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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (22m)


    • 3. LINES & SHAPES

    • 4. OBJECTS

    • 5. ANIMALS

    • 6. PLANTS



    • 9. WELL DONE!

    • 10. YOUR OWN...

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About This Class


Hi everyone,

Welcome to my first doodling class : Daily Doodling : No Skill Required!

My name is Zain and I am a fiber artist who loves to doodle whenever my hands are free. I am here to talk about doodling and how we can doodle in our daily lives.

Doodling is a good way to be productive if we are lost in ideas because it helps us to remember past ideas and info that are in our brains.

It is relaxing and at the same time it will improve our focus too! Besides, it can also help improve our artistic skills (in which a lot of us thought we are lacking) and also help us to find our passion.

Don't worry if you can't even draw a straight line or a stick figure as doodling is not only for artist but rather for everyone!

Don't have to worry if you don't have that 'special' pen cuz all you need in this class is whatever pen or pencil you can get hold of and some papers.

I will guide you along from a straight line to some fanciful ones and from basic shapes to some characters. You will also learn what to draw and when to draw etc

Once you have gone through those baby steps, you are good to go. Practice and always practice.

Doodling don't have to be perfect, just be good enough and most importantly...have fun!

At the end of the class, I have 3 exercises where you can doodle along with me or you can doodle your own creation.

So, grab a pen or a pencil and some papers...and lets doodle together!


Music for all the videos are from http//icons8.com/music and it's entitled:

Je peux entendre ta musique a travers la porte

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zainab Mohamad Ali

Fibre Artist, watercolorist and crafter


Hi Everyone,

My name is Zain (short for Zainab) and I am a self taught fiber artist and a crafter from a tropical island called Borneo (Malaysian part) in South East Asia. Though I am from a land without sheep, I do know what is wool but I didn’t know about needle felting before.

I only discovered this craft in late 2015 when a newly Japanese store called Daiso opened in Malaysia. I was curious about the needle felting kits that they are selling. So I bought a couple and tried making as per the instructions. Immediately I am loving it, so I started searching for wool online and found so many ETSY stores selling them. So the rest is history!

Initially I started felting wool sculptures and later discovered about wet felting and wool painting after a year lat... See full profile

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1. DAILY DOODLING: island listing totaling Issa Simple form off that way you only need a pen or a pencil and paper, but it's more than that. Hi, everyone. My name is said and I'm a fiber artist. We love to do that whenever my hands are free. Doodling is a good way to be productive if we are lost in ideas because it helps us to remember past ideas in any form. In our brains. It is a flexing and at the same time improve for custom precise. It can also help improve our artistic skills, in which a lot of first thought we don't have and also help good spy compassion up. I m lost in nature and they don't need communication. Almost everyone do those, But we just didn't realize that they are doing. We do, though the flowers on the table in the restaurant waiting for way. Do you know the best? Any across the street with the funny moustache? We're waiting for our bus. We do go our favorite ice cream in a heart stopping classroom or boring meeting in the office. Don't worry if you can't even draw a straight line. Oh, stick figure. Startling is not only for artless but rather is for everyone. Yes, a court for you. Anyone can do Korea's no tellin skill special treat by Steven Heller. So I'm a pin Oh, pain so and some papers a student. 2. DOODLING TOOLS: doodling. Talks are pounds off doing pens out there and fish have their own qualities. Some are pigmented permanent, waterproof water resistance on on toxic s. It's please, like fast and accept anymore. But us for now, in this class, all we need is a pen or pencil. A sketch off any kind in any type off blank papers and free time, of course, studio something next. 3. LINES & SHAPES: Let's begin with the very basics lines and ships. Get ready your pen and pencil for the purpose. Off this video, I'm using number one drawing pin so it will be clearer. Show line in ships in some practice. Start by drawing a couple off straight lines, horizontally and vertically. Some Kobe or wavy line scale of blind, some spiral and vertical. You look like a spring in a castle, sums exact or jacket line in any lines you can think off. Let's look at ships with lines we can form. Ships draw continuously a line to form a circle or into around ship. You can also be forming toe on over and with full equal site. It will give us quick. When you draw it longer, it will form a rectangle and three sides of a triangle. You can join the lines individually to form ships to three lines to form a triangle for equal lines to form a square to longer lines in two shorter lines to form a rectangle. Oh, tools like liquor will give you oval. The past I drawn here is the place where the joint star, curvy or dumb ship will give you a circle onto the next one. This practice always practice practice by drawing a few ships in the role or even the whole pitch. 4. OBJECTS: begin the class with objects. Objects here refer to the things that we see in our daily lives. First war draw on alarm clock. This is the first thing that caught us up in the morning. We'll keep the growing simple because this is a totalling class. We make it simple as possible way so worrying about shirts where the light is from course. We, uh, learning how to do. Let's not worry about all the shading. Next we take a tough pass and it off brush because we are going to the bathroom. After that, we're going to dress up for the day. So we draw Oh, close what we are going to wear for the day and off course. Sure, I know that we are all dressed up. Let's go for breakfast. We'll have a cup of coffee. Yes, the same. Put Coppin Salsa a couple off X for breakfast. If a couple off beckons does see you are done 5. ANIMALS: now for some animals in a wood doodle animals here can be your pets. Well, anything around you in a sake. But fly! Was this a Liza here? Sometimes we can see it on the wall and hope it's maybe if you have a kid you can come and break your good morning Well asking for food Something If you have a dog, he will come and wake you up. You can draw your pets. Get the door if you have one. Some people have mice. Well pits all a bunny and thus you will having your breakfast. A lot of life flew by can quickly Don't Then butterfly are beautiful. A woman leaves is also your window And you took a buzzing sound or start Issa being can do really to and a flying 6. PLANTS: next in the class we have plants were going to draw some plants, some flowers. We begin withdrawing a simple flower if a couple off leave and in your garden they are some leaves you and day and off course there are grass also on the lawn. I will keep it. A simple us possible here gun thing too much off what you are drawing listing it us The simple doodling us We walk along the pathway. There are bush on the sites off the pathway and trees by the road sign and also some palm trees. Countries are beautiful to draw. You can draw some other plants around your house in your garden dusted for plants. 7. STRUCTURES: structures. Structures here refers to the houses or the beauties cars that we saw when we go out of the house, to the office or the school or to the supermarket. Do we have a house before garage of the site, a puff way? Draw some office buildings clock tower. And perhaps if we passed a church, I don't have to be perfect, because this about a perfect drawing is not about DOODILY. It cannot be perfect. And you don't have to be realistic because we are not looking into realistic drawing. A try, perhaps the school bus throw anything that you see process you as you walk along. The pathway practised east every day and you're Yoda will be better in no time and some kids riding bicycles passing you. 8. EXPRESSIVE: I snuck into expressive, totally expressive doubling. Or sometimes it's called Star Life Student. These are dude us with corrector, some powerful. The Allon plan withdrew before instead, off alarm clock standing on to standing on one because of the ringing vibration and the toothpaste, instead of just throwing a stripped face, we can draw past that. It looks like it's been in use for quite some time, and I think the toothpaste to brush Next is the Coffee Cup. Instead of just blend coffee cup, we can put some to show the coffee is hot. And as for the visa himself, just straight without character, give him a smile in some shit on the boat in a coveted what a kid we can make a small wronger body. So he's a happy kid now looks much more pleasant. Afford dog. We can give him some for official expression. Now he looks more cheerful us for the flower. We can do it in profile so it looks more life leaner and a simple us. The grass. We can also give it some character to the leaves 9. WELL DONE!: Congress for a job well done. You see, it's not hard to do the once we have learned how to draw a straight line. Some fanciful wants to. In a few ships, you have mustard fielding's along the class practice. Always practice. Here's a quote for you by Malcolm. Practice ISn't a thing YOU do Once we are good. It's the thing you do that makes you good. Your dodo don't have to be perfect. Just be good enough and have fun practice by drawing a few ships in the role or even the whole pesh is dead. And in no time you will be doing more than you know. 10. YOUR OWN...: Now it's time to create. Undue goes by following examples I have here for you to be doing three exercises. Raisa in a pencil for sketchy got with a kid. First throw that you end up a part of the head and the curve for the face. You use dotted lines for the body. Get him in the ship. You can join all the lines together, my single nine for the arms, then hotel at a site in the center line. On the face. Inquest knows, and if he must mom eyes. Look at how a tool put some guy learning from the field of corn off most there. You can put the eyes now he's a happy man, but, uh, with Cliff now we can draw with no pen should prepare you before. If you're going to color, there's a lot of pain. Enjoy the drawing. Curvy lines for the whiskers to give him some character and some jacket lines for the full and the lines in a striped for his body. I licious I brought you. Call it now. What's a size two? Let's do some floor owes. Start by skating's small circles for a sinker and some ground. Leto's I have four big potatoes just roughly skates you. It's a smaller one of the science in some weak leaves. Wrong healing day. It's some four petals, little flower, and we can start thinking it. You can see here I drove the bettors with some on even lines to make it more realistic. Control believes the flowers here and there. You can always it some more, even though if you don't have the sketch day, uh, some smaller leaves, it's some venues to the bigger leaves in some shaded part off the petals toe. Make it more likely now, for the exercise will be do drinks, fruit. Guess what did this. It's going to be an apple and half a nipple beside it. You can always use very for inspections. Don't have anything in your head. It's okay if sometimes your line is not get smooth. Of course, this is just a goodly. When you practice more, you can make a continent continuous line. Beautiful. It's a shit. Now it's time to arrest off the sketches. It's someone shit. Hell, indeed, All the things that you have strong. It's something my kids still some funky, and he's meal the final, you'll rose with all the shading. You can do the shading with the final pen if you have. If you don't have a final, then you just use what you have and draw it. Likely we have our tree exercise. You can do it. Enjoyed tow us.