Dancer Strengthening & Stretching

Renata Simon

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7 Videos (1h 12m)
    • Introduction

    • 1. warmimng up

    • 2. strengthening

    • 3. strengthening

    • 4.moving excercises

    • 5.stretching

    • 6.stretching


About This Class

Dancer Strenghtening & Stretching

This course is for anyone, but specialy who is doing any kind of modern dance. This is a "beside" training, what we dancers do. This is how we strengthening our body, working special muscels, building body awarness, coordination, balance.

It is a very good combination with any kind of modern/contemporary dance.

Course discraptiton:

1. Warming up: we just warm up the body with a simple (kind of aerobic excerciss). That is the only half when I am not leading you trough verbally. You only have to follow me, what I do on the video. The second part of the video contains a stretching, moving trough, slower part. 

2. Strengthening: we are strengthening special muscles

3. Strengthening: we are strengthening special miuscles

4. Moving excercises: i believe that is the most fun part of the course!! :) Very "dancie"

5. Stretching: we stretch all our used muscle in a proper way

6. Stretching: we stretch all our used muscle in a proper way

But anyway just try it! Have fun with it! Start easier and then increase the numbers and the speed.

It' s so much more fun then just a simple gym workout. Here you strengthen your body trough builds your coordination and body intelligence.


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Love this class. Perfect workout for me, and I can break it down easily and shorten as needed. I'm not a dancer so great for anyone.





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