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Daily Magic: Welcoming Witchcraft into All Areas of Life

teacher avatar Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Join Daily Magic!

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Bring Intention into Every Area

    • 4. Creating Spells on the Fly

    • 5. Releasing vs. Transmuting

    • 6. Letting Go of Expectations

    • 7. Meditation Instructions

    • 8. House Clearing and Blessing

    • 9. Where to Start: What I Do

    • 10. Where to Start: Brainstorming Ideas

    • 11. Morning and Evening Intentions

    • 12. Thank You!

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About This Class

Bring magic and intention into your everyday routine in order to transform your life. Find out how you can infuse your day with witchcraft in ways that can be custom-tailored to any situation.

Upon enrolling in the class, download the course handbook in the Class Project section. It contains a transcript of each video, along with printables and exercises. 

Learn How to Turn Mundane and Routine Tasks into an Easy to Implement Witchcraft Practice.

  • Build a strong foundation to grow from

  • Uncover blocks and resistance keeping you from seeing results

  • Learn how to create spells on the spot

  • Discover which words hold the most power for you

  • Ditch the overwhelm that can come with larger rituals

  • Follow along with a house clearing and blessing recording

Find out how simple can actually equal more powerful and more effective!

This course was born out of a need to reduce my own overwhelm. As I began to dive deeper into the world of all things magic and witchcraft, I became overwhelmed at how many topics there are to learn. There are sabbats, phases of the moon, days of the week, different color correspondences, and so many other topics that my head felt like it would explode with any more information! I’m not sure about you, but when I’m overwhelmed, I don’t know where to begin and I usually end up doing nothing. I found myself filled with knowledge, but unsure of where to begin so I started incorporating small magical moments into my day. After doing this for a while, it became so much easier to work with the phases of the moon, celebrate the sabbats, and focus on other larger themes within the scope of witchcraft.

Within the course, you’ll learn how to approach magic from a more relaxed place. We’ll go over why words matter, how you can come up with spells on the spot, and how you can apply my teachings on turning mundane into magical to your own life. I’ll walk you through a house clearing and blessing so your environment is primed and ready to go for you. We’ll also cover how you can make tweaks to your morning and evening routines to make them more magical, along with printables to remind you. I’ve included a list of the little things I do every day, as well as a long list of ideas to inspire you. From start to finish, this course will help you build a magical practice from the ground up. As an added bonus, I’ve created a kitchen magic printable you can hang up to remind you of the magical properties of different herbs and spices, giving you an opportunity to whip up magic while cooking.

I designed this course to be a next step for magic makers to tie in knowledge This course won’t cover basic magical properties of items, but it will show you how to apply what you know to your everyday life so you can begin reaping the benefits of the magic inside of you.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ashley Krout

Making Magic Simple and Powerful


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1. Join Daily Magic!: Hi there. My name is Ashley, and I've been practicing witchcraft and energy healing since 2012. As I began to dive deeper into the world of all things magic and witchcraft, I learned so many new things that it felt like my head was going to explode with any more knowledge. I found myself filled with information but unsure of where to begin or how to implement things. So I started incorporating small, magical moments into my day. After doing this for a while, it became so much easier to implement more and more magic into my life. At the end of this course, you'll feel confident designing your magical practice and putting your current skills and knowledge to greater use within your own life. This course will help you build a Sean foundation to grow from uncovered blocks and resistance, keeping you from seeing results. Learn how to create spells on the spot, discover which words hold the most power for you and ditch the overwhelmed that can come with larger rituals. We will also cover how you can make tweaks your morning and evening routines to make them more magical, along with principles to remind you I've included a list of the little things I do every day, as well as a long list of ideas to inspire you. I'll walk you through a house clearing and blessing so your environment is primed and ready to go for you from start to finish. This course will help you build a magical practice from the ground up. As an added bonus, I've created a kitchen magic printable. You can hang up to remind you off the different magical properties of herbs as you're cooking. I designed this course to be a next step for magic makers to tie in knowledge. This course won't cover basic magical properties of items. But it will show you how to apply what you know to your everyday life. So you could begin reaping the benefits of the magic inside you and not waste time due to overwhelm. Read over the course description to get a feel for everything this course offers and I look forward to seeing you in the class. Thank you. 2. Introduction: magic is all around us. It is in the singing of the birds. In the morning. It's in the sunrise or the sunset. It's in the changing phases of the moon, and it's even in the mundane tasks of everyday life. If you know how to look for it in this course, I'm going to guide you through a journey to bring witchcraft in tow every area of your life and to begin building a daily practice after trying to do rituals, follow the phases of the moon, keep track of which days correspond to which areas of life and celebrate each Sabah As it came along, I became overwhelmed. Early on in my practice, I would find that several days or even weeks passed by without any intention, because I was so overwhelmed. I knew that I needed to find ways to bring magic into my life that I could incorporate into tasks I was already doing. Over the last couple of years, I've found more and more ways to tie many rituals and spells into my daily life in a less overwhelming way. This has helped me be more in tune with the rhythms of life around me. making it easier to do regular rituals, work with the phases of the moon, celebrate the Sabbath and just bring more magic into my life. In general, living with intention and creating magic is also a wonderful path to personal growth and development. Intention is everything. If you don't believe in yourself, your magic will suffer and your results will be lackluster or non existent. One reason for this is that you'll be looking for ways it went wrong and probably missed the ways that it did go correctly. My horse magical mindset for modern witchcraft dives much deeper into working on mindset and how to work through blocks. I heard you to check it out before going through this course. If your belief in yourself isn't strong or if you find yourself facing an overwhelming amount of blocks and would like guidance on how to work through those, the power to do magic is within you. My job is simply to help you uncover it 3. Bring Intention into Every Area: Well, I'm going to give examples of what I do during the day to bring in more intention and more magic. My main goal is to give a general outline to inspire you to look for ways you can apply it to your own life. When we time magic into things were already doing were more likely to keep doing it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with copying exactly what I do if you're on a loss of how to apply it to what you're already doing, unless that doesn't feel right to you. In that case, do not copy what I'm doing. Just use this as a jumping off point to incorporate magic into your day. So, as an example, when I make tea, I say this t brings me health toe every cell as I'm drinking it. If you don't drink tea and have no interest in starting, find a similar area to add in a similar affirmation. So, for example, this water brings me health toe every cell or coffee or whatever you're drinking. The same statement could even be said for food. Our thoughts have a powerful effect on our physiology. Why not throw some positive intentions towards what we're feeling? Our bodies with 4. Creating Spells on the Fly: in elaborate rituals, you might see a full page of spells and incantations to recite. These are excellent for special occasions and times when you have the ability to do the entire thing. But what about everyday magic? Most people probably don't have hours to spend chanting every morning, so we need to figure out a way to make magic as user friendly and a simple is possible. Simple does not mean less powerful, though. In fact, sometimes the more simple or ritual is the more profound oven effect it can have on you and your environment. Instead of working on remembering so many little details, you can put your energy more towards intention and visualization of the end result and that same train of thought. It's perfectly fine to say the same phrases over and over again when I'm having a low energy day, I repeatedly say, Energy comes to me times three, and when I'm looking to transmit negativity, I say I release everything that no longer serves me, transmuting it into source energy. It's easier to remember a few key phrases, and it makes you more likely to use them again and again, practice really feeling each word as you say it. Removing the new feeling of the words helped you truly experience each word as you say it, because you reach a point where you're no longer guessing what to say next and that energy goes towards intention. Instead, it can seem daunting to come up with spells on the fly, but it's just a skill that will get easier. The more you do it. Think of it as your own private improv class and have fun with it. Sometimes I'll come up with a spell that sounds so ridiculous. I end up laughing and you know what? The energy shifts faster than when I would try to make everything perfect and stay stoic. What is the point in practicing magic? If it's measurable, you can have fun with something and still treat your practice with reverence. The two are not mutually exclusive. I think a lot of us fall into this trap of treating our practice with so much seriousness and perfection that we end up inhibiting our own growth. One of the best things I've ever heard is perfect, is good, but done is better. I related to that, saying so much I cannot believe the amount of projects I've started but never finished because I was just paralyzed by this fear that someone would see them before they were perfect. The same perfectionism spilled over into my magic practice. I was so worried about doing spells wrong or using the wrong ingredients. I was worried about whether I was utilizing the bust phase of the moon or the best day of the week. I pretty much end up sabotaging myself or never really getting started. Remember that if you're saying this spells in your head or while you're home alone, no one can even hear you. So get messy, make mistakes and learn as you go. That is the best way to build confidence in your practice. My basic formula for creating spells on the fly is one. Figure out what you want, your end result to be to what words Describe that three. Are the words meaningful to me, or do I need to figure out better words for Can I easily make it rhyme or don't even want it to rhyme? Five. Am I saying what I want as simply as possible, and the sixth step is writing it down or typing it up in the notes up to remember it for later. In my experience, the most important of these six steps is number three. None of the other steps matter. If number three isn't a yes. I'll cover more about the importance of words in the next video. 5. Releasing vs. Transmuting: most of the energy healing modalities I've used over the years have had a strong focus on releasing, releasing trapped emotions, trauma, releasing anything that no longer serves you etcetera. I thought this was fantastic, and to a large degree, it is. It's great to get those trapped emotions and stagnant energies out of your body. The only problem with this, though, is that energy cannot be destroyed. If I released attract emotion of grief, that's great for me. But that energy of grief has to go somewhere. I began learning about the next level of energy healing and discovered astral fragments, which are particles of unresolved or unhealed hurts and traumas. The's fragments attached to people at a similar vibration of the fragments, or even two people with higher vibrations who attract people and entities who need healing . I believe that released emotions or traumas make up a large portion of the Astro pregnant, floating around looking for something to attach Teoh. So how do we keep our release emotions from attaching to some unsuspecting person by transmitting or transforming the energy into something else? The definition of chance mu is to change in form, nature or substance in this case, I transmute the energy into source energy, which is the purest energy, and I ask that it helps bring healing to anyone who comes into contact with it. Through muscle testing, I determined that this is the highest level of healing for me and turns the released energy into a higher form of energy. Instead of sending fragments of unhealed energy out into the world, my intention is to send energy out that will be a benefit to everyone it comes into contact with. As you're working on spells, use your favorite method of divination, such as muscle testing or a pendulum, to determine your belief level over different words and for entire statements tested out on a scale of negative 10 to 10 or in terms of percentages, something like this water hydrates and restores my body might be something you resonate with at a level of 50%. While the statement this water heals me might resonate at 95% with you, what resonates and works for one person might be completely different than what works for you, so play around with different statements and words to see what feels the most powerful to you. don't make this a stressful endeavour, though. If you find a statement that tests had a decent number, use it for a few days and test again to see if the percentage has gone up. Part of working with magic is raising your belief level, so not everything is going to instantly be a high resignation. In the beginning, it's more important to make sure it's not a negative amount or something so low that you don't believe it will work. 6. Letting Go of Expectations: A lot of times we have assumptions about how something will turn out before we even begin working on it. We might do a love spell and ignore our perfect partner, who's right in front of our face because they don't fit the perfect image we have in our minds. We might ignore signs the universe is sending us about how to regain our health because it doesn't fit our belief about what getting healthy means. Any growth can cause cognitive dissonance, and this can block blessings and results from coming to us. This isn't even an intangible block. We literally will look for all the ways were right about the situation and not see things right in front of us that don't fit our beliefs. How do we move past this cognitive dissonance and truly allow ourselves to be open to the changes we're trying to bring into our lives? The first step is merely being aware. Cognitive dissonance is even a thing. So according to simply psychology dot com, cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. This produces a feeling of mental discomfort, leading to an alteration in one of the attitudes beliefs or behaviors to reduce the discomfort and restore balance. Most of the time, when someone is faced with something that challenges their beliefs, they'll unconsciously find ways to affirm that what they believe is true in order to avoid this discomfort, being aware of this phenomenon allows you to utilize it to build better behaviors instead of justifying unhealthy or unwanted habits. Being aware will also allow you to know what's happening when you feel resistance to change so you can make a more conscious decision to allow the change to transform you and to allow it to change your beliefs or behaviors. When I feel resistance to change, I first look at what I'm trying to change and see if it's something that may not actually be good for me. If it is good for me and something I do want to welcome in, I do some journaling as to why I might be experiencing resistance. Then he has muscle testing to determine if there's anything like a trapped emotion holding me back and transmit those blocks. Then I begin working on changing my mindset of on this new belief through affirmations, spells and more journaling. Sometimes it might be a simple is calling out the resistance for what it is. We're creatures of habit, so change can be scary. What? I'm working on a new project, and I'm worried about how it will be received. I sometimes cannot even force myself to continue working on it after assessing if I really want to finish the project, and if I really believe it's a worthwhile endeavor, I'll stop what I'm doing and awkwardly say out loud. Wow, this is hard. I feel so uncomfortable or something along those lines, and that usually makes me laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. And like I mentioned earlier in the video about making spells, laughter helps shift energy really quickly. A lot of times change comes about easily. When we simply challenge the beliefs holding us back, what beliefs do you have holding you back and what can you do to challenge those beliefs? Another way to let go of expectations is to make the declaration. I am open to this change or I am open to these blessings coming into my life in accordance with my highest good. It can be scary and unnerve ing to make such a surrendering statement. But the assurance that you're allowing things through that air for your highest good can help take the edge off the worry. Another statement, I say to myself often is I am uncomfortable, but I know I'm safe. Change feels so scary, and it's unstable. The more we fight against it, the longer we keep ourselves from the magic we're trying to create or the energy we're trying to shift, use my statements or find ways that help you feel safe and supported during times of change . Letting go of expectations and learning how to lean into that discomfort are two of the most powerful ways to move out of a constant feeling of being stuck or being in survival mode and into a state where magic can flow into all areas of your life in the next video. Also, you had a clear, stagnant energy in your home, followed by a guided meditation to cleanse and bless your home. After that, we'll dive into ways that you can apply what we've learned so far and inject more magic into your daily life. 7. Meditation Instructions: the next video contains a house clearing and blessing recording. Before we get into that, I want to help you know what to expect and how to get the most from the recording. Clearing and blessing your home is something I consider energetic hygiene and something that can and should be done any time. The atmosphere of your home feels heavier, stagnant. You could even do it before it reaches that point. Sometimes resistance to change might be due to the weight of energies that are hanging around your home. Use this whenever you're feeling a lot of resistance in your magical practice, or if you've had an unpleasant houseguest, all the other tips and ways of bringing magic into your daily life can be done without going through this meditation. I included it because it can be a powerful starting point for preparing yourself Andrew Environment for change and making physical and energetic space to welcome in new blessings . This recording can be done one of two ways. You can either physically move around your house along with the recording, pausing as needed, or you can sit with your eyes closed and visualize your home as I guide you through the steps. You can even do a mixture of the two ways physically walking around while visualising some parts of the meditation and either scenario, use any tools you feel called to use. What candles, Herbs like sage or sense like rosemary are all great for cleansing. And renewing. Gemstones such as clear courts or smoky courts, work well to amplify and transmit energy. A gemstone held in your hand or a few set up in a great before getting started can shift you into a helpful mindset. Here's a picture of a crystal grid I set up using clear court, smoky quartz, rosemary and a white candle. I assembled it in my kitchen, which is kind of the middle of my home. After laying the stones and herbs out, I live the candle while repeating with this candle, I shine light upon the energies of my home. With this rosemary, I protect the energies and the love I wish to keep in my home. With this smoky course, I transmit any energies that are stagnant or negative into renewing reviving energies. With this clear courts, I amplify my intentions for this home clearing and blessing in there, according will do a quick grounding routine. First, to get ourselves in the proper state for cleansing. During this, allow your body to fully relax and feel a studying confidence, knowing that you're capable and supported to carry out this task. After we're properly grounded and ready to begin, I'll guide you through clearing and blessing your home. Most housecleaning stop it, clearing the house of any negative energies. But our purpose with this recording is to then fill up the space with positive and helpful energies and to make our space work for us through giving jobs to certain items. There are pathways to the spiritual realm called portals, left unchecked, these can allow negative entities and energies free access into our world, and the meditation will go over closing them. But I suggest leaving one open for positive entities and spirits to come through and to make contact. This allows loved ones and any beneficial, energetic beings to still come in as long as they're from the light. And as long as they're there for our highest good grab any tools you want to use, set up a crystal great if you like and meet me in the next video 8. House Clearing and Blessing: begin breathing in and out, in and out. Close your eyes gently. Keep breathing in and out. Visualize every breath trying down golden light from above your head. See the golden light. Fill every cell in your body, starting with your head town through your neck. Keep breathing in and out as the light spreads to every cell in your chest, your arms down through your legs and begins spilling out of your toes and onto the ground below you. You are now a conduit of a gentle and powerful grounding energy connected simultaneously to the heavens and the earth. Visualize a ball of white light at your heart. Chocolate with every inhale and every exhale. This'll ball of light gets larger and larger until it's encompassing your entire body. Let it expand from there, filling every corner of your house on the floor for the ceiling. Keep expanding from there, allowing the light to reach beyond the perimeter of your property in every direction above your roof and below the foundation of your home. We are charging this white light with protection and healing. It is perfectly OK if you can't keep this image in your mind. No, that this boundary of light and healing has been set around your home, and it will serve you for the duration of this recording. Repeat after me. Any stagnant, heavy or negative energies or entities released during the session are to be sent to source energy and transmuted into divine white light for their highest good beginning. With the door you use most often, stand in front of it, whether physically or in your mind's eye and repeat. I am clearing the energies of this door. I am blessing all who come through this door. I only allow beings of the light in my home. Now visualize all other doors, interior and exterior in your home and repeat again. I am clearing the energies of these doors. I am blessing all who come through these doors. I only allow beings of the light in my home onto windows. Repeat after me. I am clearing the energies of these windows. I only allow beings of the light in my home continue repeating after me. If there any portals in my home, I ask that all but one be closed with a healing purple light. The one remaining portal I asked to be purged with source energy. This portal is on Lee to be used for energies and entities coming from the light and for my highest good or the highest good of my household, I energetically wipe down all the ceilings in my home. No returning that stagnant energy to source, huh? I energetically wipe down all the walls in my home. Returning that stagnant energy to source, I energetically sweep out all the corners in my home. Returning that stagnant energy to source, I energetically sweep all the floors of my home, returning that stagnant energy to source. Every surface in my home is to be purged with a divine white light. Visualize anything else in your home. You would like to be energetically cleansed and use the same statements as before. My voice will go away for a moment. As you work through the areas in your home way. Visualize any remaining negative or stagnant energy swirling towards the center of your home. See a bright white light swirling down from above down into the center of your home, absorbing that stagnant energy, purifying it and renewing it. Standing in the center of your home. Whether in your mind's eye or physically see the golden light flowing to you through you and out of you. And repeat, my home is a safe and protected space. I only allow those from the light to enter. Stand here for a moment, inhaling and exhaling, standing in your power, knowing that you are powerful and that power is always flowing to you and through you inhale and exhale. Begin wiggling your toes. Move your fingers, open your eyes and enjoy your energetically cleared home. If you need some extra grounding after doing this, and you feel like you kind of have a head in the clouds feeling, drink a glass of water, eat some seeds or nuts or step outside barefoot. You could even run your hands up there some cold water. 9. Where to Start: What I Do: in this section, we're going to discuss practical ways you can start bringing him more magic and intention into your daily life. First, I'm going to show you the ways I add magic to my everyday tasks. Some of them I do every day as a regular practice, while others I do when I feel they're necessary. After this video will discuss areas, you can add more magic to your day, followed by my tips for brainstorming ways to apply what you've learned. So for some of the ways I add magic in when washing my hands. I use lavender soap usually, but with any soap, I say I wash away anything that no longer serves me. I am peaceful. I am calm when taking a shower. I use the same concept. I visualize any negative or stagnant energy just being washed away and transformed by the water. I also add herbs and stones to a bath. I use a muslin bag or a large tea strainer, and I'm a kind of a bath tea out of various herbs. My favorites are lavender and camomile. Also thrown a water safe Johnstone like a kite or courts to amplify the energy I want to draw in while standing in the wind. I visualize it refreshing the energy around me. Kind of like what? Opening the windows or doors does to your home also like to light candles without any ritual, just with an intention. And I'm reminded of that intention every time I walk past it, or every time I get a whiff of it throughout the house. I like to say something like, I am View this candle with energies of peace and calm every time this candle is lit, these energies of you, my home. I like to drive with the protection of angels. Whenever I drive, I asked that my car be surrounded by angels, playing above me below me on either side of me in front of me and behind me. When I'm making food, I started clockwise, and I'll think the food for the nourishment it's about to provide for myself and my family when drinking water or any other beverage, I'll repeat. Variation of this drink brings me vitality and health to each of myself. When taking supplements, I say As I take these pills, my dreams of health are fulfilled. If I'm dealing with conflicts between my Children, all diffuse oils like cardamom and lemon. This combination helps with resolving conflicts, and I'll repeat something like my home is a safe haven for peace. Calm, enjoy. So those are some of the things I do to bring in more magic into my life. And in the next video, we'll brainstorm some ways you can bring much again. 10. Where to Start: Brainstorming Ideas: in the last video, I shared the small ways I add more magic into my day. In this section, we're going to discuss practical ways you can start bringing in more magic and intention into your daily life. Don't try to do everything the same day every single day. Figure out which ones resonate with you and start there at a new one in as you master the previous one and tied into something you already dio. Follow your intuition. Use these examples as a starting point to look for times in your day that you confuse more magic into where to begin. Depending on your personality and what appeals more to you, I suggest starting in one of two areas. If you're someone who likes to get the worst out of the way. First, start with infusing intention into the most annoying part of your day. As an example, say this is picking up dog poop. Not a fun task for anyone, but bringing magic into it can shift your way of thinking about it. According to Louise Hay, Poop is a metaphysical representation of life in general, and the cycle of intake, assimilation and letting go. We take in food. Our body assimilates what it needs and the rest is expelled from our body. Use the task of picking up dog poop as a reminder to evaluate whether you're properly letting go of anything you do not need. If you prefer to build up to things slowly, start with the easiest part of your day that either already brings you joy or is a neutral task, but something you do every day. If you drink a glass of water every morning, place a sticky no on your cabinet that says something like this. Water travels to my body's every cell, making the whole happy and well and repeat it to yourself as you drink then, regardless of which place you start from. Once that becomes a habit, add magic toe other tasks using visual reminders where possible. Some of these other tasks could include making oil blend and say something like These Oils draw in love blessed from above to either amplify the love in your current relationship or to draw a new love or self love. Use your makeup or skincare routine as a mindfulness practice, really noticing each step in taking the time to savor your routine. Visualize cleaning tasks as literally and energetically cleaning your space. This works for dusting laundry, sweeping dishes, wiping off counters any other places you're cleaning once a month, cleanse your front door with peppermint water while saying, I cleanse this door. The threshold of my home, allowing in abundance and love. Bless your space at work. Have a mantra, you can say when dealing with difficult people or situations. Remember your car. This is a great place to work magic involving future outcomes. Since it is literally a vehicle that moves you forward and takes you places, Find out the metaphysical properties of herbs and spices you commonly use. Keep a list of it handy and season your food while holding the intention of those properties. You can come up with a short saying and make it into a speller ritual. I am view this food with the warmth of cinnamon, all the abundance of life I welcome in. There's even a principal in the course handbook, with commonly used herbs and spices and the different metaphysical properties of those. So you could print that out and have it in your kitchen and be reminded of those. So you can kind of come up with spell gonna fly work on turning mundane tasks in two meditations and mindfulness. The simplest way to do this is to notice all the sensations as your completing a task. Instead of mindlessly flying through the task, pause and observe how you feel, what it feels like and any other sensations for anything you choose to do. Put post it notes or right directly on bottles to remember your intentions and spells. Here's an exercise to find where you can added more magic. List what you do during your typical day. If this changes on a daily basis right out your typical week or your month, you're looking for your routines. List the tasks you do mindlessly, such as laundry your dishes list the habits you currently have, or want to have to increase your health right out. What you want your future to look like and break it down into smaller steps you can start implementing now. So if it's a common response to stress, say I am piece. I am calm. I radiate joy whenever you feel overwhelmed until you really start to believe it. Go ahead and look at the list you made and find ways to turn them into a practice of mindfulness and magic, using the examples we talked about in the previous two videos, as well as anything that these videos inspired or brought to light for you. 11. Morning and Evening Intentions: Sometimes it could be easier to incorporate new changes into something you're already doing specifically your morning or evening routines. There is absolutely no need to reinvent your morning or your evening schedules. Instead, find ways that you can slightly tweak them to bring in more magic and more intention. So for your morning practice, you could wake up gently with bird sounds or an alarm that wakes you up Progressively. Harsh alarm sent a jewel of quarters Saul through your body, which stresses your system. Free alarm maps like alarm clock sleep sounds lets you set up custom alarms that wake you up progressively with gentle sounds like birds or waves so you aren't being jarred out of a deep sleep. It's pretty hard to wake me up, so I was worried about using an app like this. But I've woken up easily every time I've used it. Another way to add more intention is to wake up with gratitude. Print the today. I'm grateful for Dr Thought Page in the class handbook and put it somewhere. You'll see it soon after waking up. Use it as a visual reminder to think of a few things you're grateful for. another tip is to look at what you wrote the previous day and what you need to get done for the day. This will make sense in just a second. Then for an evening practice, go to sleep with gratitude and with a growth mindset. This isn't going to be easy every single night. But cultivating a growth mindset of this day sucked. But what did I learn from it can propel your mindset forward instead of simply dwelling on how about it sucked. So for some ways, you can cultivate a growth mindset before bed and find intention from the day print out the tonight I learned page from the class handbook right out your biggest win for the day, no matter how big or how small it was right down more wins if applicable for the day. If there's something you wish you'd handled differently right out what happened and then right out, how you wish it would have happened, as if it actually happened that way, something you'd like to improve on, start or finish tomorrow, right out. The tasks you need to complete the next day This helps your brain relax, knowing that the information is stored in a safe place, and then it doesn't need to keep you awake with reminders about what needs to get done. Another way, Teoh, add intention to your evening routine is to fall asleep with a meditation. You can use the alarm clock. Sleep sounds up for this as well. Just click on the moon instead of the sun when opening the AP. Ah, practical morning and evening routine may not seem magical on the surface, but it can help put you in the right frame of mind to create more magic. 12. Thank You!: thank you so much for joining me on this journey to bring more magic into daily life. As you might have noticed, many of these practices and tips center around transmitting stagnant energy into a brighter energy. At its core, I believe the main purpose of magic is talcum eyes the energy around us, so finding ways you can do this an ordinary, almost mundane ways is going to transform your life and your magical practice at its very foundation. From that point, it will be easier to celebrates habits and add bigger rituals into your regular practice and continue growing from there. As always, my intention for this class and all my classes is to present magical topics in a way that makes sense and to give practical ways to incorporate them with these. I want to thank you for allowing me to be your teacher, and I hope to see you in future classes. Thank you