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5 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction to the Lesson 'Dance The Night Away'

    • Dance The Night Away 2

    • Dance The Night Away 3

    • Dance The Night Away 3

    • Dielle Why Cant I Say I Love You Songs From The Shed


About This Class

This class is an introductory lesson to playing the ukulele. 

Dance The Night Away 

The programme refers to a performance of mine at the end - I have included this separately for your enjoyment!





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Igloo Music UK

Music lessons taught by DiElle and Chris Wood

DiElle and Chris are very passionate about giving people a good experience of learning music. Between them they have years of experience teaching singing, bass guitar, bass ukulele, ukulele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, songwriting, lyric writing, composition, performance techniques and music theory.

Both are qualified and experienced, having taught students aged 5 to 99, in groups and on a 1:1 basis.

Lessons range from beginner to advanced, from people who wish t...

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