, I want to show everyone how to try to type the code online. Okay, by the way, we are going to I'm going to show you how to install on on how to run the other I d. On the future. So let's continue with that. The first thing which I'm going to talk about, which is main the man function, is a beautified method in dart. This little acts as the entry point off application does needs toe the main method for execution. So once again, the man allows us to execute the problem. Brent function, which is here. This court friend Brent is a redefined function. That's Prince that specified strength or value to the standard output as a child here. So once again, brand will it will. It will bread us any entire data. So it is right to do something else like double condition. As you can see here on once again welcome to dart or be on make run as once again. OK, so that's it. We can use single or double petition for the entire statement or text. Okay, that's all for the very simple first, uh, program in dart. So let's talk about the identify ire on keywords in dart program language. I did fires dart are the names given toe elements in a in a program like valuables functions it sit up there was off. Fires are the following so the adverse can include both characters on dead. It's, however, the identifiers cannot begin with. It is, by the way. Okay, so let's try to do that as example. So let's take some hints and comes about that. But it fires cannot include special symbols, except the underscore on the dollar sign I defies cannot be acute. Wards I fired also must be unique by the fires are case since the capital is capital as monitor Is this more latter? Okay, eyes wears cannot contain the spaces. So let's try to make these ided fires as example. So here's the declaration. Okay, To start by using a number or thing or whatever. A they identify it. Okay, so it's got to make by off. Var X one is equal to five week or so. Where is that? I did. Fire X one is on. Identify rocket once again identify their cannot begin with it this type to make a run. The run would exclude the court, but it will not return or Brent any value. But we see that there is no error. So it's dry. Tomek, try to to do the IRA. So let's try. Begin with the number on here Is the text on equal toe sex Cynical? Um, OK, so as you can see here, his error on weekends show up. Error expected on I didn't fire Undefined named X expected to find. Okay, let's try to run to see walking error for combined. Why? Because off we add the this number because off the identifier cannot. It starts with the number, and also we cannot use a special cultures like this. Okay, this is a special Carter's. It's not allowed, by the way. It's zero k on. Also, it cannot contain some special cultural character. Some special symbols like this, except we can start with underscore. Underscore. It's allowed so once again, try to run. Okay, It's work correctly. There is no no error. Also, we can use the dollar sign. As you can see you, we can use the dollar sign in. Define that. I didn't fire Start run. It's worked fine. And I hope that you will try to make some experience when you follow me with this course. Okay, so let's try to make its case. Is, by the way. Okay, let's go. Toe X Capital X one is equal to four on a system called Okay, X one is something different than the X one. It's more X. One is a small five X capital. One vehicle for is other is on another variable. Okay. And also the the cures can thesis that it's where cannot cannot cannot be that yours. We just keep worth yours. Is some specific syntax used by dot Like what? Like Far like bull like for like something is ok. This site Oh, try far is equal to what we call him. Here's ever. Why? Because it are the modifier bar was already specified Expected? I work is try to make run. We cannot choose the key wars to be the I didn't fire. But be sure that remember that when we try the fire is cases to try to make far as capital var. As a captain, it's allowed because off it's not a reward. OK, it's it's another idea. It's another key. It's another another syntax. Okay, as gamble for one, it's OK, but if we try to make far, four is equal to has gone boom, it hears there. Why? Because off we choose the key was four is a key wards and we cannot use it. Okay, so that's that's error on. But that's not allowed. So that's all that's all about the I didn't fire how to define on the identifier what counted distinguish between the right on the wrong way. When you try to make your on when you try to satisfy your your identify and programming by the right, I'm going to see you on to show you a lot off examples on experience, program and verdicts in a couple off lectures on sections. So let's continue in this picture off, syntax to see and the other information, which is which it rewards. What are the key wards in dart to describe on t two short All of the cures Dart I m guide you to go throw up to the site off language Dart Dart lang that aren't as you can see here on the top. You can go throw toe five here on the search. If you cannot show off this stuff by different because off exactly when you got to the site off Dart, it will not be shown on the main page. But what you are going to do? I could you toe took on OK, go to the search example on type the Key wards in Dark example on pushed him off search to see what is the key wars, which is that cures and dark and you can show up Language. Tour Dart Under is that dart or dart cures? Click on this button to see hundreds. The dart If you can show up at the table off contents for all of the cures in dart, here's Jackie Wars and Dart. Once again, cures and art represents that key wars, which specified for specific tasks like functions, methods, operators, glasses, objects, ants on. So this is going down for a little bit to see all these wars. As you can see, here's abstracted else import. Try to use some of this like like end on is a cured Try to go to the dart was again. Here's the guard. Okay, let me show you. OK, His bar is declaration on type, and you can type in, by the way, Oz equal to equal toe. Seven. Any any data on Try to Run? Exactly. It's there because Off N is a key ward on. It's not allowed to be on identify. OK, but if I'm trying to change this into toe, it's, ah, other idea. It's another represented, by the way, and it's not a que ward at this woman. Okay, that's cool. Now the program is run correctly. It's back to the key wars. Onda, as I mentioned for keywords founded on the main site Off Dart on this table, represents the all off the cures in dot. So that's our for the wars in dark. Let's continue with with the dart disc syntax toe. Tell you all about syntax in dart, how to type your caught how toe try toe to make some experience. Why space on line breaks does ignores spaces tabs on new lines that appear and programs on I will show you that when we tried to type our programs and Corning's up on a couple off next licks lectures on sections. Also dark is case. Since then. What does it mean that that means dot Try and define the concepts off Capital letter and small water capital is his capital on smaller is last most monitor on a sigh. C show you on these I did fires. Here's the X Capital one is some items fire on here. Is this more letter? Which is which represents the other? The other I did fire. Okay, that's all about that. The dark care system statements end with semi colon. As you can see here, here's the statements in dart on it. It seems to be end with a corn on each off. These valuables are syntax. It seems to be aimed with surgical. So that's the statements how to be written on how to write your code in dart comments induct this got toe. I'm going to show you with the dark. Comments commit are a way to improve that. The irritability off a program comments can be used to include additional information about the program like author of the code, hence about the function. The class the objects goes up. It's a draw. Comments are ignored by the way on the combined because of when we type the comment. This comet is not combined or execute in this program. So let's go toe to teach you to show you the ways off comments how to use and how to type your comments in dart. So comments in dart can't be represents in two ways. The first way is single line comments which represents by this kind, which is backslash backslash on because the okay, I'm going to show you this is a valuable of X one with value with value of five. So what does me are? This line or this type of court seems to be shopping on representing by the color off green On this line is our story. This this comment is not executed on its not combined decided to try okay when we see that okay, it's not combined. It's not found in. Also, if if I'm going here to come to make a Zampa, as you can see here 12 Okay, the green car appears. Which means that this card is ah is a comment is a hint. It's not combined, by the way, on this function this function will Brent US some content some data as example. So it was again this card or comment. It's not abide Go to the run. We cannot say anything. So that's the way off how to time the comments in single line. So the other way or the other kind off comments which share presents as a multi line comments. So what can I do with the multi lying comments with a multiplying comments where you must start with the backslash as because here on, um, fast risk which represent by the number eight on your keyboard Enter, Enter On the end, one would be as as you can see here. But once again the and one be careful, Toby. Exactly. Closed toe The asterisk if I go to make some space is here. You will see that this Kerry breast it will be with the green color which will give us some some run value. So it's that Let's try to make some run card here. Okay, that's that there. Why? Because off this credit breast is not founded. So once again with the comments, be careful to make that that back backslash closed to the asterisk. As you can see with the beginning, there is no spaces on here. Is that Let's try to make some chords. Okay, Some comments was examined, by the way. Okay, some comments. There is another comments. Another comment. Interim. We will see the new asterisk. Second comment. 2nd 2nd 1 example. 3rd 1 Sorry. Yeah, 3rd 1 as exam. OK, enter 4th 1 so you can do whatever you want. OK, that's all on. Once again with a multi line comments, you have to start with backs. Large asterisk on end with us is back slash as it's shown here, Try to make a run. This God is OK, that's cool. It's a swell because off this court on this, this these syntax tired as well. Okay, so that's all Go to run. That's what about the comments in Dart with examined for other mystery. What's going happen here. Let me try to see if there if there's any problem because it made it made for yes, that's that's right. Okay. A school with the syntax in dart. Let's talk about open. It's rented programming in Dart Dart is another talented language. Object Orientation is a software development paradigm that follows re award modeling or disorientation, considers a program as a collision off objects that communicate with each other via mechanism called methods. On the next, when the next sections and lectures I'm going to show you on, I will discuss with you by proof all about the abductions. Brahmin by using the classes, objects, estate behavior, identity metal. 3. DataTypes inDart: Harrigan. Welcome to the new lecture off this car's about dart. In this lecture, I'm going to show you on teach you all of about data times. So what's that time? One of the most fundamental characteristics off programming language is the sit off that at times it's aborts. These are the types off values that can be represented on many operated in a program language. The doctor languages aboard the full time, which is numbers. I'm going to show you all of these codes. Here. Let's let me try to type. So his dart example also dart okay, Dark. It's aboard. Support these data types times off data by off data or whatever. Okay, The 1st 1 which is called numbers. Okay. The 2nd 1 which called string exam. The 3rd 1 which called William the 4th 1 the fourth time, which called less the other one which called maps. So that's all These are the man data types in dart numbers strings BWilliams less on maps. So numbers in dort represents as by two time the 1st 1 which called into your the other one which called in jar. Sorry. Okay. This could type this value as is into job, okay, on a double. So thes two types off numbers and your values represents a non fractional values. So New York values without decimal points. So that's the integer double. Also supports supports a fraction Humenik values in dart. So that's what about the double strength represents, as a string represents a sea sequence off collectors. Okay, It's also start with the capital s when we try to define the strings. Bullion data type represents a bullion value for true or false. Okay, the other time in in Dart, which called list on a map list, is on ordered group off objects, which exactly similar to the arraign on other program language. The map. That type represents a set off values as key value pairs. So we are going to discuss each off the this type in single lecture for each for each one. But I'm going to show you some some concepts about that, like, here ago. Far injured X equal five also five as example. Andi, here's the way. Okay, it's got to run to make. Okay, now, if you can see that we specify, we specify that compulsory. What's gonna happen here? Okay, let me sure if there is some issues here. All right. Okay. What was going there are compiled. Failed Your combined to the JavaScript. Cannot have both type. Far cancer. He was gonna been here. Yes. Yes, it's OK, because off we satisfy the stuff. Okay. This all of this data. Okay, over here is run. Yeah. Okay. I'm sorry. OK, We can't use it. By the way, A So you can see here. We cannot declare to time. Okay, here's the run. Okay. That's cool. Yeah, here's the number which called injured. Okay, let's try to make into your example why which should be equal to 5.0 on your SIM card. This is on your value. Because off this is a fractional number. It's tried to make run to see the result. Yes, it's error. This thing's kind off data. It should be double. It's not an inter job. Okay, Try to make double example. Double y equal 5.0, which called Run. Yes, it's right. Five point 456 example under is the run. Okay? Yes, because off, it's too much with pixels. Sorry. With this mouth, it's only two. Yes, that's to that school. So it's try to define some string value. Strange X equal tow strength. Start with the capital. We cannot define the string with small letter. OK, it should be with committed cabinet. Let's try to make error on to try to fix it. That's all Strong X equal. Also, it's not straying debt. One example which called equal on system It's right here which equal toe single Tisha Hello Ward was against drink. This drink is a sequence off characters on each expression end with this meat. Poland, as you know, try to make run. There is no error, by the way. OK, but also we can use these valuables to be to be to be printed. Try to make ground. Example. There is that one is that once again, it's end with a collar on. Tried to run. Okay, What's going on here? Brent? Data one. What's going on? What? Yes, yes, yes, it's run, by the way. How Ward. Yes, it's it's it's run the value off this this identify here, which is that the one that won the value off this valuable is called Hot Award. Try to make other stuff try to reach and try to make X value regard and tried to run. As you can see, by the way, this error it's it depends on my on my brother. But when when I'm trying to make other time, you can see the right value. Okay, try to make uh, why as example. Yes, it's one wife is why value on? Try to make run once again. Okay, 5.45 So that's the okay, that's correct. And perfect bullion. Let's try to make some bullion value bullion represents as bull wolf that bull is equal to true as example. Bull value. It takes on Lee one off to option through or or or force. Okay, but here is a brand. They're Devi, as example as you can see here on, it's exactly as expression. It will be end with civic or try to make run, as you can see here once again, run other time to make the combined as correct. Yes, it's true. If I tried to make force with the bullion value on, then tried to make run to see the result. As you can see here, yes, it's perfect. Yet on for the other option, like less on mob list is Ah represents as, um as an array in different or in other program language. Aunt Also mobs. It worked like like a tool or or troubles another language. So that's all for these dead. It lives as in the sixties, in decision On Once again, I'm going to show you every single data type in lessons. So we have a little about the string and other listener for the number and also for list on maps that are for this lecture on See You next, Lectures on section Bye for now. 4. Variables in Dart Part1: Hi. Welcome to the new lecture in this course, and this is I'm going to show you everything about the valuable. So let's define the valuable, which is viable. Valuable is a named space in the memory that stores the value. So example, If you can see here, there's the variable, which has the name which called name on it, land in the memory Andi. It stores the value. Here's the value off that variable, which called name. So in other words, it acts as a container off values in a program because off the valuable it's maybe it maybe on into your number or double number as fractional number. Also, it can be a sequence off characters like like gas ring, even though it can be a bullion which checks are true or force value. Also, it can be a list or are they in other program language? Also, it can be a dynamic. It can be static or final. On another hand, it can be the valuable it can be as a map. Okay, so that's the different kind off types that can be represented as a variable. So once again a variable, it can be act as a container off values in program variables. Valuable name names are called Identify IRS, which we talked about on the previous lecture When we talk about the syntax off off identifiers in the dart program language, so here's some office tips toe. Make some actions to you about sideways. Once again, the I fired cannot cannot be a key wards. Also, I did fires can contains alphabets on numbers First cannot continue spaces on special characters except the underscore as shown here on also it can be contend that there are side when we try to define the identifier valuables as I did. Fire names cannot begin with the number as example If I try here to Adam some number as a begin try to make around Here you go here you can see that the error so tried to remove that number. The number ok example. Once again, the valuable or I did fire. It cannot contain the space. As you can see here, here is the space on we can you can see that far main declare because off we have been added that the the space is try to make a wrong value. Okay, try toe to use the keywords. Four is a key words in dart. So when I try to see to make a run Okay, you can see Rex expected after this var. For as you can see here, here's the Iran because off we used that keyword, which is not which not allowed to be used. Here's the name Once again try to run. Everything is okay regardless, that's right. So once again, I just fire can contain. Also, I can add number here or there. Okay, it does no matter, by the way. But when I try to add, this should be on everywhere. Try to make on Yeah, it works fine. Yeah, because off we can add also that, like these characters on numbers. But once again, numbers cannot be at the beginning off the identifier. So that's all for these things. Hence about the identifier. So let's talk about the types Centex valuable must be declared before it's used. Darts uses the Varty ward toe achieve the same. This index for declares the current available is as the example below, which I tied here to show you everything about how to declare any valuable. So let's try to make something here. Okay, here's the bar. Var is a declaration declaration to make your I didn't fire your valuable. Here's the Declaration Bar and here's the name off the valuable. Would she stand as, ah, name on there on the memory And here's the value off that variable. When we when we choose the var declaration, we cannot assign that valuable to be on ink jar or double or or bullion or strength or less or map. So that's all about. But we needs to declare any valuable in this language. So in the next couple of minutes, I will show you more about how to declare the valuable with a space victor at a time. So I just tried to make other to declare a new, valuable, far X y Z one to an example which is equal to 456 examine and your destiny calling. I try to make run to see what it does. Okay, it's ever wider because off identified the class far, but we tried that the same declaration, which called var Here's the secret key, which is the dart is case sensitive. What it does mean that that the door deal with every character as as is if it was, it was a capitalist or small letter So far is a declaration key Ward, which represent as it's more letter. But when we try to tide the bar as a capital letter, it's not allowed. It's not the declaration. So this right to make run once again to see what what happens? Okay, that's one of us again. Yeah, because if this is the dark Todd, it seems to be to be slow for Ah, it's okay. That's good. Yes. Here is the right solution. Yes, Bar is a small letter. Okay, so once again, here is the way off. Have to declare some very bizarre, because here, print name name is is a name off that I didn't fire off off that valuable, which stored location on the memory on it contains these value, which which, for reasons of which your business, my actual name, by the way and you can see here, is because off I have seen um calling the this middle which called Brent to bring him on. Let's let's show up this line off court. Brent is a middle in the system which execute toe Brent some value or valuables on. Who's the name Onda when we see that when we try to address this line, Brent, which will be printing him. But in when we see the result, you can see the other hand dish on. Uh, we didn't see the name because off name is not a value man as the name off memory location . But when we try to call the print method, we are going toe Brent the value off this name so so that we see the value off that off that valuable on that memory. So that's all for the actual treatment off this line caught. So this is cool down to see more bits about the valuables dart support type chicken by re fixing the variable name with that time type drink ensures that a valuable holds on lee that are specific to a data type the syntax for the same as Charlie here in the example below. So let's try to remove to remove all of this. Okay, forget Andi. I hope that you'll for up with Mr By step try toe type the court by yourself. Okay. On the above examples I have declared about very as far X equals 2 to 1 as example on Who is the declaration by using far but once again far declared the valuable in terms the name of the if the body Bush, which is which named as X, which is told a location on the memory. And here is the value off that valuable. But once again, it's not a sign that variable to be advantage are or to be on a double or suing or bullion for list from the beginning. OK, but was again with when we when we choose the var, Vargas does not tell the compiler or the program that this value is adding to job. Okay, Yeah, But after after calling you are typing the name off that variable on would be a sign some value, some value for that. For that valuable, it will show us that this valuable with the type off integer okay, but by default, it's not declared from from the beginning. So the best way to declare any valuable to be assigned to a specific that at our time I could you to try to tie the data type as the beginning enter, which represents the declaration off on Java value and your efs as example, which is equal to 100 as examined as you can see here. So it's try to make run to see that system is working. Probably. So what does mean that that means we declare the valuable off with the name off X from the type off engine. We don't need to type the bar on just to declare that variable. If we tried toe type far into your virus basement, your X is equal to 100. We will got a runway because off when you see that. Okay, Arkham violation to the JavaScript men or cannot have both type on Varvara injured. Yeah, that's That means it's not allowed to declare the valuable two times buys Ingvar on. Sure you can't with bar or injured just no more. So when we when we begin, when we begin using the declaration to basically that that type we don't needs to use the bar anymore. So here's this line. We type that this valuable name was called X, which stores the location in the in the memory on it have ah value off 100 which is on into your value on this type off. Injured So let's try to make integral value. Also, I ever that is our type like double that is a fraction number double white as example as you can see here, which is equal to 4.7 as example. And we caught him. Don't for Don't forget anymore to type the semi colon at the end off any line off any single, valuable or functions on the dart language. So what? I'm what I'm doing here. Here's the data type I have seen it, declared the variable, which called Why? Here's the name of that variable on here. Is that the declaration at a time which called bottle on? Here's the value. So on in the memory we can see that valuable assume it takes the name of why and it have this value. So let's try to use another data type with that, Very like bull example. Here is the bold declaration of full valuable Bull Bull has examined for value Sorry value value validation as example value validation, validation as examples go value validation. It's ah, too much long. It's a long God name off this on, but it's through to other true and history call up, but Okay. Bull is a declaration Value declaration data type for the bullion. And here's the name off that valuable. And here is the value bullion. It that's only two. Type off the stores to type only through our fourth, so we can go to force example on. Also, you have to try to make a wrong way. If you can type F capital, it will give us the wrong way, and you can see that it's wrong. Yeah, try to make the small letter off F. Yes, that's that's correct. And I encourage you to Taib by your fingers on your computer with all of these courts. So let's dough another. Another thing Injured of Boston guests. This thing tried to make a stink value sitting string. My full name. Okay. My, my, Nicky. An example. Okay. My my nickname? Yes, my Nick mayhem with mayor own rightness. So Okay, here you go. So when we try to make anything or any sequence off characters, we should make a double condition or single position, by the way. Okay. Doesn't it? Doesn't matter if you try to use single or double quotation. All of these it's eligible on. It can be used as well. So now I'm going to type my nickname, which called Never at the most most You are your normal as another Adam. So that's all it was. My strength, my nickname. So it's tried to make run. I think it's wrong way. Yes, exactly. Strummed way. Yeah, because you know why? Because off I have Bean declared to string value with the wrong with the room character. It's string with the small little on its Not eligible I shot type this drink as a capital letter. It's not. It's not eligible to run with that. Okay, once again during its capital, it's not a small is not eligible because it's wrong. But when you try to declare a string a string valuable, you should time. The first character yes by capitalism is that it's not smart. Try to see to show. To do are another thing. When we try to do bull as a big after, it's wrong way because it's small, but with a string, it's ah s capital on the other string is on here. Is that the data type declaration for the string value? Let's try to make run another hand. I I encourage you to make a planned statement for each off this valuable. Okay, try to do that. It's not. It's so easy. Friend X. As example. Print X value. Here's my corn. Try to do the other thing. Plant the name of the value which called Why on cynical Here is the way tried to make a friend for each off these Bibles as value as a continuous value. Validation, Validation. As you can see here, tradition is going Yes, on on the last there's Brent. You have to tie a cord one more time. My nickname, as you can see here is the nick name as a canteen Systemic or try to bread took to make run Yes, it's run. Yes. Here we go. Yeah, you can see that here is the my full name or my actual name. Not hands. Yes. And here's the expert text, which is Ah, the value off this valuable which called x 100 double I physical for about seven pent y when we try to print why we got the value off that valuable. Okay, I freeze the value Validation Force. Yes, it's false. Prince value validation as, um um sorry. Print my nickname that Adam. Yes, we can see that Another Adam Andi. That's that's all. So let's try to make other thing when this when this valuables if you can try to do it. Okay, here's the name declaration off into your double bullion string you can you can do more and more. So now is to try to know more valuables in the dart language. The dynamic key ward, the dynamic. Exactly. Work it work the same as far as far, far declared viable, but without assigning this valuable toe. Any data type like int your double or ah bullion or straying or less or other stuff, but with dynamic. Also, it work exactly the same as of a Savard declaration, but with dynamic we can we can change the data time off this valuable after we, after we way assign this value to some some debtor time on, Uh, let's try to show you something like that. Okay, It's like, Yeah, I think everything will be more clear when we try to make more practices. We when we type according, if you type caught Exactly. You understand everything. Everything about the our bars, a program language without typing it will be not. Not grateful. Okay, Has the dynamic dynamic as example. It's a family name. Also, I'm going to 5. Variables in Dart Part2: clean it, clean everything. So let's talk about the dynamic dynamic Your valuable declared without ascetic type are obviously declared as dynamic virus can be also declared using the dynamic yours in place off of our key ward on this try to do, for example. So who's the dynamic? The dynamic, as you can see here. Okay, Diana, what dynamic family name? Okay, family under a scar name. Okay, here we go. It's not will make a camera case. Yes. This is the common case under. We don't needs to make underscore. Okay, tryto do something else. Okay, So what's going on? Okay, here's the dynamic fire equal to okay. There is cynical. So what does it mean? That so what I did on this example here is the dynamic which is declaration off the valuable on who is the name off that very bush which called fine name for my family name, which is the name off that variable. And here's the value off that valuable on this value, it seems to be a text strength. So once again, dynamic are var declares a variable without assigning any off this data to specific that that type any of these valuable to specific type. But after we assigned the value toe the name off this valuable this the compiler assumes that this valuable name from the data type off strength. So when we try to change or to or to use the same valuable with the other day at a time, it will be not allowed. If we try to declare that valuable as of our but with the dynamic we can, we can, uh, we can make that valuable on. We can change the that of the data time off that very. But let's try to do that. Here is the family name as example. Yes, family name is equal to Let's start to make Yeah, through has example. Yes. Okay, it's true. It's dining on. Uh, they try to make Ron If it was true or false yet it's It's your right. So what I'm going to do here? Let's try to make a friend as example to see the result just no more. Here is family name as example. I think ago, here's the recording and try to make Koran to see what happens. Okay, his true. So let's try to make that. Let's try to change everything as family. Okay? It's true. As a beginning and his family name is able to handle She s okay. Trying to make run. Okay, here's handle. OK, at at the beginning, we can see that family name is ah, bullion. Uh, but on the next line, I have been changed the data type off that very brooch called family name to be a string on . It seems to be allowed on when we try to Brenda. Familiar? It gives us the last data time. So it's tripe to do the other thing or the other way with the VAR. Okay. With the Bartok art as the same exact. Okay. Var 1st 1st name as example. Okay, here we go. Let's try to make that valuable example. Whatever. Any number. So what does it mean? That line bar is a declaration. Variable off. First name on, uh, it stores this value on this value seems to be on integer on after typing the declaration on adding the name off that valuable and assign some some data to that to that variable. It will start on the new Marine as an insurgent. So now let's try to change that first name Toby as text. Here's a year ago. First name. First name. Okay, here we go. First name is equal. My my my first name. Exactly. Which, which is another try to see. Okay, A value off type string cannot be assigned toe a valuable off type injured. So look at this. Here is the error. Yeah, but if we change that declaration from Bartow dynamic, it will be work probably. But the best way is to use the the exact declaration for specify your your valuable from the beginning by using all off this stuff, as in this example. So start to make run to see what happens. Okay, That's terrible. Yeah, because off with the Declaration bar, we cannot change that that type anymore. So now I'm going toe come into that make up comment. Office line. Okay. Toe changes predicament on. Try to run once again to see that scored working. Really? Okay, That's cool. Yes. I hope that you will follow me step by. Step on. Try toe. Apply on to make an experience by your fingers on your computer to get the benefits off all of these pictures. So this is called arm to see the latticed declarations on the largest valuables off the time. On that I own the end. The dart language so final on constant the final and constant cures are used to declare constants. Dart prevents would find the values off, variable declared using the finer or constant reward which got was founded. Here is the key words off Final, and he's like the quote off Constant, which worked exactly as the same. These keywords can be used in conjunction with a variables data type or instant off the Var keyboard. So once again we can use final or constant as instant off var or dynamic. So why can't way? We need to choose the cost or final. The cost award is used to represent a compile time. Constant valuables declared using the concept awards are implicitly find him. So why once again, why you needs toe no toe work with final and concepts? So look, look at me for for for a little bit off time. Imagine that we are going to make a salary for the employees, for for the Embry on the on the company on these employees. With that salary they will give every year, they will take about us, but by one or two persons, so that that bonus it would be it would be a constant yearly on to do that. We needs toe create on toe. Initiate to initial the valuable off type constant on To use that, or to start work with that way have must go to to use that the that type off valuable, which called constant even though the final it seems to be similar as the constant by declaring a specific or aesthetic authentic valuables and once again with the example for other stuff off using their final on Constant will try toe use the the constant valuable on the mathematics scalpel. Calculations like by, as you can see here the pie. When we try to calculate the area, Yaman is due to go to work with with these constant as by Andres the Constant once again, another to try. Yes, here's the new you consent, which called the area which would be stored the actual value off by ASOS. Quick tour by 12 and there's the the actual area is there signed the area, as you can see here. So let's lie to prove that this this kind off data cannot be changed. So let's try to make value is equal to 25 he's still calling on. Let's go to prime and you can hear it spent the value. So what does it all combines with JavaScript? Main mirror sitter Not found. Value value equal 25. So there was again value off either. Valuable can can only be sit waas. That means we can only set this value. This that the type off variable at once. We cannot change that anymore. So that's all that's all off the meaning off that concert value. Also, it's right upto try to make that pie as example is equal to four point one for us is Atlantis three column. Let's try to use it. Run. It's exactly the same on also, it gives us up on it. Let's try to make a run once again to see it was his there with bite on. Look at me here. President Valuables cannot be assigned a value once again because off its constant we cannot assign anymore. So that's that's all about the constant constant it can use once one time on. That's all for the valuables and how how can you start working with the valuables. My advice to you is to try two. Took to experience to take your turn in this texture to type the code as I discussed with you. Thanks for rushing and see you in next picture. 6. Numbers In Dart: Hi. Welcome to the new section in dart programming. In this picture, I will show you how to use numbers. First thing, let's discuss more about numbers. What's number? What kinds off number and how can we display numbers on How can we use it in the dark to programming? Dark numbers can be classified as insecure or double as into your injured off arbitrary size that your data type is used to represent the whole numbers. The double with troops sent by 64 bet double please Precision floating point numbers, as specified by the I really 754 standards. The double data type is used to represent a fractional numbers so that Damian the man different between danger and double the ensure is used to represents the whole numbers on the double is used to represent fractional numbers. So now let's dive deep. Using these numbers in the court on for that, I'm going to try to I declare on intern number rising like into your X is equal to 10 as you can see here. So that's the way off. How to declare the injure number. Okay, Onda. Now it's right. Oh, sorry to declare the double for declaring the double number three for the double. Why has example, UM will be 20.5 as example as you can see here and see me corn. Okay, so that's the way off. How to define the white. Why it seems to be represent a fractional number on the X is used to represent the world number or the real number. So there's danger. And here's the double by declaring it's kind off number. So no, I'm going to show you some facilities, and some activates on the properties or advantages that we can use it with these numbers, like parse the parse static function allows parsing a string containing numerous literal into a number. So let's try to do something. Girls like Brent as examples you can see here Onda uh, as you can see, it's ah, what? OK, it's ah, numb, by the way, none dot parse Asari powers, as you can see here, but off what off? Any text, um, text. This is the text and try to make a 59 0 example on Cinco on, and also I'm going to do my part numb other now, as you can see here dot Parsons. You guessing here for for double by adding 20 point point, it has example on your ego. So now it's tried to run to see the result, as you can see here. Okay, so the other actually is. The result is number on. If you want to be sure that it's exactly represents the number number parts, this is the function or with us, which convert that text Number two actual number two Real number on for that. For that, let me at 10 plus example here, regard to print 10 plus non pars. +890 on. Also for that, let me have 40 a 20 plus number as you can see here on now, click run to see the result once again. OK, 900 on 40 point it. So that's the proof on the evidence for this function which called parts. So once again pass is you it see was to convert that text to the number as you can see here . So that's all on bond. Also, we can use it by adding some numbers If you we if we are looking to something like that, something like this click run to see the result okay here and coach Exception format exception it because off it contains other characters which not belong the numbers so that its affect on that parse injured or passing that the strength to be a number so that that's all as as a beginning in numbers. So now let's dive on different properties and facilities or number. So the first thing which I'm going to do, I will discuss and I will show you some properties for the number. So with with number, we can use some properties like hash code, or is finite is in finite. So, as example, hash cot, which would be returns a hash code for a numerical value, is finite property. It will gives us true if the number is finite. Otherwise it will give. Our force is in finite. It will give a true every member is positive infant infinity or negative infinity. Otherwise, force is not true if the number it will gives up the number if the double not not a number of value, otherwise force is negative. True, if the number is negative on also, sighing is even is odd on a lot off properties that can be used with the numbers or so we can use number methods with the number Mr Methods that we can use the some before, which would be which can we can work with any numbers like a a B s, which tells the absolute value off the number seal the C i A with you, which would be returned the least into your no smaller than the number compared toa first there this to other number A floor to return the greatest interior too great to greater than the current number. Also benefit off reminder around to double toe. Enter your to saying to turn get all of these middles. There are off methods on the properties that can be applied on it can be wars with the number. So let's do that by practices to give you the actual benefits and to know what I'm talking about, OK, because it's not just like a Buddha. It's exactly with the courting. You have to be sure that everything is OK is working as well, so that lets you try to make an example with the property that let's begin with the property like, ah, hardship, which, as example, so I'm going toe to define some or to declare some X one example, which will be 600 example. 6000. Okay, that's cool. Keep under his cynical on. Then what I'm going to do here is Brent off. Print off. What? X one dot sorry x one dot hash. Okay, this seems to be tied here. That hash code, it is called c capital on. Then brand me calling to see the results under. Now what I'm going to do, try to run to see the result to see what can happen. OK, here's the hash code off 6000 and also otherwise, the code There are a lot off other properties that can be used up on the number, like is finite with a finite this property, it will return a buoyant value. True, if the number is not a non or positive infinity or negative infinity so that it's also it's so easy on. We can do it by the way, by having the same print for excellent because he here dot is under when it when we type that code, it will assures us all off. The properties that can be coming with that number is even is finite is in finite is non or Okay, let's try. Toe is finite, As you can see you on was again. It would be it would be true. Return. Is that true? Or force? Okay. Oh, my gosh. I'm sorry for being forget the semi colon at the end. Okay, It's true, because off once a game, it produced this this out. But because off its bullion true, because off number is not a non on it's not positive infinity or negative infants, by the way. Okay, also, this is off typing one more time I can go over to see is even or odd and try to run to see that number is even okay is even Yes, it's even. It's not ok. Try toe. Otherwise which is is old as example is okay x one dot to see is and yours is old hardwood which will be returned to if that number off that value. If if If it was this value as, um number so also its try toe it's number to be six of one on then try to run again to see the result here on the Brent. Okay, It's true because off yes, it's it's old number this that this variable is represents as or the number. And also, there are a lot off the properties like is, uh is in finite or is the negative or otherwise? OK, let's try also to do otherwise. OK? It's good to try to choose on. To try to get other methods or other three other properties on that number on once again is negative. IUs is negative. My gosh, Thought is negative. Okay. What is the, isn't it? Yes. Okay, here we go and run. Okay. It's true, because off the number is negative. Okay, lets convert it to be, um but did nothing to see. There's the run once again to see Okay, it's force because off this number which x one, this value is not negative. Okay? Because I have been changed the sign off that that valuable. So that's all for most of these properties, Onda. Once again, we can work with a lot off properties you can go through to the website off dart online on you can go to see a lot off options on the methods. Properties are other benefits which apply, which can be applied in that number. So now it's got to make some on to try some metals on the number like like some to insure. If we wants toe convert some some valuable to do it with the interior. And for that I'm going to to make or to create some variable which called xto example on this value, it can be contained the number off point. Oh, as example here regard on now what I'm going to do I will country as the number I I'm going took tow declare some numbers called x three Next three is which would be equal to x two dot as you can see here to know what to think if he wants to convert this value Are this variable to be toe ring? Tranq it or to double if he wants to convert or to inter You're so it's tried to convert to the engine on DNA. Now I'm going to make bread To be sure to prove that that method is wrong, it will be work as well on um what I'm going to do The value off off Exit three is, as you can see, here is equal okay as endears that here we go except free on we must get the value off into your from that number on drug to see the result. Okay, the value off X three is four. Yeah, that's cool. OK, it's OK. Also, by the way, on the this dart, it keeps us basing, as you can see, line by line or column by column. Okay. The value of 60 is four. Okay, okay, that's cool. Is 40 que Onda? Remember that week have been created. That's number with the name of X two to be a double on here we have been declared some valuable, which called extreme on It seems to be not assigned toe any data time on Dhere we have Bean added that variable off x two on, then converted to integer To get the this value in into your onda We coming we bridge that metal off Brent. We get thus that value of 63 in integer It's not in double, it's not double five. So that's that this is ah one example off method like to number and also we can go through to change some values or any values to be straying to think as example also is we can do a lot off things. If he wants to make some concatenation between variables into your or double to staying. Also, we can use the floor function or floor middle value has example. Okay, let me show you some things for other other methods on that number. Like var The Why 10 example Be equal to to eight point my eyes Example and you go semi Colon on. Now what I'm going to do perent. That's exactly so. You pretend friends. What? Brent the floor. The floor value off of what off it 0.9 is is what is the sign on the open carry braces on which value which called Why Tyne dot floor. Okay, that's the me thought on. Uh, you go on, try to make enter to see Is that in your head? No, no, I think it's not OK, let's go. The floor value off 8.9, is it? So now if we If you look at this this value which called this variable which called whiten on the value off that variable is 8.9. The floor value off 8.9 is why 10 which is the name off this variable dot floor on this middle. What? What what can give us this is returns the largest into your list than or equal to a number . So that's the That's the useful off using this method on any number. And also once again, if you can go to the website off Dart with a document you can see all off the methods that can be applied at that can be used with number like a B s like sign like other stuff. It's a lot, lot off methods on the properties that can be used or work with that with these numbers on , that's all for this section on this lecture. See you in next section with a string. Have a nice time. Bye for now. 7. Strings inDart Part1: Hi. Welcome to the new lecture Off string in dart programming language. This think that a type represents a sequence off characters. A dart string is a sequence off UTF 16 called units Strength value in dart campy represented using either single or double or treble coats. Single line strings are represented using single or double courts. Tribal courts are used to represent multi line strength, so that lets try to tie some strings here to do or to know what I mean. You're straying as example. Very simple. OK, stranger, what has example which will be equal toe. Let's try to other this single courts. I will come to dart the room around legal language example here until you go. So that's the way off. How to define and create some string by using single costs and also we can define the other string as you can see. Interesting. Be careful that the the first quarter offspring is capital because off when we try to declare a string, we must use the first character as a string on. If we choose the small, it will never be a declaration off strength as well. So now let's go try to define It takes to as example as a variable on. But as you can see here, I have mean create a stringer with double quotation on. Then at the end office line, I'm going to add a the double condition. Another hand. We can define a string, as you can see. Here, drink 63 as example is equal. Single, single. Okay, once a game as well. Double single, as you can see here on, then. Semi Colon. Okay, that's all. So that's the way off. How to define. Ah, corrupters. Let's try to run to see, We have mirrors here, so we're gonna have any. Okay, let me try to make some deleted here. So whats wrong here? Okay, right. Okay, that's cool. So I'm gonna have in here. It must be work. Fine, by the way. But it didn't even though, okay, tried to do the other thing, which is a single can single, as you can see here. Okay, is that's right. I think it's Ah, it's right. I think so. You can do here, but adding some text if we can. Finally, it's must Ford, by the way, but with them with the dark pad, it seems to be not defined. Okay, let's try to do the other thing, which is double and double, by the way. As a strong here. Okay, once again. Stubble. Okay? No, Just like a nervy, As you can see here. Hello. Finally. Cynical. Okay. It must be defined by the way. It should be defined. Okay, try to do one more. Is that right? Let me try to run. No, it's not okay. Try to run here. 1231234 Try to do. 1234123 Okay. Yes. Now it's finance because off. Hello. It's trouble, As you can see here. 123 The end off. 123 And once again, it's used with the multi line, as you can see here, Colarossi, where is that conserving? As you can see here, OK, We use the trouble coats when we define multi line strength. As you can see on, uh, to be sure, let's go to print as example. Brent Stedman, friend off text three. As you can see here, finally cynical. Um, try to run to see the That is all talking. Here is the result, which represents the value off takes takes the three Onda. Also, we can Brenda alof other strict doom and also ST text 13 Yes. 616263 On Also, we can do some separation between all of these by adding girl, I'm sorry. Okay, here's the way. And also Cobi, here's the based no right. Okay, that's cool. Here's the 6 to 3 on takes two in the middle and text one on the bottom. Plus we can do that by 6 to 1 as example It is 62 as you can see here on with the final is 63 on Go to the run to see the result okay, his 6362 text one to be distinguished to to show that as clear. So that's all for that. How to define a string with single or triple? Once again, it's maybe it may be single or double condition or dribble coat, maybe single or or doubled. So that's all on. That's This is the three conditions or three types off timing of how to type the strings on . Once again, string is a sequence off corrupters, by the way, let's try to know more about the string on and how it could be manipulated in the programming language. Let's talk about the string interpolation. The process is off, creating a new string by a pending a value toe aesthetic string is termed as couldn't detonation or interpellation. In other words, it's the process off adding a string to another strength. So the better off plus which means by a blast sign, is a commonly used mechanism to contaminate or interpolate industries on. Now I'm going to teach you and to show you something like that so that let's go here on, um inter inter population, as you can see. Okay, that's cool on Now it's Dr To define some strength is t for one example which called Hello world. Okay, Onda here. Is that OK? I hope that I am going to make something. Okay, that's cool. Str one. Okay, I'm sorry, I have bean declared with us with some six, which is the first cutter was small litter. No, it's fine on. Then I'm going to declare other slanguage called str to which which equal to hell award Hello, World off as example Off darks program, language, language. As you can see here I heard the cynical has example on the final cynical and enter. So now we have Bean declared str one on ISTEA are too Onda. Now let's try to create the other string which called str 30 as example which will be equal to yes, they are one plus str to unders Simic Colon So that's the way off how toe couldn't get in it, how to contain it or inter plate the two things by adding string. Want to stink too? So what you are going to do here we have bean combined or conf getting it two strings on Now let's try to see the results by adding print print off What s t r three? As you can see here just the semi colon with str three We must show this six which called the Hello Ward off better program off dark programming language But by the way I must be I must create some some divider on now on click here trying to see Ok, Hello Ward off Dart programming language What? You have been correct on this issue artery With this TRC, we have bean interpret on concrete net two strings into the single concatenation Okay, that's all about the how to contain it. Also, you can use that there are sign care braces to add some string with other on. Also, we can make a cool continuation on Also, we can be used to inter inter plate the value off a dart expression within a string so that let's try to make the other question Which other story? That another example as you can see here. Well, there's the okay. Another example, as you can see here. Okay. Here we go. Okay, that's cool. OK, now let's try to do that. I'm going to create an integer off eggs, which would be equal toe 100. What will be 100 plus 200 examine his some corn on, then enter on now, create other saying which called are, for example, would be equal to Mr R. Four. How should be equal? Uh, this example. The some of 100 200 is as a casting here. Interpellation off what? Which is X value. And here is a semi colon on, then brand off. What? Friend of Ste. R four. As you can see here, cynical in that school on now, try to run to see the results. Okay. But also I think we must making other okay once again to make run, to see the result. Okay. The sum of 100 on 200 is 300. So what? We have seen what we are doing here? We did the computation between text as it could have been here with with the number off X. Okay, this is the other. This is the other concatenation. Also we can do the other thing, which is a Z example 100 plus 200 Example Also we will get the same on now clicker the run . Okay, some of 100 on 200 years. 300. As as John him, we can ignore that valuable. So that's all for that basic stuff about vesting also with the stranger. We can use the strength properties on also string methods. So let's drive. Listen, let's try to create on work with strength properties as example if you if we are going to the str three on, then type dot on when we type dot at the end off. Thus the variable name which represents the string You can show up a lot off properties on the methods here. So what I'm going to do here, Let's try to see the length off. It's off this string. As you can see. Start typing in L Capital, by the way, and click here length. I think it's more than once again Let's go back to here to make things okay, it's Molitor. Length the properties off length it will riff. It will provide us the number off character. Throw this string variable. So now let it drive to run again to see the result on Be sure that we have bean rent out the string three ducklings. So now, as you can see here, we see that it contains the 41 on, I think, with a string three, which is string one blasting toe, which represents the characters on the string. Three. So that's all about the same 8. Strings inDart Part2: during one blasting toe which represents the characters on the string. Three. So that's all about the s think very also we can ask about some string as example. Let's try toe, do something else some properties it will give us true or false if we have been asking about the is empty or not here is is is what is empathy or is not. Enmity is empty. If is if this condition is true, then it will. It will gives us the true value. Otherwise it's would be force run. It's a 1,000,000,000 by the way. Okay, Fall Salesforce. Why? It gives us a false result because off strength E is not MBT so also we have other properties here. As you can see, dot is is not empty which means that that's this string contains the value Onda. If that condition is true, and then it will gives us the true value Try toe run to see the result. Okay, It gives us a true value. Okay, that's all for the properties on the string which can be used with a string onda Now, also, we can use the court units on the okay, let's try to add it. I'm not going to just, uh, tell you some information. I think we have to blacks more. One more time on the program language dot once again on, uh which gold code? Okay, called units Art if we wants to Asking about some units or here or there Or code units accordionist. Either, By the way, on the court units, it will returns on on. Would you fire the will unlivable list off the utf 16 court units off this string? So that's the meaning off coordinates. Click here to see the result to see what it gives us. Always awesome. Okay, Onda and it, uh, it provides us the co ordinate for each single character on this string on once again be sure that the string is a sequence off character on. That's why it gives us the violist off number on each number. Represents character off each character on that string. So that's all for the properties on the string on. Now let's jump over to to make some experience with the methods. Two month period with the strength. The single class, by the way in the dark core library also provides Mittal's to manipulate strings. Some of these metals can be work as well as the property as we do before on um as example. We can use some methods like to lower case if he wants to change all of the content off that string to lower case to upper case trim if wants toe returning the string without any leading on trailer whitespace. Also, we can do the method off compared to if he wants to compares this object toe another. Also, we can use the method off, which called replace all if he wants to replace is all substance substance that match the specified battery with a given value. Also, we can do the middle off split which will be splits the string at at matches off the specified Demeter on returns A list off sub strings. Also we can was substance to return a substance off this thing that extends from the START Index which inclusive to index or exclusive. Also, we can use the to think to returns a string representation off this object. Also, we can use the code unit at to return a 16 bit off beauty F 16 cold unit at the given antics, so it's tried toe make some practice, some practices about that. And for that, I'm going to make some courts. Here are notification or comment to show you is, um, example Scream before string methods as example on what I'm going to do. Print. Print. What? Okay, brand off. Ste R three dot dot What? To okay to lower case to upper case to string to lower case this middled. It will convert all off the all of the conductor's on that value off Sync three Toby Small letter. Click here to see two smaller and then click on that semi colon on Try to run to run. But But also before that, I think I should make some. Okay, that's cool. And run again to see the results. Okay. Hello. Ward off dark programming language All off these character, it seems to be in the lower case on if we back to the top. Some off this, some off these text that stink three seems to be in capital like dark. Like be like l like to as example. So now if you're looking to that, it's all off these characters seems to be in small letter. So now let's try to do the other thing, which is convert using the method off to lower to upper case. Okay, here's the to lower case and no read all of them and then click your Taib on to to what? To lower case to upper case to upper case. We are going to change the whole status to be another case on the click run here to see the result on you can see it Here is the hell Award Off Dart programming language in this method which have Bean added on created to that string we see that all of this characters in a capital letter on bond. By contrast, to lower we see that every collector in small little So that's all for these characters. And also, let's try to make the other to use the other method here by diving 2/3 on what I'm going to do here type three dot But what trend? Yes, his dream. As you can see, his dreamed clause branches on the ground to see the result. Okay, here we go help ward off darter programming language which would be clear the white space if it for it. If it was founded on that, could okay, that's the using off dream on. Also, we can use other other methods, like place all split substance on other stuff. Andi, I encourage you to see the result. So to go to the site off language dart on the Internet with that your dark language. Onda. If he wants to know more about all off methods and the properties about the about vast rings on methods in Dart you can five here on the document off dart string uniforms in dart , as you can see here, string methods or properties on Duh. Here's the results. Sink Last dart core library, dark FBI. OK, and now let's try to duplicate to steam all of these methods. Okay, that's cool. And here is the string cost, as you can see and there are a lot off information about the properties. As you can see properties called Unit hash code is empathy length Burnett under in time, there are a lot off off properties. Here's the properties and on the bottom methods called Unit Compared Toa contains INS with index off last index off. There are a lot off methods that can be used with the string. Start with sub string to lower case to upper case tie trim from left from ride All of this stuff. It's not a big difficult to see all of this. By the way, you not need toe to keep all of these missiles on priorities in your mind, because off you may never use any of them. But we may another time use some off these metals or properties on your coat. It depends on your program. It depends on your needed or or the requirements off that court or programming that you have been building. So that's all for that lecture on the section off strings. Have a nice day and see you in next lecture by for now. 9. Boolean inDart: Hi. Welcome to the new lecture Mystic Shop. I will teach you all of about the bullion in dart bullying as you see here in dark. So it's lead all this code and start to run to prepare everything as well in this picture. So what about the bullion? DOT provides on inbuilt support for the bullion data. Type the bullion that the type in dart supports Onley two values, which is true on fourth, The key word bull is used to represent ah bullion, literal in dark. So let's begin with example to dive deep on that That's the type and dart. So now, as you can see here, we can try toe type. Boom. Just as example Just one you can see here, Simic. Along on now, just one is equal to 12. Sorry. 20. You guys have done 100 on semi colon on. Then I moved to hear planned. They just one on the sickle trying to print run. So as you can see your print just one. It refers the force. Why? Because off boult just one just one is Ah valuable name off that a type bull on the the value off data type it may. True or false. It depends on that content on Do the right side. You see that we have Bean created the conditional statement or comparing that 20 is greater than 100 which is not true. OK, so this right side seems to be force. So that's why we have Bean saved the force data value in the test one as a value on when we try to Brent just one, it will give us the force. So it's tried to convert that condition to make that just one just one is you go to 20 less than 100. This condition is true because off yes, exactly 20 is lizard down or list down 100 so that just one have the value off. True on when we go to brand methods to get out all of this result, we can see that value is true. So that's that simple example of how to use bullion okay on, even though we can use our bullion in multiple locations to be true or false, we can asking about issues or honest or already stuff example. So for that mistakes again, now it's right to make other. I looked him again. Look, it is okay. Let's continue with other advanced example like var str one which will be equal to hollow example on its full bite. See cooler on Now I'm going to ask if str one is equal equal to hello then the system will print. Drink is not affinity as example as a year. Otherwise, here's the else It's off friends, as you can see. String his empty Okay, as you can see You OK, well, is the run and start run to see the results. Okay, Strength is not empty on. Uh, if we try to change that to make goodbye as example on No, we will give the other examine Toe represents the other issues So now it's back to get it as Hello. Okay. Hello To make this string is much okay. Is much is match He's not match Okay on drone once again. Okay, this string is much okay. That's the correct. Ok, that's all about the bullying. It's not political. It's so it's so easy on to your next picture by four 10. Operators Part1: hi would come to them. You will extra in this section. I'm going to show you everything about the operators in Dart. Its mission is a special, kind off statement that evaluates to value every expression is composed off operate appearance as John here, Opulence, which represents the data like number are dicks or value the value. But also the other thing. As operator Britain defines how the operations will be processed to produce value, consider the following expression like five gross to where you go, you can see five. This is the number which is value on you can see the symbol which present by asterisk, which means that we must we make multiplication formative lie number by other number on the other the other operations is to in this exhibition. As you can see, five on to our operations on the symbol off Asterisk represents the multiply which is on operator. So this expression seems to be we are going to make some multiplication or multiply the first album, which is called five, which has a value of five on the other up around which which have the value off do so once again. This expression is some appearance on all of this up, a process which called on operators Andi it's it would be under the type off mathematic operators or our thematic operators. In this lecture, we will discuss the operators that are available in dart, which will be acceptable on allowed, which is our political bytes. As you can see here, I have been tired all off these operators in dart to show you what kind off operators that can you do with it like art into competitors which represents, like addition, subtraction, extract, multiply division on returning the the result as as it could be on to get the reminder off into your increment on Dejan it. So that's all about the automatic, the other kind or another Type off operators in dark language. Which is that Equality Onda relational operator In this part off equality on Relational Brothers, we can work with a greater than this lizard an greater than or equal, lesser than or equal to equality and not equal. So that's what that's all about, that equal on relational bridges on Don't do it, by the way, I'm going to show you everything about each kind off these operators on the 3rd 1 which called type test operators with type just orbiters. We are going to work with two kinds off. This operator is called Is or is not is. It will refer the true if the object has the specified type is not, which will return the false if the object has specified time. So that's about about the type of razors, and I will show you and the specific lecture this operators as well, for the other on the 4th 1 which called twice operators with twice But as we worked with twice and twice or twice explore on be Twice not on. Let's shift on also, like Chipped the fifth kind or the fifth time off operettas, which called Assignment with assignment. We can work out where the equal to examine a size value from the right side, up around to the left side odorant. So that's as example, and also we can assign the value only if the valuable is not as example, and also we can use some assignment operators like us Equal toe add on a sign by ads by adding in the right ah brand to the left or brand on assigns. There is out to the left ordinance. So that's the way that's an example of on That's an example for these operators off assigned operators. So the sixth, the sixth time or kind off brother was called logical operators with logical butters we are going to work with with some kind off britches, like on or not Ondas Example. It will work, probably as, ah, elliptical betters, which she used to combine two or more conditions as example that you can eat breakfast by the way, returns a bullion value and, um, with you as example, if we have ah value off A and the value off the as example, we can work by comparing these two bronze by by making a on the better off and on or on the 3rd 1 which called, Not like with Andi the better returns that drew. If all off expression, which is a and B, it's this five return through on if we are going to work with our or Britain, the Alberta, Alberta will returns true if at least one off this experience, A or B is true with not the operetta returns that embers off the expressions. The result As example, If is drew, then wherever the rivers off. This result would be forced as example on, even though if the is force, it will return the negative off rivers off negative, which will be true. Force Force is true examined, so that's all about 36 type or six kinds off operators in Dart. So let's begin. Let's go ahead to start working with operators on in this lecture. I have prepared some valuables on bond. Exactly. We are going to try on to make these operators. So once again, as you can see here, I have been prepared of our physical Britta's, which is the first time off operators as it have been arranged here, are medical, but as you can see here, which is arithmetic operators, Okay, like sub addition or subtraction on, Let's assume that we have Bean declared ah, variable. By typing the var examples. Andi, I have seen a create a variable name which called X, assigned the value, which call which have the number injured, which called a 10 on. Also, we assume that we have been declared the other the other valuable by act by declaring it by adding var. Why, as example on which is towards the value off too in the memory on the third Valuable which called dynamic result, equals zero. By the way, which is the difference between var on dynamic, dynamic it it could be changed the time off valuable so that if the valuable have been stored as integer on after that we can make some changes on that time off. This valuable. We can't change from injure to double or to text easily with dynamic Okay, a declaration but with variable var assumed that you have never a tech or give the invaluable in it any type off, injure or double or are seeing or Billy or whatever it is OK, but after adding some specific that like this is the bar, why, which is some some valuable on? We have been assigned this value which called to do that valuable name on, uh after after assigned this this value to that variable. The system would assume that valuable under the type off integer, and we cannot change that type of into your to be double or to be bullying or to be a strength or whatever, whatever. That a type which we wants to change. It But when you when we try to use dynamic with dynamic, we can do it. Why? I'm going to choose that or define that variable by declaring with this key ward which called dynamic dynamic once again it's exactly similar similar toe valuable but the man, the main change or the man just the women issues which will be different between the main difference between dynamic Anvar dynamic allows us to change the data type off valuable like this. Here is the result which started the 00 as on on into your value. It may be negative Mach minus one or blast one, but once again it start as as injured. We can go through through these examines to change the time off. This variable results to be something one time, maybe, and you're on the next time it will be on it would be a double or whatever. Okay, This, uh, tried to make the first example is example. Let me show you that I don't I'm going to delete, by the way and also Okay, let's try to get all of these because off we have to be to Brax. Everything which we want. We we wants to do exactly. Also all of these on, um, I like to to show you every single line which we wants to type or which we are going to type it. So let's begin with that the first British called operator addition. So with a brittle addition, what we can what what do with the addition addition, assume that we are going to attack right? Aberrant. Like this Very Bush called X on at this valuable with this value off 10 to the other. A brand which called Why? And it has the value off to. So to do that well, let's assume that we will use the result as a valuable to store the final. The final process off addition. Valium on. To do that. Let's go over to make type the result, which is equal to X Blust. Why on don't for. But don't forget to type the seamy column at the end off that line, when it's line or in each expression in dart on this fiber enter. So let's discuss what what we did on this expression so result is a variable on what we do with this. With this variable, we have been stored the value, off order and X addition or adding to the value off white the value of X. Um, as a child on the abortion above, it seems to be 10 on the value off. Why it's too. So this operator allows us toe create or to make on addition, operation. Okay, so that explains why which is 10 bus to It will be 12 on the value off this operation. It will be store on the result, the actual or the default or initial value of results. Zero. Okay, so that zero it's not affect on any kind or any type off preparation. So what we are going to do is a zero result is equal to X plus. Why, then, the new value of results that will be 12. OK, so let's go over to make um toe create that card to be readable for any customer or for anyone which, which, which would like to see the result off this off this oppression on. To do that, I'm going to create a, um, Brent methods in dart on, but also to make this code more Ranjan, I'm going to make a politician or a single does no matter whatever it is, if you if you would like toa choose single or double or triple level, it will be acceptable in dark language. So I'm going to choose the single quotation. Okay to type what? I'm going to what I want to do. So his as example. The result as because a year The result. Okay, The result off, as you can see here to make that code is really off x plus. Why off this data is aesthetic. It's only text to Gabe Onda who to be. Continue with that. Kurt. I'm going to meet to make equal as examples because here on make one space on to get the value off, some named valuable. We have to choose to add the dollar sign on organ. Kerry presses, as you can see here on tied the name off valuable. So which variable? This very Bush called this very well. Yeah, which called the results. You can be all you can try, but result as you can see. So what's the value which would be tired or which will be written on that coat on once again. Don't forget. Don't forget to type the cynical at the end off this line after ending that middle. So here's the print bent Brent Method X, which it's unexcusable methods, which defined in tearing off dark compiler. So what it does this this before what will be read any kind off data inside, it would be read that coat on. Then it would be showing that cord on the right side, on the council or other stuff on the ball. So to be read anything like a text direct or valuable on, because he will be type the result off X plus y equal on Here's the Dollar sign with the curry presses on. Also the name off that variable. Scholars of the value off result. Toby 12 on We must show up on the right side. There is a big surplus way is equal to 12 on. It will showing us the code more clear. So it's click here on the run to see the result on to see what can happen here. So once again, click on on. Don't forget that we are going to type that code that called on the dart pad that that language directly, It's so easy but on the middle are and and also in the advanced lectures on sections off these cars. I'm going to show you how toe work where? The intelligent idea, Because off more advanced according blacks, it needs to work to work with the advanced I d. Likes interesting idea or your So you could also you can do it whether on dradis told you. So we're gonna be used up the this software off interest idea. It's so easy on it's compatible with the dart and also with a flatter So once again, once again to make a run to see the results. Okay, that's cool. They're off. Explains why is equal 12. You may try to make too good to make to ignore all of these stuff here as you can see you if you would like as exact build once again OK, here we go. Yes, yeah, we can't do that directly. Print results on try to run but on Do you exactly will see there is other off 12 But this is not usable on. It's not reliable. Yeah, As a programmer, you have to prepare yourself that you are going to create a clean court to create a readable code for other developers for other person for other people who who is who were coming to use your software. So once again you have tow create a code which would be more readable, more readable for the other. Okay, it's not for you. That's that's a care for me. For you as up as a person who wants who would like to see the actual the actual result off this operation. But with the custom are or with you system or a programmer or program, it should be readable, readable, which means that you should create your court like this once again. Go ahead here. Yes, there is a off excellence. Why is OK is equal to 12. So this God is readable on. I encourage you. I encourage you directly on every day, every single life to do that, I Once again, when you try to type your God, I hope that you you will make some some courts or some knots. As you can see here I have been tried arithmetic operators, subtraction, arthritic operators. Addition. Okay. Covers over oppression or brothers. Addition I have mean created to show you to show you was Where's the operation or or what is the operator off addition Aunt, how can you start with it? Okay, on to say the time, having copy all of this stuff here on coming here to the art Medical betters, subtraction. But with the operator subtract the arctic operators subtraction. We should stir the value off X minus y To be to be assigned to the result on this oppression or this battle, it will be us. A sign off minus as you can see you. So what will happen here? There's that is ik zero Exactly. So which is equal to X minus y the value of X. It is then on the value off. Why? It's tube on X minus. Why 10 minus eight? 10 minutes to it would be it. So there is a there is that it will be stored the value off 10 minus two which will be age . So here's the off x minus. As you can see here, let's try to change this operation. There's a lot of ex Minister why it will be the result. Yes, exactly. Doesn't. Okay, let's try to run to make on and to see the result. Okay, that's cool. Yeah, The result Off X minus. So why is he going to 11. Operators Part2: Once again let's go over to our competitors off multiplication, multiplication multiplying the first Britta by the story multiplication to make our multiple it multiply off first or parent with the second operator. OK, so let's go over to make best here. And it is that will be equal to X Astra's why Asterix symbol represents the multiplication operators. Okay, so the Da Britain is ask the other and as x on why there is a there is a off X asked risk Why will be it would be Let's listen to make some dressing for that result will be equal X axis quiet excess Then why is to 10 times do it would be 20 Okay, we must get to the 20. The 20 s is try to run to see the result Yes, it's cool. Yeah, there's or fixed times Why is 20? That's cool. OK on now let's go over to make some division based off division Division one What it on divide by other auburn. So let's tried to use the sambal off division. Okay, sorry. It's okay. This this symbol which represent that division by one number by the other on bond to make that cyst. That system is readable. We must do that on the list. Make address. Resulting result. Zero X is 10 on. Why is to so 10 divided by two? It will be five, I think. Yeah, It's five as we have. You know that from the school. Okay, sequiturs off. Now just try to make run. Andi, be better to see that. Is that occupy? That's cooking. There's a off next divided by why is it called five? Yes, that's cool. Yeah. Okay. And now let's try to make the other thing. Which is the automatic operators? A dish? No, it's that addition. Don't know it's not. I think there is some issues here, which would which must be fixes. Okay, I think it's maybe deficient. Richard, is it? Returns injured as example or reminder. Ok, so what? What I'm going to do here? Yes. This article, which is our Yeah, which is a reminder Divide, which is called Okay. It is admits corporation art. It's a corporation diffident, returning into your has examined beginning. Okay. Division for returning. Returning Answer. Yes. Okay. Let's go over to see a can on what you are going to do here. This kind off opposition, which will be used here. We have been to choose the arrow which found here depends on your device. OK, so this kind Yes, it's this kind off operation on Let's try, do make, uh, I think it's it's not defined here on my BC. Okay, let's go over to make Koran. OK, here we go. I think it's there is a problem here. So what's kind? What's kind off? Okay, go over, make it here. What's gonna happen here and try to make run? No, it's not. It's not defined by the way. It's not defined as well as you can see here. Yes. OK, so it's bigger. That's okay. Okay. Don't worry for that. We are going to show you the other other other symbol which will be represented as charming here on, um, by the way, it will get us the reminder. It's not like that as well. Yes, it's reminder. Once gain reminder OK here ago. So that's the way off. Making results once again. This same symbol, which would be used here it will gives us a reminder. A reminder, Operator reminder Better would gives us the art off division. Okay, so let's go up here to make that over the example. That is, that this tried to make run. It should gives us zero, because off there's no no number. Okay, that's cool. Yes, that's right. Yeah. Here we go. There's about six more. Joel, Why is equal zero? So how can we get some value here? Okay, let's try. Yeah, because off 10 times, too. When we divide the 10 by two, it gives us five on the outside of dividends will be zero. So it's tried to America in a vinto change the value of X to be 11 11. Divided by why it would be equal five points. Five. OK, which means that doesn't mean we have a reminder value outside off division. So I decide to run to see the results. Okay, That's good. Yes. Okay, there's off. Ex model. Why is one So that's the way off Division reminder. So that's the way to get that. Okay. I'm going back to make to remain that variable of extra with a 10. And yes, it would be zero for the reminder, because off 10 divided by to be five as an insecure value under there is no there is. No, no. Any reminder value to be on that ex model buys. Okay, so that's all for the division on Reminder Division. Okay, so it's got God to make other stuff here on. Um, Let's go. Okay, I'm getting getting here or better increments. Okay, also, let's go, Damanik. Also Sorry. Okay, it's here. Okay. Based. So what happened to do with the increments? Ankle mint, Which means that that means we are going to the value and we need to create the new value. Or we need to increase this this valuable content example. So what? As example X is equal to X blast one. So that's the expression off increment on. That means that the current this is the current value off explosive. Because this is the the news value off X, which equal to X plus one x represents the current value off X, which is 10 10 plus one. It will be 11 living this this new value, it will be assigned to X. So that's the inclement value. Andi, Here's let's Okay. There's a off ex, um Blust one, as example as you can see here it would be equal to it will be able to what? Two x y X because off we work with exhales the value. Okay, so because we didn't we didn't work with two albums. It's the same aberrant on what we are doing with that grant. We have inclement or inclement that that's value by one or two or whatever it is. OK, click here to see the run. Okay, They're not off X plus One is equal to 10 to 11. That's that's right. Yeah, because off this is the current value off X, which is 10 and use the new value of X would be equal to 10 blast one, which is living. Okay, that's cool. So, toe, make your court more killing. More advanced, more brush, more person in dart. They allow us to make that make that code. As you can see here, this value off exam equable blas, which is let's me make that comment. Which would be this is it would be exactly equivalent to Okay, it's equivalent for that too. Picks of blossom bliss. So that's that's the idea. So that's what What? I'm going to teach you. Look it we don't needs toe Reata. Ah, long term codes. Okay. And for that on Dart and also another program language there do. They would reduce the time off according so that when we tried to tie this card of explosive last. That means that which that means of X equals X plus one. So once again, this mean off X equal Toe X plus one, It's the same result why I'm going t o type. This is as a comment because off I'm going to show you What's the value off expressed? Lost. Okay, here is the result off X blasted us example. Okay, it's gone. Okay. He regard explosive us. It would be X took it. So let's try to make the run. It should gives us the element. Ok, that's cool. Yes. The result off explosive last is equal to 11. Yes, that's cool. OK, on now, let's try to okay. Yeah, okay. It's delete. This comments on duh are back. Okay, as well. We can go over to make the decriminalize get with the document value. Also, we can could yet as a why we can't get here. Why? New value of ICT will be equal to why minus one on the current value off. Why is to OK on here is the why Why is the new Valium fight will be the current value of Y minus one. The council alibi is due to minus one is one. So the new value of I It would be one on Dhere regard. Let's go over to make. Then you value off. Why miners who one would be equal to? Why? So it's it should be. It will be. Should be won their love. The results must be one. Okay, there is off. Why minus one is equal one. And once again, even though as well as we did with explosive last Yes, we have the new. Okay, let's make that comment as example on, Um why we have ah, operator, which called which it called. Why? Minus minus. What? Why? Minus messed? Exactly. It represents that this operation or this operators which called. Why equal Live minus one on um here. I'm going to make Yes, The result off y minus minus on. Exactly. It will give us the same value, which is one. Yes. OK, that's cool. Yeah, there's a line. Management is equal one. So this is way achieved all off these operations on the first time off operators, which called the arithmetic operators again. I think we covered all off the political process, which is addition subtraction, multiplication division reminder increment on deck limit. I heard that we will. We are satisfied with all of this discussion on this picture on. I hope that you will practice Andi, try to execute all of these cards on your device. If you don't have any double, not software like idea until the idea are visual studio carder or under the studio, I hope that you'll go direct to the dark. Todd, that's bad. The dot language that hard toe type your coat dart and make a run for anything. You type it okay? And you can see all of these codes here on. By the way, if you are coming from other language or if you are new developer, I will discuss everything from scratch on this language from beginning toe advance. Okay, so that I hope that you'll be patient, be patient to learn every single aspect off information off, According on the Darth dot is very, um, important language to create advanced on professional applications by using flatter. That's why I have been created and making this course. Have a nice day and have a nice time. See you on next lecture by for now. 12. Operators Part3 Type test operators: Hi. Welcome to the new lecture. The sexual we are going to continue discuss on explained everything about the operators. So in this, I'm going to see you to show you three time test operators on to do that. Do that. Let's grab all of these cards here to make two deleted as well as you can see here. So this began with the with the type test Operettas will try to work with time just operators up. We are going to Taib some valuable as it does here with Var X, which is 20. Anwar. Why? Which is 15? These are the values off to operators X and white is the, uh, declaration off other valuables to called results. And I think we didn't We may not use it, by the way, that is not the actual is in the type. Just operators. It would be as under is not on the data which will be stored in the memory. It will be true or fourth on for that. Let's go to try toe asking about the X. Here's the value. The valuable off X, which is it seems to be as interject because off this variable, which called X is declared as a valuable without indicates Toby injured, affordable or thing. But after after assign some value, which is 20 which is a ninja value, it seems to be an interview which will be stored in the memory. As Inter on this begin asking about that on for that, Let's go here to check up Brent as example. Rigo friend. Let's Brent. The value off x example is and John So let's discuss everything about that heres the middle off print which would be execute the entire data to be to be around on the right side. So X represents the valuable name which called X is it seems to be, represent the type test operators. So now we just this valuable is that valuable, which called into which called X is integer from the time off injure? Yeah, when we try to when we typed this valuable here with which which is an integer value Okay, so let's try to run to see the result. Okay, the result is through Why is that true Because of yes exes to So now let's try to make some things different to be to make this variable as 20 on then try to make to just run once again. That's run. Sorry. It's true. No, it's not true. By the way, it must not be true because off this variable Okay, which is X is injured. Okay by the five example on Now try to make running. Yes, Yeah, yeah, that's correct. Okay, run on. We see that we can see that value is force. Why? Because of when we try to ask about X X is integer. Okay. What is the value stored in the memory off X is the value of X X is contains the actual value which called 20.5. So it has the fractional Are dismal places on this time off this valuable it seems to be double on its not injured on for. That's why when we try toe to see the result print exe is insecure. It gives us the force. So it's tried to to make toe ask another way by trying to change the this information. Answer it for being lauding. Okay, try to change it, which is a global example. So now we're asking about this valuable off X Is that valuable off ext in double type or that the type. So it's like to take run or to make run. Okay, I'm sorry for that. It gives us no Okay. Yes, that's true. Yeah, it it gives on a delay time because off dark Todd, from time to time, it gives us some delay. So that trigger that you have to make run one more time two times at least t make order to refresh that as well. So that's all? Yes, it is through Young. So here's the value off X, which is X is W when we try to change from one toe, go to the other. So that's why that's why we get we get that valuable off exes double. Okay, so that's all about that is so noticed. Make something is different, Which is, let's ask the other thing, which, as it's trying to make under thing, which is Brent, because here print what? Okay, plant open, curb. Prentice's on. Um, let's ask about why is not I'm going toe asked, by contrast, is not on, but it is not string OK? Yes, that's correct. Yeah. If you can see here the value off, why is 15 So here we are. We are goingto asking about that. That of value off by which is 15 which is not. I string. It must returns the truth, this electron to see the result. Yes, it's true. Why? Because off Why exactly is not the strength? Okay, let's try to make something else which is injured. Why is not injured? But we know that the why the value of White is an interview because off the number off 15 is an interior volume. It's not double, it's not. String is not other things. Let's try to run to see the results. What it gives us. OK, fourth. Yeah, that's correct. Okay, His ex is double its through. Yes, because off value of X is 20.5, which contains a fraction which is decimal values on. Yes, it's a bubble. That's why it gives us through on with the other valuables called Why? Why is not injured? But we know that why is an injured So that's why we get we give or take that value off. Why is the fourth So that's all for this lecture about the type test operators. Thanks for watching and see you in next collector 13. Operators Part4: Hi. Welcome to the new lectures in this section. I'm going to show you everything about that equality Andi Relational operators on once again with this kind off operators, we are going to start work with some operations like greater than Lister. Resident recall is that people equal equal or not equal. That's armed six operators. So let's start with this kind off operators, which called equality and Relational on its begin, defined this kind off operators. Relational operators tests or defines the kind off relationship between two entities, like eggs on why, Once again, we have to define the relation between two instances on the actual result. From this kind off operator, it will be ah, bullion. Boehlje means that there is a what would be party true or force? Okay, doesn't return, is the number injured or are double or strings. It's only bullion, and we know that the bullion it will returns only true or force. So that's all about this kind off operators, which called relational relational operators. So let's begin testing on dry two types some codes to know how to work with this kind off operators. Here's the valuable, which called X on. We assigned the value off Tim to that variable on bond. It's assumed that we try to created new variables called y on it have the value. It have the value off. 15 Onda. Also, we have Bean declared the value with name of results without assigning for any kind off data because off we are going to use it in a couple off. Off examines O are in operations, so he started to start working with that result toe store. The value off this operation on this operation, which called that we ask about the X as a value as a valuable as variable value, is greater than off why. Okay, and we can time in time. And there's X is greater than why that mean we asked about that. The value off X is greater than the value of why. So it's full up to make this stressing. The value of X is the 10 10 is greater off. Why what is 15 10 is greater than 15. It's not. It's not true on this, this operator, it will return the value off force because off 10 is not greater than 15. But if we try to make this valuable this value off X. It will be 20. Then, when we ask about this cumbersome operator, we can't show up. The value of XT will be 2020 is greater than or equal 15. Yes, it's true, so the result will be true. So let's try to see on Dhere. Is the method off? Brent. I include you to type all of this code on your device because off without experience, you can grow up and we can't get any useful information. So print X is greater than why. Which is the text on as you. I know that when we try to interpellation or to contaminate some value with text, we can do that by Adam. There sign on. Then Kerry presses on. Inside the curb is we have to put it the value of the name off valuable, which called results so once again that would be returned one off. Two options two or four. So it's strike two bran to see the result. Okay, X is greater than why is through. So once again, let's try to change the value off. X Valjavec of X is 10 on the value of y as 15 on its tried to see the result. Here's the result. Once again, the result will toe 12 show up the value off this comparison statement. This is the relational Britain, which is X is greater than 50. Why we're asking on we compare to other ends. The first print is X, which have value of tenting is greater than off. Why or 15? It's not through its force so that there does not will be. It will store the value off force on exactly exactly with this method. Off print excuses why it will return to the force value. Click here on the run X is greater than why is forced. So that's cool. Okay, once again, let's go back to make 20 and run again to make this this person is true market That's good on X is why is true. Yeah, because off 20 is greater than 15. So let's try to type this valuable or these are prince with other Can I teach it? So let's try to make my gosh. I'm sorry. Okay, let's try to copy that code or type from the beginning. As you can see, here is the result. Sorry is equal to x Tristan Why cynical? OK, so what can happen here? Let's try to make friends. Friends? What Sin Nichols Single cards. X is lesser than why Double Colon toe arrived. This guard on the sorry open care braces on results to see the actual results on. Then don't forget, Forget to type the cynical at the end off this line and tried to push that back of run to see that. Okay, X is greater than why is through a sorry excuse on why, yes, it's true. But X is little than why is lesser than why is force. Yeah, because off X is not lizard than what. Yeah, that's that's this Cumbersome is right. Yeah, X is a 20 20 is listed on 15. It's not true. That's why there is not return the force. Soak it. Let's continue to make on other codes, as you can see here, back toe, ranch or court more enough. Okay, that's cool. Andi. Now what I'm going to do trying to do. Okay, let's go over to tie to Cubby to save the time looking. The third kind X is greater than or equal. So in this kind off, off cumbersome, we ask the first ob around is X, which have value off 20 is greater than or equal why 20 is gathered on record 15. That's right. Equal means that the list the lifter apperance it's may equal to why. So that's that's the meaning off a greater than or equal. So this first thing is just right toe to run to see. Okay, sorry is, uh, Greater Van or equal to y Okay, do. And, um, it's forced out. But X is greater than or equal to, why it's true. It's a greater yes, because off 20 is greater than 15. But if we try to Meg, that valuable is 15. So don't go to Bush that bottle off run to see the result. Okay, you can see that there's to tow. The 1st 2 option is force. Yeah, because off. Well, we try to ask on this Kind X is greater than why excess 15 15 is greater than 15. It's not true. That's why the first, the first expression returns the force with the second expression, which is X is lesser than why X is 15. Listen done 15 15 as list of No, it's not true. Yeah, that's why result on the next expression or in the second explosion returns the force. So let's address on the third expression. Here's, uh, this liners of equal to X, a greater Than or Equal X is 15 15 is not greater than why. But X is equal to 15 on this kind of Russian is true. So one off to pension that is true. That's why this expression returns that true? Yeah, because off X is the president or even its equal. It's not better, but but, But it's equal to why. That's why we see that the result is true. So it's back to make it thesis kind off. Oppression is 20 on running again to see okay X 20 X is greater than us is. X is greater than two. Why, that's why whites returns that true. OK, now I'm going to try the the other cumbersome or the other. Statements result equal necks lesser than or equal, which would be explicit than or equal to while X is 20 which is not a great lizard than why on also 20 is not equal toe 15. So that's why this value will return. It should give us the value off force on this truck. Let's try to do it. Okay, that's force. Yeah, X is less than or equal to White X is 2020 does not lesser than why. And also even though X is not equal to wife, so two options and to conscience is force. That's why the result is force. Now it's tried to do something else, which called X is equal nickel to Why does X equally go to Why, if to Auburn's that left a brand which your business by the name off variable X on the right over in which called why which represent the second Doubront. Okay, if v off, if these two operations have the same value or not 20 entity, it's not the same is equal to knock. It is equal to thanks which yeah, equality be quality. Yes, it's X is equal to as a cause here on Baron to Cedars up. It should return the off the force. Yeah, that's that's Korea because off X does not meet why, But with me, if we try to change it to 15 are to make too valuable with the same value. Okay, 12 represents our twitter for the the right. So now it's tried to to try the last operation in equality and relational operators. Okay, on the way we are going toe ask about does not equal. So this come person represents is not okay is not equal to why yes, that's cool on them It showed Gives us the right. Okay, that's three X is not equal to why yes, because off the first different have over the value of 20 on the second Doubront have the value or 15 on Exactly. Yes, 20 does not equal to 15. That's why yes, on this sambal represent the the operator off not equal. Okay on here's the two equal but which means that we asking about if the two other is equal or not. Okay, as allergic. So now I'm going toe to try to change the light off eggs and why? And try to make run, then traced back again. Okay, that's cool. Yeah, yeah. You can see that there is 1234 is true. And to force. Okay, exit is lifting. And why is 15 x 15 is greater than 15 or force It takes this done. Why? It's forced because of 15 Does not does not listen than 15 with the third option X is greater than or equal okay. X 15 is not together. They're fee, but X is equal to 15. That's why excess together, where equal is true on with the other. Expression X is lesser than or equal. 15 does not later than 15 but it's equal to 15. That's why on this on this expression, we see that computer is true. Referenced the value off through on Let's go toe the to the result here X equal. Why X s 15 on Why is 15 on? We asked if those value is not is equal equal to yes on be Here's here You can see that X is exactly the same off. Why is X is equal to why That's true on then, on the last expression X is not equal to what X 15 and wife 15 X is not equal to. Why is force yes, because off X is equal to why it's not nothing away. So that's what that's the way off have to work, whether cumbersome this back to make X is 20 and 15 and try to make to make this God on your device on. You have to change the number. You have to make up this expression exactly as we do. Then you have to to get a full understand about these expressions and this functions. Sorry. These operators how to work on? How can you try to use it in the future? That's all about this lecture. See you. And next lecture. Bye for now. 14. Operators Part5 Bitwise operators: Hi. Welcome to the next toe. The new luxury decision. I'm going to show you everything about the big wise operators once again, but twice Britta's. And for that, I'm going to grab. Or two. Could be that, then basic here. Okay. Be twice operators, as you can see here. Okay. Twice vibrators with twice. Operators were asking about Something is different, Like a bit on. Bite on. For that, I'm going to to choose something else. Like two x equal to y equals three as example on, um let's go toe coming here to represent these values as a bet and bite bet, presentation, presentation as example. Yes, it's a prison to shin. Ok. Oh, my gosh. Prison occassion. Okay. Yes, there's a relevant ana. Why value which represent by 11 as you can see here. So now what I'm going to do far result to see what it does. And here's the the far off result. It will be equal equal off. What? The first thing which I'm going toe asking about a and for a or for explore on. Let me show you everything about about these conditions. So this dry to to type before take any action. So let's tied all off operations, which we will be allowed x on. Why, as example as you can see here var result Copy here, Onda and basic here, which would be, or on the 3rd 1 which would be explore on the patient to see the actual result off that But with But before before, continue with that, I'm going to to give you a sorry for my gosh, What's going here? Okay, that's good. Okay, let's let's explain everything about the big twice. Be twice operators with a bit twice operators. I'm going toe to show you everything about Andi or X, Or so let's begin this cuss the Aunt of Britain twice on and this operator returns ah one in each bet position for which the corresponding bets off both operations are ones both brands, which collapses by X on Dwight. That's all about the and operator. So with the other option, or the other operator, which called it twice or twice, or returns a one in each bet position for which the corresponding bets off either or both open operations are ones. The 3rd 1 which called explore with exhort, returns a one in each bet portion for which the corresponding bits off. Either off either. But not both operations are once. So that's the big difference between explore on. Or so it's a try to brand this value, which would be represented as well on this operators. So now I'm going to print, as you can see here. Okay, Bubble. What I'm going to do. Okay. Okay. Here's, uh okay, let's go to show you the result. Copy here on, uh, going to passage here, as you can see here, Best here. So the actual value, which will be, as you can see here. Andi, here's the result. As you can see. Okay, that's cool. That's the result on to make that copy. Yes, it will be copy. As you can see here. Yes, it's copy. No, we can. I think we have toe grab everything. Could be here. Andi, basic. Here. Scroll down to see the other option, which would be okay. Deleted? Yes. So here is our And here are the explore, As you can see here far. Exactly. That's cool on. Let's start to run to see the results, to see what can happen here. Okay, I think we have some problem? Yes, absolutely. Yeah, I forget Toe add that Our sign. OK, I'm sorry for that. But with practice you can see a lot off options. You can make some missing or some mistakes here or there. So let's tried to run to see the result. What can happen in result. So okay, var result which would be equal to the actual operators. So what's going on here? Results far result results. Are there any problem you copy here basted you this year? Also face it you on back to make run to see if there's still any air combining to JavaScript. So it's tried to see the Where is the exactly where is the mirror? Here. Okay. Yeah, we have Bean declared the result. Okay, I think we don't needs to declare this valuable one more time because off we have been declared once. I think this is the wrong way. Yes. Yeah, exactly Us. Okay? Yes, we can see that These are the results off x on. Why explore what or why? And ex explore Why So That's the right solution On bond wise, that gives us the combine er because off we have redundant make some redundancy with that declaration off that valuable off results. So that's all for this lecture on there. See you in next lecture with assignment operators. Thanks for watching. See you. 15. Operators Part6 Assignment operators: hi will come to the new lecture and decision. I'm going to show you everything about the assignment operators. So let's begin with that. With that, Operators go to make that options here on, uh, what I'm going to do here. So it's good to make Okay, we don't need Okay. Once again, we'll be back for for a little bit. Onda. Let's make that as a comments by Click. Come on, the back slash or control backslash on your PC. It depends upon the your software. So now I'm going here on the assignment, as you can see. Okay. Once again. OK, it doesn't matter. By with away, let's begin to declare some valuable as example var X equal to 2 20 example on the cloud of the declaration. Other one other very, which called y, which would be 15 as the previous on Do No. We are goingto assignment the assignment that we are going to create a new value off the current valuable or the new variable. So what I'm going to do here the first thing which arm number to make to make it with us time and which is X X plus equal example, why on her stomach colon. Okay for the arrangement called, I think it would be more arranged, as it shown here. So now, to to see that go to the plant as example, Friends the value off X and cynical. So it's it's create or let's go to make tracing. The value of X is 20 value of I F 15 x plus equal why That means we assign the new value off X to be the current value of X added to the value off on them for to be mortal. Five. That means that you biobox will be equal to the current value of X glass. Why on, um, once again, which means which means that X is equal toe 20 blasts. 15. So that's that's the right solution than exactly that means the X It will give us the 35 because of 20 busts. 15 it will be. It will give us the new value off X wish, which will be 35. So that's the meaning off X plus equal white. So it's try to run that court to see the result once again. Yes, that's correct. The value of X is 35 so that's why I'm going to make this comment to show you the actual result on the actual process which would be coming into the compiler. So now let's try to make the other thing by adding on and Onda and to make other stuff. So now is equal to 20 once again on Why is he is equal to sorry? Why is equal through 15 as example on now let's try to make why, Why minus X So what does mean? So let's make a comment on I encourage you to do exactly what I do. So that means why is equal to why minus X So that's the meaning off. Why minus X that once again, I hope that you will around your court to be more readable as the corner. So why is the new value off why it will be the current value of Y minus six. The current value of I is 15. 15 minus 20. It will give us minus five. OK, so also artery for that. Okay. And also, I'm sorry I'm so sorry for that. And that means why is equal to 15 minus to win deep, which means that which means that why is equal to minus five. That's the value off wine onto that I'm going to make to create a print mellowed for the valuable off. Why on Let's try to see run? Yeah, exactly. Yes, the new value of y is minus fire. So now it's also make other conscious, which is X equal toe X equal to 20. Cynical enter. Why is equal to 15 as example on now? X asterisk asterisk is equal to why, and you seem to call them on once again, which means that that means X is equal to X Auster's Kwai. That means that which means that X is equal to 2020 asterisk for with 15 which means that X is equal, as you can see, as you can see here. Okay, to make that more clear, that's why I'm going to add a double doc slash toe, give you the full documented off that Court X equal to 20 by 15. I think Let's try to do it. I have think eyes to make calculator. Yeah, it's 300 Maybe yeah, maybe 300. Yes, I think so. Okay, so it's tried to run to see that. Oh my gosh, where's the print. Okay, now I'm sorry for that print. So reprint X value on here is me Colon on run? Yes, exactly. It's a 300 Andi. Also, even though x is equal to 20 semi colon, why is equal to three? Why is you got 15 semi column on now? X is equal toe X X, divided by big, divided by equal to why interest in corn on that means. Which means that X is equal to X. Divided by why? Which means that X is equal to 20 toe indeed divided, divided by 15. Which means that that means X is equal to 20 divided by 15. I think it will be one on the reminder with other stuff. So what I'm going to do here, I think it's one, maybe 20 divided by 15. Yeah, I think it's one It may be. Yeah, and now it's trying to make a brand off. So, Brent off X, as you can see here on your semi Colon on. Let's try to see what it does. Okay on. Now, let's go to run to see that. Okay, combine Shearer. Okay, let's go over to see what is the error. Okay, X So we're gonna have it here. Do we have any problem? Okay. I'm sorry. Oh, yes. Yeah, yeah. Okay. I think we should, um, define that valuable to be. I'm double okay for that. Here's I'm going to make dynamic dynamic as example, because off it contains something. OK, It's, um make it. Why one on his y one as a cancer a year, because off he was this very much time. So let's go dynamic y one to make run to see the result if it waas current or not. So once again, it's also we still have a problem dynamic y one. Okay, okay, 15 by zero. Is that right? It's maybe try to see the result. Okay, let's go to make 61 on also, it's dynamic. Okay, dynamic on also extra one, as you can see here. So, Brent 61 to see what can happen here. I try to make run. Yes, that's that's correct On Why? Why does that happen? Because off, when we start using this kind off operator which called divided, we must define the valuable as as a double or changed the current pushing because off we have bean created or declared this variable on. We assign the the integer for these variable, and we have been used on multiple locations here. That's why we stuck with that. So now that we are going to try to use the other stuff which called, which called what Oh my gosh. OK, now I'm going to choose X one. As you can see here, X one is X one, which, divided by by person, is equal to why one on this tried to see what can happen here or what does need. So once again, let's try to Coby these numbers here on based it here once again. Okay, well, we didn't need to make any declaration once again. OK, that means that fix one is equal to X Juan person to buy. Why one on DNA? Now we are looking into that remains. So now brand front. What? Get friends off. It's too. When on here is the value. The reminder on make run to see the result to see there's that off X one to see what can happen here. Yeah, it's five. Yeah, that's good, because off 20 divided by 15 it will remains five on. That's the actual result. So that's all about a sign operators. Okay, that's awful as typewriters. And that's all for this lecture. See you in the last lecture, which called Logical operator. Have a nice time and see. 16. Operators Part7 Logical operators: Hi. Welcome to the new election in this again, I'm going to show you all of about logical Opie raters. So let's make a copy here and start to assign that for this. Okay, That's cool. Okay, so this is beginning by assigned the new values to be able to do something. So once again, under to define Var X is equal to 20 grand semi colon on yours. Var. Why? Which goal? Which would be assigned to 15 as devious. So now what I'm going to do here, I'm going to define far result result as a consider vars up, which equal to the the this kind off a brother was called political operators. We are. We are talked with two locations with multiple brands or brands. Right on left. So what I'm going to do here now I'm going to make some some comm prison off, ext. Listener, Why? Ok, here is the value. Open X list down. 15 x Tristan, 30 example on. Let's try to make a cynical on now branch off result to see the result result as you can see here and here. Semi colon. So let's try to run to seek result on Then after the result, we we can go through to discuss everything about this kind off political Britain. With the alleged collaborators we are going, This is delicious collaborator which represent as on and with this kind offish campus as we are looking to that to others or two factors the right and side. Okay, let's look at the left side of brands which called Exley's down. My exes 2020 is not his next list on why? Which is force the right side off this operator which called excellence down 30 Lex is 20 on its exactly is than 30. So then if side is forced on, right side is right. Okay, Threw on fourth. It will give us the result off force. That's why we see that result is force. So here's here's that that the description will be what will come every time, every time, every time. Oh my God! We get way will see those old The result The result His force If Polly one factors is force which I mean by factors his the factors, the left factor or the right factor. Okay, if we have only one factor would be forced. The actuals will be fourth on. We will. God's the right. The result riots. Whether it is there is a true story. Yeah, this is on Lee. If both factors well, the would be true, as you can see here. So now, as you can see here with this with that document, I think I should at a multi line document on for that. Yes. Here we go. And there is the way off that appearance, as you can see here. Yes, that's that's correct. Yeah. On now with that? Yes, his with regard here. Yeah. Okay. So that's cool. Yes. On her is the I think it's it may ask or not. Okay, by the way. Okay. That's the way off. How to type the document. Multi line. Okay. So every time we will see, the result is force. If only one factors is force. I mean by one factor. Left or right? So in the current example, you see that X Is this done? Why? Which is force on the right? The right factor is drew. So let's make the other option XT list on 10. Which means that the left or grand the lift operator is forced because off x is not a list of my twenties not less than 15 on. Also, the value of X, which is 20 is not least list on 20. So the both factor is force. So exactly the result will be this condition is force. So it's like to to make the third option, which is, or the third probability which is extra grated on why X is 20 on. That's true. Why is 15 20 is because it better than 20 is greater than 15 which is true. So the left are barren or the lift factor is true. But the riots which is X is list on toe 10 which is forced through and force it will gives us force try to get run Exactly. It will give us force. So we tried three prob probabilities that the left the left is forced. The right is true. The left is force and writers Fourth, the lift is force underwritings True. Okay, so now I'm going to try the the last option, which is to opulence or two factors to be true. X is this. Don't worry, Okay? It's, uh the same on X is greater than my guess that the hunting so that left factors, which is X because otherwise exes 20 on Why is 15 20 is greater than 15? That's right on the right side exes 20 which is greater than 10 which is two. So in this probability, we see that both off the conscience or both off factors through and through. So now with this logical betters, if we got all or if we get them, both sovereigns or both, conscience is true. The result will be true. So it's going to take run to see exactly. It's true. So that's all for that conscience. So now what? I'm going to do it. Let's try to make the other options, which is, or or condition on. For that I'm going to give X equal to 20. Cynical on on why, which is equal to 15 semi colon on the result. As you can see here, which will be is equal to it's right. By the way, I'm going to choose the same the same operator on the same value to show you exactly what you can do on this'll kind off logical, but it will be or was or okay, it's here. Oh, my gosh. I'm sorry for this expectant identify. Okay, Aunt Years X is greater than 10 as you can see here, now it's silk. Or don't forget to time this me corn at the wrist or the end off each line in a dart. So now I'm going to apply Brent Friends off. Result as you can see here. Okay, so let's try to Di Brown. Okay, to wise through, let's try to see X is greater than why. Which is true, because off next 20 exes got out that yes, because off twenties girls are down 10. That's true. Both off, conscience is true. So each time each time in or condition condition, we will see the true result. If on Bali on all the, uh so is that if if we have at least one condition, is through what I mean by that what I mean by that which I mean by that I mean that if we God at least one. If we got at least one condition is true, then there is a will be true on this example. You can see both condition is true. So it's right toe to see different. Exley's down my exes. 20. Why is the is that tension through noise force because off 20 is not least lesser than why so this condition is force on this. Go to the right condition which is executed and write which is true through and forth. It will give us true. Let's try to run. Okay, It's true. Yeah, in this operator which called or only if we have only one conscience is true. Then there is a total be true. So now let's try to do the other thing which is the right side. Tru should be true on the site will be two on the right side. It would be forced his the condition which is X cigarettes. And then why which is 20 is the girls at 9 15 which is true or the right side which is X list on 10 which is 20 list done 10 which is forced so through and forth. It will give us true because off we have only one condition is true. That's why we got the result is true. So the last condition, which is fourth we have the force Here you go way will get the fourth result if only if we have both conditions both conditions. Both conditions is force is force. Okay? Both conditions. That's me. Is the right condition off this opulence on the left condition. It should be forced to get the result force. So let's try to do that. X Is this Don? Why excess 20 does that through our force 20 is lizard than 15 which is force the riot abre the right operation or the right condition X lizard an 10 which is Force Force or force. The result It would be forced so it's to try to take Ron to see the result. Okay, Force wife was because off to conscience is force. So now they tried to do the other the other off conditional statements or the other. You have other little collaborators which called is equally quick. So now I'm going to time to grab or these examples because a year okay based So now next is equal x equal equal. A storage X is equal equal to why is that through our fourth? So now let's go to print it. Grab that. Oh, my gosh. Okay, I'm sorry for that, but by the way, Okay. Let's try to make Sprint reserve equal to X equal while excess 20 on Why is 15 x is equal? Provide is not true so that there is a will be force? I think so. Yeah. Okay, that's false. So the other option, which is the negative, the negative. Which would be that the rivers or the contrast on to do that? I'm going toe make grab off this court Totally on, then present here on now I'm going to rivers that conditions on we should and the branches is now try to make run printer result. Okay, through wise through Because off we have been asked about their love equals x equal. Well, why? Which is force Rivers Force? It would be true. Okay, so that's all off about this logical operators. It's four kind. The four type, which is for kind, which is on or equals equals Andi, not which is or which called negative or levers off the current value. That's all for this picture. I see you in next six 17. Loops part1 for loop: Hi. Welcome to the new section Off loop loop in dart programming language at times, certainly, transit require repeated execution. Loops are an ideal way to do the same alone represents a set off instructions that must be repeated in a loops contain context. A repetition is it is termed as on alteration. We have two types of loops, which is definately lobes. Andi, in definite loops for lube, is Luke, who is number off. Its orations are definite fix. It is termed as a definite loop. Why Love is on in different group is used when the number off it orations in a lube is indeterminate or amount. We have to implement the in these cases for room for in a lobe. Why lube do I? So let's begin discuss about the for loop at the first lecture. The first group is on implementation off a different look. By the way, the for Loop executes the code block for a specified number. Off times it can be used to it straight over a fixed set off values such as on earlier. So is this begin and dive deep in the form, So now I'm going to define a variable of X equals zero as example. Many outside the four room also, even though we can start dialect by timing the forum and this is the syntax off four on, then I'm going toe create var X equals zero as example toe initialized this variable, best ex con shen list on or equal to 10 as example. Cynical in on. Then give the this value on increment on. Now what I'm going to do to make everything as well I have. I'm going to time to open that Kerry presses on, then start to make create a friend method for the X value on then semi Colon at the end off this line, as you can see here. So now it's tried to run to Cedars. After running this God, I will show you everything is as well. So once again for X equals zero explicit report 10 x plus less print X. So we must get the value off. +012 Okay, that's cool. Yes, that's right. +0123456 to 10. So let's begin tracing. This is the for lube syntax. The first part we have. Bean declared the valuable off X on assigned the value of zero to initialize that value on the middle block. We we have bean create the conscience statements so that load will be a trade on make. Repeated itself within the condition is drew. So here's the pension X is this town or equals 10 because of its zero explosive exegesis, which means that X equals X plus one to inclement that value on Here's Inside the Kerry presses. We have Bean provide the metal off Brent to bring out that value off X. So the first time x zero on these which it gives us the true condition here so that we have seen Brent the zero as its sound here. Yes, it's zero on with inclement, the new value off exit will become one. So the next time exit would be 11 list Enrique attend. That's true on then Brent one, which is one here on. Also, by increment, one X equals X plus one, which is one plus one. It will become two. So the third, the third time ext, would become to two historical 10. It's true, and then Brent to on. That's why which we get that value off to here on, even though the 3rd 4th on the last time when the value of extra B 99 Eastern potentates through. And here's the nine after that would become 10 Onda. We will continue for aggression. X equal 10 10 list on record in Yes, it's list then or it's not listening, tin. But thing is equal to 10. So that we have mean we will see the number off them. But if we it changed that condition Toby X less than 10 then we will never get the number off 10 here. So let's again make Ron to see that is not okay. Here we go. 0123456789 Yeah, wise, we lose that them because off the condition seems to be difference. So that's all about the four loop aunt. How to do with that on? That's all for this lecture. See you next Lecture to see more about four end up 18. Loops part2 for in loop: Hi. Welcome to the new action. In physical. I'm going to show you to show you everything about the four in Blue which assigned here to the kids to four in Luke. As you see, the four in Luke is used to look throw on objects, properties. So let's begin. Start with example to see to show you everything about it. So now I'm going to delete it on. Also should agree that I make run to see nothing up here. Yeah, because off there's no variable. No, no value. Okay, that's correct. On now I'm going to to create on object off as example. Let's define it as X okay. Or object. Example. Okay, Jake. Underscore. X example or any Any name, you can type your name as you as you, as you would like on what I'm going to do. Here is 1234 It's why 10 100 1001 when? 10,000 on hundreds off thousands. As you can see here. Also, you can add any data in any kinds off data here. Okay, so we're gonna have any okay on, uh, at the end off this code, we should at the cynical um, to get that everything is OK. So here is the list, or it cause every day and another program language on. Now I'm going to to create a for in loop for open the practices on the inside that that process is I'm going to tow to create. Define the new variable var X in and what in object, as you can see here in object, underscore X for here's the iterations would be still look around for each object value for each of value inside the brain or less on as you can see here, let me show that that's all on what I'm going to do. We have to rent out the value off off X, by the way, Exit will represent each value inside the array until the condition or the the length off this array or less, it will be finite. So let's try to run to see the result. Yes, here we go. 1 10 101,000 10,000 on hundreds off thousands. So that's all about it. And that's the way off. How to create for in So once again, we use for end with on objects and properties, especially in a raise or in some objects and class. So that's what for Foreign Lube on DSI You in next lecture by for now. 19. Loops part3 while loop: Hi. We can do the new textures in this picture. I'm going to show you everything about the wild loop. The Wild executes the instructions each time the condition is satisfied. Evaluates tour up to true. In other words, the loop evaluates the condition before the block off court is executed. So this begin start where the y look to type the court off wild as example. So let's try to create variable var X equals zero as example as you can see here and here seem cologne on, then I'm going to define the y. Look, as you can see here, Okay, with that condition, I'm going to ask about why X list done. Five. As example as against a year opened, the care presses on inside that I'm going to brand that value of X these McCollum on, then explosive plus semicolon on, that's all. So now let's go toe to create a run on. Then we have to follow up. Okay, that's cool. Yeah, 01234 So let's address that court. We now on the top. We have been declared that variable. Also, you can declare that valuable inside the promises by by adding far X equals zero example. Okay or whatever. And there's the syntax off. While here's the condition. While X is this 95 exit start are initialized with 00 is the sound bite that's true on here is the print Why inside the career Curly braces on. That's why we get the first value l zero on then express loss, which means that it's will become It will become one so one less than five years on and print. Exe is one that we get the one here on its last lost, which means one last one, which would become, too of our X equal to to list on five. It's true on bond it would be continuing on also for the three on before the last one with 44 list. It's true print four X lost loss, which means that for Black Swan on it will become five. Next is the value of X. It's 55 enough. It's not true. That's then that court it will break up on, but it will not execute. So that's what we what we have bean doing on this code off while. And that's what about this lecture on See you in next picture. Bye. For now, 20. Loops part4 do while loop: Hi. Welcome to the new picture and this picture. I'm going to show you the new criteria on. We have to discuss the do while loop. So what's do I look? The do I loop is similar to the while loop, except that the do I look does not evaluate the tension. For the first time the loop executes, however, the conscience is evaluated for the subsequent alterations. In other words, the court block will be executed at least once in a do. Why look? So let's begin with example as exact as you can see here. So let's try to create a valuable Varteks equal to five as example, her semi colon on. Then try to type this card off Duke. Here's the syntax, the syntax off do on, then brand off its value, as you can see here to call on the x minus minus three minus minus. Disney corn on, uh, the top while when what? Why X is greater than on White X is least done. Zero. Andi. There's cynical on, and it's try to do run to see what it does. Okay, it gives us number five on Let's do it. That tracing the valuable off X. It have the value off five on inside the do while inside the do is a syntax off the while on Bit's coming into the care oppresses print. Exe would with True, which have value off five on X minus minus, which means that expect will become four because off five minutes one it will be four on. Then way Have Bean asked about the conscious after executing that court or that look off God, we asking about the value off X while Exley's down five. The value of X is five. Okay, five does not. That does not listen lesser than zero anymore. Okay, that's why the that's why we see that that there is difference between X and y. So let's try to make that another hand X equal. One as example on here is except lost. But as you can see here while Exum Okay, Mr He was zero z room while ex uh, why Exley's done or equal. Five has no five. Just just the market Here is the of our X, which is zero print off zero, that's all. OK, let's try to make that code. Okay. 01234 So the value of X zero do print zero? Yes, now it's become 11 is on five years. It's OK. X is one do print. One it would be gives us one Andi increments by one to become to stop. Five. It's through continue even law for the four for print for four plus one is 555 It's not so it would give it to become out side off That book caught for the do while. So that's the way off. How to make a loop by using girl Do while Why look for a loop on for And I hope that you will try to type all of this court by yourself to learn everything about the dart on to become more professional as a programmer who would like to be a developer off dart or flatter in the future. Have a nice day on See you in next 21. Conditional:Decision making part1 if: Hi. Welcome to the new section in this situation, I'm going to show you everything about that decision making or a conditional conditional decision making Construct evaluates a condition before the instructions are executed. Conditional constructs in dart are classified in the following cases, which is if statement if else statement s f ladder statement on a switch case statement. So here we have four kind or for types off conditional statements it so it is not difficult to go through with with each one. So let's talk about the F statement with every segment on FS. Statement consists off ah bullion expression followed by one or more statement with the other case, which is called, if else statement on if can you followed by an optional else block. The else look will execute if the bullion expression tested by the F block evaluates to force with the 3rd 1 or third cast, which called else if leather statement in this part, the else F leather is useful to test multiple conditions following in the same tax off the same. The fourth case, which called switch kiss statement the switch guest statement evaluates on expression, matches the expressions value to a case clause on execute the statements Associate ID with that case. So that's all about this short introductory about the decision making on a conditional. So it's dive deeper in each off them. So let's begin with the F Steadman's on. To do that. It's got to try some example here because off with programming you have to type called without cutting. You cannot understand anything. So let's start to declare any tribal as example of our X equal to 10 as example, or whatever you have to do whatever he wants on, Let's Start toe ask here is the block cut off Con Shin If X is greater than 10 as sorry if Picks is going down five as example. OK, so what can I do here, Robin? Karen braces and do the fooling expression. Print the number as example under of awesome. The number on the it's tied that number by adding this the number eggs. No, I cannot the number. Okay, I'm sorry for that small mystics because off I must add all of that code inside the single quotation Colonel eggs once again. I'm sorry for that. Here we go. That's cool. Yes, on here's the same Nikola. The number of off X is Greta done. Five has examined. So that's all on. Uh, let's try to see. So once again with that code we have seen with this American, we have been asking about the conditional statement if that variable is aggressive or not for that actual, very well, which connects run to see the result. Okay, the number often is a greater that five. So it's tried toe. Do the other option, as you can see here. Run to see. Okay, it's not executed inside the Kerry braces here we got because off the conditional statement is not true. So that's that's the way off using the F s statement. Okay, so that's all for this lecture on and see you in next lecture. 22. Conditional:Decision making part2 if else: Hi. Welcome to the new lecture in this sick. Sure. I'm going to show you everything about the F else statement on once again on if can be full by an option else block. Vast block will execute if the Boolean expression tested by the F block evaluates to force . So that's the way off Using f else. Stepped on how it wars as well. So once again, if the boy in expression if I was to be true, then the F block off court will be executed. Otherwise, else block off court will be execute executed. Andi, begin with some example on. Yeah, Exactly. For from time to time, we have to do everything that he wants. Okay, we can continue with that example. As you can see here. If Exley's done five print on, then we can go through the go throw to make else on the type open the other Carolyn places on, then planned. Here we go. The number off, as you can see here. Off. What? Off their sign off. Encourage Mrs X is lesser. That blister or listen down. Is this done? Ok, is least five. Okay. Okay. If sexless done. Five numeral is greater than five. Okay. If true, it will is not greater than okay. Okay. If it's true. No, I think I got drunk. Mistake. The number off eggs is gradually he's okay. If true, it would be excused here. Otherwise it will execute. That or five is greater is greater down five. Okay, here's looking. If this condition is true, if sexless that list down five, it will execute this This court the number off. Five. The number of X is lizard than five. Otherwise the number off X is greater than five. So that's the correct expression to make that code work as well. So now let's try to run that coat to see the result, as you can see here. So the number off 10 is greater than five. So that's that when you see Okay, that's cool. Yeah, it's execute that at the other exhibition, which is else under the S. So it's like to change that condition. Onda, Um, at this time we see that this conscience that is true because off X value is 10 on 10 is greater than five. Then this card will be execute the first block under which belongs the If statement so that this take Ron. Okay. The number of X is lesser than five. Is lesser than five. No, no, it's not true. By the way. It z greater than five. OK, it's greater than five otherwise OK, here. Is that Lester? Them five. Ok, that's good. Look it Okay, When this condition is drew, it will execute this this line off court. Otherwise, if this conscience is false, then it will. It will excuse other courts. So all all all all the things depends on the value of X. So now let's try to change the value of X. Let's type that value of X to be two on run to see the result. Okay, the number off to is listen. Notify Oculus. That's cool. Yes, on we see that it's executes its it executes the the instead because off X is two on next. Is not the President five on its Then it will. It will give us the false condition under the if statement so that it will goes to the else to be executed. So that's about the the condition incident with F else. That's all for this lecture 23. Conditional:Decision making part3 if elseif else: Hi. Welcome to the new teacher in physical. I'm going to show you how to use else F letter, which is useful tojust multiple conditions on when we use the FL statement. There are a few points to keep in mind. By the way on, if can have zero or one else's on, it must come after any else efs on if can have zero too many else efs on. They must come before the else once on else if succeeds, none off the remaining else f's or else is will be tested. So now let's begin direct with that example. And for that, let's delete all of this card and then let's try to create a bar. But I example what's gonna happen here? Okay, which will be equal to two as example, Because here Onda, then I'm asking about about the X the I Okay, if I a greater than zero as example on, then often care braces friend Alstory friend. The number off there are sign. Oh, okay, is take a greater than zero. Okay, that's cool. Here we go on. Uh, that's cool on Dhere. What I'm going to do here else if look at this timing? Yes, if if what? As if beside the condition. I'm sorry for that. Okay, Else If often the Francis's on asking one more time. If I Let's done zero, then we have to Brent other there number off. Sorry for that. The number off their sign of a terror braces number off. I is lesser than zero to be going Otherwise Yes, that's what it is. Friends. Okay, the number off. What? Their sign. I is equal to zero here ago. Then that's cool. OK, those are three options. So this tried to run to see the results. Okay, by the way, looking the number of light is too, As you can see, here is doom Onda, Look at the result. Love gives us the number off to is greater than zero. So it excuse the 1st 1? Yeah, because off I is equal to Andi. It comes up to the deficit in tow at the beginning and asking about the value off. I is due to president zero. It's true on. Then it executes this blocks off God, then quit. So let's try to change its not asking for other options else f or else. Yeah, because off the first option is through. Okay, This condition is true because off is greater than zero. So else if I list on 00 that mean the value off while it's trying to make that value is lesser than zero on. If it is, it will. If it comes to be true here on this condition, which is else F then we will give the number off minus two as example is less than zero. Otherwise, the third option which is or the third probability which would be make that I is IK is equal to zero because off I the valuable Maybe it's maybe greater or listen or he point. It's just no more. Otherwise it's not. It's impossible to be coming here, so let's try to run to see the result. Okay, the number off minus two is Lisa than zero. So as you can see here, it executes the second conscience. So let's stress again. I is minus one. If I greater than zero, I is minus two minus two is not It goes without zero. So then this condition, it seems to be force. It gives us the force evaluates So that then we were coming to the next conscience, which is else, if else if we're asking again about the value off I value off by is minus two minus two is listen and zero Yes, that's correct On then. For that it executes this block off course. The number off I is lesser than zero. So now it's right to change that value off I to be zero once again. So keep in your mind that we have a three options off that value it may become for that variable off I It may be a positive number aggressive than zero or equals due to zero r lizard on zero. So that's that's all off this probabilities. So now if we have, if we are going to tressed r equals zero, if I get on a 00 is not greater than zero so that this evaluation is force so that it comes to the next the next conditional statements which asking also about the I variable off, I guess if I listen Nancy Room I is the very off 00 is not listed than zero so that these conditions have also its force. So that's what then. This condition is that this option, It will be coming to the third option, which is else the last one else. Brent, the the number. Okay. Where the number off. I is equal to zero on this strike to see run to see the result. Okay, the number off zero is equal to zero. Okay, that's cool. So? So that's all about that. If else if letter statements. And that's all for the sexual. Thanks for rushing and see you in next picture by 24. Conditional Decision Making-Switch-Case- part 4: Hi. Welcome to the last lecture in this section off a conditional decision making on in this region. I'm going to show you on discuss all of about switch case. And for that, I'm going to delete all of these cards okay to see everything about the switch case. So once again, they're switch statement evaluates on expression, matches the exhibitions value toe case, claws on, executes the statements associated with that case and for that value off variable expression example in is distant against all cases and the switch. If the variable matches one off the cases, then the corresponding called block is executed. If no case expression matches the value off the variable expression, then the court within the different block is associated. So this begin to try on to dive deep on that example. And for that we can ask about the grades the great off the students at the university. So if the great it will be a that vast, it would be excellent or professional. If the grand for that for that student would be beam. Hey, will get a great off God on. If he had a great off see, then he will get a badge off fair on the other option, which is that if the students have a great off deep, it will give the poor patch. Otherwise, that will get invalid a choice because off it does not match any off this choice or any of these grades on that university or school on for that, It's right too. Could yet to declare some value for the grades. Most students Okay, students, students underscore greats, as you can see here on which called. Okay, which is as example. Okay, now, Symbicort. Okay, now we have Bean declared the valuable with the name off students grades. So are there any problem here? So what's gonna have been the bottle of bourbon is not used. Okay? Yes, I know. OK, it's not by the way, it's not, uh, you know, but it's ah, some notes. Okay, so now with a switch case, we're asking about the value off this valuable on for that. Let's try to type that code switch. Switch off. My gosh. Such off. What? Switch off students on this car. Great as you can see here on then. Often the Kerry presses okay. Regard Andi for each option, we have been asking about the case. Case off. What case? Off. Great. A on followed by the cone on. Then we have bean. We much we must often the special care braces to make a print option. Brent off. What? Brent, you're glad you are excellence explains badge you got Okay. Excellent. That's all on the Here we go. Okay on for say, the time. I'm going to copy that on after that. After excuse that value. Also, we need to create a break because off if that case match the value, it should break on. Get out, Get out, get away or get up from this. Kat, it's not needs to continue. So now this is, um, may gum. Other, uh, options are asking about the other approaches. Case be as example. Brent, you are Good God as example. My God, our came on also. It's a break. As you can see here, it's break Cobby on. OK, it's coming all of this card and come here asking for the other option which is called kiss C. As you can see here you are fair as example. That's all. Now we are going to kiss the a B c d Yes, it's deem, as you can see here on the Brent if our poor has you can see here on, um Oh, my gosh. Okay, on the kiss F. As you can see here, you are failure. Oh, my gosh. I think it's wrong failure. It's failed year. It's maybe failure. Yeah, I think so. Okay, maybe spring is wrong, but I don't know. Okay, that's cool. On the final, as default default default is here is brands. Is that like, my gosh, it's smaller. It's not capital Israel. Because off, I think. Okay. No, both of them. It's not Drew. Enter entire dot Okay, on anything else on off at the end? We have We must do that. And also ways to make a break. Semi colon. Okay, that's all this. It's the dress. After that, we have to excuse so once again of our sins grades as a as you can see here on this is the value were asking about the value of this variable on bond. If we can fill up into that switch, as you can see here, students grades were asking about that that valuable. So let's, uh, see that cases in case one or kiss him. We asking the value off that case if it was true, then it will execute this block on. Then break took it out with a get out of that or the role of this court. If this if it's not true, then it will ask about the kiss B. If the student egrets is a case beam, then it would execute this court on black to get out on dso on with all of this stuff to case if otherwise, if the entire data or the value off this valuable is not much, any of these cases it will give gives us this value off different by which is none off them . And it's not true entire data or anything that you want that that you'd like to type in this code as different and also back to back to get to with out of that court. So that's all on this Try to run to see the result office. God, Yes, you are excited because off the grid is so it's right to change that value Run to see that's run. Okay, you are failure. Okay, on, um, here is see as example around to see Okay, It's Excuse it. Excuse the kiss. See, you are fair on break. It gets out, OK, getting out of that program. So it's to be as example on time. You are good. Okay. Lets out something. Some data here as you conceived curative or anything, I tried to run. Okay. It really gives us the different value. None off them. It's not true, entire that, by the way, Okay, this started to other thing, which is a example, and run none off them. Be careful. That dart language is case sensitive. Which means that dart looking toe, every single collector. If it was a capital letter or small Little on, as you can see here, we're asking about the case. A capital is not a small on for that. It seems to reading that that entire data or that entering data with a small Toby, none off them. So that once again, be careful when you try to type your code, especially and dark, because off its case since them. And by the way, the law the bladder is care. Since the because off the flutter language is dependent, dependent totaling on the dart because off all of that code, which you learn on Dart. It will be exactly the same and flatter Flutter building on the dart program language. Okay, there is no change on the court. It's Darth coding, that's all. So that's all for this lecture, and that's all for this section. See you in next Lectures on. 25. Functions in Dart Part1: Hi. We come to the new lecture on new section. In this course in this section, I'm going to walk you through to know everything about the functions. Functions in dart functions are the building blocks off readable maintainable on reusable code. A function is a sit off the statements To perform a specific task functions. Organize the program in tow. Logical block off court Once defined functions may be called to access code. This makes the code reusable. Moreover, functions make it easy to read on. Maintain the programs. Coat a function declaration tis the compiler about our functions Name, return type on para meters. A function definition provides the actual body off the function in this section. I'm going to teach you everything about that. How to defining a function. Have toe calling functions on how to return the functions on the all types and kinds about it. Also we will I will teach you characterized functions another hand. I will walk you through to know everything about the optional para meters with optional perimeters, we will talk about the optional positional perimeter on optional named perimeter on. Also, I will tell you all of about optional perimeters with default values. So that's all about this section on. Now let's dive deep and the need 26. Functions in Dart Part 2: Hi. Welcome again. In this occur, I will teach you how to define Ah function in Dart. So to do that, let's dive dive deeper in typing the code on prove it by example as well as we. They're in a couple off lectures that before So now with defining a function in dart function definition specifies what on how a specific task would be done before using a function, it must be defined but in the syntax or for defining standard function which will be looks like this by adding as you can see here, then Nam function as example thinking, name underscore name. As you can see here, this is the dive off, as you can see here, define function. But be sure that when we try to define a function, we must define it outside them in so that way may try to define a function before or above . Off. Men are on the bottom after the men the main program has just shown here. So once again, if I'm going to try to toe check the run to be sure that everything is well, work on fine, it will gives us there's a so once again Okay, that's cool. Which means that the function work as well. So, once again, with defining function, we must you must be defiant outside the main program. Here's the void man, which includes every single line inside these curly braces, which represents the main function. So once again, I encourage you to define your functions above the program or above the mayor program, to sure and to to know that what you are don't to do. So here's the funk name as example, with a function name you can use a candle case or anything that's without you. Wants Onda. Be sure that when you try to use the name off that function, it must not be some keywords okay at exactly. It seems to be similar. Similar land valuables. How to define the variables in Dart. So now what I'm going to do, I I will teach you. The other thing in this lecture, which is how to define function with different with different shapes, are different times. So now the other way, we can five the name of them function curry braces open and close, and inside that we can do whatever what's what we want to do Okay, Okay. Now let's try to see how can we define the function in different ways? So what I'm going to do here, I will guide you to define Onda, declare the function by adding void space funk name on day care braces On the side of the God would be the definition of this function. So what we mean by using a void the void cured indicates that the function does not return any value to the color on. Don't forget that I was just I will discuss with you everything about returning function perimeter as function on how to call a function. So once again, if we use devoid or not, that means that this function doesn't return any values. OK, so that's all about devoid. Andi, I encourage you to use the white because it it's okay when we way. We didn't need to return any values. So now it's to try toe, continue with this example which we have, Bean declared. As you can see here, um, inside this, this character can presses. Let's try to do something like print us example here, a plant Welcome to defining define defining got function, function as example as you can see here on at the end. Semi Colon and inter. Okay, that's all about it. How to add it. So if we try to run, we will never get any data. Because off we didn't call this function to be executed on for execution. I will teach you in the next lecture. Have to execute on how to call the function into the into the program. That's all for the sexual and see you and Mr in next picture. 27. Functions in Dart Part3 calling function: Hi. Welcome to the new lecture Off calling a function in dart a function must be called to executed to execute it. This process is turned as function invocation so that to invoke the function, we must calling on typing the function name would, um, with promises into the main the main program to be executed Onda. And in this example I'm going to show you how to do that. So in the void as it's shown here, we must improve on calling this function. It's so easy by by typing the name of the function underscore name. Okay, that's all on. It will be a followed by scenic colon. So what we do here when we type this code here, that means this is the Corning function. So be sure that we type this the off the function for bite sick or old. So it's inside the main program. Okay, so this calling functions function. It will, calling the function called the block chords off function name, which which have been created on the previous lecture to Brent that different defining or to bring back the content, by the way. So now it's tried to run to see the result, if there are any results. Okay, that's cool. Welcome to defining the function. So once again, when we type the funk name for by semi Colon, as comes as you see here, it's calling that function to be executed without without if you. If I'm going to comment, comment that coat on, start running again to see what it does. Here's the clean court. There's there's nothing because off this God's will, it will never be executed because off the execution foreign aid programme, it should be into inside the main program off that broke off that software or that system. So once again, try to run. Okay, that's the way off will come to defining function. Okay, we'll come to do to defining on Call it Onda. Okay, well, welcome to defining on calling a function run to see the result. Okay, here we go. We come to defining on calling your function. Okay? That's cool. OK, it's a critical Andi. Okay, that's good. That's good work on that system. Defying and calling that system. Okay, that's cool. And see you in next lecture to talk about returning function by phone 28. Functions in Dart Part 4: Hi. Welcome to the new lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to teach you how to work with the returning function. Functions may also return value along with the control back to the color on the previous lecture such as functions are called as returning functions to tie return tribe function includes and statements on return value as example There, 10 type can be any valid data type. Their turn statement is optional. The type off the value returned must match the return time off the function a function also can be returned at the most one value. In other words, there can be only one richer submit their function. So it's time deep on the examples to show you everything about that. So what I'm going todo to do here is okay, Look at this. And with that example, let me show you something it will never when we with the type as example, try to define that function to be string. OK, The strength that means this function, what will returns some value as example. Okay, So what I'm going to do here with that return? Okay. As you can see here, I'm going to type return as example here. Okay, here is return, but okay, we should not return is cured in dart, which means that this function it will return some value on it. Maybe different, mate Mayor, Terrorism, Allen Jr. Or double or strength or bullion or any any data, type or or new nation or less value are, or math. It's different. It's different that that type that can be returned by function when we just when we discuss about the returning function, then the other option, which is void function string function that that means string function name. That means this function. It will return a string value. We cannot return into your value when we define that function as a string. So when we define some function with a string valued their that this mean that this function it will return a string value if we define it as integer value, that means this means that this function it will return us some into your value. If we define this function as ah double as example here, this means that we will this function between return double. If we define this function to be returned bullion. This means that this function will return a Boolean as example through our force or whatever it is. OK, so when I was again, I'm going to to define this function, to return some some data like Okay, welcome to return function. Okay, that's cool. So this is the way off. How to define on how to create returning function, defining the type which will be returned to be specified, as well as a chan here on then the function Name on inside the function in tow. Between these carefully presses, we can type any any chord on the final. With return we have we must type the keywords off return, then va data, which will be returned. So now how could we do where? That in the void men, we cannot type that function like this as well. To do that, we must be plant as example. Print print watch brand off. Thank underscore Name inside the median function on the as you can see here. And finally cynical on. Okay, that's cool. I think it's it's fine. Yes, it's fine. It must be fine. Print on now. Try to run. Okay, That's cool. Welcome to return Function once again. This function all of this function define as return function because off we define that as a strength value. Which means that this function will return a string value on Dad at the end off this card, which would be executed way will get there this value also, by the way, we can type any data like here like this. Um uh, text as example. This like it was Drink string. Uh, few one. No, no, it's something else. Here. String. Do you want us? Example. Semi colon. Um, which would be equal to you. Go to all of this stuff here. Complex. Okay, here we go On, uh, return. What? Here's with the return value. We can do t one as example. Onda now run It Will gives us the same result. Okay, that's cool. OK, that's the way off. How to type the return it for you if he wants to. Around your court. More markets. Also another hand with the calling function. As you can see here because officer it its returned value. When we call and get, we must be defined some value, some value to save that information may be dark with Brent or we can do something different like straying result Example. Result story of my results. We should be equal to results as equal to ah Funk name. Thank you. Yes. Thank their score name. As you can see here on this in column. So what's what's mean? That that mean? That means off this variable with the type of string it will store the returning value off function. Name on. Then what I'm going to do here under to tie a friend off results as John here. Then come here on now. Drive to run to see the results. Yes, that's sure. Okay, that's pretty cool. So once again, there are many ways to work where the return function on. Duh. This is a simple explanation about it. That's all about the training function. Andi. See you in next picture by for 29. Functions in Dart Part 5: hi would come to the new teacher and this teacher. I'm going to show you everything about that. Put a motorized function para meters are a mechanism to pass values to functions. Perimeters form a part off the functions signature. The perimeter values are passed to the function during its invocation. Unless explicitly specified, the number off the values passed to the function must match the number off perimeters defined. This discussed many ways in which pedometers can be used up in function so we can work with different parameters, like into your double straying. Whatever. OK on there are many ways to define on toe adding some perimeters. So now I'm going to dive deep to show you how to define some function as example here with the perimeter. But with perimeters like this, So now I'm going to delete everything here because off I I'm going to tissue everything. Like just one example. I'm going to find some just not a meter. Okay, Andi, here's the function. Okay. Defining function on the perimeter. It will be inside these Francis's. Okay. So what? I'm going to type here. I'm going to define some data like your ex example. Simic alone Onda, then straying. Go. Why? As example on, That's all. OK, that's the way off. How to define the Tora meters on here. Inside this function, I'm going to time prayer print. Exe as example. Okay, X semi colon. And here's a friend, A friend toe. Why, as you can see here on cynical okay, can do X example Exas tress 10. Okay, Andi, here's this bar. This is my This is the result. This is the three result. Call them Colin on then that are signed. Kerry presses on. Why, okay, to make some some competition or interpolation off that. Okay, once again, this function okay, defined as avoid function. Okay, because off it will never return any value. But it will inside. Or it would push some values like perimeters, which called printers on. Once again, parliament has one redefine permit. As we define these parameters inside this brand faces okay on, we can do any type any kind or any. That's a type like it's your double strings list or other stuff on, uh, inside this inside the function, we can do any operations O r. Any operators to work with this data on a Z can see here, Brent exists us extend. That means thesis functions. Will this sentences will pull Brent that X multiply by 10 on the the other other prints. Statement will gives us this result. It would be why, as a text value. So we have a two different type one of venture and the other in in stink. So now is the time to toe add or to call this function in tow the man function, but by by many program or by means system on for doing that, Which type just needs to tiefest one underscore per meter. Okay. And open the branch asses on the Sinus, typed with exact decks into your as 10 on with a string. Why, Which would be to welcome to dart will come to dot OK, just no more. Okay. Uh, okay. But I meters for our meters in dart by bus as example. Okay. On here is the okay. Cynical. Okay, once again, this is the way off how to call. Okay, in this line, we have been called the function okay on Taib. The perimeter value once again the perimeter value it should be match exactly what we define. What we define it into the main function. Okay, We cannot add some double to enter your or adding some bullion to text our thing. It should be exactly match as well as shown here. So now it's tried to run to see the result If it worked as well or if there's any problem. Okay, If you can see here we find that 100 on the line one on the land to this is the result para meters indoor too. Bye bye pass. Okay. So if we refer to this function What what we do here we have bean calling that funk dysfunction on typing the perimeter value 10 on per meters is endorsed by bus on uh let's assume that this inter are valuable off except will get it will get this value off then on this thing Why it will get this value off perimeters endorsed by pass inside the function it will be execute Andhra on the court print expects is 10 10 multiply by 10. It will give us 100 as shown here on the next line with print. This is the result. This is a result off why the value of y is text perimeters endorsed by pass his. That is the volume on this is the result perimeters indoor bypass on That's all four The perimeters in dart, how to use it and how to define it. And that's all. See you next lectures to teach you more about the about the optional positional perimeters . Thanks for watching. See you in next lecture by for now. 30. Functions in Dart Part 6: hi will come to the new lectures in this section. I'm going to show you everything about the optional positional Terra meter. Truth is, why optional positional perimeters. We must use square brackets on for doing that. I'm going to show you the proof example to see what it does and how can do that. So let's assume this thesis function off this one perimeter in the X on. If we wants to use the positional perimeters, we can do that as well as you can see here. Like this. Okay, on the string. Why gold Rolex as it's known here on, type that into this court. Okay, that's the way off. How to define optional perimeters. And also we can do that for for all off both sides, right and left. So the first thing garnished is trying to make run to see if that affects a swell or not in the car. Okay, it's affect as true. So no, if we if we delete this God because off its optional on we keep only the first perimeter list tried toe, push the run to see the result. Okay, that's cool. It's 100 which represents the first per meter, which is the X on the other perimeter as optional. It will give Arsenal on That's that. Trust the truth the way. Okay, let's try to type the other as optional on duh type that code here inside the that score bracket, as you can see here. Okay, square brackets. As you can see. You know, we made you find that without as optional without pushing any perimeters to see the result . Okay, it gives us two values as error because off we must keep at least toe one options. So what I'm going to do here, I must define some about somebody was like, Okay, no multiply. Okay, let's try to do to return. It's as example it's only print X k. Here's the way off. Excess example. Try to run. Yeah, because off, you know, it's It's not. It's not excusable. Not It's not work as well. Okay, what's a game? Okay, with the optional, we can use it on one side. We can do We can't do it or multi options. Okay, that's the way off. How to do on optional perimeters in dart. Okay. And once again, it gives us the null value when we try to do it. Okay. On her is the way off to as example, Andranik, because off it's necessary and it's required. Okay, it's 20. And this is the result off. No. So with the optional barometer, we can use the score brackets on, it will return the multi value. Okay, that's all about the optional position, boss. Decisional, primitive. Also, we have the other way, which called the optional named perimeter. Unlike the questionable meters, the perimeters name must be satisfied. While the value is being passed. Kerry presses can be used to specify optional named perimeters. So what we do here so we can do it as well as this as this example by Sure. Okay, let's try to do that. Okay, here we go. Here is done. Kerry presses and Colonel X instant off square brackets. We use a care in the presses. It's Tanguay. I just charming here. Two bars that are meters. Andi way may use or or may not use any text like this. Okay, like hello. World off Dart as example. No, it's right to run to see the result. Okay, let's Let's see what happens here. Okay. Straying off. Why? So what can happen. It's, um must be worked fine. But, um, when it's, um okay, I think we may not. Do you find that as well as you can see here? Okay, here is the string. I think there's, ah null value on Let's try to see where is the blue room? Here. Okay, okay. Grab it here away. Perceived what it does on once again. Try to see Okay, Spaces on. Try to run one more time. Okay, Now it's fine by by adding that because once again, because off it's on optional. We must do it as well. So if we have more than permitted, like string Why, as example here, on the other hand, when you tried to do something else like strength Z as example. Okay, let's try to do run once again. Okay? We can We can define multiple perimeters into these care brasses. And with the result, If we didn't add anything, we cannot get any dust, by the way. Okay. Here's Brent off. Is it as example And whose Simic alone on DNO with visit what we should do. I think we should We must do something else like okay, we can by the way we can call a function many times. Okay, Here's the first function, and you're is the second function from Rosie and just control V as well. Onda. We can we can type it on. We can call it directly through the program by calling this function as well as shown here , bypassing the function by name. Okay. And for that Okay, with that, I'm going to use to type here. Type what's I should be tied. The the data off is it as examples which will be equal to, um, dart as example, Dart is, is the best is the best bypassing the name on. Okay, here we go. Is that fine? I hope that. Okay, pass by dart. So what's going on here? Okay, it's it. No, there is no need for that. But it is cynical on here's Ansari comma. Coming that and run again. Is it? Is that right? For is it okay? We have bean declared, as is it value with that perimeter. Okay, string. No way. Go. Okay with that. What we are going to do here. Okay, here's the enamel pedometer. Why's it on, um internal of this program? We must define it define that to be printed. Okay, I'm sorry for that. Yeah, because of it. Must be It must must be work as other thing. Okay, listening me. Try to delete it as well as you can see here on now. Once again, let's create other function which called just to as you can see here on inside this function, I'm going to define X one as example comma on then for making Why one Okay, Why one of coma? Why, too? As you can see here on the inside of this function, we are going to brand print off X Y simi column on also we go. I'm going to print Trento. Why? You one example. Okay. Why want? As you can see here, there isn't corner. Okay, that's cool. OK? No, that's right. To define dysfunction which called or calling that just to just to this too. As example now let's right to taibe the number off. Example. 1000 game. It's on it on now. Try to run to see the result. Okay? No, it's fine. Yes, it's fine. We retired that this to 100 which is which happens only the first number, the other named Para meter. It may or may not included on. If we can see it gives us the now. Okay, What I'm going to do here we can calling function many times, by the way, at the same program. So with that system with it is to I'm going to type 2000 as example Onder comma. Then I will try to other. Why one as you can see here on why one by I think Colon on then. Hello dart. Hello, dark. As you can see here on with that cynical, um and enter. So now let's try to running to see the result. If it could be work or or not. Okay, that's cool. Yes. Here's Here's the result. 2000 Aunt. Hello, Dart. Okay, which represents that Why one has as shown here. So now also we can calling with that function third time by adding 3000 as example Forager on with that optional value, I'm going to type the value off. Okay. The value of what? The value off. Why one? Okay. Why want Which would be as John here. Hello, Dart. Okay. Dark is the best. Okay, Dog is the best Onda coma also. What? I'm going to do here? I will define the the other. The other one, which is, uh Why do? Okay, let's try to make that as y tu on here is Why one? Okay, just for just in case. It's not necessary. Okay. Why? Want which would? Which would be? Which would be ok, The best language. The best language. As example Here, this lot was okay, now cynical. Now try. We have Bean running that to see the result. Okay, that's cool. OK, now we can see that 3000 the best language. Yeah, because off it's only calling bypass game because we have print y one. It gives us the way. One if we try to type the other thing like this print sprint as example. Printer. Why two on, then time. Semi Colon on. Try to run to see the result. Let's see. Okay, Yes, the 1st 1 is normal, but the 3rd 1 it's would be OK. So that's the way off. How? Toe calling gun the perimeters by value. Name on. You see that we have been used y one y two x juan on. We have bean calling by the value. The value name. Okay, off the perimeter on. Okay, that's all for that optional perimeters by calling by optional named perimeter on DNA. Now, at the last, I'm going to show you on discussed something, something with the optional perimeters with default value. Also with dark, we can try as a function. Parameters can also be assigned values by default. However, such perimeters can also be explained past values. So let's dive deep on the new with the new function. Okay, to be more clear for you because off when we try to type on the existing God we may. We may like the time and may not clear for you. So now what I'm going to do here, I will try to to tide somebody's You're like vie function on with that function list. Lets me call it as just a few years example. Okay, three on inside the x one coma on, um, let's try to type it as why one which will be with the value off 200 example. Okay, on, then. No. Then open the Kerry breast. OK, on inside the cab races. What I'm going to do a print. The x one on history corn on then, friend the why you are this Is this me corn on? Now let's try to adding or two calling this function by driving system three on bond with just three. Give some value for the X Y. Onda here is cynical on Enter on, try to run to see the result it must be gives us 102 100. Okay, that's cool. Yes, 102 100. Why is that? Because off the Kerry presses represents the optional value. Okay, with exceptional value, we gives that value on initial value as a default with X. We have bean past this volume from the perimeters inside the main function. I encourage you to type this code as well as I do for you as I showed you on. That's all for the functions. Also, we will use the functions much more on the classes on objects in the future and the advanced lectures and sections about the dark course. That's all on. See you in next lectures on sections. Bye for now