Dark Botanical Photography: Capture Beautifully Moody Images of Plants | Linda & David | Skillshare

Dark Botanical Photography: Capture Beautifully Moody Images of Plants

Linda & David, A couple of creative folks

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4 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Course Presentation

    • 2. How I discovered Botanical Photography

    • 3. Composing & Capturing Botanical Shots

    • 4. Editing Process

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About This Class


Enter a world of dark botanical photography - a simple & moody way to capture mesmerizing images of wild plants! Join David as he introduces you to his personal photography project on instagram (@_btncl_) and how it served as an endeavour to see & capture the subtle beauty in everyday greenery.

This visually rich class follows the start-to-finish creative process, from introducing you to this mesmerising photography style and training your eye to see details in nature, to composing and editing beautiful botanical images.

It is open to anyone, whether you're a beginner or an advanced photographer, whether you own a professional camera or just your iPhone. The idea is just to have fun with it as a side-project, and therefore many useful tips are given in the class to get started right away!

The class includes high quality video footage. Key lessons include:

  • Training your eye to see natural details in your surroundings
  • Basics of photography composition & extra tips to capture beautiful images anytime.
  • The low-light aspect & why it’s ideal for bringing out mesmerizing details in nature
  • How to edit your photos to bring out beauty in plant photography - on your Smartphone or Desktop.
  • Why it’s a good idea to use instagram as a platform for a photographic side project.
  • How to experiment to find your own botanical photography style & voice.

This class is perfect for all kinds of creatives who are drawn to the beauty of plants, or photographers who want to experiment with a new and unique photographic style. If you’ve ever wondered how to create these mystical botanical images, you’ll love this easy, fun and interactive guide to this photography style.