Daily Art Practice for Self-Care: 14 Days of Messages To Yourself | Jessica Swift | Skillshare

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Jessica Swift, Surface Pattern Designer + Artist

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23 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. My Story

    • 3. Reasons and Benefits

    • 4. How This Works

    • 5. How To Tune In

    • 6. Begin. Let's Make Some Art!

    • 7. Name A Feeling

    • 8. A Message In One Word

    • 9. Respond To Your Day

    • 10. Addressing Unkind Thoughts

    • 11. Allowing Your Own Experience

    • 12. Active Listening Throughout The Day

    • 13. Giving Yourself Permission

    • 14. (Complete This Sentence) It's OK...

    • 15. What Would A Best Friend Tell You?

    • 16. Reframe With An Affirmation

    • 17. Change Your Tone Of Voice

    • 18. Cheer Yourself On

    • 19. Use Your Wounds

    • 20. (Complete This Sentence) You Get To...

    • 21. Questions

    • 22. Final Thoughts

    • 23. Your Project

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About This Class


It can be tremendously powerful to tune in to your intuition as part of your daily art-making practice and to create art from a deeply personal place. Self-care + creativity + self-expression = yes please!

This class is about ART-MAKING FOR SELF-CARE in times of stress, change, uncertainty, grief, fear. It's about LISTENING TO YOUR INTUITION and the unique and powerful messages it has for you and then translating those messages into images. This class is for anyone who is looking for a creative way to process all the information coming at you each day in the busy-ness of life in this modern world of ours.

You do not have to be an artist to receive the benefits of making this kind of art for these 14 days! beginners, novices, and those who say "I'm not an artist" are all very welcome here. 

You can work in any medium that you choose for this class. Some options are: digital illustration (for example on an iPad), pen and paper, markers, crayons, colored pencil, any kind of paint on wood, canvas, or paper, collage.... the sky is the limit! I suggest using what a medium that feels fun, easy, and familiar. If you don't consider yourself an artist, perhaps a simple pen or pencil and non-fancy paper might be a good choice!

There is so much goodness to be gained from giving yourself the gift of time and space to listen to yourself and what your wise inner voice wants you to know each day and then to honor and express it through art-making.


As part of this 14-day practice you will:

- tune in to your intuition to receive a message from within each day

- create artwork in any medium you choose centered around your message for the day

- write about the artwork you created

- track your feelings throughout the process each day


Some benefits you could see at the end of the 14 days are:

- improved mental health

- improved ability to hear and listen to your inner voice and inner wisdom

- increased self-confidence and feelings of self-worth

- more self-compassion and self-love

- better ability to identify your feelings

- you'll build your follow-through muscle

- increased trust in yourself

- improved art-making skills

- increased sense of inner calm

- you just might feel better!


This class is an investment in and a gift to yourself and your well-being. Creativity and expressing yourself are both crucial parts of overall good health. Let's do this!