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DOODLE - Ease your anxiety with creative practice

teacher avatar Magdalena Krysiak, Illustrator and designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class project

    • 3. Tips on choosing tools

    • 4. Relaxing and self care

    • 5. Get out of your mind

    • 6. Doodling techniques

    • 7. Make it pop

    • 8. Where on the page?

    • 9. Show us and final thoughts

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About This Class

In this skillshare class you will learn how to use simple creative practice in order to calm your anxiety. You will learn how to create a design that is easy to create but also beautiful. You will nourish your creative soul in an activity that is designed to create stressless environment so your mind can flourish. You will learn simple techniques that will ease your anxiety and help to provide relaxing results.


Meet Your Teacher

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Magdalena Krysiak

Illustrator and designer


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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Lana, an illustrator and designer from Poland. You are struggling to relax. I want to listen up in a creative way. This glasses. For years we're going to grade some awesome abstract Google's talk about making them put in the beautiful way as well as this. Cast tips and tricks on how to set your environment and major practice more relaxing. So if that sounds good for to you please during the class on, let's create something relaxing and beautiful to get her. 2. Class project: for the class project. I would love it if you designed your urn abstracted. Oh, don't think of what it should represent. Just let your hand guide. You use your favorite color to create it or go wild, and he's all the colors he earned. I'm going to stick through this one as it gives me most clarity. But you have to figure out what works for you, because there is a chance your mind will absolutely love it. So you make your design the rainbow. You can also just use a stick and create your design and dirt or the sun's gasol leave you fancy. It's completely up to you when you finish. Take a picture. And, sure, your lovely design in the project section of the class for a little bonus project I would absolutely love. If you're sure your own tips on how to deal with an anxiety, you can do that either in the project section are under discussion. Top of the cuss. Let's help each other character and create something really cool 3. Tips on choosing tools: What kind of tools you will use depends fully on your performance, but I would like to give you a few suggestions based on what makes a practice more relaxing to me. Firstly, it is a great 80 antes cheap materials. Leave your fancy pan for another time. I personally find that I am much more precious when using expressive materials, and this could be a good thing to create something more finished. But today we're trying to allow ourselves to wonder create without worrying for it to look a certain way, using random, cheap tools. Such us a school pen printer paper can help us losing that and let go of control. And anxiety, at least in my case, often comes from being afraid of losing control. That's why it is important for me to practice like finger and doing it. True doodling is much easier, as it is losing control much more of a small scale. So this practice really helps to listener, and choosing tools that make even more comfortable can be a great way to start to practice by creating a much more approachable environment. Also, I was not joking when, in the previous video, I took the boat just using a stick or finger and drawing underground. I would actually love to see you did that as it is, very much outside of the books activity, which can be wonderful for making you relax as it takes you out of your usual environment in the very gentle way us for what I am using in this class. Your standard primary school kind of markers from flying Tiger Cooper hanging and the piece of slightly thicker so you can see it nicely. Printer paper. Okay, that would be a back toes. Let's talk about setting your environment making did link even more relaxing and, well, let's get everything. 4. Relaxing and self care: choosing the environment you to do and can be a deal breaker and whether or not the practice will leave here, relax. Try choosing place with as little negative distractions as possible. I signed yourself a comfortable space. It could mean anything from putting Abbott Candle on your desk. True, just sitting comfortably in your beds to creating a special pumper night. Tend out of your blankets. Whatever it ISS, make sure you give yourself a little extra pet on your shoulder for having me time. No feeling guilty. No urge to do something for others. It's your time, and he are important when getting ready to do, though, remind yourself that the process his foot counts that you don't need to greet any masterpiece. That you are allowed to mess it up, in fact, is great of you do, because these are all about creating letting your hand guide, you trick practice, letting go and messing up. It's a great way to let's go so mess up. That's wonderful. They go here is to make practice almost meditative, but instead of doing it is still less. We extend it through our fingers under this Serapis, don't worry if you aren't exactly feelings, and relax can take money, shapes and forms. It can also mean putting your favorite music gone and making the marks on the page. Why wiggling your body around dancing and staining the page as you go So you spend around. If you fancy it is your time to play time to create, but time to create above expectations. Time to you bold with your lines, our time to slowly fill in funny shapes. Take your time so I that this the beauty of bed, it's completely personal. A. No matter how you do it, you always end up with beautiful design. You might not think it is greatly aesthetically pleasing, or you might be surprised how cool it turned out. But no matter how you think off your finished beast, it doesn't matter how it looks because it is still beautiful as it represents. Time you took for yourself, do take care of yourself and that it's truly beautiful. Taking time for yourself, this great Don't worry about how it looks. The represents here your time. That's wonderful 5. Get out of your mind: if that's nothing of to make you relax. I have a few more things that help me to get out of my head when I just can't little thing I do when I can get relaxed. This I opened my mouth sounds funky, Hiner, but it is actually my most frequently used relaxing pick me relaxing my job reminds me to listen at my muscles and take deeper breaths, which, done well, makes me more relax. I doubt it iss some scientific technique, but it works for me so you can give it a try. It's another full proof, but maybe another thing I do. Sometimes this I use my non dominant hand. It doesn't exactly make me super relax at first, but what it thus iss the tubs to distract me from what is going on in my head because it is very for inaction. My brain focuses on that instead off what I'm thinking about. So using my left hand's two euro would you recommend once probably you would probably end up with them. It's pretty thing, but you definitely get out your of your head for a little bit, which is great. And one more thing is to just Kribel theoretically. But first tests up your muscles, make a mess on your page and then put that away folded or whatever you want. You could even burn the pages if you fancy. Just be careful with fire, okay? And then try creating something slowly. My breathing through your my bad counter intuitive mind at first, but can work wonders. And if none of it works, that's all right. Taking time for yourself is a great step already. 6. Doodling techniques: now, I would like to show you some simple diddling techniques. Does you can create your project with abstracted by no means. It is a complete list of techniques. There are endless ways of doodling, but they will most likely incorporate some of the thanks emission. You can basically start your element by choosing to drove either shape for line and for shapes. We can do your metric kind of shapes that are based. Owns trade lines that includes your basic triangle, but also shapes with as many angles as you desire. They are great for providing structure to your design. Then we have more fluid shapes. They can have some sharp edges or all around soft ones. They're perfect for creating more of a flow design, and at the end, we have blinds either continuous lines or was that are great for making your design more connected, dashed waas that filled a space and more delicate manner. And then we have doubts which are great to use. Money want to fill space of ICT beer without bringing too much weight to the place? Other Joyandet circular shapes can provide the boss and can be quite calming, So it is often the great idea to to build your design base on a circle on, then fill the space of other shapes. 7. Make it pop: those are the basic shapes you're going to use to create your doodle. Now let's talk about how to make your design pope. Filling the shapes is one of the base ways. To do that. We can fill the whole shape, which is what I tend to do a lot. We can also feel just a part of it in order to create sort of a shape within a shape which leaps as with more life. It's sex, then feeling the whole shape. Then we can fill the shape or just a part of it with some sort of pattern or simple lines. We can make them swell Caracas or create random shapes. We've been there shape that we already created. One more thing we can do to make our design book this to use line Wait, making both bowl fake as well. Ass lied lines this great way to the diverse fire design. Both lines put emphasis on the particular part of the design, and delicate lines help the designed to be more airy. It is a great option to use land way to bring more interest to your piece. All of the techniques I just showed you are just so you can have more structure if you need it. But don't be afraid to experiment with your own techniques. The other being said I'll a touch foul with all the techniques I mentioned, so you can print it out for inspiration, everyone. 8. Where on the page?: now. I just wanted to quickly show you some examples of how you can compose their doodle. There are many, many ways to approach it, but here are a few basic rooms first, as thank at the whole page. Ed is very straightforward, and when that doesn't require much forward to put into it, which can be great when you are trying to relax, then we can fill the middle's live in a circle, which provides soothing effect but requires but more photos on how to arrange two elements . But you have to make a perfect circle, right? Our Actually, you can just create a little circle with your pencil, which can be a great thing to start with, and then you can fill it up nicely. Then you can creat a shape out of your doodles. You can either do that with intention of antique app with a surgeon, shape urges. Go with it and the shape will emerge itself. Has he go? Which happened this time, like with this dude? Oh, that I made. I didn't haven't idea to make it into heart herbal in, but it ended up the game like it held her bothered. But my favorite example actually s probably this one, which a finger looks kind of like a season, and our find it really cool to find, like, different shapes that emerge. Waas you finished piece without you actually planning it? It can be really fun to actually do that at the end. It's one of my favorite cards of diddling, actually, just thank you. That reminds me of God That reminds me of death. You don't actually have to do that, but it's a cool optionality, all right. Her many more things you can do when it comes to composing. You're or do, though, but those are just a few that are great to start with, and I have you find them useful. And I can't wait to see how you compose your Littles because I'm all about getting more inspiration about composing 9. Show us and final thoughts: Thank you so much for watching this glass. I hope you enjoyed it. I am really looking forward to seeing your projects and reading your tips on how to deal of anxiety as well as any feed Berg on the class that you might have. I am currently working on the next class for you. That should be coming out very, very thin. So make sure to follow me if you would like to see that. And for now, how I just let you create your details. I'm really excited to see them usan and thank you again.