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DUNGEON PAINTER STUDIO: Create your own fantasy maps

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Presentation of the interface

    • 3. How to add and manipulate forms

    • 4. Use of the grounds and floors

    • 5. How to integrate objects

    • 6. Integrating text, line and tokens

    • 7. How to use templates

    • 8. 8 Full creation based on a template and exportation

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About This Class

HAve you ever dreamed to create your own fantasy maps to use for role playing games? This software is done for you. Dungeon Painter Studio is very easy to use to create your own maps. Get ready to click, to drag and drop and draw rapidly and easily the grounds, places, forests and walls of your dangerous dungeons and share them to your players. Become a greate game master!

This course is not limited to game masters, or people fond of role playing game, but also open to anyone who is curious about create such fantay maps.

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1. Introduction: welcoming his course about day engine painters to you. This course is going to give you the key options and tools available in this software to create your own fantasy maps and vengeance. This software is very, very interesting for those who want to create their own worlds and with very easy tools. Without any skill in drawing are graphic creations. You will have some options available that will allow you to create these naps. With only point in click options. You will be able to shoes the different textures and to place them in your working space. All what is proposed in the software is very easy to use, and you will be able to create your fantasy with few minutes off work. 2. Presentation of the interface: first, I'm presenting you the interface. You will have several options all around the working space. Here is the working space and you will be able to go down. Our on the different directions will be able to create some pieces off texture. You will place in this ground and you will be able to zoom in or zoom Alps. You will see that you can use the different lines Purples here to put your knouse and to create the different grandchildren pose on your working space and then two to dro if we can say different size off grounds were going to use. If you zoom in ours amounts, you will have several views off your working space and then that heparin all their own, your work progressing. In these videos, you will see some words in French. But don't already will translate for you thes words and thistle. Footwear, of course, exists in English. You will see that somewhere are just very simple to understand. It's not a problem. So we are here in the working space and we're going to see several options on these lines will be very important because it will determine how you can suppose you're around, so if you could continue, it will create new project. This is the reason is simple toe. Any other software is it will create this black working space open, which will allow you to open and you projects. It means that a project that have bean already saved on your computer you will see that reveal an extension specific for this software. Then, while you click on So galley, which means save will be able to save your project. In the English version, you have safe, new and open. As usual, you will be able to add new elements on your library. It means that you will be able to add your own objects you created Are you just speak it from elsewhere down. The interface will see the different kind off a texture. And here we have the key, which is the shortcuts you can create to work faster, have some shock. It's with control, the layers in tools we'll see move rectangle selections, rotates and all the words that will show you some example about what you can create and how you can control the working space and how easy it could be to add your own creations and how you can handle that. You will be able to have a full screen working space also, and you have here some hot keys, also that you will be able to personalize. For instance, full friends control F and shift, forgetting the layers will talk vent later years. We'll also be able to create short kids. You can personalize all destroyed kids to make them much more easier to you for to handle this software, you will see here you can handle the group. Some groups Concrete's Groups with Object Can End Group. You can move into the top or moved in in different other ways. You can edit them. You can also personalize the menu options and many other things that can help you to handle the software. The same for the tools will be able to create all the farms proposed by the software by using some short kiss. So here is the first personalization. Then you will see that many other options exist on the option proposed. Here. You'll have months distance. It's going to be something specific. We will not talk right now. Also to exports in PNG are Depay. It means that the map wants, it will be done. We'll be able to be exported in the form and that can be read by anyone. Then you can close exporting PdF, which is very good when you want to prince directly your work. This is a kind of final step. Once you are done, you can print them and or just get them into a deep it. From then in this bar, you will find old tools that would be helpful to create your own. Now you will have grounds and floors. You would have objects. You will have unusual stuff like and in texts, tokens, which is, in fact, some characters that can be fined in your map and many other stuff that will make your work there easier. We'll have some gang off the characters that will the re presented by face of the kinds of like horse or human. Soon on the rights, you will also find layer options. You will be able to create different layer and personalizes layers with different colors and transparency effects. For instance, you can have a first texture with grass as a layer and a second layer above it with stone are all kind off stuff like this down here, you can find the difference category off texture and grounds you can add to your map. We'll see later in another video hiking used them one by one. And how you can create very interesting grounds and map. You will see the stuff to her is amazing. If you ever I wanted to create your own fantasy universe. You are on the good software. 3. How to add and manipulate forms: We're going to work on the first step. Wishes how to add a form and how to handle it. First, create a new projects and you can open a new project. Create a new project. A project is a map is cold snap. Then you will see here you're working space. Um, don't forget to save your project in first place. If you don't say the project, you can lose everything. Ah, if there is a burger, miseries, anything that make yourself toward crashing secreting project, you save it. And then we start to add elements way we can use. For instance, some options, like personalized hot keys. And don't forget you have the full screen. I will just create probably something new creates. Probably not s are I don't know. I'm trying to find something. Are in shifts 40 and shifts. I can see you can personalise. Okay. Can stay with and shift will see. Ah, you can try to find Yeah, it works confined from hot chicken. Have habits to using the software. All right, so it will be very good to work. Time to time. On the full screen mode. The first article rectangle and I have Dexter's. You can still quick and drug and drop your mouths to create. You can see that constructive rectangle. It's a fixture here. Dana's cream. This is a moon broken, every texture has of names. We can recruit them and you can just like to point where you want to start. You can see there is the point white points, which is the beginning point from which you will extends your selection. So you will stay on the left, click and extend your selection, which will create Rick Tangled. Everything rule, do the ground. Okay, so we have a ground here, So this is selected. No, I can't click on this option to move my selection. So first you create your ground and then you click on this option to move your selection, your ground, the texture with Shenson. How it doesn't matter. You can just continue to flip your selection. You conflict a reason toe afraid vertical, and the picture will change a little bit, but not much. You can see the cracks on the grounds of different ground. They would change position, but it's not very important. So if you click on flip horizontal, it would change or is entirely a different texture, and you continue. Click until you find the right text. The right details you want on your texture. Continue trying to find something I want. Then I conflict horizontally and it will not move. Or isn't that he to form itself, but only the detail inside to form. So there are also options here. The rectangle selection. If I click on it, you can select the form and it looks like all the forms elected with options. Rotate is going to write a form us selected, but you have to say it's previously. Then you quicken rotation and you will be able to rotate your form like this and then you can Pretty, it's on the way are the position wants on 360 degrees. Then you have the scale option. You will have two back points on the corners, and you use them to increase or decrease the size of your ground. So you see, this is very basic. You don't have a lot of complexity you create to form. We can rotate it, you conflict, and you can re scandal the ground that always use the selection tool before to try using the scale or rotation toe. Otherwise it will not work You can with the selection tool Cilic different on several objects and applies his changes. And you can see here we have a layer that's cold with the name of the texture itself. You can play with capacity and you can zoom in and zoom out on the object you have selected . Then you can open texture itself are back of the mixer somewhere else. But first, we are very interesting in trying to maybe change little bits and in the different option on the right, you will be able to do some changes. Is called some sometime with different name. But we have short shadows, middle shadows and all these little details will make you able to change some details into this texture. You can see that I'm trying to add in orange light and when I click on apply it will open this color. Then we can change the color and opacity of color. So even if the sector seems very simple in first place, you will see that will be extensive options to personalize your creations. So you have here a very simple ground and here you can change that grounds. And the grid it's means that ground here off your working face and you can add all withdraw some lines to help you to create and to place your elements in working space. So in the next wedding, to see all the very interesting tool and Indiana available to create your own that. 4. Use of the grounds and floors: then we're going to see this video hard to use the grounds and floors first on creating the ground you can see here we can create another ground. We she's the novel. Then you can create the ground line by line. First line, you click. Then they pick and you click and you click, and you can create the own your own form or the form you want. It could be very interesting to have something that is not very rectangle or over. Then you can create very realms. For if you don't want any angle on your room are underground. You concrete's such form. Then you double click to validates increase of form of this. Then you have to rain. Then you can just draw your own terrain on or your own floor and the way you won't. So you're just painting on your working space to add this and you'll have there a couple off interesting brushes to create your own words. You can see you have different kinds off brush, the larger brush and smaller brush that has, uh, outline and a clear l. Fine. So for every brush you did, you have some ah layers created with the selection to consult them and he raised them. If you want to everything Mike and doing, then I'm using the selection tool to sink them one by one. You can see when the new selective forms is forming Also stated as a layer and can cancel it. When you raise a form, you can raise earlier links to it. So this was the option terrain. So if I select before keep this one, I will, uh I can draw also with lines. But with this night we have forms like the walls of the walls for all the kind off stuff like that. So he can draw the lines like this. You click the rooms, the ground of the room and you have the wolves. This is a simple this think item is called Woolston. So here we're thickness. When you select a form, you can also play with the thickness can change it. Here, you move it here and when you draw it, the thickness of the wolf is different. So you can select with the section toe this line so you can see the layers selected and by clicking by having control kept first, you can also click on the ground here and have different grounds. You can change the names. Of course. I call it Group Off Holes. It means that can group your objects Has they are gathered into one single group and move the single group as a single Objects when you're re click on grope each were destroyed. Your group and you would have you'll for object back as single objects but let them as groups so you can see I'm zooming out zooming in. You can see that a lot of space create your own that were interesting. So you could even select all these elements and move them as a single group. It depends how you want to work. So in ethics, you can also add some shadows inside the room. So you will decide of the angle the news. It would create some interesting view because it this shadow is something very interesting . It gives some, uh, the kind of realistic aspect off your room so now and creating, trying to create novel texture and choosing this one wrong for Okay, so we have ground I can select, for instance, realm Well, when this select another, This was selective and I can move it like this. And then I can like keeping clicking on left and large this form. Then I can also move it like this. They re Skilling and ruin it here against you can can move it on the ground are so the desk here is to create in first place the world and to create the ground afterward because sometimes we have some difficulties to create the exact form on the exact size that fit with the ground. Concern here we have a problem off the world were not fitting exactly with the ground. So this problem on is sometimes very hard to window, especially when your room is awful so we can try to re sign your objects there. But when you change the sign, its object, it would be simply too large. And when you put the world layer involved background flow earlier, you can succeed to fit them correctly. But you have a whole year. So again it will probably not be the right solution. It's better. But this is one of the problems this software A that sometimes it doesn't really give you something. They're accurate 5. How to integrate objects: Let's talk about the integration of objects you can see here area wide and select objects. You can have frenzy of objects you can integrate. Ensure your ground and your mouth first your object and have brush off objects. The first objects make you able to integrate into pose on your map the different can off objects. You have many, many objects. You have a bad tables, floors, books, uh, coffins and many things so I can select tunnel and placed on the ground. You can see that you have possibility to create them and put them into every rectangles. You can say one. Cancel it like any other elements you can put in the in the background, every elements re present there. So you consider one move it here and go in effect. And on some shadow effects, you can put a short shadow. You can apply a different king off level nights and all the stuff like this to person the night do item itself. You can, of course, select the object. You can rotate it on this and you can nuts. You cannot really scale it as you could do to to move it to selected you can move. It's like this. And if you click some object here you can placing you can scale it, but you have to scaling before too. Suppose it's on the ground against you. Have a small object are a big object, and this is once you are done with the scale that you can click to pulls the objects in the ground so you can change this scale. Posey changing in skill and have different size of objects with the same object, right, you raise them. Are you applying the shadow on its and you can see here? I want this object bill the floor, not on the floor So I can just move the update wolf above the layer of the object itself. And it creates this effect of having the object not above the world. So now I can select there and move the band's all grunt and to road. It's like this. I can move it. And as lay of the bait is below Whoa, There you are. Effect of having the bed nuts. Ah, position above the world. Then you can select different time, different kinds off objects. You are the letters. Very good. If you try to create a map with different scenarios and you want something happening at the point A r r point B. You know that there is something happening, the point k r l and so on. So when you have it scrapes and you have the map you can create, you can create something very interesting. You know that players are reaching a point A and you are the master of the game. So you know exactly what is happening at this point so we can hold our numbers. Andi can add some different object like this on So here I'm creating a grass ground and adding a fire on the ground the dead, the rope and some bags. So you have a Ken. Maybe heroes, when they arrive on this camp can have some rest. Seacon always create some scenarios with this. So I'm creating some trays so always sentry. So probably change them or creative group with all this trees and by selecting them, going into group, clicking on it, going to in effect and applying these shadows and can see one's missing, by the way, here. But you give you how you can create such events. Then here Tree and e five. I tried the sheriff it to this tree. You can see that this is separate from the other group. It doesn't matter. It creates something interest anyway. So if you click on the on deception, you have all the objects available on your mouth so you can see like them and change them or speak and then again to you, then where you won't. So here, for instance, I put the bag on rotating the bag of flying some different color, and you see that we can also used the kind of brush with these objects. It means that when you keep clicking with this brush, have you seen selected? You can paint by using the object itself, and you have one single ah brush created with this painting so you can raise them. You can change the angle when you change the angle. When you will paint the bags are the object. In your brush will be randomly positions kindof space between the objects. You can increased displacement in the objects. It's very winning world. To post some logic randomly on your ground, you can see with zero all the object close one to the other. And when you increase the space, this space, we have others kind off random bags pulls on ground. So of course, you can play with the scale as any other elements in software. You increase its count. And now I'm showing you something else. Posing a new browse around was Rick Tingo You? We are. Sometimes it's sticky, all right, so I can add some trees with the space like this and scale like deaths and you have forest up a ring like this. But the trees are thinking the one on the others anyway, so it's not a good example. That's fine. If you don't have a space between the trees, you can click like this to create some space. Anyway, he was working with bags working with trees space between every tree, so it creates every time you click. Create me earlier as between selecting all the trees. So this is tricky. When you have many objects like this, you f rapidly 1000 players. So it's very good to when you have a kind of first that this to say full of them group to do not have too much items in your you know your lists, especially also, if you want to fly in a row all to all the trees, so we have enough. It's kind of forests will be able to me of things. It's some. It's ridicules with bed here with random position of the objects, but give you an example how you can use this brush objects, Uh, and with the option off getting, then randomly pulls in your on your map and you can play on the background or the foreground just moving, dragging with the dragon. Drop all the elements if you on them. Bill. The trees are above the trees, on and on. 6. Integrating text, line and tokens: Let's see how to integrate text lines. And Dawkins, you will see how these options works. You have a different kind of option here. First, you have lines. This line could be white, and you can create the form you want. If you want to draft, for instance, how will be your room? You can start drafting it with the lines. It will be a layer, and it will be an object like any other one, and you can move it for this options you can create also alliance with the options and you can add some text here when you have to text options below. You can ride the thinks you want to to create. I'm waiting, for instance, girlfriends and when you right, it's he can force it where you want. Here. I'm concerned text and I can personalize. It's anything this text we can chew the color, the phones and the size of the text. Here you can move it like if it was a non Jake like the other, you can full suit, decide many things like the opacity and play with it. Life you will do with the ground are another. Then we can add Dawkins. Dawkins is an image presenting character in your man. You have different Gavin. Neutral friends are evil characters. It will decided that ground behind the character you have here. Consider character. This is an evil one. As you can see with red the ground, you can select it. Place where he won't on your men can another one and you can see you have indolent on different kind of cancer. You have many of them, so they can be also enough orbs and green creatures kind of lizard man Ministers here this one and you have in debt. You have the classic creatures you confined infant dizzy worlds. So when you say like character, you can off course rotates can change size and do all what you can do with the usual objects off course, you can select villain neutral or are heroes If you cite natural will have a ground background behind the counter. If it's like Dylan, you have read one. And if you isolate hero, you have the red one. So as a master game master, it would be very useful for you to determine where will be placed the characters, the players with meat and This is very interesting because well, also place the enemies. But here I decided, a hero or so This is a bad or good, Or you can also play with the science of the enemy. For instance, if you have a very big bus in the end of your story, you can draped with more big icon. You can also draw lizard nice Diane Caesar. Here it is interesting, because you can any kind of characters wants. So it was how you can play with the tuck ins and the lines on your grounds and on your lips . Of course, you can apply different kind of option in the shadows, and so 7. How to use templates: in this software to help you creating Rome's maps and so on. You can also try to use the templates. You are here templates available for you in this software so you can deposit on your grounds. And use this as a demo to train yourself to draw a nap. So you can those your MEP here and on the other side you can Yeah, well, places like this. And on the other side, I would try to do the same room on, for instance, you can export it warmed to have it on another. You can, for instance, print it and try to reproduce its on your software. So are you can also use with capacity and drove above this object. But you can try, but it will not be very easy to do so. So you can first place trying to find grounds used in this template. Do you also help you to find inspiration so against you can try to use a Cassity to create above this map. You're on enough, which will probably be easy. So it better if your complaint you put it on the side. If you're working space and trying to reproduce the same on your own template on your own ground. So? So I'm trying to find the walls, even if it's not exactly symbols. Uh, maybe changed thickness. Okay, then I'm drawing the world separation rules for all the rooms and trying to find writes role here. East executives in proportion. It's then I'm trying to flying on. May be the doors. No, on this one. Okay. Yes, we have doors endures called Name one here. I'm not doing exactly the same. All right. Trying to draw it like this can see that there is a problem with my full. Yeah, I put my rules above the ground. It was existing. The bureau, The main yo ground. There I am to a little now I'm not exactly the same. It's not exactly the same. Tried to do something approximately Vly. Similar. So now I'm fuzzing the objects on a from same made for instance I selected. And then I can rotate it. I cannot All right. He raise its work back again and changing size before to click to pulls it. So now bed. It's much more to a lot of it, doesn't there on? Sometimes it really fits. That's it's not what we have learned to give you an example down prose change. Silicates and orientate only object the way wants. This is a kind of desk. It sighs You have selected and I did the same mistake. Tried to change skill before. After sequence, we change scale. And then we clicked. Visits, rights, Moving the table here. American, No, there. Trying to find care. Consider personal villages to create broad maps. Chair six Sometimes it's not when you don't really know the key word. Ah, it's not easy finance, but it's still exists somewhere because we have It's on the templates, his nature, Dragon City and we have a chair. Okay, here we are. So I'm drug putting the chef here. Not too small, changing the scale, closing the chair, rotating and trying to move a building table. Yeah, exactly. We know that layer are correctly organized. If my chair is your table. So Okay. It was a very rapid example about how you can use the template footballs by the software to help you taking inspiration in two. No better. How you can position your objects are creating your maps 8. 8 Full creation based on a template and exportation: in this last video, I'm going to show you a very much more longer example how you can start creating your own dazed on the nah, I am exported. I am important into the software. This is a map generative with automatic fantasy map generator. So I have imported enough from here. This is any match for like much fire life. G pig are a P and G, so you can find it here in your templates and can draw it like this. So you try to create something that takes some place. Try to get something very, very large to make sure you have enough space to create your own map and in space to create the grounds, the walls and to place the enemies that land is is done. This okay should be fine. So this is a layer like any others. So you can see we have corridors, we have rooms. It's a quite complex engine on will probably not do any older elements, but I will just show you the first steps on during approximately 20 minutes on going to demonstrate how you can do so. You can also decrease the opacity to make sure it's not taking too much importance visually and that you have to concentrate on finding the right floors to the ground and posing enemies. Andi objects into the corridors, and now I'm living new few minutes with on music in background. Just observed the different option amusing to create my engine, and I'm will give you in the end of this video some additional tips to create your own danger. - Way , - way e we owe way, way. - All right, so now enough is almost done. I have created in my own life haven't done all the steps. So now exporting in P and G when you click on it, you can resize the scale off your work just to have what you created so you can create on. You can select different type off a subject line battleground and so on. It will determine the amount of pixel and the size of your map, including how much pixel you want. Is it changing equality of your printing issue? I can select 100 twin dread. Next move sold 200 pixels, so you can decide to have a transparent background and then you can create on create P and G or created g pg I'm going to click on TV Gym and here is my math completed under the G PG ferment, you can see the high quality off your work if you zoom in and zoom out on. This is the result off the two andro pixel, and this is a very high quality, and you will see that will be able to change the background. For instance, if you don't want to keep this lines in the background with white lines on the black background, you can skip all of this and you can see that the result is very, very powerful. Even if on your were on the software, the object have bit off blur around it. When you do the final printing, you will not have this very fact, and the rounds er is off very, very high. Corley Soon. This is a reason why you can use this software to create your own fences. Enough and as tips, I can't advise you to create your own your own fantasy that skimming off for vengeance. You can go de engine. You have a civil software like engine, and you create a round on the engine that maps you can have the new Earl move, You can decide all the details coming to the different DND Dungeon and Dragons games. So these websites, the huge resource to create your own maps on you can decide also to create random engine by selecting different options. Here you see fantasy to 20 fantasy random engine creator. This friend and engine creator is giving you all these options you select and then you click on Constructs are random to generate your Danja designed name inside Little's, uh and so So when you are done, click constructs you. Have you seen a preview in here? We way we have our day engine. This is how I created my templates. I integrated into my software. It's not part of its offer, but it is something imagined to this course I wanted to give you. Now we're done with this course. I can only wish you very creative on inspiration for your four games, Khalfan. And I wish you a very good creation off fantasy world