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Daily Spoken French - Lesson 2 - First conversations

Felix Brassier, Digital Artist / Languages Teacher

Daily Spoken French - Lesson 2 - First conversations

Felix Brassier, Digital Artist / Languages Teacher

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6 Lessons (1h 52m)
    • 1. Part I - at the phone

    • 2. Part II - hang outs

    • 3. Part III - meetings

    • 4. Part IV - to receive someone

    • 5. Part V - the time and weather

    • 6. Part VI - to whish something to someone

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About This Class

In this first lesson, we'll introduce the first necessary things to say when you arrive in a French-speaking country.

This lesson is divided into different topics:

  • at the phone
  • hang-outs
  • meetings
  • to receive someone
  • the time and weather
  • to wish something to someone

Meet Your Teacher

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Felix Brassier

Digital Artist / Languages Teacher


I'm a French Filmmaker (having BA in Fine Arts / Professional BA in Multimedia/Audiovisual Production / 1st grade in Cinema studies passed in French universities) working in several countries across Europe producing documentary films and videos for the music industry and schools (which has enabled me to learn English, Arabic, Italian and Spanish on the field). For years now I'm focusing my life on the "migrants", "refugees"' situation and humanitarian working life. I've grown my experiences and skills to be able to help in any kind of situation and I naturally came to work a lot on school projects, teaching English, French and Italian and it's something I found really meaningful. It helped me to get more confident in my teaching approach and to be able to run classes for any kind o... See full profile

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1. Part I - at the phone: in the listen Number two on this class, it's called Palmieri. First conversations. And then let's start with, um, conversation at the phone. Or did, if in so we can style twit asking for full number the Monday and you may hold the tiffen. And we can say if you consider an email with Terry Fund Capital City, Do you know the phone number of the hospital, please? Who could they say? Then you may hold the teddy fun slopestyle. See, you play Roosevelt, and you may order to defund Mischievous you. Do you have the phone number off, Mr. Busey? Reserve a runny may hold Italy funded mischievous yet prove a view mezain area in a mail order to defend your doctor. Aziz, can you give me the phone number on the doctor at these? Provide room and an enemy. Hold the telephone. Jean Dr Aziz. Well, in the middle of the park tablet the Felix Do you have the Felix Smart for number two are in the middle of the park tablet. Felix Jim A pass Loony Merode. Ibrahim, you give me the number off the brain to my pass Lani mercado de by him and we can end. Swear to you for privilege, Wanda. Or and then you had the number. You can join him at the and you put the number privilege, Wanda, Or when the mobile telephone. The mischievous year A The full number of Mr Bus You is the enemy Ho The telephone, The mischievous here A It's only met with a different A. His phone number is suddenly may hold the Terry fun, eh? The Animal park tableau the Felix A The physics smiled for number is whenever the October the Felix A Or we can say these early Juniper. Sorry, I don't have it days early. Generally Power Jill Ignite. General Canepa, I regret I don't know it Job. Right. Okay. Lets become this part Brokenness Elena Miro, Terry Fund the capital city of a plea. Do you know the phone number of the hospital, please? Was evident. Numeric Oteri fund in the embassy. Do you have the phone number off? Mr Busey movie room and another animal telephoned you. Dr Aziz, can you give me the phone number of the doctor Aziz to add in the middle of the park tablet ? Felix, do you have the Felix? A smart phone number German best loony may hold Ibrahim. You give me the number off a brain for providers, Wanda. Oh, you can join him at the numero the telephone. The mischievous year A The phone number of Mr Bruscia is so remember the telephone A His phone number is Remember the tablet Felix A The Felix Smart phone number is there's really sorry. I don't have it. Joke right? Should know about I regret I don't know it. Talking about the phone. You can also has for a subscription. Donald E on number. More like regarding the phone number are regarding a smartphone or something. Do Monday on Lebanon so you can ask Judah and Mabon Moon Sun care of that SMS chemise unity A trigger that their nets. I would like a subscription off five hours of Cole's text and mm is unlimited. And one Giger off. Internet, please. Number No sun care on that bed. SMS a m m s immunity if you don't tell. That's clear. Forfeit. Oh, forfeit Brok. Oh, in Castor Pippi, I would like a faux chief from the cage. A blocked the cage or prepaid card. Juve would forfeit, get region, forfeit Brok and got a quippy wine funding someone or calling someone. You can also ask for the authorization to call if you want to use someone, phone or whatever So you can ask sq super Tiffany can I Cold has crucial put Tiffany for paramedic is your telephone treaties but very fun. Do you alone? Me too cold to use your phone tribute to visit on telephone. Can I use your phone tripper? Beauty! Is it on Terry? Fun? You lend me your smartphone to my pied up and we can end. Swear to you, we want you Nizzola. Yes, of course. He It is We be Instru Lula these early when a beautiful face. So me, I don't have units anymore. Days early June Approved the for fee to take, you know. Okay, let's recap this part. Excuse me. Beautiful name. Can I call repairman takers? Your telephone casualties about a telephone. Do you loan me to call to use your phone? Djibouti, Is it on telephone? Can I use your phone? Do you mind putting booked up? You lend me your smartphone. We? Yes. You live with? Yes, of course. Cuties. Desiree between April forfeit so I don't have your needs anymore. Take okay. And then the next about is to actually call. Still if only your pass. I could've hell I'm calling is your pass code of hell. Lily Pond, You or Tiffen? It s seven. Or telephone. He's hanged. When the phone warrior. He spent his life on the phone. So you see that basically, uh, holding and using a phone in French has something to do with the wire, Your feel and, uh, feel duty fun. So there's something with the way er off the phone pass acquitted. He'll just be bombed you, But they defund. So let's just remind lease and on the phone before talking to you. Correspondent, I've owned the barley. Have a go is pulling down. You can hear a disc announce most of the time. You know it's about Yeah. Knew you call for something, and then it's like, uh, thank you for calling. Um, all of our disk busy or whatever. Please wait for a bit. Something like this. Ok, so infringe is going to be perplexity or service appears Eula to sh it well to access the service, please present to star laxity or service appears to show it. Well, it was every the Mondale A police. Keep paper. You asked for the police. Hold on. We surveyed them on the police. Keep it up. Was it? Now is a twat. Swenson Do is 01 then got country When she paddock. Chairman Barley A pretty Listen, Mommy, Search producing. You also know you calling the There are 3 72 01 24 38. I'm not here. The moment. Please speak after the beep Sound or leave me a message after the sun. Sino Fabiano's ever twat. Some dude, They got one treat and she panicked. Chairman, listen more massage, apprenticing. And so now, in case of true bows you can hear in the Bonny When you hook up with the reader Monday there's no subscriber registered at the number you asked for in the battle bunny on Yamaoka was having the Monday Linux Mihok preserving the Monday But that could be the number you ask for is not registered. You knew me a work of was ever done Monday deposit Creepy. No, a great owned them improve. Alderney Street. Avoca Bell. We're sorry not being able to transfer your cold. No work. I told him abroad in the street ever compelled to clean universe turquoise blouse and to keep a very happily unitary you'll know all the line off. Your correspondents are busy. Please call later to clean a difficult choice pronouncing to keep e But you happily you tell you all know Okay, let's be kept this bit. Brexit do Salvi's appears really to show it. One to access the service praised a two star was a video Manila Police kippah You asked for the police. Hold on. Was it beyond Courtois to asunder with the one man get country in ST Elector? No, Bali A put a B Listen, Mommy Surge producing yes or no? You're calling there There are three 72 01 24 38. I'm not here The moment Speak after the beep sound Leave me a message at the sun Sino in your pad A burning when you may hooker for seven The Monday there's no subscriber registered at the number you had before Many mediocre Preserving the Monday night does that . The number you asked for is not registered. No, great. On a broad in the street about a bell. We're sorry and not being able to transfer your call. Totally lenient. Developed a chorus bonos in Tokyo Bay. Very happily tell you know all the line off your correspondence. Alberti, please call later. And in the case off your Crispin And does not aunts were. But we got baseball. No, no, they don't. You can say says son. Okay. Lines are busy says son. Okay, literally. We say it's sound oak. Abide busy, but it's understood as lines our busy Chesson Okay, system weapon does. It's his voice responder system. Why Bondo? Senator Lipumba. It does not answer. Send the weapon, son. Dominic trainings in the air. It rings in the air. Sassen dollar. He'd yet Dixon, there's nobody. Okay? Your correspondent and tower. Hello. Hi. And if your correspondent answer then you can talk and you can introduce yourself so you can see you see Miss your boss. You. Hi. He is Mr Breast. You at almost Well, huh? Felix Barcia. Hi. Good evening. Critics Breasts, you're speaking. Hello, boss. Well, Felix must see Alibi module Samaria. Hello, It's Maria. Oh, similar. It's me. Okay, let's recap. So when your grace banana, those not ends where you can say Sassen. Okay. Lines are busy. Cecil a ponder. It's his voice responder sending people. It does not dance. Where Cindana he'd it rings in the air. Yep. Paxson, there's nobody. And if your correspondent and Swiss Hello? Hi. Usually, you see, Mr Hi, he is Mr Bless You at a once. Well, feelings Marcy Alibi. Hi. Good evening, Felix. Breasts? Yes. Speaking modu Somalia. Hello, It's Malia. Similar. It's me. And you can also ask for a number of conformation. The Monday like if you mess you about new mill so you can see see beyond zero. Twas for some. Do with several. Get sunken said get on This is it the all 3 72 or 4 57 89 signals a twat. Sandhu zero cats and concept. True studios. The what was wet? Some news there were gets and concept. Get Havana. Um, I When? At the 03 72 or 4 57 89 TransUnion was able to ask my son news they will get some concept. Get just a shame. Mr Bossy. Um, I well, at Mr Braces number. So you see that when we asked just 00 shit. It means, like on my right at the back. But like it doesn't mean like, um I will, but literally means like and I at the right number. Um, I at the right place. So we have just Rebiya. Oh, but that you better that or you can ask Said 12 weeks. Is it your Felix? And then we can say to you to death? Yes, it is to death. We just quit. Yes, I'm listening to you. We just was a quit We someone? Yes, it's me. We seem well, we said we meme and men. Yes, himself herself. Oh, in case off mistake, we can say to you No, sit down for new metal. It's a wrong number. Sit are full numeral said you never It's a mistake. Said you never Rutan pay with that, Tom. Pay the new metal. You compose the wrong number. Tom, pay Brouzet. Tompaine done email Literally. You made a mistake in the number. This really in? Yep. S Anderson noisy. Sorry, there's no one with this name here. There's only in the backs in the cinema. Can you make holding on the view? Wish number? Are you asking for can numero de monday, Vieux And you can answer are excusing my dream is she won't be doing email. So we I composed the wrong number. Excusing what vision must be trumpeted in your medal. Just days really is your feet. I'm sorry. I made a mistake. Just diesel e Jiffy Never. Okay, let's recap these bits. Saviano is a repertoire stress inducing. They will get some concept Catalan, if is it the all 3 72 or 4 57 89 Just you know, I was ableto us with some dudes that were Katzen. Concept gets around and I at the or 3 72 or 4 57 89 Just blow Shea, Miss your boss. You, um I at Mr Brass. Here's number. Said what? Felix, it's you fix two definite. Yes, it is. We just quit. Yes, I'm listening to you. We similar? Yes. It's me. Silliman Ellman? Yes, himself herself. Sit down from your middle. It's a wrong number. Said you need oil. It's a mistake. Tom Paine. Was that Tom? Pay the numero You can put the wrong number These early in your person Doesn't always seem so. There's no one with this name here. Can you make all of them on the view? Which number are you asking for? Excuse me while she misread bid on the Metro. Sorry, I composed the wrong number. Just be dizzily Jiffy. Never. I'm sorry. I made a mistake. Okay, then calling to someone you can ask to talk to someone. Do Monday. Upali kill camp and you can say s crucial point. Polyamory Mag told to Mary Excuse a poor family. A merry rip Aaliyah, I'd like to toe to amend You would rip Aaliyah Ahmed the service like Sebastian zero plane The booking service, please. Your sail These seas SCLC group point your room and facility. Director, could you give me the manager? Poor leave my Bessire Director Pitch Volume assuredly Actor! My told to the manager Fish volume issued a director People assume Can I told to Simon Tropicalia soon and weekend And swear to you, was it monsieur Madam, You are Mr Mrs Miss with it. Monsieur Madame on Muslim. Can you tell about who is speaking? T tell apart. Yeah, Cedar. About the key. From whose bats Seydel? A pound key in Akita. Hold on, Nikita. I'm Amancio. Plea a moment, please. I'm Amancio Player Julie. I gave him to you. Is your Julia path for years on a stone. Please wait a moment. I'm going to search him. The yet on a stone? No, that Koshiba at Eve Dont hang up. She's coming. If your correspondent is in line all busy, we can answer to you. She took you It's busy. Show a great late on. Communicates um I would get he's in a cold show. Good night. Late on communiqu. Assume the best you wait Preferable at Tom Wilkerson Stone. Who happily would you prefer to wait for bit? Oh, to call back. I feel it went down like a prison stone abruptly. And if your correspondent is absent, we can end to it to you. I lit up something. She is absent a let up some in the Bella. He's not here in a paella villa, people, it does. Can you call later? Vera Play Preta Really sounding such? Do you want to leave in this age? Really soundly Such? And you can answer. You're pretty Sammy search. Can I leave a message? Tripoli. Sammy Sosa. Oh, Joe. Ability, Peter. I will call back later. Okay. Ver savic until it's over. Do you know when she will be back with a vacant home. Poor devil. Radio happily. Can you tell her that I called peripherally deal? Because happily Okay, let's recap this bit. Excuse you Poi polyamory Mad Talk to Mary jewelry. Talia mend. I would like to talk to amend yourself. Please have a seat please. The booking service, please Point even bested. Ejector. Could you give me the menagerie pitch? Pallium issues Director May I told to the manager you probably assume Can I told to Simon? Was it monsieur? Madame Mademoiselle, You are Mr Mrs Means Kita By who's speaking sincere apology. From whose bats? Nike Dipper. Hold on. I'm a Monsey roupoli among men. Please. Julia. Bus. I gave him to you. The yet on a stone. Please wait a moment. I'm going to search him. No, I Koshiba that out of you. Dont hang up. She's coming, said Tokyo Bay. It's busy. You'll regret it on community gets you. I regret he's in a call. The best junkie Your weight play fairly well. Don't like it is not still will Happily We would prefer to wait for a minute or two. Call back later and it's absent. She is absent Una palla. He's not here for poor Vieira. Politically tough. Can you call later? Provably Lisa Massage. Do you want to even this age, your booty? Sammy Sosa. Can I leave a message? Usual opinion. I'll call back later. Pacific and they're gone forever. Do we know When should we be back? Peripheral video. Chris Rapley Can you tell her that I called? Okay, and then when you call someone, you can tell the matter off a cold. De lo be done that. And then you can say she was a belly full of, well, hacen you know, I call you to get a piece of information. Sure. Who's up in five Watts? Johnson. You know, see you soon. It's about the announce said Toe sushi to London's Simple in the Reserve. Assume it's for reservation supporting reserve. Assume you can simply say, Should've paid poor. Wanted to know. Well, I'm calling you to get some news. Is your lapel poor? Have well, the nouvelle. If you have a comprehension problem, why Colin? You can see Yes, Lily name of is the line is bad. Literally. Latina is the line, and it's again referring to the wire. So you say the line is bad. Ledeen. You move is she wasn't on a melon. I hear you very badly. Resultant cream result on I'm not hearing you well. Result on pervade Rupali Prefer. Can you speak louder? Prove every palate prefer. Yeah, the roughly two. There's noise, like literally feature really means, uh, pride tried something like that. The oil that you you know that you used to fried, uh, food the we use free tier because, like when it's burned and everything, it create this kind of crispy sound. You know, this kind of stuff, and so we we just say when the waste noise in the line while calling we call it feature. So you can say Yeah, Lefty trio there is nice. And when you call after an interrupted communication, you can say transit basket by Syrian news of 20. Could be I don't know what's happened. We're having kids again, referring to the line. So the line the wire has bean. Kids should see baskets. If I say it was a 20 Kewpie on a t Kewpie, we have been kept tonight. A group. Okay, that's what kept these bits. Joe was a Bellport home cinema. I call you to get in a piece on information, said Yasushi Channels. It's about the announce. Simple. In a crazy question, it's for a reservation. Sure that help all about it in? Well, I'm calling you to get some news. Ah, let me move. Is the line is bad without? Don't Ramola, I hear you really badly. I'm not hearing you very well. Prove everybody Preserve. Can you speak flow there? Ah, he did. A feature on there is noise on CBS Kisa Persons of warranty Kewpie. I don't know what's happened. We have been kids on Haiti Kewpie. We have been kids. And so too interrupt a call. Anti group on that pen. A conversation in Korea's assume. You can see. Just read easily. Focus. You like lush. I'm sorry I have to hang up just days early. You focus your like, lush, excusing washer door. High court, She Excuse me, I have to hang up. Excuse him. Well, should you are like Oh, shit. Excuse me More my belts. Really not wanting. Sorry, I'm cold on another line. Excuse him. While my bills were not really so, it's literally about finding on excuse to finish the conversation, but yeah, that's it. And to finish a coal to conclude a call conclude in a queer system you can say trist over. Well, goodbye. Oh, Maxie, Develop Lee. Thanks for calling Mexico. What happened? Thank you for your call. So let's become this last bit. She's three days early, if you casual Akash, I'm sorry. I have to hang up excusing wires. You know, High court, She Excuse me. I have to hang up. Excuse him or on my belt. Urinal taurine. Sorry, I'm cold on another line. Oh, well, goodbye exceed ever. Happily. Thanks for calling Mexican club l Thank you for your call. That's it. 2. Part II - hang outs: The next part is about hanging out. Only 30 Hang out and you can propose an activity like to hang out to go to the cinema and the theatre, whatever. So propose a in activity to propose an activity and you can say Newport, no Hollywood cinema. We could go to the cinema. No poor young while he was cinema. But when the pa's early with their tragedy swell, why not going to the theater Thursday evening? Pacquiao votes in it. We go to the cinema. I was in it. C'mon, everybody sample If we would go for a drink, SUNA LIBOR Sample said to direct their own. What will you be help for? Going in Discotheque Club said to derail that on what the bone is very always toe. You don't want to go to the restaurant, the Mountain View deli always to and like. After being proposed to do an activity, you can either accept or refuse, so to accept, to do an activity you can se, Lecco agreed. That girl, a big please here with pleasure. Havoc, please, Ear said. Pleasure. It's very can to you said on TV. Mexi secrecy. My blood, Thank you. It's very kind to you. Maxie said Crazy. My blood Quimper white nut fork weapon since many days It's a good idea Suchinda needed. Sit down. Don't you agreed, Dia I said don't on you. But problem No problem. Bad the problem so much it works. Sam. Ash! Okay, okay. And you can refuse LF you see And you can see no messy no things no messy You can also say just read easily missing Apapa Civil I'm sorry, but it's not possible. Just read easily missing the Papacy. Julie Gate, I regret but im not free. You shall regret. See Domash Mission Suddenly I can't said a marriage said Craig Johnson, who measured the Jackal shows. It's very kind to you, but I already have something said decision T Evreux measured Asia Kelkal shows so so they have a please ear measures you palatable. It will be with pleasure, but im not free. So sorry Arabic Pz measure Ministry Polly Baca da maj Gen purposes Well, suddenly I can't tonight Domash The mash chin purposes Well, Messi, measure and programmable. Thank you, but I really can't. Maxie measured up of a mamba. Some deer send them a whole spa. Such a day It doesn't arrange me 70 cinema. Ah, matter was motion Pepper. Unfortunately, I can't Shin pulling Manu is more Obama Zhuang. I unfortunately won't be able to join you. Issue in approving matter was Mamba measure. Wanna have? And if you want to be straight, you can say no bombs. No, I don't want no to please Aunt Julian. You kidding to please Aunt Chili Girl Pakistan No question like no way. Oh yeah, Bum William No ways also Yep. Bum William. Oh, you can you can refuse softly. Oh, shoot at Henry And you can see uh Soulama, Bali Dificil This seems difficult to me, Salama by difficile They're not know but that not now Maybe another day by month. No, but that on the usual While you can choose not to choose No bash was he you can say Oh, some it again. It's equal to me Senate again purport no matter. Birmingport Jamal Fish. I don't care, Jamal fish. And if you really don't care, you can say drama food. I don't give a fuck German food and you can also differ once ends where differ you answer her dif every Sarah poems and you can say Principal Felicia E. I don't know. I would think beneficios It is deja Kelkal shoes. Major V C u Tamale Berry. I already have something, but I will try to free myself. Deja caricatures. Measure of a city. I should say participle. See, Blair, you're looking Feel Madama. Hmm? I don't know if it's possible. I confirm you tomorrow. I called you back to confirm George will happen. I called you back. You have a pen at all. Wait. I will see if I can at home. You should leave work. See? And apple mostly swell. Call me back tonight. It happened once. It's well, I tell you tomorrow. Okay, so let's recap for this one. Newborn oil, A cinema. We could go to the cinema. But when a burly with their told you this Well, why not going to the theater says the evening. The votes in it. We go to the cinema similarly with shampoo. If would go for a drink said to did it. And on what you will be help for going in discotheque. The value of Bristol. You don't want to go to the restaurant? Leko agreed. I think please IV with pleasure, said collegiality The Copa. It's very kind to you. Messi is a crazy mob level. Thank you. It's very kind to you, Equipo. Why not section Bundy? It's a good idea. Sit down on the agree deal. But problem. No problem, Sam. Ash, It works. Okay, Okay. No maxim, No things just three days early. Mason, if possible. I'm sorry, but it's not possible, Jill. A great measure available, I regret, but im not free sido marriage suddenly I can't said say Jonty Evreux measure shows it's very kind to you but I already have something so sorry. Arabic play zero measure Saliba. It will be with pleasure, but im not free Domash version purposes Well, suddenly I count tonight. Messi Mission problem Mamba. Thank you. But I really can't Sandia cinema such a day does an arrange me Meta was motion Pepe unfortunately, icons in approving Melo was more power Measure one level, I unfortunately won't be able to join you. No, Jenna Bondi. No, I don't want to. Please Aunt Jo Eagle. You're kidding. I kissed you. No question. No way yet by Maria. No ways, Salam about deficit. This seems difficult to me. Beaumont No, Put it on the usual Not now. Maybe another day Some it again. It's equal to me Your own boat No matter Small fish I don't care General Fu, I don't give a fuck Principia Leticia I don't know. I would think on days like caricatures. Measure of a see you normally buried I already have something better will try to free myself. I should say pussy perceived. I don't know if it's possible. I confirm you tomorrow. Jiarui lapel book. I call you back to confirm jarvela pen. I call you back at all. They will see. Wait. I would see if I can Apple most as well called me back tonight. I tell you tomorrow. 3. Part III - meetings: The next part is about the meetings or the holy. So in French. It's like on leave. So you can propose a meeting. Are Posey home? And you can see s coupe? Was that he? Silien, meet mother 70 Portia, are you? Will you be free next? Such a day s curve was a Kleeb. So yearly. Barca. Sandy Portia. Yes. Global fed. So swell. What do you do tonight? Kids goof, etc. Perceive well Can we see it? Shoulder at midday. Impulsive work. Amedi, Rufete. Kilcher shows them as well. Do you do something tomorrow evening? Who fed her shoes? And so what is this? Well, we meet tonight until it hopes this Well, I don't know. We see each other tomorrow. I don't see why. Do know the name of us a weekend? Are you free this weekend? The LIBOR so weekend And you can proposed also like another meeting like only room. But you can propose like a professional meeting. Uh, paparazzi are only profits. Your name? Your telephone. I called toe Have an appointment. You're only pong only. Wait Eugenic. I would like to have an appointment with the manager. You're wrong on the route. Actually director esque usual. Whoever on the view. Actually, Doctor, I have an appointment with the doctor. Ehskoo Jpoole Waas on the extra doctor. Pull them Donia. Only RuPaul in my Portia. Could you give me an appointment for the next month? Proving do now on the rope pulling my Portia a school group. William of us of Well, could you receive me ehskoo for poor year members of work? And you can schedule an appointment. Fix it on the and you can see I've eaten so have leukemia at 8 p.m. Does it feeds you? I returned to have a convenient and so it proved they've only cinema. We meet in front of the cinema And so it proved they've only seen him out. I can no where and when are we meeting? Until it can Can't bedroom younger Which states will feed you can dead broke my family Well , we can when and where do we see each other? I beater sativa at 8 p.m. It feeds you Albita set over Siba It's perfect. Sit down town do It's herring that you It's understood as deal Japon it I take note Japon it sanity noted sanity. The only route of the details. Meeting at Odeon at 8 p.m. Holy throughout the and about the meeting. The appointments older on the room. You can cancel the appointment or the meeting. So the commander. And so you can see Just read easily. Imagine the pepper Well Vignes as well. I'm sorry but I won't be able to come to this evening. Just read easily. Mission Poi Avonex matter was No no No problem bothering Yes. Suddenly we won't be able to come. Matter was known in the port battering year. I won't be able to come. Jenna the up 12 in your Giuseppe. Poor they come on The more liberal I call you to conceal my appointment. She was a pen poured a commanding on leave. You're right. Measure You are not only I regret, bird. I have to postpone our appointment. Gannett measured only diesel email. Sorry, but I have a set back days early. Jon Fishman. Newt. I have a last minute impediment, John. Nope. Eshmont said Marsha pulled in as well. It doesn't work for tomorrow evening. Sandman Trooper pulled Ah, seafood. True Poland. I still it's dead for the restaurant se foot. You pull esto And you can also reschedule an appointment. They plus C only. So you can say Sulamani race you back home. It will arrange me if we will rescue our meeting. Seymour potentate Her only a skill survey perceived about would it be possible to rescue our meeting? Eskil survey possible dojo, but not on the roof. Escapee, Possibly the chancellor at that. Is it possible to change the date escape? It is possible, er than what Preto? Is it possible to see it show there earlier? Later? It's impossible to know what Preto Embraceable pretty Some homes. Can we see us later? It arranged May invisible pre death Willamette Cassano, Can we push back these toe another day homemade and like you can basically arrive toe an appointment Arrived toe Randy Rue are meeting whenever like that's what normal people do when everything's going well. So you can say usual. Joni Rue. Monsieur. Madam. Hello. I have an appointment with Mr Mrs Boo Johnny Drulovic. Monsieur Madam. Julie. Well, Monsieur Madam, I'd like to see Mr or Mrs you know very well, Monsieur. Madam John. Only I have an appointment, general only and so like to colloquial expression that you can use. If the person is not coming to the meeting, you can say Elma Posey literally uproot me a rabbit which a boo does not makes really sense but that the way we sage in French in my posey or you can see as Amalfi Food boom! Also, it means like Yep, You just came to surround the route was meeting and the best on us suppose to see is not here. So that's it. So let's recap for the meetings. Excuse was that he began. So you need Mama Sandip Ocean, are you Will you be free next Saturday? Get school fits a swell. What do you do tonight? Well, I mean, can we see each other at me day? Who fed Kyokushuzan? Do you do something tomorrow evening? And so it talks this well. We meet tonight. That's if we do not. We see each other tomorrow. The people So we can Are you free this weekend? Is your telephone Holy? I call to haven't appointment just like pong on the voyage projector. I would like to have an appointment with the manager. A school report on the view extra doctor may have an appointment with the doctor. MoveOn do now on the group pulling my Portia. Could you give me an appointment for next month? It's given poor year. Most of work. Could you receive me? Albita at 8 p.m. Does it feeds you? So it's called the only cinema we meet in front of the cinema. 17 Where and where we're meeting. Can that book memory Which date will feed you? So what? It called when and where do we see each other? Evita said to about at 8 p.m. It treats. You see Buffy? It's perfect. I said, don't, don't you It's heard. Deal. Japon it. I take notes, Senator. Not it. Home rule Odeon Alvito meeting at podium at 8 p.m. Just three diesel emission. Pull a tavern nexus. Well, I'm sorry, but I won't be able to come this evening. Matter was long known. Compania, Suddenly we won't be able to come in the upper well. Vinje. I wouldn't be able to come. She was a pell pulled. They come on them on the roof. I call you to cancel my appointment. Usually great man should well hope obtain that only I regret. But I have to postpone our appointment easily. So in. But I have a setback. Jeon Nam Fishman. Dania Minute. I have a last minute impediment. Send much trooper pulled in my swell. It does not work for two more frightening seafood to polarize. Toe is dead for the restaurant so that it would arrange me if we were reschedule our meeting. Asking silly. Received the bartender on the route. Would it be possible to rescue our meeting escapee? Possibly the chancellor. That is it possible to change the date? What he perceived in the world? Preto. Rita, Is it possible to see it shoulder? Well, you need to Preta some home. Can we see us later? It's arranged me building. It was Can we push back these toe another day? Boo! Johnny, Wake, Monsieur. Madam. Hello. I have an appointment with Mr Mrs. You would leave well, Monsieur. Then I would like to see Mr Mrs. You don't live? I have an appointment 4. Part IV - to receive someone: The next part is about receiving someone, like receiving people, inviting people to your house. And we say, Oh, also, Well, Kelly can to receive someone a loss of, well, kill count. And so, like the first step is, of course, to invite people argenti toe invite, and you can say 77 year alarmism. Domos. Well, are you have to come to my house tomorrow evening. 70 David Nyala, MSM va Nipah, Celeste Come to pass. Evening at home, Verne. A pacy, less worry alum ism one of younger You about dinner? Why? Well, then you come toe have dinner at home. One of younger. You about dinner. I invite you to have dinner, John. When? Then you accept. Are you coming to my birthday, Junior in both Shamwow Saturday, A feast at my place. Are you hopeful? Eat. And so like Let's pretend on The people accept. And so they come to you and the seas like the D day that people are arriving. And so you will welcome them to welcome I could you And then you can see 73 please. He'll do well. Where? Pleased to see you. Santa Fe P zero Messi. That's within you. Thanks for coming, Messi. That's within you. Who's having to leave Asimo? Have you find easily? Meaning like the place? Basically, if it's the first time the people are coming to your place, you ask. Roosevelt away fastened. It's where you have never knew. Welcome. Swell you Lab avenue. And to make someone enter your place, you can say entree, entree dunk, coming entree on, Say, dunk entrees. You wasn't clean. Come in, please. So again, the form Juve's on pre, which literally means I beg you. But we use it to say please. So on page three, and to let someone enter before you, you can say absolutely after you. Several, please. Once again and not I beg you. Joe was complete upset. Well, after you, I played well and OK, the guests arrived, and there in the living room, still with the coat with that Berg's and everything. So you will have to relieve them from their stuff to take their stuff basically, and so you can say, Do name of its tomato. Give me your coat. Don't name of a tomato, which, out of context, my son's a bit wheel. But then, like in these contexts in this situation, it makes completely sense. Do name weather. Tomato then went on Luzon the same. Give me your check it then. What time? Gruesome to permit Tone impaled on a show. You can put your raincoat in the womb to permit. Told campaign donors. Then the people ride. You took their stuff. Then you have to stay them danced early and so you can see as evil. Sit down. Take us it. I see you meitiv Well is make yourself at ease. Meitiv Well is figure. Feel yourself alone. Figure No, that's stupid Plan Tila, ask you toe don't stay rooted here. Take a seat. It really don't stay still. Take a seat. That's it. No, that's too purple. Attila as he toe then most of the time, in everywhere basically around the world. It depends like the drinks will changed and depending on the traditions and customs and everything. But most of the time you will propose something to drink to your guest. Either t either coffee, I the alcohol either. Whatever. Then paparazzi to propose. Something to drink. Discover. What do you take? Guess who put me discover beauty. What do you drink? Guests. Cool beauty guests. From what I'm I throwing you to drink, get schedule was off. I guess you would say what I'm I serving you. Zhu said Japon Les Beyond that, people, you will take a nap. Pretty Cesar. Right to pawn the baby on that table. And the answerer can be Mm guest group was of it. What do you have? Guess. Coups, Evie, your pasties. I would take the best ISS pond. Arabia. Pasties. I'm not against a beat off photo, literally. You say I would like a finger off photo, but it's understood as a little portion off. So just Annan drink off. So Sugar Byung Underworld the photo and then, like these differs from countries to countries. The most of the time. You will give a toast, Conkey, so we can see something. Cheers. Something Allah Vote Trump. Two years that also cheers a level about so salty to your health. But it's also mean cheese Abbott or something. Salatin two years chairs once again Ala 10 0 you can say change in which is you know, the sounds off the glass when they touch together. When you give a toast Then after giving the toast after like receiving the people and everything. Then comes the name part off the the evening which he's the meal and so you can start eating. Now I see a tablet and so you can see new poop acea, tabla We can start eating so literally let's take the form pasa Tabla means literally toe pass at the table. But it send us to us to start eating. So no proven or you can see the memory we will eat. Oh, just limply. You can say a tub at the table at the so here, where everyone is at the table. Ah, on their chairs and everything And so the food comes in and before starting to eat to reach a good meal, it's sweetie, I'm burn a pity and then we can see burn Deputy. Good appetite Burn Deputy Oh, they're reduced. Form is blown up, which means the same. And you can ends Where Voici You too. I'm very hungry. Oh, Jemele different. I'm deadly hungry. Well, you can see uh should Hadad I'm starting so literally You're not answering you just like pointing out the you're hungry and that it's going to be good to eat, Really? So lying the meal start, Terry on these eating blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, talking, drinking. And then you have to ask for something on the table. Do Monday helper shows. And so you can ask for age about Lucy Ripley. May have water, please. Pleasure. While do loads even play super cells? Can I have the salt, please? Jumper while recency roupoli to boom Ambassador Bone, You can give me the bread Supermen, Bassett and then like you can also propose something to the people Pope was a Kilcher shows so you can see overall upon the baby under Acela you will take some sell out again well upon lady under a salad report that I get fit when you take your coffee Get fit Keeping like f e Who wants a coffee? Keep in mind, Giffey Selvin, treat yourself salvageable If I know you know that really You don't want it anymore Como Genova proof and then you can ends. Where to this maverick please The year with pleasure Volunteer willing of volunteer Messi Hot climate! Thank you. It's really delicious, Messi! So I'm on the issue. Oh, we messing? Yes, thank you. So you can see no messy No, thank you. No Messy. She did Homo. No, thank you. I had too much already known Viramontes office. Um no, Really? No way. Like we say. No way without way. Something assume. But to say in that it's OK, not anymore. And then after the dinner and everything you spend, like truth were words with your guest and everything. Everything. When? Well and so it's time to leave Pound of a caution. And this poacher, you can say you should really see. I will leave you Surely when you see Oh, come on. Oh, it started to be late. I will need to go. Oh, equal months as a factor in NFL workers. You packed updo makes crazy made out to you. Please forgive me, but I have to leave. Usual. Who pleaded? Makes crazy Measured what? Last year in focus. Yeah, Yeah. I have to go in Phuket. Zhenya, Bone bands of less. Well, I'm leaving you boom bands of less Sen! You feel? Bye. I'm leaving. So you feel the foreclosure mess over? I have to feed in full kayishema sort and then like you can Thanks also like either you If you receive the people you can thanks them all they can. Thanks you also so, Leo Messi Mo And so you can say new seven person it once worry we spend a really good evening. New seven passenger in a trade. I thank you. I spent a very pleasant evening. She teaching a three Been swelling. It was a very beautiful evening. Sitting in a tree belts, worry city Cleaven messy. It was very good. Thank you. Said the tribal messy city. He was Oh, some city Jinyan city. Clear Samper us. Very nice City three sample. And you can answer Maxie, That's revenue. Thanks for coming, please. The pleasure was mine. Look easy. I was happy that you were here. Get in contact with Said this true path. Could you sweater? It was agreed that you were here. Said this. You back with us? Well, okay, let's recap from the beginning for this month 70 are You had to come to my house tomorrow evening, Vinnie Bacillus water. Come to bed the evening at home. What kind of younger You deny why you wouldn't you come to have dinner at home? I invite you to help Tina. Do you know you come to my birthday in Boucher Moi's a feast at my place are you have for it, son of a please Healed over. Well, pleased to see you, Messi. That avenue. Thanks for coming. Was that it? With, as you know, Have you find easily? It's where you love me Avenue. Welcome. Okay, come coming on. Closure was on pre. Come in, please. I played room after you. He was simply please. I played 12. After you. The name of a tomato. Give me your coats. Done, Madame Roussel. Give me your jacket to permit total number. Donna Shahm, You can put your raincoat in the room. I see you sit down. Take a sit Meitiv Well is make yourself at ease. I think I'm sure feel yourself out. Own No Arrested by Ponta has yet. Don't stay rooted here. Take a seat. Guess Google pollinate. What do you take? Guess global beauty. What do you drink? Excuse your shoes off. Well, im I offering you to drink? I guess you would say what I'm I serving you to go beyond that people, you would take an appetizer. All right, I guess Good was every What do you have? Groupon Arabian and pasties I will take a pastis. I'm not against a bit of photo. Something cheese? A level to use ever, wasn't it? Do you have at 10 2 years? Chin chin. Cheers! We can start eating by McGary. When will it at? At the table. Bon appetit in good appetites. But that good appetite Also voice See you too. She I'm very hungry. Jemele different. I'm deadly hungry. Gerada. I'm starving. Russia, well below zero. May I have water, please? Is your body's cells he Roupoli? Can I have the salt, please? Cooper? Bassett, can you give me the grade more upon lady under a set up? You will take some set up again. I get it. Will you take a coffee? Keep on Giffey. Who wants a coffee? Salespeople Treat yourself. No, really. You don't want it anymore? Havoc P zero With pleasure. Volunteer willing. Messy civil among the easier. Thank you. It's really delicious. We messy? Yes. Thank you. No messy? No, thank you. No, no, thank you. I had too much already. No blame on some person. No, really. No way is your baby really? Say I need you. Ah, it's going also so fester. Oh, it's start to be late and we need to go. COPD makes crazy measure do about to you Please forgive me, but I have to leave in focus. Yeah, yeah, I have to go Bone bands of less. Well, I'm leaving you, Sam usually feel Bye. I'm leaving you Focus on my silver I have to flee New seven by seeing a clear Bunce worry we spend really good evening. I thank you. I spend a very pleasant evening. It's a ditch in that same elsewhere It was very beautiful Evening sited Kleban Maxie It was really good. Thank you. City is in Union us. Oh, Cem City three Sample. He was very nice. Messi, discover new Thanks for coming. Ripley zero diploma. The pleasure was mine. I was happy that you were here. Said this uber He was great, but you were here 5. Part V - the time and weather: The next part is about the passing time and weather. Luton Chiapas in with Tom killed Fey. So we're gonna start with the time. Leila, like when we say low, we means the time referring to the hours of the day. But if you want to refer to the time as the Time entity and then you have to say, Okay, then let's start with asking for the time. Do Mondale do Mandela? So you can ask Excusing while was every low. Excuse me. Do you have the time? Excuse me more was a villa kill a little civil plane? What time is it? Please? Keno until see Roupoli por favor. Mendiola, can you tell me the time, please? Proving room. Angela Silva. Plea Vehicular. What time is it? You like? Hello. Two alerts into play. You have the time, please to L O C. Deeply. And then you can say the time telling the time is deal low. So let's talk about the time First, when in France we talk about the time o clock. We say hours. So if you want to say it's 10 0 clock your gun to say a D's over diesel and this is like this is literally the translation O clock is eso try to think about, you know, like in English. It's weird to say it's then hours, 30 minutes, but like in France, it makes completely sense. We say you deserve taunt minute are deserve enemy. So this is the way we're going to do that in the next sentence. So in a press committee, it's almost midday in a press committee. Really deserve pillar. It's ticking 10 0 clock in a desert peel. Okay, so 8 p.m. is really greeter. And then you can add Gia Mata to say off the morning. So it's literally it's eight AM the morning. Really Ritter Mata and full 8 p.m. You know that in France we do have the 24 hours time. So we're not splitting the Dane two parts, which is starting counting the time from midnight, which is zero and then until the next midnight. So we're not like splitting the time. At midday, we continue mid eights 12 o clock and then 1 p.m. is 13 0 clock and then two PM is 14 0 clock and so on until 24 which equals midnight. So for eight PM We say it is a venters or you can say Ely Rita, but you have to precise do swell of the evening. So it's literally the translation is it's 20 or Clark or AIDS or clock off the evening. And so it's a Vantive. Ely Rita this watch then for nine e m. 25 minutes. Really never vent sign. Really? Never. One sank for 10 e. M. 15 minutes. A desert really deserve a calf. So literally it means it's quarter past 10 0 clock in a diesel. A calf. Then for 11 a.m. 50 you can say different things. Feel a medium one days. It's tend to me today. Really medium Mondays. Or you can say away, son count. It's even o clock. 50 minutes. Really? Their son count then for it with E. M. 30 minutes. Like literally. Uh, yeah, 12 p.m. 30 minutes. You gonna say you do the count? It's 12 o'clock. 30. Oh, really? Do the count. Oh, you can say late needy into meat. It's midday and 1/2 in a media enemy, then full for 13 0 clock 30 minutes. Which equals 1 p.m. 30 minutes you lied, Trezza taunt. It's 13 or clock 30 minutes, or you can say, Really, you know me. It's one or clock in the house. Dollop remedy off the afternoon, then for 11 p.m. 45 minutes, you can say in a vent. Twas ah count sunk. It's 23 0 clock. 45 minutes. The Levant was a cancer. Well, you can see. Really, Sir Gallant sunk. It's even o clock. 45 minutes. Ely cell count sunk. Or you can say Mimi Monica. Evening, Minnery Moloch Calf Quarter to midnight. Many wanna calf and sulking about time. You can also talk about the punctually of people. So to say on to talk about the punctually t family, the punctuality So you can say elite on the wants over does Hello, She's in advance. Oh, really? When men like she arrives early in advance late or on time l eight on Avants Over half. I know Ili appeal alot. He is right on time. Peel alert. Yeah, I bull, he's late. DeLay Al Abboud. Okay. And so talking about the time you can also talk about the day off the week Liuzhou do lesser men and you can ask casual. Some new. Which they Are we casual? Some? No, some casual. We are. Which day? No, some Kalju Renee can drool. We are which day? Also only Kalju. And you can answer No. Some lundy. We are on Monday. No, Some Landy. They should be. We are on Thursday only should. And so you can continue on asking the date like that. And so you can ask Kenny. Let that do jewelry. What is the date off today? Kelly? Let that do, Jodi, Or you can ask on a leukemia. Which date is it? Earn a leukemia. Like literally. It's translated into, Ah, we are the whole match or how many, but it doesn't makes any sense. So it's understood in French, as which day dates. Is it like if you ask money, leukemia, then no one will tells you were on first day. But they will understand it as what's the date off today? Earn a leukemia and so they can answer you. You know, some riven sank. No bombo. We are the 25 off. November No, Some live on SecNav on other can Just say to you, Brunello di sniff where the 19 on a Disney. Okay, lets we kept for this mids. It's feeling what was available. Excuse me. Do you have the time? Que No insurgency group player. What time is it? Please? Can you give me the time, please? You did get a What time is it? Trainer Sensibly. You have the time, please. In a press committee, it's almost midday in a desert pill. It's ticking. 10 0 clock. Leave eater Do Mata. It's eight o'clock off the morning in a venter. Oh me Tal de sua. It's 20 0 clock AIDS PM or 80 clock off the evening You need Novell. One sunk. It's 90 clock. 25 in a deserve a car. It's quite a bust. 10 0 clock in the medium Mondays or the sun count, it's 10 to Munday or 11 0 clock. 50 you need do is a front. Are needy Aadmi. It's 12 o'clock 30 or mid day and 1/2. You need treasure, Tom. Oh, you know me. It's 13 o'clock 30 or 10 clock in the house. The Levant was a Karen Sank. Oh, the count. Sunk or mean mean Wanaka. It's 23 0 clock. 45 11 0 clock 45 or quarter to midnight l it on events over tha I love She's in advance late on time L E p Lello. He's right on time. You need that, Abul. His late can drill some new. Which day are we in the sun? Casual We are which day they can drew. We are reached in No, Some Landy. We're on Monday. Should we are on Thursday killing that That does. Told me What's the date off today when they looking out? Which date is it? You know, some leave Vance like November. We are the 25 off. November on a day is enough. We are the 19. Okay. And so talking about the time The time in French also refers to the weather. So the word for whether in French is La minute video. But you can also refers to the weather as the time, as in English holds the time today can don't fit ill or jewelry. So your gun to also use the with time don't to refer to weather. But the weather is limited and you can ask Canton futile. What? The weather. Canton fits ill. Or you can say Coody limit you What does the weather could you let me? It's only previous Jundallah, meteo, whether the way their forecasts kill some previous meteo treasure Have you seen the weather forecast true? Have you limited? And you can answer if a boom movie show for the weather is good Bad, hot, cold if a boot movie Sure floor. Yeah, Nah Vesa in dump it The large du Soleil. There is a rain shower, a storm The thunderstorm. Sen Yeah, You know, veils in trumpet do hajj du Soleil. Yeah, Lucy Lee blue who agree The sky is blue or gray Misskelley blue googly in the Louvre Misha , it's going to rain all to snow. You know that pouvoir Tunisia in favor country degree. It's 28 degrees. If eventually do girlie you from one category. It's minus four degrees. You seen one? Cats do goody well to put down. We're going to have a good way there. Okay, Lets you get for this Kelton fit in. What's the way there? Kidney limited. What tells the weather can certainly play resumed. Limited. What are the weather forecast if you want me to Have you seen the way? The forecast? If a book movie show for the way there is. Good, bad hot called you know, very in trumpet do Aloha Je do Sorry, there's a wrench. Our storm, The Thunder Stone son Felicity Blue agree The sky is blue or gray. If I prove well, who needs you? It's going to rain all to snow. If a country degree, it's 28 degrees. If in one catalytic Lee it's minus four degrees, will you put down? We're going to have a good weather. 6. Part VI - to whish something to someone: The last part is about to wish something to someone. Sweetie. Kilcher shows I can camp and you can. Which something daily to someone. Oh quoted you. And so you can see mentally. Have a good evening, Bunce. Y I don't speak back. Have a good spectacle, Bone. Speak back. I'm just web them. Enjoy yourself. I'm used to Libya, but you can wish something to someone who works. Oh, who study Bronco version Courageous. Have I done well, quill? Or you can wish something to someone who is sick and you can see Oh, opposite four young rest. Well, Bouquet Itogi. Small good recovery. Boo Irritably. Small sweating you 12 pm que yourself? Well, Swen, your 12 Mya. I can say something to someone who's coming back home, and you can see Bongo to welcome back Hong Tribune. Good return. Oh, tibia. Oh, you can wish something to someone who leaves in holidays. Oh, who goes on trip and you can see. Have a good travel. Have a good trip. Beauvois, Yage Ben Vacanze have a good only days Bend accounts and you can wish something in space if eq events these even know Spacey, Fiqh and, uh in the case off a weeding low down mariage You can say to Maeve er no vote debonair. You have all of my our wishes off happiness to make food in over Durban s or you can say like it's less happy. But in the case off the death love than this See, you can say to make on the dance. You have all of my condolence to make on the loans. Is your pastor Joubert been? I share Your solo is your pastor Would have been j tape ofan iman to shape our they say I've been deeply touched by the death off you. J a pool. Full name on to shame. They say Gibeau who depend. I'm very sad for you, Jeb Uchoop. Ben. Oh, you can wish also something in the case of a party. Oh, like a specific event and you can see burn and you say happy birthday burn any vaccine Should you sweat on sweaters and you say what you know in I wish you a happy birthday and Merry Christmas Swit Angela using your cell wedding. Well, you know, Angela Merry Christmas is where you know it. Schwanitz fat Julius Back Happy holidays. Easter where you spent greatness back but any but something Happy New Year. But any been some tea bun fit? Happy early day benefit and again wish good leg to people So you can say Bun chan's good luck to Maybe with the very seat you have all of my wishes of success and at the end to finish you can congratulate people fairly city and you can see Finish this young Congratulations. Finish this You to me. Finish it, does you You have all of my congratulations. Talk to me. Phylicia's young, just contemporary you. I'm happy for you. Just speak contemporary room and that's it.