DREAM TRAVELLING: Meditation Technique to Explore your Mind (Beginners/Advanced) | Max Borgmann | Skillshare

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DREAM TRAVELLING: Meditation Technique to Explore your Mind (Beginners/Advanced)

teacher avatar Max Borgmann, German Artist/Author

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Dream Travelling Explained

    • 3. The Perfect Surroundings

    • 4. Sunny Halloweens Eve

    • 5. Relaxed Autumn Walk (very safe)

    • 6. Desert Thunderstorm Flight

    • 7. Class Project + Outro

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About This Class

Dream Travelling is a type of meditation, in which you explore an imaginative environment in your mind. This environment beholds far more, than just scenery.

Symbols, feelings and pictures are created by the subconscious mind/memory of yourself. You can experience long forgotten memories or trigger emotions deep within you.

This class provides you with everything you need, including 3 example Dream Journeys. The topics are "Halloweens Eve", "Desert Thunderstorm Flight" and "Warm Autumn Forest Walk".

Meditation helps you to feel more relaxed, to regain energy and to keep up with a stressfull lifestyle. Dream Travelling in particular can be a great temporary escape from the real world, to forget about the crisis for a while. Stay in a calm, relaxing place, until you feel refreshed and energized again!

It also helps you falling asleep. Especially the "Warm Autumn Forest Walk" is designed to fall asleep with it.

Try it out for yourself! Once you do it a couple of times, you won't want to miss it ever again!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Max Borgmann

German Artist/Author


Hello, I'm Max. I hope you like my class, if you have any questions or you just want to have a relaxed talk, feel free to write me a little message :D

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome My name's Max Bergmann. And today I am going to teach you all you need to know about dream traveling and dream journeys. You'll probably ask yourself, What is that? It is an imaginative type of meditation on would yell, let by an audio or video on a journey through your mind. This has many benefits. The common problem people have with meditation is that they cannot stop their mind from thinking they cannot put it to rest. When your dream traveling your mind is active but calm at the same time, Adviser leads you through the three phases of your journey, which, of course, will relax you but which behold far more possibilities. Depending on which type of journey you are choosing, I will provide three different ones in this cars. You triggers certain parts of your mind. You can't confront yourself pain hidden deep within your soul. You can improve your happiness, your inner strength and you're so four months. With green traveling, you can achieve a new perspective on problems that are bothering you, leading to new ways of solving these problems. I am in 18 years old student at in my life, but currently its food with stress off school or home office and the upcoming exams and also personal projects I'm working on. It is easy to bone out a little. You may feel a lack of energy or motivation, or you are simply not as happy as you used to be. In times or self isolation, many people experienced loneliness. Dream traveling is an easy way to relax a little to get district's from all the above us You to find a calm place, food within a peace in which you can regain energy, help and happiness. How long does it take you to learn it? You can start today. This class provides you with everything you need, including three green journeys. Improved with sound design to start implementing green. Traveling into your everyday life. It only takes a couple of minutes every day, or maybe once or twice a week. But trust me, once you make a habit out of it, you won't want to miss it ever again. So that's explained the process a little 2. Dream Travelling Explained: dream traveling a dream Journey tries to describe in imaginative environment so detailed that you feel you're actually in it, but yet so vague, configured with your own experiences, your own pictures, symbols and feelings. But don't worry. This happens intuitively, and you will find it astonishing what your own lines can do. The journey consists of three parts. In the first part, you will be led into another relaxed state comparable toe, half sleep. But you will be totally aware of yourself and able to do whatever you want. Dream traveling is completely safe, but it may trigger memories that could be hard for you to remember. I provide a very safe dream journey in this course, which will only focus on relaxation. The other two examples will go deeper, will help you get along personal problems and improving your in estate and happiness. After the first relaxation face, the actual journey follows. You'll let from starting point through an imaginative environment or scenario. This completely depends on the journeys. I will provide you with some very special environments you probably won't find anywhere else. A walk on Halloween Steve flying through the desert during a thunderstorm and a relaxed walk through in warm autumn forest, which is the very safe worship. The third and last phase consists off their awakening, slowly getting back into the real world. Imagine the dream, Joni. A sleeping. If you would just stop it, you would wake up like being woken by a beep beep beep alarm clock. The third face that you just wake up. Look on a Sunday morning, slowly waking up by yourself and feeling calm but energized. It's possible to fade away into sleeping instead of ending the meditation. I will explain this in the next step. No, we only need to prepare perfect surrounding for the journey, and then we can start. 3. The Perfect Surroundings: perfect surrounding the great thing about dream traveling is that you can do it basically everywhere and at any time you can just plug in your earphones on the train and experience it on your way back from work. But if you want to achieve the best possible results, you can prepare yourself a nice and fitting surrounding. Many people do dream journeys in their beds, but there's often leads to falling asleep during the process. This may be what you desire, so the third example, the very safe autumn work does not have the third face. It just blends out with call music so you can gently fade away and to sleep when you wake up. Maybe the next morning you will still have the benefits from it, though getting back into reality after the meditation that you feel how much dream traveling relaxes you Also, you can do it in the morning to be relaxed throughout the day. First rep yourself percussion you can sit on. It's best to sit cross legged on the ground with the straight back. It is important to feel comfortable. You can also lay on the ground with their arms away from your body. That way you can completely relax every muscle, but it is not as comfortable. That's your bed. So you won't fall asleep. But easy. Close the door of your room. Maybe hang a sign so nobody will interrupt you. Close the windows. Make your room, Doc. I like to have a little candle. It's my only source of light. But you can have a pitch black if you like to, but on something warm and comfy something you feel good. Make sure your room as a soothing warm temperature. You can use headphones for a dream journey, but I suggest using mysterio speaker system So you do not feel the pressure of the air phones. But that is completely up to you. No. Try to be open minded. Try to accept what comes. Follow the instructions knowing you are completely safe and nobody is watching you. It is your place, your meditation, your journey. Come zone. Install the audio 4. Sunny Halloweens Eve: Hello wins. It is a wall. Sunny autumn day. The date is October 31st. That means it's hell wins Eve. You open your door wearing comfy clothes, but you can leave the scarf hanging inside today because the weather so one you step outside. The sun line shines on your forehead. You feel this move glow. It is almost lucky were frozen and now becoming warmer and warmer. It feels good. Do feel good. You started a little walk. You walk. Besides many houses that are decorated for Halloween, you see pumpkins, Jekyll Antone's spiders and skeletons. That's a little goals made out of cardboard, probably by a little kid. This boy will go. I will be dressed somehow spooky today, collecting many sweets and treats. Remember the times you went out for trick or treat with your parents friends. You continue Walker as you pass by a house smelling freshly bags. Pumpkin pie. The sweet smell makes you almost taste. You remember your favorite pumpkins by strings or foods, maybe a pumpkin spice latte or a chocolate pumpkin. You go entering a park. The sunny weather let too many people walking here, but it's not crowded. A little fresh breeze tinkle to your nose and you hear the sound before ease Even hear from the branches Little skeletons, witches I The path you walk on a sin Pumpkin lanterns bites funny little face You walk on as you'll see in love A path leading into the forest believes a rep on jello the sunshine foods This you see little bucks flying around and you hear birds chirping the nobody There are pumpkins everywhere growing of the wild as you passed them There are crowds sitting on branches but the golden wine You feel the sunshine warming your spin You stay there You look around watching the beautiful scenery smelling the treaties Bullies Now go back Return to the power for another loan You breathe in slowly tasting that fresh air Did you break? Enjoy the warm, sunny saying good five to the place Second the power you meet somebody someone you love You meet the first person that now comes to your mind Maybe it is a friend maybe, although where a mother maybe a lost one Whether it is, you see how lucky they are You see their smile? Maybe you missed that smile. You see how much they enjoy the warm autumn day do you talk about? Maybe you invite them for dinner today. Or maybe they did. But you I still think of your favorite foods for the season. But now you will continue your walk. So you say goodbye to the person looking of them from their eyes that you could find between a 1,000,000. Lt's you Hook them closely. Their arms come for you. You feel there. Won't you smell the perfume? There. Here. Maybe If it's your boyfriend or girlfriend, give them a little of bikers. Is your waist part You don't know when you will see each other again? Maybe For did know, maybe never more. Maybe you haven't seen them in a long time. But now only for a short moment. You missed them. The fear was the last time you saw them. That it will be a very long time. So you concentrate from your future. It is okay to cry. Take your time But suddenly you don't feel us bad anymore. You acknowledge the beauty of life, The beauty off on sovereignty. You understand true beauty of a warm autumn sea How you would have missed all office if you stayed at home, you had a beautiful moment with your loft. One. There's no reason. Curfew. There's no danger. Not on your journey. This only of the wall. Sunny Halloween's Park where they work. What they see All the little decorations. All the pumpkins on the skull. Zinn's walk home back from the streams. Maybe you will have to know soon. Maybe you will watch for Scary movie. Maybe a turn burden one. Richard door. There's a little piece of paper hanging on your door. You're slowly pick up. Oh, you slowly unfold. You read what stands there. You know that I love you. I always did and always will, no matter what. And someday on l Lindsay, we will walk together through this beautiful environment. Food with pumpkins, the crows, golden sunlight. Read it again that, you know, go to Maybe it was the person from the punk. Maybe in love I want only you know who wrote that within you. You know the truth. Oh, you go back and sign Cruz that all Sit down. You make a fist with their right hand. Oh, from second the most not no, the same with your left home. it goes, You're tens. Are Muslims in your leg? Hold that. No! Lose them. It's well, we start Relax of moving your neck Europe Your closed eyes with your hands, Miss Drive with your hands over your body Waking it up Be open your eyes You have ended your journey Maybe said a little And feel your extension Feel whole lose and free your body knowledge Goodbye. 5. Relaxed Autumn Walk (very safe): autumn forest walk You find yourself in the middle of fours You hear birds chirping of the song the wouldn't Manx and believes you stand on the mosque ground in a dark de I agree The trees around you look old a mysterious the leaves of the cause of all time Read yellow orange, bro You look upwards and see the clear a lot and blue sky above you Through the building of red and yellow through the castles of Williams The sun was shining bride and warm but she bailed Gets through leaves if you walk on old with even older stones embedded within It has many curves that leads you deeper inside the woods You recognize the smell off rationally Cut wood. This move grass and moss smell off followers you see mushroom contrary. Tiny and colorful. Yes, we passed them. It was granted to the heart off the forest. Some wildflowers grow beneath the waves and beautiful clear columns You're bringing their I can feel the fresh clear your steps. They also off the ground and you feel a couple of bumblebees somewhere over you. But you passed the They are friends realize they won't harm you the deeper you walk until the works the delicate everything becomes the sky now completely hidden behind gold leaves Does not let much light shine through It gets a little colder, would be fresh with steady. Did you feel refreshed breathing? You take a deep breath and you hold No, you grease off. Take a novelty friend. They wound it that you breathe You take another deep breath or the forest and your home And you breathe one more breath Oh Then you breathe out for lost home Take a deep breath and you home Did you breathe out? Continue your walk through the forest You wonder about all the beautiful things to see him It's lonely but steadily The farmers It's lighter again More, more Sun shines through If you the warm sunshine again Your chest on your hands Arms black eggs Few wall and comfortable Yes, If you were filmed with the golden loans of autumn Oh, you keep that war that country feeling in your heart You see an old lock on the sunshine You take a seat It's a nice seat You hear all the songs You re nothing but won't And joy You're happy This lady Beautiful clearing de Within that Autumn forests Yes, 6. Desert Thunderstorm Flight: dessert on the flight. Relax. Stay in your position. Only move was in your mind. Follow my steps. Three with me. Breathe. Hold it. Greece! Grease! I told Great. Oh, breathe. You are in the middle of the desert. You feel the sand on your feet between your toes So you do not wear any shoes or socks. It is Whoa, but not hot. The sky is filled with dark clouds The sun is a little red in the distance The scene mountains surrounding the desert The dark stone The clone spot with the mountain song that sunshine if you four The dark rock making it shine Limbs You small, wet sand suddenly arranger up for its on your skin It is cold and fresh Another one follows Feed that on your own cheek. Come, rain drivers. A few fresh. This sand between your toes Fields. Well, in the end along if you'd so pure natural You tell your name to your bank. Gluck, upon the clubs, fresh wind was coming up. You're here in the distance. Suddenly a few lines your way. Just decrees and you feel almost weightless. What's, uh, drips off from your feet Soon begin to do slowly up Wald's Who Is It All? Begin to fly your feed. Leave ground white lis Much is in space the rain still falling on your head so it's cold. But it feels fresh like chewing peppermint gum. Drinking water off the wall you raise higher. I am you started. Die It's you, the ground Come closer But you two up again like Hyo before the wind This in your hands you feel free. You understand how the American natives must have felt riding their horses through the desert? Why not Free fly three Whiteness Lack of you can see the distance. Mom, Mom, they begin to look small is to fly time soothed are called upon You're getting me make up close looms films until you reach them Now you fly through They're so yet cool in French Your superpowers off living up It's lightning bolts breaks through the clouds Find yourself inside a cluster of cold, forming dark sphere Light links around I like a concert of along thunderball strong But you know that you're saying here nothing can happen to you You are a different world Arrest cold. What store? Before you call out again the fluffy darkness consumes you But then suddenly Greg through the top you feel sunshine on your screen. The wall It's overwhelming Upon new there's a clear blue sky You're soaking clothes started dry again In the hot light of the sun Yeah Musso schedule under wall Tell you food wall comfortable The distant to rise of the ocean Off clouds beneath you You ever blue sky upon you I lost things, you see No, You wake up And until the rial world again 7. Class Project + Outro: the class project as Class project, you can try to implement green journeys into your everyday alive. Try to do it once a day for a whole week. It is best to have a routine, maybe every day before going to bed or after waking up or after lunch is completely up to you during the same journey. Multiple times could have a better effect. The more times you do it, you know what awaits you, and you can improve your imagination off the environment, filling it with more detail in your mind every time. That way, you can create a place where you can always come to safe space to recover and gain more energy. But there are also many free dream journeys in the Internet that you can use right here one week experience in a diary or in the common section. Please read this clouds and share it, Thank you very much, and I hope you have a loan to a lot