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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Dancing Pearls Earrings

    • 2. Dancing Pearls Earrings - materials

    • 3. Dancing Pearls Earrings - equipment

    • 4. Dancing Pearls Earrings - annealing equipment

    • 5. Dancing Pearls Earrings - drilling the holes

    • 6. Dancing Pearls Earrings - cutting the discs

    • 7. Dancing Pearls Earrings - annealing

    • 8. Dancing Pearls Earrings - shaping the discs

    • 9. Dancing Pearls Earrings - gluing the pearls

    • 10. Dancing Pearls Earrings - finishing the earrings

    • 11. Dancing Pearls Earrings - final thoughts

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About This Class

The Dancing Pearls Earrings class teaches you how to set half-drilled pearls and make easy disc decorations for your earrings!

Pearls go beautifully with silver jewellery, and half-drilled pearls are wonderfully versatile. Not only do they come in a lovely range of colours but the come in a great range of sizes too. In this class I'll teach you how to prepare wire posts to firmly attach the pearls to your earrings, and also how to create the lovely 'dancing' shaped discs sitting on top of them.


This is one of a series of video classes, each one showing you how to quickly and easily make a lovely pair of earrings - sometimes two pairs - as part of my #52earrings challenge. I have challenged myself to design and film tutorials for 52 pairs of earrings in 2017, and I'd love you to join me. In each video I will show you the materials you will need, explain the tools and equipment and go through all the steps needed to create your own lovely pair of earrings. Along the way I will share with you the same hints and tips that I teach in my jewelry making classes and private tuition so that you become more confident with your techniques and design skills with each class that you watch.

This class is suitable for all abilities and experiences of jewellery making.

The equipment needed for the project is explained in the videos and also listed on a downloadable document that covers most of the tools that I will use in future earrings video classes as well so you can plan ahead! All the equipment listed can be used for a variety of other jewellery making projects.

Earrings #49 in the #52earrings challenge.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joanne Tinley

Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer


I have been making jewellery for as long as I can remember, and have been passing these wonderful (and addctive!) skills on through my classes for nearly 20 years. I am self-taught and like many people I started with wire and beads. Learning how to solder, however, opened up a whole new world of jewellery making! There is something so magical about watching solder flow through a seam, joining two pieces of metal together smoothly.

My studio is in Southampton, on the South Coast of the UK. I design and make jewellery for galleries across the UK, teach regular and popular jewellery design workshops, and also offer private tuition. My jewellery design projects have been published in both UK and US magazines and books.

Visit my Etsy shop, Jewellers Bench Shop, for jewellery ma... See full profile

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1. Dancing Pearls Earrings: Hello, My name's John. Tell me I'm a jewelry designer Tutor from the South Coast. K on Welcome to the adult seem helps. As the name suggests, this is a class of 20 use. Two lovely house. These are beautiful peacock, great holes, and they're about 6.5 millimeters in diameter, and these are half drilled piles. Other words. They got a hole drilled halfway into the pearl, which means they're not beats. We can't threads a string or piece of wife through them. Andi. The tie knots or turn around, loop each side of the how. What we can do is actually used a glue to glue alone. Why into how, on half your piles of half your stones are the only projects you'll never hear me. Mention the word blue something that shouldn't usually use with silver jewelry but in this case is allowed because it's the only way of actually getting the wire post to stay in place. In sight of how so great show you have to prepare the wire so that it's suitable for holding place. The blue talked about the type of glue up that's going to be used on how to mix aptly work so it is ready to be used in this house. The why that's glued into the pals, then continues upwards and forms the rest of the hearing. So we got she got to piece of why involved in priv earrings. But sitting above the pearl, we've got to collection off small disks that have been given us but shaped interest. It's actually how the disc sit together. That caused me to give the name the last dancing girls. They remind me of a ballerina's tutu. So I'm going to also show you some tips of how to safely drill holes. Precise E in vice, more disks on How did she get the shape? I just This class is part 52. Every chance I set myself 2017 designed and fill 52 toils for 52 different paths of hearings. Have a on Instagram and Facebook with the HASHTAG 52 hearings to see some more information about the other signs. For now, though, let's have a look at the equipment and materials that we're going to need get start still making stuff, hearings 2. Dancing Pearls Earrings - materials: These are materials that we're going to need to make the dancing poles airings I'm going to be cutting, the disc says, will be sitting above the piles out of this length or something. Silver sheets This is a piece that I recycled from a much thicker on smaller surface area. Peter Silver leftover from making quite a thick, heavy bangle. Well, I've recycled it by sending through the rolling mill to make it long enough and wide enough for the discs that I want to cut out. It's now about 0.55 millimeters in thickness. I wouldn't use sheet much thinner than this. Wouldn't go any center them 0.5 millimeters this project, because obviously, the thing of the sheets that you're using to cut the discs within of the discs on did they won't have such a visual impact. Likewise, I wouldn't go any higher than 0.7 millimeters because the thicker the sheets you are using , the more difficult it's going to be to benj the dis to put a little bit shaping into them. The Pell says I'm using in the project are lovely pair of soft, dark grey peacock gray. They're called pearls. They are about 6.5 millimeters in diameter, and they have a whole half way it drilled into them. How field pals. That means that we're not gonna be able to thread the wire all the way through them. What would do is prepare the end of the wire so this it is ready to be glued into the hole . The why that we're going to be using it. No 0.8 millimeter stunning silver around wire because that is, the size fits perfectly into the whole, its Children to Powell. And it's also a great thickness for ear wires and in this design, because going to be using one piece of why that's going to continue from pearl up through the disks and then forming the ear wire in one piece. 3. Dancing Pearls Earrings - equipment: This is the equipment that I'm going to be using to make the dancing pals earrings. The first job that I'm going to do is to plan out where I want to cut the discs on where I want to drill the holes in the middle of them, and I'm going to use my ultra fine Sharpie on the secular templates that you can see here. To do that, I'm going to drill the holes before I cut the discs Act just because it's easier to drill holes in a bigger piece of metal walls in the tiny disks that I'm going to be cutting out, I'm going to be my bench still. And also no 0.9 millimeter on 1.2 millimeter drill bits. I'm going to use my lovely discussion to cut out the disks. I'm going to be cutting out nine a half millimeter diameter disks. I'm going to support this cutter on another cushion to keep the noise down and to keep everything and commit more stable. Andi, I'm going to use the old hammer to hit the discussion itself. Toe punch the discs out. The last job for preparing the discs is to give them a little bit of a shape so that they don't lie flat up against each other. A little bit more interest added to the design, and I'm going to use the two pairs of flat nose applies to do that. I've also got to have wire cutters have round those players. Onda, a pair of nylons, your pliers and those are going to be used together with one of the pairs or flat note applies to work on the ear wise, maybe using the ruler on the Sharpie again to help me work out the length of your wise I need and also to help me prepare the wire that is going to go into the pearl. The power itself is going to be glued onto the wire using the two part epoxy glue that you can see here. The last job on making the earrings is to finish shaping the ear wire. I'm going to form a U shaped bend in the air y using Step Mandrell, and then I'm going to strengthen that bend by hammering the front of it. I'm going to use a punishing hammer to do that now support the work on the steel bench block with another cushion underneath. It's I work as one last set of equipment. I need to show you because if, like me, you were using recycled silver to cut your disks, you will need to kneel them before you can shape the discs. Otherwise, everything you have done the recycling by safer through the rolling mill Andi cutting discs out that would have hard in them. To an extent, it won't be easy to shape thumb. So the next section I will show you the equipment that you need for a kneeling. 4. Dancing Pearls Earrings - annealing equipment: Although this project doesn't need any soldering, I do need some pieces as the soldering kit to be able to a Neil the silver during the project. Basically what I'm going to be doing in the early stages of the project, it's going to make the silver too hard to continue to work on it. A kneeling is heating the silver up to a temperature that is below soldering temperature that allows the molecules in a silver to align themselves and their mawr organized structure again so that they can slip past each other. As I'm hammering or unfortunate shaping silver, they allow this still, but we worked on a lot more easily for most projects. A small blowtorch is enough to heat the silver up to anything temperature. But if you're working on a much bigger projects such sub angle, you might need to swap to a bigger talks. You can just about see the cast of the bigger talk I've got in the view here. A Sharpie pen is useful because if you draw a sharp you mark a permanent marker mark onto your silver. You can then heat the silver up on. By the time the shopping mark is more That's burnt toffee to see the ghosts, the mark remaining. But that is a good indicator that you brought up to the right temperature, much going to heat the silver on soldering rex. Andi I've got site Child's underneath to protect my work surface even more, and to handle the silver with reverse action pliers. I've also got quench parched to cool the silver down because the study silver has been heated up. Some of the copper that surface been formed into copper up sites. And so voice, I got the safety pickle at the back to clean the silver up with Remember that she'll work must be put into and taken out of the pickle with brass or plastic tweezers and not the's stainless steel river section trees is 5. Dancing Pearls Earrings - drilling the holes: Now the main section of the earrings is made up off discs of silver. I'm going to have five discs fee each hearing on Do they are as every second being 9.5 millimeters in diameter. Andi, I'm going to need a whole running through the middle off each disc on Duthie discs. They're gonna be threaded onto the ear wires or received through those holes. Now, because of discs are so small, it is actually easier to drill the holes in them when they're still on the big piece of sheet. So what I've done here is used my ultra firing Sharpie. Andi, my circular template to draw circles of the right side with. Actually, these are slightly bigger. I used a 10 millimeter secular templates. I didn't have a 9.59 or 10. So it for 10 minutes just to make sure that I definitely did have enough room. I've also after a little bit of of wiggle room, if you like a little bit of space between them. Because although my discussed is a really nice good quality one that will allow me to cut discs out of very, very close together, I didn't want to risk any mishaps, so I've left myself a little bit of extra room for comfort. I've also, as you can see, put a doctor with sharply to indicate the center off each disc or Centereach Circle that will be cut into a disc. I didn't use anything to measure doing this. I did it by I Andi. Although they are pretty close to center, I can guarantee that they are some of them, at least a going to be a little bit off center. But that doesn't matter for this design. I like the idea off Not being a perfectly knee. Klay lined up stack of distance on the hearing, but to have a little bit of Iraq variation a little bit of a a little bit of a wobble already marked those on there show me where to drill. As I said, it's going to be a lot easier to cut the hold or rather drill the holes on, then cuts the discs out. That so I'm going to do in the state of the class I usually when I'm threatening no 0.8 millimeter study silver ear y through a piece of metal, I will drill a 0.9 millimeter hole. And indeed, we are going to start off with your 0.9 millimeter holds at no 0.9 millimeter. Drillbit in here, just out of you. I moved up Down. There we go. Is it just appearing? Um, but I'm actually going to start off with that drill bit and then move up to a 1.2 millimeter Drillbit. The reason for that is that we're going to be putting a slight bend in the discs. Andi, that is going to reduce the size of the hole drilled through the middle just a little bit. But just enough that if I just went ahead and you're no 0.9 millimeter holes, the whole would then be too small to threaten Leah. Why? 1.2 is going to be perfect. However, I don't want to go straight to a 1.2 millimeter hole because I find once you get above the one millimeter Drillbit, it's actually a little bit more likely to get stuck in in relatively small piece of sheet. So I always find that to help me get the Knicks just hole. I start off with a no 0.9 millimeter or maybe smaller drill bits to produce a pilot hole on Ben. Go up to the size I really want in this case 1.2 so that I can guide that back down through the pilot hole and enlarge the hole to the scientist I really want. So I'm going to do here. I've got my safety glasses on certain being nice and safe. So very little bits to come off this on fly up. So there they're not going to cause me problems. What silver resting on beating up wouldn't block. Here's I keep saying I must must replace, but it still seems to be lasting quite well. So what you're going to see me doing is lining up the drill bit for the first couple of disks and taking the time to line it up, Then switch the drill bit on and then actually drill. But what? I will then show you that it is possible when you got more confidence in your tools. Teoh lineup the silver under the drill bit as the drill bit is still turning. Only do that once you got more confidence in what you're doing, but it does speed things up. - There we go. So that's the no 0.9 millimeter holes drilled in the pilot holes on what you'll see me do. A Zagat towards that end, was turned the strip of wire around so that I wasn't trying to hold onto a teeny tiny piece down here. So what I need to do now it's reaching over two at the Chuck, 2 to 1 that goes in my, uh, job. It goes above my job. It's so I can change the drill bit. So it's going to change that now. Okay, Quite tight Fit and changed that to 1.2 millimeters. Troop it again. Make sure that's in nice and tight. You don't want to risk it coming out. So exactly same again. You'll see me lining up the first couple quite slowly and then see me taking a little bit faster because I've got the confidence I need with my tools. Wrightson, that's, uh, or of my holes drills. That SAT section done it doesn't take needs much effort to enlarge the holes because you've already got through the silver. All you're doing is skimming an extra little bit from around the edge of the holes. So what I need to do now is to cut out the disks. So although some of the marks of being rubbed off a little bit lips especially down there, for example, there's still enough the circle drawn on to help me to use those the guy to lining up the silver in the disc. Attar. Of course, making sure that the whole looks is central as possible. Down through the discussed the holding discussed, I looked down. We'll also how we got everything lined up. 6. Dancing Pearls Earrings - cutting the discs: It's time to cut these 10 discs out now, so I've got the disc cutter Andi. My no 100.29 millimeter diameter punch fits in that hole there. Onda also Old Hammer. This is going to hit the punch with. Remember that I use an old, however, because it's got a nice weight to it. So good for hammering through which your So it doesn't much of this hammer picks up marks for punches because I never use this therapy on silver. Um, I don't want to use one. My nice texture ring hammers on replenishing hammer because it would pick up marks and it would be ruined. So this is this one's fine. Um, now you may have heard this before, but just, you know, again, this is not a good quality cutter, which is why I can't have the disks quite close together on one of the things that makes it good quality is that the edges of reading icing crispy from those is over a decade old now is still really nice and crisp on the cutting edge is solo playing, so it's like higher over here, so it means that it starts to cut that section of the cuts spreads around. It's not tryingto push, push out of punch out the whole disk at the same time. It means that's a nicer diskettes cut out. It needs us going up something else that makes this a good quality. One is that it is a whole other It waas tightly held up against each other. The silver goes in between. It gets so much firmly so can move. I can move it, but it's not going toe wobble as I'm cutting some cheaper versions are held apart, whips out a part all the time so that the metal wobbles about as you're trusting is the truth. Vibrating is your hammer hammering it on. That means that you might not get such a good. We definitely wouldn't get started. Good, Chris cut. So what I'm going to do with each disk is you can see through See that hole with that that's already drilled, and you can also see the Sharpie line. This is still visible around most disks, so you might not be able to see a Sharpie line. Actually, because it's so close to the edge of the whole, you might not see it and shadows are, but I can see if you can certainly sees I move it about so that whole it was incentive. They can see it. So I may he sure that that whole isas closer sentence I can make it. I'm using the line that I drew. The Sharpie is a guide as well. So what I'm going to do for each one is lying it up like I just I just seeing and home of the disc through with cooperation from this, you can see that's the 1st 1 cut has predicted the holes not directly in the middle. But that doesn't move me not worried about that. Take your time to line each one up. That's the 10 disks that we need with the holes uniquely in that Andi, my pretty good use of that piece of scrap but said it was about half the links originally before I rolled it through. Suddenly really use fit on, and even that bit obviously is going to be scrapped. Potter get melted down for another project. Next things I'm going to do now is push a little bit of a curve into the discs so that when they thread onto the year, wise or not, flying flat up against each other, they are held apart a little bit. The curves were holding my part of it and add a bit of extra interest. 7. Dancing Pearls Earrings - annealing: now, everything that has happened to the stunning silver has the editor point where it has become to work hard and to be able to do anything else to it. If I was to try and bend thes very small, I remember there any 9.5 millimeters in diameter of the very small, desperate try and bend them now. I wouldn't be able to do anything to thumb if they were. I know 34 times the size, then I probably still would be up to bend thumb, but they're so source I can't be the purchased on them on Bend Them wolf. They with this hard on, sending the scraps of the rolling mill to get a piece of sheet long enough to be out to produce. This produces desks for the project and then using Discuss it, cut them out and even drilling the holes in the center has made them too hard to work with . So what I need to do and now is any of them remember a kneeling is heating up the silver to a temperate show that lower and soldering temperature are then quenching your work in cold water. It's encouraging the molecules to rearrange themselves in a very structured pattern. This allows and six slide past each other to be able to Bentham in this case, so maybe put texture on them but continue to work with, um, What I'm going to need to do after I've quenched them is put them in my pick apart to clean up, because I will still be some ox ization, even though this metal has been heated up previously. Two. Indeed, it previously, so I could send it through the rolling will to make life a little bit easier for myself. Sitting in my quench pot is a plastic sieve. Has had a couple of hearts have helped it into it. Chicken Sears, As I had hoped things in Italy wasn't deep enough in the water event shall need to replace it, but that is going to be sitting in my quench pot. I'll drop the DIS into that cycle, transfer the whole thing into the pickle pot system. That's what it clean up and then bring it back out again. But the reason why it has to be or plastic is you don't want a Faris metals going in the pickle because that would double that, of course problems. So what I'm going to do is use my small blood blowtorch aunt heat up each disc, in turn were heated. All them up enough. So that's the sharply mark that you can still see around the education upsets. Once it wasn't that site. There we go, most of shopping. Marcus has been rubbed off that one. That is still enough for me to have to see. But by the time of sharp remarks, what burnt off? That's a good indication. So I've got to the right temperature. So this shopping market is doing a couple of jobs for us to say, as you can see each piece of take too long because it is quite small citizens. This is a bit of water to be dropped off several silver. There we go with those a heated up now, so I'm going to you. Bring the quench cross, quit closer, drop the knowledge that sieve you might be able to tell that she's There wasn't much soccer civilization was expected, but what there is is mainly on the edges of disk, which were thin, freshly exposed silver. So those now a kneeled, they're going to go and pick apart, freeing up, which we take very long because, as you've seen, there's not much oxidation once they cleaned up with, actually start bending them in shape. 8. Dancing Pearls Earrings - shaping the discs: I think this is the fun part. I think of the class getting these flat discs. Teoh have become a bit misshapen. I've got three here that I've really shape. It shapes our I haven't made them evenly shaped. In fact, off, I've tried to make them a little bit different to each other. Remember, The reason I've done this is its sense of sitting. Be not goats, each other. They're going to sit. Don't get them to do it properly on this without an ear wire in between? Not particularly. But you can certainly see that they're not going to sit flat up against each other. Second tried a little bit of extra interests. Now I am going to show you the easiest way of doing this with tools that my hope you've really got tools that you see me use before two pairs off flat nose pliers. Now, it might be that you're going to end up putting a couple of marks into the middle of these disks when you supplies. If you got a particularly firm grip, I living that much is too much because, after all, you're not going to see the center of the discs you're going to see the edges. But if that does worry you, then especially if you know that you have got quite a hard grip then which you can do is cushion thes no sense of the pliers. Little bit with some. Just using masking tape will do on that will prevent anything so so good. Just remove somebody just away so the camera isn't distracted by them, but we're still going to do is trying Hold this. See this? See what I'm doing also. So I can still do it. So I'm going to do is just hold applies like Sosa coming from opposite directions onto the disk Andi Tristin towards each other. So if I show you might be that way you see their twisted towards each other. So is put a curve into that disk is a simple is that But I want to be able to do that. If I hadn't a kneeled the metal go to school they were going to do with this one is hold applies so they aren't parallels. Benj, that results is going to be slightly different on this one. I'm not gonna hold deployed quite so close to the middle so I'm trying to end up with discs . It also right. Different. You want to go? Well, swarm might be a sequence. So we go. I really look a bit more interest, even speak of quite a few different projects Twosies on. Just, uh, one threaded on top for beat would be quite nice as a charming a brace. It'll ah, larger version with bead underneath the dependent would look quite nice. So a few different ways even use this particular technique which I'm going to do with these now is put them in the tumbler to polish that. Certainly too small to try and polished by hand. Um, trying to poetry small things. My hand isn't particularly safe, so those are going to go in the tumbler to polish up before I prepare the ear wire for the Pearl. 9. Dancing Pearls Earrings - gluing the pearls: my little silver disks so ill prepared and polished on Dev. Also cut to 10 centimeter links or not 100.8 millimeter stowing silver wire. These are going to be the wires that go into the beats, then through the silver discs on, then bent over to U shaped performed the ear wise. I haven't quite decided how long I want these earrings to be just yet, so I've cut off 10 centimeters because I know that's going to be absolute plenty on. Remember, no silver my workshop goes to waste is always end up getting recycled into something else. So if I have to trim off the wife, it turns that I've cut a bit too much, and that's upsy fine. But I've cut off quite a generous length because much French turn a loop in the middle of each ear. Y andare explain why, when I get to that part of the class, what I want to do now, though, is puts the polls on the bottom of the ear wise. I'm going to be using the property group you can see here. To do that, you can get a specialist two part epoxy residency what one part That's the hypocrisy on one part that is the hardener Andi, Until the two are actually mixed together, they stay liquids. They start. Don't start going to the hardening process until the hardener is added to the epoxy. I said you can get specialist jewelry ones, but actually, I found that there's virtually no difference between those on, but eventually derive ocean that I've got here S O could be using that one. So I'm going to do is move those safely out of harm's way because the last thing I want to do is accidentally drop in hypocrisy on those. So I'm gonna show you how to her the bottom of each wire, ready for gluing into the piles, or so before that wants to talk to a little bit about safety. Using this, make sure that no matter what brand of epoxy glue epoxy resin you use, you make sure that you read the instructions on the packet very carefully. Each one might have site. If it instructions, make sure they use it in a well ventilated room. Andi, if your skin is at all sensitive, then make sure that you wear disposable gloves when you are using it. You might want to make sure that you do that. Anyway. Just precaution. I've got a piece of paper to mix up the resin on producer anything but of scrap plastics crap for scrap card. But I'm going to using it on their It's a large enough search. If I do have it with this village, it's going to be contained. I've also got what folded over twist off, binding wire left over from another project. I keep for some of those to one side because they useful for jobs like this. Broken sword blades. Also useful for this as well, just something small little neighborly to mix up small parts. Now this epoxy glue sets quite quickly. So before I mix it up, I want to do some preparations. The end here. Andi. The reason why any season preparation is sixth e not 0.8 millimeter wire fits perfectly into the North 0.8 million meter hole in the pearls. So if I put a little bit of policy on the bottom off one of the ear wise and then push it into the hole in the pearl or that will happen, is Gu will be pushed up the wire out of for contact with the pole, and it will make a bit of a mess on the top of the pile, but it won't actually do its job. It won't actually be between the wire on the pearl inside the Pearl, so it won't be holding security. So what we need to do is make a little bit of room for the glue inside the bead. And to do that What? She's going to make some noxious in in the wire so the glue can then go into those notches . It was still be in between the inside the poll under y toe hold everything firmly in place . The first thing I want to do is actually push Wiren into Ekpo. We confined the holes. I mean, good, but I'm gonna take a Sharpie again. Andi, just smoke. Just holding the pile on there with my fingers. So I know it's firmly on. Just pushes for Mark. My quite got to see that song on the video, but physical Sharpie Mark might just meal that just below the pole there on. And there was, well, just as close as I can get. It's the pole, Andi. So when I take tough. I know that I mustn't go past that mark. In fact, I'm not going to go close is a millimeter or maybe half a millimeter to it so that I don't start putting, not she's too far up. That would be unsightly. So that section there from the chip to the little marks just there with my fingernail is that is the point of this. I'm going to prepare. So I'm going to take one Perloff at a time because it might be that the holes inside the polls actually checked. My right was a poet inside. The polls are slightly different depths. So from this point to make sure that I end up with hearing satar still, even I'm not going to get these wives muddled up. I'm going to keep some with their associative piles. So I'm going to do. But not she's in such different methods you could do. You could use a little file. It is needle fart. Happy to do this. I just use my wine while my wire cutters and all I'm going to do. I'm not holding so tightly that it's going to cut through. It's just gripping ever so lightly. Well, I'm just going to twist the wire inside the customs, some telling the cutters a little bit. Well, im telling the wide orbits as well. And then But I take my finger cross. I could feel little noxious. My fingernail Asai take him across the wire there. Did I feel a bit more? Said I've got not. She's going all the way around. So no grouping tight enough to actually cut through the wife. I didn't have to start again. I'm taking care not to go right up to that mark. No one there going closer to the tip. I'm not worrying, by the way that I'm bending this wire because I can see the night on your applies to put that back in place, who are tucked, tidy it up. We're gonna put the poll back home. Andi needs to do the same to the next one. So exactly same with this one. Cripps. A while lightly. And the White House is twist it around, putting it notches. That's fine. So we put that one back on their part of anything else. Suppose father so likely to go where? Rolling about on the desk. If it's got a piece of why we're there. We go go a piece of wire sticking out the bottom. Okay, so I put those to one side for the moment. That's time to help you not make too much mess with ease. So this is a double syringe that I pushed the plunger. Hopefully equal amount. So it's close. We can get equal amounts coming off. Come out to these two nozzles here. It's still got the capital, Which is why I'm letting my figures come anywhere near the ends here. So take the cap off. Actually, I hold it upright when I take the cap off so that any air bubbles writes the top. It so just means that it's far less likely says to make a mess if I take it off but tight fit. It was good. If you don't want it to, um there we go to come loose and spill everywhere but its own not notice as well that the top, but he goes on one way so you can turn it around and get the top that had gone the apostasy originally going on the hardener, which would mean that it was gone completely. You would get pissed off, so going to push out, hopefully close to equal amount of each. Yeah, he was end up having to mix more. Then you need for a particular project. So if you are working on several projects it and use half your polls, then it's best to do that. Some may be saved this stage to Teoh when you've got quite a few projects to do. If you don't don't waste is much epoxy. So making sure that it's nicely mix we're going to do, I take one. Pull off the end. It was dipping it into Excuse me, Dr dipping it into the center. If I don't return the edge, that's what less likely to be mixed up evenly. Such a sippy it into the center. So there's a title bit on there. Find the whole again and push it. Chung. That's my 1st 1 done saying with 2nd 1 dip it into center, push it in again, push it in, says all the way through, so those can sit to one side. This I'm going Teoh allow to drying and fold up inside itself and put it in the bin for make sure isn't stick to anything else. But these aren't going to leave. According to the instructions on Thea Proxy Blue's, I've got this contain up to what starts to set firmly within 15 minutes. But so much you're going to leave it forward just so half. For now, just make sure this is really nice and firmly stuck. 10. Dancing Pearls Earrings - finishing the earrings: the pels have now had him she best part of an hour. What happened? Did something else to, uh, for the glue to set on. Dumb one perfect way of double checking that the glue has set my so firmly is to pull the wise straight again, using the night on your pliers. Remember, lying on your players will smooth the wire out shapes wire without leaving any marks on doing this does pull the wire quite hard. So believe me, if the wives were not, um, firmly glued in there, then doing this, which certainly pulled him out. That one, the other one. Quite amazing. The kinks that you can work out. So why, when you're using the night and your pliers? Okay. Okay. So I'm not going thing going to do is some threaten five of the discs on each one? Of course, I've now got some essential a very nice, sir. Help in their her beat uphill ended hedge pin that because the discs now want fall off, I'm going to put the discs on. Oh, turn. It weighs up. So of course they are spent on particular way. So I'm gonna do that way and that way up your turn. It weighs up. I think that the bottom can happen coming downwards onto the pile. Having a more talent weighs up means that they are with us, likely to sit flat up against each other, although there was obviously going to be some movement about in the middle of a shift, a bit about a bit as you wear them on bond. Because of that, it's unlikely that City two hearings will be absolutely identical because there was going to be some movement about in the silver when they got those. But then these are handcrafted anyway, so you wouldn't expect them to be machine perfectly identical. Okay, that's essentially what the two earrings we're going to look like. What I need to do next is put a stopper in the way so that those disks don't just fall all the way off again. Andi, I'm going to use my a round nose pliers to turn a loop part. The way up the ear wire on those disks would be out of Europe. It's finance a loop. When you maybe put the earrings down off you take them off, but they won't come all the way off. So I'm going to move the camera in a little bit so you can see that more clearly. The steps in this past the video all about trying to make sure that the earrings are the same length as we've already said. They're not going to be completely identical if you look at them very, very close up, you pedantic about it is because the silver discs are going to move about. But I said, I don't want to be different lengths, So everything that we're doing now is to make sure that they are as even as possible, what I've done on this hearing already you should be able to see just about since is what I've coming a bit closer is that there's a Sharpie mark there it on why I put the discs on with that, I could see how much space they took harp and where I like the loop to be formed. So the loop is going to be at that mark. What I'm going to do now is to take the discs off. Boasts of thumb Andi Theun measure from the top of the pile up to that mark, which I make to be. 16 millimeters is so I'm going to do now is take this one and again. Hold the end of the ruler. This is a ruler that starts zeros by hunde on again. Mark that piece of wire at 16 millimeters, these marks will rub off the silver has your workings. You don't have to worry about your your earrings for the unsightly marker lines on them. Something don't do is to put these back on again. Because if I bend the loops without them by him place, I won't care to put them on, huh? I want each. Remember that some on doing them alternate ways up. So there's a slight sit flat against each other. Okay, Now what I'm going to do, um, I show you this first I've already put goes out the way. So cameras and distracted I've really put a Sharpie mark on one knows of the round nose pliers because that is where I want to turn both fruit loops. And by putting a Sharpie mark there on there, make sure I do turn them both at the same place. Because, as you know, because the noses are tapered, the closest of always the handling ago. The bigger the loop you're going to form. I want them to be both the same. So it is by holding that way around so that the disks, um, pulled down to the bottom out of the way, going to hold the lie and applies together so that the pliers uh, just step off that mark again. This is making sure that I do both of hearings in the same way I'm going to keep this untouched. The only wise I'm going to use now is this long section on something to do spend the wire up over down appliance. At this point, I can show it crossing over. But at this point, I've got to turn those supplies around a little bit so that the other nose isn't in the way so that I can then bend that up, said that I need a little bit of tidying up so that but it lines up straight. I'll do that with the applies shortly. But that essentially, is some What is going to stop? The discs were falling off. So you do the same with the other one and again to make sure that they, uh, even holding the pliers across the silver at the mark on the pliers. But just above the mark on the super on, just a were checking. Last time as I bent the wire over, I made it go thinks side of this piece of wire. If I show you that around a bit, you can see that the wire comes over and down that site. This time I want to go down this side so they may be image of each other. So put it up over down and journal this side. I get those disks stay out the way, because this time I've done that side move supplies round out the way and pull it up myself straight. Okay? And again, don't want to go to a kink in the UAE. There misaligned your applies were sort that out. That's my next job. Just make sure that those wires are tidy. Here we go. So that's going to stop those from moving about. My next job is then to turn the U shape should turn them into Airbus. So if you've watched any any other of Maya hearing videos, then this is something you should be very familiar with now is in a step Mandel to turn a U shape to help form the ear wise. Remember, if you don't have a purpose made Step Mandalore than a pencil, this needle piece of wooden down don't use a job just as well. So I going to have that loop not too far below the ear. I think that's that's nice distance. So that's good, Hoat. It's on the Mandel and pull that longer piece of wire down the other side on having the loop facing towards the back of the hearing decided. So then, God chim off too much of that wire after all the 2nd 1 again, make sure the loop is facing the right way that loops as facing towards the back. I'm going to start spending the ear. Why, maybe a little bit more than that. There we go and then double check the links. That one is definitely longer. So when it goes back on the Mandrell, I need to bend this front section. The wire. It's a shortness a little bit. Just on that, a little bit double check. Thanks again. It's still a tiny bit. Two goals when it goes back on again, bend with my something, speak down a bit. That's a nice match. Happy with that. Next thing you need to do a little bit of hammering any hammering that we've done in this class so far. Just got hammered that front section there to to strengthen it as he's a pearls on her to make sure that they pile itself is definitely hanging off the end. There we go back into back into focus, so that will that hold to be damaged again with a swim? Okay, starting to look. There's not more like a pair of hearings now, said he finish off the ends there. First thing I'm going to do for that bit is too just shrimp off most ends of wire so that they are. It is first, once it about level with the bottom with a pole and then hold two earrings together again. Trim off second wire. Too much growing up, being scrapped pot. And then I'm going to use the flat nose pliers just to flick out. So I trying to get this back into focus for you. Can I assumed in so far just going to use the N DeWitt's? Those horrible place applies just to flick out. While is it more of a finished professional look, same with the other one Go. The very last thing is a tidy up those ends. They are going to be very scratchy and sharp to go through your ears. That I'm going to do is use the needle file flat needle file just to smooth off those ends . It was one to make sure the wise or nice and straight already straight in the places I should be. And they will go with a pair of lovely earrings with disks that dance about on top of the pals. 11. Dancing Pearls Earrings - final thoughts: so we have quite a simple my pretty pair of earrings with the lovely peacock. Great polls. Underneath this code health is actually my favorite color. Might prefer to the more traditional cream. As you can see, the project doesn't need very much in the way of materials on. You can use a piece of scrap, especially if you've got rolling Mill so that you can cycle. Makes a thicker sheets to roll it out thin. It's exactly how I did so that you've got enough silver to cut discs. These shaped discs are actually very versatile. Use them in a whole range of projects as a pair of hoop earrings. With these, ready, dawn would look great. Or maybe some out off larger disks, maybe sticker gauge silver as well would make some suitable force of like a love dependent . So they are very useful, so great to see whether you choose to use, um, in a different kind of projecting states. You see you see here if you have any questions, please do ask them in the comments. I'll get back to you since I can, you'll be great. Dizzy some photos of what you make. I would also be lovely if you believe review to help students as well. Thank you for watching