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Daily Trading Bootcamp: How To Use Secret Methods and Tools in Trading

teacher avatar Maksym Vysochanskiy, 100K Students Can't Be Wrong!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. 1. Welcome To The Class

    • 2. 2. What To Trade And Why?

    • 3. 3. What Tools To Use For Daily Trading?

    • 4. 4. How To Setup Trading Chart?

    • 5. 5. Which Timeframe To Use For Trading?

    • 6. 6. When To Enter Trading Position And Why?

    • 7. 7. When To Exit Your Trading Positions with Profits?

    • 8. 8. How To Use Risk Management And Stop Losses?

    • 9. 9. How To Make Trades With Cryptos?

    • 10. 10. How To Make Trades With Indexes and Stocks?

    • 11. 11. Outro

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About This Class

Daily Trading? What is that? Is it possible to get some income from all those trades? And most important how is it hard to do?

Welcome to a special Daily Trading Bootcamp video course, where you will learn all methods and techniques which I have been using for the last 3  years with my trades. Most importantly, I am sharing my secret trading indicator which helped me to win 3rd place as the best trader in the world in 2019! That indicator showed perfect results with close to 90-100$ accuracy rate during the last 2 years at my videos with trading analytics. Instead of spending months and months of learning, follow simple steps with daily trading at different markets and get instant results!

In This Class, You'll Learn How to:

Use All The Tools, Trading Strategies And Profitable Hacks For Day Trading!

How to Do Trading on Crypto And Regular Indexes markets!

How to Setup Properly Your Charts For Understanding When To Enter Trading Position

How to Choose Platforms For Trading with Cryptos, Indexes and Stocks!

When to Enter a Trading Position And WHY!

When to Exit Your Trading And When To Make Profits From Your Trades!

How to Use Properly Risk Management With Your Portfolio

How To Use Properly Stop Loss for Protecting From Losses

How to Choose The Best Chart Time Frames For Day Trading

How to Avoid Blowing Up Your Account

How to Trade Profitable Technical Indicators & Overlays That Work Well For Day Trading

Dedicated Support from the Course Instructors and the Learning Community. 100% Questions Answered Within 24 Hours!

And a lot more...

What You Need:

Pencil or pen

Computer + Internet

An open mind and readiness to learn great skills with daily trading!

Who am I?

My name is Maksym - I am an online marketing entrepreneur and online instructor for more than 10 years, proud father and family man.

I sold more than 100,000 copies of my products about internet marketing, social marketing, application creation and marketing during the last 10 years. You will always find in my products a new, unique system with a straight to the point style of information. 100,000 students can’t be wrong!


Other Useful Links:

My youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6BX8GxqzSSsTfOjg9KFzxw

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/maksym_vysochanskiy/

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maksym Vysochanskiy

100K Students Can't Be Wrong!


Maksym V (Vysochanskiy) is internet marketing entrepreneur and instructor for the last 10 days, proud father and family man.

He sold more than 100,000 copies of his products about internet marketing, social marketing, application creation and marketing during the last years. You will find always in his products new, unique system with straight to the point style of information.

100,000 Customers Can't Be Wrong! :-)

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1. 1. Welcome To The Class: Hi, my name is Maxim and welcome to daily trading bootcamp. Let me explain you why are things this is going to be the best course in which you got in your life. And what is this all about? I bet that many of you know that market is changing every day, every day clip those goals and are the stalks are moving up or down. And that is why Delhi trading bootcamp is coming to life. Because you will be able to understand when to start trading and when to exit. And most important that you will make profit, you will earn money from those traits. It sounds exciting correctly, and the daily trading is looking like a traveling, right? Firstly, you need to understand where you're going. And secondly, to use different indicators that during your journey you will reach your final destination. And most importantly, lastly, that you will need to do a proper risk management because if you are tired or if you are lost, then take a rest, do your corrections with your traveling and continue your journey, that you will be able to reach your final destination. All of that, I decided to learn and search for the best methods online and offline. It took me tons of hours and many thousand investments to reach to the point where I am right at this moment. Two years ago, I want third place as the best trader in the world. Also, I'm doing three videos at my YouTube channel, where is my trading and analytic. And during these two years, I had over there out 100 percentage accuracy rate at my trading signals. I'll repeat 100% accuracy rate. Now, I would like to share all my knowledge and my skills that you will be able to start your journey with daily training. I'm going to show you my indicators and my skills, my methods with daily trading that you will understand properly went to sludge rating and most important when to exit with them. And cool things that all you need for daily trading is on the computer and internet. That's mean that you will be able to travel anywhere with your friends or your family and do trainings at the same time. Possibilities here are endless and that is why I'm so excited to see you at another side of daily trading with care. So that is why thanks for watching this video and let's get started. Our bootcamp. 2. 2. What To Trade And Why?: Welcome back everybody to daily trading bootcamp. And I'm happy to see you inside of this video course because this is the beginning of your journey in the daily training. Today, we are going to start with video or number two, which is going to explain what is needed to start Delhi traded and actually what we will trade specifically during our video course while we can make money with daily suites before I will start also this way I want to say that I am most financial advisors. This is like only my own opinion on this one. And really trading can be a really highly risking business for you. So let's just start at this. Are you ready? Let's go. Okay. Okay, so I can split the market into two sections for better understand that what we can trade because actually there are tons, as I said, opportunities and possibilities on this daily trading because, for example, on the market there are like thousands of different stocks, right? Indexes. And if you will, that two over there like different crypto those, you will see that you will have approximately like thousands and thousands of options to go with. Reason. I will show my own opinion, my own experience like where it might be and you can focus your time and your efforts with daily training. Outgas I say I will split the market to the two section Latin right, the left will be crypto, okay? And the right will be like indexes plus stocks. And like other ones, They, both of them are like looking similar and a little bit different. One crypto market is like the last couple of years became super, super hot one. And the big advantage with crypto that it is working nonstop all the time, all the time. You can go and trade on weekends on day and night. So it is like 247365 at another hand that if you want to trade, whereas like indexes, stalks, and metals for example, you will be able to do this only on business days. So this is like two different. This is the first one feature different between those two market. The second biggest difference between both of them is like high volatility. What does it mean, high volatility? Crypto market is super, super high one with volatility because as you can see, market can go up and down urine. They're like very short period of time. And for example, in their July, from July, as you can see, till today, the market increased approximately by 60 percent, by a, by two times. This is like close to 100 percentage the same wars approximately at the beginning of summer when market crash it crypto swans by like two times. Now as you can see, it is recovery. So it is normal to CSS said in a very short period of time that market is going up and down by many and many percentage. This is actually where you can make profit because high volatility means more chances, more unique ways for you to make profits, right? That is why if we are speaking about crypto market, as I say, it is super high volatility. At another hand, indexes and stocks are like those ones which I am like focusing most stable one right now, I am like on the weekly chart. And as you can see, this is like what we had with COVID situation, but it's like slowly going up and down, right? So let's get back to the question, what is needed and what we are going to trade. We spoke about this two markets. And let's firstly say what reach indexes at which we are going to be focused. During the next videos, we will be focused on Bitcoin trading on a thorium. Right inside of the crypto market. That was a two ones are the biggest one under market in the pupils. And basically they are like moving approximately in the same way. If you will compare these two charts, I will switch to weekly one. And here to the weekly. You will see that the market is looking lower bit similar one as you can see right here and here, right? That is why, as I said, we will be focusing on this to one as Regatta and indexes and different metals. We will be focused on the next one. Though John's SPX by a 100. Though John's standing for though Jones Index vicious like holding like a 50, but the best stocks of the United States market insight of the one with index, right, aspects by a 100 and is similar but instead of like 50, best stocks company is holding 500 companies inside of this index. So this is like what we see with DOT John's. And this is what we see with SPX 500. Okay? And they are also look in similar one, look at this one, and this one, right? But that region to have some Samson little bit different because they can like, you will not have a chance to do some traits. We will use some more indexes. For that reason, we can use Goal Index. And the United States oil in the United States oil, for example, is completely different one too, though John's or SDS. And here trades as you can see. Not like we can see all those indexes asked regarding as regarding gold. As you're getting goal is also different one comparing to other indexes, it is more stable one, right? As you can see. But here we can get very good position when we can start buying and selling, right? Look at this one, this one, this one. So that is why this is gold also very good for traits. So we will focus, as I said in the next videos on doors, indexes, on the crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and on stocks market are DO John's aspects by 500 golf and United States? Or the last question is which you're going to cover in this video, like what is needed. Basically, all you need to have is like computer, internet. I still believe that computer is better to afford their traits. And some initial investment. I forgot, initial investment, it is up to you. You can start from like $500 or even from $100. And you can grow, for example, to 1, 0, 0, 0. It is up to you. As they say. Trading can be highly a risky one business, but still, with this darkness which I am going to cover, you can make very good profits, right? I am not for national adviser, but those indexes which I'm using, those indicators helped me to have 100 percentage accuracy rate in my videos during the last two years. So basically, as I said, you can start from very small amount of investment from 101,000 thousand. It is up to you. Okay. As regarding Lead for example, right now I'm using training new account. You saw that I'm using even 31. It doesn't require for you to have a paid one. Plus they have free trials. So you will be able to use free version of that one or free trial. If you will need to upgrade this up to you to use it on up, I will cover that actually in the next video, how to set up trading you account that you will see the same charge. I see because right here, you will be able to see more clearly like at what position is market right now? Is it high or I know market or is it low? It helps you to liking the traveling to understand where to go and how to go. Also, I will cover in the next video what platforms you will use for trainings like, well, we will need to buy and sell. So this, all of this one information will be covered in the next video. Meanwhile, thanks for watching this video and see you in the next one. Bye for now. 3. 3. What Tools To Use For Daily Trading?: Our k. Okay, welcome back to video number 3 already. And in this video we will cover like what platforms is needed for trading and when to make those accounts. So let's start it firstly, where's the most in my opinion, the most important one, it is trading view.com. Why this one platform is cool? Because as I said, I'm using constantly hear from my daily trading. Here, I will be able to add different like information regarding much indicators, different moving average lines. We are going to cover that in the next video. All right. That is why most important that this, you can make free account, the free account to you use all of this one. So the first thing which I highly recommend you is to go with that to create an account in it. And so you'll be able to read properly what is going on on the market and even set up alerts later on. We will cover that also in the videos. That you will not need to sit all the time nearly the computer, right? And watching this one, you can simply get notification to your smartphone when to start trading. So the first thing I have, as I say, go to training u.com and make account over there. You can go with 31 with free trial. It is up to you. Secondly, we covered in the previous video that view we're going to trade in the two markets. The first one is crypto. Second one is where stocks indexes. So that is why for this crypto market, if you will use two platforms for this one, they are also free to use, I mean, for grading account over there. The first one is a bit max.com. I will go into cover this one. Links below this video is that you will be able to follow properly. So bitmaps.com. So create over that account. Most important that bitmaps allows you to do trace event in free account demo one, that you will not be able to deposit any money over there. Yep, right. So that is why I also highly recommend to start trading firstly with your demo account and only with the time to do real traits. So that is why Betamax has different URL for demo account. It is test net dot bit mx.com. Right here. I will write here. So there's that. At bitmaps.com. Again, link will be below this video. The second platform for crypto traits is, in my opinion, the biggest and most reliable exchange in the world. But this is against my own, only my own opinion, that is by finance.com. So I also recommend you to create over the account, do your verification over there. So by the time you will have verified account when you will finish this video course. So two platforms for crypto trace bitmaps, that demo account and buy-in for stocks, indexes, gold, metal, we will use completely different website. I'm using personally chorus spreads website. The link will be below this video. You will be able to create a with their demo account as well. For example, they are giving you $10 thousand at demo account, virtual one, right? But again, I highly recommend you to do start trading firstly, worse, demo account and then only with real one. So chorus press the press Descartes. First platform for real traits like stocks and indexes. But you can also use another ones. For example, like plus 500.com is also great one. And then we'll have approximately the same terms and conditions for trading where you can see you can try different currencies, different oil, even cryptocurrencies over there as well. But as I say, don't do trays with cryptocurrency were there for cryptocurrency, we are using completely different platforms. So let's summarize what we learned in this video. You need to create array now, foil counts at different platforms. First one is trading view.com. This, we will use it very and very often because this is where I will give you my personal index which I created and why you will be able to insert over there and you will use it on your trace. Second one account is at the bitmaps.com, right? Next one with finance. And then the last one it is up to you. Is it, you're going to use chorus spreads? Or last 500 years, as I say, up to you and me personally, I'm using chorus press and I will use example how I'm doing trace over that at the, at that platform. So meanwhile, thanks for watching this video. And I'm looking in the next video because this is where I'm going to cover like basic explanation, how we can read properly our trading new account and how to set up over there all those lines hold those indexes, which is looking a little bit complicated. But again, it will take you approximately five, 10 minutes to do this one. So I'm very excited to see you in the next video. Again, nowhere, thank fortunate this one and see you in the next video. Bye for now. 4. 4. How To Setup Trading Chart? : All right, well, welcome back to video number 4 of the video course, daily trading bootcamp. And we continue to do videos regarding like how you can start your daily trading business. In this video specific one, I'm going to cover how to set up properly trained and you count that you will be able to read properly the market and index why you they can traits. So let me go to the trading your account. This is brand new one which I created a couple of seconds. One, if you will create vivid similar one, you will see something similar. Like index information and what's going on. By default, it is opening up all stock market, right? Apple stock. And so you will see like this one. What here we can see, first of all, on the right side is like here, general information. You can make it like this one here. You can set up alerts. Right here in this section, you can read news about what's going on, on specifically about ERPO stocks right on each one. But on the left side or right here we have different measurement tools where we can measure different like a scenario, see how profitable or this one or not. And on the top right here, you can see that we can change to another symbol, to another stock. Here. We can change to the time-frame because right here we can see this is white. The days. Each candle, this one is called an candles, is standing for the day right here. We can change it to their weekly to the month. This like we are going to cover in the next video, because this depends on which strategy you are going to use. Right here, we can change, different to another form of the candles. For example, like this one or to the line I prefer must lead by default is in one candles. In the top right here, we can compare it to another symbol. And most important, this section where we will be able to add different indicators and four indicators. And here, as you can see, I have here two lines. This one and this one indicator, this one on the top. This is my unique one, which I created by myself or my trades up there mightily masses. And that is why I'm going to give you the code for free in the next videos. But right now let's create this indicator and these two lines because we will be able to read properly what's going on, on the market. So I'm going back to this new brand new trading new account. And firstly, this one on the bottom, if you click this is, as you can see, means indicator of volume. So basically, I don't need this one too much. Right? Now. I'm going to add my indicators. I mean, not more hybrid, which I'm using for my traits. So the first one I'm going to use is irrelevant tips, trends, Index, LSI. So I'm going to click right here. Also. I'm going to switch it to the top. As you can see, right? And here, I won't go into a little bit to make differences. One, K style. And and yeah, I'm going to change it to 75 and lower band to 25. Okay? So this mean that, what does it mean this relative of strange index, that's mean, for example, if it is right here on the top, this mean that market is super hot right now and bind too much. I mean, it's like it's showing that, hey, it is too much that market that this stock might go down, as you can see, it went down, right? The same will be we will go to the lab. Same here as you can see it, touch it, moving down again, right here. Look at this peak. This peak, right? If we will change to the weekly chart. We can see again the same one. Perfect example is right here, also with bottom-line. It, touch it. And boom, look at this one. If you will enter or imagined, if you will enter here, position one. This increase going up, up, up, up, right now, as you can see via Carmen vary to the, again to the top right here. We are going to carry this one next video. But this is like for better understanding of what's going on in their mind. The next two things to which we need to add is lines, moving average lines, which I like to use in my, my chart. So again, I'm going to hear a moving average line. Okay? We have here, right here, this one. And we will change it lower bit one. So we can change it to, for example, let it be even the blue one color. And right here, this length, I'm going to change it to 20. Okay? And we were going to add one more moving average line. Now the one, and we will change it to 50. And here we will go into change to the yellow column because this one is very important one. I'm want to change it will be too more. Baldwin. Not sure that I would be able to do it right here. I'll write here thickness. This one is great on. I like this one. Okay? And basically again, this two lines are helping us to understand that right now as you can see, the market is super hot position. And in my opinion, like my, my opinion, what I, what I see that it has minimum to go down to this blue line. As you can see, I'm not saying that you need to do right now traits. But again, it's like helping us to understand that, hey, that it is super hot, right? And I'm not speaking about the yellow look, yellow line. This one moving averaged 50 because some time it is must to touch this one, this one line. And again, regarding the index symbol I, we can change it to whatever you want it. For example, we can change it to the Bitcoin, for example, right here. And change it to the daily chart right here. Okay? So now we look in, our chart is looking similar to what I have right here as you can see, right? So we have LSI, we have moving average lines. And the next will be to add on the top another one chart, which I say my indicator. But even right now, what I see is helping us to already, to understand where or VR at this moment on the market, as you can see it touch it down, position this one. So it has to bounce back at least to this blue line. And look, if we will put here position. It's when profit right here and tail It's when look to the top, right now it is on the high position right here. Boom, bouncing back. Right now. If we are speaking about Bitcoin on the daily chart, I will not do any traits at all because right now it can go either direction to the top or to the bottom. So regarding this one, candles, what is candles is evolved? You can check also in the Google because this one, each candle is standing for timeframe. For example, if we are on the daily trades, on the daily chart, it stands each one for one day. If we will change it to one hour. It's like stands for one hour, it will change to one week. Each such candle stand for one week. And color one is like obvious is the red one means that market is going down. That is a sand bearish market. If the green one is bullish, does mean that there are more buyers and more the market is going up. Okay? So basically we finished the top of our trading you account. Now, let's talk about different strategies, different time-frames, because as you can see, we can do trace on the daily chart. We can do on weekly chart, on monthly, and even on five or one minute chart. What does it mean of that? Let's talk about that in the next video. Me. Wow, thanks for watching this video and see you in the next one. Bye for now. 5. 5. Which Timeframe To Use For Trading?: All right, Welcome back everybody to daily trading bootcamp. And this is video number 5. Already. In this video, let's talk about two most important things is regarding like timeframes on the beach, we will do traits. And secondly about what is leverage? What does it mean leverage? So let's talk firstly regarding timeframes. Let's go back to our trading new account. And they're all were there, as you can see in the previous video. Show it to you. You can change this chart to different timeframe. You can change it to one hours. Like five hours. You can change it to even Minister Susan Harris change it to minutes to days, weekly, and even months. Okay. So question is coming like, okay, which timeframe to choose for our daily traits? Our video course is calling daily trading bootcamp. This mean that I would love to make some baby traits. This mean that the best one to use for wood there will be either daily chart or even less like ours. Because right here you can see that it touches, for example, peak position of SQL speaking about Bitcoin on the daily chart, it touch it, be positioned approximately like one months ago. So this means that I will do trait one month per time, like here I one time and here I onetime, another one. So approximately if we will select that chart, I will do trades approximately coupled times per year. Here is little bit less risky because like here we are using big position on the markets, on the daily one. The same one that will be on the weekly. Here is even like her, in my opinion, you will do again 12 times per year. So if you want to do traits every single day, again, it is up to you which one you will go? Me personally, I'm using like like couple of times per year. Then we can change it to, for example, let's see our chart. One hour. You see the last position right here, top one was three days ago. Okay. Here is another one. Look at this one. It was approximately one week ago. So here is like you are doing traits more often. Like 12 or three days plus, if you are using different markets like Bitcoin or Ethereum over the DOW Jones. Here I's goal, this mean every day you are like reading and you are doing like once per day or per coupled based dose trace. Again, if you have more time on doing this one, you can do this one like one hour or like three or two hours or three hours trading. Because it allows you to do those traits once per like 12. This, if you want to do trace even more often, for example, like every hour or every couple of hours, then you can change even to another time-frame to 15 minutes, let's say. And if we are speaking about 15 minutes chart here. Look at this one. This is perfect example, right? Because right here they didn't touch it. So here it's when, for example, from 48 thousand to 49 thousand. So here this traits already makes you won $1000. It's, it was done approximately within, as you can see, within four hours to two days ago. Okay. So it will so here, as you can see, market went up by approximately by 20 and harp percentage. And one hundred and two hundred dollars is a profit, if you will do leverage one by one. We'll speak about leveraged Justin couple of seconds. Okay? So this is how it is again. But what I want to mention also that when you do trades on very small timeframe, Yes, you can have a lot of traits over there, but more risk comment over there because market is not predictable one, that, and you need to do proper risk management over that to use stop loss, but you will not lose your funds. So if you will, ask me where I am doing trades because this is where I'm showing my indicators on my videos, free ones. I use most of the time. I'm using either daily or even weekly, because weekly allows you to see more clearly that, for example, market is super hot over there and it has to go down. For example, if we're speaking right now about today, SPX 500. Perfect example. Look at this at weekly chart. And you can see that market is super, super at high level. I'm not saying that it has to fall down tomorrow today, but obviously, it is too high one we have this 11 year ago at COVID situation. And we had similar one approximately four years ago. And look at this one. So this one will help you, as I say, even without my indicator already to you to understand where to do traits and went to enter with this one. We are going to cover it. That's one as all as well in the next video. Okay. So again, if you're speaking about timeframes, daily minutes, or weekly, it is up to you. It is dependent on how much time do you have? Now the last question which I want to cover in this video is about mover age. Excuse me, how it leverage, right? We, for example, let's say about here as SPX. We have here and we have weekly chart right here. Market went up approximately buy from the last bottom position. Approximately by how much? By approximately as 80 percentage, if you will, do traits by one-to-one. Leverage. Leverage means that if you put $1 for this tray, one-to-one, that's mean that you will get 80 percentage profit. This just means it's really good one. But markets, like for example, NU, markets allows you to use leverage when you can get more profits. This is little bit risky one. Still, you need to understand that you can use this one especially on platform like Betamax. And leverage allows you to use, for example, 1, 2, 5. This mean that one, each percentage will be done by well, will be added by five times. So if you will do here, trace this mean that you will do with five percentage leverage, you will get 400 percentage profit, which is really cool. One is to think about one. But that's mean that another side of this business, that if you will use leverage, this mean that platform can take money from you if you will be wrong. More quickly. I will show you a perfect example, one in there, next video with demonstrate that you understand what I mean here. If you even you can use leverage like 50 percent or so this mean that here we had 80 percentage profit, right? By 50 percentage leveraged. So this is like 4 thousand profit, right? Again, this is looking at very great one, but I don't recommend to use big leverages. All because this is against super risky. Me personally, if I will use leverage, a role, I will use very and very small one like to maximum 50 percent is in general, I don't use are all leverages right now because this is, as I said, very and very dangerous one because you can lose your fonts. Let's look example with Bitcoin. Okay, BTC, index. And this one, I like it one, and let's change it to one hour. This example, for example, if you will enter here position fifty thousand and forty eight thousand five hundred is approximately one for all and $500. You can make it in 24 hours in this way. If you will go right here again. And it went down another one hundred and five hundred dollars. So what I'm trying to say that even with leverage one-to-one, it is very good business, right? To do those traits. Because if you will use leverage five percentage right here, that's mean that if he had trade is profit is approximately one hundred and five hundred by five times. This is like close to 7,500 square, almost $8 thousand, which yeah, like everybody wants to get more money and more profit, but don't be greedy because another side that what would be if the market will change its position. Here is example. Another one is here. But it's a little bit risky because still marketed in touch properly. Here is bigger than another, like one hundred, ten hundred dollar. And yeah, so this one good example to read. This one. But again, we'll speak about went to enter and exit the trading position in the next videos. In this one video, what we just learned is a garden like what timeframe to use for your trades. Because if you have more time, you will add more. You are more risky person then you can use like minutes, five to ten minutes. If you want to do trades every single day, then one hour chart, three our chat. And if you don't have time and you are like long-term perspective person, you want to have those traits more steady, one more profitable one in there long-term, then I recommend you to use daily one or even weekly one because this is where we see more clearly the one perspective like what is going on, on the market. So they've gotten leverage. What we learn that we can use this one, but this is a risky one. And the most important if you are going to use leverage, don't use too high one, approximately two to five percentage is maximum. Meanwhile, thanks, watching this video and in the next video, we'll continue our daily trading bootcamp. Thanks again and see you in the next video. Bye for now. 6. 6. When To Enter Trading Position And Why?: All right, well, welcome back to video number six. We continue to do videos regarding daily trading in this course. And this specific video number 6 is all about when you need to start traded, when you need to enter your position with trading. And also secondly, I'm going to show you my script, my indicator that you will use the same strategy which I am doing with my traits. So let's get started this video. Let me show you how I am doing my trace. So I'm taken again, this is a new account, a trading you write. And right here, we already mentioned that in the previous video how I set up this LSI, right? How I created here moving averages lines, right? And question is common, okay, we clearly see that for example, array now three our chart, for example right here, that LSI is super high, that it will be good to enter selling position. Write that right here, that's showing the market is super high and the need to sell. Also, I need to mention that there are really a lot of strategies online about tradings using different candle strategies, you will move or age, for example, even like strategy, if, for example, candle reach it higher than moving average, that's mean the market will go up. And if this moving down, so it went down. But I don't want that you will be overwhelmed by with different strategies information I want to give you my strategy as I say, which I'm using for couple of years. And it is showing like 100% accuracy rate at my traits. So for that reason, we need to add one more indicator right here. This is custom one which is made by me. Right here you need to do is to click Find editor right, right here. Deleted our sum here. Then you will have this one code. You will not receive this one email to me for support and I will be happy to provide you. So I'm copy. Moving back. I'm inserting and add to chart. We are minimizing this one. Let's move up and up and up. It is right here. As you can see, maximum clock signal. This is like those indicator which I say we needed settings. Delete this one, this one, this one, and this one only leave this one strong cell and the Schwann cell right here. Select it to white color. And okay. So this means that view, we focus on variant, very strong signals that it's showing like screaming that haze more like right here, you need to add to your position. And usually I'm doing, as I said, trades on daily or weekly charts. For that reason, as you can see it on the May, if we are speaking about Bitcoin is showing right here that it is super low market, that it needs to go up and look at this one. If we will do trade right here, is reached from 34000 and right here to 40000 is like 7000, almost 6 thousand, right? Difference. If you will live it even more, you can go right here to 52000. We will speak about when to exit the trace in the next video. Here is the same one, right, from 42 to 38. Here is another one. And like here, like three in the rows, like 1, 2, 3. And here is like another from 47 to 44, another 3000. So right here is good one to understand like when we need to do traits, as I say, simply follow this white arrows. Right now, we reached, as you can see, to the high level, but we don't have yet white arrow for entering our position. That's why I don't recommend you to trace. I like when we see very here at the top as you can see, like this one peak even the rich it above our indicator or right here, this line. So that's mean for sure. It will go down. We only need to wait. When, when will be this white triangle? So this is sort of that you need to wait for, as I said, for the almost white. And so this rule number one, Follow white triangles. Rule number two, right here with this trace is also like you need to understand where the market is going right here, as you can see, we are in there, very and very bare market, excuse me, in the blue market one, this market is going up. As you can see right here. It's for that reason. What you can do is you will not do this down trace. You will need, you can wait when the market will go down. And only from those positions, as you can see, that on the enter position. So, but even in the Bull Run Market, as you can see right here, look 1234566 traits, six triangles, excuse me, showing us that the market will go down from 48 thousand as you can see. And indeed it went down to 30000, yes, it Rishi to 62000. But then When down, as you can see, the top one position here, the last one was here when it was approximately 62000. So you will not, as I say, you you won't have problems with whining this code. Please email to me that I will provide you a link to it. And you will be able to use this one for your trace. I'm using this essay for daily. We can change it to three hours shot for example, where I now a sequence is showing that a three hour shot, it has to go down. And and yeah, look at this one right here. Also reach it down. Like this one. Right. And even you can use at like some 15 minutes shot. But I'm not like big font or 15 minutes shot because here indicator can't just like not 100% accuracy rate. Yes, it up scale. It will show you, for example, like here from 1st September that you can see that the market will go up. But and here another one. Look at this one. But still it is little bit too risky. I like more on doing on daily chart. But even on diminished shot, it's showing you great, great results like here, like this one. Born bor, born, another one going down. So we spoke about that reach timeframe to use it is up to you. And basically that's it for this video. In the next video, because we'll learn in this video went to enter the position. And in the next video, let's talk about when to exit. And then we will speak a little bit later in a couple of videos how to do actual traits. Because firstly, we need to learn, ever seen how to drive a car like what to do this one like all those rules, and then start driving, right? So Sam is here, so we'll learn how to enter position in the next video, let's talk about how to exit. So thanks for watching this video and see you in the next video. Bye for now. 7. 7. When To Exit Your Trading Positions with Profits?: Alright, welcome back to video number seven, and we continue videos about daily trading bootcamp. In this video specific one, Let's talk you about when to exit your trace. In the previous video, we already learned about when to start trading, right? Went to enter position with using my indicator, which are provided with this video course. Now, let's talk about like when to exit a bad trait. Because, okay, we entered position and you can wait, and you can lose, right? For example, right here, look at this trait. It's when down and then warm it went up. So question is obvious when to exit. For answering this question, we need to understand two things. Firstly, what market you are doing, trace it clipped off, or if it's taught modeling. Secondly, is what timeframe? Right here, I'm using an example with crypto markets, so it can be Bitcoin or Ethereum, right? So I'm using those top two. And here I'm in this example, Let's talk you about daily timeframe. Daily timeframe. With daily timeframe one, we see a very strong signal like this one, for example here, or like here, right? That the market will go up. That's mean that we will be able to help him long if you can wait for in long-term perspective, good percentage profit. That is why I'm using mathematic mathematically ray with an exiting. The traits. Well, what I do is I am using simple. Why percentage? What does it mean? For example, if here, let's take example. We have here the top percentage world TO price wars like approximately 42 thousand. So right here minus Y percentage, we get 39900. And as you can see, so I'm saying to the system that at 39900, I want to exit my trade. And this system will do this one for me. And you can see we needed to wait a couple of days, 12345 days. And indeed it reached even more words like, like 37, 500, right? So again, with daily timeframe with crypto, if you are using this daily timeframe with script or Amazon maximum 45 percentage, right? The same, for example, is here. If we enter right here, it will be like 35000 plus white percentage. That is 6700. And it's when even high, as you can see. It's even in three days, it reshaped like to 42000. For that reason, as I said, use the mathematic way with Calculate. Yes. Indeed, you can read, you can get more than that, more than five percentage right here. Let me use this example. But you never know. That is why I'm trying to play, say that I will not be greedy, that I'm using five percentage strategy. This is about daily timeframe. If we are speaking about hours and 15 minutes shot right here, I'm using even small. I'm using like one or 2%. So if it was, for example here, example 49700 plus two percentage, 50,600. And look, you see this region right here. So even I will recommend you to start slowly with what percentage? What good with 15 minute that you can do couple trades per day, even like was one on the market, like right here we have example, it is two days ago. You can do this one here. And he, and even right here it is like two days you can see. Right? So that is why if you are as I say, if you are using 15 minutes or three hours chart, would recommend you guys to use one percentage profit with daily, maximum 5% with minutes and hours. What is good that you can see results more quickly because two way coupled this is really painful to wait two for the results. What if you know how to handle this one and you can wait. Then I recommend you again to switch to daily. And then at maximum, those indicators, you can use five percentage. Now let's talk about, for example, let's say you invested $100 with one trait by percentage, you are getting approximately $50 profit with, if you will do this one approximately one time per month. This mean that you have a profit 60 percentage per year only at one, at one indicator, at one market. Here was Bitcoin, if you will do traits coupled times like for example, Bitcoin, gold stocks, then you can even do, for example, white three types so you can double your initial investment. Now, we spoke about Bitcoin. If you, we'll speak about, if you will do trades about like indicators like SPX right here, I will recommend you guys even reduce percentage of exiting while that, because those markets are more stable ones. For example, right here, example, it showed that the market will go down. Look at this. It went down on the maximum by two percentage. That is why, if you will do trades on stalks, on indexes, use even on the daily chart timeframe, maximum one percentage. So for example, right here, one percentage, here, another one, even this one percentage, k here, one percentage. So in such case, you will be more safe and you will be profitable. Okay, So this is what we learned in this video. Let's take our jobs with Bitcoin. Okay? So this is what we learned in previous video. We learn when to start trade went to anti position right here. I shared with you my opinion when to exit. In the next video, let's talk about the final preparation before trace is risk management. Because I want to talk what will be if the situation went wrong, right? What we are seeing that, hey, that the market need to go down, but instead it's one up. What to do with this one? We will speak about risk management in the next video. Thanks for watching this video and see you in the next one. Bye for now. 8. 8. How To Use Risk Management And Stop Losses?: All right, well, welcome to the next video, or the video, of course, daily trading bootcamp. And in this video let's talk about one interesting and important thing. It is about risk management. Because like for example, there are situation, the market, when you Can, everybody see that indicator is soil into that, clearly that the market is going up, but market decided to go down. Even we are using that indicator which I'm using personally. It doesn't mean that you will be profitable 100 percentage time like this. Nobody can guarantee with their right. This is ridiculous to believe that. But that reason questions come in what to do in the next iteration when like, the market can change in another way. So let's talk about risk management and about stop-loss. What that reason Let's open trades and goods. That, for example, like right now, I am recording these videos. You can see that two days ago at Bitcoin market. Here we don't have this indicator, which like triangle like we have here, but with a thorium as you can see, it's clearly show it to us like 1, 2, 3, and 1. You see three or more triangles in the roads mean that market is shouting to us there the hay market will go down in this particular situation and look how it is, drop it in one day. It's wrong with like approximately by 25 percent or so. It's still, as you can see, it's working. However, let's open another example where a good one like for example, like here. Just for the purposes of this video, I took some indicator here. And it's showing that one triangle, 23456. Like a lot of times that market will need to go down. But still as you can see, like this, one particular coin is going up and up and up. So you will, if you will not stop your trade, you will lose your funds white, or for example, like 50 percent or 60 percentage, depends how you are doing. Trade was leveraged or not. So Washington is common what to do in this situation and how properly to do this properly. Risk management, because as I said, you cannot win 100 percentage in traits. Yes, you can win like for example, seven out of the 10, 6 over 10, even line, maybe up to 10, but not all the time. So what to do in this situation? Firstly, there are two rules here. Let me open, right for you. Okay? So rule number one will be, do not use 100 percentage of funds, which you decided to do on one specific trait. For example, let's say example, let's say we have portfolio or waste $100. So here what I'm trying to say, don't use this whole amount, one hundred, ten hundred dollars in one trait. Their average properly, risk management is to use y ten percentage from your portfolio. Me in that here. The maximum, what I recommend to use is $100 for one trade. Okay, rule number two. Don't forget always. I will repeat always to use stopwords. What does it mean? Stop loss. One, we are making trade. In the next video I will show you are we are set up properly traits in the system, right? You can also specify to the system the same that hey, if the price will go higher from which we specified, then stop our trading and cut our loss. So a question is common, okay, if we use stop loss, what percentage to use over there? And usually I like to do the same one like we had in the previous video. When we said about when to exit rate. On that video, we say that approximately five percentage on the crypto market is good exit strategy when you are doing with daily or weekly traits. So here we stopped lost. I will use the same method that if the price will go higher from our price, which one we enter a position, then we are saying our system that you need to exit from this tray. And we will have five percentage loss, which is not bad. I mean, like if you will, as I said, if you, if you will, when seven out of 10 times still, you will have good profits. So let's make it, let's make an example right here. For example, let's say that we enter it here positioned at $19. So we enter it here. And we saying that the market, we need to go down by five percentage, right? But at the same time we need to make a stop loss position that saying that if $19 by five percentage, so approximately a $20, when the market will reach $20, we want to close our trade and we will have five percentage loss. This is about crypto market as regarding the regular one, though Jones for example, or SPX traits indexes talks. Here we have another surgery as you remember that we had one percentage profit to exit the trait here, the same one, that if the market will change for one percentage, then to use stop loss at markets when with indexes and stocks. I know it sounds a little bit complicated right now, but in the next video, I'm going to make the first trade on the demo account. We will set up our trade with entering position, exit positioned, and words. Stop loss. So let's talk about that in the next video. Meanwhile, thanks for watching this video and see you in the next one. Bye for now. 9. 9. How To Make Trades With Cryptos?: All right, well, welcome back to the next video of daily trading bootcamp. And in this video, finally, we learned so many things like about when to enter the trade, went to exit. How to make stuff was now, let's put all this information together in real trait. For this purpose, I'm using a going to use the demo account at bitmaps. So if you will go to the Google and you will put bitmaps demo account, you will find the dam like direct link to test net. Then you need to create a weather obviously account. And right here, as you can see, how much money we have demo amounts of bitcoins over them. If you don't have anything and you want to help some more money, Click here, right? And put here your address simply copy to write. And maximum amount will be like this one. And, and yeah, and you will get some free Bitcoin, not real one, but now for trading at demo account at bitmaps. Now let's go back to beat max account and let me show you here how to make trade. First of all, I'll change it already to the Dark team. As you can see right here. We can change here are two currency display, but I prefer to use Bitcoin. So I prefer to be this one. Then we see here different inflammation charged and so on. I don't need this one, so I'm going to delete this one and this one, and like this one and basic basically visit right now for demo purposes, you can see right here we can see at what markets we can make trades. I am using a thorium, right? We can change to Bitcoin here, a thorium. And honestly, I wouldn't go right now with any trade because as I said, I'm doing in the daily chart. But if it will be just want to show you how to do this one. For example, we change it to three, our chart and showing us that the market need to rebounds a little bit. So let's go back to our demo right here. And as you can see, the right now price is like this one, 75. So let's put 77. And I want to say that, Hey, I'm entering by position means long one. So I want to buy right with this button. Right here, is, while we are saying that, what leverage is it going to be one-to-one trade? As I mentioned before, or for example, 2, 2, 1, 3 x y tags. And even you can go buy 100 x, which is superhighway. In the previous video, I say to you that I don't recommend to use leverage a role but like to stick to one. But if you want and you want to use leverage, then use it up to maximum 50 x. Now, we can see that right here we have approximately $0.01 of Bitcoin k. Let me reload it. Okay? So right here, as you can see, it's showing us how much we can buy. So let's say I want two by two. Three will work this one. But again, if it will be my real account, remember in the previous video we spoke about risk management to use maximum ten percentage from your total MR. So here just only the demo purposes. And I am entering y position. Okay? With leverage one. Okay? Now you can see that system vote us this coin at the price 3000, 76, Okay? And here is liquidation price the same, that if the price of a Tyrion will go down, imagine to 17, then you will lose your money. But as you understand, this is like You need to wait for where along this is like, my opinion, this is not possible. That is why I like, as I said, to use leverage one because as I say, you will have very and very less chances to losing money. Because if you will use 50 or 100 x here, liquidation price would be like, let's say like $3 thousand. And what does it mean? And this mean like here, what the system made that if you can see from 4000 to 3000, is dropped with and all the changes or wind here because somebody put it with leverages and without stop losses. And that is why this is how exchanges makes money. So stick to the rules. Don't use too high leverages. And okay, we enter it here. Position, okay? And the question is come and how to write here to exit our position. So we are taking calculator. We are taken this price via adding five percentage. If it will be Delhi trade with daily chart. And we, yeah, okay. And VC, this price like 3000 and 545. Okay? And we click limit. So limit clause will be closed this to contracts will be sell at this price. Okay? And we have here, as you can see, our order right here. If you will, apply to change it or cancel it, you can count sell it at anytime right here. So we have position right here, because it is already we enter this position. And here active orders. And basically the sit, you need to wait now when this price will reach to this point. Now we spoke also about stop orders stock market. So here I also want to pull it stop position because okay, we enter it. We say to the system went to exit. But what will be if situation will change, right? So that is why we are saying that when 3000 76 now minus Y percentage, Okay? We have 3200 approximately. At the price 3200, we're saying Set cell stop. And we have here, okay? And basically this is, so as you can see, nothing complicated right here. We are putting here, well, we want to go either to limit order to buy or sell. We are reading firstly, our chart. We see that, for example here, system saying that the market needs to bounce back growing up. So we are taking by long position. So we are entering here with Y position. Then we are saying that at what price we want to exit, right? So we have here active orders at that. And we are putting stock market here. If we are protecting our fonts, we're protecting ourselves. That if something will change, we will, that system will close for us. So basically that's it. As you can see, nothing complicated. And in the next video, I want to show you how to do trades with indexes, real one, with indexes, dogs, and so on. Because here with bitmaps we can do trace with Bitcoin, with a thorium, my Yuan, with Cardano like all major, Dogecoin, all major here, cryptocurrencies. But about, as I said in previous video, about trading, where's indexes and stocks? We need to use another platform. Okay, thanks for watching this video and I'm looking forward for you in the next video. Bye for now. 10. 10. How To Make Trades With Indexes and Stocks?: Right. All right, Welcome to the next video over the daily trading bootcamp. And in the previous video, we started to make trades at our demo account at bitmaps, right? I show it to you how to make a real order over there. Now let's talk about how to make that trades on indexes, on stalks, on gold, on oil. All of that. In the first videos, I already mentioned that I'm using, for example, couple platforms for that. One of them is chorus spreads. If you will, Google, you will find the links to them. And one, you will create an account over there. You will have, for example, demo account, as you can see, with $10 thousand on it to do trade. But again, you can use any another one, platforms like trait 500 core, even some forex one. But let's, for demo purposes, I'm using this one account. Okay, So here what we see, oh, first of all here, market Explorer. Here we have purple on markets, and here is waltz 330. This means stands for Dow Jones index. This one, 500 is Dan, and for SDS by 100, this is Gemini, the UK, gold, silver, bitcoins, something like that. Here, for example, we can energy or energy you can find here the oil market, right? So for demo purposes, let's do some trades on SPS and again, so okay, right now, market is live because when you do traits on indexes, gold stocks, you need to understand that they're working only during a specific hours at New York Stock Exchanges. So they are not like working every single day on weekends and 24, 7. So right now it is open. And let me open trade with SPX by 100. And this is my chart, right? And if we will see at weekly chart, we can see that, hey, yeah, this is good moment to stop and selling, right? And with daily, its market started to crash. If we will change to three, our chart, market can go either way up or down. So just, again, this is just for demo purposes. I just want to show you how to setup this trait. And let's say we are taking this ray. And you can see that the price is here, changing. Minimum, as you can see, order is twenty-three dollars, right? So here it is. We want to buy. It just means that the market will go down. Cell is when the market will go down. So by, excuse me to go up and fire, I show it and cell it is going down. Now. Let me click here. Okay, and we are entering, for example, selling position, right? I want to also want to be selecting that you want to cells click here, stopped limit because this is when we want to set up our trade. And here as you can see, our margin, twenty-three dollars, let thousand dollars right now. So if we will use approximately five percentage, that's will be approximately $500. So for $500 we will make a trade. Yeah, So approximately 20, right here we bind 20. And right here we are making profit by points away. So this will be, for example, our price. And we want to run, we are selling. We are saying that at 1%, which minus you want to exit at the price, this one, as you can see. So we have this price 4,460. And we are putting here at the limit section. This is where we are saying that at this price, let the system of dramatically, we'll do trade for us and we will get approximate with this profit. Okay? Now, also the same time, don't forget to put a stop order. And here I'm using the same formula, plus one percentage. So I'm saying that at this price, we want to exit and we will lose approximately one amount. And yeah, but right now, let's submit it. And here we go. We have this one. Ray now order. Right now, as you can see, we are losing approximately $30 from our initial investment. And you can also amended here your stop loss limit. It is up to you. Which one? And this is how you do traces. You can see we used a $150 for this trait. This open position right now is minus. But you need to wait questionably when this order will be done and either you will be profitable or not. If you don't have, like us stressful and you don't want you can close at any moment right here. Right. And weekend. Close this one instantly. Okay. Now, let's go back to our big Mexican does you can see our order already making some profit approximately 0.13 percentage, but still this is profit given for from like from the beginning. Okay, we learned during this two videos how to make trades on accounts at corresponds with indexes and with script OS at exchange or bitmaps. I'm right now highly recommend you to test during one week approximately demo account on both platforms that you will see and you will feel confident we'll have to do those rays and on left at that forward exit. The same with real accounts. Real accounts are the same one. You will see that differences, there are no difference. But again, free accounts with demo. It is acceptable for you do traits firstly, over there. Meanwhile, thanks for watching this video and let me show you the next one when we will summarize averaging what we learned and the outgoing slowly to come to the end of this video course. Thanks for watching, I'll see you in the next video. Bye for now. 11. 11. Outro: All right, Welcome back everybody today hand or the CDO course. They'll iterating bootcamp. In the previous video, we already made the trade at chorus press account. I'll show it to you. And remember when we started we had like minus 40 doors. Look at this right now. And this account, we already profitable $60. And the difference between those two videos have been like maybe 1015 minutes. What I'm trying to show you that market is changing all the time and it is like very difficult to trace without indicators. However, if you will follow those indicators, which I'm using, which I shared with you and do properly, then you will get as much as possible profitable traced. And this is what I want from you that you will be successful before you will start trait. Couple of things. Again, before I finish this video course to remind you. Firstly, I have approximately 100 percentage accuracy rate during the two years, right? With nitrate. But this is because I already, I have experience. I know how to manage my stress, I know to trust indicators and most important to use stopwatch, right for that reason before doing any trace, again, I repeat you do your trace for approximately one week with demo accounts. After that, follow very simple, formal. Firstly, go and check at indicator at the chart. What is telling us where the market is going up? Is it going to be up or down? What is going to happen? If indicators showing that, hey, you need to enter position that prepare yourself to enter in it. Secondly, risk management, 510 percentage of your portfolio only during one trait. That is not more than that. Then after this one, you are entering position. Adding an instantly exit when you want to exit and stop-loss. Don't forget to use stop walk stop loss is super, super important one. And the last one that you can use, the same formula, same indicator for any markets. That is why now you understand that there are 1000 and 1000 units every single day because there are so many like stocks, choirs which you want to trade. But I like my experience, use those which I show it to you in the first videos, which Altcoins crypto coins to use for traits and metal and indexes. Meanwhile, thanks for staying with me for watching this video course. Don't forget to leave your feedback. And if you will have some problems during this video course up, some questions, don't forget to put also those questions. I'll be happy to help you with your road to success in the debit traded. All right, thanks for watching this video course and see you in the next ones by hand.