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Daily Painting Projects for Creative Quantum Leaps

teacher avatar Trupti Karjinni, Artist, Paintmaker, Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro to Daily Painting Projects

    • 2. An Honest Disclaimer

    • 3. Why Daily Painting Projects

    • 4. My Personal Experience

    • 5. How to Have Success in a Daily Painting Project?

    • 6. A Few Things to Keep in Mind

    • 7. What Next?

    • 8. Bonus: Sell Your Art & Attract Your Tribe

    • 9. Class Project

    • 10. Epilogue

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About This Class

The No.1 thing that has brought quantum leaps in my art skills and mindset has been Daily Painting Projects. These daily creative challenges accelerated my progress as an artist. The multi-faceted creative business I have today all started from one Daily Painting Project I did back in 2017. Join me as I share all my secrets and step-by-step instructions in how to successfully do Daily Painting Projects/ Challenges.

Daily Painting Projects help you master your art medium, discover your style and find your niche, amongst many other benefits.

Here's the thing... A lot of people desire to do these projects to paint everyday but most of them either fall off the bandwagon very quickly because of lack of motivation or they won't even begin a daily painting project because they believe that they just don't have the time to paint every day.


With my step-by-step framework, not only will you be able to commit to a daily painting practice, but you'll be able to do it in a FUN and EASY way. What's more, I'm even sharing how you can leverage these projects to attract your perfect tribe on social media and sell your artwork in the bonus class.

This class is born out of my own personal experience with Daily Painting Projects and witnessing hundreds of my membership people finding huge progress in theirs.

Are you ready to make your creative quantum leap?


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What you'll get from this series --

  • Daily┬áMotivation
  • Mindset Shifts
  • Reminders to Stay On Track
  • Reminders of Your Artist Identity
  • A Whole Lot of Love

Here's my Gouache Landscapes Skillshare class that I referred to in this class. It was born out of my Gouache Daily Painting Project.

You can also find more of my Skillshare classes right here. No matter where you are on your creative journey, you'll find value in them. Enjoy and have fun creating!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Trupti Karjinni

Artist, Paintmaker, Entrepreneur

Top Teacher


Hey there! I'm Trupti Karjinni, an artist and creative entrepreneur based in India. I wear the hats of a Painter, Paintmaker and Educator.

I am the creator of Thrive With Trupti, a reimagined online membership where I teach watercolor enthusiasts like you the skills and mindset you need to create confidently.

I'm also the Founder of Blue Pine Arts where we make our world-renowned handmade watercolors, sketchbooks and other art supplies.

I live in the idyllic town of Belgaum with my husband, Nahush and my cat master, Satsuki.

Although I work with many mediums, ... See full profile

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1. Intro to Daily Painting Projects: In this class, I'm going to share all my secrets in experiencing quantum leaps in your creative practice. My name is Trupti Karjinni. I'm an artist, online educator, and career coach, and I'm really passionate about showing creatives how they can become thriving artists. I'm really happy that you're joining me in this class today because it's a little bit different to what I've done before on Skillshare, and it's on a topic that I am really, really passionate about. You see I own a multifaceted six-figure creative business and I'm a creative entrepreneur, and I have all the beautiful success and abundance and a wonderful, wonderful life today, and it all started from a daily painting project that I did in July of 2017. I know how much daily painting projects have helped me personally accelerate my growth as an artist, not only in my skills but in my mindset as well. In today's class, I'll be sharing with you why you even need a daily painting project as a part of your creative practice, my own personal experience with them, and my best tips in successfully completing these projects. I will also be sharing a bonus video with you on how to leverage your daily printing projects to attract your perfect audience on social media and how to sell your artworks. To help you along with your daily painting project, I'm also really excited to offer you daily inspirational emails for the next 30 days. These e-mails are going to be really short and sweet and they're going to be full of inspiration and they'll offer you mindset shifts so you're getting the most out of this amazing project that you're going to commit to. Are you ready to get started? Let's dive right in. 2. An Honest Disclaimer: Listen, before we dive deeper into this class, I need to share something with you. I recently got diagnosed with adult ADHD and that explains a lot why I get the words mixed up when I'm saying something and it also explains why I forget what I'm talking about mid-sentence. To get through this class successfully and to give you the value that I want to give you and to stay on track, I have my iPad open in front of me and I have a bunch of points. So I go through them and I stay on track. If you see me looking down, that's what I'm doing. Right now, as of in this class, I'm choosing not to be hard on myself. Now if you find yourself chasing perfection, I hope this honest moment right here inspires you to be gentle on yourself and do not chase perfection and to just get going and create something beautiful today. 3. Why Daily Painting Projects: All righty. In this section, let's take a look at why even do a daily painting project. Why do you need to commit to something like this? Now, there are a lot of amazing benefits to doing a project like this. Number 1, it can help you cultivate a regular painting practice. Now we all know that consistency is key to getting awesome results and success in anything that you do. As an artist, if you want to flourish and become a really thriving artist and accelerate your growth as an artist, then it is so important that you create something daily. But I know that people have busy lifestyles. There's so many things that take a precedence when we are not completely committed, so a daily painting project cannot only be an exciting challenge, but it will help you develop a habit of creating something every single day. Now, the second reason why a daily painting project can be so beneficial for you is because it can help you develop confidence in a new medium. Let's say you're really confident with painting with watercolors and you want to explore gouache. When you commit to a daily painting project focusing on gouache, just because of the fact that you're delving into this new medium every single day and you're exploring it and discovering new techniques, how it works for you, at the end of the project, you will have developed a confidence in this medium and a certain amount of control as well. A daily painting project can also help you explore and experiment with natural inspiration. Now this is for artists who want to find their own style, and when I coach artists, especially in my watercolor membership, Thrive with Trupti, I always tell them that if you want to find your own style, you need to paint from natural inspiration. Now, I will cover what it means to paint from natural inspiration in the next segment, but a daily painting project can help you get really comfortable with painting from natural inspiration, especially if you're in the beginner part of your journey and you are leaning on other artists showing you how to paint. A daily painting project can also help you deep-dive into a particular subject to gain mastery. This is what happened with me in my beginner days as a watercolor artist. I thought I wanted to be a floral watercolor artist, but because I did a daily painting project focused on landscapes, within 30 days, so that's how long my daily painting project was. In 30 days, I had gained mastery of watercolor landscapes and I felt so confident and at ease painting this particular subject. A daily painting project can also help you identify patterns and rhythms in your own painting practice. We're all different beings and we all have different kinds of lives, so when you first start painting, you might be a little bit confused about what works and what doesn't work for you. When you do a daily painting project, it really helps you identify when is it that you're more creative, what are your own creative rhythms, and how is it that you like painting in what kind of environment, all that stuff. Lastly, a daily painting project can be really effective in growing and engaging your community. I'll be covering all of this in the bonus section where I will also show you how you can use your daily painting project to also sell your artworks. This is really exciting. All right. Now that we saw all the awesome benefits of a daily painting project, let's hop on to the next section where I will share my own personal experience and how these projects have helped me grow massively as an artist. 4. My Personal Experience: Let's take a look at how daily painting projects have helped me massively, and when you see this real-life example, it will also help you see how they can help you. I've done multiple daily painting projects in my creative journey, but I want to talk about two really special ones because they were very pivotal in my art journey and they gave me a lot of benefits over a very short period of time. Back in July 2017, I did my first daily painting project. For context, you need to understand that I had begun my Instagram account in May of 2017, so just two months before, and I had started painting consistently only from then, so I was very new to painting every day, to even feeling like an artist, so I decided to do a daily painting project inspired by another beautiful artist on Instagram. Up until then, like I said in the previous video, I was very sure that I would become a floral artist. I was obsessed with watercolor florals. But for some reason, I listened to my intuition and I intuitively picked up landscapes to focus on in my first daily painting project. Then, because I enjoyed painting landscapes so much, which was very unexpected for me, I continued painting with landscapes because, as I said, I really enjoyed them. Remember that you might not know that you enjoy painting something until you pick it up and start exploring in a daily painting project that's really big. Then what happened is, I tried all the landscapes I felt like painting. So if there was any landscape that inspired me, I would go and paint that. This was a 31-days of mini paintings project. At the end of these 31 days, I ended up discovering my signature Misty Pines style. Now, even though I've been lots of different kinds of artworks, even now my community knows me for my Misty Pines paintings, and that came out of this beautiful project which was again very unexpected. Another miraculous thing that I never expected to happen was I started selling my artworks. Because I was making paintings every single day and there was a team do it and I was sharing all of that on social media, people started reaching out to me and asking, ''Can I buy this painting?'' Or ''Can I commission you to paint something like this?'' That is how my whole journey started as an artist, because once I started selling my art works, I also started feeling like an artist, I dawned the identity of an artist. At the end of this project, I had gained mastery over watercolor landscapes and it was a very short amount of time. If I hadn't done this in the format of a daily painting project, it would have taken me months and months to gain mastery over watercolor landscapes to find my style, to start selling my artworks, so you can see how this framework of a daily painting project brought all of these amazing things into my life in a very short period of time. Let's come to my second significant daily painting project. I did this one in August of 2019, and that time I focused on gouache. When I did this daily painting project, I was at a place where I was very established, Blue Pine Arts, my company where we make handcrafted watercolors and sketchbooks for artists around the world, that was going really well, I just finished making a brand new website for Blue Blue Arts and I was also teaching on Skillshare, my business was going pretty well, but I was severely burned out, because I was giving so much of myself to the business side of things, I was creatively parched. For me, when I did this project in August 2019, it was to discover gouache, I just wanted to play and get a feel of this new medium because I'd been meaning to explore gouache for a very long time, but I was putting it off for the business side of things as I said before and I was at a point in my journey, where I just wanted to let go, and explore a new medium and have a lot of fun while painting. That was my mindset when I started this project. Of course, I had a desire to experiment and dive into gouache, and this project, so I chose whichever landscapes appealed to me. I did not constrict myself too much, I just wanted to have fun, as I said, so I said I'm going to wake up each morning, take a look at my bank of inspiration pictures, and I'm going to paint whatever appeals to me, even if it was a floral painting, I was going to be in that. So that was the framework in which I did this project. For me, what was significant in this project was to paint only and only from the heart, I did not want to paint to sell my art works, I just wanted to paint something that would fulfill me. The miraculous thing again that happened was that I ended up selling every single one of these paintings. Even though I was not painting to sell something, I painted something that fulfilled my heart, but still I put it out on Instagram, and said that, ''This is for sale, this is what the price is, you can DM me and you can buy it,'' and that's how I ended up selling every single one of these 31 mini landscapes that I painted in gouache and not only did I sell out of each painting within seconds of posting it on Instagram, I also owned 12 commissions because my paintings would sell out so fast and people would ask me, ''Hey, listen, I know the painting is sold but would you like to paint one for me as a commission?'' Then of course, at the end of this project, I had gained mastery over gouache landscapes so much so that my people on social media started asking me if I could teach them, and that's how I created a Skillshare class out of it as well. I've also linked the class in the class description, but I'm teaching how to paint gouache landscapes, if that is something that interests you, you can go check out that as well. You can see that it was very pivotal for me in my journey, I came to be known for my gouache landscapes as well, and so much goodness came out of this project. Not only did I fulfilled my heart and really fill up my cup again, I sold out of every single painting, I welcomed a lot of abundance in my life, and I was able to help a lot of other students, other people in my audience, paint their gouache landscapes. I hope that these two stories have inspired you to start your own daily painting project as well. I sound like a broken record every single time I see daily painting project but anyway. I hope you're super inspired, I hope you're ready to go and ready to get started, so join me over in the next section where I will share how to do these daily painting projects successfully. 5. How to Have Success in a Daily Painting Project?: In this section, I'm going to share my best tips on how to do these daily painting projects successfully. Now right off the bat, the first thing you want to do when you start your own project is to set an intention. Ask yourself, why are you doing this project? Then also ask yourself, what are you hoping to gain from this? Once you get clarity on these two questions and set a clear intention for your project, it is going to help you stay committed to this for whatever length of time you choose very easily. Now I want to add a little note over here, is that it doesn't have to be all fancy. When I did my daily painting project in August of 2019 on gouache landscapes, my intention was to have fun and to nourish myself and to fill my cup. My intention was to not constrict myself in any way and to really just go all playful out. When I had that clear in my head, it was very easy for me to come to my painting table, day in and day out for 31 days and stay committed to that project. Here are the next steps for you to successfully do your daily painting projects. Decide on how many days you want to do this; do you want to do it for seven days, 15 days, or 30 days, maybe even a 100 days? I recommend 31 days because it's a long enough time to get significant results. But choose what feels best for you in this season of life, there is really no wrong way of doing it. If you can only commit 10 days or 14 days, that is fine as well. Recognize a time of the day that works best for you to create. Personally, I've always found mornings work the best for me. Back in 2017, when I did my first daily painting project, I still had my full-time job as a marketing associate. What really helped me at that time was to wake up an hour earlier in the morning and to make my daily painting with my morning cup of chai. That way I started my day with a big win, I felt really great, I felt accomplished, and I felt creatively fulfilled. That's what worked best for me. But for some of my students in [inaudible] , when they have really demanding full-time jobs, for some people they are night owls and they prefer winding up their day, wrapping everything up, doing the dishes at night, and then sitting down for a nice painting session and doing their daily painting at the end of the day. Set a time limit to finish your paintings. Now, I can't stress enough how important this is because we do tend to get carried away, or we usually overthink and think that, "Oh my God, I cannot paint every single day because it's going to take a lot of time out of me and I have a very busy lifestyle and this is just not going to be possible." I would really urge you to set a time limit, even if it's 15 minutes, and that way you're committing to stay within the time limit and you finish your painting and you're not thinking or procrastinating, or you're not choosing perfection. Setting a time limit really helps. Next, choose a subject that you truly want to explore, but don't be too restrictive about it either. Your topic, it should make you excited. Each time I did my daily painting project, I was really excited that I was going to paint landscapes. In my gouache project, I was thrilled to be exploring gouache landscapes, but I didn't constrict myself too much, so that I was free to explore any landscape that I wanted. Your topic should make you excited. Don't feel too bound by a theme. But a theme really helps. Next, choose a few art supplies and use the same ones each day because remember that a daily painting project is not just about gaining mastery over certain medium or over a certain subject, it also helps you gain mastery over your own art supplies. At the end of these projects, usually what happens is, using these particular art supplies will become second nature to you. You will know how to use these tools to work for your advantage in your particular style or particular creative rhythms. Now this next point is so important; prep your papers and other art supplies in advance, so all you need to do is dive in. You're not starting your daily painting time by worrying about, "Oh what art supplies I'm going to use? Where is everything? I need to tear up some new paper." All of this can cause decision fatigue. What has really helped me is that, if I'm making many paintings in the size of four by six inches paper, then I will sit and I will tear up 31 or at least 35 pieces of six by four inches papers. Then I'll have that stack of paper ready for me every single day. All I need to do is just pick up one of those papers and start painting right away. Definitely, prep your art supplies and lay them all out. Now building upon this point, another thing that you want to do is, you need to set up your desk with these supplies. A dedicated space to do this project is very important so that each day you wake up, you come to your space, everything is laid out and ready for you and all you to do is just dive in and start painting. It can make a lot of difference, trust me. Next, make a library of inspiration pictures, at least two weeks worth. Now we know that finding inspiration pictures is going down a rabbit hole and it can really end up eating a lot of your time, so before you start the project, make sure you have like a whole bunch of inspiration pictures, at least two weeks worth, so you're not wasting your time looking for inspiration pictures every single day. This will again cause decision fatigue. Next, paint your heart away. Don't let any inhibition stop you because you need to recognize that this daily painting project is your space to explore and to play and have fun. The next thing you want to do is take a picture of that day's painting to catalog it. I can't stress how important this is. You don't need to take professional pictures, you don't need a DSLR, just rip out your phone and take a picture of that day's painting because it's going to come back later in the later sections. It's going to be really important, so make sure you take a picture of that day's painting. You can even take weekly pictures of all the paintings of that week together. That is also going to be hugely motivational as I'm going to cover it in the later sections. Now if your intention is to grow your social media following, begin sharing each day's painting on your social media. Share it in the same format to keep it uniform and consistent. Now if you take a look at the screen right now, this is how I shared my daily painting project on gouache. You can see how I've taken every single picture in the same format. That sort of helped to keep consistent and make it very apparent to your social media followers that you are doing something with that particular theme. It is going to work like magic on your audience as I'm going to cover it in the bonus section. Now, remember that the intention here is to make your project as easy and accessible as possible. Remove all distractions, obstacles, and mindset blocks. Don't forget these two things: this project is first and foremost to have fun, and then secondly, you're doing this only for yourself and nobody else. This is so important to remember. Come join me in the next section and I will share a few things that you need to keep in mind as you do your daily painting projects. 6. A Few Things to Keep in Mind: Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind as you go through your project. First and foremost, do this project only for yourself, not to please anybody else, or to paint something that is trendy. I know that we are surrounded by a lot of inspiration, especially if we're on social media, Instagram, Pinterest, and it can get really easy to get caught into painting what's trendy, what's happening, what's popular. Try to remove all of that distraction from your mind and do this project only for yourself. Now, if your intention with this project is to discover your own style, your own voice, and your own creative rhythms and patterns, I suggest do not draw inspiration from any artist, maybe their style or their signature projects. Because what you want to do in this project is to discover all the beauty that is hidden inside of you. Now, building upon the previous point, do not copy subject or styles from artists on social media. Let this come from within you because that is what matters the most. The beauty that's inside of your matters the most, and that needs to come out in this project. Now again, if your intention is to discover your style, I encourage you to work only from natural inspiration. What do I mean by that? You either work from subjects that are right in front of you, like still-life objects like this part of succulents, or you go outside and you paint plain air. Or you work from royalty-free photographs from websites like Unsplash and Pexels. Now if you feel slump of energy or inspiration when you're doing a daily painting project, first of all, remember that you are going to be getting daily emails from me to help you keep motivated and inspired, if you sign up for that email series I've linked it in the project description and in the class description. But also what you can do is that you can ask your artist friends to encourage you and you can reach out. Most of the times people have problems reaching out and asking for help. Know know that it's okay to do that. Also if you need help in accountability, find an accountability partner in your group of artist friends who want to daily painting projects as well, and you can keep each other on track, like gym buddies. If it feels stressful, it is okay to do this project for a shorter time and count your wins. Let's say you decided to do a 31 day daily painting project, but something happens and it's stressing you out to continue doing this for 31 days. It's okay to cut your project short for 14 days and count your wins because you've still made significant progress and you've committed to doing something for 14 days. It is also okay to not paint for a couple of days in-between, and pre-paint a few paintings or catch upon them after your break, because don't feel guilty about taking a break, even if you've committed to doing something. I really want you to absorb that. Lastly, I want to stress upon this fact that you can customize this project to your liking. Don't feel any sort of pressure about how someone else is doing this project, focus on what works for you and go with that. 7. What Next?: Now you are done with their daily painting project, congratulations, but what next? Let me help you with a few things that you can do now that you've completed your project, and that is going to help you really understand what you have gained from this project. The first and foremost thing that you want to do is write a debrief of your project as soon as you're done. Think about what worked and what didn't work in your daily creative practice. What were your rhythms every single day? Pay attention to what subject inspired you the most. When I did my July 2017 project, I paid attention that, oh gosh, landscapes are inspiring me a lot more than florals ever did. That helped me think about what it is that I wanted to focus on in my creative journey from that point onwards, and that is how I became known as a landscape watercolor artist. What did you add or subtract from your daily process to make it easy and beautiful for yourself? This is going to help you understand what your creative rhythms are. It is going to give you a deeper understanding of how you work as an artist and you can continue doing more of that. One of my mentors says," Do more of what works and do less of what doesn't work." This question is going to help you understand what works in your creative practice and you can start doing more of that from now on. See if a particular technique or a style of painting appeal to you in this project, and start leading with that and experimenting with that in your creative practice from now on. Of all the paintings that you painted in this project, which one felt the most yours? Which one feels it really truly came from within you, just flowed very freely from you? What I want you to do is think about that painting and analyze why it feels like it's yours. In my 2017 daily painting project, I realized that when I painted misty forests, foggy forests, that's when it felt like it really flowed through my hands very effortlessly. I felt very at peace and I felt I had painted something that was truly mine and it wasn't influenced by anything else. And that is when I continue doing more of that because it was giving me so much joy to paint like that and that's how I came to be known for my signature misty pines style, and the same thing can happen with you as well. 8. Bonus: Sell Your Art & Attract Your Tribe: Now we're in the bonus section of this class and I'm so excited to share how you can leverage your daily painting project to attract your perfect audience on social media, to sell your artworks and to grow your reach. First, let's talk about social media. When I did my first daily painting project, I barely had, I think 200 followers. and by the end of this project, I had more than 1,000 followers. I had used this project to increase my social media following. Here's how you can do it as well. Use this opportunity to get comfortable with using your authentic voice on social media. Remember your intention for doing this project. Because you're going to be sharing a picture of that day's painting on your social media every single day, use it as an opportunity to talk about things in your authentic voice to your audience. This is going to help you attract the right people who are really going to resonate with what you're going to say. Post your daily paintings every single day on social media. Your audience will come to anticipate your posts every day. You're training your audience to expect something from you every day. Now, don't let it pressure you. Remember as I said, you can take breaks from your daily painting project but what it's really going to do is help your audience anticipate something really exciting. It's going to become a part of their daily life and it just works so beautifully in connecting with their community. You can also give away a painting for free every day and you can make a contest out of it. That is what I did in July 2017 with my first daily painting project. I gave away that day's painting to the first person that commented, "I would like your painting Trupti" and tagged two friends. That was the criteria, they would have to comment this specific sentence and tag two of their friends who would also like a chance to win one of my paintings. That worked out so beautifully because when you do something like this, it encourages your audience to interact with your posts and the contest becomes fun for everyone. That way your audience is anticipating your posts every day and not only do they just get to see your beautiful paintings, it also gives them an incentive to come and interact with your post. At the end of it became so much fun. There was a certain camaraderie between my followers. People were like, "Dumb, I thought this is going to be my lucky day, but I'm going to try tomorrow." That's snowballed and there was a lot of enthusiasm in my community about my daily painting project. It ended up being a fun contest for everyone. Now, let's talk about the second section of this bonus and it's all about selling your artwork. Now, if this excites you, you will find that a daily painting project is one of the most effortless ways to begin selling your artwork. You can take this opportunity to be brave and sell your paintings. I know that a lot of people feel that nervousness but remember that you're stepping out of your comfort zone in so many ways in this daily painting project. You might as well take this opportunity to also be brave, and say that I want to put my artworks out there in the world and I'm okay with people paying me money for that. One of the things that you can do, is you can start at a base price and then increase the price each week as you progress through your paintings. That is what I did in August 2019 when I explored gouache landscapes and I ended up selling every single one of those 31 paintings. What I did was Week 1 with the first painting, I started at $20 for each gouache mini painting. I would simply just include it in my Instagram caption and said that, this painting is for sale, it's $20 and you can just DM me and I'll send you my PayPal and you can send me the payment and I will mail you your painting. I started $20 for the first week, and then I gradually increased to $25, then $35, and then in the last week, I was selling each of my 3 inch by 4 inch mini paintings, really small paintings for $45 each. Then when I got commission requests for them, I ended up charging more than $45 of course, because it's a commission. That is how I ended up selling every single one of my paintings and owned 12 commissions. This is something that you can do as well. I know that inside of Thrive With Trupti my members have had a lot of success selling their artworks like this and it has really snowballed and they've gone on to launch their art businesses like this, and they've opened Etsy stores and all amazing things have come from this. If you end up selling your artworks from a daily painting project, make sure you come and share that with me here on Skillshare or you can DM me on Instagram because I want to know your success story. Don't hesitate. Reach out to me on my Instagram, it's @Truptiharshini and you can share how you started selling your artworks. I would be really chuffed to hear that story. Now let's talk about how you can grow your reach by utilizing your daily painting projects. One thing you can do is that if you have a website and if you like to blog, you can write a blog every day or every week about your project. This can help you develop a blogging habit and it can help you share your thoughts and your feelings about your creativity, your daily paintings with your audience and really create that connection with the people in your community. You can also make a zine or a self-published book with your paintings. I know that this is what I really wanted to do in my gouache landscapes project, because when I did that project, not only did I make a mini painting every day, I also included a beautiful artist's note to my collector who would buy my painting that day. It ended up being this beautiful collection of artworks and really heartfelt letters that I wrote. I wanted to put it all together and either make a zine out of it or self-publish a little book, but I never got around to doing that. I should probably get back to that project and get it done. It would be such a beautiful thing that can come out of your daily painting project and then you can go on to selling this book as well. The third thing that you can do to grow your reach with your daily planning project is, you can share your daily process on Instagram and YouTube. If you're the kind of person who likes sharing your painting processes or let's say you want to have your own YouTube channel, imagine how easy it is that you just pop over your phone camera and start recording your process. You can just share a few thoughts or even if you don't want to talk on video, you can just record that process and show it on Instagram or your YouTube channel and grow your YouTube channel that way. You see there's so many good things that can come out of a daily painting project. I hope these ideas have inspired you to get moving and to invite in a lot of abundance in your art business. 9. Class Project: Already. Now that you know everything about how to do daily painting projects and how you can leverage it in many different ways in your creative factors and your art business, Here is your class project. First, commit to your daily painting project. Choose a medium and subject you want to explore. Next, take a picture of the first painting of your daily painting project and post it in the Project section below. You'll only be able to post it if you have Skillshare open on a desktop, so keep that little thing in mind. With that picture, I want you to answer these questions. What are you choosing to explore, what intentions are you setting for your daily painting project, and what are you excited to discover about yourself and your creativity in this process? Now, as an add-on, once you're done with your project, take a picture of all your paintings together and post it in the Project section again. I would love to see your paintings together because I know that it will not only inspire me, but it'll also inspire the other people who are watching this class because there's something so beautiful about seeing all your paintings together. It is very, very motivating. When you take that picture and post it, it is going to show you just how much beauty was hidden inside of you. It is seriously so motivating. Also, know that you're free to come post your daily paintings in the Project section as well. I'm not going to stop you from doing that. It's going to be a lot of fun. So post as many paintings as you want in the Project section, I'm going to be taking a look at all of them. Lastly, I want to say that commit to your success in this challenge. Take it easy, chill, and have fun. 10. Epilogue: I hope this class has inspired you to start your own daily painting project, and I hope it's made it easy for you to do it successfully. I truly believe in the power of this particular creative practice because I've seen it work wonders for me, and I've also seen it worked fabulously for my private rookie members. Now I understand that it is overwhelming sometimes to show up and create every day and you need that extra dose of motivation. That is why I'm offering you a series of daily inspiration and mindset shifts for 31 days. All you need to do is go to thrivewithtrupti.com/inspiration and sign up to receive these. I will be with you every single day in your inbox, cheering you on and lifting you up. Cheers to your success as a thriving artist.