Dance Freely : Improvise in a Soulful, Playful and Authentic Way! | Yefferson Mejia Rodriguez | Skillshare

Dance Freely : Improvise in a Soulful, Playful and Authentic Way!

Yefferson Mejia Rodriguez

Dance Freely : Improvise in a Soulful, Playful and Authentic Way!

Yefferson Mejia Rodriguez

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6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Freestyling

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Sing along with the artist

    • 4. Tap the wall

    • 5. 1 to 100

    • 6. Dancing Freely and Class Project

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About This Class

This class is about playfulness, soulfulness and the feelings in dancing. We'll use improvisation (freestyle) as the main tool to express our essence as it allows us to eliminate the factor of judgment and ratings.

But the most important subject, the essence of this class, is playfulness. Whenever we are playing, like when we were little kids, we don't care about outcomes or esthetics. All that matter is being present and having fun as we express ourselves.

In this class We'll learn how to control movement, how to recognize tonalities (sounds) and how to express what we feel with music in the physical world. So that when we actually dance, we just play and sing as we truly feel the music in our bodies. 

This class is for any human being that lives and breathes as it focuses on the development expression, essence and feelings in music. It' doesn't matter if you've never danced in front of anyone, or if you've been ripping the dance floor for the past 10 years, you still be able to add value while playing.

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1. Freestyling: Oh, my They let me again. Oh, way. Wait. Yes. Like, - Wow . Oh, wow. You love like 2. Introduction: Hi, my name is Jefferson, and this is dancing freely, improvising a soulful, playful and authentic way. This glasses for everyone. Anyone that lives and breathes, can dance and can improvise because improvisation is about feelings and we all feel to do so. We will play. We will play with the music because when we play, nothing else matters with the game, and we lost ourselves in it. Besides, we play free. So with this games, what we're looking for is for accuracy, control and fluency in our dance. But to do so, we need to play without judging ourselves a list for the 1st 3 sessions, because when we judge yourselves, we tend to kill. Playfulness, as we said are so high that it's almost impossible to pass. So we have some guy islands to help us toe fully embrace a glass first. We don't look ourselves in the major for the 1st 3 to 4 sessions because if we do, so will be judging instead of playing, and that gives the purpose of the game. Second, we're focusing just one game at a time, sir. The only thing that matters to play as long as we play, we're good to go, so let's go with the games 3. Sing along with the artist: first game singalong with the artist. So we sing along with the artist, so we recognize that tonalities in the music. It doesn't matter if if we're good about singing, we just do it to recognize the sounds of it. So let's get into it. So people, so people, just people for way. So just way. So again, this helps us to understand the music and all the upside down that it has. This helps us to also develop a sense off hearing with trumpets, drums keep or whatever, because the voice itself, it's an instrument in all instruments to the same. So let's go on the second game. 4. Tap the wall: so second game. Stop the music. So basically we just get in front. Off a wall will close our eyes and we play the first song that would play in singing along with the artist. Now, in this occasion, we will top the wall every time that we feel something. Now if it is maybe a bit difficult, you can start by just tapping the words itself. So that's going to some people fortune. So people just so people just that is way, way just what? Every day, everything. So people say Thanks for So as you saw, just stop the words or whatever you feel. It doesn't matter. Just remember, it's a game and this game's help us until express what we truly feeling inside to the outside. So there's no good or bad. We just stopped every time that we feel something because we're singing inside ourselves and we want to take that out to the outside world we can dance with. So now let's go to the Nets game 5. 1 to 100: third game 1 to 1. So the two components off movements are stillness and precision. And we'll exercise that by basically counting one number to the other as we move. For example, if I can't number one, I get into position. Then when I'm supposed to come number two, I moved to the nets position. Now that will help us to manage both of stillness and position the transition between one number to the other. She'll be fluid and it is low piece, sort of. So you will see now what? Before 67 Okay, No, Well 30 Fort 50 17 I think Body 20. So 1 to 100 movements. So basically, with this, if you're feeling that you're going maybe through fast total last two or three seconds in each number and remember, transitions are supposed to be slow. So besides, learning, transition in the stillness will also be enhancing our creativity because we basically need to create 100 different positions. So when we dance way, have it in our power. So final game that's free 6. Dancing Freely and Class Project: so final game down soon. So now. But I'm gonna just play the first and dance because remember, it's a game. But the difference is that now we Game one. I learned the tonalities of a song game, too. I learned how to express that to the outside, and we gained three. What I did was that I learned stillness and precision. So now I just basically need to listen to the song and sing it inside me inside expressed that to the outside or whatever you like. You can use the techniques. Are you learning in 12 or tree? I mean, personally, I just like to sing the song and, uh oh, awesome cups. So let's get into way. So people so people, just people just way just wait. So, people, this is so that's it. Basically, just play with the music and whatever it comes. Remember, there's no good meal seekers and always express how we feel. It's good to go now. This techniques are raised from development, so basically you will need toe go between two or three times or two recessions to fully embrace the potential and what they have to offer. So basically, what I recommend is toe to toe three sets of these games and two or three sessions in total fully see the potential of this games. So for the glass broke we're gonna do is that after two weeks, four or five sessions of training way will blow the media to scale share. And I review so hope to see you soon and thank you for taking my class. That's freely having us.